Rabbit Air MinusA2 (covers 700 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier - 6 Stage filtration w/ free Customized Filter - Long-Lasting Filters - Energy Star?, Pet Allergy

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Product Description

The Newest Edition to the Rabbit Air family is the MinusA2 air cleaner. Boasting ultra-efficiency and quietness, this HEPA air purifier is sure to keep your home allergen free and smelling fresh. You will benefit from a 6 stage filtration to trap even the smallest airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time. Best of all, Rabbit Air is leading the way in innovation by giving you an option of a Customized Filter. This filter is stage 4 in the filtration process and you have a choice between Germ Defense, Pet Allergy and Toxin Absorber. This filter is an extra layer of protection for your allergy, so choose the customized filter that will benefit you most. The MinusA2 is also the first air purifier ever to feature a Mood Light on the front of an air purifier to give it a chic look while relaxing and calming your subconscious. While most ordinary HEPA air cleaners have only 1 filter or an all-in-one filter, the MinusA2 has 5 filters, including a (washable) pre-filter. The filters last up to 2 years and with a low replacement cost of $75 for the entire kit, you will save a lot of money compared to the plethora of inefficient units on the market that require you to replace expensive filters every 3-6 months...and there's virtually no maintenance. Whether you choose to wall mount or have it stand alone, your New MinusA2 is sure to add sophistication and elegance to any home decor. Included with all Rabbit Air Purifiers is our outstanding 24/7 customer care, industry-leading 5 year warranty and free shipping within the US 48 states. This is truly the best investment for you and your loved ones for many years to come!

  • The Pet Allergy filter is a specially engineered filter designed to provide an extra layer of protection beyond the MinusA2's already advanced filtration, so choose the filter that will benefit you most. Best of all...it's free. Pet Allergy filter destroys pet dander and the influenza virus.
  • Amazon A - Z Purchase Protection & RabbitAir? No-Hassle Return Policy ~Fastest Shipping through Amazon~ Compare our 5 YEAR WARRANTY to the competition! Energy Star? certified appliance at only 47 watts at Turbo and 8 watts in silent mode; remote included; Virtually No Maintenance; Unit Measures 20" H x 21.4" W x 7" D
  • Zero Ozone Emmissions, ETL safety approved; True HEPA filter traps airborne allergens and contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time
  • Unit can operate at 4 different speeds + Turbo & Different Modes Available: Auto, Baby or Rhythm; Innovative Mood Light will calm and relax you while providing elegance to your home decor; Effectively covers 700+ sq. ft.; Wall Mount Option (search MinusA2 wall mount on Amazon); Superior Quality backed by an Industry-leading 5 year warranty; compare to our competitors' 0-1 year warranty!
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: (1) Minus A2 Air Purifier, (2) Remote Control, (3) 2 AAA Batteries, (4) User's Guide, (5) Pre-Electrostatic filter, (6) Anti-bacterial Medium Filter, (7) RabbitAir True HEPA Filter, (8) Customized Filter: Pet Allergy, (9) Charcoal based Activated Carbon filter for strong deodorization and VOC control
Customer Reviews:
  • I should have returned it.
    I purchased this about three months ago. My first impression out of the box was "oh hey, it's white!" I'm sure some, or most, of you will go "DUH!" but I had been looking at the other Rabbits and they were all silver so stupid me assumed this was silver. The mood light generally runs blue or you can switch the color, but the plain whiteness makes me not want to display this. Maybe I'm being picky but I really didn't/don't like the look.

    It has the ability to mount to a wall or can rest on the floor. The mood light can actually be turned off (YES!!!) unless you want to use it as a night light.

    Now to the important part... the filtering. I snagged the Toxin filter style because I assume that apartments always have toxins. According to the reading, they mine don't. (It has a light that is supposed to tell you when the air is polluted).

    I have allergies and I didn't notice a BIT of difference with my allergies between having this and not. I was still sniffling and sneezing during my entire allergy setting. According to the air filter, there was nothing in the air. I took it off of automatic and put it on high manually and I still didn't notice a difference.

    My purpose of purchase was to get out the allergies and this filter has not done a bit of good. Occasionally when I clean in the bathroom or cook something a little to well done, the sensor will turn red, but mostly it's a healthy blue (which means nothing in the air folks).

    This device did not meet my expectations and for the price, I really can not see any value. I noticed no reduction of allergies even after showering and changing clothes. I believe I could have received the same quality by purchasing (2) cheap $[...] air purifiers at a wallmart or costco or something and still saved $[...]. If I'm paying out that much money, I expect some results.

    Moving away from the product and to the company: I ordered and received the product within about three days and it came packaged well and in good condition. I just with the product had come close to my expectations.

