World's Best 00627 Cat Litter, Extra Strength, 17 Pounds

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Clumping litter made from all-natural, whole kernel corn. Highly absorbent proteins and fibers found naturally in corn bind cat urine and odor molecules in the litter. So efficient, you may actually use less than other litters. Entirely safe for your cat and you. Quickly traps and absorbs urine and ammonia for exceptional odor control. Superior clumping. Creates firm, solid clumps that you just scoop away. Flushable, septic-safe. Low tracking and soft textured. This extra strength formula contains a plant derived, natural scent that helps keep litter fresh for multicat use. Biodegradable. Nearly dust free.17 lb. bag lasts a long time!2 cat household = 36+ days3 cat household = 25+ days4 cat household = 18+ daysbased on average size cats, results may vary. Instructions For Use Pour two to three inches of World's Best Cat Litter into a clean, dry litter box. For best results, do not mix with a non-clumping litter. Note: Some cats may prefer to have their litter changed gradually. In that instance, start with only 1/3 World's Best Cat Litter added to the current litter your cat uses. When this mix is accepted, change this proportion to 2/3. Upon acceptance of that litter, use only World's Best Cat Litter. Litter management with World's Best Cat Litter is substantially different than most litter. After your cat has used the litter box, simply scoop the clump and flush it. For good hygiene, you should remove all clumps and solid waste daily. Maintain two to three inches of cat lit

  • Completely flushable, septic-safe, biodegradable litter that clumps and scoops easily
  • Made from all-natural whole-kernel corn that traps and absorbs urine and odors
  • Designed for households with multiple cats that need more powerful clumping and odor control
  • Extra strength comes from natural plant-derived ingredient; contains no perfumes or chemicals that may be harmful to cats
  • Recommended for both conventional and mechanical self-cleaning litter boxes

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Stuff but my cat is allergic to it
    The litter is great, wonderful, but be aware it is made of corn and corn is a known allergen to dogs and cats. Well, anyway I have two cats and just the one is allergic to the litter. He has sneezed and sneezed, so I tested this theory and put the old litter back and the sneezing clear slowly and then I introduced the corn litter back and he started up again sneezing. I wish he would ajust because this litter last a long time, so it seems and is environmentally friendly!...more info
  • Excellent Cat Litter
    I was having problems with my cats ingesting the clay based litters and was looking for an alternative. I spent months and months trying different cat litters before settling on World's Best Cat Litter. Yes, there can be issues with odor control, but that is only a problem if your cat is the type that doesn't bury their business. This litter clumps better than clay based litter and is far less dusty. I've noticed a lot less little paw prints on the furniture, since I made the switch. The clumping power of this litter is so good, that if you are very tidy about scooping (which I am), you only need to do a complete litter change every 3-4 months! I scoop out used litter and replace it with fresh litter, twice daily, and the boxes stay clean for months (and I have 3 cats). I've tried both the original formula and the Extra Strength (multicat) formula and can tell you that there is no difference. If anything the Extra Strength formula tends to be a bit more dusty than the original formula. ...more info
  • Love this product
    I switched to WBCL after constantly cleaning up "perfumy" dust from another brand. I love this litter. It clumps well, and although there is still some minor dust on furniture, I no longer have to wear a sugeon's mask to keep from breathing dust when I scoop and refill boxes.
    I prefer the original strength because I like the smell better. The extra-strength has a funky smell that I just do not like. I haven't noticed a problem with odor control, but I scoop twice a day with 3 cats.
    I haven't tried flushing it because a plumber once told me not to flush the clay type clumping and I've been afraid. I am considering giving it a try and will post a new review once I do....more info
  • Yuck! What's that smell?
    While this litter does work well in terms of clumping and seems to stay clean.... I just could not get past the smell! It is worse than simple cat odor. It is almost as if the cat's urine activates a smell that is latent in the corn, creating some sort of uber-gag olfactory experience that is almost impossible to describe-- the closest I get is the smell of wet roadkill. Several times I found myself retching as I was cleaning the box. I think I'll go back to that pine based stuff. ...more info
  • best litter I've used in years of cat ownership
    I've owned multiple cats over 30 years and this is the only cat litter to actually live up to it's claims. I was very happy to finally have the chance to buy it in the 34lb/larger size.

