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With the unique Mega Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker, you can make ice cream anywhere! You dont need electricity, just add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other endthen have a ball as you shake it, pass it or roll it! The ice cream mix can be as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla. Try flavors from our recipe list included or make up your own. Made of durable polycarbonate, its lightweight, portable and easy to clean. Its ideal for Camping, Boating, Picnics, Parties, Travel...anywhere!

  • NEW!!! Makes TWICE the ice cream of the Original Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker!
  • It's ideal for Camping, Boating, Picnics, Parties, Travel...anywhere!
  • The ball is approximately 9" in diameter and makes a quart of ice cream in about 30 minutes. It weighs about 3 lbs when empty and 9 lbs when full.
  • The ice cream mix can be as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla. Recipes included.

Customer Reviews:

  • Family fun
    This is a great product for the family. Lots of fun to roll around and make ice cream. It is sturdy. Don't bother with the pint sized on though. You need the quart size or you get very little to enjoy....more info
  • Fantastic
    I bought this for my class of special ed kids. They loved rolling the ball around and making ice cream. They also enjoyed eating what they made. I did not expect the ice cream to be as firm as it turned out!...more info
  • Fun product
    My children have fun with this and they can make small batches of their favorites! They can also clean it. I don't have to do much with it since it is so child friendly....more info
  • we love making ice cream this way!
    I got this for my 6 year old and she and her big sister thoroughly enjoy making ice cream with it. At the beginning of an ice cream making session it seems that it isn't working very well, but we keep at it according to the directions and it works beautifully. Yum!...more info
  • Love the Mega Ice Cream Ball
    I love this product. My daughter (12 years) received it for Christmas. She made ice cream Christmas Day and the next day with her friends. The ice cream is a little runny at first, but we just put it in the freezer for a bit.
    It's easy to use and the ice cream is really good!...more info
  • agree with some reviewers...
    We love this product for it's ability to bring us together as a family and it's yummy end, but definitely agree with a few other reviewers in the following:
    -The grooves on the outside of the ball were a serious design flaw. From the first "open and scrape" they got their first drips. Although I found them easier to clean out than others, they still were a little sticky and in our house, that meant dog hair stuck right to them. UGH! Outside, it would have been grass or dirt or other such nastiness, so we dealt with it.
    -The plastic is hard (obviously), which meant rolling it to each other meant a couple bumps on the knees, feet, and in one case an elbow. Both of my kids are rather tough, but still not fun.

    Both of these things are just design flaws. Boy do I wish I was savvy enough to find someone to produce the next generation with me! A smoother, softer outer surface and it's the perfect invention!
    WE LOVE THE ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great fun for the whole family!
    I bought the Play and Freeze prior to our family reunion. It was a HIT!! My only 2 complaints are; A)The condensation on the outside of the ball causes it to get dirty, so I only recommend INDOOR play with it. B)It's not easy to get the ice cream out of the canister. (I suggest that the manufacturer discover a tool that works without scraping up the inside.) The kids had a "BALL" and we all enjoyed the product!...more info
  • Great Fun Indoors or Out!
    I bought this as a gift for my family and we enjoyed rolling it around the living room in December. The dog loved chasing it as much as we loved eating the ice cream. It makes enough ice cream for our family of eight to have sundaes. ...more info
    We had a family camp out with our church family with many kids this ball was the absolute hit of the entire camping trip. We have the large one that make enough for about 6 small bowls (two scoops) of ice-cream per each "session". We got to the camp site with all the hills, the kids rolled it up and down the hills while we set up camp. When we were done we had ice-cream! We added in coffee creamers for the variety of ice-creams...all in all we had 6 different kinds of ice-cream that everyone old andyoung enjoyed....PLUS the kids were passed out early from being tired from making ice cream.. The anticpation as to when the ice cream would be done was AMAZING.. We use the very simple recipe: 1 pint 1/2 and 1/2 with 3/4 sugar, then added power coffee creamer..then they were off. Only down fall is remind them to come back to scrap the sides .... but honestly it made sure we keep them close to camp.ENJOY!...more info
  • ice cream ball
    This product is great. It works well and makes great ice cream. It is a lot of fun. The only beef that I have with the product is that the stainless steel container where the ice cream is made is too long, I get my arm all covered in ice cream when I am scraping it down. But other than that it works wonderfully and really only takes 30 mins to have home made ice cream....more info
  • Homemade Ice Cream Always Tastes Great!
    My fiance and I own one and decided to buy 3 more for various kids in our family because we like our's so much. Everyone loved them! The only complaint I have is that the sides of the inner tube (where the ice cream is made) are very hard to scrape once the ice cream is made. The instructions ask you to stir up the ice cream about 10 minutes after starting the making process. Again, this is very hard to do. Especially since they tell you no to use a anything metal to do this. Maybe if the manufacturer included some type of scraper tool...? Other than that, this is a great product and totally beats coffee can ice cream!!!...more info
  • play & freeze
    The first pint of ice cream took a long time- your arms get pretty sore. On the second pint, my son dropped it (accidentally) from about 3 feet up. It is now ruined (illustrating how heavy it really is). If I knew who to appeal to, I would try to get a free replacement, and CERTAINLY to suggest adding rubber strips to all the hard edges. This would make it MUCH more durable and keep the damp exterior from slipping through cold and icy fingers....more info
  • Ice cream Ball
    This works great when you have lots of kids to help you. Let them toss and roll it around. Takes a bit of time and kids may get fidgety we are currently on our second Ice cream ball we got the larger size after our daughter broke the last one on the tile floor. other reviewer said that they kicked it wow !! good luck with that !!!

