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The future of odor neutralization is here! Homedics Breathe Air Revitalizer is a premier product that removes up to 99 percent of odor causing bacteria. Brethe's all natural odor removal system is unsurpassed in removing household odors such as: Smoke Odors, Cooking Odors, Pet Odors, Stale house odors. Here is how it works: brethe uses superior Vortex Cleaning Action (VCA) technology, which creates an intense "rain forest" mist to wash incoming air with an emulsified botanical solution at 2800 rpm. Brethe treated air is then released into the room. Brethe's soothing swirling water combined with an optional soft blue LED glow creates a stress-free ambiance. The BRT150 naturally humidifies to help restore room humidity. The good news is that it is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-pollutant, non-flammable, biodegradable and alcohol-free. The active ingredients in brethe are derived from 100 percent natural botanical extracts with your choice of Soothing Vanilla, Refreshing Citrus, and Energizing Lime scents. It naturally kills up to 99 percent of odor causing bacteria so, it is safe for your family and beloved pets. You can safely place this air revitalizer in all rooms in the home or office. Instruction manual (in English and Spanish)

  • Neutralizes up to 99% of odor causing bacteria and removes odors caused by pets, smoke and other odor causing bacteria
  • The unique vortex cleaning action uses an intense "rainforest" mist to wash incoming air with an emulsified botanical solution
  • This 100% natural botanical solution comes with a choice of 3- 2.03 fluid ounce scents. Refreshing citrus, energizing lime and soothing vanilla
  • No bacteria filled wicks or filters are required and the air revitalizer also helps to maintain optimum humidity levels
  • The soothing blue light adds ambiance to any environment
Customer Reviews:
  • Not the greatest
    This definitely smells up a place - and quickly. But you have to like the smell and I find it somewhat chemically, even though it's supposed to be natural. And it gets overpowering quickly. I also think it covers up, rather than eliminates odors....more info
  • worked great until it broke
    I loved this as soon as I bought it. I honestly didn't care for any of the scents except for the lime, which was wonderful. The whole house smelled like fresh limes, but it also felt cleaner, not just a coverup. Then the motor broke after a few months, and the repair process wasn't worth it. So it went into the garbage. I might get another one, but the initial cost is pretty steep and the scent variety is so limited. I'm using soapstone oil warmers now, and find that although they only scent one room at a time, there are so many other varieties of scents available that it's much more fun and offers way more variety in scents to freshen my home....more info
  • BEST AIR FRESHENER there is !!!!
    This is the best air freshener that I have ever used ! The aroma lasts pretty much all day long compared to sprays that are gone minutes after you spray them ! I have several animals so I need a strong deoderizer that lasts, to get rid of the oder ! The energizing lime I think works the best, but citrus is good too ! You get a small bottle of energizing lime, citrus, & vanilla w/ your Brethe machine & there are larger refills you can also buy! I have found nothing better & I have tried it all !!!!
    Just wish they'd come up w/ a cinnamon one for the fall & winter.
    Not apple spice, too apple smelling, but cinnamon spice, PLEASE !...more info
  • Linda
    I purchased the Homedics Brethe Air Revitalizer about a month ago, as I was refilling it I notice a crack in the bowl. I email Homedics and describe my problem with their product. They responded very quickly and are sending me a new bowl. As I stated in the email,I really like the machine but for the price, the bowl should be made of stronger material. Maybe if they get enough complaints they will change the material. I will give the machine 4 stars. ...more info
  • Don't Buy
    This product is not worth buying.. It does the job of making the air more pleasant however the built quality is terrible... it is made of weak plastic material that breaks after a couple of month of use and changes color. also the led lights got burnt after on 2 month of use, mine has only 1 working led light. If you are looking for a similar product try searching for something else .. Once more don't buy..

    ...more info
  • nice to have
    Takes up little space
    Has a cool blue glow
    Actually works better than most things I've tried
    Easy to set up, clean, and use
    One unit freshens most of the house
    Price seems a little high
    Not a very good humidifier
    Is a little noisy
    Limited scents to choose from
    ...more info
  • Noticably better air!!!
    My mom bought this for me last year as a Christmas gift. I have pretty bad allergies and live in FL. Also between my roomate and I we have 4 large house dogs. I first used this machine in my bedroom. It made the room smell fresh and i could tell a slight difference in the air texture I guess you would say. I slept much better having it on. The noise sometimes bothers me but most times I'd run it during the day while I was at work with the door closed and then have no problems at night.

    Now I am working in Iraq and had my mom send it to me here. I sleep SOOOOOO much better with it on at night. Sometimes I leave the blue lights on other times I don't. With the fine dust constantly in the air over here I find that it does tak a lot of it out of the air. I use to wake up dry eyed and breathing hard...Now I wake up fine. I don't run this all the time but when the dust picks up outside I make sure it's on inside.

    I gave it only 4 stars because it can be noisy. I have to turn it off when I watch TV....more info
  • Best service and product's are right here on Amazon!
    I purchased a HoMedics BRT-150 Air Revitalizer. I have looked at all types of air purifiers and humdifiers. They are expensive and ugly to look at. I had cataract surgery and have 2 kitty's, I needed something to clean the air of dust and dander. This was perfect, the blue ambient lighting, the scents and even ust the sound of the swirling water makes for a peaceful place. My home smells lovely and my allergies are clearing up. Now I want another one to put away in case anything would ever happen to this one over the years. Thanks Amazon and Amazon sellers....more info
  • It really works....kind of.
    I was skeptical about this product at first. Air filter? Air deodorizer? Air scam? Did I waste $50 bucks?

    Well not really. The oils do help give the air a crisp, clean smell no matter what the environment. I tested it in my closed room office, which smelled like burnt coffee and old Cheetos. Smelled like vanilla after 2 hours or so and the fragrance doesn't need to be added every day, I think that's overkill.

    As far as air purifier. Well, that's a bit of a stretch. The air intake is very weak, so I doubt that the dust and other particles are getting sucked in, but I was puzzled at how the water was becoming darker and dingier. We'll call this a draw, and that's being generous.