    Note... I accidentally hit two stars. Amazon isn't letting me edit it to one star. Obviously I see no value in this product so pretend it's a one star.
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  • Looks great but just okay on dust filtration
    Purchased this unit a few weeks ago and it's been running 24-7 since. I have this in our office which is about 700sq.ft. Most of the day I have it on Rhythm mode and I put it on auto at night. Seems to work well for filtering out allergens as I've noticed a reduction in coughing and sneezing. As far as dust reduction, it's not as amazing as I'd expected. We have about 5 desktop computers here running 24-7 and my desk gets really dusty almost everyday. Since the Rabbit Air arrived, I'd say there's been about a 30-40% reduction in dust, I was hoping for at 70-80%. Overall, I'd recommend this device. One last thing to note, up until earlier today, the Rabbit Air has been on the floor in the middle of the room. I just mounted it onto the wall, not sure if that'll have any noticable effect on performance... ...more info
  • Overall, High Performer & Sleek
    Initial thoughts from "lost" review (8/07):

    On high (which we keep it set at except for TV viewing), the unit sounds strong, not overly loud or high-pitched. It's great "white noise" for light sleepers or to mask unwanted outside sounds.

    Sleek and shiny; manages not to collect a lot of dust on the casing. The narrow depth is helpful: while the unit is fairly wide, it doesn't impose in the room. The mood light is cool and fun but bright for bedrooms, even in "sleep" mode. The built-in handle/groove for carrying is solid.

    It works well, deep into ragweed season: we aren't nearly as stuffy or sneezy as usual and are breathing clearer. As far as dander and dust, we still have a lot floating around, but the purifier is working hard, as evidenced when maintenance-cleaning the prefilter.

    The filters fit exceptionally well together and in the housing and are easy to install/remove. They come together in a kit: handy!

    Simple and explains things clearly.

    Rabbit Air MinusA2 gives great results for the price--and marketing promises--and is manufactured exceptionally well.

    UPDATE (5/08)
    We've owned this unit for 9 months. In the first several months, I absolutely noticed a positive difference in air freshness. At eight months, there seemed to be less of a difference in air freshness and I wondered if it was time to replace the filters, four months earlier than suggested. Customer service recommended I buy just a new charcoal filter, which we may yet do, and see if that helps before shelling out for a new filter kit. We have pets, down comforters (the pre-filter grid is filled with down!) and live in an older building with a lot of dust from age and remodeling. We run the unit on high 24/7, turbo if smoke filters in from other units. It's not instantaneous on odors, but it does effectively remove them within an hour or two. Customer service has been excellent. This unit and new filters aren't cheap, but I do think it's worth the cost...so far. And if the unit works again as well as it did initially, we're willing to buy the filters a little "early" if that's what's needed. We're even considering ponying up for a second unit.

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  • Worth the investment.
    On the first three settings this filter is almost audibly indistinguishable from a slow speed ceiling fan. The filter system on this unit is complex and time will tell if it is a good design, since we have only had it running for two weeks. What I have noticed in that time is any "funky" odors that previously existed in our bedroom are now completely gone, I sleep very sound and no longer suffer from a stuffy nose due to dust and allergens. The vertical oscillating $100 Target unit we previously used in the room was OK, but loud and did not have 20% the effective range of this device. From the visitor or guests perspective, it is also a work of art. Whether you place it on the floor, or wall mount it, you will have admiring questions about it. When we looked at replacing our old unit I was concerned about a $500 investment in an air filter, I have recently considered buying another one for another area in the house. ...more info
  • Great product. Read for comparison against 582A
    I wanted to post this review mainly because there is no real comparison between Rabbit Air MinusA2 (covers 700 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier - 6 Stage Filtration! - built in Mood Light and the Rabbit Air BioGP (model 582A - covers 780 sq. ft.) Ultra-Quiet Air Purifier w/ Germicidal Protection- Low Maintenance - Washable Filters!, Pearl White out there. This is to give you an idea if you're making a choice between the two. [...]

    I first purchased the 582A but returned it after a few months of usage due to some minor defect for an exchange with MinusA2 (RabbitAir support was extremely helpful). As a result I have experience with both of these units. The main reason I purchased an Air Purifier was dust elimination and for that particular purpose in mind both these products exceeded my expectations.

    In the order of importance for me, these are the differences:
    - As I am posting this review MinusA2 is $[...] more expensive than 582A. So why should you even consider MinusA2? Read on...

