The Fat Flush Plan

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The keys to overweight are liver toxicity, waterlogged tissues, fear of eating fat, excess insulin, and stress, asserts nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman. Her Fat Flush Plan addresses these problems with a targeted diet.

The Fat Flush Plan, filled with nutritional analysis and detailed explanations, is not a quick read. Despite Gittleman's assertion that the plan is "as easy as 1-2-3," it is quite regimented. No white flour, white sugar, margarine, vegetable shortening, artificial sweeteners, or caffeine. The diet emphasizes essential oils (e.g., flaxseed and GLA), protein (eight ounces or more, plus two eggs a day), vegetables, thermogenic spices (e.g., ginger and cayenne), water, and diuretic beverages (eight glasses/day of diluted, unsweetened cranberry juice). In its first two-week phase, the plan is a rigid, low calorie (1,100-1,200 calories/day), low-carb (no grains or starchy vegetables) diet. Phase two lets you increase your calories to 1,500 and add two "friendly carbs." Phase three, the "lifestyle program," moderately adds more dairy, carbs, and calories. Gittleman promotes walking and recommends strength training in phase three.

The book includes 41 recipes such as Grilled Lamb Chops with Cinnamon and Coriander, Breakfast Egg Fu Yung, and Cumin Saut®¶ed Scallops. The Fat Flush Plan is recommended for dieters willing to commit to a strict plan for weight loss. --Joan Price

Foreword by Barry Sears, Author of The Zone

The Fat Flush Diet Plan is a revolutionary diet program from one of the Top 10 Nutritionists in the United States, according to Selfmagazine. Based on a satisfying, healthful, and cleansing combination of essential fats, balanced proteins, and quality carbohydrates, Ann Louise Gittleman's Fat Flush was first popularized on, The Women's Network, and quickly embraced by millions of women across America. Thousands of dramatic testimonials later, the Fat Flush message board has become one of the most popular diet and fitness boards in the history of iVillage. Now, widely known nutrition specialist and bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman shares this program with readers.

Simple, safe, and highly effective, The Fat Flush Diet Plan works via a process of detoxifying the liver, thereby increasing metabolism--an excellent way to begin dieting as well to continue weight loss. This is also the only diet program that can successfully break through the weight loss plateau every dieter faces and "flush out" pockets of stubborn fat. In addition, the program provides an array of other quality of life benefits such as:

  • Increased energy
  • Sounder sleep
  • Improved skin texture and stronger nails
  • Decreases in depression and anxiety
  • And much more

This phenomenal diet program is worth its weight (loss) in gold to the growing number of women across America taking stock in their health and well-being.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not easy but effective!
    I have just completed the first week of my 2 week "detox". My long term goal is to lose 20 pounds. In my first week I lost 5.5 pounds and 1 1/2 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my hips. I feel great and my skin looks wonderful.

    This is NOT an easy diet to just pick up and do. The book is essential and you will need to refer back to it often. I have found this diet easier than any other I've tried to stay one for a number of reasons. First, you need quite a few supplies such as supplements and speciality oils and foods. I felt like once I made the committment to buy all this stuff I needed to give the diet a fighting chance. I hate wasting money I guess. Second, this book explains the health benefits of everything you do/eat and I feel like I'm really doing something good for myself. Third, I am surprised but I really don't crave the things I can't eat. After the initial few days I haven't found it that hard to stick to. Of course, I'd love to have some off limits stuff but it's not killing me to abstain. You are supposed to eat and drink frequently enough so that I find I'm rarely hungry. Finally, the quick results are really motivating.

    If you are looking for a diet with fast results, this might just be it for you as long as you realize that it takes some planning, committment, and willpower to really work. ...more info
  • The Fat Flush Plan Rocks!
    I'm not much on diet books - and found this one by chance. The principles set forth made sense to me, so I bought it. As part of the first two weeks I gave up bread, and later discovered I have a wheat allergy. Since staying away from wheat, my seasonal allergies are nearly non-existent!!! The plan helped me lose 15 pounds I had accumulated after surgery. I love this healthy eating program, and have adopted life-long habits from it like using vegetable broth to saute in rather than butter!!! Very yummy and very healthy....more info
  • Can Be Discouraging
    This diet has some good points with regard to nutrition and I liked the over all idea. Cranberry juice, flaxseed oil, etc. are all things that you find in my kitchen so I problem, we can do this. Then I tried to follow the meal plans and pack lunches for my husband and well, I just found how difficult this can be. My husband is so tired of chicken for lunch and by the time he gets home we're both craving crazy-high sugar things that we normally don't. We live a pretty organic and healthy lifestyle, but this diet had us discouraged and frustrated. Going on any diet can be a drag, but I was hoping this wouldn't be that BIG!