    Overall, it will give your room(s) a better scent, it is a bit noisy, but not terribly, and the visuals are very cool. It can handle larger rooms, my experiment consisted of an office about 1000 square feet....more info
  • Homedica review
    Received a great product at a great price in a very timely manner. Excellent service. I would use this vendor again and I just love Amazon. ...more info
  • Homedics is a Winner
    I've had this unit for about a year now. It does what it's suppose to do, Freshens the Air in a Large Room or even a Decent sized House. Just be careful what you dump into it, Over the Counter Air Fresheners work Great(Like Glade Plugins etc..) but can be short lived,

    Like a Fool I had some Soap making Fragrance I dumped into mine, Well it wasn't too kind to the plastic bowl and eventually made it Brittle to the point it started cracking, Now this is where Homedics is a Winner, I sent them an E-Mail just asking where I could buy a New Bowl and without any problem whatsoever, They sent me a New Bowl Free of Charge. Thank you Homedics.

    Like I said above, It does what it was designed to do. But there are a couple of Drawbacks.
    (1) The Fragrance that comes with it, Smells too medicinally.
    (2) The Unit itself is a little too loud.
    (3) and my biggest complaint, When adding a Fragrance or Cleaning the Bowl, You need to set the unit (Head) down, The only way to set it down is on it's top, Which always causes the Button to Push in and fire the unit up. I noted this in my E-Mail to Homedics as the Button should be recessed into the lid. Minor stuff really.

    All in All I'm Happy with it....more info
  • Wow!
    We just purchased this produce (2 actually) because my daughter has 2 dogs and 4 cats and moved into an apartment in Texas (from a house in TN). Her house, furniture, clothes, etc. had always had a certain odor (not bad, just weird) that we finally figured out was mostly from the cat boxes. She plugged these in the 2nd day after moving in and everyone that has visited her has commented about how they can't even tell she has litter boxes anywhere in the apartment (she put one machine in her bedroom, which has 2 litter boxes and one in the living/dining area where there is one litter box and the dogs' two kennels). I'm going to buy one for my basement as we have two of her cats down there (yes, she used to have six). But, what can you expect from a licensed vet tech???!!!! This is wonderful -- and we are so thankful for something that's not only useful but attractive as well....more info
  • great but pricey
    I bought it at linens and things where I used a 20% off coupon. Its quite pricey even with the coupon. It works well to remove odors in my small apartment. I put it in my bedroom for five hours and the air felt clean and breathable for several hours. The scents are not pleasant when you first start it but get better within a few hours. I'll try and use other essential oils in it as recommended by some posts. I hope I don't ruin it. I think its pretty sturdy too and its not as loud as some people suggest. I would buy another one when the prices come down....more info
  • You don't have to use their so-so fragrances!
    I liked my Homedics Breathe, but I was turned off by the fragrances that came with the unit. Having spent a lot of $$$ in humidifiers/ozone/air purifiers & co., I decided to test the use of this relatively inexpensive machine, using a different fragrance (even if the instructions specifically forbid this). Worst case scenario, I figured, I've thrown $50 down the drain (surely not for the last time!)
    I found that you can pour in just a teaspoon or so of Mrs. Meyer's Ironing spray (love their smells), fill the tank up with water as usual and...

    BOOM! Just kidding...

    My Homedics has worked just fine for a month, now. A full size bottle of Mrs. Meyer's ironing spray is way cheaper than the Homedics refill... and you can't beat the smells of geranium, basil, lavender or lemon verbena. Try it yourself, but I warn you... I said to use the ironing spray which is a liquid, non-foaming solution. Other products, especially essential oils won't work or may clog your machine.
    Once you try this, you'll be excited at the prospect of using the Homedics without being hooked to the purchase of so-so fragrances that are way too expensive, and not that enjoyable (according to my husband's nose!)

    There, problem solved, my husband's nose is now finally satisfied!

    ...more info
  • Great Little Machine
    I saw this many times in Walgreens and finally decided to buy one and see if it works. I have three dogs and it does work! Although I also think the scent fades a bit too quickly I still love it. I would like to try other oils or scent but not sure what can be used. The citrus smells are getting on my nerves a bit. I prefer clean linen smells and hope to find something that will work in this and not damage it. But overall I am very happy I bought this and may even get a second one I like how it looks and sounds....more info
  • Pretty good at deodorizing, and a little too good at odorizing
    The task the Brethe device does best is spread scent. If you want your house to reek of lemon/lime, vanilla or fresh orange cleaning products for a 6 to 12 hour period....this is grand slam home run, all the way. The default dosage of formula will make a good portion of even the larger houses smell like the janitor's closet blew up. It must be like chemical warfare in a small apartment.

    We prefer to use just a small cup of a commercial deodorizing product, with just a few drops of the Homedics brand solutions. That's cheaper and doesn't leave the house smelling like chemicals.

    We keep the unit around the cat's litter box / dogs bed, and it really makes a difference, when running. It fairs significantly better than any other product we've used at the task....electronic or chemical based. For this purpose, the device comes highly recommended.

    A decent amount of noise is produced. It's white noise, and fairly pleasant (water swirling). I see this as a positive, but others might disagree.

    Looking for air filtration? Look somewhere else. The Brethe device functions by swirling water around. Do you think swirling a bowl of water is going to filter the air? It won't, and this doesn't. It picks up more dust than any other surface, and nothing more.

    You push a button to turn it on, and it has this blue light effect that I like. My wife doesn't, she she pushes the button a second time and it just spins (no blue light). Either way, it's a pretty innocuous device sitting on a shelf or whatever.

    Overall, it's worth a buy if you have some stink to hide. I think the unit and the replacement solution are a bit overpriced, but it's the only product of its kind, as far as I know. Use a concentrate solution, like we do, and it's probably cheaper than any other deodorizing solution, in the long run.

