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  • This realy works!!!
    Wow, that's all I have to say. This product is awsome. I have been using it for about 2 months and have seen crazy results. Beware not to take it too late in the day because you will be bouncing off the walls. I call it my "Crack" its that strong and helps you sweat like a cab driver in NYC durring your cardio sessions. I am realy impressed with this product and I have tried them all, this is by far the best fat burner out there.
    ...more info
  • Another Flop
    Timely delivery that was fantastic. It did not work as it states. My friend and I each tried it at the same time and did not lose anything in over 3 weeks. We managed what we ate however that did not do anything. Oh well back to the drawing board....more info
  • results!
    I've been working out for years but kinda fell off the wagon there the last year or so. I made the decision to get myself back into shape with the help of Lipo6x. I started doing Tae Bo Boot Camp for my cardio and doing weights every other day. (6 days/wk) I drastically changed my eating habits as well (you will NOT get results unless you change your entire lifestyle!) in 5 weeks I have lost a total of 19lbs of fat! This product worked great "for me". You have to just try and see if it works for YOU. If all you're planing on doing is poping these pills while sitting on the couch eating the same old crap....don't expect miracles!...more info
  • Work well, for energy and metabolic enhancer.
    This helps up a lot during cardio work out keeping the heart rate up without two much effort, it also helps keeping the metabolismm high. DAB also provided a great and quick warranty as, the first shipment had some pills mealt, they provide me a raplacement within 1 week of e-mailing them with the complain....more info
  • everybody is recommending THIS!!!!!
    i've tried ALOT of fat burners like HOT-Rox, LS7, LST maximum, simply cut, and alot. but this one and lipo 6 the original are the ones that made me believe that fat burners are TOXIC. i used this for almost 2 weeks and what i got is fighting with friends, TOO tension, always angry, tired, and depressed of a thing that i don't even know?? once i stopped it i felt REAL confortable. this product depends on your physical and mental health so ASK your doctor first. for me, this products makes me dis-believe in fat burners and from now on i will do it naturally rather than loosing my health & brain....more info
  • not a good energy lift me up
    Mainly bought this to give a little pick me up. Just need a little energy to get me going, coffee don't work anymore. Has done nothing but make me sick to my stomach, even on a half dose. No energy at all, not sure if it did anything. I will give the rest to my husband and see if he can get any use out of it....more info
  • Lipo 6X
    I don't use this, but it's all the rage in the gyms in Brazil. We took some down to give to our friends as presents. They were thrilled....more info
  • Sadly... it sucks
    I was hoping for this to work because it was successful for a friend of mine. Well, I took it according to the instructions and it didn't do a thing except mess up my breathing while running. (I'm a runner) Later on I found out that they came in like #154 place in the best weight loss pills... oh well. They looked cool though :)...more info
  • Better Than Zantrex-3!!
    I started taking this when my eliptical machine broke and I was worried about putting on weight. Even after just a few days I already notice a difference! And, unlike Zantrex-3, I have not experienced any negative side-effects. Zantrex-3 would make my face feel tingly and my cheeks would get flushed. Nothing like that with this product. Also, the capsules look cool. They are see-through and you can see the smaller capsule inside. The bottle recommends that when you have taken all the capsules, you take a week off of taking them. I am so happy with this product!...more info
  • Great stuff
    I've been working out for 8 years after deciding that being severly overweight was something i had to tackle in my early 20's. I've been through over 10 different fat burners and I'll say, thank god now that i'm 30 i can finally settle on one. I've gone to very low carbs, cardio morning adn night and using this to give me energy (without carbs your energy level is low) and wow this things just keeps you moving. Lost a good 10 lbs of pure fat in about 5 weeks. Haven't lost this much fat since Xenadrine was out. But it only works if you cut your carbs and do cardio morning and night (at least 30 minutes 8 times a week). Low carbs 6 days a week (give yourself one cheat day to have fun with, i personally eat cheesecake every saturday night and a pizza)...more info


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