Bissell 37604 Lift-Off Revolution Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Detachable Canister, Silver

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Product Description

Bissell Upright Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vac - With 12 amps of power, this bagless upright vacuum cleaner thoroughly cleans pet hair and more from carpet and bare floors. The unit's easy-empty bagless dirt container means no more bags to buy, while its HEPA media filter captures over 99.9-percent of pet dander, dust mites, pollens, and ragweeds. The vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a lift-off canister that detaches for cleaning stairs, pet beds, and hard-to-reach areas. In addition, its Pet Hair TurboBrush works li (37604IM)

  • Bagless upright vacuum cleaner with 12 amps of power
  • Easy-empty bagless dirt container; HEPA media filter
  • Lift-off canister for cleaning stairs and hard-to-reach areas
  • Variety of on-board tools; 15-inch-wide cleaning path; dual-edge cleaning
  • Measures 14-3/4 by 13-3/4 by 44 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Constantly clogged with dog hair!
    I'm extremely disappointed with this vacuum cleaner, especially after reading all of the other reviews about how well it picks up dog hair. Mine is terrible. I have three large dogs and had a 15 year old Eureka that picked up their hair easily. I wish I had kept it when I bought this one. The Bissell's long suction tube is constantly clogged with dog hair, and I have to completely disassemble the entire machine every 10 minutes or so to clean it. I had to straighten a metal clothes hanger to pry the dog hair out of the tube. In addition, the hair gets trapped on the roller brush and creates big matted clumps which begin to thump. The plate over the roller on my Eureka snapped off; the plate on the Bissell needs to be removed with a screwdriver. I have never been so frustrated with a vacuum cleaner in my life. Every time I use it I am outside several times taking it apart and attempting to remove the dog hair. I'm not sure why mine doesn't work as well as other people's - there are numerous positive reviews on this site. However, if you have lots of dog hair, I would NOT buy this product....more info
  • This thing Sucks!
    Really - great vacuum. Replaced our older Eureka upright that we thought was great. This new Bissell pulled up dirt from years ago. Nice bagless feature makes frequent emptying easy. First time you use you'll be grossed out at what was in your carpet. Fantastic on pet hair!! We're barefoot all the time (live in Hawaii), the carpet even feels softer.
    The ability to pull off/remove the canister makes it real easy to drag up steps (with the power hand nozzle) cleans steps easily. And being able to turn off the power brush is great for floors - never realized that when it's on, it creates a cushion of air in front of the vacuum, making it real hard to vacuum wood floors, tile, etc.
    We also have the Bissell carpet shampooer, another fantastic Bissell product.
    You will be impressed and very happy with this vacuum....more info
  • Great features, but doesn't live up to them...
    I bought this about six months ago. When I first used it, I was all excited. It worked great and cleaned the carpets really well. I only have carpets in the bedroom and an area rug in the living room. I have three cats. After about a month, the suction decreased immensely. The hand held rotating brush was awesome in theory, but never worked to clean the sofas well. Just today, the motor burnt out.

    1. It was great that the cannister pulled out for cleaning the steps.
    2. Very easy to switch between hose and floor feature.
    3. Ability to turn off the rotating brush on the floor was awesome for hardwood floors. It didn't scatter the dirt.

