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"A provocative expose of the negative effects of sugars and simple carbs -- and how to break the addiction. Most readers already know that succumbing to sweets too often can lead to obesity and diabetes. What many don't know, however, is that too many "quickie carbs" can bring on a host of other maladies-such as "brain fog," fatigue, mood swings, heart disease, and even cancer -- from which millions may be suffering because of their sugar or carbohydrate habits. Once besieged by 44 seemingly unconnected symptoms, former "sugar addict" Connie Bennett, an experienced journalist, managed to kick sweets and simple carbs in 1998. She improved her health-and uncovered extensive medical research that substantiated her theory: people who eat too many low-caliber culprit carbs could be in sugar shock. Based on the insights of thousands of physicians, nutritionists, researchers, and "sugar sufferers" worldwide, SUGAR SHOCK!(tm) not only addresses how badly sugar affects the body, it demonstrates how everyone can kick the sugar habit. "

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm a sugar addict - how do I stop??
    Even though I gave "Sugar Shock" three stars, I want to say up front that I DO like it; it has made clear to me how sugar has messed my life up and I have been in so much denial about my reliance on it. I really am like an alcoholic or crack addict! I have not yet stopped eating sugar - it's scary to think about trying to do it again and failing again, but I am feeling more concern for my health and damn it, I want to live a real life that's not clouded by the stuff.

    The reason I gave this book three stars is because of the author's presentation; she frequently reads like an ad, not a book. She'll say things like, "...John showed classic signs of sugar addiction, which I outline on my website and blog site www...." It's so infomercial-y. I tried to overlook this but it kept coming up through the book. Although this doesn't dilute her message, the constant referral to her web site and commercial references like that make her sound like she's more interested in marketing her company and herself than she is in her message. In other words, she can be annoying.

    Also, I felt she spent too much time on how sugar is ruining our lives - but little space on how to practically eliminate it. She offers a list of seven tips on getting sugar out of your life but if I am a sugar addict, I need more than that.

    I would have liked to have learned more about her own experience than just about when her dr told her to drop sugar and she did and it changed her life. I would like to have heard about if she had sugar withdrawals so strong she thought she would scream or if she ever experiences cravings now. She doesn't really talk about herself much apart from that initial "burning bush"-like moment at her dr's office -- which doesn't inspire me much. I've had those moments, too, and make a great start but then fail.

    I do believe her when she says it changed her life but for most addicts of any kind (note I said, "most") it's not just "I decided to stop and I did and my life is SO much better!" That's the issue with addicts: we all WANT to stop but it's hard to do it, so we feel trapped. HOW do we get out?

    On another note, I was surprised to see an endorsement on the book and a review here from Jimmy "Livin' La Vida Low Carb" only because on his web site he seems really into artificial sweeteners (which I am, too) but the author of this book does not recommend them at all. Whatever!

    The authors of "Sugar Shock" make a convincing case to significantly cut down, if not completely eliminate, sugar from our diets. I'm going to try it for sure....more info
  • Thank You, Connie!
    I stumbled upon this book a few months ago when I was doing research on no sugar diets. It documents the story of Connie Bennett, a certified holistic health counselor and the author, who is hypoglycemic. Bennett explores the addictive nature of sugar and the effects it can have on your health. The book is co-authored with Dr. Stephen Sinatra, M.D.

    Before Bennett was diagnosed with "reactive hypoglycemia," or low blood sugar, she suffered from seemingly unrelated symptoms outlined in the first chapter of Sugar Shock! The symptoms ranged from mood swings and drowsiness to fainting and nightmares. Her hypoglycemia was finally remedied by simply by eliminating sugars and refined carbohydrates from her diet.

    She provides the readers with a "sugar free" shopping list. Products available in just about any grocery store that are absolutely sugar free. She defines the confusing terms used in product labeling such as: reduced sugar, no sugar added, sugar free and clarifies the difference in their meanings.

    She also lists sugars and sweeteners to watch for that are "hidden" on food labels and the other names for them such as high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, and concentrated fruit juice, and concludes that they should be strictly limited or for some people (those who think they might be suffering from Sugar Shock!, eliminated altogether.)

    I found this book to be highly informative (especially the sugar free shopping list). Though I enjoy wine occasionally, I have cut virtually all sugar from my diet and have seen major changes for the better.
    ...more info
  • OUTSTANDING Research & presentation
    Sugar Shock is an OUTSTANDING piece of health literature that is destined to become a classic in the eyes of health professionals as well as the typical consumer. It is jam packed with great research (well footnoted) and it finally puts sugar, crappy carbs and over-processed foods into their rightful category, ie. junk-food.

    I am a health coach and professional researcher myself and I recommend this book to over 80% of my clients because they need the information presented and it is easy to read... and it is important to know the information presented in this great book. Sugar Shock is a real eye-opener and an extraordinary work. Thank you Connie, for your tireless efforts to bring this truth to light for all of us.