    I am happy that it's worked for some of you! You have a stronger constitution than I do!...more info
  • My own success story with this diet
    My weight issues started back in 2004, it's crazy what stress and a poor diet will do to a person! My friend has similar weight issues but she took initiative to do something about it. She came across this diet that was recommended by a health conscious internet community. After seeing the results she got, it was hard to not feel jealous! Unfortunately for me, the jealousy was not motivation enough to get me started on a diet --I loved eating out too much. On top of that, I kept giving myself an excuse of saying, "I'll start this diet tomorrow." The sad reality is that tomorrow never comes, and if you're going to make changes you better start them NOW! I had purchased this book in conjunction with the Fat Flush cook book back in early '07, but never put the diet into practice until nearly a year later. Nothing kills your self-esteem more than looking down at your belly and seeing it hang over your pants, not cute at all! After allowing some harsh reality set in and seeing my hideous fat body in the mirror, I had enough!

    I didn't follow the diet to an exact tee, but I understood the gist of it and the importance of staying away from certain foods and overall just eating healthier. After following this diet for almost 9 months, my results have been dropping down from a tight fitting size 14 (in women) to a loose fitting size 8. My goal is to at least drop down another size and to have the flat stomach that I've always desired! I know everyone's situation is different, but this is a personal testimonial that this diet DOES WORK. You'll have to make a lot of sacrifices in the taste department, but it will be worth it in the long run. In all honesty, there's nothing more gratifying than walking in a room full of your family members and them not even recognizing you!

    If you want this to be you, then quit telling yourself you'll make a change tomorrow. ...more info
  • Lost 10 lbs in a month
    This was a very well thought out book.Easy to understand and follow. I used all the recipes in the book, they were fantastic! This is the healthiest I have ever felt inside and out, and it truley did take away cellulite. Drink the cran water...Lost 10 lbs. in a month....more info
  • best diet and health information
    I had read the book and i found it so good that i decided
    to prepare myself for doing this change of habits in relation to foods in general. the first week i lost
    almost 6 pounds, but most important i have more energy and i am feeling much better now.
    I recommend this book for everybody!
    maria...more info
  • Good style of eating, but hard to maintain
    I bought this book a few years ago, and it worked out very well. I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks without ever working out. Then when I started working out I lost another 15 lbs the next week. However, this an expensive style of eating to maintain. I call it a style of eating, because it really wasn't like a "diet" to me compared to every other one I had been on. But with what my husband and I make, I just couldn't afford to keep buying the expensive foods. Since I stopped using the book I still use flax seeds in things when I remember, and drink lemon water and cranberry juice often, but I have gained back every pound and then some! I would recommed this book to people, but with a disclaimer staing "be prepared to pay big bucks!" However, if you are overweight/obese and have many health problems that require you to take medications, this book would be well worth the try and the money. Because for a lot of people I know, they've eventually been taken off of their expensive medications. And eating healthy is always safer and cheaper than taking prescription meds every day. And no one should expect this to be a quick fix, nor any other diet! It takes hard work and determination to stick to any healthy eating plan. If you eat junk for years on end, and then begin to eat healthy, wether or not you follow this particular plan, you can expect to lose some amount of weight, it will vary with for everyone. But if you just go right back to eating the way you were before, obviously you're going to gain the weight back! It took me a while to realize that, but at least I did realize it, right? By the way, why are naturally, healthy, good for you foods so expensive compared to overprocessed junk food?...more info
  • Not working
    The book gave a lot of technical knowledge on how the body works. However, the dietary suggestions in the book have taken a toll on my budget. I also purchased the weight loss supplements and they are not working. ...more info
  • Very Useful!
    This book is more about flushing out the liver, than flushing out fat. But that is why I like it. This book explains why it is so hard for me to lose liver is clogged up. I have changed the way I eat and have lost weight, even over the holidays. This book is a very practical plan for getting healthy and losing weight. There are some great recipies in the back too. I really like the lime garlic salad dresssing!...more info
  • An excellent plan, if you are tough enough!
    How bad do you want to lose it? Because this diet is like boot camp for bulges and cellulite. If you are able to stick to it, you WILL see dramatic results. I am not going to lie, it is tough; the first week is absolutely brutal. But once you get rid of the sugar you won't believe how good you feel! I was sugar free for a few months, and at my son's second birthday party, I tried a sliver of his birthday cake and the sugar made me dizzy and gave me a horrible headache. Once you cut out the refined process foods and get them completely off your palate, you won't believe the natural sweetness of organic, fresh fruits and veggies. What I loved most about this book is that Dr. Gittleman took the time to back her claims with her life's research and work, and she explains things scientifically, but in a way that is understandable. Also there is a wicked awesome online forum, google it and go there for support if you decide to start the plan. Good luck and get ready to flush that fat!...more info
  • Everyone has got to get this book!
    I just started on the plan and am so excited. The book is very informative and helps to make sense of the crazy things we put our bodies through. Not only is the plan easy to follow, but preparation is nothing different from our everyday diets. It is just a lot more healthy than what most of us busy people are used to sticking with. If you don't already have this book, buy it now! You will be so glad you did you will want to tell everybody. Buy them for all your family members too!. It will save you a lot of health problems in the future!...more info
    This book is not enough at all. May be because while i am desperate to lose as much weight as possible, I knew more even than what is in the book. But, I believe it contains valuable info....more info
  • informative, helpful, but hard to follow
    i enjoyed reading this book - learning more about liver function, and how toxins in my diet can affect all bodily functions was enlightening. i view food differently now, so i'm glad i read the book.