    1. After a few weeks (and yes I did clean it) it stopped sucking well. Carpets did not look nearly as clean as first use.
    2. Motor burned out after just regular use on three bedrooms and an area rug....more info
  • the worst vacuum ever
    ok first of all I would never use anything but a bissell but this vacuum is supposedly designed for pet hair, the turbo brush works occasionally, but has to be taken apart and unclogged after a few minutes of use, I purchased mine on 9/17/2008 and the belt has already broken. This is the worst vacuum I have ever purchased....more info
  • Not Great
    Spent weeks reading vacuum cleaner reviews including Consumer Reports to try and find a good mid-priced vacuum. Used this vacuum for only a few hours before returning it. The height adjustment knob jammed and would not turn. Tried 2 more in stores and they all seem to have bad knobs. I refuse to go through the hassle of getting a machine serviced that I just bought. It did suck a lot of junk out of my carpet but there were a few other cons -- its very heavy, the hose is very short (you can barely reach the top of your sofa)and it seems to run very hot and blows hot air out the back, also the power and brush on/off switches are somewhat inconveniently located. Disappointed and still looking *sigh*....more info
  • Not Great
    Spent weeks reading vacuum cleaner reviews including Consumer Reports to try and find a good mid-priced vacuum. Used this vacuum for only a few hours before returning it. The height adjustment knob jammed and would not turn. Tried 2 more in stores and they all seem to have bad knobs. I refuse to go through the hassle of getting a machine serviced that I just bought. It did suck a lot of junk out of my carpet but there were a few other cons -- its very heavy, the hose is very short (you can barely reach the top of your sofa)and it seems to run very hot and blows hot air out the back, also the power and brush on/off switches are somewhat inconveniently located. Disappointed and still looking *sigh*....more info
  • A mess to empty and broke after second use
    I loved this vacuum for about 10 minutes. Then reality hit. It is a mess to clean out. The dirt cup is way too small, but that doesn't matter because all of the pet hair gets stuck in the area of the canister above the dirt cup, so you have to take the whole thing outside to clean it out each time, because when you remove the cup, dirt falls out of the top. Then you have to use a stick or something to dislodge the dirt at the top. I vacuumed one room the first time, and thought it picked up hair well. On the second use, I did two rooms, and on the second room, the light stopped working, balls of hair and dirt started spitting out the bottom/roller area, and then the vacuum just shut off. The roller kept rolling, but that was all that was happening. It's not clogged, so I don't know what happened. I'm returning it....more info
  • great vac with lots of features
    We bought this vacuum because we have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I got this vacuum and it appeared to be opened once before. That made me a little nervous......

    The people who apparently had this vacuum before must have put it together wrong. We assembled it, and it had very little suction. The turbo brush didn't spin. We were about 10 seconds from taking it back.

    Well, turns out.....The little dust filters in the canister were on wrong. We simply switched them around and then there wasn't a space where air could leak out between the main filter and the canister. This made a HUGE difference. Also the first time we tried using it all the hair and dust was trapped in the filter and wasn't going down into the main canister. After moving the filters the turbo brush worked fine too. So if anyone else had this problem perhaps that's all it was.

    I love how easy it is to empty the canister. My old vacuum you had to dig out hair and crap out of the filter every time, and it was gross. Even though I don't have stairs, I love the lift off feature. Might come in handy for cleaning the car? The turbo brush works great on the couch for pet hair. It works great on our wood floors! Its a little bulky though, and doesn't fit very well under the coffee tables.

    Great vacuum!! (Once you have assembled it right)

    ...more info
  • Buy This Vacuum!!!!!!
    I just purchased this vacuum after reading umteen reviews posted here and on other web-sites. First off...I read the negative star reviews...people complain that the canister fills up with dog hair before you can finish one room!! How rediculous is that! It's picking up the hair! Isn't that what it is supposed to do?? There are also numerous compliants about clogs...well...same have too much 'stuff' on your floors. Not the vacuums fault! There is a button to turn on the brush on the vacuum...I have told both my long haired girls...vacuum a few swipes where you do your hair without the brush on so the hair doesn't get wound up in the brush and then turn the brush on. Very simple. As far as dog hair...well you have your you want a vacuum that leaves all the hair behind...or do you want it to suck it up? It's expected that hair will get stuck on the brush.

    Now my review...I love this vacuum! I love the feature where you can pull out the middle and it has a convenient sturdy handle to carry, with attachment hose right on this middle part. The cord is attached to this part, so it is convenient to carry around the house and do all the baseboards and nooks and crannies first. It says, Press, Grab and Go on it and it really is easy as that! I love the feature of being able to shut the brush off and on, as well as it automatically shutting off when in the upright position. I love the turbo brush attachment! I was stunned at what I picked up off one recliner after just a few swipes, especially when I had just vacuumed 3 days earlier. Not only dog hair, but LOTS of fine dust. The cord is a great length, it is not heavy, and it is the most quiet vacuum I have ever heard, making only a soft hum. There is also a large filter where the air comes back out of the vacuum...I like that! I do not see any dust coming from the crevases like one person said. The hose is an expanding hose, so I find it is easy to manage and come with an extension with a telescoping attachment. You just twist the middle piece to lock the extension. I can't imagine how the one reviewer who was over 6 ft and 225 lbs thought this was a heavy vacuum!! It is easy to use, easy to push. One reviewer also commented about how hard it was to put together...nonsense! It is as simple as putting on the handle and screwing in 2 screws and attaching the attachments. A 5 yr old could do it. Along with the is mind boggling at the fine dust this vacuum picks up. Well... I am very pleased and glad I bought this vacuum!! ...more info
  • Brush is useless
    My wife and I were not happy with this vacuum. The front rotating brush was not terribly effective, especially on hardwood floors. The suction power, while decent, we found to be lacking even compared to a sub-$100 Hoover vacuum. We ended up returning this unit.

