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The Natural Choice Stevia Dietary Supplement A Difference You Can Taste Stevita Stevia Supreme starts with the highest premium quality stevia extract available which is 96% pure steviosides with over 30% rebaudiosides (the active ingredients of the stevia leaves) Next we blend in erythritol a natural crystal granulated filler from fruits and grains Unlike other fillers it is easily digested dissolves quickly is safe for diabetics promotes healthy teeth and has no calories or carbohydrates per serving

  • No Calories, No Carbs
  • 1 packet = 2 tsp sugar
  • Gluten Free, Wheat Free
  • Naturally sweet
  • For a free sample of this product, call 1-800-337-5561

Customer Reviews:

  • Good in small doses
    I think this is a good brand of Stevia - I've tried a few of the others and Stevita tends to be more sweet and less bitter, and to have less of an aftertaste. It still cannot be used as a replacement for sugar for everything of course, but it works well in small doses, particularly in yogurt and oatmeal. ...more info
  • A great alternative to all other sweetners.
    Years ago, before you could buy Stevia in the states (the sugar lobbyists kept it out of America for many years) I ordered a bunch from South America and we would order it in raw form, funny now that i think of it. It was to sweet and hard to control portions I couldn't use it. In packets it's wonderful. Of course I hear people complain about it having a slight taste of something else, and quit using it. I use it because it is better for me then either Equal or the Spelenda. Both of them leave an after taste you have to get used to. I would love to just use sugar, but I have to watch my sugar intake, and this is just the ticket. I gave it 5 stars, I take it for different reasons then other people. I would rather have a little taste of liquorish in my coffee, then dry mouth with Equal or Spelenda. It only takes a week or so to get accustomed to this, so it's a 5 star in my book. I had to get used to Equal, so what is the difference? It's a natural product, no warnings on the box, tastes good, low carbs, it is well worth getting your taste buds used to this stuff. ...more info
  • i must have super taste buds
    I found this very bitter when I used just 1 packet for hot tea. I had to use 1 teaspoon of cream to disguise the taste, which I don't like, cause I prefer my tea without cream. I didn't buy the huge pack, my husband sent for samples. He didn't like them either and went back to using Splenda and sugar. I'll try the other stevia brands to see if I get the same bitter aftertaste. (I had a problem with the taste of Splenda when I first started using it, but now find that 1 pkt of that is sweet like 2 tablespoons of regular sugar.) Now that Splenda isn't getting safe reviews, I would like to try something natural, like stevia....more info
  • Replaces both sugar and also a little salt.
    I have long searched for a replacement for salt, trying various spices in the grocery store. None of them could cure my need for salty flavored foods.

    Well then, I went to try and design a sugar free pasta sauce and I used stevia. The surprise was that now I could leave out the salt too, and not even miss it. Once an awhile I add salt just to be safe because we all need at little in our diet. But if I forget whether I tossed in some salt or not, I can't tell by tasting.

    Nobody wants sugar on their scrambled eggs. And garden tomatoes needs salt, never sugar. But if a dish normally has both a lot of sugar and a little salt, try stevia to replace both!

    Like these oat bran muffins: [Credit goes to _Caique_ on the American Heart Association forum who created a first version].

    Healthy Oatbran Muffins.

    Yields 6 regular sized muffins.

    1 and 1/4 cups oatbran flour, for example: Bob's Red Mill Oatbran Cereal (this is not oatmeal).
    1/2 cup all purpose white flour.
    1 packet stevia powder.
    1 tablespoon baking powder.
    1/3 cup dry powdered milk.
    7 oz water
    3 tablespoons liquid egg whites (e.g. All Whites brand)
    1 tablespoon canola or olive oil (these are your two healthy oils)
    --Crisco No-Stick spray (their oil is 100% canola).

    Stir dry ingredients 10 seconds.
    Add liquids and stir a minute.
    Spray a second or so inside each cup of the muffin tin with Crisco No-Stick.
    Bake at 450 degrees for 30 minutes.
    A toaster oven is handy for the job and some will just fit a 12 inch wide six muffin tin.
    One which has served well for years and barely fits a 12 inch x 12 inch square pan is:
    Proctor Silex 31120.

    Proctor-Silex 31120 Pizza Oven

    This is a very basic recipe with a prep time under 10 minutes.
    Has no sugar, salt, or yolks for health reasons.
    Medical associations say a cup a day of oat bran reduces LDL cholesterol, and regulates insulin.
    All Whites and powdered milk were used because they store a long time until opened. But they are not necessarily healthier.
    You could replace All Whites with 1 large egg white.
    You could replace water and milk powder with 1 cup skim milk
    You could replace stevia with 2 teaspoons sugar + dash of salt.
    Stevia packets are sized to add to one cup of coffee.
    9 packets of stevia = 18 teaspoons sugar = 1 teaspoon of liquid stevia drops
    My local supermarkets stock all ingredients: Even the Red Mill Oatbran, stevia, and chilled cartons of All Whites.

