Hoover H3044 FloorMate SpinScrub Wide-Path Hard-Floor Cleaner

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Product Description

Features: Vacuums, washes and dries your hard surface floors -- and "all in one" solution. Comes with interchangeable SpinScrub and grout brushes. EZ select dial is positioned high on unit to easily allows you to choose a mode - Vacuum, Wash or Dry. Finger tip control --- Lets you decide where, when and how much cleaning solution is applied. Separate tanks for cleaning solution and for pick up -- meaning no dirty water is put back down on your clean floor.

  • All-in-one cleaning system vacuums, washes, and dries hard-floor surfaces
  • 15-inch-wide cleaning path; EZ Select dial; fingertip trigger control
  • Interchangeable SpinScrub and grout brushes; separate tanks for clean and dirty water
  • Fold-down handle; 8-ounce grout cleaner and 8-ounce floor-to-floor cleaner included
  • Measures approximately 20 by 15-1/2 by 45 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
    I own the Hoover FloorMate and it does an excellent job. Our floors have never been cleaner. The machine is extremely loud but scrubs your floors like nothing else can. The solution for the machine is on the exspensive side but I found that you can use any type of floor cleaner diluted in water and it works just as well. I recommend this little machine for viynl or tile floors but it will not work on hardwood floors. ...more info
  • I love it!!!
    This is the best product for wood floors! EAsy to use and does an excellent job!...more info
  • Best purchase in a LOOOONNNNGGG time - for a big family.
    1 neat freak, 1 slob, 7 kids, a st bernard and a golden retriever - all on 3200 sq ft of white carpets, hardwood floors, and tile. Between this and the carpet cleaner - the neat freak can actually stay sane.

    Only thing I dont like about it is that the top is a little too high - which means I have to get under registers and cabinets myself... but that is not enough to stop me from giving it 5 stars.

    But - buy it at Bed bath and Beyond and use one of their 20% off coupons. Got mine for under $125 pickup immediately. ;-)

    LOVE IT!...more info
  • Mop never again!
    After two years of having tile floors..I was frustrated and tired of hand scrubbing, and mops that just didn't seem to do the job. I used this FloorMate the first day I got it. I cleaned just the entry way and was SHOCKED at how dirty the water was. I went over it another time and still pretty yucky water emerged. I guess my floors really needed this deep cleaner. This last week was the first in two weeks since I'd used it..and not bad at all. I absolutely love it! The price was great, I think I'll be giving a couple out for Christmas!...more info
  • Wonderful Product!!!
    I just got the Floormate by Hoover and it is the best product I think I have ever purchased. It cleans my floor so perfect it is dry in seconds and beautiful. I live in Alaska I have kids and dogs and a huge house full of laminate floor. I have always hated moping and I never felt like the floor was clean but with this floor cleaner it is clean and the whole house smells wonderful. It is easy to use it takes seconds to set up and seconds to put away. Love it Love it Love it!!! Thank you Hoover for making such a great product to make our busy lives better. ...more info
  • Not a bad product but not a great one either
    The machine is heavy so it's a good thing it has bumpers because controlling it can be a challenge. The water is dirty so I know it is cleaning the floor. However if you have a sticky food spot or crayon marks from a 3 year old, you should pretreat the spot if you want the machine to clean it up. If you don't pretreat then you might end up cleaning the floor the old fashioned way.....on your hands and knees....more info
  • Best I've tried
    I've tried a few of these floor scrubbers for my white tile floor, and this is the best one I've tried. With a puppy, I like the wet pickup then clean option. It does a decent job with the scrubbing - a great job for the price. While I would sure love to have the power and cleaning ability of an industrial floor finisher, I can't really ask for a better product for the price and compact storage capability....more info
  • pleased customer
  • Must have appliance
    I love this hard floor cleaner. It works just great on my ceramic tile and laminate floors. I actually bought a second one for my son and am getting another for a Christmas present for my daughter. I wish the holding tank was bigger but other than that, it is a marvelous machine....more info
  • Not Worth The Money
    The first one I got lasted about 2 minutes. The motor died while I was dry cleaning the floor. Took it back and got another.

    I worked but also returned it for the following reasons.

    1. Way to much plastic to take in and out all the time. One crack and you're replacing parts.
    2. It did not throw out enough water on the floor to do a good cleaning. This was my biggest issue. I called Hoover and they told to keep pushing the trigger to release more water. I did but it seemed to only come out from the right side. Not much came out from the left side. They said there might be an air bubble so to keep pulling the trigger to release it. It never did............
    3. The wet vac worked great but left streaks on the tile floor. I didn't like that.

    Bottom line I used a sponge mop and towel to do the floors. They look great. Good workout too.
    ...more info
  • Not recommended for grout
    Initially, I thought this worked great. I have about 700 sq.ft. of ceramic tile which has grooves. I also have vinyl in my bathrooms. I have a hard time keeping the grooves clean in the ceramic and hair spray off the vinyl floors. It took me longer to get the floors clean compared to mopping, but the hoover got them much cleaner. I needed to go over areas more than once, but once I was done, the floors were like brand new. The grooves were clean on the tile and the vinyl was totally free from hairspray. However, I showed this product to a grout specialist who informed me that over time, the brushes will begin to harm the surface of the grout, especially if the grout is dyed. It will also remove the sealer, as it did on my floor. He said the best way to clean tile is to use vinegar water, a mop or sponge, and dry with a cloth as you go. He said the most important thing to do is to dry the floor so the dirty water doesn't re-settle. As my tile is soon to be dyed and re-sealed, I will be returning the Hoover. I don't have enough vinyl floor to justify the cost. I cannot really advise on how it would do on hardwood, but my guess is it would be too harsh....more info
  • Nice product, little pricy
    This is a great product. It won't "scrub" the caked on stuff, but it does a nice job for the normal stuff. The clean water container is a little small, but definately sufficient. I would recommend this product!...more info
  • Love, love, love it!
    I bought a new house a month ago with a lot of tile flooring. I am kind of picky about my house but tend to let the floors go longer than I like because it's just so difficult to get down there and scrub them. SO, I bought the Hoover Floormate and am in love.