    We have a Bissel carpet cleaner which we are very happy with, so we don't have anything against the company in particular, just not happy with this one vacuum model....more info
    This vacuum has been truly wonderful. It was easy to assemble. It's easy to manuver and it works great. I love the locking canister- I have had these bagless types that blow particles backn into the air (and all over the vacuum) as you work. No problems here! Seeing what this picks up, has me wondering what my Eureka was doing for the past three years. YUK! I LOVE this vacuum and recommend to all who have a pet- even those who don't....more info
  • This thing SUCKS...and not in a good way!
    I'm terribly disappointed with this product. After fewer than a dozen uses, this vacuum decided suction was no longer a goal. I have two dogs and a cat and I thought I'd try a different "pet" vacuum (I have a Dyson Animal as well). The Bissell doesn't stand up to pet fur, nor does it function well on hardwood floors. I found myself chasing fur during the short time the machine operated correctly. I had to make numerous attempts to get the vacuum to suction up a small leaf. The hose operates well; although, I don't feel it connects/disconnects from the unit efficiently. While vacuuming, I could feel debris hit my legs. The canister is ridiculously small. The dust-covered exterior following use leads me to believe the HEPA filter serves no purpose. A very disappointing purchase (which will be returned). This vacuum sucks...and not in its intended manner!...more info
  • good buy
    I like this vacuum. The only thing is that the first day I used it the belt snapped. They don't send you extra belts with the vacuum so I would suggest ordering some when you order the vacuum. Everything else works great. I really like it.
    ...more info
  • the best
    i have a small cleaning residential business and i am using my client's bissel model 37604 lift-off vaccum . i really like it, light handy, and easy to use. perfect for removing pet's hair, also good for stairways, lamp shades and some parts of the house that's hard to reach.well, i don't have my own yet.thats why i am here to buy one now....more info
  • Great vacuum for a great price!!
    I am very satisfied with my puchase. I LOVE the detachable canister and bagless is a must for me. We have carpet on the second story and hardwood/tile on the first floor so easy trasition between the two is a must. This vacuum is incredibly easy to maneuver. It even gets in the corners - without an attachment! It is great at removing pet hair from both bare and carpeted floors. I wonder if previous reviewers who mentioned issues with picking up pet hair forgot to turn the brush on. It has a seperate on/off switch and you have to flip it depending on the surface you are cleaning. This became second nature after a time or two of cleaning. I would highly recommend this product and the price can't be beat!...more info
  • Holy semi-sweet canister, Batman - mostly better than my Dyson!
    So I have a 5+ y.o. Dyson animal. It makes dh very angry that it has lost suction. B/c I have good reason to believe he is either 1) going to smash it or 2) send it to get looked at, I bought this to live upstairs for the inevitable day the dyson disappears. So be warned, I am directly comparing it to the dyson which DID lose suction.