    Rick Panson, NYC info
  • very helpful
    When I was a college Freshman I did a research paper on sugar. I found links to diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, high triglycerides, and dental caries. Now, almost 28 years later Connie has taken this idea many steps further. I caved into social pressure to eat sugar back when I was in college, I went off of sugar from time to time as an adult, but now I've been off of it for 308 days with Connie's help. I look forward to four more decades or more of sugar-free living! Connie's quote from the lady who had been sugar free for over four decades was inspiring. Thanks for making a lifelong goal become a reality....more info
  • So happy I read this book...
    I am so happy that I read this book. I read it in hopes that I could learn something, and then pass it along to my mom. We both overdose on the sugar, and thanks to the insight in Sugar Shock, I am inspired to change my poor habits. Now I am looking forward to getting the grocery list suggestions that are offered on the Sugar Shock site. ...more info
  • A valuable book
    "If you can't go a day without eating sweets or living on soft drinks, SUGAR SHOCK! will change your life. Depression, obesity, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes, heart disease, and more have been linked to sugars. Connie Bennett has done an awesome job of pulling the research together in an informative way that will really grab you. This is an important topic done in a professional and meaningful way. Buy it to change your life."

    - Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN, Author, Digestive Wellness and Digestive Wellness for Children and founder of Innovative Healing and Access to Health Experts...more info
  • Life-Changing Potential!
    I have several books that I consider life-changing. Last year, it was T. Colin Campbell's "The China Study." It will probably save years of my life for me.

    But, despite greatly improving my diet, I continued with desserts. At 60, I've been perplexed with prediabetes, obesity, lethargy, irritability, and STRONG CRAVINGS along with an inability to control my eating!

    I picked this up last week and have been on fire about applying it! Plus, am reading many other books about it. I had "Sugar Shock" read in just a few days.

    It's hard giving up sugar and I felt (as predicted) so deprived and depressed for a couple of days without my sugar! Now it's better.

    This book just hit home for me. Other books haven't. Thank goodness I picked it up at the bookstore.

    "Try it, you'll like it!!"...more info
  • One of the best on the subject in a long long time
    Full disclosure: I was interviewed for this book and, I'm proud to say, quoted in it liberally. That said, there's hard to find anything wrong with this book. It's thoroughly researched, expertly argued, and compelling. Anyone who has ever struggled with sugar addiction or been told it doesn't exist, ought not only to read this book but to share it with their favorite nay-sayers, including their doctors. Connie is a superb journalist and she's teamed up with one of my favorite MDs, Steve Sinatra, to produce a truly accurate, in-depth, and extremely readable and interesting explanation of exactly what sugar does to the body and how to improve your health by getting off the sugar roller coaster. This is a five star book all the way.-- Dr. Jonny Bowden, author "150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" and "Living the Low Carb Life: Choosing the Diet That's Right for You from Atkins to Zone"...more info
  • A Must Have for anyone with Sugar Issues
    This book is a valuable new additition to my nutrition library and a book EVERYONE should read. The amount of research backing up Bennett's claims should sway even hardcore skeptics. Plus, Connie Bennett's upbeat style makes the book a FUN READ - hard to do with a book like this. I hope to see more work from this author and I pray that this is the start of a SUGAR FREE movement......more info
  • WOW!
    This book was more informative than I could of ever imagined. I changed the way I ate before ever finishing the second chapter.
    Great book with very important facts especially if you are diabetic or could be....more info
  • Sugar Shock!: How Sweets and Simple Carbs Derail Your Life---and How You Can Get Back onmTrack
    Even though I haven't finished the book, the information is highly informative and insightful. My boyfriend and I have been reading the book and are blown away be the wealth of information. Thank you, thank you, thank you!...more info
  • A fine addition not just for health libraries, but for any general-interest collection.
    Eating sugars and carbs can bring on obesity and diabetes - but these are only two problems associated with sugars and carbs: others include heart disease, fatigue, and even mood swings. Author Connie Bennett is a former sugar addict who learned of sugar's other dangers the hard way - and who has been free of her addiction to sweets and simple carbs since 1998. Her journalist background blends with a doctor'' insights to chart all the dangers in SUGAR SHOCK! HOW SWEETS AND SIMPLE CARBS CAN DERAIL YOUR LIFE - AND HOW YOU CAN GET BACK ON TRACK. A fine addition not just for health libraries, but for any general-interest collection....more info
  • A real eyeopener
    I found this book to be a real eye opener as far as the dangers of sugar and other refined carbs. Lots of great info....more info
  • A Masterpiece - Recipient of The People's Chemist Award
    Sugar is down for the count. An organic chemist and author, I can say definitively that this is the best book ever written on the subject of sugar, carbs and sweeteners. I am proud to grant it The People's Chemist Approved Award. Connie would be happy to know that she escaped my brazen Stinky Sulfur Award- an author's worst nightmare.