    however, the first phase of the diet is very difficult to follow, because you are basically only allowed protein, vegetables and limited fruit. the author also recommends a variety of oils, supplements and special mini-trampoline exercises that are a pricey investment. you should be able to lose weight eating normal food and with normal exercise, which is why i won't be continuing on this diet.

    this diet did get more vegetables in my diet, and helped me to realize how dependent on carbs, sugar and fast food i am. i will continue to limit white carbs/sugar, and eliminate toxic fast foods....more info
  • Liz
    Awsome plan!

    lost 10 pounds in just two weeks, so now I am only 5 pounds away from my ideal weight, and I keep dropping down on the plan's "Phase 2". I had platoed with the Weight Watchers program. Last year it had worked for me, - though losing 15 pounds took me 4 months, and I was expecting the same results this year (I gained the weight back after not counting the points over the holidays, since I really didn't change my food choices significantly, just cut down on the amounts), but I simply couldn't get past yo-yoing up and down the same 1-3 pounds.
    This book made it clear to me that I would not go anywhere with my addiction to granola bars, cereals and pastas. Since the plan cuts all of those out, I didn't think I would last on it for two weeks, but I did, and it seems so easy to continue after changing habits for just two weeks.
    It works, and I find the recepies delicious and satisfying, - no more cravings!!! ...more info
  • Fat Flusher for Life
    I've used the Fat Flush eating plan off and for several years and actually bought this book for a relative who was impressed with my recent weight loss. If you have weight to lose in a short period of time, this is the plan for you. Also, it gives you the tools to make good decisions in your food choices for life, and makes it easier to choose foods that are nutritious for your body. We can't always be good when it comes to eating the right foods but as this is my third time using this program within the past six years and my metabolism has slowed down with age, I plan on using the knowledge I've gained with the Fat Flush program to maintain my weight as I age. Also, the increased physical energy and clarity of thought is definitely an extra bonus. My memory has improved and I'm hoping that my better food choices will keep me sharp into the golden years. Some people find the plan a little overwhelming in the beginning but once you get into a routine, see the positive changes in your body, energy and thought process, it's easy to stick with it. I recommend this plan to everyone I know seeking to lose weight and wish I was receiving a commission. Thank you Anne Louise Gittleman for this system! ...more info
  • fat flush
    I have learned the only way to cleanse your body is to fast for one day. Diets do not work. ONLY WILL POWER....more info
  • Book
    This book arrived in a timely manner in very good shape. I would recommend this read to anyone. Very good...more info
  • Save on future doctor bills!!
    I want to join in with the other Fat Flushers who have stated with absolute conviction that this plan works. I lost 15 lbs. on this plan. I don't want to use the term "diet" because this book is intended to be a lifestyle change. This book has helped me to detox my liver, cleanse my colon, and be more aware of what goes into my body. I started the Fat Flush Plan because I wanted to lose weight. After reading this book, some of what she said really scared me because I knew it was true. I could tell by the way I felt. This book helped me to get rid of that awful feeling. I succeeded on the Plan because I used the sample menus and adjusted them to my liking. To be honest, there are quite a few foods for which I don't care. I have taken as my own a lot of Ann Gittleman's recommendations. Most of my food is organic and fresh. I don't eat any processed foods anymore. If I can't find what I'm looking for in the grocery store, then I go to my favorite health food store. I fix a lot of her recipes. My favorite is "Yummy Meatloaf." Of course, I love the smoothies. This book has opened my eyes to a lot of things that damage our bodies,and it gives the tools on how to repair them. By drinking the cran-water, my cellulite has greatly diminshed. For anyone thinking of starting this plan, or is in the midst of it, you have to stick with it. Adjust the menus to your liking and don't skip a meal. The first phase of the plan is probably the hardest. Once you're through that, you'll be glad that you did it. I didn't feel hungry or deprived, and I didn't have any cravings. I was a coffeeholic, but I've been able to get rid of that addiction. These changes have made me more energetic; my attitude is a very positive one; and my skin looks better. In another review, someone made mention of Ann Gittleman's products. I use them, and have been quite happy with them. The whey protein is excellent. They are a tad bit expensive, but the way that I look at it is that purchasing these products and eating healthy is money well spent on avoiding doctor bills in the future! So, I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • The Fat Flush Plan
    I bought the Fat Flush CD. Ever since I hit 40 I have gained weight and had trouble losing it. I have tried many diets only to fail. This CD was so informative that I now understand so much about my body. You learn how your body works and what it needs to burn fat.
    You will learn why we can't lose weight and why we can't lower our cholesterol. The information is invaluable. Get your liver and Lymph system in shape and you will lose weight and feel great. The first two weeks are tough, but as time goes buy you lose your cravings. I have been off wheat for over five weeks and I not only feel better, but my muscle pain is gone! and so is my underlying fatigue. It is the first time in years that I don't crave sugar or carbohydrates. I am actually excited to have my cholesterol checked!...more info
  • Not realistic for most people
    While I found the writing style good and the information interesting, the actual diet was unrealistic, too restrictive and lacking fun basics that make other diets tolerable. I found myself longing for spices (how bad could pepper really be?) and questioning the validity of their restriction. I couldn't stand the ground-up flax seeds in my cranberry cocktail - the texture reminded me of trying to drink mud with little bugs in it (or what I imagine that to be).

