Bio-Net Air Purifier with EGF Technology, Black

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Product Description

The Bio-Net Air Purifier(TM) , an FDA Classified Class II Medical Device, greatly reduces odors, gases and germs in offices or homes. Protect your health. This newly developed air cleaner purifier reduces your exposure to germs, viruses, airborne chemicals and toxic mold. Air purification with BioNet technology helps control allergies and asthma triggers. One pass of air through the EGF(TM) germ-killing zone of the Bio-Net Air Purifier(TM) removes: 99+% of viruses. 94-100% other microorganisms such as mites, mold spore, bacteria and fungi. This Enhanced Germicidal Filtration (EGF) technology developed from research for total germ free environments for clean rooms, hospitals and businesses. EGF Technology’s high energy field within a sealed filter compartment traps and inactivates airborne microorganisms, permanently killing them. HEPA and Ultra Violet (UV) filter units are less effective in germ-killing than the Bio-Net Air Purifier. HEPA only filters that claim 0.1 - 0.3 micron particle capture cannot kill nor trap all viruses. UV may not be too weak to inactivate many germs and/or dirt particles may shield germs from the UV light. Bio-Net’s intensive air filtration and air purification lets you breathe the safest air possible. The Bio-Net Air Purifier(TM) with patented EGF technology is unique, laboratory tested and listed by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device. This is the most revolutionary advancement in air purification today because of its germ-killing ability. The Bio-Net indoor air purifier also effectively removes odors, airborne chemical, dust pollen and more. Bio-Net Air Purifiers use 5 stages of filtration, that provide virtually a clean room environment in the room the air purifier is located. Stage 1: Removal of dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mite by-products and particulate matter 10 microns or larger in diameter. Stage 2: Reduction of gases, odors and airborne chemicals. Stage 3: Reduction of gases, odors and airborne chemi