Jeanne D'arc

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Step into a colorful world on your PSP where history meets fantasy. Take part in a mystical story inspired by the legendary Joan of Arc, where players will explore a fantasy setting filled with ogres, dragons, and magical powers. The game brings numerous animated in-game cutscenes that bring the world to life. The game's background story begins far in the past, during a long war where dark gods attempted to use their demon armies to enter the human world. Five brave heroes create armlets to restrain the demon gods. You play as Jeanne as a 17-year-old girl. Voices encourage you to defeat the monster and take up the legacy and emblem of the five heroes. Together with friends Lian and Roger, you take up the cause to lead France towards victory against attacking demons and the English army. With more than 40 hours of 3D turn-based RPG gameplay, you will acquire multiple characters during your adventure and use them within each battle, combining skills to create powerful combat strikes. An intricate grid-based tactical combat system and colorful characters are brought to life through animated in-game cut scenes, set in a detailed magical world. Each character is associated with a specific weapon type including swords, axes, bows, knives, shields, spears, wands and whips Each character has the ability to use special skills exclusive to their weapon type Discover powerful weapons as you progress through the game Customize characters with more than 150 different skills and abilities, including magic spells and special attacks to boost overall stats

  • Command up to 7 characters at a time and embark on a crusade in a 15th century fantasy setting of ogres, dragons and magical powers
  • Explore ransacked villages and battlefields with visuals and cinematics that bring the world to life
  • Tactics style action with unique team-based strategy of attacks and defenses
  • Combine character skills to initiate special moves and generate powerful attacks
  • Control up to seven characters during battle sequences

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome game
    This is the type of games that is perfectly suited for the PSP. Love the strategy involve during the battles. Story is good but it slows toward the middle of the game. The game is a little easy as you can level up pretty easily and there is no grinding involve. This game is very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics as it is a SJRPG....more info
  • Game gets boring after a while
    If I reviewed this after the first day I bought it, the game would have gotten 5 stars. It starts amazingly with a good story, lots of action and a perfect tutorial on how to use the system.

    However, once you get a good ways in here is what is wrong with this game.
    1. Every battle has a time limit. This means if you want to slowly advance on the enemy you can't, you will run out of time. You have to charge in always so the odds of one of your party members dieing is very high.
    2. Some battles have you protect someone (who doesn't fight). You have to guide them to the finish line. BUT you can't control them. The idiot just runs in as fast as he can. So you have to charge in to protect him. So the odds of him dieing (and thus game over), or lots of members of your party dieing are very likely. I really hated this part of the game. As a result you will have to replay some levels numerous times to know the "correct" way to beat it. This then makes it feel more like a memory/puzzle game then a strategy game. I mean in reality wouldn't the guy you are protecting want to stay back??
    3. The dialogue between battles is the worst. You WAIT and WAIT and WAIT.
    4. The battles become repative after a while. The game needs more variety here. You mostly pick the same party members everytime, and they do the same sort of attacks.
    5. Game is too long. I have beaten nearly 20 stages now and I see no end in sight. I'm just getting bored now.

    The game is worth beating though so I will be putting more time into it. But the replay value is 0....more info
  • A great game for strategy RPG lovers
    Ever since I played Vandal Hearts and Suikoden on the original Playstation, I've been looking for a similar gaming experience. I enjoy strategy games that have an easy to understand battle system without requiring too much input on fussy little details. It also helps if the story and characters are engaging.

    I am delighted to say that Jeanne D'Arc has all the things I've been looking for. You can start playing without having to pore through the manual because there are NPCs sprinkled throughout the game that offer helpful hints and explanations.

    It's perhaps a bit on the easy side for seasoned strategy RPG vets, but for anyone looking for a fun experience without the hassles, consider adding this to your PSP game library....more info
  • F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!!!! A wonderful story and great strategic game
    I owned around PSP games and frankly this is, by far, the best game I've seen. Great and engaging story, excellent strategic game and wonderful graphics. A great pleasure to play, I spent 50 hours to finish it and I am sad it is over.

    To any PSP fan, this is the MUST game you have to have.
    ...more info
  • Interesting, but cut scenes are annoying
    This is my first PSP RPG so I don't have anything to compare it to. I do think the gameplay has potential. What I do find annoying however, is the goofy anime-esque characters and the mechanical cut-scene animation. But all in all, it seems to be a solid game. I think WOW has popularized this new breed of cartoon-ish RPGs and I'm more in favor of traditional RPG settings.
    ...more info
  • A Must-Have for PSP!
    This game is really well-made and I highly recommend buying it! You can really tell that the game developers put in a lot of time to create a game that has a cohesive storyline, beautiful graphics (especially the anime cut-scenes!), and intuitive gameplay!

    The game is basically broken up into different battles. After you finish one battle, there's a video which leads you into the next destination battle. You have a number of different characters to choose from to support Jeanne in freeing France. And while the gameplay is just these RPG battles, the amount of choices you have as the player is endless. You have to choose who is best suited to support Jeanne and how to allot their skills (i.e - assigning Flash Strike to a high-damage Rogue for a really high damage hit against opponents).