    The dry vac feature works OK though if you just want to vaccum your floor I'd probably use a regular vac. But, today I cleaned my laundry room where my litter box is, and I used the vac to pick up stray pieces of
    litter with no problems.

    The wash feature works great. It gets along the edges much better than I expected. I know it's possible I might occassionally have to get down there and really scrub along the baseboards but so far it hasn't been necessary.

    I also love the dry feature. It doesn't dry the floor completely, but it does suck up most of the water and allows the floor to finish drying quickly. The dry feature also sucks up the little bits that the vac didn't get.

    I have 1 small child, 2 cats, and a big hairy dog and this product is a life saver. My floors look great and the cleaner makes my house smell good too. I am MUCH more likely to clean them with this product than I would be to hand wash them which is worth the money itself. After cleaning I quickly rinse the pieces and store. I don't have any problems with clogging even though I have all that pet hair floating around. Overall, I couldn't be happier!

    One note: The first Floormate I bought did not eject any water so I had to exchange it for a new one. If you get one that you don't think is working well out the the box, get a new one and give it another shot!
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is a fantastic product! I bought it three months ago, and have been very pleased with its performance. A couple of tips if you are planning on getting one:

    1. Use a real vac first. The dry vac performance of this item is not stellar. It's good for picking up small amounts of dust, but anything more than that will be a problem. Plus, the dirt goes into the same cup as the waste water, making cleanup more work.

    2. Let the clean water sit for a bit on the floor. Press the trigger and move forward to put down the clean water. Then move to a different area. After a few minutes, returned to where you started and vac up the water (with the brushes turning). This gives the cleaning solution time to dissolve the dirt.

    3. The Hoover cleaning solution is OK, but you can get excellent results with plain vinegar (about 1 oz per tank) or non-sudsing ammonia (about ½ oz per tank). Use hot water for best results.

    4. Clean the machine when you're done. Pay particular attention to the filter (rinse under water) and the waste water tank. Also pull off the front nozzle and check for debris in the intake.

    5. Don't store the machine with the tanks full. Some residual water will always be left in the machine after you're done, so store it where a few drips wouldn't be a problem.

    6. Be careful when taking off the waste tank - use both hands since it can tip easily until you get the hang of it.

    I've been very pleased with how this machine cleans ceramic tile - leaves it "barefoot clean" far better than a regular mop. ...more info
    I absolutely love my Hoover Floormate. I have a house full of tiled rooms (3 different types) and wood flooring. It works great on both. It is very easy to use and my floors have never been cleaner. Mopping was something that used to leave me in pain but all that is gone with the Hoover Floormate. Love it! Love it! Love it! I am sorry I waited so long to get one....more info
  • Tile Floors
    Well, I would love to say that this floor scrubber cleans all the grout between the tiles, but I can't. Using the grout cleaner, it is adequate, but one really needs to use the grout scrubber attachment (and more elbow grease) to see any real grout cleaning. Guess I don't like to spend the time going over and over the grout with that little attachment; might as well get on my knees and scrub. But, it beats mopping, and all other forms of floor cleaners. It is easy to use, does clean the tiles, does pick up the water adequately, does not leave streaks, so it is a good tool for cleaning tiles. Wish it or the cleaning solution for grout, did a better job. I had rather use this floor cleaner than any other on the market....more info
  • Very effective on my textured vinyl floor
    My light colored textured vinyl floor requires routine scrubbing with a brush. The FloorMate does that quickly and easily. I used several cleaning products and find ammonia best for me. The dry vacuum feature is cumbersome, so I use my regular vac or sweep first - just like I did before mopping the "old fashioned" way. I consider the FloorMate a replacement for the mop and bucket, not a substitute for my regular vacuum. So easy that I grab it for a quick touchup between full cleanings. The folding handle makes storage easier, too. I'm not a "gadget" person, but this one is worthy of a place in my home! ...more info
  • Great mate
    Hoover H3044 FloorMate SpinScrub Wide-Path Hard-Floor CleanerIt cleans and dries the Tile floors throughout my house beautifully. The Floormate is somewhat heavy to move around for a small lightweight person. The separate container for the dirty solution is a good feature, allowing only clean solution for washing gives fine results. ...more info
  • OK
    I have had this for about 2 years now. I am pretty pleased with the product overall, but I think the scrubbing feature needs some improvement. I often find myself having to spot clean some remaining spots on our hardwood floors. We have 100 year old maple hardwood floors and haven't had a problem; however, we use the cleaning solution sparingly on the floors and I do small sections and go back over them with the "Wet Pick Up" feature.

    I don't care how often you mop or clean your floors, if you buy this product and use it, your water will be so black it makes you wonder why you spent all that time cleaning them before....more info
  • Pros and Cons
    I'm a bit torn on this product. There are things I really like and things that are a bit disappointing. I thought it might be easiest to list the plusses and the minuses separately...

    * In order to get our tile as clean as possible, it seems like I have to move the machine extremely slowly when both washing and wet vaccuming. I have a lot of ceramic tile in my home, so it is a big job. When I have the patience and time (which isn't often with two toddlers running around), the slow pace definitely gets my floors squeaky clean. Most days, however, I don't have that luxury. In fact, there are a lot of times when I resort back to my Swiffer mop just to get the mopping over with so I can get on to other tasks.

    * The little filter/screen in the dirty water tank seems to get clogged a bit sooner than I expected. When it's clogged, the wet vac function doesn't work as well. Once it's unclogged, though, it works great.

    * Unclogging the little filter/screen is an extremely disgusting job. I wish there were a less "hands on" way to get the junk off of it, since it can get pretty nasty at times.

