Eat Fat, Lose Fat: Lose Weight And Feel Great With The Delicious, Science-based Coconut Diet

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"The healthy alternative to trans fats, this revolutionary program explains why we must eat healthy, saturated fats-especially coconut-to achieve weight loss and good health. Since the late 1950s, it's been drilled into Americans that fat makes you fat, saturated fats (such as those found in butter, eggs, and red meat) are unhealthy, and tropical fats and oils (like coconut and palm) are downright deadly. And yet-as we eliminate saturated fats from our diet for fear of high cholesterol levels and hardened arteries-obesity, heart disease, and cancer rates have continued to climb. Based on more than two decades of research by world-renowned biochemist and fats expert Dr. Mary Enig, Eat Fat, Lose Fat flouts conventional wisdom by asserting that so-called healthy vegetable oils (such as soybean and corn) are in large part responsible for our national obesity and health crises, while the saturated fats traditionally considered "harmful" are, in fact, essential to weight loss and health. World populations on four continents that subsist on the coconut, with less evidence of heart disease, weight gain, or other chronic illnesses, provide the best proof of this food's safety and efficacy; dozens of studies conducted by prestigious, mainstream universities support the use of coconut and other healthy fats and reveal the faulty reasoning underlying the saturated fat/heart disease hypothesis; and case stories from a wide range of people illustrate how using coconut oil in concert with other healthy fats can spark weight loss and heal serious illnesses, including anxiety, hypothyroidism, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Featuring delicious recipes for each of its three nutritional programs, Eat Fat, Lose Fat is the book to help you build energy, lose weight, fight disease, and boost your immunity."

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect!
    Item was exactly as described - in perfect condition. And it arrived very quickly. Thanks!...more info
  • Must-read for those looking to improve their health
    The title is somewhat misleading (although it's probably a marketing thing, which in this case is okay.) This is NOT a fad diet, nor even a lasting weight loss program specifically. It is for everyone, overweight or not, to improve their health. I just finished the book and am looking forward to trying many of the recipes. I also recommend Ms. Fallon's and Dr. Enig's other book, Nourishing Traditions....more info
  • Great information, even if you don't do the diet
    Easy read, tons of good info about coconut and fats in general. Good recipes that have become standard in my kitchen. Must also read Nourishing Traditions by the same author with Sally Fallon. For dieting specifically, also try Ten Days To Optimal Health, Kristina Amelong. All WAPF friendly.

    About the seller: got the book right away and received a hard cover (by mistake??). Thanks!...more info
  • Wonderful information but inconvienient
    I think that the authors of this book have given excellent advice regarding fats and dairy. Unfortunately this diet did not work for me.

    I think it is too liberal with carbs.

    I did try a few recipes and some were good but it would be very difficult to afford, locate, or make most of them on a daily basis.

    I wish that nutrition authors who advocate natural/organic foods would remember that most people live on a budget....more info
  • Excellent knowledge that many didn't know about eating HEALTHY
    This is A MUST buy if you are HEALTH consious.
    I always taught healthy food is low fat, low cholesterol, less meat, more vegetable. I'm surprise to find out how wrong I am. I strongly agree because I don't feel health with my diet. I felt it will be disaster if I continue my existing diet for longer.
    Changing my diet to more animal fat, animal organ, red meat, coconut oil and cod liver oil real helps. We should hear our body reaction to agree if the food we eat is healthy. ...more info
  • Eat Fat, Lose Fat
    This is a terrific book, it addresses an issue that everybody has an opionion on but nobody knows the answer to, and that is what are we supposed to be eating that will help us live a long and healthy life. It is easy to understand and apply to your own life and what a huge difference it has made in mine. My energy levels have reached a new level, I love what I'm eating and I feel strong and healthy. Everyone should be eating this way and I hope one day that the word really gets out, we can change the world by what we eat!!...more info
  • Healthy Dieting
    I would recommend everyone start out with the Health Recovery diet for the two weeks of menus in the book, then go to either the Quick and Easy Weight Loss menus if you need to lose weight or the Everyday Gourmet menus if you do not. The Health Recovery diet will help restore your body's health from depletive dieting habits or fast food consumption. My favorite recipe is the coconut milk ice cream. A lot of the soups help me sleep better at night....more info
  • My experience
    First let me say that I believe in and greatly respect Sally Fallon's (and WAPF's) basic nutritional message. I think she is right-on for raw milk and meat, fermented foods, properly prepared whole grains, and saturated fats. I went to a weekend conference in Gainesville, FL in Oct 2006, and I learned a great deal. I've been a fan for several years, yet I feel like I really didn't quite "get it" about fats until the conference. But now I got it: vitamin A comes from animal fat sources; vegetables provide beta carotene, which the body must spend energy to convert to vitamin A (and some people lack the ability, period). And the information on cholesterol was truly enlightening. The value of "200" was chosen to provide sufficient patient population! The fire fighters analogy was helpful also - aliens see that every time a building or a forest burns down, there are fire fighters there, so obviously the fire fighters cause the fire. Limit the fire fighters and solve the problem.

    Shortly after the conference, I brought this book and started supplementing my diet with a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil twenty minutes before eating. The first thing I noticed is that my energy levels, which tended to dip especially in the late afternoon, leveled out. I had good steady energy all day long. So that was excellent!

    I also have dry skin, so I started using coconut oil on my skin as well. There is only one sentence in the whole book that refers to using coconut oil directly on the skin - saying that it "helps wounds heal faster and improves skin quality". The rest of the information about coconut oil and skin is about taking it orally. Of course, I discovered that coconut oil applied topically is very drying! My skin went from okay to pretty darn flaky almost overnight! So that was a good learning experience.

    The other thing I noticed, I think, may be related. I started having really bad constipation. I'm guessing that the coconut oil dried out my colon as well! It got so bad that I even went for a couple of sessions of colonic hydrotherapy. Then I decided to stop taking the coconut oil for while to see what happened and my bowels have returned to "normal" functioning - I tend to be a little on the constipated side anyway.