    I don't really have anything negative to say about this game, except that it doesn't lend itself to being played for short bursts (10-15 minutes). If you're home and you have half an hour, sit on the couch and play the game. The game is kind of like a console game rather than a "portable" one, because of how developed it is with the story line videos/cut-scenes. ...more info
  • tactis game
    finally I have the pleasure to play a tactic's game with the same caliber as final fantasy tactic's for the ps1. I recomended this game to those who are know for the genre. graet game ...more info
  • A well-crafted SRPG
    As far as Strategy Role Playing Games go, Jeanne doesn't go much outside the tried and true formula. Battles are fought on closed grids with each character moving 5-9 spaces, depending on how you customize them. The game offers a very polished take on the SRPG genre, but is bogged down by a few aspects.

    A lot of people whine about the difficulty of Jeanne D'arc. "It's too eeeeeaasssy" they snivel. I'm here to say that Jeanne D'arc is, in fact, an easy game. If you happen to be comparing it with moronically difficult SRPGs from days of yore. A lot of the whiners grew up with FFT, and that's okay, but what you should realise is that FFT is a very poor benchmark for a modern game (you'll know why if you've played anything over a decade old.). Jeanne D'arc's difficulty is actually at a nice level for modern games; you can progress through the story without taking a break to mine exp. Because forcing players to spend time fighting meandering battles on a different tangent than the story is so 90s.

    Jeanne packs a lot of challange if you decide to abstain from free battling for exp. Think of something more difficult than pokemon, but not as crazy as FFT.

    For being challenging without making me waste my time on stupid random battles, Jeanne gets an A+ for difficulty.

    Another area where there is much whining is customisation. Personally, I don't have a problem with it. Jeanne lacks the job classes of FFT, but makes up for it with its 14 characters. You have your mages (for magic stuff), your archers (for archery), your pikemen (for attacking two squares ahead), your thief (for sneakiness and evadiness), your therions (for SMASHING), and your typical soldiers (for awesomeness). Thrown together, they form their own sort of rough job classes, and while you cannot change the class of each character, you can customise each class to reflect what you want (Screw everyone else; Colet and Jeanne get the exp.) Characters can be customized with weapons (pretty standard) and skill stones (tell me more!)

    You want to know more? Fine. Each character has 5 or so skill slots (the characters grow more over time) in which you can place skill stones, granting them attacks and abilities, like more exp per enemy, health regeneration, and the ability to counter an attack without being hit. It's very nice.

    You can also create new skill stones through mixing your old ones. This is important. I didn't know how awesome this system was at first, and when I found out (by creating an HP recovery III stone) I nearly wet my pants.

    There are also five armlets given to, predictably, five characters, granting them the ability to change into demi-gods with big attack boosts and the ability to continue their turn if they kill an enemy. While nice to have, the armlet wielders are not essential to a good party. I got along fine ignoring 4/5 of them.

    Experience system:
    This is my favourite aspect of the game, which is why it gets its own section. I sincerely hope every RPG after this will rip-off this system. Instead of earning larger and larger chunks of exp to fulfill larger and larger level requirements, Jeanne does everything on a base 100 system. You need 100 exp to graduate a level. The higher the level you are, the less exp creatures give you. I loved the system because it let you see how quickly you were progressing. 5 exp? That's 5% of a level. I love it. If you're an RPG developer and you're reading this, please steal this system for your game. I won't judge you.

    Is standard SRPG battle with COUNTER! Counter is in all caps because it is one of the things I look for in an SRPG. In a lot of SRPGs, you send your character out at his/her own risk. If the enemy can reach them, they get a free hit. In Jeanne, your characters (and their enemies) won't sit around like passive babies and let the enemy hit them; they'll hit back. That said, there are ways to avoid countering, through units like the mages, pikemen, and archers, which balances things nicely.

    And there are also things like burning auras and the unified defence. You use them. You like them. They add a nice dynamic. But they're no counter.

    The Story:
    Is corny, yes. It is every fantasy clich®¶ rolled into one. Yes it is a mockery of history, yes the twist is predictable, yes the writers decided to write Colet's accent phonetically, yes Gilvaroth is every fantasy villain personified, but in a world where Fallout 3 can get nominated for a writing award, Jeanne D'arc is storytelling GOLD. Keep your standards at the video game writing level (that is three steps below the Nora Roberts level and one below the Twilight level) and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the story. Anime cut-scenes are well-done and the pictures that accompany the dialogue bubbles are always welcome. I love pictures.

    The Bad:
    Can be described in one word: waiting. Load times to save annoy me. Also, if you decide to equip HP recovery stones on all of your characters (as I did) you'll be doing a lot of waiting. At the beginning of each turn, you have to watch about a 5 second animation of your character healing. There is music, a battle cry, and little twirling stars. And when you have 5 characters out, it can get very tedious.

    The conclusion:
    This is the best SRPG I've played so far. You'll probably like it. Unless you're an FFT fanboy directed here from War of the Lions. Then you'll be disappointed it isn't War of the Lions. ...more info
  • Extreme fun to feed my RPG addiction!
    Jeanne D'Arc is a fabulous game. Everything about it just shines. It is true it doesn't stretch the genre (Tactical RPG) or provide anything really new or innovative. That's o.k. with me because I just wanted to have loads of fun with a game and not with figuring out a new idea or concept. After Avalon Code for the DS (which was very new, unique, and innovative although not a tactical game) I was ready for some good old fashioned tactical gameplay. Jeanne delivers in spades.