    * It seems to clean our ceramic tile really well and gets a lot of the stuff the mop misses. With two little ones who like to lay and scoot around on the floor, having the tile as clean as possible is a good thing.

    * For me, it is a lot easier to push around than the mop. The cleaning solution smells pretty good too.

    * It is really good at sucking up junk along the baseboards and in corners. It seems to have strong suction and power, so I frequently use it to "sweep" instead of using the broom. It gets up a lot more dry dirt without flipping it all over the way a broom does.

    * It is very handy for cleaning up little spills and messes of both the wet and the dry variety. In fact, it was a marvelous help when our dishwasher overflowed and made for a very easy cleanup job.

    * It is really nice to be able to have the floors pretty well dry when I'm finished. Rather than waiting for a long time, I can just put furniture and rugs right back on the tile as soon as I finish mopping.

    Ultimately, I would recommend the product for those looking to get a very clean floor for a decent price. But if speed is the primary concern, then this probably not the ideal product since a good, deep cleaning takes a lot of time--especially for those with a lot of hard flooring. I tend to alternate between this appliance and my Swiffer mop, depending on how much time and energy I have. I would still like to find something that could clean as thoroughly, but do so in a lot less time. In the meantime, however, I'm content with this product--it does the job....more info
  • great solution for daily cleaning
    i like this product a lot. i use it daily and now instead of dreading my hardwood floors i can actually enjoy them. it's much less work than sweeping and getting out a mop and bucket - the low price is worth it for having a hardwood floor vacuum alone (my old heavy vacuum was damaging the floors). the only complaint i have is minor - it does take some time to run the machine over the floors (think 1/3 as fast as a vacuum), but i wouldn't go back to the old method for anything. i am very glad i bought it and recommend it to all my friends. so far i haven't had any problems with it mechanical or otherwise. it would be nice if the solution was specialized (one for wood, one for laminates) as it does leave a duller finish than a specialized wood oil, but it's just so rewarding to have smooth floors i can walk on comfortably in bare feet. this model is cheaper than the top of the line model i believe only because it doesn't come with (unnecessary for me) attachments. highly recommended!...more info
  • Hoover SpinScrub
    This product is easy to put together and easy to use. The wet vac performed very well on 900sf of sheet vinyl. I highly recommend it.

    ...more info
  • Hoover FloorMate
    I recently ordered and received a Hoover Floormate. Service was great...it arrived when they said it would. I am enjoying it...but there is one thing that I don't really like. When I squeeze the handle for the water to come out to wash the floor, it doesn't seem to come out evenly. It does suck up the water nicely and the floors look great...much easier than using a mop. My daughter in law had a different kind of machine that I used when at their house and noticed that theirs did the same thing, so it just might be something I am doing wrong. Other than that, it works great!...more info
  • Great Buy!
    This is a great product. It does what the ad stated. It makes my floors clean and shiny. Looks like a professional cleaned them....more info
  • pls don't buy ANYTHING FROM ALLERGY BE GONE!!!!!!!!!!
    DON'T BUY FROM "Allergy Be Gone"!!!!
    hi, i must say that you have shipped it very quickly and in good package. i
    had to wait some weeks to try it because i didn't have a so powerfull (about
    1000w)transformer 220/110 at my home and i bought it from ebay. yesterday it
    was all ok, but i have seen that water was remaining on the floor...looking
    in the manual i realized i miss a part: the nozzle, signed at page 4 with
    number 11. of course there is no vacuum action. is it possible that you
    forgot it? i need it and i am sure it's better to take it from you than here
    in italy. pls feel free to decide if i have to pay or not. shipping only or
    spare part too..i have seeked all my home...and nothing appeared! in case
    you don't have it pls send me a secure link.
    thanks v.m. exc. my bad english, i hope you understand all
    ...more info
  • Meets My Expectations
    I bought my first FloorMate 8 years ago. I hoped that I would actually be able to get rid of my broom and dustpan, per the advertisements, but I quickly discovered that that would never happen. Once I got past that expectation, the FloorMate was awesome.

    My 2nd FloorMate was identical to my first (the H3000) and I bought it 3 years ago. It recently stopped sucking up the dirty water, which means it's useless to me.

    Which brings me to this model. Since I have no expectations of the dry vac function, that does not negatively affect my review. I used my new one for the first time today and I love it. One of my favorite features is the selection dial right by the handle. It was very easy to switch between the wash and wet pick up. The floor release button is also easier to use. The wider path makes cleaning my kitchen and den area much quicker. And the fact that this handle folds down will make storage even better.

    I have lots of tile and hardwood flooring in my house and I find that a conventional mops are just a pain. I'd rather take slightly more time to get a more thorough clean. Plus, I was replacing mop heads much quicker than I have ever replaced the filters on my FloorMate.

    So, if you're not looking to ditch the broom and dustpan and basically want an easier way to mop your tile, this is it. It's also great for picking up spills (such as the cat's water).