    Sugar will never recover. It will forever live in the shadow of Sugar Shock. Readers will come to understand that it is not drugs they need, food pyramids or low-fat foods. Instead, they need REAL food, not Franken-food loaded with sugar and sugar mimics. Doctors, governments and food manufacturers who ignore this book will be forced to take huge pay cuts, or find new careers.

    Reading Sugar Shock was a breath of fresh air. Unlike most books in the health field, it was not ghost-written. A seasoned journalist, Connie's writing is fueled by heart and soul. Boring and dull writing are non-existent. Even better, she refuses to hold tight to health myths and political correctness. Without hesitation, she (along with Dr. Sinatra) destroys the cholesterol and fat myth. An ex-sugar addict, she comes clean on her own struggles with sugar and the nasty consequences. Many will appreciate her openness and sincerity on a subject that few are willing to confront - sugar addiction. Readers will be comforted to find real alternatives and methods for freeing themselves (or a loved one) from the solitary confinement that comes with sugar addiction.

    Sugar Shock is a painful reminder to parents who have allowed their children to gobble down sugar on a daily basis. One in three born in the year 2000 will be diabetic, resulting in a loss of life of eleven to twenty years. Thus, parents must take urgent notice of Sugar Shock and its alternatives. Forget about the pediatrician, psychiatrist and drugs. Get Sugar Shock. Otherwise, you are neglecting the biggest asset to the health of your children.
    ...more info
    You must read SUGAR SHOCK! It is so informative, so interesting, you will change the way you eat!

    Connie has written what will be regarded as a respected reference on sugar and an important resource for the public.

    I have highly recommended it to friends, families, and patients already after reading the book in just a couple days. The amount of research that went into this book is unbelievable. Connie has exceeded all expectations and will surely gain the respect of anyone interested in learning about how to control their sugar habit.

    I met Connie at a professional meeting several years ago and her personality shines through in SUGAR SHOCK. Her upbeat personality and conversational tone make SUGAR SHOCK easy to read and her personal stories are so engaging that they will inspire anyone who has felt the highs and lows of too much sugar to make changes. You will find all the solutions to stopping your sugar habit in this book!...more info
  • READ THIS BOOK! A Wealth of Important Information!
    After reading this book, I've stopped eating virtually ALL sugars and simple carbs, no easy feat for me - I've always had a sweet tooth and ate lots of junk food and carbs. I always wanted to change my diet and get healthy, and I tried, but my efforts only lasted a few days, if that. I could never discipline myself enough.

    Fast forward to SUGAR SHOCK...What Connie writes about and the way she presents her information and facts is very effective. Armed with the knowledge of what sugars and carbs do to our bodies, emotions, and so on, I am now able to pass by the junk and sweets EASILY! After only one week, I already feel different - healthier, thinner (!) more...balanced. It is truly an unbelievable difference, and although it sounds cliche, this book has changed my life! I am on my way to total health! Thank you so much, Connie!...more info
  • sugar and tobacco different ingrediants, same addictive qualities
    I recently read Sugar Shock, and honestly the title really fits in information given in this book. It is SHOCKING to find out how we are lied to, cheated and lead down a road of disease, sickness and adiction. All for the sake of someone else getting rich! Amazing. This book is such an informative tool. I recently quit smoking, and i feel much better for doing so, but my body still was out of whack.. this book is really helping me figure out why. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to understand how sugar can really destroy their lives. ...more info
  • Sugar Shock Rules!!!
    While I thought I was savvy on healthy eating, this book opened my eyes to an entire new level of sugar's role in people's lives and health , even my life. Once I realized the DEGREE sugar impacts all levels of health, from heart disease to aging, it gave me more resolve to re focus my food habits and intake in general. I especially love the multitude of professional opinions and research included in each chapter.
    I am proud to have taken my health to a new level and this book certainly had an impact on the changes I have made...Thanks, Connie for sharing and creating this arsenal of ammo for me to use when talking to others about sugar and refined carbohydrates---not so sweet after all!

    ...more info
  • Low in information high on quoting experts
    I found the author presented relavent facts but then spent pages and pages citing various sources backing up the fact. Although it is nice to cite other sources to validate your point, this books goes over board leaving very little information actually presented in the book. I would have preferred better/more comprehensive explanations on what your body does with sugar. Although some guidance was given on how to kick the sugar habit, it was very weak. For example, on the section on craving chocolate there were no helpful hints on how to reduce the craving.

    The book is helpful but I would look elsewhere if you are looking for what sugar does to your body....more info
  • Great book! Funny and Useful
    This was great info on sugar. I had no idea so many problems could be tied back to carbohydrates. Very interesting material on the topic....more info
  • "Sugar Shock" is the "Super Size Me" for Simple Carbs!
    Once I saw "Super Size Me," I could never look at McDonald's the same way again. Now that I've read "Sugar Shock," I will never be able to look at simple carbs the same way again!