    Everyone in the campground looks forward to when we have Ice cream night ; )...more info
  • Not as fun as they say
    This is a great idea in theory. It doesn't take 10mins like the directions say. It takes about 45 mins and you need to keep adding ice and salt. My kids lost interest after about 15 min and I ended up rolling the thing around the house until I gave up and stuck the whole thing in the freezer to finish the job. For as much work as this thing takes you don't get much ice cream as a reward. I'd rather pay $5.00 and buy some ice cream....more info
  • cool product
    My grandaughter had this marked in a magazine I received in the mail. I love the great colors to choose from and her favorite is, of course, pink. I received it quickly and have not talked to her since she has used it. So I cannot say how the Ice Cream Maker worked for her, but I'm sure she has had a "ball" with it. It is a very cool product....more info
  • Lots of fun!
    I bought this for my sister's family-- mostly to keep her two children occupied! and it totally worked. The kids think of it as a game, and the face that you get ice cream in the end makes it lots of fun for them. Great for 5-10 year olds, or any body with tons of energy. and it works!...more info
  • A little work for great ice cream
    I bought this to use with my kids. (Why is the pink so much cheaper?!?) We had a lot of fun with it and it was easy. We sat on the family room floor and played hot potato by rolling it back and forth. The ice cream tasted great and I used organic cream and unprocessed sugar so we weren't eating a lot of unnecessary chemicals. To get the ice cream out easier, empty and rinse out the end with the ice first. I did that and the ice cream just slid out. It then needed a bit of a stir, but it was good to go. Oh, the ice cubes from my freezer slide right in. Basically it does what it says it will. ...more info
  • The Perfect gift for an active family
    First hand them a carton of cream and tell them it is part of their gift. Next give them a bag of ice -- they are getting ideas. Then let them open their gift, a play and freeze mega ice cream maker. The instructions are read and the games begin. Followed by a family with bowls and spoons at ready. What better way to entertain a hard to buy for family. They loved it....more info
  • Fun, but takes a while
    We have had fun making ice cream, but it takes about 30 minutes of rolling the ball around before you are done. After 15 minutes you have to stop, open the ball and scrap the frozen parts from the sides (not as easy as you think!). In the end, the ice cream was good and we had fun!. The best part is you can use ingredients that you typically have on hand. ...more info
  • It was easy; tastes great
    I used my ice cream ball for the 1st time tonight. Took me 22 minutes from start to finish. Fortunate that my icemaker makes the half moon cubes and all I had to do was dump them in. I added ice about half way thru and stirred the ice cream at that time, and got it off the sides of the container. Carefully .. not a lot of room and it can splash. Just wandered around the house a bit and when at the computer, moved it around with my foot. Ashamed to say that I ate the entire batch ... it was great!...more info
  • Lots of fun
    My 10 year old son and I had a great time making ice cream with it. It works quite well!...more info
  • Like the product
    This was a gift for my sister and her family. They enjoyed making the ice cream. My 9 month nephew had fun going after the ball. This is a great item to have....more info
  • Quick and Tasty Fun!!
    Some people make the complaints of it's too heavy, it takes too long, and it sticks to the sides. I got this for my stepdaughter and we made ice cream twice with it (once with heavy whipping cream and once with half and half). The Heavy Cream worked better and the ice cream tasted so good. We also used the basic vanilla recipe and added crushed oreos. It was the best ice cream I've ever had!! It's heavy but don't go throwing it around. Roll it on the floor, heck do it on a towel in front of the television, all you have to do is just keep it moving, there is no wrong or right way to do it. Takes too long?!?! Have you ever made homemade ice cream with a crank or electric machine. It takes so much longer and honestly, this version was so much easier to me!! And of course it sticks to the sides - but take your time scraping and know that you might make a mess - who cares that makes it fun!!! Keep a hard plastic spatula on hand and use this to scrap the sides. I think this is a great buy and I will be soon purchasing one for my other kids....more info
  • Great idea, doesn't quite work
    I got this for the kids for Christmas a couple of years ago. We followed the instructions exactly, had lots of fun rolling it around, and wound up with some soupy ice milk. This is one of those products that is a great idea but ultimately, you don't use it much - we used it exactly one time, and no one has ever suggested using it again. If you want some exercise along with your ice cream, go run after your neighborhood ice cream truck. ...more info
  • fun for date night
    I received the pint-size version for Christmas. I forgot about it until I woke up craving ice cream. Now I can't get enough. The ingredients are simple and there's no hand-cranking as was the case when I was a kid. Just roll it back and forth while having a pleasant conversation. This size is just perfect for two people. I've read other reviews and must say that ours does not leak. Also, the spiderweb design on the outside is what keeps the surface comfortable to touch. Yes, the lids get tight, which is why the manufacturers included a handy tool to remove them. This rates a four out of five because the sides do get difficult to scrape down and we're advised to not use metal objects. I scrape as much as I can with a wooden spoon, then empty all the ice out and let it sit for ten minutes. At that point, the same wooden spoon handily gets the rest. We made mint chocolate chip tonight and were very happy with it. I'm already thinking of new recipes. ...more info
  • Play and Freeze Mega Ice Cream Maker,Quart,Orange
    sounded like a fun christmas gift which it is intended for. This will be also used for small kids....more info
  • Not Enough Fun for the Frustration
    I used mine once and returned it because the work of it outlasted the fun by at least 20 minutes. The ice cream was really hard to remove, too. Even though we followed the instructions, we had ice milk in the core and hard ice cream on the wall of the interior.

