ViraMask with Viraseal by Wein (Pack of 5)

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Product Description

VIRAMASK offers substantial protection against flu and airborne particles. Introducing the first consumer antiviral adhesion mask that offers substantial inhalation protection against airborne flu and viral particles. The VIRAMASK medical adhesive technology products an effective virus seal without confining headbands that can shift and produce viral leakage. The ViraMask with in.Viraseal in. is an incredibly effective facemask that is designed to give you maximum protection in the event you have contact with infected people. The Viramask offers substantial inhalation protection against airborne influenza viral particles, as well as other viral and bacterial pathogens. Unlike hospital type masks, which can allow air to leak in from all sides, this consumer anti-viral mask uses an adhesive to form a tight seal around the nose and mouth. It applies like a band-aid and molds instantly to any face. It has been tested to FDA and NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) protocols. It is up to 5 times more effective at viral filtration than N95 masks used in hospitals and has bacterial and viral filtration efficiency greater than 99.9%. Even if we are fortunate enough never to worry about a bird flu pandemic, the Viramask offers a very high level of personal germ protection when and where your family needs it. ViraMask Features: Advanced filtration against airborne flu and other viral and bacterial submicron sized particles. This also includes larger particles such as pollen, allergens and mold spores. Easy for anyone to use instantly. Applies like a bandaid. Advanced virus protection tested by leading respiratory protection scientists and laboratories on NIOSH approved filter testing instruments. Tested and certified to FDA (21 CFR Part 58) Protocol No.2005-36208-01. Viral filtration efficiency: (21 CFR Part 58) Protocol No. 2005-536209-01. Bacterial and viral filtration efficiency greater than 99.9%. Disposable 8 hour usage. Hypoallergenic medical