    -Removable canister - hello! Awesome for the cars and stairs - a 15 amp portable, unheard of!
    -Woopidy doo - the rollers can be turned off at the touch of an easily accessible button (better for hardwood)
    - all the attachments, like, attach to the vac (serious pet peeve of mine with the dyson)
    - headlight (I like the feature, but doubt it is actually useful)
    - very low profile in the front (e.g. it actually slides under my footboard without me having to Atlas to heave it up).
    - Acceptable suction (it picked up way more than the ailing dyson)
    - 3 filters
    - Filter cleanliness indicator for upper replaceable filter
    - canister sucks the dirt to the side, which seems to limit it getting in to the upper (non-washable) filter
    -Price - it is a bargain seeing as it is worth 1 vacuum + 1 hand vac

    -What! Small, small canister - seriously I though the whole front was the canister, but it is TINY (like 1/3 of the Dyson's size) -1 star for this
    - I dislike that the canister is open when you pull it out, the dyson's closed system is a much, much better design
    - a little worried that the 3 prongs the lift-off canister attaches to may be damaged easily
    - Color - I like my crazy green and purple color scheme
    - weight - I think it is okay seeing as I am going to use it upstairs, and remove the canister for the stairs, and keep the dyson to do the downstairs, but I would be mighty irritated at hauling this sucker (pun intended) up and down the stairs.
    -After doing my bedroom (and not filling up the canister 100%) there was already some dust visible in the upper filter. That's worrisome....more info
  • money down the drain
    I got this vacuum to replace the one I had for 4 years. The one I had for 4 years was great, it was a Hoover. This vacuum lasted me for a month, now it works and shuts off in 5 minutes. And if it is on, it doesn't even suck up anything. I would never recommend anyone to waste their money. ...more info
  • all I can say is.. wow....
    I have had this vacuum for about 8 hours. I LOVE IT!

    for over a month, we've known that we're moving to a fully carpeted apartment, after having wood floors for 2 years. so, I've been researching vacuums for about 3 weeks now..

    we've been dealing with a Dirt Devil Scorpion- about 4 years old, the cheapest bagless vac, when they first came out. did the job in our current apartment- attachment hose along the wood floors and vacuuming on the throw carpets we had. the filter is in the dirt cup, dust and hair and YUCK all over the place, pain in the behind.. I was considering going back to a bagged version- the newest Eureka Boss.

    until I saw a version of this model in my local Target. how freaking brilliant is this vac!! has everything but the duster, easy to empty and not-messy dirt cup, could suck a golf ball from across the room, absolutely idiot proof, washable filters, and canister feature to get the two sets of stairs I'm about to have.

    let me also mention we have two kids, two cats and a dog. yesterday I used the brush attachment from the Dirt Devil to manually get the cat hair off the couch- not attached to the vac, totally by hand. and today I used the Power Brush to go over the couch again.. ho-ly crap.

    I am excited about my new vacuum. I bought this silver version (Bissell 37604) at my local Best Buy, and also purchased the 4 year warranty.