    ...more info
  • Funny taste
    This product has a "woodsy" taste that lingers long after you use it. I'm going to stick with Splenda....more info
  • healthy sweetener
    Stevia is the only sweetener we use at our house and this was a good brand. ...more info
  • Bring back the multi-box packaging
    I like this product but the only way to order it now with individual packets is single box, non-Prime? So I pay twice the amount to ship it than the product costs? Nope! I'll stick with organic blue agave nectar until this gets fixed....more info
  • Stale bitter taste
    I was anxious to receive the Stevia, but when it arrived I tasted it and it was stale and bitter, the opposite of sugary. The quality was very poor, and I will be shopping locally for this product at a health food store, somewhere where I can taste the product before buying it....more info
  • Best overall Stevia Product we tried
    We tried 4 different Stevia products to see which we would like the best. We compared the taste, any aftertaste, how fast it dissolved in cold liquids, specifically mint tea, and cost. We tried Stevia Supreme, Truvia, Sweetleaf, and Spring Valley.

    Stevia Supreme came out the best. It dissolved reasonably quickly, had a good taste, little or no aftertaste, seems to be one of the best for having the least added ingredients, and it is a very good price from Amazon.

    Truvia was our 2nd choice. It was best for quickly dissolving in cold liquids, and also had a good taste, but we had 2 problems with it. My husband thought it had a slight aftertaste (I didn't notice it) and the label lists "natural ingredients" which could be anything. Also, it was a bit more expensive than the Stevia Supreme at our local supermarket but not a lot (and a lot less than I am seeing it today on Amazon!).

    Third is Sweetleaf. It has a sweet flavor and very little if any aftertaste, but it is so very mild that it doesn't make the drink as sweet as the others. If you use too much to try to get the sweetness, it will taste bitter. It takes a longer time to dissolve and it is also more expensive than the Stevia Supreme.

    Fourth, and not recommended at all, is the Spring Valley Stevia. I got it at Walmart for the lowest price of all the Stevia products, but it has a very strong aftertaste in my opinion and after trying it for a few days, I threw the rest away. I've used other Spring Valley products and been happy with them, but this was clearly inferior.

    Spring Valley was the only one that I did throw away because all the others were overall satisfactory, but the Stevia Supreme was the best in our opinion....more info
  • up to your tastebuds
    I only speak for myself when I say I really like the taste. I think it has to do with your tastebuds more than the product itself. I use it in my coffee everyday and I will keep buying this as long as I can....more info
  • Spoonable tastes better, Supreme tastes bad; try both then decide.
    We first got Stevita Spoonable, in tea, its taste was very closed to cane sugar; a bit "clinic" taste for coffee (it was really not bad, just a hint of), but we can tasted it. Stevita Supreme is another story - it was hard to explain, it tasted aftertaste while we were drinking it. We got a replacement for Stevita Supreme, still bad. We since use Stevita Spoonable, 99 percent of time we like it; once a while we got a "clinic" taste box, still not too bad tasting, still better than Stevita Supreme. ...more info
  • Not sweet!
    I've previously used Truvia and decided to try this product as an alternative.

    I found this product to be caked in its packages making it impossible to sprinkle on food effectively. And I didn't find that it made the food sweet; in fact I detected a bitter taste like Saccharine.

    I'm going back to Truvia even if it does cost more. I feel this product was a waste of money....more info
  • This is good, very similar to Equal
    I like this product. I'm used to using Sweet-N-Low and Equal to sweeten my iced tea, both of which I like. This tastes pretty much like Equal in tea, or sprinkled on fruit or cereal. It will however, 'clump up' inside the closed package from humidity (I've never had Equal do that.) I gave it only 4 stars because of that, and because it's more expensive than 'Equal'....more info
  • Awesome
    Switched from Splenda to Stevia and I LOVE IT! Awesome in tea - hot or cold. ...more info
  • This has a bitter taste, aweful
    This has a bitter taste and I can't use it. Thank Goodness I didn't order 2000. ...more info
  • Good tasting natural sweetener
    Stevia is a natural sweetener which you can only get at a healthfood/vitamin store or on a website like Amazon. It is totally natural, no artificial ingredients like Splenda or others. The taste for me is great, some have said the taste was good not great. I suppose it a matter of preference. However the majority like the fact that it is to their taste and has no calories like cane sugar or corn syrup. I recommend Stevia highly....more info
  • Healthy Alternative to 'sweeten' your taste-buds...
    I have switched to Stevia (packets) as an alternative to those more popular brands on the market today; packet form as an added convenience to take with me wherever I go.. I would definitely recommend Stevia to anyone wishing to make a switch to this natural alternative. It tastes just like sugar, no after taste, 1 packet=1 tsp sugar, dissolves easily.
    ...more info


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