    The graphics are excellent. The cut scenes were extremely well done to include the voice acting (not so much common in RPG's). The story was interesting--it started off more historical but then threw a bunch of fantasy components in--so those who want a true historical game will be disappointed. Killing trolls, ogres, and mages? Count me in as I'm all sorts of good with that.

    Gameplay is truly where this beauty of a game shines--the controls are exceptionally tight. The menu and battle systems are top notch--clear, easy to understand and use, and fairly intuitive. My only (admittedly minor) complaints would be shopping for equiptment and weapons requires you to use the L/R button to scroll through characters and feels a bit awkward at first and that sometimes the little box on the left (your characters stats and info) that appears on the screen when you select that character for movement obscures your view of the field (they would have been better putting it on top left instead of bottom left).

    I found it easy to get into--with a little more "meat" than some others--there is some story you have to get through the first hour or so and I recommend when you start you allocate like 2 hours for play time. After that it is not difficult to pick up and play for whatever period you can--there are regular saves on the map and a quick save in battle. A note that, like other tactical RPG's, the battles can be short 10 minute affairs or longer 25-40 minute affairs--depends on a variety of factors so consider this aspect as well.

    The difficulty level is not really high--but there were places where underleveling could cause you major issues. I had a very tough time with the escort mission around Stage 10 but I went and leveled up and then it became doable for me.

    At the current pricepoint this game would be my top pick (along with the 2 Star Ocean games and Brave Story) for the PSP in the field of RPG that someone without a ton of RPG experience should pick up. Do yourself a favor and don't miss out on this one!...more info
  • Oh Jeanne!
    Just the best... great game and value. I was addicted to this game after the first 30 min. Thanks and Enjoy...more info
  • Great graphics and storyline. Wished it was more challenging and a true epic.
    I had more fun with Jeanne D'arc than I've had with other RPG's, except for Final Fantasy 3 and 7. The graphics and gameplay are fantastic, although I wished that the game was more challenging and the story a bit longer. I spent a total of 25 hours to beat the game, and after getting the hang of it, I found the levels less challenging to beat the FF series. But if you want a shorter RPG that's a lot of fun, Jeanne D'arc's a good one. It exceeded my expectations.

    ...more info
  • A breath of fresh air.
    This game is wonderful and a fresh new feel on the strategy rpg titles for PSP. The game itself has a very interesting story that is illustrated through anime-style cutscenes and sprite, turn-based, battling. I think fans of games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre will find that this game has a lot of similar or interesting elements to offer as far as gameplay. I hope everyone gives this game a try because it's definetly worth buying....more info
  • This is a great game for you RPG fans
    The game is great, I love the 3-D views and rotation so im able to see everything on the battle field. The story is entertaining and the graphics are sweet. I love RPG's, although I did enjoy it, I wish it was just a little more complex to play. Its a intermdiate level game play with lots of text and animation. Over all a good buy, and I recieved it within five days with no problems. ...more info
  • The rare great SRPG
    I have almost completed this game now, and it has been the most fun I have had with an SRPG since Advance Wars DS. It reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics as well, as the story and game mechanics are very well done. I would certainly recommend this game to anyone who has played and loved the two titles listed above. ...more info
  • Best game so far for psp
    I just brought my PSP earlier in 2007, so I have not played and completed too many games. However, of the 5 I have purchased and completed, this is by far and away the best. Nice graphics and character special effects. Anime feel to cutscenes. Fun, since characters fight hard, but have a sense of humor. Nice twist on tactical strategy turn based game. Character movement, special skills, and position very important during combat phase. Fun ability to create or bind your own special skills. A nice variety of easy, and progressively harder enemies and bosses. Took me 45 hours to complete. Short load times. Nice music. Overall, highly recommended for any PSP user. Would love to see Jeanne D'Arc Two in a few years....more info
  • Excellent S.RPG
    This game is quite a nice srpg game with a lot of contents and interesting ideas, such as the skill-binding. However, if they put more animation into the game, such as a special animation for skills, or magic attacks, the game would be even better....more info
  • sorry for the load time :wink:
    i had originally planned to review this game, maybe a day or two after i received it. that just wasn't going to happen. i got so completely enthralled in this game that i forgot. so here it is: this is the best rpg out for this console, period. i admit i haven't played all the games, and i will be getting the new FF game when it comes, but i really don't expect them to be better than this.

    With its innovative system of combining anime featurettes with the standard click through dialog the game seems to move faster with more of a dramatic streak than other rpg's.
    There aren't any random battles, and the free combat system works wonderfully. as you progress through the game the opponents you face get notably stronger, especially in the free combat. when the game says that you've unlocked a new free combat area,i do suggest that you practice up before advancing tho the next stage as it definitely makes things easier and allows you to level up faster.
    this game also has many different subplots, as almost every character you meet has something else happening than just following jeanne into battle every now and then. There is a good deal of very well done foreshadowing done in the scenes between and after various stages. it leads you to know that there is something going on/something wrong but it doesn't just come straight out and tell you, which is nice.
    A lot happens in the game, besides semi-random wandering, and freeing the country from evil that happens in every other rpg out there. Theres a gripping storyline that really adds another dimension to the game play that really earns it the five stars. And theres French people, what more could you ask for?