    Once I learned about the havoc these simple carbs (i.e., sweets, white breads and pastas) wreak on your body from obesity and diabetes to even mood swings and fatigue, I completely changed my eating patterns.

    A quick read and highly informative, "Sugar Shock" should be read not only by people who want to overcome their addiction to sugars and simple carbs but by anyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle for themselves!...more info
  • Excellent expose of the evils of sugar and refined carbohydrates
    A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It didn't take me long to see that avoiding sugar and refined carbohydrates and cutting back on starches not only improved my glucose control significantly, but also helped me lose much more weight than I had on previous diets. I am now more confident about keeping the weight off and maintianing excellent control over my blood sugar.

    I kicked sugar before I read Sugar Shock and before I discovered Connie's blog. However, I have been reading her blog regularly and read Sugar Shock as soon as I could. Sugar Shock is a very well researched book on the evils of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Connie demonsitrates, with impressive references, that "quickie carbs" can adversely affect both emotional and physical health. I was especially impressed with her treatment of sugar and diabetes. The American Diabetes Association says that it's okay for diabetics to eat sugar and that sugar doesn't cause diabetes. Connie and co-author Stephen Sinatra prove them wrong. They also show a strong link between "quickie carbs" and heart disease. That was very refreshing. With the obssion over cholesterol, I think that the medical establishment is missing other significant risk factors for heart disease. It is also enlightening to see how money and politics play into the excess sugar and "quickie carbs" that are added to our food.

    The book concludes with excellent advice on kicking sugar and refined carbohydrates. While it confirmed much of what I already knew, it did add new information and gave me good strategies for getting the rest of my family to cut back on sugar and refined carbs. Sugar Shock is highly recommended....more info
  • Pretty Good Book
    I think that this book provides a TON of information about the harmfulness of sugar, which is good, but it was almost too much background info for me. I ended up skipping some parts because it just went on and on about various conditions related to sugar (again, that's great and important, but it was just too much repitition for me).

    Instead, I was hoping for lots of suggestions for kicking the sugar addiction....I happen to be someone who eats some form of dessert after lunch and dinner, and I wanted to break that habit. Overall, the book had a lot of good ideas, but I found some better ones (and basically the same info, but condensed) in "Get the Sugar Out: 501 Simple ways to Cut the Sugar Out of Any Diet" by Anne Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S. Either way, this book is a useful tool and I would recommend it, but I would definitely recommend "Get the Sugar Out" more....more info
  • A "must" for every mother!
    Connie has done a masterful job of articulating the "hell" caused by sugar addictions. This book is a "must" for every mother who wants to raise a healthy child. Far beyond empty calories and tooth decay, Connie shows how sugar consumption causes chronic inflammation which is destructive to every organ in the body (including the brain!!) I think it's time for "Sugar Shock Block Parties"- let creative Mom's think of great ways to eliminate sugar from their children's diet!
    Way to go Connie - Thank You!!
    Laura Foster
    ...more info
  • SUGAR SHOCK-Great book
    Sugar Shock I would to have to say is one of the greatest books that I've read to break down my health problems.

    Like many other who've written, I was a true sugar addict. I hoarded sweets: twizzlers, cookies, donuts, granola bars, cereal bars, sugary cereals. I ate it all. I was so addicted to it. I had no idea that this sugar was linked to my freqent bouts of irritability, negativity, and brain fog. This is the danger of refined sugar. Refined sugar, having no fiber or protein, goes straight to your blood stream and spikes it. Your brain, getting its form of energy from glucose in your blood, now is disrupted from doing so caused by the spike in the blood stream. Insulin then has to be released to lower the blood sugar level, and many times it becomes too low. So your brain can't function properly with the low sugar. The result-- panic, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, frustration, anger. It can make you go crazy. This is the effects of eating refined sugar.

    Before I read this book, I would have never linked to it to refined sugar, but now I know that that along with wheat, pretty much white flour, stripped of all the fiber, is the cause for all these blood-sugar disruptions.

    Ever since I got rid of the sugary foods and floury foods, the brain fog, the irritability, the negativity, has all gone. It's all over. For me, it lasted like three years. Now today, I'm pretty much done with refined sugar, no more soda, no more twizzlers (and I was addicted to twizzlers), no more fruit juice, jelly and all the sugary stuff. And the other bad part about refined sugar is it is so addictive. Any time I ate cookies, I had at least 8 with many times going to 15-20 cookies at one sitting. Sometimes I would just finish the whole pack at one sitting. Twizzlers, 20-25 twizzlers at once. Same with cereal, the whole box at once. Refined is so addictive.

    I thank Connie Bennett so much for writing this book. This has helped me profusely. The days of irritability are over. Does this mean I don't eat sugar anymore? Of course not. Now I eat sugar in its natural form. Fruit is sweet and being that its loaded with fiber, it doesn't cause blood sugar fluctuations, assuming you eat one at a time, which is the rule for fruit eating. I eat dried fruit, which tastes just like candy, without the bad side effects. Dates, dried strawberries and other fruits are all great alternatives.