    ...more info
  • Works pretty well
    I love the fact that it creates white noise i was thinking of buying a seprate machine just for that and that alone would cost me $40, the light blue lights are a great replacment for a night light the only complaints i have are that the scents that it comes with are pretty terrible...but those can be replaced with just regular essential oil, and the fact that it doesnt really humidify the air, and even if it did...the tank is to small to put a significant amount of water into the air anyways...pretty good if u dont expect a miracle...more info
  • JUST BOUGHT IT.........
  • Homedics Breathe
    I have had the product two weeks and it's broken. The plastic bowl leaks and has cracks and I have never dropped it. It certainly wasn't worth the $42 I spent for it. I do not recommend it....more info
  • Homedics BRT-150 Brethe Air Revitalizer
    Does everything that they say it will do. It takes the odors out of the air and we used it all winter and didn't have any lung related disorders such as colds or the flu. You could see it cleaning the air....more info
  • smells great
    I absolutely LOVE this product! It makes the whole house smell great and the blue light makes it look serene ...more info
  • Air Revitalizer
    I bought this a couple months ago. I live in Germany and the dry winter air sucks the moisture right out of everything. A friend had one and I really liked it. My only complaint that keeps me from giving it the 5 stars is the scents and the price. I think it's a bit more expensive than need be and the scents do smell really strong. A couple of reviewers likened it to that of a public restroom and they were right. I do think the scents need to be modified. I don't even use them at full or even half strength anymore because they tend to gag you in the first couple of hours. My neighbors across the hall can smell it. I do like the fact that it made the air in this small apartment more tolerable. The sound of the motor is barely noticable. It's no louder than the water cooler or the computer. ...more info
  • Homedics Breathe Air Revitilizer
    The fragarence isn't nearly as long lasting as I had hoped, for the cost. The scents are a bit vague, citrus is not very sharp and the lime is almost the same as the citrus, but then of course, lime is citrus...isn't it. All in all it's great when you need a quick freshener in case someone is dropping by in a few minutes, but the long lasting effects are slight. Advertisement talks about *rain forest mist* and I don't get any of that feeling at all. In my opinion it is a bit pricey for the effects in general. You get the same effect from aromatherapy essential oils and they are much cheaper and organic....more info
  • Ehhh!! :\
    My sister bought this for me last Christmas. I really thought that this was going to smell like... ya know.... like the 3 scents that it came with ( VANILLA, ORANGE, LIME).. but it doesn't.... it smells like PINE PINE AND PINE!!!! No matter what fragance you use, they all smell like PINESOL. I don't mind if I'm moppig the floor and I get that scent..cause hey that's the scent that I'm using. But if I'm expecting an orange scent then that's the scent that I should be smelling, but I'm not. Overall the product is eh!! I mean it has a pretty blue light that looks nice as the machine is doing it's thing but that's about it. Once the machine is off the water tends to look dirty ( even though I only have it for less than 10 minutes). It's not worth the $60 bucks she paid for it. You're better off getting one of those airwick automatic sprays or just lighting a candle if you want to get rid of odors. My overall opinion...IT STINKS!!!...more info
  • Refreshing and revitalizing
    Everything this product is supposed to do, it gets it done right. It helped me sleep better when I left it on in my room while I had a cold. It definitely eliminated odors and the flavors provided are great. The sound of water moving was also soothing too.
    Only con is just maintaining it by keeping it clean and using filtered water. This shouldn't be a big problem though.
    ...more info
  • Refreshing clean air
    I have owned this for a week now and just think this is a great item. I suffer from allergies and my nose was always stuffy. After using this product I have noticed a big difference in my breathing and it clears my stuffy nose and sinuses. The only draw back I found with this unit is it says to change the water and solution every 24 hours and the price of the aromatherapy solutions is a little costly and the unit is a little noisy and sounds similar to a air purifier on low setting. I find it suitable to use one half of the solution than what it calls for. Therefore, the cost will be more worth the money. You can also use this unit with plain water. I definately would recommend this product to anyone. Buy this unit and see for yourself. Have a great day....more info
  • Air Revitalizer
    Nice idea, but did not work for me. I wanted something that would help with the cat box odor. This did not work. Item was returned for full refund. ...more info
  • Fan went bad
    Worked for the winter season.fan is going, took it apart and sprayed
    it with some cleaner, worked for a few days..A bad bearing I guess..
    Why can't they build these things with quality parts?...more info
  • Homedics BRT-150 Brethe Air Revitalizer
    Product is interesting.
    We use it without the provided scent fluids. Our idea is to just increase
    room humidity during low humidity days.

    Does it remove germs and clean the air? We really don't know.

    It is sort of interesting to watch the water swirl around in the
    glow of the unit's blue light.

