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Kevin Trudeau blows the lid off a nest of deception and double standards concerning general and individual health in this new book, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About. Kevin has risked government prosecution to bring you the full story of an intricate conspiracy.

From the retail supermarket outlets of huge, publicly traded corporations comes processed, manipulated, engineered "food products" -- produced by other wings of the same corporation. These artificial, toxic treats are then sold with the blessings of the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration -- government organizations charged with safeguarding the public good -- laying the foundations for future disease and chronic ill-health for the consumer, and a guaranteed source of revenue for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Kevin reveals the shocking truth of how drugs - which are being advertised directly to the consumer, pushing their use to an all-time high - are actually the cause of illness and disease climbing to near epidemic levels.

And, though it sounds dire, Kevin offers a light in the darkness and directs the reader to scores and scores of alternative therapies, medical practices, philosophies and -- most importantly -- potential cures that help your body regain its natural state of health and vibrancy.

So follow Kevin on an amazing journey through the behind-the-scenes world of corporate sponsored "nutrition" and "health," and learn about Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About.

Customer Reviews:

  • Follow the suggestions, then write a review based on the results.
    Ever since I lost both of my grandfathers to cancer, I have been interested in health. Having spent a lot of time researching nutrition and alternatives to conventional medicine, I was determined to make better decisions than my grandparents had made about their well-being. Isn't that the point of others' mistakes: to learn how to avoid making them yourself?

    In all of my reading, I had never come across a book as brutally honest as this one. Kevin has invested a lot into this and has put his own life on the line to bring you this information. The drug companies and food industry are much more powerful than you think. If you write Kevin off as a "conspiracy theorist", then I am sorry for you. You are depriving yourself and your family of information that could improve your lives dramatically. The pesky thing about conspiracy theories is that sometimes they're true, especially ones that can be validated by doing a little bit of digging. Do you really think CEOs of these large corporations care if you get sick when you consume their products?

    If you say, "We're all going to die anyway," then let me ask you this: would you rather get up in the morning ready to face the day's challenges and maintain that momentum all day or would you rather drag yourself out of bed reluctantly and only wake up when you drink that first, second, or third cup of coffee? I am following about half of the advice in this book, and let me tell you, I feel one hundred percent better. At work, I feel like I have so much energy that I often want to run around the building a few times just to burn it off, though I haven't gone through with this (yet) and made a fool out of myself.

    Also, would you rather live a relatively healthy life in a body that can fight off illness, or would you rather be tired and sick constantly, wondering why it always seems like you're fighting your body? It's your choice. I have seen the devastation a chronic illness or a terminal illness can cause in a family. Would you cause your family to suffer because you made bad choices when it came to your body? The financial burden is also tremendous in this day and age. Health care is not cheap, and it's not getting any cheaper.

    What is presented in this book is the important idea of preventative maintenance, which means that you care enough about your body to build it up for success instead of waiting until your body is already failing to take care of yourself. Oftentimes, people I know will ask me how they can stop pain in their knees or stop another difficult condition they're living with. I suggest that they do cleansing, change their diet to mostly organic, etc...basically follow the advice in this book. What happens is that they tune me out and opt to go to the drugstore in favor of something that will give instant relief but will not deal with the long-term problem, i.e. what is causing the problem in the first place! I understand that pain can be unbearable, but after you initially take care of it and your mind is clear enough to think reasonably, shouldn't you take steps to prevent it from happening again? What we have in this nation is not healthcare, but sick care. I am not the first person to say this, and I certainly won't be the last.

    This book has been my reference guide for healthy change. I have rid myself of 99% of my pains and feel like I have the energy of a child again. I will continue to try to help those around me, if they will listen to my experiences and truly care about helping themselves and their families. I would love to see everyone happier and healthier, and I hope that everyone will have the drive to go out and seek the information they need to turn their health around.

    Please don't comment negatively on this book unless you actually try to follow the suggestions inside, and please stop hitting yourself on the knee with a hammer and asking what you can "take" to stop the pain!...more info
  • Coincides with info I know to be true from other sources
    I just bought this book because I jumped around to numerous parts of it whilst in a bookstore and everything I read echoed what I have come to learn over the past ten years or so via alternative medicine (Chinese herbalists, acupuncturist, Naturopaths, etc.) practitioners. I'm looking forward to reading it through. I gave it four stars only because I did come to a part where KT refers to his website and free downloads that are only available to members. I went to the site and see that there is a fee, though, to be fair, it could be minimal. KT is certainly not the only site to charge a fee and it's his right to do so. Should I need to update this review, I will do so after reading the book in its entirety. Until then, just know that I attest to there being very worthwhile and helpful information offered here.

