Mitsubishi PlasmaPure Air Purifier MA-EF503HS-U

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Product Description

The PlasmaPure is designed to give you years of effective performance. PlasmaPure employs the latest technologies to improve the air you breathe. A HEPA filter reduces 99.97% of the airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. A micro dust and pollen sensor detects the presence of airborner contaminants. Another sensor detects odors by a semiconductor process. The filters last up to (5) years. The unit is compact, powerful, and quiet. One-year limited factory warranty.

  • Smart Sensors - Automatic control while you sleep
  • Plasma Deodorization - Rapid and effective odor removal
  • Long-Life Filters and Energy Efficient
  • Safe, Powerful, Quiet, and Portable
  • Convenient Remote Control
Customer Reviews:
  • Good Quality, Low Noise
    I received the 503 as a gift. It was easy to install the filters into the unit. Even by running the unit on high, it's not obnoxiously loud. The squirrel-cage blower really puts out the air. I've noticed a big difference in my ability to sleep without congestion, which for me causes pseudo-apnea. The remote control is a really nice touch, because I hate getting up to adjust settings. I do wish it made a bit more ozone, though.

    My greatest concern is that Mitsubishi is no longer making this unit (I can't understand why), and that replacement filters might not be available in five years when I need to replace. ...more info
  • Only Safe filter that purifies the air and filters it!
    The thing is so quiet, even if you need it on high. But you never do. It's the only thing that could kill mold from the air, without producing ozone. Ozone is harmful to your lungs, though sooo many purifiers produce it. For spring, it has a pollen sensor that can even turn the fan up when it senses pollen. You'll never find another filter like this one for even the full price!!...more info
  • Plasma Pleasure
    plasma pure $ 75 x filter every 3-5 year.
    the noise in max is quiet.
    I love it recommend 100%
    ...more info
  • Great Air Purifier and the Filter Lasts up to FIVE years!!
    This air purifier is wonderful. It is quiet, compact and works great. The filter lasts for years so it almost never needs to be replaced. I know people with different air purifiers and they are noisy and ugly. This one out performs them all. I bought mine six months ago in a big store for several hundred dollars, plus tax and I am not disappointed at all! Excellent quality! I give it 10 out of 10! ...more info