    very glad I did my research- this vac will be perfect for our new apartment....more info
  • Great Purchase
    Excellent purchase. I love what it picks up. Assembly was easy- use is easier- Typical plastic model- but it does work. Picks up our pet hair- hate to think what our old one was missing. ...more info
  • We Love This Vacuum
    This vacuum sure takes the top awards on getting to dog hairs. Compact unit that does a really good job on floors and dog hair. Convenient visible collection container ... no messing with bags, etc.
    Great Job Bissell !! ...more info
  • Just Ok
    The unit works well with getting hair off of the floor and the furnature, but with picking up dirt it leaves a lot to be desired. It seems to just shoot the debris in different directions instead of sucking it up. The filter was useless after just 2 floor cleanings. But it does pick up the pet hair....more info
  • This thing is FANTASTIC
    I had a G5 Kirby for 10 years. I am allergic to dust and am a big clean freak. I have been looking for the best possible replacement for the Kirby for a few years now, and I finally settled on the Bissel Lift off Revolution. Here is what I have experienced:
    -WEIGHT: For those who have read other reviews and were concerned about this bissell being "heavy" or "hard to push"-- you have no idea what that even means. this thing feels like a feather duster compared to the kirby. the bissell is very light and easy to maneuver/use.
    -DIRT PICK UP: one word- ASTOUNDING. I vacuum no less than 4 times a week, and this bissell found an entire container's worth of dirt after one go around the house. it picks up everything! From cat hair to kitty litter (that my old kirby used to just kick out toward my feet!) this thing is incredible. I have had no issues with clogs or things not getting picked up
    -FILTERS: this thing has three, and they are easy to empty. Actually, the bin is the only one that has even needed changing at all, the other 2 hepa filters are still fine after a month of use. I usually empty the bin after each use (because it's full!!) and it comes out very easily.
    -TOOLS: the turbo brush is great. I have two cats, a microfiber couch, and kilim throw pillows. The turbo brush does ok on the couch ( a couple of passes will get 90% of the hair) and not so good on the pillows. What I have found is if i spritz the couch and pillows with a mist of water or febreeze it picks up EVERYTHING with only one pass. The tools are easy to connect and store compactly on the unit back. The extension pole lock doesn't always stay extended (it slips soemtimes) but usually is fine. The hose is not as long as it should be, the picture of the lady vacuuming the step is deceiving. but I think that is because you are suppossed to pick up the detachable cannister and carry it with you.
    All in all this thing kicks all the others to the curb. Kirby keeps breaking down, is heavy, and not as versatile/effective. I don't care what that snobby british commercial says, the Dyson does NOT work properly. At all. Hoover just doesn't have any suction or oomph. This bissell is the best thing ever-- they just GET it! I am a converted believer in the turbo brush. If you are a pet owner you need this- PERIOD....more info
  • Same Vacuum as the Bissel 37601 Lift-Off Revolution Turbo Upright
    I had been hoping to purchase the Bissell 37601 Lift-Off Turbo Upright, also offered on Amazon, but when I got to the store, they did not have it. They did have this 37604 Lift-Off Revolution Pet Bagless Upright. Because it was on sale and looked very similar to the one I wanted, I bought it and came home to check out the reviews of this model. There were some very negative reviews, but they all came from pet owners. Since I do not have pets and was not looking for a vacuum to deal with pet hair, that did not bother me. I did look again at the review for the 37601 model, that I had originally wanted, in order to compare the two side by side. (I had been impressed by the reviews for the 37601 model before and that is why I had chosen to buy it.) As I looked at the product photos of both this 37604 "Pet Model" and the 37601 "Turbo Upright Model" I realized that there is one picture that is the exact same photo for both, only it is mirror image and the color of the vacuum is changed. In the product features sections for the two vacuums the size and weight are listed as slightly different, but in the product details sections, they are listed as exactly the same. All that to say, I am not sure the two vacuums are any different. I kept the "Pet Model" and have been very happy with how it works overall and with its features, especially the detachable canister. I can not comment on its effectiveness on pet hair, but overall I am pleased with this vacuum (and I paid less than I thought I would by getting the "Pet Model" version of the vacuum I really wanted.)...more info
  • Worst vacuum ever
    This vacuum is the WORST vacuum ESPECIALLY if you have pets!! Pet hair tangles around the brushes, pet hair gets clogged in the hose, pet hair fills the bagless canister before you can even finish 1 room, pet hair fills the filter,etc. This vacuum is NOT for pet owners. It is SO aggrivating to vacuum because of all the stops you have to make to clean out the clogs!! AAARRGH! Do not waste your money....more info
  • One of the Best
    Despite some of your negative reviews, I find this vacuum convenient, easy to use, practical and thoughly fun to use.
    I have 3 collies, & 2 cats. Hair is a constant presents and this vac with the seperate hand power tool really does a nice job.
    The ability to turn the brush off and on from the top really is handy going from hard floors to rugs.
    The canister is very easy to care for, and the suction remains very strong as long as it is cleaned, especially the hair. And since I have so much hair, I have to dump it daily.
    Separating the vacuum from the main body allows stairs, upholstry, and automobiles to be done with ease.
    I've had Hoovers in the past but this particular Bissell really does a wide range of jobs so well.
    I highly recommend this equipment, especially if you have animals. ...more info
  • worth every penny
    super well designed, great brush pickup power, the attachment brush and detachable canister are easy to use and really make the pet hair disappear.
    everything snaps in and out with ease.