    I'm not writing this to disparage anyone from trying the diet - if you can handle the restrictions and you have the self-control required, you might find this diet doable and rewarding. I tried the Fat Flush with a group from work - inspired by one woman who is able to do the flush again and again every year (she always gains the weight back). The rest of us, while successful for varying degrees of short periods, found the diet unrealistic for any long-term results - all of us gained the weight back and spurred by instant weight loss, some even picked up worse habits than they began with.

    The funny thing is I found much of the health information useful or interesting, but I got rid of the book b/c sitting on my shelf it reminded me of unrealistic goals and failure - not what I want out of a get-healthy plan.

    I'm writing this review so that others don't get sucked in by all of the positive reviews hoping for lasting results - 3 of us didn't have any....more info
  • Great, but - stock up on Crest White Strips...
    Love this plan - I already ate this way, for the most part: no sugar, white or wheat flour, lean protein, vitamins, lots of veggies - been doing it for years. But I need to take off the last twently pounds to my goal weight. I followed the plan for two weeks, doing the cran-water, and loved it - it truly makes you feel great and you don't crave "extras," as one reviewer put it. I was a little hooked on decaf lattes, for example, but now I eat NOTHING in-between. But - and here it is: I have found that the cran-water stained my teeth...yellow. I had bright white teeth and when I looked in the mirror this evening I almost fainted. What, I asked myself, have I been putting in my mouth more than any other substance lately? Yep. That's right. Cran-water. It doesn't stain teeth red, of course - it stains them yellow, 'cause that's what happens to teeth. And I know, also, because the cran-water stains our porcelain sink if we don't wipe it off right away. So I'm sitting here with Crest White Strips in my mouth, trying to get the stain off, and hoping it works. I suppose I'll just drink a couple of glasses of cran-water a day from now on. Drat! I loved it!...more info
  • Very Informative!
    I especially appreciate the sections that list out the foods and menus. Everything is spelled out so that none of the information is vague or hard to understand....more info
  • this is an exceptional book / plan
    I lost 16 lbs. in 3 weeks, was never hungry, started sleeping better, had more energy and felt fabulous. I needed a "cleanse" as much as I needed to loose weight and did it more because of the healthful aspects of releasing toxins, getting my body on a healthier nutritional plan and feeling good about my body. The 16 lbs. was an amazing bonus to the way I feel now. The book is straight forward. She is brilliant, conscientious and truly commmitted to your well being. My daughter is a personal trainer and "alternative nutritionist and everything I told her about this book, she agreed with and was thrilled that I didn't just starve myself to loose the weight. If you follow the plan as she explains it, within a few days it is easy and comfortable to fit into a daily work routine. ...more info
  • My Fat Flush Success
    I have been on the fat flush for 8 months as of yesterday. I have lost 50 pounds and feel fabulous and look wonderful. I plan on losing 10 more pounds.