    So this is my criticism of this book: that the drying aspect of coconut oil is not discussed. One of my friends pointed out that coconut oil is often used in soaps because it lathers great, but that it can't be in there too much because it's too drying. So it's not like it's an unknown aspect.

    On the other hand, I have several friends that are taking or have taken coconut oil, and I must admit, I'm the only one with this outcome. They have all had the opposite reaction of looser bowels, except one, who had an allergic reaction to the oil the second time she took it.

    While I understandably wasn't too happy with drier skin and increased constipation, I am very happy to report that my energy levels have continued to be steady during the day and evening. It's been about 8 weeks since I've stopped taking the oil. So in the final analysis, it was worth it for me!!

    P.S. I highly recommend The Yoga of Eating. It is by far the single best "diet" book I have ever read.
    ...more info
  • Ate fat, Got Fat
    I wrote a glowing review of this book several months ago after having read it. While there are many good ideas behind the book, it's applications are not what they seem. I went on this diet...I got fat! I lost muscle mass (My weight never changed), but my body fat percentage went up. There are folds of fat on my body that were never there prior to this diet. My clothes are tighter, and do not fit. I've had to move UP in waist size.

    I am not a sedentary person. I've been a fitness enthusiast since I was an early teen, and I am now in my 40s. I've gotten off aspartame, diet sodas and other "diet products". I eliminated protein bars and shakes. I replaced them with the tenets of this book, and I GAINED FAT!

    Can't recommend this diet to anyone....more info
  • A Nice Resource
    The recipes are pretty good, and the information on coconut's health-promoting attributes is easy to read. If anyone has trouble with their digestion on this diet (or trying to increase protein and fat intake), it may be wise to supplement with hydrochloric acid capsules or take some apple cider vinegar with water before meals to "jump-start" digestion. ...more info
  • Dietary Bible for the New Millenium
    This book has been my dietary bible since reading it a year ago. It is a sourcebook for people wanting to eat a traditional diet, which is a diet solidly grounded in current dietary research, not unproven theories of the past. Look past the gimmicky cover here, as this is not a book about fads. It is a book about coconut oil as the foundation for an overall diet that is health-enhancing.

    "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" is part of the growing body of literature supporting the eating of "real food", which is food that is healthy, tasty, not disease-promoting, slow, of exceptional quality, nutrient dense, organic, vital, traditional, local, seasonal, and clean. "Real foods" are the opposite of "fake foods", which are foods that are processed, dead, fast, nutrient poor, chemicalized, devitalized, rotten, spoiled, dead, old, or contaminated with antibiotics and growth hormones. It is based on scientific studies published in journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Lancet, and even JAMA. It is also based upon looking at the dietary practices of people of different cultures, a fascinating anthropological study that illuminates how indigenous people throughout history instinctively knew things that we are just now "discovering" with modern scientific methods.

    The authors are Mary Enig, a world-renowned biochemist and nutritionist who spearheaded, with her research over 25 years ago, the recent move against trans fats at last, and Sally Fallon, The book is written in an interesting style, and is full of facts, explanations, how-to's, tips for

    Chapter 1 sorts out the facts versus the fears about fats, debunking fat myths one by one, citing recent studies. The authors explain contradictory findings and flaws with past studies. One surprising fact is that most studies done in the past with coconut oil were done with fully hydrogenated coconut oil, a far cry from today's organic, extra virgin coconut oil or traditional society's raw coconut oil.

    Chapter 2 explains the lipid hypothesis (and makes it interesting for non-chemistry majors like me) and explains the relationship between fat and heart disease and cholesterol. She explains how quality fats actually protect you from heart disease. This will be of particular interest to those eating a low-saturated-fat diet in hope of preventing or recovering from heart disease. All of this is written in a logical, yet not dry style.

    Chapter 3 details the effects fats have on your various body systems, and the important nutrients that these systems need that can only be obtained from fats.

    I know that up until this point this review makes the book sound boring, but it is very exciting, filled with facts and ideas that work.

    Chapter 4 explains why diets with healthy fats help you to lose weight and be healthier at the same time, including important effects of healthy fats upon metabolism. This chapter also explains problems with ineffective weight loss theories of the past. It discusses the pros and cons of the Atkins diet, Ornish (low-fat vegetarian), Zone, South Beach, Weight Watchers, juice fasts, and the glycemic index.

    Chapter 5 discusses the principles of healthy traditional diets, which surprisingly are similar the world over. It discusses individual foods at length as well as MSG, superfoods, fermentation, supplementation, raw vs. cooked, and more.

    Chapter 6 is all about weight loss, based on four core principles:
    1. Eat three meals per day, and always eat breakfast.
    2. Eat traditional fats, including coconut oil.
    3. Eat nutrient dense foods, particularly those supplying calcium and vitamins A and D.
    4. Restrict calories moderately.
    It also discusses special weight loss tips, such as taking coconut oil before each meal (and gives you 25 ways to use coconut oil in your meals). Of particular interest to me was why you should restrict your calories moderately but not too much. The chapter takes you step-by-step and day-by-day into starting your weight loss program, effectively holding your hand with shopping lists and daily menu plans.

    Chapter 7 is about dietary emphases for recovery from various illnesses and health issues.

    Chapter 8 is an everyday gourmet diet for those who are interested in maintaining their weight. It also covers dining out.

    The rest of the book (about 100 pages out of almost 300 pages) is recipes and resources.