    i'd recommend it to anyone...more info
  • Good for carpets, bad for everything else
    I never write reviews of products, but I felt a need to for this one. I bought this vacuum about 5 months ago and am looking into buying a new one. If you want a vacuum for carpets, then go with this one. If your looking for one to vacuum your couch, hard flooring (hard wood, linoleum, tile, etc), stairs, or anything other than carpet, get a different one. I have 2 cats, a dog, and toddler and they all make giant messes. The vacuum is great for getting the hair and cereal out of the area carpets, but does nothing on the hard wood floors. I bought the hard floor attachment and that picks up even less than the vacuum itself. Also, the pet hair turbo brush jams every 2 swipes. I bought a new one in hopes that mine was just defective, but the new one jammed the first time I used it and I'm tired of having to open it up and fix it. Also, this is the dirtiest vacuum I have ever owned. You have to vacuum the vacuum after you use it because it collects so much dust on the outside. When you have to empty the canister (it seems you can get 2 rooms out of it before you have to empty it), whatever is in the canister goes everywhere and then you have to re-vacuum where you just vacuumed. The filter also gets clogged very easily and then the vacuum overheats. So, like I said, if you're looking for a purely carpet vacuum, it's great, for everything else, it's horrible. ...more info
  • best vac
    This is the best vac we've had, and we've had at least 5, most of them Hoovers.We bought it to replace a Hoover that was wearing out,and with 3 cats,my allergies and my wife's asthma,we are very very satisfied with this vac, it's the best one we've ever had, and that is over 40 years.I just wish we had had it before now.It is definitely worth the money.It's quiet, it's easy to get around with, not heavy, and you can take off the canister for those tight spots, or stairways.I would buy it again without question. ...more info
  • Good Suction
    Suction is good and the ease of cleaning the canister is great. Vacuum is alittle heavy, but is manageable....more info
  • I really like it!
    I got this on sale at best buy and I really like it. If you have woven almost macrame rugs (really cheap ones) then it needs quite a few passes but on normal rugs and upholstry its great! incredible suction and I really like the retractable wand. its very lightweight when you remove it from the base I carried it around for over an hour today vacuuming with no problems! it got up more pet hair from my house than I even knew existed. I would definetly buy it again!...more info
  • Effective!
    This vacuum really does a good job on pet hair - especially the furniture attachment. However, it is a very heavy sweeper; you get a workout at the same time!...more info
  • Turbobrush not working after one use....sigh...
    I purchased the Bissell Lift-off about 3 HOURS ago, used it once and had to take the turbo brush apart because the brushes stopped rotating. Obviously, the manufacturer is aware of the problem because there is a special notice inside the box telling you how to use the turbobrush..."too much pressure will cause the brush to stop rotating".

    I'm not sure how the manufacturer thinks someone could clean plush carpeted stairs without applying some sort of pressure to the turbo brush?! At any rate, I unscrewed the tool, checked the brushes and pulled a piece (ONE piece) of fur from the brushes. After screwing it back together, it now works sporatically.

    On the plus side, the vacuum does do a good job picking up pet hair; it's easy to empty the dirt container and the foam filters are washable. For the money; however, it doesn't really do any better job than my Hoover Empower, except that the filters are much easier to clean.

    Since getting rid of our loveable, but very furry Golden Retriever, is not an option, I will begin my search again for the perfect vaccum....more info
  • definately not pet hair friendly
    I bought this vacuum about 6 months ago and have had numerous dog hair clogs. I have been told to take it to the shop 3 times where they charge me to unclog dog hair. It works well when it actually works, but the tedious work of cleaning filters constantly is extremely annoying. I only have 2 dogs and feel like it is way too much work to actually get suction from it. Also, the attachment for stairs does not work well. I will go over them and I will still be visibly able to see dog hair. I have spent way too much time and energy on trying to 'fix' this vacuum and would rather go buy another one.
    ...more info
  • Amazing suction...attachments so-so
    Recently bought this vacuum after my two small girls saw the adorable dog picture on the the box, and I could not leave the store with anything else. Nice marketing. I had planned on checking this vacuum out, but was admittedly skeptical of it's ability to pick up my two boxer's massive collection of hair strewn throughout our carpet and furniture. Wow - I was gleefully proven wrong. It really did the job on getting the pet hair and sundry of other hidden items out of the carpet. Did a great job on our furniture as well. When I switched over to the attachments, I was shocked at the suction power. It actually was startling, I looked to be sure my daughter's weren't close enough to get their hair caught in the vacuum! I was disappointed at the short hose, however. It was very difficult to do any sort of cleaning with the attachments without using the extension wand, which I found somewhat cumbersome. Sure hope my wand doesn't break like some of the others I've read about! Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. I was so tempted to detach the canister, I had to try the vacuum on the car - awesome. It sucked out some really hard to reach crud that I could not get to even with the professional grade car vacuum. Sweet! I emptied the canister twice, but didn't find it to be too unpleasant in comparison to other bagless vacuums. I'd rather dump a smaller amount than a huge pile of built up dirt anyway. Highly recommended for dog/cat owners....more info
  • Wow!!!
    This machine is a must for anyone with pets or children who drop crumbs on the carpet and furniture. It sucks hard and deep, we vacuumed carpets that we thought were clean and were surprised at the dirt and lint this vacuum picked up....more info
  • Good vacuum if you don't use the accessories
    The vacuum itself does a great job on my carpets and picks up way better than my equivalent Hoover. My disappointment comes from the attachments. The lock on the extender arm broke with the second use. The suction brush attachment stops working every time I use it on the stairs and we have to get out the screw driver, take it apart and unclog it. The canister goes on and off easily. I always manage to spill some dirt while emptying it. The canister is very small and with 2 dogs, I have to empty it after cleaning every room.