    ...more info
  • The Fat Flush Plan by Ann Louise Gittleman, Barry Sears
    It works and it's healthy! I've lost 16 pounds in 6 weeks, and it hasn't been difficult. I have much more energy now than before and this is a life-time commitment I can live by - finally!...more info
  • Obnoxious CD voice
    I was SO looking forward to listening to Fat Flush on CD - but I can't do that. The person who recorded the book did so in such an obnoxious manner that I am TOTALLY turned off to it. I believe that when the book was recorded the volume was set WAY to high because even when I lower the volume it's still "right in my ear". (Maybe she was too close to the mic.) Also I didn't purchase the Fat Flush CD to be entertained, I bought it so that I could listen while working, etc. and still get the benefits that I would have from reading the book itself. Money down the drain! VERY disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Fat Flush Plan
    This is a great health and weight loss plan. I have never felt better and having type II diabetes, this was the answer to better blood sugar control. Just a healthy lifestyle with weight loss to boot!...more info
  • Fantastic Results
    I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and a single mother to a wonderful
    teen. I have taken a lot of time to research the healthiest options
    in todays market...that not only fits my lifestyle...but, those of
    my clients as well. This is by far, the 'only' approach that is
    safe, reliable and the results speak for themself. The Fat Flush Plan
    is the easiest solution for detox, weight loss, inches lost and
    the energy that I feel is remarkable. All of the recipes are delicious and family friendly without hours spent in the kitchen. I no longer have any problems putting in a thirteen hour day and also being the best mother, fitness
    coach and community leader for others looking to enhance the quality
    of their life through a healthier lifestyle. The Fat Flush Plan is the Best investment you can make. Take the step today - you will be
    thrilled with the results....more info
  • Similar to Lindora and Dr. Oz' You On A Diet
    Buy You On A Diet from Dr. Oz - it's an easier read and very similar, i.e., a lifestyle change to low carb low fat eating - plus the supplements and other tricks to keep your metabolism humming. If you need help/supervision, try Lindora if you live in CA. This is a medically supervised diet clinic that does the same but with support and daily or weekly weigh ins and counseling. All of them teach you the basics of a healthy lifestyle - these are not diets - they are avenues to changing your lifestyle, which is the only way to keep weight off....more info
  • Great diet program!
    While I can understand that changing your eating habits can be difficult, I find the Fat Flush Plan to be relatively simple and convenient in comparison to most other diet plans out on the market. I know, because I study nutrition and have had multiple clients have dramatic results when following this plan as compared to other popular diet "trends."

    Every one is unique...We all have different thumbprints. One of the benefits of the Fat Flush program is that it targets the different weight gain factors that each person faces. For some, weight gain may be triggered by hormonal imbalances, for others, it may simply be due to stress. (And we all have stress, to some degree!) The beauty of the Fat Flush Plan is that it addresses several of the hidden weight gain factors and it details exactly what you can do to overcome these obstacles, achieving your personal weight goals and overall health and vitality.

    There are 3 phases to the plan. Yes...the 1st phase is the most restrictive. But I believe you will find that by phase 3, this plan is easy, simple and great for anyone! (Even for those who have hectic and busy lifestyles!)

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for an effective, cost-effecient, and safe way to lose weight and keep it off!...more info
  • WoW Great book
    I have used this book to revamp my eating habits and make a healthy lifestyle change. It works and it is not as hard as I thought. I love the way I feel. More energy, better eating habits, and I just feel great. By this book and try it, what do you have to loose--except the weight!...more info
  • Fat Flush
    I got this book to start a detox and drop a few lbs in the process, what happened is nothing short of life changing. I lost 8 lbs in two weeks and over 40 lbs since April 07. The book is a good start point to structure eating habits and awaken you to how much you really need to eat and how much garbage you really do put into your body due to bad food choices. Energy levels went up, and body weight went down. ...more info
  • Disappointingly close to the Sears "Zone Diet" and unnecessarily complex...
    This book is incredibly complex in its explanations and expectations of its followers. In the end, Fat Flush is very close to the Zone Diet. I would be very interested in a controlled outcome study of Fat Flush vs. the Zone Diet; and Fat Flush is more exacting. Good if you are obsessional and like something really complex....more info
  • Great and Sound Princpals
    This book is full of knowledge and great advice. What she talks about is soooo TRUE and it is what the FDA and food advertisements won't show you! Take it from a certified nutritionist....more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    I purchased the book at a Dr.s recommendation, and it really has done the trick. Even though I am only in the first phase, it has changed my energy level and endurance as well as shedding a couple inches around my middle....more info
  • Not for those who just need to lose 10-15 lbs
    As a 44-year old woman who exercises regularly, eats very well and takes a handful of supplements everyday, I just wanted to lose a few pounds in my chest and waistline. I was not overweight to begin with. However, I had this book on the shelf and decided to give it a whirl. I didn't make it through Phase One. I thought it wouldn't be too bad since I don't like sweets and I rarely eat anything with high-fructose syrup or sugar. I also only eat whole grain "good" carbs and I used to be a vegan so excluding dairy would be no problem. Even foregoing my wine was easy. However, I found this diet too restrictive and the recipes bland and boring. Come on!!! I love curries!! Isn't tumeric suppose to be good for you? I was extremely lethargic for the whole time and had to take 2-hour naps during the day. My head hurt tremendously and I was foggy, unfocused and dizzy all the time. Let's not even discuss my mood swings and periods of craziness. With my blood pressure being somewhat low, I was concerned that I was not getting enough sodium. One day I was so out of it that my husband suggested I drink a V-8 juice which has alot of sodium. I drank 1/2 a can and felt better in almost minutes.