    I cannot recommend this book highly enough for those who are serious and committed to their health, especially including those who are unwilling to lose weight through dangerous fad diets.
    *****...more info
  • informative read
    This book rated high with me becasue it gets away from the mainstream beliefs about diet and backs it up with solid research, done over many years. These are not recent findings, but long-known realities that have been strategically "covered up" (at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist). Reflecting on the content of thsi book has made me realize the benefits of traditional foods and how it just makes sense to eat them, rather than spend money on useless supplements and produts made to be marketed as "health foods". It has spurred me to buy locally grown produce as much as possible, buy farm fresh, unpateurized milk from a local farm, and order organic coconut oil from the Phillipines. It is not for weight loss reasons that I do this, however, but to improve my health, well being, and recover from 23 long years that diabetes has ravaged on my 32 year old body. It is too soon to tell what effects these changes will have on my health; however, i am not expceting it to miraculously change my life overnight, which I believe, is the problem with most people seeking health solutions. ...more info
  • Good Information
    I liked Nourishing Traditions for a cookbook better than this one but it's a great book to help with a diet....more info
  • Finally!!
    With solid, believable research, Mary Enig PhD and Sally Fallon have presented an honest assessment of the dangers of the no/low fat fiasco that has helped millions of Americans to become overweight and even obese and generally unhealthy. Then they have given us easy-to-follow recipes, menus and methods for correcting the damage already done. I am truly grateful for this book!...more info
  • For Underweight as Well as Overweight People
    "Eat Fat Lose Fat" has already received many positive reviews, which it very much deserves. It is a well written, informative book. As including the proper fats in your diet can help you gain as well as lose weight, this book is a must read for underwieght as well as overweight people. After putting the good fats back into my diet, I effortlessly gained weight and now am at the ideal weight for my build.

    With all the media hype on the dangers of saturated fat, did you know that it is actually a necessary part of a healthy diet? The real artery clogging, killer fats are the trans fats made from polyunsaturated vegetable oils, not the saturated fats. So what is a trans fat anyway? Read this informative book and become truly knowledgable on the subject of fats.

    One of the books authors, Dr. Mary Enig is a pHD biochemist with a specialty in lipids (fats) research. Along with Weston A. Price, I very highly respect the balanced nutritional advice given by Mary Enig. With so many conflicting diet plans being touted as the optimal way to eat, which one truly is the best? High protein? Mainly carbohydates with no fat? This book will give you the facts on various diet plans and enable you to make an informed decision as to what you are going to eat.

    As some people function better on a diet higher in fat and protein, while other people do better on a diet with more carbohydrate foods, two other excellent books on the subject of diet are "The Metabolic typing Diet," by William Wolcott and "The Nutrition Solution," by Harold J. Kristoal. Whether or not we are the type of person who functions better on higher fat foods or on more carbohydrate foods, we all need "healthy" fats, proteins and carbohydrates in our diet. This book tells you how to put them there.
    ...more info
  • A good beginning
    To know there is a problem with American eating habits, all you have to do is look around you. People are getting fatter and unhappier at an alarming rate! The dietary guidelines continually pounded into our heads by the US government and big business are not leading to a healthier, slimmer, more energetic population.

    I never was a fast-food person and was pretty good about eating a "healthy" low-fat diet. So why didn't I feel really good? This book was the first I read in exploring a new way of eating that has brought myself and my family newfound health and vitality. We no longer endure those nagging food cravings - wandering around the kitchen opening cupboards trying to find that certain food to fill a void - is a thing of the past.

    This book is full of information about fats; which ones are benefical and which are detrimental. I wasn't about to just take it as gospel though, without further investigation. I went on to read Nourishing Traditions, The Untold Story of Milk, and if you don't mind a bit of dryness for the sake of tons of carefully collected information, Dr. Weston Price's amazingly researched Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

    Eat Fat, Lose Fat presents the beginning of a much larger scenario that is both frightening and hopeful. Frightening because in just a few decades we have strayed so far from traditional healthy eating habits to a nation that relies far too much on heavily processed, over-heated, over-sugared, over-chemicaled food sources. Hopeful, because even though a near-radical change in eating habits is not easy, it is certainly worthwhile and of tremendous mental and physical benefit.

    We eat differently now - preparing food takes a bit more preplanning, especially at first while you are learning a new way. Gathering our foodstuffs has become an adventure that I have enjoyed tremendously - buying pasture-raised eggs from our neighbors, organic veggies from small family farms, certified raw milk from a local creamery. I also have a whole new appreciation for our great natural foods store that, thankfully, is only a few miles down the road. If you don't have one near you, don't worry - you can conveniently shop on the internet for a whole array of carefully produced organic foodstuffs at reasonable prices and have them delivered right to your front door. In most areas, you can arrange for weekly pick-ups/deliveries of organic produce from wonderful little farms in your area. For the first time in years I have tons of energy and have planted a huge garden with all kinds of veggies and fruit that my family will thrive on. I've made arrangements to buy half a grass-fed beef this coming fall. So don't let the fact that this type of eating takes a little more time and effort deter you - you will have the extra energy and optimism to do it! ...more info
  • The best program for healthy fats eating!

    Now that it's common knowledge that trans-fats are bad for you, everyone is getting on the bandwagon. But the first nturitional scientist on the case was this book's author, Dr. Mary Enig. This book offers the clearest explanation and the most complete program for eating healthy fats and eliminating the wrong ones-- with the same high quality delicious recipes that made NOURISHING TRADITIONS (by the same authors) one of the best cookbooks of all time....more info
  • Hard to Stick With These Meals
    I found that it was hard to do all the cooking that this diet required, because the meals just couldn't be adapted easily for the cooking I do for the rest of my family. I had hoped that it would be simpler, so that I could add a few foods that I wasn't eating myself to the family's meals. There is a lot of good information in this book, and I follow Sally Fallon's eating recommendations in another book of hers, Nourishing Traditions. But I really couldn't use this book....more info
  • Good, informative book, but...
    This is really a wonderful book on food nutrition. However, I do feel the authors go overboard in their enthusiasm for whole foods. While it would be nice to be able to do organic whole foods only, let's face it, they are not easily available or fixable. It would be nice if someone could build this type of eating around readily available foods. However, this is good general information....more info
  • They have lied to all of us.
    For years we have been told by the Medical Professional's to take Fats out of our diets. It isn't healthy they told us. (I can't truly blame the doctors they were not taught) about Nutrition how it heals the body, promotes energy , etc. Because of listening & trusting the very ones that are supposed to help us ,we took the Fats out of our diets & we have become the most Obese country in the world with more healthproblems than you can shake a stick at.
    I am truly thankful Dr.Mary Enig ,Sally Fallon ,Dr.Jordan Rubins,to name a few have taken the time to try & help us understand our bodies need the (Correct) Fats for healthy cells ,energy production etc. .This book is a font of Truth & Nutritional Facts, realities ,recipes suggestion's most of all True Facts.It is worth your time & money.
    We have included Coconut Oil ,Pure Olive oil & more in our daily diet.What a blessing....more info
  • A worthy addition to increase health and vitality
    I have owned and used this book since January.