    Complaints aside, I still turn to this vacuum before my others because it can really suck up the dirt and hair.
    ...more info
  • Broke within the FIRST minute of use!!!
    After looking at/tinkering with multiple vacuum cleaners at the local Target, my wife and I decided on this model due to supposed abilitlies with pet hair as we have two big dogs. However, we started using it on an area rug where our pets typically hang out...and within a minute, the brush stopped working! After troubleshooting it for awhile, we looked to the internet and have read all of these mixed reviews. We are definitely returning it tomorrow. ...more info
  • The tale of 4 vacuums
    We had a Dyson it did terrible job on wood/tile floors - gave it to thrift shop. So we purchased 3 vacuums over the last month (Hoover S3765-040, Hoover U6630-900, and a Bissell 37604) from local big box stores. Sorry Amazon too much risk buying expensive items from you when you do not how they will work. The best by far is the Bissell 37604. It is the only one that we did not have to use a stick vacuums to clean the floor where the dogs sometimes sleep. It was the very best on the indoor/outdoor carpet, area rugs, and the tile. Also it is very easy to use and clean. Shows that you do not always need to spend a lot of money.

    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!!
    This is the BEST vacuum I have ever used!!!! I purchased this on some of the reviews I read and decided the price was right. This is the most versatile upright I have ever used. This includes the $1200 Kirby I gave to the church because it didn't do the job, was too heavy and bulky, also the Hoover I traded in when I bought the Kirby. Having 2 cats and 2 dogs I was beginnning to believe pet hair was to be an everyday live with,,,,,but, after receiving this today and immediately assembling and vacuuming, I now know it is now a thing of the past. I highly recommended this to anyone with pets, you will be like me.....why did I wait so long (if I had only known). The best puchase I have ever made for a vacuum!!!Bissell 37604 Lift-Off Revolution Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Detachable Canister, Silver