    Until there's something unbelievably amazing on the market, I'll be sticking with my FloorMate....more info
  • This is a little better than fair
    This spin scrubber is too heavy, I can't say it is any easier than pushing a damp mop across the floor. I really expected more from this product after all the rave reviews I read. I found that it did not dispense the cleaning liquid evenly it did not even get up small stuck on particles or drips without going back and forth more than usually necessary.
    I'm not saying it didn't work to a degree, but I was tired after pushing this heavy thing around and having to still get down and get spots.
    Would I buy this again? NO.
    Either this product is defective or it's just maybe I am....more info
  • likin' it so far...
    Got the cleaner a couple days before the scheduled arrival date, assembled it without needing the instructions, and fired it up on the rough ceramic tile floor in the kitchen. Noise level not a problem, dry pickup OK, and I'm happy with the design and the way everything fits. For $135, I'm a happy camper. Now I have to clean off the grout that's embedded in the surface of the tile and that I finally saw again. I guess that's my weekend!...more info
  • Only lasted two years
    I bought my cleaner two years ago...I agree, it didnt pick up dirt, but it did a great job on my hard wood floors using their cleaner. (I wish also I could use like Murphys oil soap on it) the floors always felt soft and nice. But after two years, it no longer will squirt water. I took very good care of it too (the brushes pop off to clean and I always put it away dry) I still use it to pick up water if something spills or will use it after I mop the floor, but as a floor cleaner, it is no longer useful to me. ...more info
  • Only one flaw
    I like to wait a while before reviewing a product. I have a bunch of cleaning gadgets I thought were great for the first month and never used afterwards. This is not one of them! I use this thing about twice a week and I never got around to mopping (let alone scrubbing) the floors as often without it. Works equally well on hardwood and linoleum (even my warped, sad excuse for lino). When I'm doing the wood I carry around a little squirt bottle of cleanser for small sticky/grubby spots -there's not a lot of liquid dispensed at once through the machine. -One tip: pull the trigger on the pushing stroke -the squeegee suction action is all in the backstroke.
    The water suck up is AMAZING and I never have to barricade rooms anymore -the floor's dry in an instant.
    There is one major design flaw though. The receptacle tank is REALLY hard to clean. I spend more time trying to clean the grime out of that then taking out, using and putting away the machine. The inside has all of these seemingly useless pieces of plastic that act as surface magnates for really gross accumulations of dust and hair. If it were smooth, a quick wipe would work. As it is I soak it in a bucket of bleach water every once in a while because it STINKS otherwise. ...more info
  • Thank the Good Lord for Modern Conveniences
    Hoover is know for quality, therefore when it came to looking for a floor cleaner, this one ranked pretty high on my list. It is very easy to use and gets the job done. When the water is poured out after a good cleaning, you feel so very rewarded to know that all of that grime and dirt that was once on your floor every day and night was also being swished and pushed around by a mop. Now that same dirt and grime is actually getting pulled and sucked up from the filth where it lies and gets poured down the drain to never be seen again. What is amazing it that you can do this every night and will have dirty water every night. It makes me feel that the amount of dust, pet dander, whatever is being picked up on a daily basis is keeping my family healthier. If you are like me and have family memebers that may have sinus trouble or even allergies, this is a GREAT product to keep your floors free from bacteria, viruses, dirt, dust, scum, etc. To those that complain that the water tank isn't big enough and it doesn't clean the grout good enough...give me a break. Why don't you just hire a maid to get on her hands and knees and get the job done for you? This is a machine that does all that it can possibly do for the money....which it can do a lot. If you want something to preform magical tricks, then design something and put it on the market. Until then, stop whinning like spoiled little girls!!! Geez, I bet your mother and grandmother would have loved to have had something even half of this quality to help them out while their families were growing!...more info
  • Great concept, not enough power
    I loved the idea of being able to vacuum and then clean my floors with the same machine. Unfortunately, it didn't work well for me.

    The vacuum mode doesn't have a lot of power. I have three small children, so dropped food after meals is an issue. My regular vacuum is strong enough, but this one requires me to sweep first.

    The wash mode does not have enough power to clean the sticky messes that the kids leave behind.

    The Hoover Floormate is easy to assemble and easy to use. If you have a floor that takes less abuse than mine, it may work well for you. I, however, am returning mine....more info
  • No More Hands and Knees Floor cleaning...YEAH!
    This is a nice machine that does a very good job. Best part is I don't have to be on my hands and knees cleaning my ceramic kitchen floor anymore. Just wait till you see the dirty water return after use. UGH!! I'm so glad I bought this machine.

    1) Easy to put together...instructions were clear and everything fit.

    2) There are 2 brush choices for different cleaning. I have not used the 'grout brush' yet as the other brush (SpinScrub) did great on the tile.

    3) The unit is a good weight...neither heavy or too light.

    4) Nice wide path. It did NOT however fit at all under my kitchen cabinets, so unfortunately I will have to get down on all 4's to clean those places. The height of the front end was just a little too high to fit under. The edge cleaning is good where it can go on my floor...just not under cabinets.

    5) Solution capacity was just right...2 fills did my whole floor.

    6) Fingertip Trigger Control is good- does let you control where, when and how much cleaning solution you apply. A few times I pressed the on/off switch by mistake, instead of the trigger control. Wish the on/off was a pedal or flip switch.

    7) Another thing I did NOT like was the 'soft' on/off press area pad/switch on the top handle ... I'm concerned over time it may only take a fingernail to puncture. I just have to be careful.

    8)Switching between cleaning options was fast with the EZ Select dial. Good feature, just remember to switch back from one to the other as needed.

    9) There are 'Dual tanks' that separate for the cleaning solution and pick-up so you never put dirty water back on your floor.

    10) The Hoover Cleaning solution recommended has a very strong odor.

    11) The machine is loud, but OK. Not a problem, just a mention in case noise is a big factor for you. I find all Hoover machines loud. I think they do that to make the user feel like, it's loud and working hard.

    12) The clean up after use is easy...empty, rinse, air dry and replace.

