New 6 mm Hematite Band Magnetic Therapy Ring

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Beautiful Magnetic Hematite Unisex Ring. Black in color. This is a lovely ring and you will like it. Size Changes cannot be done after the fact. Rings will be shipped in fancy & ready-to-gift ring box. Visit our store for more attractions that you do not want to miss. Magnetic items are traditionally used for pain relief. We make no calims about our jewelry. Please consult your doctor before using this. Thanks for shopping at Gem Avenue.

  • Gem Avenue sku #JRM6MM
  • Hematite Gemstone Band
  • Magnetic Therapy Ring
  • 6 MM wide Band
  • Shipped in fancy & ready-to-gift ring box

Customer Reviews:

  • What can I say....
    It's exactly what they said it was. After placing the order it was at my front door quicker then I would ever thought. There's not question, a great company to shop from. ...more info
  • Flimsy ;(
    My husband loved this ring and Did feel its natural benefit of less pain.
    But it broke soon after, of course, past the point of return.
    Not sure I want to take the chance of buying another...

    ...more info
  • don't drop on floor ,will break
    I am pleased with the service, (received as promised), and the ring was nice, but I drop the ring on the floor and it broke in half. Becareful this ring is delicate. ...more info
  • Hematite... Be careful.
    I have worn many hematite rings before, and like this one, they are all very delicate. While they are amazing for health and spiritual purposes, its important to know that they WILL crack under pressure. No joke. If you are filled with bad energy, they WILL explode into little bits. Hematite is funny that way.

    Also its very very picky. Youll notice when you wear it that itll get very hot, almost a burning feeling, or it will get super cold, both of which arent good.

    if it gets to be a nice warm feeling, like it belongs there, then youve gotten one that likes you.

    Point is, before you buy this ring, regardless of how pretty they are (and they are gorgeous), know what youre getting yourself into....more info
  • different colour then the picture
    i got my ring today and i was so happy for the box of the ring it was very nice idea but when i open the box of the ring it was different then the picture it was silver not black with this colour it became for girls ...more info
  • Very Nice Ring & Excellent Replacement for Gold Wedding Band
    Very satisfied with this ring; Noted by coming back for more (second order--accidentally lost the first one). The presentation of the rings purchased, in little boxes rapped as presents is a very nice touch. Good quality products, which outstandingly ask for unsolicited praises and positive feedback; I like that! I've been asked if the ring is a titanium ring... [I just came across one similarly looking titanium ring on sale for $95 at a local department store]. My Hematite ring from Gem Avenue has nothing to envy plus, I do believe I'm getting the physiological benefits of its magnetic properties, which was the reason I originally selected the ring....more info
  • Simple, but beautiful
    This product is exactly what it says on the tin: a gorgeous hematite ring. Simple, but classic and beautiful. Be aware that hematite is a very fragile stone - I have broken rings before (although not this one) - and you do have to be very careful with it, but that's not the fault of the seller. It's just a property of the stone.

    I didn't purchase the ring for its health benefits, but rather for the aesthetic appeal. I do love the way it feels, though. I also would disagree with the reviewer who said its silverish color made it a girl's ring. It is really a very highly polished black or dark grey, and would complement a male or female hand well. Google "polished hematite" and you'll see some better pictures of the color to expect.

    The seller shipped this ring very quickly, and it arrived in a lovely gift box. And I absolutely adore the product. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Ring
    I order this ring coulpe days ago and what surprise me is that when you buy this ring they gift you the ring inside a cute box...Anyways great shipping and also DON'T DROP THE RING!!!! fragile....more info