    If we were camping and really wanted ice cream, we'd probably use it once or twice a year. It's a cute idea, but the work and frustration of it doesn't pay off....more info
  • great
    I got this for my mom for Christmas and she loves it. She uses it with the grandkids...more info
  • Lots of fun for a bunch of kids
    I got this for my daughter's birthday as the Bratz ice cream maker she got only made about 2 scoops of ice cream. This makes a whole quart and I had my Girl Scout troop throw it around and there was more than enough for all of them to have an ice cream cone. They loved it. It's a lot easier if you have a group, my girls took turns but they certainly earned their cones. I will do it with my Cub Scout troop when we are camping. This is a great, simple item! ...more info
  • love the new ice cream ball!!
    Fabulous product. If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, whatever the NEEd this product. So much fun!!!It really works!!!Play-and-Freeze Mega Ice Cream Maker - Quart...more info
  • Terrible Review
    I ordered this product as a Christmas Present on the 22nd and paid overnight shipping, it did not come until JANUARY 15th. I have contacted this company to try and at least get refunded on shipping with no response. I will never order from Amazon again, because you really don't know who your ordering from. Amazon takes no responsiblity for the companies they let sell on their website....more info
  • Not great.
    The novelty of this product is just about its only attribute. It is fun for about 5 minutes. The ball leaked from the get go so we could not roll it on the floor. It is extremely heavy, and shaking it for 15 minutes, followed by another 10-15 is a very long time, especially for kids! You need A LOT of ice and have to keep refilling the ice portion. The ice cream never got really firm, it is more like a milk shake. Tasted great, though. Plus it is very difficult to clean the outside due to its design. I would pass on this product. ...more info
  • What Fun!
    I bought one of these ice cream balls for two different Grandchildren (one 7 year old and a 12 year old) for Christmas this year and it was the hit of the Season. The children each invited a friend to their house to make the ice cream for the first time. The end product was really delicious - one family added M & M's to theirs and the other made plain vanilla....more info
  • Great in the classroom
    I have used the ice cream ball with many groups of students over the past 3 years with great success. It is quick and takes fairly common household ingredients to make a batch of ice cream. We have made enough in one time around for 8 students to enjoy a small bowl. It is a great learning tool for math as well as motor skills. I was surprised at some of the reviews I read as people indicated it was too heavy to kick for fear of broken toes and too heavy to toss very far. The directions clearly state this ball is not a toy and is only to be rolled. It is not meant to be kicked or thrown. I have found that when the directions were followed, it works well to create a frozen treat in just about any location, (campground, hotel room, backyard, or classroom) that may be desired. I enjoy this product and plan to get many more years of lessons and use from the one I own. ...more info
  • Fun!
    It's fun! At first, I buy this for me 2 yr old son but it's a little to heavy for him to roll with it all fill up with ice. So I fill half of the ice in the second time and pour melted ice and added more when I have to stir ice cream in the half time. It works well....more info
  • We love ice cream!
    With a family of 5 that loves ice cream and three active kids this was a perfect choice for us. This was a gift for my daughter's 8th birthday, and she loves the idea of making her own ice cream. The recipes are easy and you can get creative, trying different flavors. For the kids I think the fun of rolling the ice cream ball around is enhanced by the anticipation of the prize in side. Easy to clean. Great gift idea....more info
  • Ice cream maker
    Purchased this ice cream maker for Christmas. Thought it would be fun but it took a little over 40 min to make ice cream and then we had a heck of a job getting it out of the container. Frozen so hard and weird shape so couldn't get a tool in to remove ice cream. You also have to stop halfway through and scrape down sides. Ice cream tasted great but design is poor. We have done the same kind of thing with 2 coffee cans and works better. Kids became bored pretty quickly. Will be good for camping....more info
  • So Much Fun
    I bought a few of these this Christmas. I gave them to all the kids, including nieces and nephews. They love them. I bought everyone who lives in the same house a different color so they know which one is theirs. (Less fighting that way) They have used them a few times already. They have so much fun making the ice cream and it is really good ice cream. For the thing to know is it takes A LOT of ice and you can use regular table salt instead of the rock salt, its works just fine. I would recommend this to anyone. Enjoy!...more info
  • A blast! And a lot easier than we expected!
    Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball Pink