    - Filtering:
    (a) MinusA2 has 2 more levels of filtering. The Medium Filter (which filters medium sized particles and increases the efficiency/lifespan of the main HEPA filter) and a Customized Filter of your choice.
    (b) On the other hand although RabbitAir boasts about the benefits of BioGP HEPA filters over the regular HEPA filters on their website, it's not clear if the MinusA2 HEPA filter is also BioGP (yet it's made by 3M and looks high quality). The price of the 582A's HEPA filter is more expensive. I am not sure if this is due to the surface area or because 582A's filter is really more effective.

    - Noise level: This is where MinusA2 shines due to its more efficient new engine.
    (a) I was pleasantly surprised to find out MinusA2 improves quite a bit over already very silent 582A. To compare at different speeds the noise and Clean Air Flow, check the Features tab in RabbitAir's own website for each product.
    (b) I am not sure how RabbitAir calculates the sq ft. coverage but I run these units at the highest speed for which noise is acceptable (~ about 30dB in my opinion). Consequently I can run MinusA2 at Medium speed producing 97 Cubic Feet/min of clean air as opposed to 582A's Low speed producing 85 Cubic Feet/min.

    - Area of coverage: Although 582A is rated at 780 sq ft. versus 700 sq ft. of MinusA2, if you check the Features tab for each product on RabbitAir's website you'll find out that MinusA2's clean air output is generally higher at the same speed setting as well as its CADR (clean air delivery rate) rating. I imagine RabbitAir's sq ft. calculation is based on the maximum setting in which 582A outputs 208 Cubic Feet/min vs 187 Cubic Feet/min of MinusA2. However I think this is unrealistic and I doubt many of you will choose to use it at the highest setting due to high energy consumption and noise.

    - Design and build quality: MinusA2 wins this comparison by far.
    (a) I must say though that there's room for improvement for both of these products. For both of them the plastic construction looks a bit cheap although this is more apparent with 582A. I wish their build were metallic.
    (b) However MinusA2 is quite handsome overall with its square lines.
    (c) It could also be wall mounted.
    (d) One more thing I'd like to mention is I really liked the tiny remote of 582A. I think MinusA2's remote is not only less functional but is bulkier for no reason. I also miss 582A's the tiny remote control pocket behind the unit which reduced remote control clutter in the house.
    (e) By the way although the mood light of MinusA2 adds to its cool looks, I believe RabbitAir's own claim of the Mood Light "helping normalize blood pressure, pulse, and facilitate deep breathing blah blah" is total nonsense. I think this sounds totally unscientific and if anything has negative influence on my view of RabbitAir as a honest company with high quality products. Also you will find out that you can't change the color of this light as you wish (based on your mood) but the unit sets that itself (based on its own mood).

    - Energy consumption: MinusA2 consumes between 8 to 47 Watts whereas 582A consumes between 7 to 67 Watts. I believe the lower consumption of MinusA2 is due to the newer generation Mitsubishi engine employed. Therefore you can expect lower energy usage if you plan to run the unit at anything beyond the Silent setting.

    - Sensors:
    (a) Note that MinusA2 does not have an odor sensor although 582A has. I think this is quite useful with 582A and I don't understand why RabbitAir chose to drop this from MinusA2.
    (b) On the other hand MinusA2 has a light sensor. Certainly it does not help to do a better air purification, but if you're using the Auto mode then the unit goes to the Silent setting automatically a few mins after the lights are dimmed. I think this should've been optional even in the Auto mode but it's a useful feature nevertheless.
    (c) The particle sensor of MinusA2 looks more elaborate and I imagine it does a better job.
    (d) Furthermore MinusA2 has adjustable sensor sensitivity. This is extremely useful, and the reason I returned 582A was because the sensors of the unit I received was simply too sensitive and was changing from "clean" to "very dirty" for no apparent reason in a split second (during late nights etc when there was no virtual change in room conditions).

    Overall I think MinusA2 is a great unit and improves on the already impressive 582A. I thought it's worth the price difference. I already ordered a new one after RabbitAir customer support said they could give me a discount for an additional unit. ...more info
  • It is a very quiet unit with automatic sensors! A++ overall
    I would highly recommend this unit to friends. First, the unit is functional. I mean it works well. It filters the dust, pet allergy and so forth nicely -- as I can see that from the filters. Second, it is very quiet. It has light sensor and has air quality sensor to adjust the mode of the operation dynamically (from Turbo to silent mode and vice-versa). I did check out 2 air purifiers from Costco and return them all after using RabbitAir. There is no way to beat Rabbit Air's stylish design, the noise level at operation. And the power consumption is the best. This is not a cheap unit anyway. I can purchase two units from Costco for the price of one here. But I think it is worth the money for long run -- low power consumption, good air quality produced, and stylish design. As for the technical (after sale) support, it is great. It should come with a wall mount kit though. As comparing it with the other rabbit air models, I personally like this unit better. Mainly, it is due to low operational noise. I hope you would agree with what I am saying here. Thanks. ...more info
  • Quiet and Effective
    Purchased March 08 - for the bedroom

    Positives: It's narrow size and shape means it doesn't take up much space in the room. At medium level it is quiet and not a distraction, though you do hear it. I have had chronic sinusitis, probably from our cats. The impact since purchasing it: 1) I now breath through my nose when sleeping; 2) my sinuses are clearing up w/o taking any antibiotics.