    Peace....more info
  • Nice door stopper
    It's literally sitting on the table collecting dust. I read through the first three chapters and realized that this guy would use the most insignificant and insane thread of evidence to support his claim and rebuke the established institutions. And try those remedies he mentioned at your own risk....more info
  • Excellent Overview of Important but Forgotten Facts
    "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau is more than a consumer advocacy book. It is a comprehensive review of important but forgotten facts regarding natural health remedies and health maintenance strategies that, quite frankly, bio-tech companies and pharmaceutical companies do not want people to know about.

    Albeit, Mr. Trudeau's writing style is very much in keeping with that of a Alpha-Type consumer advocate, he does present facts, evidence and logic to not only support the body of this work but also to address how the knowledge presented can be applied very practically in the everyday lives of people who are already responsible as it pertains to the management of their health.

    At no point in the book does Mr. Trudeau suggest that persons abandon the need for sound medical counsel and advice; in fact, he is a strong proponent of that sector of the medical profession that holds strongly to the Hipocratic Oath as well as professional medical ethics. He does however, and with very good reason, condemn those in the medical and pharmaceutical professions for using their "credentials" and "client trust" to advance their own pocket books with products and services from various bio-tech and pharmaceutical companies, which are not only unfit for consumption by any human being, but frankly, very dangerous and life threatening.

    Before writing this review I read the review of others who had purchased this book. I was surprised to find that almost all of those persons who rated this book with a 3-star rating or less not only failed to read the entire book but appeared to also be represented of that segment of society that see's nothing wrong with dumping trash on the freeways, eating at fast food restaurants daily and inhaling a pack of Lucky Strips to boot. None of their reviews presented any facts, evidence or logic to refute what Mr. Trudeau has written, let only support the propaganda of the bio-tech and pharmaceutical communities lobbyists. I don't that any of these reviewers even knows what a "lobbyist" is.

    The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, or prominently mentioned in this book (as well as other books written by Mr. Trudeau), and with good reason. As Mr. Trudeau states, the FDA's primary role and responsibility is to ensure that products and services available for consumption in the United States meet or exceed the guidelines set by the FDA regarding safety, etc. Unfortunately, and there is plenty of evidence to support this remark, the FDA has horribly failed in its charter and responsibility to protect the public for foods and drugs which are dangerous and provide no immediate or long term health benefits for the consumer or the patient.

    Having worked at Purdue Pharma, the company that manufacturers Oxy-Contin, I am fully aware of the methods in which drugs are developed, manufactured, tested and distributed. I have seen the effects of this prescription drug as well as other prescription drugs manufactured by other bio-tech and pharma companies. Suffice it to say, the "system" is only as good as the people who are in them, and when the system is occupied with persons who have as their primary concern their botton line (aka, profit and loss statement), someone always ends up suffering, and its is typically the consumer or patient.

    But personal opinions aside, if anyone is interested in improving their knowledge of how they can reduce the possibility of illness, injury or sickness in their life, you owe it to yourself (that is if you really love and care about yourself and your family) to read this book, learn, understand and believe the content. If you choose to embrace and apply the principles of this and other Kevin Trudeau books (which I have read as well), you may find, if you are disciplined, that your health and your life will become better. Of course, you may need a doctor's care and some forms of prescription medication depending upon your medical history, but by following the principles laid out in this book, there is every reason to believe that you will be much better for it than if you had not read and applied the principles at all.

    In closing, for you "nay sayers" out there, do us all a favor: if you are going to open your mouth to comment about the book, at least provide more than your biased opinion. Even a fool is respected when he / she keeps his mouth shut! Remember that!!!

