Digital Humidifier

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Product Description

Digital Humidifier

  • Uses nano-silver technology to stop mold and bacteria from growing in the water so clean air is vaporized into the room
  • Ultrasonic technology is virtually silent when running
  • No evaporating pads or wicks to clean or replace
  • Option for warm or cold humidification
  • Variable spray function allows you to adjust the volume of spray output
Customer Reviews:
  • Failing grade in all subjects
    A multitude of problems:
    1) the humidity readings never go above 25% even in a bathroom with a hot shower running,
    2) unit shuts off regularly in the middle of the night
    3) small water tank relative to overall size of the machine, and
    4) very expensive relative to machines that do the same job with less lights....more info
  • Best Humidifier ever!
    My son has allergy problem and we have tried many many different humidifier. This one is the best ever!

    Quiet, efficient, no filter, no mold....more info
  • Great Product
    This humidifier does a great job. It makes a comfortable environment that you can enjoy. You can feel the air turning so soft, crisp and clean. It does all that while giving a quiet operation. I definitely recommend it. ...more info