    Tips: Save before every stage and free combat!
    Don't even bother with the Colosseum until you have, say two, very dominant characters- at least two level 50s. ...more info
  • fun but leaves you wanting
    when i first picked this game up, it was a blast. the graphics are pretty, battle grounds are very detailed, and adding a fantasy twist to a part of history anyone who took high school history should be familiar with added to the charm of this game.

    but, several hours into the game, i was getting annoyed with jeanne's constant complaints about how everyone is a coward and such. i understand she was a passionate lass in a man's world having to fend for herself, but still...

    also, the tactical element of the game didn't quite satisfy my appetite. i mean, you can be as tactical as you want, but you don't always have to be. simply put, jeanne d'arc is one of the easier tactical rpgs i've played so far.

    i definitely recommend this game for those of you who want to try out the tactical rpg genre though. if any game will get you hooked to the genre, jeanne d'arc would be it. it is beautiful and a lot of fun, but for hardcore tactical rpg fans, i think this game would leave you wanting more as it did me. ...more info
    Jeanne D'arc has to be one of the best games on the psp. The graphics are great, the mini episode clips are even better, and the storyline is three times better. If you own a psp pick this game up. The characters have a realistic feel to them especially Roger. And it has a couple of good twist and turns to keep u guessing. Awesome strategy rpg....more info
  • just like FFT/etc... in a good way :)
    if you're a fan of the genre (turn based strat / rp) you owe it to yourself to get this. it's one of the reasons i bought a psp, and i absolutely love it. wish there were more cut scenes but it's still a blast....more info
  • Yuck...
    Fun?! ZERO
    Since I can't properly rate this, I'll have to rate it here in the commentary.

    How much fun is this game?.......... ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO
    How do you rate this game overall? ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO

    The story may be fine in my opinion of what little I've seen in this bought game, but the game mechanics itself is AWFUL! You're allowed only a set of a few turns on every map and I'll understand that if the map's conditions require it. Like if I have to get out of the area before backup for the bad guys show up and such...

    But EVERY STICKING Map has this turn limit in IT!!! I truly enjoyed the PSX Final Fantasy Tactics, because the creators knew of that idea and limited the turn limit to a few nerve racking stages. Good Lord those d'arc idiots didn't have the common sense to have a menu selection option to shut down this insane concept!

    ...more info
  • A Beautiful, Simple Game

    +Gorgeous Graphics with some great anime cutscenes
    +An engrossing storyline
    +Really loveable characters
    +Easy to become acquainted with
    +Surprisingly large amount of customization


    -For those looking for innovation they won't find it

    The PSP has slowly been gaining a lot of RPGs and tactical RPGs. In late 2007 we saw the release of three Strategy RPGs in particular. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Jeanne D'arc. While Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea were two fine ports from two fine systems, Jeanne D'arc stands on its own as an original creation. The result is a beautiful, simple SRPG that while it doesn't change the face of the genre, it's a game that manages to be fun nonetheless.

    The story of Joan of Arc has been told numerous times. However, it's never quite been told like this. That is to say the story itself mixes in Fantasy with History. In short, any student hoping to use this game has an interactive history lesson won't find it. On the other hand, though, the story is well told through some fantastic Anime cutscenes that are by far some of the best to grace the PSP thus far. There are some great characters to accompany you on your travels as well. It also helps that the game has some spectacular voice acting with French accents that aren't overdone, but aren't too tame either. The cel shaded graphics looks absolutely astonishing as well. The environments are enormous and detailed. The enemies are also pretty detailed as well. In terms of production values, Jeanne D'arc exceeds by being both artistic, and showing what the PSP is capable of doing. It's very rare when a game does both very well, but Jeanne D'arc does.

    A beautiful game can't stand alone without some good gameplay to go along with it. Luckily, Jeanne D'arc has some good gameplay too. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but the simplicity of the game makes it so that there is no need for overly long tutorials that plague a few other tactical RPGs. While this can be a little annoying for those who dwelled into more complex SRPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea, it does have a few traits that make it overall fun to play. As usual, you'll control characters on a grid and there are a set of objectives. In some missions the goal is to defeat the enemy leader while making sure a specific character doesn't fall. In other missions it's simply to crush all the bad guys. The game adds a twist on this as well. You must finish the battle in a certain amount of turns or its game over. While this is a nice twist it's hardly something that merits being included. You'll finish most battles long before you get that warning telling you how many turns are left.

    Much like other SRPGs you'll have a set of commands to attack your enemies and use skills. Unlike many SRPGs, though, the counter attack rate in Jeanne D'arc is through the roof. The good news is that this makes the battles go faster. That may be one of the things that helps this game out. In many SRPGs battles are slow winded and last for a long time. In Jeanne D'arc they go relatively fast. In between turns you'll also see enemies and allies shout things out. For a moment this is alright, after a while it gets annoying.

    There are skills at work in battle. You can equip certain skill stones to let you do things like cast healing spells or perform special attacks in battle. Equipping skill stones doesn't just grant you abilities or status enhancements. It's also there to raise affinity with the three spirits, Luna, Sol and Stella. There is no one spirit greater or more powerful than another. This works in a Rock-Paper-Scissors, fashion. One spirit is stronger than one but weak against the other. This puts a lot more emphasis on strategy. Some attacks deal far more damage based on which spirit you are affiliated with. The same thing works for your enemies.

    Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Jeanne D'arc is that the games transformation system. Jeanne can transform once she has enough SP. This gives her a significant boost to her stats. It also gives her the ability to take another turn immediately after killing an enemy. This is great, but because of the increase in stats in some areas it makes the game unreasonably easy. That doesn't mean the entire game itself is easy. You'll find that in many maps you're outnumbered. And that a mishap or two in your strategy can cost you the battle. Jeanne D'arc may be a simple game to learn but it can be a bit tough to master.

    Jeanne D'arc also sounds masterful. The soundtrack is beautifully orchestrated. While at some points the music can be repetitive (particularly hearing the "Enemy Phase" music over and over again), it still sounds absolutely fantastic. If there was anything holding Jeanne D'arc back, it would be the games lack of voice acting. While you hear a lot in the animated scenes, you don't hear them that much beyond that. It'd be nice if some of their battle callouts, for example, were screamed out. This is a minor problem and in no way detracts from the game itself, though.

    Any PSP owner looking for a fun, engrossing SRPG ought to look to Jeanne D'arc. It's incredible story, simple battle system and good use of customization and balance make it an engrossing adventure. It may not reinvent the wheel, but that keeps the game from being a needlessly complicated endeavor. ...more info
  • A nice looking JSRPG that is only held back by slow pacing.
    Lets face it, even some of the greatest JSRPGs of all time can be a bit slow. (FFT,Disgaea) Jeanne D'arc also suffers from this issue, the problem is magnified however by the CPU AI taking a very long time to complete even the most basic of turns like a "wait, wait, move 2 squares,wait, attack" etc...

    The game has very sharp and cute graphics one would expect from this noted developer. Unfortunately we are stuck with only 2 perspectives, far away, and very far away. This results in a sometimes obstructed view of the battlefield.

    Another issue, while there is auto leveling of characters you do not use, they don't level nearly enough and you will find yourself either completely ignoring 2-5 characters or wasting time leveling up in free combat.

    The game does provide customizable characters in a sense that you have skill slots and the ability to fuse skill gems into other skills. The problem is the first time you fuse 2, you don't know the outcome. This can often result in a final gem that you don't want or need and a wasted powerful/useful gem.

    This is further magnified by the inability to change class types. I had many fighter types, far more than I needed by chapter II and no ability to change them to casters. You can slot them w/ caster abilities and it works ok, except you won't have access to the "staff" weapon type which also allows more caster abilities.

    I am really nitpicking and you can see how the developers really focused on balance. Battles have a turn limit. No more infinite leveling up like in FFT etc..., you must finish the battle in say 12 or 20 turns (larger battles allow more turns)

    Many of these battles can become too easy once you discover fusing skill gems. Unfortunately the process of fusing skill gems consists of selecting one gem, selecting a second, pressing a button and then watching the animation of a frog swallow, chew and spew a new one. This animation can take a few seconds each time. It doesnt sound like much, but when you want to create say a +100 hp gem and are starting with +25 it can quickly add up to a sizable amount of playtime for a portable game.

    By the time you are done "binding skills" as the game calls it, your train ride may be over.

    Even tho I find these flaws a real drag to the pacing, overall this is a very addictive, visually pleasing and fun game w/ a neat spin on one of histories most classic war fantasies of a young girl called by god to liberate a nation.

    Throw in some monsters and anthropomorphic beasts and its a very Dragon Quest looking RPG that can be quite cute and enjoyable.

    Definitely a game for JSRPG fans only, and those with patience for battles that are slowed down by pointless CPU AI not moving quickly enough....more info
  • Great game
    This game is one of the funnest games I've played for the PSP. It has great anime cinema scenes and the graphics are just beautiful to look at. If you like games like Arc the Lad or Fire Emblem, then you will definitely love this game. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone....more info
  • Great fun for tactics fans out there.
    There isn't many tactics fans remaining, for the few us that remains, this is a great pickup. Since finishing up Advanced Wars on DS (which was awesome by the way), there hasn't been a good tactics yet.

    Got the PSP just for this game. Jeanne D'arc doesn't break any new grounds, but everything it does, it does well. Music, Voice, Story, Controls, all very smooth and interesting, best of all, it brings back the good ol' memory of FF Tactics.

    Update - Just finished the game.

    Wow, what an experience. One of the few games I've had the patience to finish thru completely. At first, the characters seems a bit bland, once you get past about level 20, then there is plenty of customization to do. Especially when you get the Bind Skill function, it adds a new level of customization.

    *Excellent story
    *Controls are accurate, the rotating camera saves the day
    *Plenty of customization
    *Decent length, though when you play a good game, it's never long enough
    *Bargain price at $29.99, save $10 compared to the usual PSP releases

    Cons: (it's very minor)
    *Kind of slow - The constant loading and final boss battle
    *Some characters were never used, it was repetitive with others so that made them less useful
    *Weapon - Whip, did anyone get to use this?
    *Could of used few more extra side quests, battleground should of been a bit deeper.

    Overall this is a great buy, now it'll be really hard for D&D Tactics & FF Tactics to justify charging $10 more.

    ...more info
  • A surprisingly good game with a strange historical inspiration.
    Jeanne D'arc is one of those games that I initially blew off. The cover art and basic premise of the game left me really skeptical about the quality of game that was contained within. I have to say that I am glad one of my friends showed this game to me because I otherwise would have ignored it.