    I was so fatigued that I had to forego my daily 1.5 hour bike rides. Clearly this is counter-productive to losing weight. Overall, I would not recommend this diet to anyone who isn't overweight and just wants to lose a few pounds. I think I'll just go back to eating well and exercising but I'll just eat smaller portions. ...more info
  • The Best Diet Plan Ever!
    Can you give up 2 weeks of your normal eating? If so, this diet is for you!

    I have tried every diet known to mankind including Jenny Craig. I spent tons of money and only lost to regain it when I quit the diet. The older I am getting the more dimples appear on my thighs. After only two weeks on this diet I lost 12.5 lbs and over 11 inches (4 inches of it off of my waist)! The dimples are already showing improvement.

    I have given up milk while doing the first two phases and I must confess that I am a "milkoholic". I also have never liked eggs before. However, the omega-3 eggs that the diet requires you eat--really do not taste bad. Also, when you quit eating carbs you no longer crave them. I feel like I am no longer a slave to cravings. I now have almost everyone I know on this diet because it is easy to do and you get results fast.

    In Dieting,
    ...more info
  • Thoroughly researched
    Gittleman has done the world a huge favor by stressing the importance of detoxification in order not only to lose weight, but also to have health in general. This is something raw foodists have known for a century. Unfortunately, she doesn't go into cooked food as a source of additional toxins. Nonetheless she has done her homework in finding all kinds of tips for detox, such as herbs and lemon juice.
    I got lots of weight loss nuggets from this book, and various insights that helped me shed 20 pounds. (This is one of a dozen or so books I used for research.) I was astounded to discover that flaxseeds can be toxic if you eat over 4 T a day (not true for flax oils)! That information alone was worth the price of the book! That pearl of advice alone has changed some of my food staples.

    ...more info
  • The Truth
    This diet is really really great. I lost almost 20 lbs last summer in the course of about 2 months...15lbs in the first 2 weeks. But, once I went off the diet, and quit exercising as much, the weight crept back on. That is the only really sad part about this diet is that once you start eating bread and normal foods again, you gain the weight back. Also, from not drinking milk and then drinking it again, I would get the worst stomach aches. It's hard to go out to dinner and get something exciting to eat on this diet, but it realy is worth it to loose the weight. I am about to go back on it again for the second time, and I hope that it works. I tried during my school year (in college), but I was too stressed and too busy to keep up with the cooking and make things that weren't boring night after night, and fast. Now that I have time, it won't be a problem.

    It's worth a shot. Atleast when you loose the weight, you can feel proud of yourself, and keep up the work to keep it off....more info
  • The Fat Flush Plan really works!
    This book is very informative. I've learned so much about the foods that I've been eating and why I couldn't lose the weight or keep it off. I've lost 12 pounds so far and plan on losing the last 10 and keeping it off!...more info
  • The Fat Flush Plan
    This was the first diet plan that I have ever been successful with. Being a nurse, I found that the information was not only physiologically sound but written in a way that the lay person could easily understand and follow. The plan positively works if followed. The book makes it very easy to follow as it outlines exactly what you should eat and when. The only problem I had was being sure to eat enough food and eat often enough to make it successful. ...more info
  • Great expensive detox program
    First let me say that this book has helped a lot of people feel better and hopefully has opened their eyes to the necessity to change eating habits as is testimony to the reviews here. For me I have followed similar diets with success and I try to eat organic food, take supplements and exercise, but I had a few stubborn pounds to loose so I thought this book might be the trick with the food combinations and supplements she suggests. I lost 2 pounds in two weeks that is not encouraging at all, not to mention for a family of four to eat the food she recommends I spent over $800.00 in ten days. That doesn't include the supplements. The reviewers that said this is a good detox program and nothing else hit the nail on the head for me because that's all it did for my whole family. I thought maybe it was the coffee which I didn't give up as the author states that you must or at least only have one cup a day, but my children do not drink coffee and had similar results to mine. I believe in part that there are not enough of the good fats included in the diet like nuts and cheese. Atkins really worked for me minus all the bad fats recommended by him like bacon. The research that fat burns fat makes complete sense. This author doesn't recommend enough fish oil which can help you burn. All the flax seed she recommended can actually disrupt your thyroid which can slow down your metabolism.
    This has obviously worked for a lot of people everyone's body chemistry is different, but I can find less expensive ways to detox.
    Her writing style is fluid and not preachy. The cran-water and lemon juice are excellent ways to flush your system, but I can't see justifying the cost of the food when the results were so poor.
    ...more info
  • I feel so much better!
    Ladies, anyone who gets horrible cramps and has blood sugar problems - this book completely helped me. I'm not a doctor or health care professional - so please don't take any advice from me - just telling my personal story about this book.

