Hamilton Beach 33134 3-in-1 Slow Cooker with 2-, 4-, and 6-Quart Crocks

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Sold as each. 3 earth tone colors. Crocks: 2 qt, 4 qt. and 6 qt. Use crocks as mixing bowls, ovenware or serving bowls. Glass lid fits all 3 size. crocks. Crocks will stack for easy storage. Dishwasher safe - crocks and lid. High, low and keep warm settings. Boxed. Manufacturer number: 33134. Buy Hardware Supplies SKU #: 6160899. Country of origin: China. Distributed by Hamilton Bch/Proctor Silx.

  • Versatile 3-in-1 slow cooker with white-decorator electric base
  • 3, colored, stoneware vessels in 2-quart, 4-quart, and 6-quart sizes
  • Glass lid fits all 3 vessels; dishwasher-safe crockery and lid
  • 3 heat settings; cooking vessels nest into base for compact storage
  • Measures approximately 15 by 9 by 15 inches; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

    I purchased this one to replace an older crock pot/ slow cooker that had developed a lot of crazing/tiny hairline cracks & supposedly that is not healthy so it was time to replace. I wanted to give this 5 stars but I could not due to the cheapness of the thin glass lid. It is the thinnest glass I have ever seen in crock ware. I feel I should look for a replacement before to have on hand, you know, just-in-case. I thought it odd that the glass lid has an intentional little round hole in it, at first I was perplexed thinking it was defective, I could not find an explanation anywhere for it, I checked all the booklets, owners manual, instructions and no mention of the purpose for the hole in the lid...BUT I decided to use it anyway, I had been too long without a crock pot, after the first use I figured out what the hole in lid is for: it lets a bit of steam out so that the lid does not keep bobbing up and down like all the other crock pots I've had that let steam escape all around the sides & splattering onto everything in the nearby counter top vicinity when the lids bobs up and down.
    The versatility is 5 stars, how clever to create a cooking device that has 3 different crock sizes all fitting into the same base. I have used all 3 sizes and they all produce great food, I thought maybe the 6 quart would not function well because so much of it sits above the cooking base but as long as you select the right size crock button (the cooking base has 3 push buttons labeled 2, 4, 6 so you just press the size of crock you plan to use) it performs as good as the 2 & 4 quart bowls.
    I will say a couple things about the 3 heat selections: I like that it is a simple dial knob not a thought provoking digital and the settings are straightforward: high, low & warm; it cooks too hot and quickly on high setting for most of the dishes I prepare in a crock pot so I always use the low setting and sometimes finish up on warm setting. But that is just my opinion based on the things I prepare in it. I do not have any particular style or color theme in my kitchen so I found the different color crock to be perfectly acceptable, they are more of a tuscany collection of colors not at all retro like described by another reviewer, but people have different perceptions. In my opinion the 2 quart bowl is an earthy orange/pumpkin/cinnamony color, not brash at all, the 4 quart is a lovely shade of muted butter yellow/gold/mustardy color and the 6 quart is a beautiful subtle earthy green tone and the base cooker part that the crocks sits into is a nice cream and beige color in a barely-there pattern akin to old world style plaster walls (sounds like tuscany doesn't it?) I am glad I got these colors I have seen it in a stainless steel base with 3 black glossy crock bowls that would be perfect for more modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances and I've seen in a bright white base with 3 white bowls, it looked a little sterile and boring...so I am happy with my choice of colors. I highly recommend buying this product just know you are getting a thin glass lid, but I do understand most new crocks are being sold with cheapy glass lids. The versatility can not be beat, the price is right and shipping was free, it came to my door well packed safe & sound. Buy it!...more info
  • Love it
    I had a smart pot from Crock Pot before I bought this. The Smart Pot would burn everything after 2 hours even on low (I contacted their service dept, and they just said - yah,it gets pretty hot). So I thought forget that, I'm getting something else. This has been wonderful! It hasn't burned anything yet. I love that I can change the pots around for what size I am cooking. The only thing that isn't my favorite is the colors....more info
  • A Wonderful Invention
    I love this slow cooker. Everything I have made has come out beautifully. I wish it had a timer function, but I'd hardly call that a negative. On a side note, you can buy this for $35 at Wal-Mart. I hate to recommend them, but if you're frugal like me, well.......more info
  • Space Saving
    I got this slow cooker to save space. It is still big, but I now have the versatility of 3 sizes in one space. It also looks attractive on the counter. So far, I have used the smallest and the largest pots and the cooking has been even throughout....more info
  • Best Crock pot Idea ever
    I really like the versatile sizes of the crocks in this crock pot set. There is a size to fit all of my recipes -from dip, to chili, to an entire roast and vegetable meal. I am against having too many gimmicky items in my kitchen but this is well worth what I paid and it takes up no more space than my original 6 qt. crock. This is such a functional update for the crock pot. I love it!...more info
  • The Best!
    I have had this cooker for a couple of months now and I cant stop singing its praises. I use a slow cooker very often and have owned several; from old thrift store types to the new teflon multiuse units. I have spent and wasted much money on units that look high tech that were poorly made and stopped working when the motors burned out.