    Basically, Jeanne D'arc is a fantasy retelling of the Joan of Arc legend and the 100 years war. I'll admit, it took a bit of getting used to seeing the great deal of liberty taken with the story, but overall it is quite good. The game is a turn based strategy game a la Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Vandal Hearts, and Fire Emblem games. As far as turn based strategy games go, I have to say this game ranks among the best and fans of the genre should pick it up.

    + Vibrant graphics (usually)
    + Compelling (albeit quite weird) storyline told with animated cutscenes.
    + A deep character customization system that doesn't require users to micromanage for hours on end to build the perfect party.
    + The ability to go into free-battle mode on a number of maps in order to gain treasure and experience.
    + Individual battles are usually fairly quick, ideal for portable play.
    + Some absurd but funny French and English stereotypes.

    - The frame rate is kind of jerky at times
    - For history buffs, seeing Joan of Arc fighting orcs, lizardmen, and dark elves takes a little bit of getting used to.
    - Some levels have atmospheric effects such as fog that look just plain ugly.
    - Some absurd stereotypes and a few really annoying character designs that make you say "Hmmmmmm..."
    - The menu controls are not as intuitive as other games in the genre
    - Battles usually limit you to a small number of characters on the battlefield. On the plus side, battles don't drag on forever and ever.

    Overall, this is an excellent game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys the strategy RPG genre. The game obviously contains some very religious overtones due to the source material (Joan of Arc) but approaches the subject in a relatively inoffensive manner. ...more info
  • Finally a SRPG to make me glad I own a PSP!!
    With so many great looking RPG titles coming to my favorite handheld (the PSP) these past few months I have certainly had my hands full trying to play and complete them all (Hope I don't get fired from my day job). Catching my attention this time is a "Level 5" PSP exclusive title by the name of "Jeanne D'Arc." This game is everything a Strategy RPG (SRPG) should be and more. Outstanding graphics, an intriguing story and an unbelievably easy pick up and play control scheme. So let get in to the particulars of this wonderful title...

    Story: 8.0
    The story, which is based very loosely on the story of Joan of Arc, because it is so loosely based on the real story, it is very entertaining. Jeanne D'Arcs' story blends history and fantasy beautifully, it starts with a Young King Henry getting possessed by some demonic power. His father who possesses one of the five armlets that were created to defeat these demons centuries ago, tries to save him but is too late as the demon consumes King Henry. Then enter Jeanne a girl who witnesses her village being attacked by demons, comes across one of these armlets and also believes she hears a call from God instructing her to kill the demons that rampage her village. This ancient armlet is said to be able to transform it's wearer into a great armored warrior. The story progresses mainly with three characters, Jeanne and her two friends Lianne and Roger. Many other characters throughout their journey are introduced and play apart in the main plot, but the majority of the time they are expendable at best. It is the three main characters and their interesting personalities; however that keep the story very interesting.

    Graphics: 8.5
    Jeanne D' Arcs' graphics are in a word, amazing. The 2D cel-shaded graphics used to bring the colorful and vibrant characters to life are absolutely gorgeous. The developers really impress by creating a product that can really show what the PSP is capable of. To start the adventure and throughout players are treated to some very beautiful anime cut-scenes, which are worthy of praise by any anime fanboy alive. This coupled with gorgeous backgrounds, magic spells, and Jeanne's' armlet transformations are enough to satisfy anyone craving some PSP eye candy. You honestly have to see this game in action to truly appreciate it; online screenshots do not do it any justice.

    Sound: 7.5
    Every thing as far as background music and battle sounds like arrows whipping and other attack sounds were great. If I was a little disappointed about anything though, it would have to be the voice acting or the lack there of. It would have been nice to here them shout out some of their battle cries as opposed to having to read them in a little bubble. This is a VERY minor complaint though; it just would have been nice to hear seeing as how the voice acting in the anime cut-scenes were so great. It is also a little unfortunate that the anime cut-scenes don't include subtitles, because you'll miss a lot of the story if you play with the sound off.

    Gameplay: 10
    This area is where Jeanne D'Arc shows that it belongs amongst the handheld Strategy RPG greats. I could not find any flaws in the gameplay, I repeat no flaws in the gameplay what so ever. This game competes with other Strategy RPGs, by using what has always worked. You'll have at your disposable by mid game a small army, but in most cases you will only be able to take 6 in to battle. In some cases you may have less to choose because some characters are default depending on the battle. This of course adds to the tactical experience as to what members you want on the field and where to place them so you are victorious. Thankfully though the game allows you to re-visit some of the places you fought battles to make sure you can get to level up everyone in your party.

    Like in any good SRPG these battles take place on a grid, and players are limited to a number of spaces they can move with an attack or use of an item/spell ends that characters turn. As players begin to find different characters with different weapons and abilities, the tactics will continue to change. Lancers, for example, can hit two spaces ahead of them, instead of one and Archers can attack from long distances causing more damage from above.

    During battles, players can attack, use skills or cast magic spells. These skills can be added by collecting skill stones which players get when they defeat an enemy. Your characters can only carry six of these stones at any one time once again adding to your decision process before going in to battle, because there are more than a hundred of these stones in the game.With these stones you can choose different skills and put the on each of the characters before each battle. These skills can range from making stronger regular attacks, alter stats, or attack a number of enemies at once. Some stones can only be used by specific character types, so choose carefully.

