Air Blaster Power Drain Cleaner As Seen on TV

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Product Description

Faster than basic plungers that require endless pumping and splashing, and safer than corrosive chemicals you'd rather not use. With the Air Blaster, just pump it up and pull the trigger to immediately blast away the toughest clogs! Includes two drain-seal adapters for sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and even floor drains. Plastic, so it will not rust!

  • Air Blaster Power Drain Cleaner
  • Quality Product
  • Functionality that is incredible
  • Unbelievable savings
  • Satisfaction ensured
Customer Reviews:
  • defective product
    The product was cracked. They sent me another one that was cracked in the same place. The seller admitted that they had a problem with their supplier and would no longer do business with them because of these cracked drain cleaners. Knowing they had a problem with this item, they still made me pay for return shipping. I think they were trying to get out of paying for refund. This seller was a major headache to deal with - very difficult....more info
  • Worked For Us!
    I think this is a GREAT item! I've read several positive and negative reviews but have to say this worked the first time on our sluggish toilet. I had tried several chemicals, plungers ... everything except calling a plumber.

    Received this item and in less than 2 minutes after opening the package, the toilet was flushing normally again.

    Like other reviewers had suggested, I placed a towel over the top to prevent "back splash" which worked great. I personally would recommend this item as a must have for any home owner....more info