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Digestive Wellness

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Sixty percent of the population has suffered from a digestive ailment in the last three months. Acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, lactose intolerance, and food allergies are among the many ailments caused by faulty digestion. Digestive Wellness was designed to help you understand the complex relationships between gastrointestinal physiology, diet, and health.
Written by noted nutritionist Elizabeth Lipski, this accessible third edition of the popular resource has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest information and research on digestive disorders. Here, you will find practical advice on implementing a wellness program to promote health and alleviate a wide range of problems caused by faulty digestion.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Healthy Gut is the Key to Health
    "Digestive Wellness" is an absolute must for anyone looking to optimize their health, digestive or otherwise! Since 80% of people in the United States suffer from digestive disturbances, this information comes at a needed time. Health starts in the gut and Lipski provides a great handbook that will educate and empower you to take control of your health. She also addresses chronic diseases and provides cutting edge, functional testing recommendations.

    Dr. Matthew J. Loop

    Author of "Cracking the Cancer Code"...more info
  • Digestive Wellness, Updated Second Edition
    Not only is the list of difficulties caused by poor digestion lengthy, it includes many health problems that people don't immediately associate with their digestive process. Most people know that bad breath, indigestion, hiatal hernias, and Crohn's Disease are related to what happens in the digestive tract. Clinical nutritionist Elizabeth Lipski, M.S., C.C.N., also includes arthritis, autism, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, and schizophrenia in the list of digestion-related ailments.

    Lipski cites all the latest research and studies on digestive disorders and therapies in her new book, Digestive Wellness, Updated Second Edition.

    Digestion begins in the mouth and continues through the stomach and intestines to the colon. Each organ has an important role to play in helping the body break down foods so that their nutrients can be absorbed. Lipski says that "most of us don't think much about digestion unless it isn't working well," adding that "many people with chronic digestive problems continue to eat poorly, never realizing that their food choices are causing their ill health."

    She starts with an exploration of the causes of digestive illness, which is often related to lifestyle choices. She then describes how a healthy digestive system works, and explains where and how the process can get out of balance. Lipski also includes information on how to pinpoint the source of your particular digestive disorder and provides recommendations and therapies for restoring wellness.

    She emphasizes that each person has different biochemistry, and that what works for one will not work for another. Although health professionals can order lab tests (and she explains these tests fully), healing usually involves modifying individual eating habits. Accordingly, Lipski devotes one section to self-care strategies, with the intent of exposing readers to "more plans, new ideas, and the tools to be your own health expert."

    She ends with a resource list of nutrition experts, health professionals, laboratories, and suggested reading.

    Lipski says that Digestive Wellness "is about taking control of your lifestyle to increase your chances of getting healthier and more vibrant each year." It's an excellent resource for everyone suffering from any kind of digestive disorder and those who care about them....more info

  • Great for IBS sufferers
    I suffer IBS-Alternating and this book gave me a helpful understanding of my long list of digestive symptoms as well as types of testing that I could do that my doctor never told me about. For example, I recently got an ELISA blood allergy test and discovered that I am intolerant to eggs and dairy --but the extensive scratch test that was done by an allergy specialist showed that I had no food allergies. I have since eliminated eggs and dairy and my symptoms improved. Also, it talks about the CDSA test, which I think is a must for anyone with digestive disturbances.