    Clearly this item is a gadget but if you like that sort of thing you
    may like this gadget....more info
  • Expected more from this item
    l bought this item about a month ago. Fast shipping ( as usual).
    Easy assembly, looks great BUT what a dragg. lt needs constantly to be refilled with water. The tank is just toooo small.lt can only be filled to half each time so don't let the look of the tank fool you.
    lf you go above half, the water spills out, it is not waterproof on the seal. The noise didn't bother me at all. lt's not loud as l thought ( after reading some reviews, i was worried ). lt's a silent humming to me.
    Most scents work well, at least for a few hours.
    Overall, good idea to have it near a sink or you walk yourself tired to refill. Nice blue light, soothing. Works well.
    ...more info
  • The scents don't seem to work
    I don't really notice the scented oil after the first few moments, so that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? The citrus does smell like public bathroom deodorizer. I think the only reason I smell it at all is I get some of that oil on my hand when I open the bottle. It's not easy to squirt the stuff out without making a mess. And the water in mine is lasting too long, which makes me think it's not evaporating like it's supposed to. And my water has yet to get dirty. So how is this doing anything it's advertised to do?...more info
  • really works well
    I have air purifiers and ionizers but I wanted something that would put moisture in the air and clean it. This is it. Simplicity is the best part
    Just change the water daily.( and periodically clean cone inside) The blue nightlight is great cause I have 3 dogs and 1 is older and has cataracts so this helps alot. It is loud so if you don't like that ...forget it.. I usually run this at night when we sleep
    or when we aren't in the room in the daytime..cause of the noise..but I really do like this.>only downfall for me..handle broke within a month..but no big deal so just carry it without it..i do recommend this product and the price at amazon cannot be beat.....more info
  • Don't Bother
    You will waiste your money if you buy this. It is no more than a glorified fifty dollar air freshner. If you expect anything else from this product you will be disappointed. However, if you want a high priced different looking air freshner that can flood your home with scents in minutes this is the product for you....more info
  • It Works Fine
    I brought it cause my buddy said he was over someone's house who had one. He thought the house smelt fresh and clean cause they always smoked outside. Nope, all of them smoked the whole evening inside, yeah, it's bad for you, and the house still smelt clean. I smoke while on the computer in a small room. I even notice the smoke smell when I wake or first come into the house. The house smelt clean. Not foo-foo, perfume smell, but clean. My married daughter came over for a visit, she hates the cigarette smoke smell, who doesn't? She was amazed, especially the small room I smoke in, she couldn't tell. The whole house smells great, the cooking smells aren't there. The cat's litter box area, you name it. I use the lime stuff, ok, smells like Pine Sol, actually I like that smell, go figure. The replacement bottles of scent are about $15, ouch, I ain't rich, but I suppose I could search the net to make my own cheaper stuff, maybe. For $60, it's a good price. The last air purifier I brought was $300+, didn't really work, and sounded like you were next to a jet engine intake, even on low. This one sounds like a little washing machine if it's next to you, not annoying to me. I suppose if I put it in another room, no problem. Hey, if you don't like it, keep the receipt, bring it back, it's a free country. About getting the dust and spores out the air, I don't know how good of a job it does. I use those expensive air filters ($4-$10) for the ac, and my house is almost dust free month after month. ...more info
  • Overall disappointing
    I used this for a few days and returned it. I had to add scents every couple of hours to keep the room smelling fresh. After a while, it just seemed silly to have created this new "job" of having to remember to add scents to this product several times a day. There's got to be a better way than this!...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product and I personaly reccomend poeple to buy it.
    Works great, make my whole room feel clean and fresh. Some people complained about the noise. Well in my opinon the noise is great because constant and it has relaxing water sound.
    Why not give it a try? because Amazon has great return policy. Just incase u dont like it u can just send it back. I'm not a seller, i just want people to have great experience like I did....more info
  • Exellent air freshner and deoderizer.
    I use this in my basement where my dog and I sleep. I run it during the day when I'm not home because the scents provided are pretty intense. It removes all odors associated with basements and dogs and once turned off the scent left behind is pleasant and not overbearing. ...more info
  • Don't Buy It!!!
    This product was advertised to remove 99% of smells in the house... smoke being the one I was concerned about because I'm a smoker. I only smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day and this product FAILED!!! I gave away my last air purifier because I was tired of buying filters. I had a Rainbow vaccuum cleaner and was swept away at the thought of cleaning the air with water, but this device does not "clean" any air. It just throws scent into the air. I am very disappointed and wish I had not given away my real air purifier. Probably would work for people who don't smoke, but I wish I had not purchased this unit. My score is 1 star. Disappointed....more info
  • Not worth the money.
    I was so excited about this I opened it up within minutes of getting it. It's getting packed back up just as quickly.

    The smell of the solutions can best be described as rotting fruit and Pine-Sol. It made my son sick to his stomach....more info
  • Lovin It
    I am lovin my Homedics Brethe Revitalizer -- it does everything it says. It is loud, but it is soothing. Smells great -- I use all different oils not only the ones it comes with. I would totally recommend this for a smokers house. I get so many compliments when people walk in my house. Invest the $$$$ -- well worth it.
    ...more info
  • Does get rid of smells, not a humidifier
    I bought this to place near a litterbox and it did seem to work quite well for getting rid of the smell. However, there are things I don't like about the unit.

    First, the included scents. They all smell fake to me and can be very overpowering if you put in too much. (I normally LOVE a vanilla scent, but I didn't want to be in the same room with it when it was running.) That said, I have tried running it without any of the scents, and it does still appear to take smells out of the air.

    Second, the blue light can't be totally turned off. Yes, you can technically turn off the blue light that lights up the entire basin, but there is still a ring of blue light around the power button that you might not want in your bedroom at night.

    Third, while it is kind of quiet, again, you might not want it in your bedroom unless you like white noise.

    Fourth, I don't think this unit can be called a humidifier. Yes, it does use water (you have to refill it every 2-3 days) but in those 2-3 days it only maybe uses a cup or two of water. So, SOME water is getting into the air, but not like a dedicated humidifier.

    I have moved the unit around the house and it does seem to do a good job. I recommend if you are interested in this and have a Bed Bath & Beyond locally, that you go there to check out the scents first. I am headed back today to see if they have a "clean" or "rain" scent that might be less overpowering or sickeningly sweet than the vanilla, lime, and citrus....more info
  • Not what I expected
    This product is little more than a glorified air freshener. After seeing the testimonials on the Brethe infomercial, I purchased two at Bed Bath & Beyond. It does not clean the air, as they say, and it does a poor job of humidifying.

    The machine is ugly, with blue lights that shine on the water you can turn off, and a bright blue light on top that stays on continuously (even when the Brethe is off); which along with the loud motor, makes it obtrusive in any room.

    It comes with three scents, lime and citrus, which both smell like bathroom cleansers; and a nauseating vanilla. Lavender may be purchased separately and is a bit more tolerable.

    Don't waste your money... If you want an air freshener or oil diffuser, there are cheaper ones out that that do the job better and smell a lot better. If you want an air purifier, this simply isn't it....more info
  • not exactly... but somewhat works
    this review is from when i used it in my two bedroom apartment with three dogs....

    -keeps air fresh
    -smelling good
    -pleasing to the eye
    -easy to clean/maintain

    -one room only

    It served it's purpose in the apartment. Kept it out in the living room, and kept the living room and kitchen smelling nice and the air fresh. This unit is really for one (small/medium) room.

    I wouldn't expect anyone to put this in their bedroom, unless they turn it on while they are not there. the unit is half as loud as a vacuum. And the lights (they can be turned off, and they actually look good) at night light up the whole room.