    I would love to be on an 'auto-ship' program!...more info
  • "Best" is a bit strong
    After many years as a very, very satisfied user of Feline Pine litter, my new kitten started having problems that led to intermittent streaks of peeing on the furniture. One of the things on the long laudry list of suggestions from the vet was to switch to a softer litter to encourage her back into the box.

    I won't/can't use clay litter for both health and environmental reasons. I also needed something flushable, and hopefully good enough to handle two cats. World's Best Extra Strength seemed to fit the bill.

    For the first few days I was very happy with it--great clumping, lightweight, flushable, etc. The cats seemed to like it too. But after a few days its ability to control odor dropped off precipitously. I thought the kitten was peeing outside the box again, but it WAS the box that stank, even though I was scooping several times a day. Cleaning and topping off with fresh litter helped, but it was still unacceptable.

    I wound up buying Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment 2 lb, which made a difference. Logically you'd think I would just buy the Nature's Miracle litter, but since World's Best is more widely available I'm sticking with the combo for now.

    There are some other negatives: it does track, as you'd expect, but even more than that my cat tends to kick it right out of the box. The cats also like to dig a hole and pee so it hits the box--I shake the box to cover the spot with litter and use a jumbo metal scoop with a straight edge to get under it and lift it out cleanly. It works for me, but I've seen others complain. And I have to ask, why do they even sell both regular and extra-strength, when they're the same price? Are there customers that don't want improved odor control?

    The price is the biggest negative of all. Even just scooping and topping off, not changing the whole thing, I go through a bag more quickly than I'd like. Unfortunately I haven't found a cheaper option that meets my needs--and this does meet my needs, it could just be a little bit better and a lot cheaper....more info
  • Kitty Litter
    Great product. I have 3 cats and it covers the smell. Easy to scoop out and you can flush it....more info
  • Great litter but dogs ate it!
    This cat litter sounded a great product to put in the litter box. However, our dogs ate it like it was corn flakes, which I guess it is, in a way. We would fill the litter box, and within a few hours, the dogs ate all the litter! We don't have a place to keep the litter box where our dogs can't get to it, so we had to switch back to clay litter. We still give it 5 stars for being environmentally friendly and a great alternative to clay litter....more info
  • Really is WORLD'S BEST Cat Litter
    After having cats for many years and using every premium litter imaginable we finally lost our last elderly cat. The shelter we adopted our new cat from recommended this litter. While it is pricy in the pet stores, this is a great price at Amazon. There is no dust with this litter and it rarely needs changing-maybe two to three times a year with one cat. I have two large boxes going and I scoop daily. I would say that my cost in litter has been greatly reduced, not to mention that this arrives at my doorstep!...more info
    World's Best Cat Litter Extra Strength (17-lb bag)

    INITIAL NOTE: YOU ONLY HAVE TO CHANGE LITTER BOX EVERY FOUR WEEKS!! Our daughter first introduced us to this product after she moved to Boulder, CO (we live in the middle of nowhere southern New Mexico) and she got some at her local pet store for her own cat. What we all like is that not only do our cats like it, but it lasts longer than most popular brands -- which make the higher price worth it! Although it also comes in 34lb size, we like this size because it's easier to pour out into the litter box as the bag is not so big and heavy. WE GET 8 WEEKS from one 17lb bag -- or 2 litter box changes WITH minimal "scooping" (we use 1/2 a bag every 4 weeks, scooping out usually every third day FOR ONE CAT). Although it comes in "regular" strength (which is a little cheaper) we find the "extra" strength is better at keeping the "kitty smell" down. ...more info


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