    Once I used this I discarded all of those. I love the three settings of heat for the different bowls (I also select the heat setting depending on how fast I want to cook) and the bowls are pottery so no leaking anything into my food and it cooks more evenly.

    I initially thought the larger bowls would not heat properly since they stand high above the base, but with the three settings this has not proven to be the case at all. The larger bowls heat and cook as well as the small one.

    I must admit the bowls convinced me to purchase. They nest easy for storage and clean up so easy and give me more options as to food size and portions. Plus they are very durable and attractive! I saw this cooker in a dept store with three white bowls for a cheaper price but I like the colored ones to display in my kitchen.

    I'm so glad I found this. My hunt for the perfect slow cooker is over. I also gave one of these for a house warming gift. Its something you can depend on for years to come.

    ...more info
  • 3 in one crockpot
    Fast shipping. Excellant product. Could have use more packing for shipping. Upon delivery, the box was a bit beat up but the product was fine....more info
    Hamilton Beach 33134 3-in-1 Slow Cooker with 2-, 4-, and 6-Quart Crocks I gave this item as a gift to a couple in New York three months ago and they haven't stopped thanking me yet! With 3 different size cooking pots, they can prepare for themselves or a party of friends. Being able to store the 2 quart inside the 4 quart and then put them both inside the 6 quart Crock makes this a great space saver especially in New York where space can be very limited!

    MM California
    ...more info
  • Ham. Beech Slow Cooker
    I gave this as a gift and am now a favorite person. She loves everything about it. The way it cooks, the looks and the ease of cleaning up. Gave it with the Cooking Light cook book. They are both a great gift and I use them myself. ...more info
  • Did not work at all.
    New in box and base generated no heat at all. Does not work, period. Spent an hour prepping a meal to cook in it and now what..... Made in China......more info
  • 3-in-1 crock pot
    My wife said it was time for a new slow cooker 'cause the knob broke off the old one, and the "old one" is of the early 80's vintage.
    I was surprised how quickly the item came, since I was informed it was on back order. Not only did it arrive in time for X-mas, but in plenty of time to inspect, wrap, and get under the tree.
    We do quite a bit of slow cooking, considering we're a couple in our early forties. (most people think croc pots are for grannies and the bingo set) The flexibility of the three size vessels, coupled with the handsome colors, give us quality food regardless of the size or volume.
    Of course there's no question of a quality product with this manufacturer. Two thumbs, and a fork waaay up....more info
  • Good flexible slow cooker
    I've used this cooker once, utilizing the mid-sized crock, and it worked very well. I did note that the base was pretty hot so a bit of insulation inside might be helpful to conserve energy. On the other hand, since metal covers the heating elements inside and is connected to the exterior metal, perhaps this is unavoidable.

    This product seems to be well built, but durability over time is the proper guage of quality. I'll review again after a year or two. Right now I'm quite happy with it and I am glad I decided on this one....more info
  • Love it! Versatile, easy to store and looks nice
    Love it! The round shape takes up less storage room, not to mention it's 3 crocks in one. It does run hot though, so do a trial run when you can watch it before leaving it all day. I haven't burned anything yet, but I also haven't left it unattended for very long. I think it runs so hot because if you're using the 6 qt, half of it isn't touching the heating element, so it has to overcompensate.