    One other thing, as soon as you put the sent into the clear water it becomes a murky white (not like the blue in the picture.)

    None of this bothers me too much as it's out in the living room and helps to keep the living room and kitchen smelling pleasant (even with three dogs in the apartment).

    I would recommend this to anyone who has an apartment, or small house and would like an easy to use air freshener/purifier and doesn't mind the sound. ...more info
  • Breath in litter box area
    This is Great for cat owners,does a excellant job in litter box area.It really workes!!. Does good in freshing up stale smelly air in any room. I bought for friends, they love it.
    You do have to change the water often (every day) for best performance. I do not like the vanilla oil fragrance.so bad I through it out....more info
  • DON'T BUY!!!
    * Fan noise is loud and annoying

    * Supplied scents are overwhelming

    * As an air freshener, NOT any better than the scented oil warmer, ie, Air Wick

    * Does NOT humidify the air

    * Does NOT clean dust/pollutant

    Bottom line - over priced air freshener and definitely not worth $60.
    ...more info
  • It's okay.... but....
    This cleaner could be better in many ways. I love the LCD blue light... I love using my own essential oils in it... what I don't like is how loud it is. It doesn't seem to clean the air beyond 20 feet from the machine, which is disappointing. I've also noticed that it will use an entire unit of water within 4-5 hours, meaning I have to be careful not to leave it on if I will be gone longer. If the water goes below the cone, it sounds like the engine is burning up. This definitely concerned me because I didn't want it to catch fire.. or break. I found this annoying because I love coming home to clean air. Also, within an hour or two the water is no longer clean... which is what I wanted... but if it isn't emptied and refilled.. then the dirty water is being put back into the air, which seems rather pointless to me. So, I suppose if you rarely leave home... and have time to play with this thing every few hours... and you don't mind the noise.. then it's great! I have to admit that I wish I had bought an aromatherapy machine instead because honestly, that seems to be all it is good for....more info
  • Eliminated Pet Odor In Basement
    Great air cleaner at a great price. It was the only thing that eliminated the pet odor in the basement. To clear the pet odor I added a very small amount of Nature's Miracle to the water. After a few days running the unit with this solution the pet odor was gone. It performed better than a $400 air cleaner and other air cleaners I purchased. So far adding the Nature's Miracle to the water has not harmed the unit. However, if you try adding anything other than what is recommended by the manufacturer then you do so at your own risk. After spending over $1,000 trying to rid my basement of the pet odor I was desperate to try it. So far it has worked wonders for me....more info
  • Brethe Fresh scent
    I was looking for a product that would give me a fresh air feeling in my house. The air is fresh and scented with this appliance. Easy to use and portable. This can be moved from room to room. Nice in the winter because it also adds moisture to the air. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • good even with its limits
    Homedics BRT-150 Brethe Air Revitalizer

    This is a nice machine if you are into aroma therapy and quiet, peaceful lighting. I expected nicer smelling air and that's what I got. It can run on one filling for about 24 hours, but the device needs to be cleaned daily, and cleaned in a dishwasher at least once a week. The oil sticks to it and makes it look grundgy, though it still functions. Hopefully Homedics will perfect this little machine and make it a little quieter, and easier to clean the gunk from the oils. I would buy a new and improved version without a review. I am a fan of many Homedics products. ...more info
  • A breath of fresh air
    This product works very well. It really does make the air smell a whole lot better. The product comes with very small samples of different fragrances so I would suggest also buying the bigger bottle. All in all it is well worth the money....more info
  • Disappointed
    I was expecting it to clean the dust and air out of the room. It seems to me that it is simply a aromatherapy machine.
    I returned it....more info
  • A little weird but works great
    It's a little loud and a little weird but I love it. We have 6 dogs and 6 cats. I put it on the kitchen counter the first night with the lemon scent. The next day (literally overnight) the water was a really gross dark brown. Since then, the water has been clean, I can't imagine what was floating around in my house - none of us are smokers! The scents are a little odd too, kind of detergenty, pine-sol, smelling. It works great with a few drops of essential oils too. This is a must have in my house.
    It's pretty loud - keep that in mind if it's for a bedroom....more info
  • Just a water based air freshener.
    First of all it is NOT an air cleaner, nor do they claim it to be, but they do suggest it. The T.V. ads suggest it removes dust and other stuff from the air,after 3 weeks I found this untrue. It will make your rooms smell fresh,DO NOT use the amount of the scents they suggest. 5 to 6 drops will last a long time,about 6 to 8 hours. The bowl is very cheap & fragile and it is only a matter of time before the handled top splits from the bottom bowl. The air does feel slightly better due to the fact it acts as a primitive humidifier while it swirls the water around. It is not really noisy, not much louder than a computer. I found the swirling water and blue light unobstrusive, almost relaxing. You must clean and refill it with water everyday, but this only takes a couple of minutes. There are no filters to buy, the main reason I bought it. If you do not use a scented oil or liquid(it comes with 3 bottles)it is almost useless.
    I would not suggest this to anyone unless they just want a different way to dispense scented oils or solutions.
    If the construction was of a higher quality I would have given it 3 stars.After the scents that come with the unit are gone I will most likely retire it,although it seems they will last a long time.