    It seems that since the authors wrote Nourishing Traditions many comments have been heard and they have aptly responded.

    There are so many wonderful ideas for those short on time and/or energy.

    Make sure you don't dismiss this book as only for those who seek to lose weight or have health issues. The recipes are delicious and although some are more difficult than others, you can think of ways to take shortcuts without compromising good nutrition.

    I first became interested in the book at the mention of fatigue on the back cover. After doing some research into the Weston Price Foundation I felt it was too valuable to pass up.

    The lists of foods to purchase and where to get them is priceless. No pun intended.

    I would add to the list the new food Coconut Cream Concentrate. It was just coming on the market late last year. I have seen wonderful things happening to my health with this addition.

    Other recommendations. Do not eat processed food unless you can account for every single ingredient on the label and know what is healthy and what is not.

    Shortcuts: organic convenience foods that are truly wholesome that you can add whey to and then ferment or add other ingredients to and make more healthy, such as the right fats. I do that a lot, even to recipes that are written low-fat (not in this book, obviously) like Cooking Light recipes, etc. Saves lots of time and is tasty....more info
  • Good News, Old ways
    This informative book, similar to previous book, NOURSISHING TRADITIONS, Eat Fat, Lose Fat informs us of the value of going back to the old ways of food preparation. You learn how refined foods have taken over the marketplace. This book makes you question your choices in food preparation and diet etc....more info
  • Need an easier way to do the diet
    I loved the book. It was incredibly informative and well written. And I'm a previous Atkin's fan so it dovetailed into what I already knew very well. My problem was, though I loved the book, that if you tried to follow it all (the diet, the receipes, et. al.) you could quickly lose interest and that would be a shame. Because the logic is there, the research is there, it "MAKES SENSE" but....well...I'm a grilling kind of guy. I do 95 % of the cooking for my family and most of it is on the grill. I use the stove and oven too of course, but basically I do the simple things. I can do any meat, fowl, vegetable, whatall but the receipes in this book, I can tell you...most I'll never try. And I'm not knocking it, I think they're great....but I (we) need something wayyyyyy simpler. And I'm not throwing away my microwave, buying grass fed beef, chickens, And doing a lot of the other things recommended in this book. Yes, I know I should, but I know I won't. So, here's my suggestion. Write another book on how to work around some of these issues for us that are excessively challenged for cooking changes as outlined in this book. Something that can be useful for what we have to do, or make do with, in the normal marketplace. I'm now using way more butter (thank you...yummy), purchased two gallons of virgin coconut oil, eat my store bought (not grass fed) animal fat, and virtually eliminated soy oil, trans fats and other items. Eliminating soy, by the way, was a huge challenge, but I'm almost there. But PLEASE ladies, try to make this an easier proposition or few people will go on board with your obviously excellent nutritional suggestions. [...]...more info
  • Great Book, Very Informative
    I would like to recommend "Eat Fat, Lose Fat," to anyone whose interested in health, wellnes, and safe weight-loss.

    Between Mary Enig's wealth of knowledge, and Sally Fallon's kitchen concocting wizardry, you're going to scrumptiously eat your way to weight loss, and more energy.

    As a health care practitioner, I do my best to stay on top of the latest nutrition research, for the benefit of myself, my family, and my patients. Not only have I lost a few pant sizes, but my patients have been pleasantly surprised as well....all the while munching on delicious coconut. It doesn't get much better than that.