    We got this for our four year old son for Yule. We were slightly concerned about some of the reviews, but figured that it was worth the risk. We were relieved to see that there was no metal exposed in the freezer end of the ball, so the corrosion we worried about from the other reviews wasn't likely to be a problem.

    The night that he opened it, we set about making ice cream immediately. We used whole, raw milk, Sucranat raw sugar, and Mexican vanilla in the recommended proportions. We put a scant half cup of table salt and one tray of ice cubes in the other end (we hadn't planned this out carefully and that's what we had...) figuring that it might not be ideal, but it should do something.

    Then we took the ball into into the parlour and rolled the ice cream maker around on the rug with our feet for ten minutes. It rapidly became a freewheeling game with much giggling. After 10 minutes, we went into the kitchen and scraped down the sides with a wooden butter knife so that the ice cream would freeze evenly, as suggested. The next 10 minutes went by amazingly fast as we continued our rollicking game.

    The ice cream was amazing -- even with the wrong kind of salt and not quite enough ice, it turned into a wonderful soft serve texture and the flavour was just what we were hoping for.

    One hint, though. If you dump the salt and ice out and rinse the freezer end with cold water before you open the ice cream end, the ice cream will serve a lot more easily.

    YUM! We highly recommend this -- it takes the drudgery out of home made ice cream and works very well....more info
  • Great for Family Gathering meals
    I took the megaball to Thanksgiving. The kids really enjoyed playing with the ball and making ice cream at the same time. Also, we had fresh vanilla ice cream to put on our pies for desert. I'm giving the pint sized ones as Christmas gifts. ...more info
  • ice cream ball
    Cool idea. Actually does work. However, the Mega size is very heavy. There is no way you can "toss" that ball after all the salt and indgredients have been added. We had to roll it back and forth on the floor. It could knock someone out it is so heavy. Fun idea though. I would recommend getting the smaller size. Also, I ordered a red one and it came blue....more info
  • broken in five minutes
    This was a Christmas present for my daughter. It cracked during the first 5 minutes of use. What a waste of money, time, and a young girl's hopes....more info
  • Ice cream ball
    The ice cream was great! Now for the down side of it...
    The seal on the side the cylinder opened to would leak during use, it took what seemed forever to make the ice cream (thirty minutes for the mega size; if you have dogs that like to chase things that might make it more enjoyable between two people), and it took lots of ice. It would be good for someone to do at home, however, not my idea of a good item to take camping unless you're in a motorhome with an ice maker and space to store it...would be good for kids if you could come up with different ways of moving the ball around besides throwing/tossing it....more info
  • Fun and easy!
    I've used it about 5 times. My son (3 years) and myself roll it back and forth on the floor. It's a very fun alternative to shaking plastic bags or an automatic maker :) Its easy to clean and easy to use, very simple. I would suggest using a long soft scrubber to clean the inside, my hand wouldnt fit in with a sponge well. Also, I found tht using fat free half and half makes a good creamy texture and (obviously) no fat like whole cream! I recommend this highly as a fun toy for summer and a great cooling treat after!...more info