    Freshen and scent the air
    Slightly humidify the air
    provide a soft blue glow
    Swirl water around the cheap plastic bowl

    Clean dust and pollutants from the air
    Change your life...more info
  • If you like Pinesol, you'll love it
    If you like the smell of Pinesol cleaner, you will probably love the scents included with the Brethe Air Revitalizer. Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I are one of those people! To me, all of the different scents of both products smell the same -- a very overpowering disinfectant type smell. I could not tell you if it is the vanilla, lime or citrus scent that is in the Brethe unit at any given time. Since I bought 2 units at the same time, I will try to figure out how to make them useful without giving myself and my husband major headaches from the smell! The recommended "dose" of fragrance is 2 capfuls. I will cut way back on that and hope for the best (and hope that the manufacturer comes out with a new type of additive)....more info
  • Super silly item
    Yes, I was suckered in. I thought it sounded like a nice alternative to scented candles and it would eliminate a humidifier purchase. OHHHHH no! This machine puts out no water at all, the scents were a little cheesy (like public restroom air freshener) and it was WAYYYYY overpriced. I took it back....more info
  • Great when considered practically
    I suffer from bad alergies and this device has been a life-saver for my wife and I. My alergies cause me to have a bad snoring problem and suffice to say she won't even let me in the bedroom without the Brethe Air running. When considered with other air cleaning systems it functions quite well, and the humidifying feature is a godsent in winter. The emulsifing sents are a nice addition although not nessisary to feel the benefits. However, it is an air cleaning humidifier, not a de-humidifier. This device is for a normal to dry environment, not a moist to moldy (wet) environment. It adds moister to the air, it does not remove moisture. ...more info
  • OVERPRICED glorified air freshener
    I would like it if it worked well....
    I received it as a gift, never would pay this much for PLASTIC!!!!!
    I can't stand the noise, the whooshing of the water and the aromas are gross and fake. It doesn't take the odors away it covers them up!
    Use a real essential oil if you get a headache like I did, from the nasty scents they use.
    Remember to use distilled water in it.
    I gave it away, back to good quality incense......more info
  • Effective air freshener. Good Essential Oil diffuser.
    If the price of the unit and scent accessories was lower I would have given five stars.

    The supplied scents do a good job of 'freshening' (actually scenting) the air throughout most of my 1500 square foot house.

    The fan noise is noticeable, I usually run it five or ten minutes at a time to achieve the same effect as spraying an aerosol air freshener. The blue lights in the tank are good for a 'mood' effect and can be switched off if desired. If you just want to 'tune out' for a few, this thing is excellent. My spouse smokes cigarettes several times a day and the BRT-150 does a good job of covering up the odor from a cigarette.

    I would not say that this unit is a humidifier. It will run for three or four hours continuously and maybe only use a cup of water. I would also not call this unit an air cleaner as such. It is an effective air freshener. The air coming out just smells and feels good.

    I, honestly, purchased the BRT-150 so that I could disburse essential oils without having to use heat, nebulizers just seem way too strange and complicated to me.

    My wife thought the citrus scent was a little overpowering so I experimented a little and came up with a fairly good recipe for using essential (fragrance) oils. My recipe will only freshen up the air in the room it is in, not the whole house (I don't know how they get that strong of a scent from the supplied material).

    I borrowed/modified this from a perfumers recipe for making a spray-able air freshener with essential oils.

    1/4 teaspoon Polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier derived from natural oils). You can get this from a soap maker's supply store.

    30-60 drops essential oils, some oils are stronger, experiment for the best amount for your choice. I used 30 drops of pine needle oil and that worked fine for me.

    1 tablespoon of cheap vodka (for low smell alcohol). This is optional but I found the oil's scent was more intense with it.

    Mix the ingredients with a few ounces of water and add to the water to the freshener's filled tank. You will see the familiar white bloom in the water as you add this mixture.

    Have fun!

    ...more info
  • does what it says!
    I received this as a gift.. not something I'd buy for myself, but I really do love it! My house gets pretty stinky sometimes, which I guess is why someone got this for me, but the other day someone commented how my house has that "new house smell." I almost fell over dead.

    The noise to me is comparable to the sound that comes from having the heating or a/c running, and if the heat or a/c IS running, it's not noticeable at all. I really like the scents, however, only use a couple drops a day and that still permeates through my whole house, though it is strongest in the room it's used in. I'm particularly sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke as a former smoker, and the other day a friend smoked in the room with the brethe and 10min after he was done, the smell was gone. I actually have been using the same water for almost a week now because I'm lazy, and it's still smelling fresh, but I'll try to clean it out tonite.