    I found this book much more useful than Van Vorous's Eating for IBS....more info
  • Well researched & thorough guide
    This book begins with a guided tour of the digestive system and emphasizes the importance of a wellness diet and lifestyle in maintaining proper nutrition and health. The bulk of the book is devoted to offering hundreds of nutritional and herbal self-care ideas for digestive illnesses - including ulcers, heartburn, common cankers, Celiac disease, diverticulosis, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and IBD (Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis). I found this to be a well researched and thorough guide to alternative solutions for digestive health problems and wellness....more info
  • An amazing book on an odd but important topic
    I read this book not because I had digestive problems per se, but because a friend recommended it as one of the most interesting, empathetic, and broadly applicable books on health issues that she'd ever read (!) And I found that I agree. Completely. Digestive Wellness addresses arthritis, food sensitivities, migraine headaches, and skin conditions, explaining how digestive problems--whether or not they manifest themselves as such--can be responsible. A must read for ANYONE with a digestive system and an interest in maximizing his or her health!...more info
  • Digestive Wellness
    An excellent book for anyone who wonders if how they eat affects their health. As a nurse in a wellness practice, I quote Ms. Lipski all the time. This book is a must read for anyone with a chronic health problem or anyone who doesn't want to get one!...more info
  • Great resource - fast delivery
    Thsi product came quickly and I feel I paid a fair price - what more can you ask for?...more info
  • A must buy!
    Digestive Wellness is a must read for anyone
    who has suffered with digestive difficulties --
    like I have. Liz explains what's going on inside
    our guts so that anyone can understand it.
    And her suggestions for change are practical
    and effective. Get this book now.
    Judith Sherven, Ph.D.
    The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams
    ...more info
  • Must read
    This book reads like a gripping novel. Logical explaination is followed by statistical proof, showing the hazards of our modern diet. Chapter 3's Voyage through the Digestive System is interesting, undertandable and a compulsive read. Problem identification and theraupic solutions are simple, and again very logical. I would recommend this book for anybody working in the health profession especially natural therapists. It is also very understandable for the layperson with little prior knowledge of how the digestive system works....more info
  • Excellent Book, easy to read and very informative
    My sister, who is an Holistic Counselor, suggested that me and my Fiance read this book to help with his digestive problems that severely impact his life. I'm totally impressed with the information presented in this book; not only does the author discuss remedies to common, yet severe, digestive issues, but she takes the time to describe the digestive system in a way that anyone can understand. The initial description of the digestive system and the way that our bodies convert the items we ingest is, to me, the key to fully understanding the remedies she presents. I believe that the contents in this book are so valuable that I wonder why some of it is not included in high school curricula....more info
  • The Ultimate Guide for Digestive Health
    Very comprehensive and easy to read. This book is so good, it was referred to me by a doctor as part of my treatment. I learned how to deal with my GERD. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in better digestion. Whether you have a specific problem or are interested in better digestion, this is MUST Read....more info
  • A practical and easy-to-follow digestive solution for all!
    Digestive Wellness is one of the most useful books I've ever read. Elizabeth Lipski have helped me understand my body's language in terms of what others think of as a normal body response to food, from bloating to gas to acid reflex, and what she explains it as what should not happen after consuming food.

    After I've read her book my digestion improved a lot, I no longer experience the annoying symptoms after food, and even if I do, I know why am I having those symptoms.

    Ever since I read her book, I was able to help friends and family spot their real digestive problems. A great resource book with a lot of alternative solutions that in a way or another a problem will easily be overcome. My brother was diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis and another relative had inflammatory bowel disease, and referring back to Digestive Wellness, I was able to advise them of what to eat and what to avoid.

    I love this book and I always keep it handy! I consider it a MUST-HAVE for all. I believe everyone should read it in order to spot any current and/or potential digestive problems, and to find ways to overcome such problems....more info
  • Pretty good & informative
    This is a pretty good book. I am celiac and have found a lot of her book interesting and provocative. She discusses the possibility of virus' and colitis and why keeping a good digestion and it's good bacteria up to par is important to ward off a host of disease including cancer. The downside is the index is not well done & things aren't well put together But the information is there if you read from front to back; skipping doesn't work :-)...more info
  • Digestive Wellness
    Great for any health food nut, or those interested in fitness and overall well-being. Unique perspectives and helpful hints....more info
  • This book will entice you to better your health.
    Reading this book was pivotal to begin my quest for better overall health. It is extremely informative without being too overpowering. A reader does not have to be a physician to get the whole picture. It will inspire you to take charge of your health in ways you never realized you could. It is empowerment. You are in the driver's seat for a change, not in the back. What a fantastic feeling!...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    Liz Lipski is very prepared.
    I Found in this book a little of suggestions very important, and other things to avoid for a good digestion ...more info
    Too many health problems to mention but all are addressed & resolved in this book. Recommended by physical therapist - best medical advice received by her! Never could ever imagine my health problems could come from the foods I eat. Wish I could have been told b4 consumed so many prescription medicines to cover them-up!...more info
  • The Most Stolen Book From Doctors` Offices

    "Hello! This is your GI (Gastrointestinal Tract) speaking! Listen to
    me! You'll be glad you did!"