    ...more info
  • This Actually Works!
    With numerous cats and three retrievers, we had given up on getting rid of animal hair. We saw a review of this and gave it a try. The vacuum has excellent suction and does an excellent job of picking up fine and heavy pet hair (and everything else!) The lift-off canister feature is very handy for chairs, drapes, stairs, blinds - you name it. It is extremely easy to empty (just dump the cup)and works well on shag and "flat" carpet, as well as wood and vinyl floors. We saved considerably by buying through Amazon - especially with no tax and free shipping. Time will tell if this is a reliable product, but for now, I'm delighted....more info
  • Zero stars if I could!!!!
    I have to agree with "Jennifer Anton's" review on this vacuum. It's horrible on bare floors, the filter has to be constantly cleaned or you have absolutely no power to suck up anything!!! The brush gets so tangled with both pet and human hair, that you have to take the whole thing apart to fix it!! And this has to be the heaviest vacuum ever made. I'm 6'3" 225 pounds and I have a hard time handling and lifting this vacuum. (The 83 year old woman that recieved this vacuum from her son must be in great shape!!) And this has to be the worst for keeping in the dust, especially for a vacuum that has three filters in it. Every time I've used it, I end up having a sneezing fit after. I'm throwing this thing in the garbage, it's to late for me to return....more info
  • NOT for hardwood floors
    We have mostly hardwood floors throughout, with 2 large dogs that shed and track in a lot of dirt. I realize that canisters are typically recommended for non-carpet surfaces, but I loathe them so I stick to uprights. My old inexpensive dirt devil did well for about 6 years. We bought the bissel to handle the fur and because we put an addition on our house with carpeted stairs, thought the lift off feature would be handy. First off, the vacuum is quite heavy (I'm in my early 30's and lift weights regularly). Second, the turbo brush worked fantastic on the dog beds for about 3 minutes, until fur caught up in the gear and I had to take the whole thing apart to clean it out. Third, the vacuum worked great with the brush running on my large area rugs, I imagine it would be fine for carpet. However, fourth, and most importantly in my case, it would barely pick up a thing from the hardwood floors and tile with the brush off and the height set to Bare Floors. It would not pick up small pebbles or stuffing from dog toys. It took mulitple passes to pick up dog fur, and would not suck it out from under the edge of the couch. What fur it did pick up just stuck to the brush, didn't really get sucked up all the way without some help. It would absolutely not do any edge cleaning, had to go over that with the attachment wand. I was very disappointed in the performance for the price. We ended up returning it (did not purchase from amazon). I ordered a Hoover S2220 Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum from amazon today based on the great reviews for hardwood and tile. Will supplement this with another inexpensive dirt devil for the new carpeted areas and for attachment cleaning....more info
  • Long-term opinion - problem after problem
    Vaccum worked well for about three months, then loses suction and falls apart. Too many parts clog easily even with constant cleaning. Filthy vaccum. Dust gathers and pours from every crevice when dumping. Overheats after vaccumming one floor. Pet attachment that runs via suction power stops working all the time. Have to completely disassemble and clean vaccum to get working again and then only last for maybe a week. Lock that releases handle broke after 6 months so now bottom flops down every time you pick it up dumping dust all over carpet. Even $180 is an investment for me and I took good care of this vaccum. Not recommended in general - but especially for homes with wall-to-wall carpeting that requires heavy use....more info
  • Works great in my zoo!!!
    I love this vacuum!! I replaced my old Hoover with this model. We have 2 dogs, a cat, and a rabbit that all shed. I was amazed the first few times that I vacuumed. It picked up so much dirt, hair, fuzz etc.!! Apparently, my old vac wasn't doing much of anything. We had new carpet put in a few months ago and it is still shedding terribly. I think this is what killed the old Hoover. With the new vac, I can empty the canister when it's full so it keeps cleaning. The lift off feature is what sold me on this model. It makes toting it around to do the steps much easier. The turbo brush doesn't work as well as I'd hoped, but is acceptable.
    I really like that most of the filters can be cleaned. It's very quick and easy. The best feature is that for weeks the kids argued over who got to use the new vacuum!! :)
    Update after one month: Ok, the honeymoon is over. I still like this vaccuum, but no longer "love" it. My complaint, the hose clogs very easily and is a pain in the butt to clear. Sometimes it has to be cleared a few times during a session. This is annoying. I finally found that a bamboo stick works well to unclog it. When it's all clear, it works very well.
    ...more info
  • Great vaccuum for pet owners
    I have 4 cats and a dog and my last vaccuum broke after less than a year. One of my cats has long hair that sticks to everything and does not vaccuum off easily. This vaccuum grabs that hair and sucks it up with no problem. It is very versatile and easy to use. The attachment grabs pet hair from upholstery and doesn't let it go. The lift off canister is great for doing stairs and locks back into place with no problems. The dirt cup is easy to empty and put back into place. It was well worth the money paid....more info
  • Great, but............
    I bought this vacuum to replace one that didn't work well with carpet - this one is fantastic - very mobile, etc. and the amount of "stuff" it got out of my carpet was amazing!!! It was like having a 3rd dog there was so much fur. The noise level wasn't bad, either

    Why isn't it a 5? The extender wand broke the first time I used it. If I could have brought it back I would have (but it was obviously used and I felt like a chump if I would do something like that)

    ...more info