    Later in the game you will come across a character that will allow you to combine these stones. By combining two skill stones, a new one is created which will give you even more powerful abilities. This is the main reason I loved this game the customization is so deep, but yet so simple to use. Some of the new abilities created will allow players to counter enemies before they attack you, run longer distances, instill massive damage, and more.

    There are also two neat and innovative features in this game that have not been seen in others. These effects are called the "Burning Aura Hotspot" and "Joint Defense".

    With the "Burning Aura Hotspot" a hotspot will appear behind any enemy that is attacked and any party member who stands in that will get an attacking boost. If the "Burning Aura" falls on a character already occupying the space, the Aura will move with the character, giving them the ability to use the damage bonus elsewhere.

    The other feature is "Joint Defense", which when characters are no more than one space apart, they will combine their defensive abilities reducing the damage caused by enemies significantly. This feature is especially useful when fighting a tough boss.

    Bottom Line:

    With Jeanne D'Arc's simple, and easy to understand battle system it is amazing how much depth there is here. Anyone with half a brain cell can pick this game up and start playing with out any frustrating with menus, customization, gameplay. I am betting most SRPG fans are probably awaiting the two other great SRPG's on the horizon for the PSP in the way of Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea for PSP. Both are due out this year and are sure to be better than excellent. But, Jeanne D' Arc is a new and original title no one has seen before on any system and should not be missed by any PSP owner. Lastly let me say that after having tried almost all the SRPG's available for the PSP I was left disappointed after every one. So what do I have to say about "Level 5"s latest addition to the PSP Library? Just two words to them...Thank YOU!!
    ...more info
  • Excellent choice for RPG Fans
    Great game for any RPG Fan. And a must have for PSP RPG Fans. Loading times and cut scenes can be a bit annoying, but all in all a great game. Simple to pick up and learn. Fun to play, easy to follow and understand. Great graphics.

    Also a big plus in my book is the ability to put the game down for awhile, then pick it up later and not be "lost". Which happens a lot with RPG's.
    All in all Great game....more info
  • One of the best portable games of all time!
    This has to be the best SRPG I have played since Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS1. The controls are simple and the game is very polished.

    I cannot recommend this game enough. If you are a SRPG fan or just an RPG fan you owe it to yourself to get this. Do not take my review lightly as I only review games I adore. Its definitely in the top 3 portable games out. Crisis Core, FFT and this game make the PSP platform an RPG heaven.

    + Modern Graphics
    + Good Story (man tears unavoidable)
    + Memorable characters
    + Refined simple Gameplay
    + Best SPRG after Final Fantasy Tactics (also available for the PSP)

    - A bit on the easy side.

    Final verdict: Buy this game. Don't have a PSP, then buy one with this game. If you like meaty games that will suck you in and leave you wanting more, than this is for you. ...more info
  • great game
    I always see reviews on tactics games and there is always at least one that says if you like final fantasy tactics you'll like this one....well its very rarely the case. I am a big fan of tactics games, especially FF tactics when that was first out and there are maybe a few games that maybe come close. I would say Jeanne D'Arc is the closest yet. It has a great story, great game play and finally psp is actually making an RPG that is 3D and not an old 16-32 bit port. The graphics remind me of Dragon Quest and the overall look and feel of the game would make you think Square was the one who released it. I almost didn't buy it because there are a bunch of games coming out in the next two months for PSP like FF Tactics, Disgaea and Silent Hill and figured buying this one would make it to the unfinished pile, but I am defintely glad of the moment of boredom that pushed me to just go pick it up. I play it more than any PSP game i have owned to date and will definitely have it completed at the rate i am going. Its really enjoyable, challenging at times but never has frustrated me to the point of shutting it off. I just hope the the tactics games coming out can live up to this one now, and to top it all off the price tag on it is better than almost all PSP games releasing at forty bucks when they first released....more info
  • Strange but entertaining
    Jeanne D'Arc never tries too hard, and that's what I found ultimately disappointing about the title.

    The story, to begin with, never quite knows what it wants to do with itself. It begins by squinting at history and putting an interesting new fantasy spin on the old tale of St. Joan, but then decides to forget all that and obsess over a generic fantasy story replete with magic rocks, elves, and demons. Bizarre and imbalanced, you have tragic deaths alongside talking purple frogs, and historic acts of atrocity explained away by vaguely described rogue demons. While the characters are generally interesting and there's a bit of growth as the story goes along, there's no one in the cast we haven't seen before in other games and stories.

    The battle system is your standard SRPG fare, and rather watered down. Equipped elemental gems affect offense and defense but there are only three of them, reducing the system to an elementary game of rock, paper, scissors. Very simplified, the game lacks Disgaea's geo panels and FFTactic's job system, reducing customization to freely interchangeable stat stones that either give a spell, a special attack, or affect stats. The different characters have different base stats but deficiencies are pretty easily made up for with items that permanently raise certain stats. With battle so streamlined and options so very limited, the system seems like it was designed for younger gamers, making battles a breeze for anyone who's finished FFTactics or Ogre Tactics. There's an attempt to introduce artificial difficulty by limiting the number of turns available to finish a battle, but I never once reached this time limit.

