Storytime Yoga - Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story

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Teach yoga to children the Storytime Yoga way! Gathered here is the innovative method of exercises, songs and most of all stories that make up Storytime Yoga. Storytime Yoga seeks to enlighten young minds with the magic of yoga while recounting some of the world's most delightful, instructive stories in a way that encourages literacy and vibrant physical health. Included are eight multicultural wisdom stories retold from around the world and scripted with yoga poses. Designed for parents, teachers and anyone interested in working with kids from Pre-K through 6th grade, it is packed with inspired and yet practical information, including meditations, games and more! Here you'll find captivating tales, such as the Rabbit in the Moon (from India), to the Magic Pear Tree (From China), and the Shipwrecked Sailor (from Egypt). Learn how to make up your own stories to put yoga with and encourage children to do the same. Learn the art of oral storytelling for your home or classroom today and make literacy and health come alive!

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful book
    This book is not only inspiring on its own, but is also used as a manual for the Storytime Yoga E-course part one. I have a copy of the book and also took part in the course and found both to be extremely informative. The books goes through class structure, teaching children, postures and of course stories. The stories are designed to teach the children lessons at the same time as entertaining them, and when I tried it out on one of my big kids yoga classes, they were enthralled.

    I'd highly recommend this book to anyone interested in teaching yoga to children, storytelling, or both. A wonderful addition to anyone's yoga library.

    For more information on Storytime yoga, please visit their website: ...more info
  • Better for teaching a class than just your kiddo
    I was under the impression that this would be fun to do with my daughter, but it was more of a curriculum like thing for a group of kids in my opinion. A great book, but I would suggest it more for teaching a class than just to do with your child....more info
  • Awesome book and amazing resource!
    This is an excellent book for those wishing to expose children to yoga through storytelling. Kids love stories, and I love how Sydney incorporates stories for all sorts of emotions and themes, explaining how to weave in yoga poses as you tell it. A great resource if you want to work with children in a new way....more info
  • Storytime yoga - Superb
    Wonderful book - full of great advice. I teach yoga in schools ( and have found this a useful tool and has inspored me to write my own book. Wonderfully book to share with the family and all have a go!!!...more info
  • Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story
    Thank you very much for having this wonderful book that my studens and I have enjoied so much.
    Proud to be your customer any time,
    Danelys....more info
  • Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story
    Thank you very much for having this wonderful book that my studens and I have enjoied so much.
    Proud to be your customer any time,
    Danelys....more info
  • Great choice
    This is an amazing book. I am a children's yoga teacher. This book has changed how I teach. The children love the stories. Their attention is totally on the story. Then when you add yoga to it, it gives the children a chance to embrace and act out the story. I would highly recommend this and Sydney's other book to everyone. You don't have to be a yoga teacher to enjoy this. The art of telling stories has been lost and I'm glad Sydney is bringing it. it is a great way to connect with others.
    Sandy...more info
  • An Awesome Find
    Written for teachers, librarians and yoga instructors, author/yoga instructor Sydney Solis details how yoga is beneficial for young children and how incorporating this ancient spiritual practice into storytelling can help to achieve a deeper level of understanding. The book gives excellent concrete examples of how to deal with real situations that might arise with children including how to maintain control of the class and how to set rules. A class curriculum is outlined including folk tales, their theme, country of origin along with corresponding yoga poses for each character or action. A chapter with black and white photographs and detailed explanations of how to do the various poses is also included. ...more info
  • Good book for teaching yoga to children of all ages
    This is one of the few good yoga books to help teach yoga to children of all ages. It has information on what should happen during the yoga class for different ages of children. It includes stories, songs, games, and ideas to get kids motivated. All my yoga students who are children love the stories and games that come from this book. It has encouraged me to be more free during a children's yoga class....more info
  • This book is wonderful!
    If you teach children's yoga or want to begin yoga with your children at home then this book is the one to buy. I have structured my class using the recommendations that Sydney Solis gives in the book with warmups and centerings, etc... I have also used all the stories in the book and have went on to use other stories and folk tales I personally enjoy incorporating yoga as I tell the story. My yoga students and my own children thoroughly enjoy each class I teach and I appreciate Storytime Yoga in helping me get started....more info
    If you teach yoga to children this book is a great tool for you to have.
    I got alot of ideas from reading this book. I have been teaching children yoga for about 2 years and was running out of new fun ways to keep the children excited about coming to class. Or maybe I was not getting excited about the classes anymore, this gave the children and myself new excitment exploring yoga through story....more info
  • Best Children's Yoga book
    I teach yoga to children and have found this book to be the most informative and full of the most creative ideas. Highly recommended....more info
  • Must have book for Children's Yoga teachers
    Take a magic carpet ride with Sydney Solis as she instructs the novice and seasoned yoga teacher in ways to engage children's imagination with the practice of asanas. The tone of the book is Spiritual with just enough levity to make it fun. The collection of stories are simple, mythylogical and easy to adapt to your own classes. Sydney Solis is a generous writer with a big heart. You will not regret buying this book....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    There are more and more yoga books for children being produced now...which is great ( I have many of them). I recently purchased this book and must say that this book is special. It gives great ideas for story telling, meditations, breathing techniques, songs, asanas, warm ups and games, as well as including several stories you can also tell. I also liked that fact that it gives tips on how to teach yoga philisophies simply to children (love, peace, patience, respect, kindness, etc). This is a truly great book! Highly recommended if you want to teach yoga to children and stay true to the purpose of yoga!...more info