    Although I love the versatility and thinks it looks nice, I'm glad I also have a regular 6 qt elongated Rival, because I don't think I could fit a bunch of ribs or a large roast in it--the bottom is narrower than the top. Also, this isn't a "traveling" crockpot like the HB Stay n Go or some Rival products, so if you like to make and take, you may want to go w/ the Stay n Go or a crockpot w/ an insulated bag.

    Finally, I read in a natural living forum that HB crockpots don't have lead in the glaze. I don't know if that's true or not--I thought all stoneware glaze contains it, and I can't believe HB wouldn't advertise that as a selling point. But supposedly, Rival has FDA-approved amounts of lead and HB has none. Take that unattributed info for what it's worth!
    ...more info
  • Great slow cooker.
    I recently used this slow cooker for the first time to make ribs. After cooking on low for 10 hours, the ribs were falling off the bone tender and delicious. Clean up was very easy - just a matter of washing the bowl. I'm very happy with this purchase. Having 3 different bowl sizes is extremely convenient. The bowls themselves are good quality (ceramic I think) and useful even when not using the slow cooker - I have used them as mixing bowls. The heating portion of the slow cooker is very light weight & the bowls are not too heavy. I have only used the slow cooker once so far, but I am very happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • 3-in-1 crock pot
    I purchased this for my daughter. She has used it with all of the different crocks. This is a very versatile item to have in your kitchen. It is great for complete meals, or keeping appetizers warm. It is also great for serving. Now I want one for my kitchen!!...more info
  • I love it!
    When I finally agreed to replace my old Rival Crockpot (it still worked, but had a big chip in the crock), I was reluctant to spend a lot of money on a new version. I looked around, and found the new slow cookers to mostly be huge, expensive, and loaded with options that I don't need. Space is important, we live in a condo. I stumbled across this slow cooker by searching Amazon, and I'm very grateful I did. The three crocks allow me to cook a small amount for just the two of us in the 2 quart crock, make a larger batch of chili or soup to freeze in the 4 quart crock, or to make a big tub of beef or chicken broth in the 6 quart crock. I've used them all, they worked perfectly, and I'm very pleased with the value for the price!
    ...more info
  • junk
    Orederd from Amazon, took ovet a month to recieve. Didn`t even get to cook a complete meal before it quit working. Big pain in the rear to return....Hope I can fix it! Caution ordering from Amazon, mostly discontiued items. Your better off going to a dept. store and paying a couple of bucks more...atleast you can return it.......more info
  • Now we'll see how good customer service is.
    The first time I used this it was great, and I looked forward to using it again.
    Problem is, the secong time I used it it stopped working before the chili was finished. It simply stopped heating after about three hours. Lucky I caught it before the food spoiled and I finished my chili in a kettle on the stovetop. I really want to keep this handy cooker, which is great for a single.
    I'll call customer service tomorrow and see how they address this disappointing problem.
    I'll update this review when the situation is resolved and adjust my rating....more info
  • Great Purchase
    This is a great crock pot, the idea of having your choice in size makes this crock pot awesome....more info
  • Hamilton Beach 3 in 1-- GREAT idea!
    I reviewed lots of slow cookers and purchased a couple before landing on this 3 crocks in 1 model. What a great concept! I love it. I've only used the largest crock so far, although I bought it because there is just two of us in the house now. I made an amazing corned beef and cabbage dinner, and a pork shoulder loin with black beans dish-- they were hits! The meat was so tender and veges perfectly cooked. I read a few negative reviews on the colors being "70's-like", I disagree-- they look great in my home, and I'd say they were more "Tuscan-like"-- depending on your style. I can't wait to use the two smaller crocks, as recipe books recommend filling the crock at least 3/4 full....more info
  • Great Handles
    This crockpot set has the best handles for carrying of all the 10 or so crockpots I own. Your hands can go completely into the metal loops. It's not some little plastic piece you have to hold with a couple fingers.
    The lid has a whole in it, on purpose for venting. None of my other crockpots have this, but it does eliminate that rattle you sometimes get from the steam from a boiling dish. ...more info
  • Great for stews, soups, and most casseroles
    This is the first slow cooker I've purchased, and I'm delighted with it. The 3 in 1 feature is very handy, though if you're cooking from recipes in a book that suggest the ideal size to use with the recipe (2 qt., 4 qt, 5 qt, 6 qt), realize that those recommendations are made with a flat bottomed slow cooker in mind, unless they say otherwise. There have been a few recipes I've made that started out in the 6 qt bowl and ended up in the 4 qt bowl as a perfect fit.