    The authoritative voice of Elizabeth Lipski, author of the updated
    edition of Digestive Wellness, comes across clear and strong in
    communicating to her readers' important facts about how to strengthen
    your immune system and prevent disease through healthy digestion.

    From the very onset of the book, Lipski informs her audience that she
    is not a medical doctor but rather a Nutritionist, who merely
    recommends natural remedies for arthritis, ulcers, heartburn,
    diarrhea, IBS, colitis, acid reflux, food sensitivity, and more!

    The presentation of the facts are informal and conversational,
    however, this does not in any way downgrade the amount of research
    that went into the writing of this book. What is particularly
    noteworthy is that you can zoom into your particular ``ailment, `` by
    referring to the reader friendly table of contents or index, without
    having to read the entire book.

    With the withdrawal from the markets of some of the anti-arthritis
    medicines, her chapter on arthritis is particularly well worth a read
    and timely. For example, she cites foods that provoke symptoms of
    arthritis and how to eliminate them and reintroduce them in your diet
    one at a time.

    One research cites that the following groups were responsible for some
    people, for having their arthritis come back: By order of importance,
    corn, wheat, bacon or pork, oranges, milk, oats, rye, eggs, beef,
    coffee, malt, cheese, grapefruit, tomato, peanuts sugar and better,
    etc. Foods with wheat and corn caused problems in more than 50% of
    the people.

    Throughout the book, Lipski suggests to try some of her natural remedies.
    However, it should always be borne in mind that you always have to
    consult a medical doctor before attempting to try any of her suggestions.
    What may be suitable for one person's system may turn out to be a disaster
    for another.

    Divided into eleven chapters, DIGESTIVE WELLNESS, guides the reader
    through the hazards of the American Way of life, a voyage inside the
    digestive system, your intestinal flora, dysbiosis, leaky gut
    syndrome, etc. concluding with a new way of life with natural

    Worthy of note to readers is the self-testing chart that you can use,
    even if you don't believe in the author's therapies.

    Gaining control over one's gastrointestinal mucosa is of utmost
    importance. Dr. Lipski's DIGESTIVE WELLNESS explains the whole system
    in a language that's easy to understand. Her answers or suggestions to
    your GI problems, albeit not perfect, are worth trying (with your
    doctor's consent of course).

    As the author indicates in her book, it is no wonder that Dr. Lipski's
    Digestive Wellness is the most stolen book from doctors` offices, as
    it is a valuable health reference text and an interesting read.

    Lily Azerad-Goldman, Reviewer for Bookpleasures.com
    ...more info
  • Excellent information on Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Though many sources recommend common supplements for FMS & CFIDS, Ms. Lipski suggests much higher doses and a few unique items. Taking these during a flare up is very effective at reducing my symptoms and shortening the flare. Stress is my main trigger and my body burns through nutrients like there's no tomorrow, so her approach works for me. The only difficulty I have is how to consume the enormous volume of pills, gel caps and capsules she recommends. Swallowing is a problem for some fibro folks. My best solution so far is to put the tablets inside two sealable freezer bags and smash them with a rubber mallet, then open all the gel caps and capsules to make a mostly powder mixture which I combine with ample amounts of apple sauce, honey and cinnamon sugar. A smoothie might be a good way to go if you have a good blender or smoothie machine. Mixing it all in water or plain juice didn't work for me though; it triggered a day long IBS attack which is not fun!...more info
  • Good, but could be much better
    This book tries to present a huge amount of information in a way that most people can understand, along with solutions and remedies. I have to say that some elements of this book deserve five stars, however I am kind of dissapointed with some parts, like chapters 10 and 11 which should be the most well written but can be confusing instead. I mean, trying by yourself to follow the advice given for many problems can be very difficult, since many times there is no clear way of what to try first, what to try depending on other factors and conditions or what how long to try a solution.
    I guess there is good intention but the result is not so good in terms of practical applications and I'm not sure it can REALLY help many people (though it succeeds in raising optimism and hope for people suffering from gastrointestinal problems)....more info
  • Excellent review
    Excellent review of issues related to digestion and how to deal with digestive problems during health and sickness. Certainly worth reading. Readers may also supplement their information by reading these books by digestive disease specialists, Minocha (Natural Stomach Care 2003) and Janowitz (Your Gut feelings 1994)...more info
  • on time
    Got this book within 3 days of ordering it in excellent condition. I was very pleased....more info


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