    All in all, this does exactly what I wanted a simple floor cleaning machine to do ~ clean my kitchen ceramic tile floor, in less time than me on my hands and knees, up and down a gazillion times dumping and changing the water bucket. ...more info
  • Must have for new moms!
    I have two kids - one 3-year old and one newborn. This floor cleaner is a life saver! Toddler creates quite a mess and I have to clean floors very often. I can start and stop cleaning at any time when the little baby starts acting up. My toddler can run around and not slip on wet floors. My hands are never dirty like they are when I use the mop and a bucket. Everybody likes the fresh smell! Highly recommend....more info
  • Very good with only 1 flaw
    I used it on my concrete garage floor. It did a great job cleaning the gritty, dirty mess. Only one design flaw, the clean water container is way too small. For a two car garage I had to refill it 6 times....more info
  • Convenient cleaner--not really better than a mop
    I just got my spinscrub and I really like it. My opinion is that it isn't actually better than a mop and bucket in it's cleaning performance (more like roughly equivalent), BUT it is WAY easier and faster. Anyway, if you find mopping a long, unpleasant, exhausting experience, this cleaner is for you!...more info
  • Arrived Broken
    This product arrived in bad condition. When I put it together, it would not turn off after I turned it on. I have no idea how well it works if it were in working condition - just be weary of buying this refurbished item. ...more info
  • Cleaning Floors is now Quick and Easy!
    Hoover H3044 FloorMate SpinScrub WidePath Hard Floor Cleaner

    This FloorMate is one of the best purchases I have made. I have noticed a dramatic difference in how clean my floors are now. In the past I have used mop/bucket or wet floor single application wipes. I have a spinal cord injury and it is difficult to scrub hard enough to pick up all the dirt. I was also in severe pain, having to sweep a floor one day and wash it the next. It took me four days just to clean two floors! I have had no pain using this product, which is just as important to me as the cleanliness of my floors. I would recommend this for everybody, regardless of any medical problems. It is less time consuming and provides much better results!...more info
  • Good if you clean messes when they happen
    This machine will not dissolve gunk that your kids leave around the house, and you don't realize the mess til a day or two later.

    I bought this because I had broken a glass bottle full of syrupy stuff (and reading the reviews here on Amazon). After picking up the big pieces of glass, I vacuumed up the smaller pieces and liquid with the vac option, and then cleaned the floor with the regular bristles. Amazing! No stickiness and excessive rinsing! Love this!

    It did not pick up drips of jelly that had congealed for a day. That will still need to be wiped up before hand. It's still easier, cleaner, and more satisfying than a mop and bucket....more info
  • Florr cleaner
    So far, this is a great machine. I had an older, smaller version which cleaned well but was all light plastic and broke within 3 months. I will reserve judgement until is see how long it lasts...more info
  • Not quite what I was looking for
    I was so hoping this cleaner would replace the scrubbing of grout on hands and knees. The cleaner did a good job of cleaning the tile but didn't do much for the grout. The cleaning solution tank has to be refilled frequently since it doesn't hold much. The most efficient part of this cleaner is the take-up of the dirty water. In the future, I may scrub the grout on hands and knees and then suck up the dirty water with this cleaner....more info
  • Nice for Ceramic Tile
    This works amazing on my ceramic tile in my kithchen. However not so great for the laminate wood floors through out the rest of my home. It leaves visible brush strokes on my floors, almost like a cloudy film no matter what products I use in it. Even vinegar left brush strokes!!! I am not certain how it would do on real hardwood floors, probably better since laminate just has an inferior finish. I still use it on my laminate to get a deep down clean but follow up with a microfiber mop and good, old windex which provides the glossy finish that I am looking for. The dry vac is a nice feature and works good plus I like the wet vac, tile is virtually dry since it sucks up the water so well. ...more info
  • Definitely Not As Expected
    I have used thousands of products over the years of every kind & this definitely turned out to be a waste of my money & time. First of all, if you have layer upon layer of floor shine & wax product on your floor, this machine cannot handle its removal. Tested first the vaccuuming part -it barely picked up anything. No way would I give up my regular bagless vac for this (no vac attachments either). The cannister cannot fill up enough to do an entire floor - that's when I discovered that no matter what I did, it did NOT squirt out any of the floor cleaner liquid at all, no matter what I did to fix that problem it simply would not work. I got a regular squirt bottle which I filled up with the floor cleaner product, squirted that over the floor in the living room (wood flooring), giving it a few minutes to loosen/dissolve the old floor shine/wax. The grout scrubbers could not loosen more than a tiny bit of top layer, which the machine sucked up, and in no time flat everything inside the machine got full of wet loosened floor shine crud that turned into sludge. I spent more time removing parts to rinse them clean thoroughly, put them back into place & go about working on the floor. After a couple of hours working on this big living room floor in sections little by little it became obvious the machine was not up to the job. This would be great for floors in a kitchen or elsewhere that do NOT have multiple layers of old floor shine/wax to be removed - that has to be removed first, either the hard way on hands/knees with a scrub brush, old towel and bucket to remove the wet off the floor as you go, or a professional heavy duty mega scrubber. Also, halfway through the job the grout scrubbers started making loud whining noises, ceased scrubbing altogether so now nothing was doing any kind of cleaning work. No matter how many times I stopped to clean/rinse off the working parts of the machine, it just wasn't able to handle a serious cleaning job. Within a couple of hours the machine gave a very loud clacking/whirring noise and stopped working altogether. Deceased. Wound up filling a bucket with disolver/wax stripper detergent, put on latex gloves, got a scrub brush along with toweling rags & on hands/knees a section at a time scrubbed off the old layers of floor shine like I should've done in the first place. Floors came out GORGEOUS but not at all from anything this machine did. ...more info
  • hoover floormate
  • Did a great job cleaning my Travertine Floors!
    I purchased this product at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $120 + tax (I used a 20% off coupon off the original $150 price) It was either this or the old mop and bucket and after much research, decided on this :)

    Pros: Got my floor clean. I was impressed with how much dirt it picked up; the used water was grey & black. Fold down handle, made storage convenient. Easy to clean unit after use, just run it through hot water. Rubber wheels, doesn't mark up the wet floor. Cleaver design of clean water dispenser, used every last drop of it. Wet Vac sucked up a lot of the water/ made drying easy.

    Cons: 8 oz of cleaning solution - Finished the entire bottle after the kitchen & dining room. The instructions say to use 3 oz. for 1 run; too much in my opinion. You really only need 1 oz to make it clean; also the temperature of the water is really important, the hotter the better. Also I wish that I could just pour Pine-Sol in there however that would ruin the machine. The head couldn't get into the narrow corners, if this had some sort of attachment to clean the smaller areas, it would be perfect.