    My advice to you all: eat natural sugar, what God provides, fruits and dried fruits and raw honey, stevia leaves, or dates to sweeten foods. It's when we eat the unnatural foods, stripped, processed, heated, that consequences result.

    Kudos again to Connie Bennett and all who figured out this sugar shock connection....more info
  • Great Read, Very Informative
    An amazing book on a topic that really needs to be heard. Its also a great resource as well. As a certified holistic health counselor (like Connie, the author) I definately plan on offering this book to my clients as a part of my personalized 6 month program. Its a "fun" read, as well as being informative. ...more info
    A very good book that is a must read. It shows just what havoc sugar can cause in a persons life. A book that you will refer to again and again.
    Be good to yourself and buy and read this book....more info
  • A book to open your eyes and provide thought!
    There are a lot of topics this book touches on. I was surprised to find out about how the body reacts to High Fructose Corn Syrup (something I now avoid at all costs!). It has been about 4 weeks since I have been implementing the suggestions I found in this book and I must say, I feel a lot better and so does my family.
    It is well worth the cost just to find out how the things we eat are used by our body. I truly appreciate the natural sugar substitute offered, it tastes great and my recipes (and my body) haven't missed the refined sugar at all!!
    Four (4) weeks and counting.......more info
  • Tremendous Success - THANK YOU!
    I never thought I would be able to talk about life without sugar for more
    than 3 days. I am in the process of getting rid of sugar from my diet,
    and am proud (and SHOCKED) to say that I have been refined sugar-free
    for 19 days. My personal record before this was 8 days (a rarity, most
    of the time it was 2 or 3 days!)

    Truly, honestly, I have Sugar Shock! to thank for helping me finally
    kick the habit. In reading about how sugar sets up a subclinical
    infammation that can cause so many diseases like cancer, heart disease,
    arthritis, diabetes, etc, it really helped me to gain perspective on my
    habit. It didn't happen right away, and I had a few binge episodes
    after reading this (the last one being the day after Christmas), and
    just imagined what was going on inside my body the whole time. That
    took the "fun" out of it for me. I thought I would be battling this problem for the rest of my life, but Connie took the struggle out of it for me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!...more info
  • Do you want to change your life? Sugar Shock! can help
    I was sugar addicted for years. When I ate sugar, I overate sugar: once I started, I couldn't stop. If I had sweet food for breakfast, I wanted sweet food for lunch, for dinner, tomorrow, and the next day... I was depressed, anxious, irritable, bitchy, and moody. I snapped at my children, lost my temper easily, and cried for no reason. My mood vacillated with my sugar binges, and my self esteem with it.

    Does this sound like you?

    Sugar Shock! can help. As Connie Bennett explains in her book, sugar is one of the most addictive, damaging substances on the planet. It is toxic to our bodies. And yet, it's pervasive: abstaining from sugar will mean making choices that are counter culture. At first, that can be challenging. Eating almonds while everyone else is enjoying ice cream may feel like deprivation.

    But look at what you're gaining. No, I don't have apple pie at Thanksgiving, and I never will again. But here's what I found, in return: freedom from depression. Freedom from the guilt and shame that accompanied my sugar binges. Freedom from the terrible mood swings, irritability, and anger that plagued my home life. Freedom to pursue my life purpose. Freedom to be the woman, wife, mother, and friend I wanted to be.

    The rewards are many. The sacrifices, really, are few. I don't miss sugar now. Honestly. My life is full: filled with real sweetness, not the toxic substitute.

    Do you want to find freedom? Sugar Shock! can show you how. Freeing yourself from sugar will change your life: I guarantee it. This is one of the best books on sugar addiction that you can buy (I know: I've read them all.) The website is very helpful, too.

    ...more info
  • Connie Bennett and Dr. Sinatra have hit the mark
    This book really is amazing in that it covers everything that you need to know about sugar. I find the chapter about reading food labels extremely helpful. I think that this book should be in every parents hands. We have such an epidemic of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes and this book explains why. It is also so easy to read. It shows what a great journalist Ms. Bennett is. Thank you Connie for this amazing book and all the time that you spent in reseach. I love it!...more info
    Connie, the Author has done a super job with all of the resources to help any person to quit sugar and what it does to your body.

    This book will blow you away as to how many illnesses are linked to sugar. It gives a person all of the tools to get your body healthier.

    I had read about this on the CNN web site and went out and bought the book I was so moved by it.

    I have to say it is well worth the money, with superb contents regarding everything one should know about sugar and what it can do to your body. It can make a person really ill. Also, this is why we have so much Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer. I was stunned at all of the information about these diseases in this book and what it can do to a person.