    The only drawback I had was the price and variety of replacement scents, although from reviews I guess we can use essential oils as well.. Also, it's sorta.. awkward, and I have a small house, so finding a space for it was difficult. I had it on the floor but it didn't seem to be effective, it seems like it has to be ON something in the open to really work, so right now it temporarily resides on my kitchen counter until I can find a better home for it....more info
  • Should've listened!
    I should have known better than to buy something with 3 1/2 stars overall. I wanted to try it out because I liked the idea, so I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond where I knew I could return it without exception. At first I liked the product, but that certainly has disappeared in the 3 weeks since I purchased it. It's a great idea, just not executed very well. Noise was not an issue for me. But since I didn't want to use the synthetic smelling liquid scents that are included, I decided to use my own essential oils. After three weeks of use, there is a ring of hard, solid, yellow residue inside of the bowl that is impossible to remove (even with boiling water and scrubbing, which has blemished the plastic). It looks most unappealing. The other complaint I have with this product is that you must constantly refill it with water. The tank is not large enough to go one day without refilling it - most annoying. I am most disappointed with this purchase and I will be returning it. I would NOT recommend it to anyone!...more info
  • Homedics BRT
    No lengthy commentary. Just that this product does all that it was advertised to do. Some scents are better than others naturally. I simply use the ones I prefer and not the others. Fills my area with pleasant fragrance....more info
  • Very unhappy with product performance and durabilty
    Very disapointed one had to be replaced three days after using, now 2nd one is cracking also, in places that wouldnt; be bumbed into, the mateial will not hold up under what it is designed to do. Also it will not take odors out of air, as advertised, it only masks them, as soon as it is unplugged pet ordors, dust, etc, cand still be smelled. Way over priced for what would a can of air fresherner would have exactly the same effect. We purchased two of these because of advestisment, and would not have bought any had we known how poorly constructed and inefective the product is....more info
  • Finally!! A Product That Works
    This is one air freshner that actually works. The scents are very pleasant especially the vanilla. I have noticed there's a little less dust in the room where the machine is located. Even though the scents may seem a little strong at first I have never experienced any problems such as burning eyes. The only negative thing about the product is that it is a bit loud but as long as it does what it is supposed to I can live with the noise....more info
  • Not sure if I'd buy it again.
    I wasn't looking for an air purifier as much as a mild humidifier and something to fragrance the air. I think it's doing OK as a humidifier. I didn't want something that put out actual mist (seems like I always had condensation on my windows with those) and this does put some humidity in the air. As mentioned before, the oils that come with the system are very strong and have an odor of Pine-Sol underlying the scent. I started using it in my kitchen and if you use the recommended amount of their oils you are soon overpowered. Using half the amount helped. I tried using fragrance oils from a craft store and while my room smelled nicer I noticed that you get a hard residue on the bottom and sides of the container. Maybe whatever smells so bad in the Homedic oils prevents that build-up. The machine is noisy. It was distracting when I had it in my living room, definitely could hear it above the television. I do like it in the bedroom because I usually use a white noise machine, but I think most people would find it too loud. The light feature would be nice as a nightlight if the machine wasn't so noisy. I'm not exactly sorry that I bought it, but I wouldn't buy it again....more info
  • dont waste your money
    Its just a giant room air freshener...and its a LOUD one. I don't buy pine cleaners as I don't like the smell, so I was very disappointed with the oils they provided with this machine. I tried using some essential oils and the smell was OK, but its cheaper and quieter using the essential oils by themselves. Too darn noisey and too weird with the ugly blue glow. Mine is going back for a refund. I am ashamed that I fell for this thing, but at least I can get my money back....more info
  • Are you kidding me?
    Like everyone else I got sucked into this product. I saw the video & a presentation while at Bed Bath and Beyond and thought it would be a great solution to my musty basement. I used it for 2 weeks for about 12 hours a day, I tried all the scents, followed the directions.
    What a joke! All this product is a continued air freshner. The scents are so artifical it's disgusting. The lime & citrus scents smell like harsh household cleaners (pinesol) and the vanilla smells like that cheap airwick spray can. It masked the smell while it ran, but the second you turn it off the musty smell returns and when I changed the water, it was never dirty like they say it can look like.
    Needless to say, I returned it and got my money back. This cheap plastic bowl isn't worth the $60....more info
  • Best money I spent
    I purchased this product a week ago and have been very happy with it's preformance.
    I am a non smoker who lives with a smoker. I can't stand the smell of stale smoke in the morning and I can honestly say I no longer smell it when I get up. I even asked him if he was smoking in the living room. I am thinking of getting a couple more for Christmas gifts. ...more info
  • Smells Great - but Loud! ...
    This unit does exactly what it says it will (+ humidifies), tho I use essential oils (as suggested by another reviewer) in mine instead of the not to pleasant smelling to my nose (plus expensive) scents Homedics sells ... In Autumn to Thanksgiving I use Clove, Cinnamon, Orange and Pumpkin Spice oils and the aroma is great ... I used Black Spruce oil during the Christmas holidays (3 drops in this unit will make your home smell like Canadian Balsam) ... The only drawback is the loudness of the motor (which is conciderably louder than a computer), but it does the job and so I'll keep it ... Oh, and it's also suggested that you use distilled water (not hard tap water) which is not mentioned in the commmercials ... (***ADDED NOTES: Tho essential oils provide a nicer room aroma, the dark oils (such as clove, cinnamom, etc) will chemically react to plastic resevoir and irrevocably mar/stain it ... If you don't care like me it's fine, if you do don't use them ... I also use fragrance oils as well and those (you can get from craft or dollar stores) used in soap stone warmers work also ... Liquid Smoke (from the grocery store) can be used in it also if you have a Gas Fireplace and you want a smokey smell)....more info
  • Nice!
    This thing is great! It's a fast way to freshen the room for long periods of time before you have guests over. Great for the bathroom!...more info
  • Does what it says it does !!!
    I love this product, it works exactly like it said it would the only thing I would say is get your own oils the ones that come with it are good but I think you can find better. but all in all I love it ...more info
  • Good product, but don't follow the directions!
    I have had mine for about a week and a half now, I think it works great. The only problem I had was the scents. I read the directions included and it said to put 1-2 capfuls into the water and that was WAY too much. The scent was terrible and gave us all a headache. I experimented and now I put in 4-5 drops and it is much much better. The scents actually smell good, when used sparingly. It does keep the house fresh, we have a cat and a dog and of course I like to fry foods alot which is a hard smell to cover up sometimes. I don't really notice the noise, and we have had many nice comments on it. Overall I think it was a good buy. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I just bought this today after reading some of the reviews and I do love the scents and in my large home with an open floor plan and vaulted ceilings the scent really travels thru the main rooms. Experiment with your own flavors because it works a lot better then the plug ins...more info
    I bought this at Bed Bath Beyond today. I used the citrus scent. Very nice. My husband even liked it. It smells clean with a hint of citrus. Sort of like Citrus Pine Sol if you will. However, I have become weary of their "institutionally citrus" scent already so I just tried some $.99 Island Jasmine in it from a dollar store and now I'M REALLY LOVIN' IT. I don't need to smell "clean" like "pinecitrisol". I want my home to be aromaticly inviting and relaxing. I actuallY bought two -- I'm keeping them both. Just not using their scent. It just all depends on the aroma YOU love and what your mood is. AROMATHERAPY DOES WONDERS!
    MMmmm it smells so good!
  • It works but...
    It works - I'm not sure why, but it does. The water will even appear dirty when you empty it. And it looks cool. The problems are...

    - it's loud. not really loud, but somewhere between my computer and my dishwasher.
    - the smell is too powerful when you first fill it and fades after just a few hours.
    - it'll help oders for up to 24 hours. You have to dump and refill it (water + a few drops of the scent) every day and rinse every few days....more info
    WOW the refill bottles of scents are real expensive... would have never thought that.... the scents do smell like cleaning solutions (pine sol) BUT better than smeeling smoke/dog....more info
  • It's OK
    I live in an character flat in san francisco that suffers from stale air drafting in from other parts of the building. Tired of just 'covering up' this stinky air with air fresheners, etc., i decided to give this product a try based on what it claimed as well as the user reviews.