    Deltas: When using it on low one night - I found that I had to breath through my mouth and awoke with my nosed stuffed. It was not very effective at that speed for me.

    Overall: It is expensive but more suitable for the bedroom than the Honeywell we purchased. However, the Honeywell has done an excellent job in the basement....more info
  • Love this Air Purifier
    We bought this air purifier as both my husband and I suffer from allergies and I often wake up with headaches. I noticed a difference in the air within a few hours of turning it on and I have not had a morning headache since. We also have 2 Boxer's (dogs) and notice huge improvement in dander as well as dust in our bedroom. The air smells so fresh. We also love the "auto" mode and that at night when we turn the lights out it automatically turns off the lights on the unit and the fan to silent mode - which is sincerely practically silent. We love this machine....more info
  • I'm getting old
    You know you're getting old when you're excited about an air purifier. I have two cats, so i've wanted one for a while, but never wanted to invest in one. Now that i'm living in a one room studio I had no choice. I was going to get a cheap one, but after reading the reviews I made an impulse buy late one night and shelled out for this one. I've only had it for a week, so problems could arise in the future, but so far I'm glad I got it. It looks great, so you don't have to worry about having a big clunky purifier taking up space. It's about dead silent too. I have it on low right now about 3 feet from me and can't even hear it. Both sensors work. A few minutes after I turn the light off to go to sleep the light sensor sets the speed to low. I have a cat box about 10 feet from the purifier. Whenever I clean it out dust gets in the air. After a minute or two, if set to auto, the purifier increases it's speed to get rid of the bad air. No complaints so far, and hopefully it stays that way. ...more info
  • amazing air purifier and one of the best
    I had never written a review for any product before.

    Tried all types of air purifiers / odor removers, and this has got to be the best system out there. Amazingly quiet while being able to push through and purify high volumes of air, even at the lowest setting, which is absolutely silent. In our apartment, normally we had problems with kitchen air after cooking, especially frying food; with this system, food / grease odor is reduced within 10-20 minutes, and eliminted COMPLETELY in the next hour or so. I could not detect a hint of food odor after 2 hours. Living in the city, we have air problems. Now, interior air is drastically improved along with my persistent sinus issues. I replaced every other air purifiers in my apartment with rabbit air minusA2's. The unit is very easy on the eye and non-obtrusive. And once again, when the unit is on one of the lower settings, it is completely inaudible.

    I contacted Rabbit Air support for some billing issues and some technical issues, and was greeted very courteously and professionally. The support staffs were very knowledgeable and helpful. I am absolutely happy with this air purifier and highly recommend to anyone who is seriously looking for ways to improve air quality and odor removal.

    pros: silent, very effective at odor removal and air purification, most aesthetically pleasing system out there, one of the thinnest profile out there, and it truely works

    cons: a bit pricey, filter replacement cost...more info
  • Awesome customer support
    I bought this item for my dad as he has severe allergies all throughout the year. I was pondering between this unit and the IQair units, but this one seemed nicer as a gift and also sounded more automated than the IQair. My parent's are not that good with any kind of gadgets, so I wanted to make sure that they'll be able to use it. The unit seems to be working wonders for my dad. Whenever we talk, he thanks me for the gift. He wakes up with clear sinus and does not suffer allergy symptoms when he's in the house.

    Also when I bought this unit, it was priced at over $500 and just a few days afterwards, they started their sales. To my surprise, Rabbitair credited back the difference to my credit card without even my asking for it. Awesome customer service and now that I have my own place, I'm thinking of getting one for my self....more info
  • Rabbit Air..works for rabbits!
    I bought this because I have indoor house rabbits, and it has really helped with the fur that has been flying in the air. The detectors it has when you put it on the auto setting really work too, when my boyfriend comes over, if he is wearing a strong cologne, the Rabbit Air senses it and kicks up to the HIGH setting! I have had it turned off for the past two days because I need to clean the filter, and I am already sneezing twice as much as when it was on......more info
  • So far so good.
    I just purchased this item for two months. It works OK. My living area is very dusty, I thought I could use it to reduce the dust, and reduce the allergy. This machine is quiet, not bad looking. ...more info