    If you want to have better health, PLEASE BUY THE BOOK! It might save your life in the long-run. It's worth your time and money. Thanks to the author Connie Bennett for all of her hard research and telling her own personal story about SUGAR and what it did to her.

    Glynda...more info
  • A Wake Up Call to how Bad I Was
    I got this book at the recommendation of one the morning news programs because at the time I had sneaky suspicions that I was a sugar addict, and did not know where to turn to gain confirmation of this hypothesis.. While I waited for the book to arrive, I did my own further investigating to confirm my fears, this book did the confirming for me fully. Its an EXTREMELY easy reading book, and at times is so easy its confusing and actually boring. I'm not fond of the tagging back and forth between Dr. Sinatra and Ms. Bennett in how they present evidence. I'm more medically oriented, so I'd like less of the cutesy nomers Ms. Bennet and Dr. Sinatra place on their "bubbles of info". But, what this did for me is provide me with a checklist which Ms. Bennett lists were her symptoms of sugar addcition, which I checked all of except two. Yes Ms. Bennett's case was somewhat skewed because it was associated with a medical condition, but what the list showed me was that if I didn't wake up and recognize how HORRIBLE sugar and refined sugar is to the human body, I was going to be a Shrew just like her and more importantly do severe detriment to my health. I have since started a separate program (about 8 days into it), which does eliminate a drastic amount of sugar from one's diet and I can safely eliminate 90% of the symptoms in Ms. Bennett's checklist. Skeptics I am sure you will be too fast to call it coincidence, but my body tells me otherwise. Sugar Shock is just that, a SHOCK to wake you up if you think you have an addiction to sugar. Life is too short to feel terrible if you can feel wonderful. Thanks...more info
  • Still reading/enjoying this book
    While I have not finished this book yet, I find that it has been very helpful and educational so far. ...more info
  • The funniest book I've read on such a hot topic
    I've always tested myself, and one way I did that was in seeing how long I could go without candy. The longest I ever made it was a week. Then I joined kicksugar at yahoogroups, and I've really realized how much I had a real life "addiction" to candy. It's pretty amazing.

    So I immediately went out and got a copy of Sugar Shock, and I loved it. It's funny, personal, and very realistic. She quotes all the huge doctors from many major universities and health organizations.

    I have never read a book in my life with this much pure journalistic research done in pursuit of the truth. It's amazing how much valid science and testimonial from credible sources backs up her ideas. The data and testimonials give a fuel to the information that really has made me think twice.

    This book has been life changing. I am only on day 2 without candy. But more importantly, I switched from sandwich to salad (which was REALLY good suprising to me) at dinner yesterday. I've started to have real change in my life toward less candy and more energy.

    Thank you to the author of this book, and thank you to the people that help put it together!...more info
  • Sugar Shock review
    Although it can be a dry read, I found the information to be very useful and am feeling better since incorporating some of the suggestions....more info
  • Insightful and very useful!
    This book is a great read! Not only does Connie become very vulnerable in the book by sharing many personal experiences, it also gives wisdom and advice on how to CHANGE your life by eliminating sugar from your diet. It's a straightforward no-nonsense approach that is very often funny to read, but riveting as well.

    I highly recommend this book to any food afficianados, cooks, anyone interested in their health!...more info
  • Avoid Lethal Diseases, Look and Feel Better, and Enjoy Life More with a Healthier Diet
    Sugar Shock! is the ultimate, up-to-date view based on research for describing how consuming high glycemic foods (ones that are quickly turned into blood sugar) can undermine your health, happiness, peace, and prosperity . . . not to mention your love life and appearance. As such, the book's title is a little misleading . . . white flour, white rice, and vodka are just as much of a problem as is adding sugar to your coffee or drinking high-fructose corn syrup in your Coca-Cola. To handle that, the authors refer to anything that quickly turns into blood sugar as a sugar.

    I have read many books on this subject and learned a great deal from each one. Because of so much research being done that overturns false opinions about nutrition, there's a lot that's new to report. Connie Bennett and Dr. Stephen Sinatra provide an extensive bibliography that's worth the price of the book all by itself.

    Too many of these "empty" calories (called that because they provide few, if any minerals and vitamins), and you may develop diabetes, cancer, heart disease, female infertility, deep lines in your skin, and accelerate losing your memory.

    If that doesn't bother you, foods that turn quickly into sugars can make you feel lousy, be angry, kill your sex drive, make menopause worse, slow down your learning, and depress you.

    Further, you can become addicted to these foods . . . about half as much as you can to cocaine.

    Neither the food companies nor the government really care if you eat these foods that make you sick. But you should care. With this book, you'll have a good sense of what you should be doing: eating lots of protein, slowly digested fruits and vegetables, good-for-you fats (like those in most fish), and increasing your fiber in anyway you can.