  • do not buy
    i got this for $12 bucks at walmart and i am glad i didnt pay $20 or more from this site. it is impossible to get the ice cream out of the ball. instead of putting the ice cream mix in the cylinder and the ice outside in the ball part, it is reversed, and IMPOSSIBLE to mix or scoop out. i had to use a long skinny iced tea spoon and i scratched the metal cylinder. i didnt even feel like cleaning it afterwards because i knew i would never use it again. i chucked it in the garbage. good luck....more info
  • great group activity
    I love this product especially in large group setting so everyone can take a turn rolling it. It takes about 30-45 min. to make ice cream so the more people to help the better. The kids love it!...more info
  • Fun Ice Cream Maker - heavy..but fun
    Keep in mind that you are ordering the larger of the two Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker balls.

    1. Size: It is quite large and when filled with the ice cream products and ice/salt, it is quite heavy. Not recommended for little children and their fragile fingers. Because it's heavy, it gathers some momentum and I can see how someone might get their fingers/toes hurt. But the end product is enough to feed 5 people a good coffee cup full of ice cream.

    2. Noise: because the ball is larger, it does make a lot more noise. Just with the ice slushing around in there along with the ball rolling on the floor. We have hardwood floors so over the rug, we placed another blanket and rolled the ball around. Luckily, our walls aren't too thing.

    3. Ice Cream: I used half n half because I didn't have cream, sugar, vanilla, bananas, strawberries, and chocolate chips. It turned out great! The consistency wasn't like soft serve, but actually more like Breyers ice cream. Light and with a bite to it. PLenty of recipes you can try.

    4. Time: It does take longer to make this ice cream. I'd suggest 15 min, scrape down the sides, give it a gentle mix, another 15 minutes and then check it. Depending on how hard you roll and how much ice you put in the beginning, you don't even need to refill it with ice and it's done in 30 minutes.

    5. Removing the ice cream: I didn't get a special spoon like someone did with their order from another company... so I used a wooden spoon. Didn't really work ..only with the ice cream in the center. So I had to carefully scrape the ice cream off the walls with a butter knife. Another option is to empty the ice end, and dunk the ball in warm water just for a few seconds. The ice cream on the wall of the cylinder will melt and it will be easier to scoop.

    Again, not perfect ice cream and it's not instant...but if that's what you're looking for, why buy an ice cream maker :) It's fun I have to admit, especially since you can get really creative. And we are people in our mid 20s...put on some music and it's pretty fun. So, if you get it while it's on sale, I'd say go for it.

    And lastly, if you have kids, I'd stick to the smaller one if you want them to help make the ice cream. This ball gets heavy, gathers momentum and can really easily bruise or sprain a little finger. ...more info


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