    Almine Barton, L.Ac.
    Licensed Acupuncturist
    Portland, OR....more info
  • Eat Fat, Lose Fat:Lose Weight and Feel Great with the Delicious, Science-based Coconut Diet
    The title doesn't give a reader how much more they are going to get from this book, this effects more than just ones weight! A must for readers wanting to learn and understand the importance and value of fat and that all fats are not alike. author does a very good job of explaining this....more info
  • Science based?
    I have been poking around a little wondering if France really has a low obesity problem. Around 10% of the population of France compared to 30% in the US is obese. France is not terribly low however, with data hard to compare to other countries for the same reason it is hard to compare education and everything else - the data collection and standards differ from country to country.
    Eat Fat Lose Fat (EFLF) is most valuable in that it stresses natural foods and there may very well be health benefits to coconut oil. I am going to eat more coconuts.
    EFLF is science-based, however it is at odds with many studies. This is not bad and only natural, as nutrition science is in infancy with lots of contradictory conclusions and conflicting data.
    Although EFLF cites a few studies some are very old. Without any bibliography, the book does not come even close to being science-based compared to "Eat To Live" Joel Fuhrman MD. Fuhrman has 28 pages of notes referencing studies he mentions in his text and he uses to base his conclusions on. For now, Eat To Live is my standard for science-based reasoning about my eating habits......more info
  • Revolutionary, scientifically-based research
    Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig are true revolutionaries in these crazy times of flagrant misrepresentation of food facts. They move a step further beyond their phenomenal, groundbreaking book, "Nourishing Traditions" and offer additional, important information regarding the importance of fats in the well-being of the human body. Enig should be, by all accounts, the most heeded fats specialist in the world. Her credentials as a
    PhDed lipid chemistry scientist stands in itself, and she alone provides the necessary research of why the propagation and alteration of harmful, modern, factory-made fats has enacted such a horrifying toll on human health. This book is more than a methodology to losing weight by the proper intake of fats; it is a crucial guide to the basics of good, vital health. The advantage this book offers is that it is scientific in the modern sense; our predecessors over thousands of years had no knowledge of such facts, but they had their own advantages: they could only eat foods in their most natural state possible. Modern technology has proved to be both a blessing and conversely, a curse. We now have the means to produce and distribute food, but many food factories and factory farms has obliterated the purity of the earth's wondrous bounties. Science has allowed us to conquer bacterial diseases and viruses that were the scourge of mankind in ?ons past. Heart disease and cancer were once rare conditions, but the tides have shifted and now they have taken place as the modern menace and grown to insidious proportions. The science that Fallon and Enig offer here, is simple, but absolutely vital. They provide the self-evident fact of consuming food in as close to its natural state as possible, starting with the intake of pure, wholesome fats. This book is a dietary scheme, of a new-based-on-an-old way of eating habits. But it in no way promotes the notion of traditional dieting, whereby there is a depletion of essential nutrients that wreak such havoc in the "eat sparsely, lose weight" mindset. Such diets are dangerous, and never work. As this book shows, fats are *the* crucial element in our body's composition, as they regulate metabolic functions. It should now be evident that processed, refined carbs are contributing to the obesity epidemic, and this book shows how to combat that. Most exciting though, is the research on coconut oil, which may very well be the dark-horse miracle food of our times. Consumed by tropical countries for millenia, Enig's research and findings confirm the oil's wondrous nutritional and healing properties. I personally have been consuming coconut oil on a daily basis for a year, and the results have been a perfectly steady metabolism (no more ups and down in blood sugar), no stomach upsets, ease of elimination, softer, smoother skin, and I believe it has contributed to the most stable weight maintenance I've ever had. But this goes along with the overall dietary system I've adopted as suggested by Fallon and Enig. Fallon's delicious recipes in this book make it infinitely easy for one to incorporate ways of using coconut oil. This book will provide the reader with some enlightening information on how to regulate weight, and along with it, good health and a sense of well-being. I heartily recommend this book as a necessary companion to Fallon's book, "Nourishing Traditions." ...more info
  • May Spark A Food Revolution
    Underneath this book's mainstream title and flashy hot-pink packaging lie a revolutionary premise. Real foods - including meat, eggs, butter, cream, coconut oil and other traditional high-fat foods - are the keys to weight loss, high energy, brain function, feelings of wellbeing and disease prevention. So throw out those low-fat, highly processed and packaged foods, forget about being a vegetarian, "bread-atarian" or "soy-atarian" and go back to enjoying the whole foods that your healthy ancestors really ate. In the process, you'll not only regain your health and find your perfect weight but totally enjoy your food. This book is a simpler version of the authors' grassroots classic NOURISHING TRADITIONS with the same sound science but a new emphasis on the healing power of coconut oil. As a Clinical Nutritionist, I have found that coconut cream and oil are very healing to the thyroid and greatly speed the recovery of former vegetarians and heavy soy eaters. The book also answers the many questions clients have about trans fats, vegetable oils, cholesterol and the dangers of the currently popular low fat/high protein diets. Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • about coconut oil
    First off I haven't read the book but I have Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and highly reccomend it. I was reading the reviews and noticed some people saying that they got diarrhea and nausea and suspected it was from too much oil. Because coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial it can cause that in certain people if they suddenly start taking a lot of it. The problem might be that people need to work up to the reccomended amount of coconut oil gradually, not that it is necessarily too much....more info
  • Reliable Nutrition Information You Can Still Count On
    Fallon and Enig are well known for their work with the Weston A. Price Foundation that teaches that the best nutrition is traditional nutrient dense foods including healthy saturated fats. I have appreciated their approach and treat their previous book, Nourishing Traditions, as my nutrition bible. And this new book doesn't disappoint either. Eat Fat, Lose Fat continues with basic and sound nutritional information but with the addition of coconut oil as another healthy saturated fat. I would have given this book a 5 star rating but for the "commercial" bent of the book. Whereas Nourishing Traditions is a no-nonsense trustworthy nutrition book, it seems that Fallon and Enig felt that they had to join the fad diet craze to sell coconut oil's benefits in this book. Instead of simply supplying credible information as in Nourishing Traditions, they take it a step further and develop an actual weight loss diet based on coconut oil. Coconut oil can sell on its own merits without Fallon & Enig having to stoop to the diet craze - including the book's title - to entice fad dieters. Also I am uncomfortable with the carb-fat-protein ratio. I appreciated that in Nourshing Traditions they simply shared about healthy nutrient dense foods and left the ratio up to the individual. I am a little uncomfortable with the high fat ratio of 60% in Eat Fat, Lose Fat. Also being restricted to only three meals a day seems a step backward. However, despite this "marketing" bent, I strongly recommend the book to Weston A. Price Foundation supporters. And to anyone else who is sick of fad diets, as well as, the nutrition dictocrats who cater to the food industry and give lip service to public health. Fallon's & Enig's knowledge of nutrition supported by research doesn't disappoint!...more info
  • Excellent knowledge that many didn't know about eating HEALTHY
    This is A MUST buy if you are HEALTH consious.
    I always taught healthy food is low fat, low cholesterol, less meat, more vegetable. I'm surprise to find out how wrong I am. I strongly agree because I don't feel health with my diet. I felt it will be disaster if I continue my existing diet for longer.
    Changing my diet to more animal fat, animal organ, red meat, coconut oil and cod liver oil real helps. We should hear our body reaction to agree if the food we eat is healthy. ...more info
  • Sold on it
    I am sold on the value of replacing vegetable oils with natural oil for long term health....more info
  • Loads of information in language I can understand.
    Loved the book. I have it on my nightstand and can quickly shove it in my purse to take with me where ever I go. I use it for reference in restaurants, the grocery and to read excerpts to my non believer friends! Full of information and covers a lot of territory. It is not just a lose weight book, as Mary Enid and Sally Fallon are not obsessed with looks and weight, they want to be healthy and fit, which is just the ticket this country needs. ...more info
  • Enlightening
    Dr. Enig and Ms. Fallon have done it again! Good science and common sense combined in an easy to read factual treatise on an essential nutrient. I recommend this to anyone interested in regaining/keeping their health....more info
    Dr. Enig has helped dispell myths that seem to have been engrained into current nutritional information. Now I know I was duped by all the nonfat hype. This book goes along with Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Great book to review again and again....more info
  • Good Book!
    I really love this book and I appreciate all the history and research that is mentioned in it. I have tried some of the recipes and they have been pretty good. I am looking forward to trying more recipes in the future! I have learned a lot from reading this book....more info
  • Coconut is not for everyone, but Weston A. Price is!
    The book "Eat Fat Lose Fat" describes the Weston A. Price Foundation's approach to nutrition. First off, I support this approach, and therefore I support this book.