    Comments: Dry vac has mediocre suction power. Had to go over the area a few times to pick up the crumbs. Decent power cord length.

    Overall Recommendation: Buy this product to save your back. It really has made cleaning more bearable.
    ...more info
  • God! I love this machine
    All I can say is, I love this machine. First, a disclaimer. I am a slob! A woman in her forties who hates housework and rarely does any. I watch "How Clean is Your House" because it makes me feel better about myself.

    That said, I bought this machine reluctantly. I had read about this particular machine about a year ago when I once again decided "I have got to do something about this sty." Then I read a bunch of reviews and saw phrases like "cheap plastic" and "stopped working for no reason" and was frightened off.

    About a month ago, I took the plunge. One of the reasons I hate housework so much is I'm always injuring myself on various appliances. The Floormate is so finger and hand friendly. No rough edges where the user could catch a finger or nick a knuckle or break a nail. Very nicely designed. Speaking of design, this machine is so easy to use and stays so clean, regardless of what you're picking up off your floor. The solution well snaps in and out easily and the dirty water well does the same and when you're finished using it rinses completely very easily and stores easily as well. These are the two most important things to me. Will it hurt me and is it easy?

    Yes, it does get the floors clean. Do not expect the same result as you would on your knees with a bucket and a scrub brush. But you get about 80% as clean for only about 20% the effort and about 1% of the sloppy mess. For the price, I highly recommend it. Also, don't feel compelled to use the solutions they supply and recommend. I like to use Murphy's Oil Soap on my wood floors and Breath-O-Pine on my tile floors and the machine works great with these cleaning agents. I just wouldn't put floor wax in the machine--as they warn against. ...more info
  • I had to retun my Hoover

    I had to return the machine because it would always stay a quater of a inch above the floor and not suck any water in the return container. The rotating brushes worked fine. I alrealy have a smaller Hoover floor mate with a stationary brush. The machine is great and it sucks the water off the floor to dry....more info
  • Good but you need to improvise
    I really like the idea of the floor scrubber. The things I don't like are: you get the water on the floor by using a "trigger" button, it makes my fingers tired. The water sprays, the scrubbers scrub and the water get sucked up all at the same time. There is really no time for the water to be on the floor. I improvise by using my mop to wet the entire floor to loosen the dirt. Then I use the FloorMate to clean it up. It gets the floor much cleaner. And it dries almost instantly....more info
  • Dissapointing
    I have had 4 H3000 models previously. They seem to have a weakness with the foot pedal that raises and lowers the head for vaccuum vs. scrub as 3 out of the four broke in this way. The 3044 appears to have improved this by moving the mechanism off the head. The vaccuum works well and scrubbing seems to work better than the H3000 but the squeegee is far inferior to the predecessor. I am disappointed that they could improve everything but make one of the main functions worse. I give it 3 stars because most of the issues with H3000 are fixed and the fold down handle is a very nice feature....more info
  • Fun to Use
    I use this product regularly to clean my floors and I'm always amazed that I can wash the floor and then suck up the dirt and practically all the water right away. I end up with really clean floors and have fun while doing it....more info
  • Great cleaner for the price
    Works great! I did not realize how dirty my floors were until I used this. The dry vaccuum feature is a little weak but I bought this for the wet cleaning part and it is worth every penny and saved backache! I agree with the other poster about the head being too wide to fit into tricky places (like beside the toilet) but overall this product is a definite 5 star....more info
  • Don't tell my husband, but I'm in love with another!
    Love it. Love it. Love it. I was a bit scared after reading some of the reviews on the other Floormate models but placed my money on this pony and I feel like a winner. Why am I in love? Well I have two big dogs that like to play in their water dish and drag paw prints all over the house. What's worse? I have OCD and most of my house is 18" tile. Just to give you an idea of it's usage, I have a 5bed/3ba house and everything is tile except the bedrooms. I used the Floormate for the 1st time and it took me 4 fill ups on the clean water tank and about 8oz of the cleaner. It does take a lot longer than mopping but your floor gets SCRUBBED it doesn't just swish around water like a mop. I have not tried the 'vacuum' only feature. I have no desire too. I have a Dyson for that kind of stuff. So my review is based only on the washing/drying features. Here are some other note worthy points:

    -Does a great job cleaning, no mop scrubs like this!
    -It uses a lot less water that tradional mopping.
    -Your floors are near dry immediately. No more barricading pets, kids, and no more wet socks! :)
    -Only CLEAN water touches the floor. No more icky mop water swirling around.
    -Clean up is easy, just rinse out the plastic tank! No rinsing, wringing and drying out the mop.
    -When it's time to mop, I don't sweep first. I just use the Floormate and it does it all in one step. Yippy Skippy!

    -I don't think it would be worth buying if you were only going to use it in a small area. Only because of the time it takes.
    -The floormate solution isn't carried by a lot of stores and is a bit pricey for how much I personally use per occasion. (I will opt for something else that isn't a solvent)
    -Won't fit beside the toilets. :( But I'l glad that it's large for everything else!

    ...more info
  • Ate the finish off my 100 year old wood floors
    I wanted to love this product, after my Bissell Steam Mop died after ten uses or less I bought this very expensive machine thinking that the vacuum/mop combo would be just what I needed. Afterall, I have heavily sealed maple kitchen floors that look(ed) as good as when we refinished them 10 years ago- and they had stood up the steam mop( and cat claws and guests and water and dropped cans) with no problem. Now I have sad floors with 5 or more 2+ inch or greater peeled away bare wood spots- very obvious, very ugly and very expensive to get fixed. I used this product on my floors maybe three times....more info
  • It's a Miracle!
    I have just received my Hoover Floormate SpinScrubber and I LOVE IT! I have some very large areas of old vinyl flooring which is very hard to keep clean these days. This machine is a god-send! No more back breaking hands and knees floor cleaning or mopping. It is going to take a few cleanings to get my floor back in shape, but I already saw a HUGE improvement after the first time through. Thank-you Hoover for another miracle product!...more info
  • Makes mopping floors a snap
    No more trying to corral my toddler in another part of the house while the floor dries... this spinscrub dries the floor as it goes!! It scrubs too!! So no more getting on hands and knees to scrub!!...more info
  • It really works
    I received this in 2 days which was 5 days a head of the shipping date. It is easy to put together and it works great. Don't make the mistake I did and hold down the button the whole time when mopping with this not needed. just squeeze when you need solution.