    The book provides several programs to help you shift your diet. Of the advice here, the best probably relate to going on a good-for-you diet for 3 weeks to make the switchover and having lots of emotional support as you do. In that sense, the advice isn't too much different from what you'll find from The South Beach Diet and related books. I suggest you check those out as well because you'll get lots of menu and snacking ideas.

    But for sheer motivation to reform your eating, it's hard to beat Sugar Shock!

    Go munch on something delicious that's good for you!...more info
  • Get Ready For The SUGAR SHOCK! Of Your Life
    Tens of millions of people in the United States of America every single day willfully expose themselves to one of the most harmful substances that has ever been discovered. This stuff quite literally wreaks havoc on both your mental and physical health in a multiplicity of ways like nothing else and yet nobody seems to be sounding the alarm loud enough for something to be done about this dangerous substance before it claims any more victims.

    Is it crack cocaine? No. How about the much-vilified fat? Uh-uh. Could it be alcoholic beverages? Nope again. This is arguably one of the most stealth public health threats in the history of mankind that has quite literally fallen beneath the radar of public scorn somehow while millions of people worldwide have fallen prey to its inevitable health consequences.

    I'm referring to the sweet kiss of death known as sugar!

    In the great debate over the healthiness of this white granular substance, there is one singular voice of reason that rises above them all. Her name is Connie Bennett and she has written the ultimate book on why people should be concerned about consuming too much sugar in her long-awaited debut book release entitled "SUGAR SHOCK!: How Sweets And Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life--And How You Can Get Back On Track!" from Berkley Books (part of the Penguin Group).

    With all the honesty of a woman who admits her once all-encompassing, head-over-heels love affair with sugar, Bennett implores her tremendous skills as a talented journalist to uncover some deep dark secrets surrounding sugar by digging into the great body of research and personal experiences of people who have been negatively impacted by it. What she discovers in the process could very well unlock the mystery behind so many of the health crises that plague our healthcare system today.

    Incredibly entertaining and impeccably sourced, "SUGAR SHOCK!" will quite literally give you the "shock" of your life when you learn just how ruthless and unforgiving sugar can actually be on your health. For people who smugly proclaim that "it's only sugar," you might want to get yourself a copy of this book and see for yourself why there is cause for concern.

    Bennett, along with medical consulting from cardiologist and nutritionist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, share her harrowing experiences with sugar, including wild mood swings, unstable blood sugar, depression, headaches, and much worse. It's this personal touch that makes you realize she isn't just blowing smoke on a subject she knows nothing about. On the contrary, Bennett is abundantly aware of the reaction she had to sugar and wants to warn others so they can avoid the same mistakes she did.

    Aftering becoming successful at overcoming her own "SUGAR SHOCK!," now Bennett seeks to educate people about what they can do to not only reduce, but actually eliminate their desire to eat sugar ever again. Seriously! Does this sound too good to be true? After you read this book, you may never want to put anything containing sugar in your mouth for the rest of your life. This book is indeed lifechanging!

    As someone who has lost nearly 200 pounds on the low-carb lifestyle and by permanently eliminating sugar from my diet, I can certainly appreciate what Bennett has to say about how processed carbs are exascerbating the weight and health of most Americans. I was there once weighing over 400 pounds and suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and breathing problems. Additionally, my sugar addiction had me gripped by the throat and refused to let me go.

    All of that changed in 2004 when I bid farewell to sugar and my life will never be the same again. It is a difficult transition, but a necessary one that people need to make before sugar claims you as its next victim. That's why I appreciate what Connie Bennett is doing to help others who desire to learn more about the outstanding benefits of eating quality carbohydrates while pointing people away from eating simple sugars. She really puts the whole "low-carb equals no carb" rumor to rest by sharing the kinds of "quality carb" foods people can and should be eating as part of a healthy lifestyle.

    You also have the opportunity to jump in on the challenge to kick sugar from your life forever after Bennett explains why you would want to do that, including improving your sex life (WHAT?!), helping your brain function, giving your emotions a boost, and loosening your addiction to the sweet stuff. Plus, Bennett reveals how that innocent sugary dessert you feel you can't live without could actually be the reason why diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity rates are all reaching epidemic proportions in the United States and around the world! It makes you wonder, doesn't it?

    So, what do you do after you experience "SUGAR SHOCK!" and are thoroughly convinced of your need to stop eating sugar? Well, you look for the cure and Bennett offers that to you as well with key tips and advice about what to eat, how and what to shop for instead of sugar, overcoming cravings, and defeating the sugar monster in your life forever. You just don't realize how much better you will feel until sugar no longer has control over your life.

