IQ Air IQ-102401000 Air Purifier

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Product Description

Regular replacement of the gas cartridges in your IQAir GC VOC air purifier keeps your air sanitary and fresh. The four reusable cartridges hold up to 12 lb. of gas phase media and feature a special cylindrical design for optimum air contact and purification efficiency. An expansive surface area facilitates high rates of airflow. These long-lasting cartridges offer quality performance for up to two years, so they?re reliable and economical!

  • Extruded specially activated carbon
  • Part No. 102401000
  • Features:
    • Replacement gas cartridges for IQAir GC VOC
    • Long-lasting cartridges are economical and reliable
    • Activated carbon eliminates gaseous contaminants and odors
    • 260 AC/4
    • Replacement set of cartridges