    I give it a 4 instead of 5 cause it doesn't get scuff marks off the floor. You think a machine like this would. I had to get on my knees with a pad to get them off.

    If you are looking to replace you mop get this. If you expect a professional floor finish look else where....more info
  • FloorMate
    Fast shipping. Great seller. Works great. Easy to use. More than met my expectations....more info
  • No more messy mopping!
    I love this floor scrubber. It is very easy to use and I finally feel like my kitchen floor is clean. No more messy mopping for me!...more info
  • My parents love this!
    I bought this as a birthday gift for my mother's 65th birthday. (Yes, she specifically asked for this!) Since my 71-year old father does most of the housekeeping, this was a gift for him as well, I suppose. Both my parents have been raving about this floor cleaner in the months since I bought it for them. My father says that it takes a fraction of the time to clean the tile floors in their house. They also say that it does a fantastic job of getting up ground-in dirt. When I saw the cleaner for the first time in person, I thought it looked larger than I would have imagined from the pictures. Even though my parents are both very physically fit, I didn't want to buy something that was too cumbersome. But my father says that it is the perfect size for cleaning a tile floor, and it gets under the cabinets just fine. All in all, I would recommend this based solely on my parents' comments....more info
  • Love it, love it, love it
    When you have 5 pets - one of whom has a bladder control problem - and you have both laminated hardwood and tile floors, there had to be something better than a mop or my carpet cleaner to get my the floors clean. WELL, THIS IS IT! It's so easy to use. The three settings allow you to quickly switch between wash, dry, or dry vac. It's lightweight, puts out just the right amount of water, sucks it up fast, and does a great job. When my older dog would have an accident, we would use the dry vac to get up the mess intially, then wash and dry the spot.

    My only suggestion (and this has nothing to do with the product) is that if you do use it to clean up pet urine, you take the brushes off and soak them in hot water/bleach at least once a week to keep them sanitized.

    I have never been disappointed in any Hoover product I have purchased and this is no exception. It has made my life so much easier!...more info
  • Not happy for the price
    I was not happy with this machine. I have laminate floors and was disappointed that it did not pick up very well at all. It did not scrub the floor and I found myself on my hands and knees scrubbing all the spots that it did not get clean after I was done. I am returning this item as I am very disappointed for the price I paid for it....more info
  • Back Saving Cleaner
    This works very well cleaning up after my children and pets. Doesn't scrub as well as I would like but is so much easier for every day clean up than getting out the old mop. For most clean ups I don't have to use a full tank so the cleaning solution has been lasting well. Would recommend this product to all....more info
  • better than a bucket and mop
    anything i can push slowly along to clean the quarry tile floors in my house is worth having! i wish the suction was stronger and that the bristles were more heavy duty, but hey....this is not a commercial floor cleaner. my floor does dry faster. wish the water tank for the cleaner held more. on an aesthetic note, this is one ugly machine--make sure you can hide it away when not using!...more info
  • Floor machine
    Very easy to use but a small reservoir for the waste water overall great on the floors....more info
  • Hoover H3044 FloorMate SpinScrub Wide Path Hard Floor Cleaner
    Product performs as described. It is a heavy machine, but I can put up with that as long as it cleans my floor. Sure beats using scouring powder on my hands and knees. My floor was beginning to look dingy and even one use of the Floor Cleaner made it look much better....more info
  • hoover scrubber
    What a miracle this scrubber is. My hubby loves it & I don't have to ask to get the floors done. We have all tile floors & he loves to clean them. Yeah for me & anyone else who purchases this machine:)...more info
  • Wonderful Machine to Help Clean Your Laminate Floors
    I did some research and shopped around before I bought this machine. It is loud, but the important thing is that it does it's job. I was pleasantly surprised with how clean it made my floors feel under my bare feet. Like others have said, the dry vacuum part isn't super, but it will pick up small particles and dust bunnies. I think the simplest solution is to go over the area with your normal vacuum and then use the FloorMate. The only thing is that the vacuum is too wide to get in between my toilet and cabinets in both bathrooms but it is not a huge deal--it is advertised to have a larger cleaning head after all. So overall, for a house with all laminate except for one room, this product will really be a HUGE help. ...more info
  • Out of the Box
    The Hoover came this week, just in time to get the floors cleaned for the Thanksgiving day crowd. My home only has tile floors, and I wanted something to help ease the enormous work of keeping the grout as well as the tiles looking good.

    It did a fine job, out of the box, although the cleaning products enclosed with the unit are small in content. My worry, having lung disease, was that the cleaning agents might exacerbate my condition. They have not.

    The bottom line is that today, I've got clean floors for my guests. Happy Thanksgiving! :)...more info
  • Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub WidePath Hard Floor Cleaner
    I am very impressed with this little machine. I have many pets, so cleaning my hard floors is a daily chore. This machine handles the daily routine and does a great job cleaning the floors. The tank holding the cleaning fluid could be larger. It's only a quart and when doing large areas, need to be filled frequently. That's really the only drawback. The features are very easy to use with just a flip of a button to change from dry vac to wash to wet vac. It has good suction speeds up the drying time considerably. ...more info
  • I actually like cleaning my floors now
    I got home and put this thing together as my wife watched. She said why don't you take for a test drive and clean the house. I said no way I'm cleaning the house...cleaning is for women...