    After using it for a few days, my verdict is - it's OK. Not great, not terrible, but OK. I don't know if its worth the $60 price tag, to tell you the truth (plus the cost of the scents going forward). It's kinda loud, and the whole glowing blue light thing is just kinda weird. (You can turn off the lights that glow into the water, but the main light stays on regardless). On the bright side, it does make the air smell better while it is on, but with its whirring motor and alien glow, you definitely know its in the room....more info
  • Pretty Good Product if you've got the extra space!
    Ok Folks - here's my 2 cents worth. First of all, SHOP AROUND and you can get a better deal. Don't buy the scents from Homedics cause frankly - they suck. Personally - I use PURE ESSENTIAL oils of my choice in the unit, and I get the scents that I want, not what homedics put out. - Trust me - who know's what they're mixing in theirs! I think the unit is pretty good albiet a little ugly and large - BUT - bottom line, I'm glad I bought it. I don't have to worry about scented candles burning, the smoke from the candles, incense etc. Do I LOVE IT? - no - but until I afford exspensive fragrant floral arrangements in each room - I think this is a pretty good deal!...more info
  • Disappointed
    After watching the infomercial and reading all the reviews I decided to go out and purchase. Even by only using a fraction of the amount the directions indicated- The scents are terrible...really smells like cheap Pine Cleaner/ Cheap Perfume. In my opinion this product is not as 'wow' as it's made out to be. But then again it artificial smells don't bother you then go for it.
    ...more info
  • Great product!!!
    I've had this for a day...I bought two in fact, one for downstairs, and another for the main bedroom. First, the scents. I LOVE IT!! Not a big fan of vanilla (guess it would be good for a party or something), but the citrus and lime are excellent. Hopefully they will come out with more choices in the future, although for now, these will suffice. As for the Lavender scent, I read somewhere that someone thought it smelled like "Pine-Sol" when they got home after the unit being on for a day...I think this is the lavender. I used that in the bedroom and the first thing I thought after thinking it didn't smell like a bedroom (you know what I'm talking about...that musty tell-tale smell of warm evenings, sweat, and closed windows), was that it smelled like, well, Pine-Sol. But, that smell is better than musty bedroom smell!!!

    As far as the effects on the air quality, I have already seen and felt a marked improvement in the level of particulates and visible dust in the air; I assume this is a result of the humidifying effect. The air "feels" better, again, possibly the humidifier effect, and just gives off that "this house is ultra clean!" vibe. Now, I have read that commercial home scent products are somewhat toxic, or at least not good for you, so I'm taking a leap of faith and believing what they say about the scents, in that they're all natural. The label says "100% botanical", but these days, that can mean just about anything. Just look up the FDA definition of "organic" products meant for human consumption.

    If you're on the fence about getting this, I would say jump, grab it, and use it for a day or two, and the effects will be quite noticeable. The only negative, or, reason for a four star rating would be the lack of an array of scents, but I assume that with time, they'll come up with more exotic scents to titillate the senses. But for now this means that if you don't like citrus, lavender, or vanilla, your SOL. ...more info
  • Too noisy
    It serves it's purpose - eliminating odors, but the unit is too loud (more than white noise) that I cannot use it in the bedroom. Also, the unit sometimes leave a watermark at the base so don't put it on wood surface. ...more info
  • It really does work!
    The Brethe Air Revitalizer really does work! It is the best thing I have found for fighting catbox odors and cigarette smoke. When the scent is first added, my whole 1100 square foot condo smells great. Later in the day, it seems to lose its effectiveness in the rooms farthest from the unit. Of the 3 scents that come with the machine, I like the lime the best. The citrus is good, but I didn't care for the vanilla at all. I wish a sample of the lavender came with it also. A drawback is that you can only buy the scents specially made for the machine. ...more info
  • Just OK
    The Brethe Machine is just OK.. Not quite what I was expecting. I mean it does make the air smell like the included scents. As far as actually making the air "CLEAN", I don't think it does that.. ...more info
  • Does a lot for such a small machine!
    I saw the infomercial about Brethe, and while it looked interesting, I have to admit that I was skeptical. I ended up picking one up while at BB&B, and I was VERY impressed with the way it wiped out odors, and quickly!

    Our basement gets kind of stinky because we keep the litter boxes down there, and since the cats have to get down there to do their business, we can't close the door. Obviously, we don't want the litter box smell traveling through the rest of the house. I put the Brethe unit on a countertop in the basement with some of the citrus scent, and within 5 minutes, I could tell a HUGE difference!

    We bought a second unit to use in our bedroom (helps with my asthma at night), and we keep the first one running non-stop in the basement. No more stinky litter box odor!...more info
  • wonderful product
    let me tell you, i have 3 dogs and i smoke this makes your house smell so clean takes away all oders, i only put 1 capful in the machine and i can smell it everwhere in my house i was thinking of buying another one but i think i dont have to. i love it!!...more info
  • Very Effective Unit
    After reading several reviews online, I bought one of these through Amazon (thanks for the free shipping, Amazon!). I'm very satisfied with the unit's ability to quickly neutralize a smelly room, and I'm amazed at how large an area it "treats". In fact, even though I used less than a teaspoon of the "revitalizing" scent when the directions called for two teaspoons, the effect was almost overpowering. From now on, I'll only use a few drops.

    It runs quietly, but certainly not silently. If white noise helps you sleep, you'll love this unit, but, personally, I'm not sure I could sleep with this in my bedroom.

    On the other hand, someone mentioned being bothered at night by the light always being on. Well, the manufacturer must've been listening, because you now have the option of running it with the light off! I love its blue glow, but I do agree that I wouldn't be able sleep with it nearby.

    Whether the Brethe Air is actually filtering out the odors in my home, as claimed, or is just masking them, I couldn't say without scientific testing, but I hate perfumey air fresheners and this unit is definitely a much nicer way to deodorize my home. I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • Glad I Got One
    I was at a Bed Bath and Beyond store and walked past a display where they had one of these working. They had the citrus scent in the machine and it was delightful. I decided right there and then that I needed one. I set it up in no time and loaded it with the citrus scent. It has made my house smell really nice and the water and scent mixture swirling gently in the clear plastic bowl combined with the blue light it is very relaxing....more info