    When starting out, I had difficulties digesting even minor amounts of fat. But in the end, a high fat, moderate carb diet as described in this book helped me to defeat overeating. Before, I had tried various other approaches such as vegetarianism, veganism, raw-eating, macribiotics among others - they all failed miserably and always ended up with binges of sweets eating. Whether the Weston A. Price diet will help me defeat my other health issues time will tell, but I am optimistic, as my overall well being has improved dramatically already.

    Two things bother me about "Eat Fat, Lose Fat," however. The first one is the focus on losing weight: The book is not just about that, it is about a healthy diet in general. However, I assume that this approach is marketing-related.

    The second problem is the heavy focus on coconut oil. While I understand that it is a "good fat," I do not understand why it is so much preferable over butter or lard for instance. Strangely, in the "How We Eat" section of the Weston A. Price Foundation's website (search "how we eat" on that site,) neither Sallon or Enig even mention coconut or coconut oil in their (exemplary) lists of what they have eaten for three days. I find that a bit strange considering the praise they give it in this book.

    Also, While most people should be able to tolerate coconut oil well, other coconut products may present considerable problems to at least some individuals because of their high fructose and fiber content. (To understand the problems with fiber, I recommend reading on Konstantin Monastyrsky's website [google "fibermenace."])
    Cutting out fiber (and fructose, as I seem to have an intolerance there) was what made it possible for me to implement a Weston A. Price style diet in the first place....more info
  • After reading "Know you Fats" by Mary Enig, apply your knowledge in the kitchen!
    Inspirational for many lovely FAT dishes!
    And yes you CAN lose weight this way. See my review of Mary Enig's book "Know Your Fats"....more info
  • Good concepts, but it is way too redundant.
    This book packs a medium amount of information into a pretty tedious reading experience. Although the information is good, everything is repeated over and over again. The book spends too much time talking about cocunut oil and cod liver oil also. Everything pretty much comes back to those two oils--notice the coconut tree on the cover of the book. Also, almost all of the recipes involve coconuts.
    I was disappointed in this book. The first 50 pages were good, but all the new info stopped after that....more info
  • Enid & Fallon - They did it again!
    We've heard and read a great deal about the misrepresented saturated fat of red meat, equating it with the harmful trans fats which are neither a saturated fat nor a polyunsaturated fat. In this book the authors provide a comprehensive job of explaining the truth about another healthy saturated fat, coconut oil, which is very different from animal- source fatty acids that are also needed by the body. The easily understood and practiced protocol provided for losing fat while eating it, includes this unique medium chain fatty acid (MCFA). Thanks for an important service, Dr. Enid and Ms. Fallon.