    As I was cleaning the house I noticed that the water it was picking up was absolutely filthy. The floormate did a great job of cleaning the ceramic tile and vacuming all the specs of junk that end up on the floor. As a dry vacum it worked great...picking up hair and crumbs around the kitchen and miscellaneous stuff off the floor of the kids rooms. One has to move the floor mate a little slower than a regular wet mop...but on the plus side...the drying time for the floor is reduced drastically when you use the wet suction option on the dial.

    Overall, you can toss your mops and buckets and use this to vacum daily and to mop the floors however often one mops. I actually look forward to cleaning the floors again....more info
    This Hoover H3044 Floormate is absolutely wonderful! My vinyl floor has never been this clean. It was cleaned the day before I used the Floormate using another appliance. I could not believe how dirty and gray the water in the "dirty tank" was. I did vacuum my floor first using my regular Bissell hard floor vacuum. I did not want to use the FloorMate's vacuum feature coz one is supposed to empty the dirty tank and then replace it after vacuuming. It just seemed easier to use my lightweight Bissell for the vacuuming part. I only had to use the Wash feature even thought the FloorMate has three settings: Dry Vac, Wash and Wet Pick Up. The floor was virtually clean and dry using only the Wash feature.
    The only objectionable thing is the floor cleaning solution that came with the Floormate. It is cloyingly sweet and very unpleasant smelling. However, the smell dissipates and I cannot smell it now. I called the Hoover helpline and talked with 'Ahmed'. I told him how unpleasant the smell was. I asked if I could use vinegar and water and he assured me that I could use ANY cleaner that is not a solvent (something that becomes sudsy) He even said I could use non-sudsy household
    ammonia and water in the clean tank. I had specifically asked about the ammonia in the event I want to strip wax in the future.
    I am glad I will be able to use another type cleaning solution. This is a very loud floor cleaner but so much better than the old back-breaking scrub mop and then rinse and rinse and rinse...LOL
    ...more info
  • Better Than a Bucket and Mop!
    One year ago, we replaced all the carpeting in our home with textured vinyl. We did this because we have and love our animals; three dogs an four cats. During that year I have lugged a bucket and mop from room to room cleaning the floor. About 2 months ago I decided to try the Hoover FloorMate. I do not use the recommended cleaning liquid but prefer to use a weak white vinegar solution (half the measuring cup full per filling). Although the machine is not perfect, in my opionion it is so far above the mop and bucket there is really no comparison. I still have to wipe into the corners but the job done is generally wonderful. I do wish that the machine had one other setting. I wish it was possible to apply the cleaning solution per the scrubbing brushes without the vaccum going at all. I find that if I leave that vinegar on stubborn spots and marks for a few minutes they come up much more easily. Generally a great machine and has made my life much easier. ...more info
  • Cleans great!
    Cleans great and uses 3 containers of water/cleaner solution (about half a bucket)for: 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, 2 living rooms. The cord is long enough. I used half of the cleaner, 1oz, and it works fine. At first I did not know why the water wasn't coming out and then I found I wasn't pulling the trigger below the handle. It's nice to see all the dirty water and sediment off your floors. This product really saves your back from traditional mopping and it is nice to know you are not reusing dirty water to mop your floors.
    ...more info
  • No More Mops!
    I purchased this upgraded model after my original model lost suction. (Had it for almost 5 years) I read various reviews and decided to splurge on the upgrade. Mainly, because of the WidePath option. We have 18 month old twins with one on the way and really need the floors to be sanitary. I can now get in harder to read places with the WidePath and beats a mop anyday. Does leave a little water behind. For safety I go behind with a clean towel to get any of the extra water. Have not used the grout bristles that come with. Best option is probably to professionaly clean and seal tile floor and then continue use with the FloorMate. I love it and highly recommend it!...more info
  • Love the Floor Cleaner
    I had read mixed reviews for this cleaner, so I just decided to buy it and try it myself. I really am impressed. I have read that the dry vac is not as good, but I think it picks up small particles, like crumbs, just fine. You have to just sweep up bigger things like cheerios. I hate to sweep and mop, and I would go weeks before I would finally get out the broom and mop. I will tell you I now clean my floors at least twice a week. I like to vacuum and so the floor mate is easy like vacuuming and I love how it picks up the dirty water and my floors sparkled when I was done. The floor looked and felt really clean. This product does come with two scrub heads, one for cleaning and a grout cleaner. I will say I was not impressed with the grout cleaning head. It did not do anything special and my grout didn't look any cleaner. Overall I absolutely love the hoover floor mate, and I highly recommend it. A few people I know will probably be getting one for Christmas!...more info
  • As Borat would say "very nice"
    This thing is loud, but it works. If there's a weakness, it's that the dry vacuum doesn't seem to do too well. But that's what a good sweeping is for, isn't it? I have linoleum, and the H3044 did a fine job. The cleaning solution was pretty filthy when I poured it out after use, both satisfying and repulsive at the same time! It seems that this is a new Hoover model (July 2007), which explains why there are not a lot of reviews to be found online. I wish it could use Pine-Sol, because I have a Costco-sized jug of that stuff on hand already. Will vinegar/water mix work? I have no idea. I don't see why not. I guess the fear is that the gaskets will fail if solvents are used. Guess I'll stick to the Hoover stuff for now. Anyways, it scrubbed my floors quite well, even though they're a bit uneven/warped. The vacuum is great at picking the solution back up. Hope that helps....more info
  • hoover floormate spinscrub
    This floormate is an excellent floor cleaner. You can vacuum and with a turn of a knob you are ready to wet mop and turn the knob again and you can dry the floor, all without changing to another machine. It is so easy to use and easy to clean up after you are done. Before I used to sweep the floor, then pull out the mop bucket and mop-which is a big chore, and it would take much longer to get the job done. I love the Hoover Floormate SpinScrub Floor Cleaner....more info