    Mr. Trudeau: thank you for your work. I appreciate it!...more info
  • Listen to what this man has to say!
    I have to say that I am in constant worry of the state our Country & World are in. Friends of mine, that have been healthy their whole lives (have hardly drank or ever smoked and eat healthy)and are in their 20's and 30's, are coming down with breast cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancers... all having no family history of this stuff. HOW ARE THEY GETTING IT???? Why are our beloved pets being killed now with this pet food that has been recalled? How did all that rat poison get into the foods???? I just lost my cat this past December and am highly supspect that was the problem though I cannot prove it. I had two cats, unrelated, for 8 years that developed diabetes. My husband has Type II diabetes now; he is 38 yrs old. He was on Nexium for years (stomach acid problems) and is taking a ton of glucophage every day for the diabetes. Again, only treating the symptom but not getting to a cure for him. I recently made him go to a Naturopath and he was off the Nexium within 3 months. We both got a full panel of blood work done and are on the recommended supplements to get back to health. We both feel much better and are now working on his diabetes. I know the supplements are expensive but isn't your health/life worth it? Kevin also commented that it is impossible to do all the stuff he recommends in the book overnight or ever for that matter. Making gradual changes the best you can do or afford is the way to go. It is not expensive to grow your own vegetables or make your own bread; we do. Buy a Brita water filter and use that if you can't afford to put a system in your house. There are ways to get healthier without spending a fortune.
    We are slowing killing ourselves gobbling down all these pills that treat only the symptoms of all these illnesses but then cause another. That's what is ridiculous to me; not Kevin Trudeau.
    The FDA and the Pharma companies are getting rich off of us while we live with unexplained illnesses and eventually get very sick and/or die! Just think, if we had cures for all of the epidemics out there, (breast cancer & all cancers for that matter, HPV, AIDS- which I highly believe some could have been manmade and released for experimentation & do have cures but are hidden) then why would we need drugs or doctors for that matter. They would be out of business! They want to keep us sick! Please consider what I am saying and do not be brainwashed any longer! Check out these two links; it will make your head spin! Copy and paste into your tool bar and read away.
    ...more info
  • Dangerous nonsense
    Such a shame. I saw the book advertised on TV and was intrigued. But within the first few chapters I began to question some of the logic. For example, from Chapter 2 "Consider this--animals in the wild such as chimpanzees do not get sick!" ... at which point I thought, erm, yes they do? Then, as I was asked to consider more and more "startling bits of data" that were clearly suspect I started to get really suspicious about about the author and the authenticity of what I was reading. So I Googled him. I suggest before buying this book you read his Wikipedia entry. That, and other references, have made me decide to throw this book in the recycling, and satisfy my interest in naturopathy from an author who's much more legitimate....more info
  • Not for the wimpy minded.
    Kevin Trudeau may well be as much all about the money as he blames the whole world, have crime records, and more. Yet, people still have to listen to him. Most people in America are very negligent about their obesity and diet despite the epidemics of cancer and more diseases. Everybody has known at least a person with a severe disease, such as diabetes, we all know that the canned and boxed food has chemical that one should never eat alone. But, as Kevin exposes, the power of advertisement, media (so called "liberal") and government has been able to blind our society with very typical lies such as "the food only has small amounts of chemicals, it's OK", "I'm only having minor pains", or the plain denial of obesity, the most typical of all. After all, the medical science has progressed a lot and our health insurance (for those who have it) will deal with any trouble as many think.

    No, the medical science has not progressed that much. It has focused mostly on pain killers, which makes it more appealing than ever before. Yet, it's still typical for many people going from doctor to doctor to tell them all their pains and problems just to be told to drink water, take it easy, pay their copay and take more painkillers, so they neglect their problem. The situation is just like Kevin said, suppose that whenever your car sends you a repair signal the mechanic only turns the signal off. That is what current medicine does. It's pathetic how people are more caring with their cars than with themselves.

    Most reviewers dismiss Kevin's challenges, such as drinking a full cup of artificial flavors or colors as gross and unrealistic because we simply dispose all those chemical over time. Never wonder how we can dispose all those chemical when water consumption is dismissal? No, those chemical stay in our bodies, especially in the fatty tissues, which makes far more difficult to expel. People truly drink at least a full cup a poisonous chemicals.

    Most of Kevin's remedies are not practical or cheap at all, yet he is the single one who has been able to shake me and wake me up from my negligence and made me eat vegetable salads for supper, go organic and cut the meat. I never thought I could go enjoy a vegetable salad! And a salad with just a little organic dressing! Many other people do eat vegetables, but load them with fatty chemical dressing. "Low fat"? "Natural ingredients"? Read what Kevin says, and it's true. Changing my life and relieving me from minor pains that were starting to accumulate on my body was his remedy for me. Other than that, I haven't bought a single one of his products. I haven't even bother to visit his web site!