    Sylvia W. Zook, MS, PhD
    Author of Eatin' After Eden ...more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    I have been studying diet and nutrition for the past three years and this book by far is the ultimate best book that I have in my nutritional library. I have recommended this book to everyone!! After 3 years of chronic migrains lasting litterally from 3-15 days at a time, with a maximum 4 day repreive in between, and all attempts with many specialists failed, as well as nearly causing me to have a stroke from preventitive medication. I was desperate to find a cure and not a bandaid. My doctor assured me that diet had absolutely nothing to do with my migrains or any of my other illnesses either, but what did I have to lose? Not only did I change my diet by cutting out refined products, preservatives, sugars, few carbs, high fructose corn syrup, and soy, I added coconut oil on a regular basis as the only oil in my home. I have only had 4 migranes in the past 8 months in which they only lasted a day or two and always followed an unhealthy eating binge of the wrong foods. I actually feel like I have more energy and have not put on any extra pounds, although I am eating a lot more fats like butter, cream, and of course coconut oil! This book is a must have for anyone who wants to get control of their life again!!! DW ...more info
  • Exciting and Hopeful
    Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats This book has successfully dispelled many of the myths I had about healthy foods to eat, namely the low-fat diet promoted in our country. It has transformed the way I eat and, so far, I feel great and am having a lot of fun. It just makes sense to eat the foods that people have always eaten....more info
  • How to recover your health
    This book has so many helpful ways to recover you health.
    It is amazing how many misconceptions there are about foods and what is healthy and what is not.... This book helps you to see the truth.
    I found it very helpful in helping me with the quest for better health....more info
  • Eat Fat Look Thin
    This is simply one of the top 5 books I have EVER marked my life in a very positive way......more info
  • Fantastic
    Statin Drugs: Side Effects and the Misguided War on CholesterolThis book on Statin Drugs led me to Eat Fat, Lose Fat and its incredible show of politics in our eating habits. It goes to show if we want to eat healthy we must forget the government recommendations and look to the scientific studies for healthy eating....more info
  • Excellent information, unpractical diet
    I am an average long term "dieter". I stick with low-carb, mostly Atkins. I loved the research and information about the types of fats and their affects on us found in this book. Although it was a little dry and technical in parts, it was very thorough and informative. BUT as to the diet, it is totally impractical for my situation. Most of the foods need to be purchased from health food stores. Most of the foods are NOT what my palate is used to. NOT that I am not willing to change the way I eat, but I couldn't figure out a way to incorporate this way of eating into my life. For example it was not about eating coconut milk, but rather a specific KIND of coconut milk processed in a specific manner. Many of the recommended products were that way. What I was hoping was to just be able to add TO my low carb diet, but this was a whole different approach. I did pick up some practical things though -- like adding cod liver oil to my diet and eating "clean" natural unprocessed foods. So, to summarize -- great information, not so practical a way of eating....more info
  • Lifestyle change, not a fad diet
    This is an educational book, not your typical diet book. I learned all about the different kinds of fat and why my body needs some and doesn't need others and what foods have the best (or worst) sources. The book is not just about fat either. It is about nutrition; eating nutrient dense foods (getting the most bang out of what you eat). So you can nourish your body while shedding pounds. And if you don't need to lose weight (maybe you need to gain a few) or if you just need to get healthy, this book is also for you as it is loaded with advice and menus and recipes for foods that will nourish and strengthen your body. The down side is that the foods you learn to prepare are not your normal fare. You really have to want to be healthy in order to learn how to eat and cook healthy. If you are not motivated, you will quit. It is not easy to learn how to eat and cook in a whole new way, BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • waste of money
    I bought this book on a recommendation from a dietian. It was full of scientific information that was too much to take in. And it sounded like it was bad fad diet. I will be donating it to a local second hand store....more info
  • Eat Fat, Lose Fat
    I have not finished the book yet. I know of Mary Enig from other books and her work is very interesting and worth a read....more info
  • Eat Fat, Lose Fat
    Tells you of the proper healthy fats to add to your eating plan. People do not realize that you do need some fats in your diet....more info
  • Very important information for your health
    This book is a much needed voice against the mass of anti-fat hype. I have suffered from health issues that my doctors only knew how to treat with drugs. In searching for a nutrition based approach, I learned about eating healthy fats, living foods, and taking probiotics. My health has GREATLY improved through diet alone (no drugs!). Don't believe the low-fat/fat-free hype. Our ancestors ate healthy fats and whole foods for thousands of years, just as God intended. We've gone against that widom and are paying for with runaway health problems....more info
  • Eat Fat Lose Fat
    This book gives you well documented and well written information about
    saturated fats and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and oils.
    It's about time someone put into print what is going on with the current low-fat nonsense.
    This confirms what I've suspected for years....more info
  • Excellent advice, a little shady on the science
    I bought this book on a recommendation from a site about diet. I also bought another book that I will also write a review for, Good Calories, Bad Calories which is very much high in science - whereas this book might be lacking in that department.

    What can be concluded from both these books is that FAT is not dangerous. Fat is completely necessary for your bodys well-being. In this book the writers tells us of the virtues of eating a higher percentage of your calories from fats, including saturated fats - but also the virtues of avoiding additives, trans fats, advicing us to choose products that are ecological, natural and thus containing much more of the nutrients you need to be healthy. Me and my girlfriend started and once we got rolling there was no looking back. I very much recommend you buying this book AND Good Calories, Bad Calories at the same time so you can see that the science available actually supports the views presented in this book. Merry Christmas!...more info
  • great recipes..terrible format
    I've been surprised at the number of recipes I have tried. They are truly delicious! My kids even love them. Of course, don't even look at this book if you don't like coconut products. I happen to love them, and any excuse I get to use them... I am also a fan of the Weston Price cooking style. This book is much less labor intensive, and not as intimidating to a novice cook as their first book "Nourishing Traditions".

    The down side of this book is the format. The book is small, and the recipes are next to impossible to read. In fact, if I didn't enjoy the delicious tastes so much, I would have gotten rid of this book because it is so badly designed. It looks like the publisher didn't want to spend any more than needed to get this published, so they crammed the recipe section into the smallest possible number of pages. Everything runs together, and there is no space to make notes on the side (like I do in all my recipe books). I can't really speak to the science, or the dieting (though my teenager, who takes her coconut oil daily, has beautiful skin with very few breakouts), but the food sure tastes good!...more info
  • Life changing - and delicious!
    Fantastic resource, full of great information and delicious recipes. Worth buying even if you have S. Fallon's Nourishing Traditions. A must for every kitchen....more info
  • The Honest Truth
    Well, here it is - this Raw, Honest and Delicously enticing book/cookbook will change your health, change your mind and bring the nourishing truth back into your kitchen forever. These two brave women have changed mine and my families lives forever. We are now eating better, feeling better and are much wiser about what is best for our health. Finally we are no longer confined to what the diet dictorcrats tell us is healthy - we know the truth and most importantly, so will you!...more info
  • Valuable information
    This book is an easy read with great information. I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially to those with cholesterol conditions and those with young children. It certainly has changed my way of thinking about food in general, more notably Fats!...more info
  • Truth of fats
    I enjoyed reading this book. It has changed my life. It does work and has made eating fun again. I have more energy than I have in 10 years. My skin is glorious and I'm 62 yrs old. My metabolism has kicked in again and I'm doing more. For anyone who suspects the food processing companies and government sanctioning of same, this book really opens your eyes. ...more info
  • Natural Nutrition
    This book was an eye opener for me... I'd always found it difficult to stick to the "recommended" eating habits and felt that it was not natural... Surely the fat in milk and eggs is healthy I thought but who am I to go against all the "experts"... How can anyone get so much protein in during the day? One cannot; hence the need for all the protein supplements...
    The only problem with this book is the fact that its "diet" may not be realistic to follow for many people... I did, however, take the good ideas they have and incorporated them into my own diet...