    Featuring a distinguished foreword by Dr. Nicholas Perricone as well as input and endorsements from many of the world's most renowned health experts, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Marion Nestle, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Fred Pescatore, and countless others, "SUGAR SHOCK!" is indeed one of the most important health books of the twenty-first century! Every single diabetic and obese person needs to read this book! Get a copy for yourself and for every overweight and sick friend and family member that you know. This is just too important a subject to be ignored any longer! THANK YOU, Connie Bennett!...more info
    This book makes SO MUCH SENSE! What I particularly like about it is that the authors back-up their statements with VALID RESEARCH. PURE UNADULTERATED TRUTH about the sugar / food industry. Thanks CONNIE!!...more info
  • Much needed eye-opener however it's missing...
    This is a much needed book that explains how sugar can ravage a person's health and life (I wish recipes would have been included). For those of you looking for information on how to kick sugar I suggest the following book: The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program

    Another good resource for kicking sugar would be Radiant Recovery website....more info
  • Unique Among Diet Books
    "SUGAR SHOCK" is an extraordinary book. It not only offers a thorough, up-to-date, overview of the many risks associated with sugar consumption --but it does so in an infinitely interesting and personal way. Connie Bennett has done us all a favor by sharing her own experience as a "sugar addict" and chronicling her journey to enlightenment and recovery. I highly recommend reading "SUGAR SHOCK" -- and buying an extra copy for that friend whose eating habits are putting them in increasing peril. ...more info
  • Sugar Shock!
    We all know that too many sweets cause our waistline to expand and ruin our hopes of getting into that sexy bathing suit. Still, that single cookie just doesn't seem all that dangerous as it beckons. How could one little tiny cheat hurt? We tell ourselves that we'll just cut calories elsewhere.

    Even through our cloud of deep denial, we all know that one cookie always leads to another. We even know that the only calories we are going to cut are those of good healthy foods. Perhaps, what we don't realize is that sugar in sweets, fast foods, and simple carbs actually do real damage to our bodies. Once we stick that cookie into our mouth, we are setting ourselves up for a rollercoaster ride of emotional ups and downs that lead right back to the cookie jar. In the process, our body has to constantly react to a barrage of sugar which can lead to physical and emotional breakdown. The list of potential diseases is scary, from chronic fatigue syndrome and depression though diabetes and heart disease.

    I think that every so often we need a little reminder about what we are putting into our bodies. Often, in the chaos of our lives, it seems like an easier choice to eat fast food or have a sweet snack as a pick me up. However, in doing so, we are actually making things worse. There is hope and Sugar Shock! can show you how. ...more info
  • Sugar Shock!: How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life-and You Can Get Back on Track
    Connie Bennett has written an extraordinary compendium of facts and figures about sweets and simple carbs coupled with empowering techniques to deal with sugar addiction.

    Sugar Shock! is a must read for all people and health practitioners to really understand the effects sugar has on the body and the mind.

    Jill R. Baron, MD
    Integrative Medicine Physician, New York, New York...more info
  • Life-changing book
    I read this book 5 months ago in the hopes of learning more about refined sugar and it's adverse affects on the body. I ended up not only learning that, but losing 22 pounds.
    Sugar Shock is well-written, fast-paced and full of useful information about uncovering why we feel like crap when we eat overly-processed, starchy and/or sugary crap. What I thought was a healthy diet (juice, bagels with fat-free butter, frozen yogurt, bread, etc) was really just making me cranky and overweight.
    I owe Connie everything for writing this book. Once you understand the how sugar affects you, it is much easier to make positive changes that will stick for life. ...more info
  • Just in time for the New Me in the New Year!!!
    This book is a god send!! I will begin Connie's 21 Day Sugar Shock Challenge (on page 71) to get into my best physical and emotional shape ever starting January 1st, 2007. Written in a down-to-earth and easy-to read style, the authors speak from their personal experiences, many of which are down-right humorous in spite of the importance of the book's topic. I book-marked many pages on my first read and double marked the chapters which give tips on weight loss and the beautifying benefits of ridding your diet of sugar and simple carbs (or, as the authors term them, "much-like-sugar carbs"- cool term:).
    As a seasoned personal trainer and wellness practitioner, I'm going to recommend this book to all my clients and colleagues in the industry. Thanks to the authors for an amazing title!!

    Gina Allchin,
    President, Health Trek P.T.T....more info
  • Sugar Shock
    I had stopped eating sugar about a year ago due to arthritis pain and it really made a big differance. I am so glad that Ms. Bennett has written this book. We really need to know the effects sugar have on our health. I was especially sad to hear that so many children are developing type II diabetes due to obesity.
    When I look in my high school yearbook (class of '67) there are no obese members in my class of 168. There were no super sized portions. My dad only bought a 6pack of soda once a week for 6 kids. That is all we were allowed.
    Please tell all your friends and family about this book....more info
  • Life-changing book
    I first heard an interview with the author of this book on the radio. I was very interested in the subject, as I have been trying to lose weight for some time with limited success. When I read the book, it really made me think twice about everything I was eating. I took the plunge and eliminated 90% of all sugar and refined foods. In 3 months, I have dropped 20 lbs and feel great. In addition, our grocery bills have actually gone down! I have since bought three more copies for family members....more info


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