Filterstream Dirttamer Ultima V2510 Wet/Dry Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

The most powerful cordless hand vacuum available! With up to 400% more suction power, this 14.4 volt handvac provides industrial strength suction and run time for fast cleanups. Cleans up faster and stronger than ordinary cordless hand vacs! When you have the world's most powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner, you can handle almost any clean-up job. More importantly for allergy and asthma sufferers, this is one of the only two cordless vacuum cleaners with HEPA filtration available (the DirtTamer Deluxe is the only other one). That means your symptoms won't flare up as you clean up! Because spills aren't always dry, the DirtTamer Deluxe picks up wet spills as easily as dry ones. Comes complete with 3 handy cleaning tools an extended crevice tool, a squeegee and an upholstery brush. Features also include a dirt-finding headlight, easy-to-empty 9-oz. bowl, charge and low battery indicator, extra long run time, and a full-length charging and tool storage case.

  • 14.4V for Industrial Strength Suction
  • Wet/Dry Suction
  • Includes Extended Crevice Tool, Squeegee, and Upholstery Brush
  • Dirt-Finding Headlight
  • Easy-to-Empty 9oz. Bowl
Customer Reviews:
  • Happy with it
    I'm impressed. Suction power is very good. Flexible nozzle tip is very can bend into tight spaces....more info
  • Thumbs up for this one
    I used to run a professional cleaning company and am very picky about the products I use. I've had plenty of hand held vacuum cleaners over the years, and this little machine has been the exclusive one I use now (though mine says "Nexxtech" on it, perhaps because it was purchased at a Canadian Tire Store several years ago - they no longer carry it). Hands-down the best and most powerful cordless I have ever had, excellent around all areas of the house & workshop. It is well worth the price; I am going to buy another one!...more info
  • Very satisfied customer
    I've had two of the older V2210 model for at least six years, one in the house and one in the garage. I think both are still going on the original batteries. Unlike some cheaper rechargeable vacs, you can, and should, leave it on the powered charging base when the vac is not in use. Unlike those others, it will always be charged when you need to use it.

    I find it more powerful than DustBuster and it stays powerful for several minutes.

    Although the charging base can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, it is important to secure the base so it doesn't slide when you dock the unit. If you try to dock it and the loose base slides away, the charging pads may not make good contact....more info
  • Great Product
    This is the best rechargeable hand vac I have ever used. I have one on each floor of my home and in the garage. Great for a family of five and the best for quickly picking up spilt cereal off the floor. Strong motor last long enough to vac out my car....more info
  • Super hand-held vac
    DirtTamer Ultima 14.4V...V2510 Model. While looking for a replacement filter after using our vac for 3 years, I was surprised to see the poor reviews. Perhaps they were not the Ultima model. This has been an excellent vac for quick vaccuuming of bathroom and kitchen floors and especially our carpeted stairs. Compared to our previous Black and Decker DustBuster hand-held vacs, this is a dream. I am able to run it for a good 10 minutes without losing power. I have not tried it on wet surfaces. When this one goes, I will definitely purchase another....more info
  • This product is kinda lousy
    There are very few things I like about this vac. I have owned it for one year, but I think came out of the box with a a low quality battery. It never lasted long enough for me to get the front AND back seats of the car. Now you can barely turn it on before it loses power. It is also loud for no good reason! I mean, if it were sucking up a golf ball or something I might understand it, but I'm trying to pick up some shredded paper and dust bunnies. Maybe there should be a hi/lo power switch on it. I would not recommend this product. My old broken Dustbuster was better than this, and cheaper....more info
  • Loudest dust buster I ever owned
    I don't know if we just received a defective unit but when I run mine it sounds like a garbage disposal and it cranks down like an old model T when you turn it off. It does pick up everything and the hepa filter keeps the air clean but it is a bit scary to run it. Is this normal? ...more info