    I came across this book for the obvious reasons - to lose weight. But what I found as I started implementing the program (lots of supplements - and they aren't cheap) that I felt better.

    Having always had a problem with my blood sugar, I'm amazed that for months now I've been regulated by eating right and taking the supplements. I've also had less painful periods, so I started researching the supplements and found that the black currant oil is a super food and anti-inflammatory. Yahoo-losing weight and feeling better - works for me!

    The diet can be difficult - specially getting started because your body will miss the sugar and carbs that it's used to if you eat as unhealthy as I did. I thought it was going to take a lot of time to eat healthy - but it doesn't take any extra time. It's just about adjusting.

    If you're looking for something new and a lifestyle change - I highly recommend this book. Happy eating and feeling better. ...more info
  • Reduce cellulite?
    A plan that helps you reduce cellulite! This book promises a practical plan for getting healthy that may do exactly that....more info
  • It WORKS but don't think it will be easy!
    I am now a big fan of the Fat Flush Plan Program! I was wanting something to jump start a more healthy way of eating for myself and my family. I came across the FFP book and read it from cover to cover. I was convinced that I should try it. I prepared myself and made sure it was a good time to devote myself (At least to two weeks) to eat differently. I began the program with the hope of feeling better hormonally and being more healthy. I thought I might loose a couple pounds because I didn't have a whole lot to loose. After two weeks time I lost 10 pounds, and 2 to 2 1/2 inches everywhere! I had energy like I haven't had in years (I have 5 kids). I used to be groggy every morning when I would wake up but after about a week of FF I would wake up and be wide awake and feel very rested.
    The plan, especially phase 1- the two week fat flush, is very restrictive and hard to follow at first. But if you can keep yourself disciplined you can see amazing results. Who can't give at least two weeks of their life to detox, loose weight and inches, and feel a whole lot better? It is so very worth it. I am now in phase 2 and working my way to phase 3. I am not sure that I will be able to stick with the no sugar...ever. But, I have learned so much about healthy eating and plan to continue a lot of the disciplines I learned. As a result my family is eating healthier too!...more info
    Over the past seven years my weight keep on increasing. I tried multiple diet and workout programs without any satisfying result. By the time I am going to get married, I need to lose at least 30 pounds, and I am so blessed that I found this book.
    I follow the instruction and I lost over 20lbs in 2 weeks. The best thing is the weight has kept off for months now. The recipes in the book are easy to follow and taste good too. I would really recommend this book for everyone who is serious in losing weight. ...more info
  • Loved It - I Did It With Help!!!!
    After trying several weight loss programs including this one once before; I decided to try a program around the plan developed around the book with FemaleThiink and the author/creator Ann Louise Gittleman. Each week we were guided through the book and the program in a support group. The staff at FemaleThiink has done a great job highlighting how to put this book to the right use. Get the creator involved, monitor and support the whole process, and best of all I was allowed to get individual nutrition guidance from the creator of the plan. (I guess I was kidding myself thinking I was disciplined enough to get the book and follow it on my own). I lost my desired weight and have managed to keep it off. I realize I probably could not have done this without the help and support of the FemaleThiink Fat Flush Plan featuring Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman's education. They cover so much more than what's in the book and the support aspect is the key. I highly recommend this book. Make it a way of life not a diet....your body will love you for it!!...more info
  • Definitely works, but not for everyone
    I bought the Fat Flush Plan book hoping to lose 30 lbs and find a healthy plan that I could follow for life. I was very skeptical of the claims made in the book but was happy to be proven completely wrong. Phase 1 was hard. However, after phase 1 (2 weeks), I felt wonderful and had lost 8 lbs. After 12 weeks in phase 2, I lost a total of 35 lbs. For exercise, I walked briskly for 30 minutes 4-5 days a week. During this time, my face cleared up, my cravings for sweets disappeared, and my cholesterol dropped 30 points. I was also surprised to find that removing wheat from my diet eliminated my perpetual sinus congestion. I have been loosely following the maintenance plan for almost a year and have kept the weight off. While I don't follow the plan exactly, I apply the principles from the book (food balance/portion control) and take the recommended supplements. I believe taking the essential oils recommended in the book keeps me from feeling hungry. This plan is not for everyone but for me this works. I would recommend this book because this plan provides excellent explanations and is basically about improving your health....more info
  • I'm a fatty lets flush...
    If you eat less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. This book provides a program, recipes and plan to help you do that. Eating the recipes provided by this book is a sure fire way to lose weight. #1 because they are very low in calories. #2 because they are pretty bland and not that tasty.