    Almost everything I've made in this slow cooker has been delicious. I made the rookie mistake of buying ingredients for a recipe that called for chicken breasts to be placed whole and flat over beans and corn, and when I realized that with these bowls such a preparation is impossible, turned it into a stew. Blech. It was awful! But that was my fault, and I share that so you'll be careful in your recipe selections.

    Any recipe (that I can think of) that calls for cubed meats, or chopped or diced vegetables as a main ingredient cook extremely well in this slow cooker. The manual says not to take the lid off while cooking, but you'll find that doing so isn't prudent, especially if you're cooking with rice. In those instances, you'll want to stir it a couple of times. I haven't found that removing the lid to stir has impacted the quality of the dish.

    Having the different sized bowls is truly handy. If you find that you liked something that you made in the 2 qt or the 4 qt bowl, and want to stretch your budget and save time, you can make a double batch simply by moving up to the next sized bowl. Prudent packaging and freezing will keep your food available for a long time.

    I haven't tried to cook a pot roast, and doubt that I will, but it seems logical to my simple culinary sensibilities that roasts, large turkey breasts One Bone-in Turkey Breast or hams, that a flat-bottomed slow cooker is preferable.

    The stoneware bowls are very sturdy, and even when using the 6 qt bowl, which has at least 1/3 of it "submerged" in the slow cooker and the rest exposed to open air, heat is evenly distributed throughout the dish for uniform cooking.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • I love it!
    I've never had a slow cooker or crockpot before, and I don't know why I waited! If you're no great shakes as a cook, like me, or have a finicky husband, like me, this is for you. It's really simple to use, and the three pots are a big bonus. The two quart bowl is perfect for my husband and me alone, and the larger sizes are great for big groups or to make extra for freezing. I got a few books to start me off--I'd suggest 1,001 Best Slow-Cooker Recipes: The Only Slow-Cooker Cookbook You'll Ever Need for lots of easy to prepare, healthy recipes for just about everything. Has excellent nutrition information too....more info
  • Three Sizes of Bowls are Hand
    I purchased this about a month ago. Having three sizes of bowls is great. I've been able to use the four quart for my family and the six quart for holiday parties. The ceramic bowls on their own are great. My only issue is that low seems to run a little bit hotter than normal so I use warm more than usual....more info
  • Perfect
    This is great for my two person family. I use the small size frequently, but love having the option of all three sizes, plus the keep warm feature. Plus, it's pretty....more info
  • Love it
    I love that it is easy to use and easy to clean and store. Use it about once and week....more info
    The person who thought up the idea of three different size cooking bowls for this slow cooker should get a gold star. There are things I love, like soups and stews that my husband won't touch. Now I don't have to make a bathtub full of stuff and wind up throwing some out or feeding my neighbors. (I know I could just fill my other cooker half full but it didn't always work well.) Anyway, great idea and great product!...more info
  • No heat!
    It is a great idea they have with the three crocs. It just doesn't work. My wife used this twice. On the third stew she made it boiled and died. No matter what we tried the thing would not heat....more info
  • easy cooking
    christmas gift for my wife works really well actually cooks with multiple heat settings. Different sized crocks is a big advantage. I have several friends with them they all love them....more info
  • Crockpot New in Box with Rusted Handle!
    I so looked forward to receiving this crockpot. I ordered overnight with Prime because I couldn't wait to try it out. The base unit came out of the box with the right handle rusting. I requested a replacement from Amazon & was told the item is out of stock & I can return the damaged unit & wait 3-6 weeks for a replacement. So I then emailed customer service at Hamilton Beach to see if they would replace the base unit under warranty. I waited 4 days for a reply and when I didn't receive one I decided to try faxing the information to them. After waiting again I then called Hamilton Beachs customer service number and was told yes they would replace the base IF I pay for the shipping. What a waste of time & money. I'll be packaging back up & returning but I'm not to sure about ordering another one. If you value good warranty service don't expect it from Hamilton Beach....more info
  • Great Product
    I purchased this as a gift and she was very pleased at the appearance and features. The crock pot was used the first day with great success and several times since. A great buy!...more info


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