    Nevertheless, the game's pretty fun thanks to very nice visuals and a catchy score. I'd recommend the game to anyone looking for a lighter, less strategic SRPG - an SRPG that can be picked up and played for ten minutes at a time while waiting for a bus....more info
  • Solid SRPG for the PSP
    I got this game maybe a month ago and I love it. Its very addicting and will keep you busy on a long ride. The story is neat and different. Its not your traditional srpg story. Its actually based on Joan of Arc. To be honest I really didnt care much for Joan of Arc stories during history class, but this game made it way more interesting even though it has fictional monsters in it. Its a really simple SRPG system as well. One of the better things I liked about it was that dialog wasnt just portraits of characters talking to each other all the time with a lame picture of scenery (which I cant stand). It actually shows character models with body language in 3d. The anime cutscenes are very well animated too.

    The game can get frustrating though...I just cannot stand the escort missions. You will not get to control whoever you escort. Sometimes they end up walking straight towards enemies, end up getting killed and MISSION FAILED!

    All in all I like this game alot and its totally worthy of a buy....more info
  • Excellent choice for tactical RPG newcomers
    Jeanne D'arc is the first PSP RPG from developer Level 5 (Dragon Quest VIII, Dark Cloud 2). This time they tried their hand at the tactical role-playing genre, instead of their usual action-RPG and standard turn-based offerings. The result is successful in all respects. The combat system works well and offers plenty of tactical options. The special attacks, spells, and other abilities equipped by characters via skill stones that are dropped by enemies or purchased in shops; are varied, and have a significant effect on combat. The game-play balance is well-tuned to the mid-range. Experienced players will rarely have to play a stage more than twice, but the difficulty level won't frustrate those playing a grid-based tactical RPG for the first time. Except for enemy reinforcements that magically appear in inconvenient places in a couple of stages, Jeanne D'Arc never feels cheap; but you feel as though you earned your victories. The story isn't epic, but its fanciful take on the
    hundred-years war and the tragic figure Jeanne D'Arc, is more than interesting enough to give you a reason to keep playing through the stages.

    If I was going to recommend a grid-based tactical RPG to someone that never played one before, this is the one that I would recommend; more for the things that it doesn't do, than the things it does do. The developer generally steered clear of a lot of the more tedious game-play elements of well-established tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, and Disgaea; making it a good introduction for new players.

    For example:

    There is very little need for level-grinding in Jeanne D'Arc. Maps completed in story mode often become Free Combat stages that can be used to level up and accumulate gold, but it really isn't necessary. Free Combat stages usually have different enemies, and item drops, than they did when they were visited during a mission; so they are worth visiting again, but only once. Completing the stages to advance the story, and completing each Free Combat stage once; will provide about all of the experience points that you need to complete the game. Occasionally it may be useful to play a handful of free combat stages to level-up a rarely-used character, but even characters that are never used in combat receive significant experience points. None of the characters are generally more than 7 or 8 levels behind any other character, and they will close the gap quickly if used for a few battles.

    There are no character deaths in Jeanne D'Arc, except ones that are scripted as part of the story. Characters that fall in battle are all full revived when the stage is cleared. If you don't clear the stage, the game is over anyway. That means that you don't have to replay stages that you've cleared, over and over, until you get through them with all of the characters that you want to use later still alive. There is, on the other hand, no way to revive fallen characters during a battle.

    Gold-farming is almost pointless in Jeanne D'Arc. You can get plenty of cash by selling unneeded skill-stones dropped by enemies, especially if you use the skill-stone binding system to combine common skill-stones into rare ones. Past the mid-point of the game you will rarely buy anything from the shops except for healing items. All of the really good items are acquired free as rewards when you complete certain combat stages the first time. You don't have to play stages over and over again, just to get enough gold to buy the best armor and weapons. I finished the game with over 15000 gold pieces, and over a hundred spare skill stones left; without making any effort to accumulate money. There just wasn't anything else to buy.

    There is no wandering around the game-world for hours trying to find the one location to visit, or one person to talk to; that will move the story forward, and open up the next area. In Jeanne D'Arc, pressing the Objective button from the world map display at any time will tell you exactly where you should go next to advance the story. You are free to visit any location that is visible on the world map, but you always know where to go when you are ready to move on. This removes the exploration aspect that is important to some RPGs, but most tactical RPGs don't place much emphasis on exploration anyway.

    Overall, once you start Jeanne D'Arc, the game tries not to give you a reason to put it down and play something else for a while; which is a good thing.

    From a technical perspective, everything is fine. The graphics are similar to PS2 tactical RPGs, and the music is serviceable; if not inspiring. Most of the cut-scenes have no voice-acting, but the voice-acting that is there is very good. The animated cut-scenes are also well done. Not as impressive as Valkrie Profile Lenneth, but still very good for a game that isn't from Square Enix. Jeanne D'Arc isn't a long game by RPG standards, but it is reasonably long for a PSP game. There
    are about 40 hours of solid game-play, and the game shouldn't require more than 50 hours to complete. With a list price of $29.99, the game is an excellent value.

    People that have spent 100 hours or more grinding their way through games like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics will probably find Jeanne D'Arc too short and basic for their taste; but everyone else Jeanne D'Arc is a well-made game, with an interesting story, that is an excellent choice for newcomers to the tactical RPG genre. It is also one of the best titles in the PSP library.
    ...more info