    If you are looking for a kickstart to a diet\exercise program this would work great but I don't see anyone eating this way long term....more info
  • Good
    "The Fat Flush Plan" presents foods, herbs, spices, and supplements that help you cleanse your body, speed up fat loss, and lead healthier live. It will help you adopt healthy eating habits. What the book is missing, in my opinion, is other aspects of healthy living. Proper nutrition is important but it is only a small part of it. For much more comprehensive information on healthy lifestyle I highly recommend getting "Can We Live 150"...more info
  • Way of Life
    I confess: I'm a Fat Flush addict. I read this book, took notes and started immediately. I lost 7 lbs the first day (water weight, but it counts), I continued losing: a total of 20 lbs and have maintained that weight loss for a year! I now know what I can eat and in what quantities. I now have the information I need to make good food choices. This eating plan has become a Way of Life, I highly recommend it. 10 stars!The Journal and Shopping guide is a great resource, also. The Fat Flush Plan The Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide...more info
  • Cleaning Queen
    This is the easiest book to as it says and you will lose...uh? win the diet fight...
    You MUST get all supplies ahead of day one and prepare large salads and snacks and the soup that is listed in the recipes....boil eggs...get bottles of cranberry water ready and clean out all 'off the list' will feel as good as you look and it is only for 2 week....14 days to a new you....why not?
    It's great to be a loser...12 pounds in 2 weeks and I am back to my perfect weight....more info
  • Fat Flush Plan
    This is a great book for anyone that wants to redefine their shape and to work on their eating habits. It's very easy to do with great results!!!...more info
  • Not For Working Women
    I had been sucessfully eating right and exercising for about 3 months, and I was consistently losing 1/2 pound per week. But when my sister told me how she lost 12 pounds in two weeks on the Fat Flush I thought, I only have 10 pounds to lose, so what a great way to lose it quickly. I bought the book and read it through. ALG bases many of her food restrictions on single studies, and short studies at that. As a scientist I was very disappointed by her jumps to conclusions and willingness to accept any study that proved her already assumed result. There have been so many updates to this book, it's clear she got many things wrong. She has also changed her mind about some of the stuff in the book. I think she jumped to publish a little too quick. There are also some foods that are restricted on this diet just because ALG doesn't quite trust them, or she doesn't "feel" they are good. No study, no citations, just feelings.
    Yet, I tried it anyway. I thought, it's only two weeks, I can make it through. I bought all the food and supplements, which added up to a lot of money. I followed the diet religiously, I have done juice fasts in the past, so it wasn't that hard. But let me tell you, it takes a lot of time to prepare all that food. I was constantly making my boyfriend and I late for work. I used a lot of the recipes in the book and from the cookbook. I prepared many things in advance, made double batches. I started eating raw veggies because it was easier, which made me constipated, bleh. The worst part of this whole plan was how I felt: tired, irritable, weak, and nauseus all my waking hours. I think the high amount of fat in the diet got to me. It took me 2 hours in the morning to get through all the morning food and prepare my food for the day. What ended this diet for me was when my boyfriend pointed out, "You know, with the amount of time you spend getting all that food ready, you could probably run for an hour, and lose the same weight, and you'de be much happier."
    Just like all fad diets, there are good things, but they are lumped with a lot of stuff that may or may not work. Yes, you should drink 8 glasses of water a day, and cutting down on your salt, sugar, and refined carbs is a great idea. But any plan that reduces your calories to below 1000 is going to make you lose weight, but most of them won't make you sick. ...more info
  • Fat flush plan Fat flush Gimmick
    A friend recommended this book to me. She's a nurse. We both tried Phase I and ended up in the hospital. My gastroenterologist said that this was very gimmicky and not safe to follow. The author is not an M.D but a PhD. I came to that conclusion after reading more following my illness. I had terrible vomiting and diarrhea and will never follow this book. There is nothing wrong with some cranberry juice or flaxseed oil - in MODERATION! Do not follow this book....more info