    ...more info
  • Awesome Book!!!!
    This book is so helpful and explains how fat is processed in your body. I have gotten healthy and also lost weight too!!!...more info
  • I wish I'd known this info years ago!
    This book has wonderful information! How many people do we all know who have diabetes and thyroid problems and no one is told that they might be really deficient in Vitamin A because they can't convert beta caratene into Vitamin A. I don't have either of those conditions but the cod liver oil recommended in the book has helped me tremendously. I pass this book out to all my friends with health conditions....more info
  • Excellent!
    I lost 50 lbs. on a lowfat/lowcarb diet and kept it off for the last 2-years. But...I have been constantly craving, and sneaking "highfat treats". In the language of dieting... it's called 'cheating'. This book has taught be that I am craving these foods, because I am nutrient deprieved, and that our ancestors ate this way for eons. How can I not trust 100's of 1000's of years, and what my body desires?! I am loving that they've given me permission, to eat fat. I have gained about 7lbs (but could use the extra weight). I've now stablized.

    And am thrilled to search/find "good quality nutrient rich foods"...they make a real difference. A big cheers to the authors for reminding us that the old ways are the best. Forget cooking your dairy products, eat them raw!

    And as for the whole raw diet fad, it's bogus. Try eating fermented foods, you'll get a ton more enzymes. I strugged with either switching to this diet (Westin A. Price), or to the raw food diet (but I could not bring myself to becoming a vegan). I couldn't give up my animal products (good fats). Until you try grassfed/organic meat and other free-range animal products, you don't know what you're missing! It costs more, but it's worth it.

    Also... try making your own Keifer (a miracle food)... out of raw dairy. It's been so healing. I have never liked to cook, but I have spent more time trying to fix health problems (due to the junk food they sell on at these bigbox grocery chains).

    Now I support local farmers, and cook a lot. I have several cookbooks, that I take the time to read. It's never too late to cook, and I save so much time by staying healthy, then how fastfood affects ones health.

    I hope this book becomes #1, because it will bring back raw, organic foods into being legal again, and more readily available. Don't trust the garbage the system say about food...they make a killing on alternative foods (that are really bad for you).
    ...more info
  • Traditional Eating and Lose weight must have
    We have already been using Nourishing Traditons written by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. They also wrote this book, Eat Fat, Lose Fat. It follows the traditional eating of Weston A Price. Eat Fat, Lose Fat has a a section for losing weight, health recovery, and everyday gourmet. If you didn't want to buy both Nourshing Traditions and Eat Fat, Lose Fat, I'd reccomend buying Eat Fat, Lose Fat. It has plenty of recipes and quite a lot of informaiton that is in NT. It's small enough to keep in a decent sized purse. It has the resources section for what you'll need.

    I like how they give you time to get the foods you'll need before you actually start the eating plan.

    Coconut Oil is huge and so is coconut. If you don't like coconut there are still recipes and information that you can use. I didn't think I liked coconut, but I've defintely gotten used to it. Like grapefruit (which I didn't like either) with shredded coconut (not sweetened) on top. Very good.

    The stock recipes are great.

    I haven't used all the coconut recipes for the family because they won't like the coconut in it. I use what I make usually just for myself.

    The candies with coconut the kids do like....more info
  • Finally the Truth
    Excellent book - written by a brave woman who pointed her finger at the
    oil and food industry in the l980s - warning them of the toxic effects
    of trans fatty acids. Finally a book that tells why we are all sick
    and overweight. We are eating oils - processed foods, restaurants,
    grocery stores oils, etc. that are blocking enzymes that make our foods less toxic in our bodies (cancer) and causing heart disease and obesity.
    Finally someone who has spent her life researching the effects of these
    poisons and is not selling or profiting from her research has written
    a concise, clear book on how these oils are destroying our health. A must
    read for everyone - particularly for the cook of the house who wants to
    preserve the health of her/his family. Thank you Ms. Enig & Ms. Fallon
    for your research and resolve in getting this nation back to health.
    ...more info
  • view of another nutrition writer
    Most nutriton books should never have been written. Most only add to the prattle. This one is a classic with vital concepts. Mary Enig was a pioneer in this field, recognizing many years ago the fallacy of the low fat doctine. She fights a good battle against the establishment, as I try to do in HONEST NUTRITION....more info
  • Good Fats
    This book describes the fats that are good for you, such as coconut oil, and how to use them. Contains recipes that are easy and use everyday ingredients....more info
  • Another great book by Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig
    Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig have compiled a comprehensive guide to incorporating coconut oil and other healthy fats in to your life and not gain weight but lose weight. The recipes are not only very easy to use the ingredients are usually available at your local grocery store or co-op. ...more info
  • Free At Last!
    It is so refreshing to read a book with the real scoop on fat consumption! The recipes are satisfying and I will use coconut oil from now on....more info
  • This Diet Works!
    I purchased this book along with "Nourishing Traditions" and have changed the way I eat. I used to be low-fat etc. for years until I came down with mysterious sinus problems and skin rashes. I never had these problems before -- even as a child. My doctor prescribed prescription nasal sprays but even I knew the answer lay in they way I was eating. I went to another doctor (who wasn't afraid to think outside the establishment) for a second opinion and after checking my blood tests, sure enough my diet was too low in fat. The fats you need to avoid are trans fat and processed vegetable oils from soybeans, corn and cottonseed etc. (including margarine). I love this book and the recipes are really easy to follow and tasty. You will learn a lot about the modern American diet and how we approach this low-fat craze and why "one size fits all" diets don't work for all of us. Since I've been using coconut oil my skin rashes have cleared up, and I no longer have problems breathing out of my nose. Plus my energy level has increased. I give this a big thumbs up! Check out the coconut books by Dr. Fife, too....more info
  • very good book
    This is a very good informative book. I have bought at least 6 and plan to buy more at some time (to give or loan)....more info