    The fact that most reviewer do not stay on topic but bash his past or anything else and write very short and sloppy reviews make me think that corporations are behind many of those reviews. I am well aware that many people stand for corporation and this system that would always fire them at the slightest chance to outsource their jobs to China, but it's still puzzling to find so many. After all, only circa 30% of Americans admit being conservative, far less than the majority (circa 50%) who don't claim any preference. And just in case you wonder, no I'm not communist, I believe in common sense, more regulation, just like they do in Europe, and still a rich and industrious area. Which one is richer, Europe or America? I don't care; nobody can prove who is richer. They're both rich. Now, let's get back to topic.

    Kevin's writing can be scarier than a Stephen King's novel! No kidding! His book should be classified as pure terror, but in a new category, real terror, demonology and drama. The vampires and demons he talks about are real and far more lethal and evil than Voldemort. If this is a problem for you (no blame you), you can read Dr. Don Colbert's books instead.

    And lastly, Kevin does provide a some literature to back up his claims, but most of it comes from daily experience that is available to anybody, all the things that we are seeing in public health, for example he exposes the medical corporation and colleges making huge fortunes to support research, publishing obscure articles to cover the fact that they are not solving anything for real. And he explains our system as well: it's all about the money. Suppose that the hospital and companies really cared for finding real cheap cures, they would lose so much! ...more info
  • the man should be in jail
    he is a convicted felon and would do and say anything to rip you off...more info
  • I wouldn't buy this trash with your money
    Shameless pseudoscientific garbage from someone in trouble with the FTC. To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy, "You might be an idiot if you spend good money on this book." As someone with a Ph.D. in Plant Science, it saddens me that real trees were used to manufacture this thing. If you have a need to be paranoid about something, direct it towards the IRS, the new world order, or Roswell aliens. Save your money and your health and pass this one up. If ever there was a good argument for book burning this would be it. You have to give it one star or the system won't accept the review -too bad, it should get a minus 5 stars IMHO. By the way, I did indeed buy a copy of this book - after it was 30% off at a local book store - and I do get good use out of it. I wave it around in front of my Basic Biology class every Fall semester as an example of the very real dangers associated with poor science literacy....more info
  • To the negative people who made comments.....
    So what the books doesn't list illnesses like you thought it would. Maybe if you would of looked over it before purchasing it you wouldn't be so feaking upset. I think the book is great. He tells you up front that he is not a Dr. Could that be why theres not exact cures listed??? This book has inspired me to start eating healthy not only for myself but to teach my 2yr. old good eating habits also. In one wk I lost 6.5lbs just by following a few things that are mentioned. My eyes are opened now to our government and FDA. They make me sick. I hope that this book will opens others eyes too. ...more info
  • If you are not outraged you are not paying attention.
    As for Kevin Trudeau making money on his books or website...we all need to eat and earn a living, even Mr. Trudeau, his books and website cost far less than 10 hurried minutes at your DR's office and way less than a do not begrudge the man a living, the ceo's of pharmacuetical industries are making millions on your suffering....not on promoting wellness.

    Having been in the alternative medical communtiy for many years there is nothing in his books that has not been said elsewhere, he's not making this stuff up, read, watch the news, this information is available to all of us in snippets everywhere.....just read between the lines, and think for yourself....but don't get a flu shot, they contain thimerasol and aluminum....linked to alzheimers, but since the pharmacuetical industry is now recommending them for all children annually please call your broker and buy stock in those companies and pray for all the innocent children poisened by greed, fear and stupidity.

    Also be aware the Patriot Act made it impossible for parents to sue if you can prove your child was injured by vaccines....don't take Kevin's word for it, open your eyes, and take care of your self, because the FDA and pharmacuetical industries are not looking out for your best interests.

    Thank you Mr. Trudeau for planting the seeds and bringing to light this information for the many who haven't sought it for themselves, as for those still thinking in the box.....I guess they'll just take another pill to offset the side effects from the other meds they are on, and keep eatng crap and wonder why their kids have ADD and they are on Prozac....things look prettier on Prozac.

    Many MD's have lost their medical licenses for practicing alternative medicine, and healing cancer without meds. I personally know 3 people who got better with natural meds....2 breast cancer, 1 lymphoma, and another who keeps AIDS at bay with an MD in Mexico....the truth is out there, healing is out there, go seek it....more info
  • Great book for anyone
    I dont think you need to have and kind of illness or desease to be reading this book, just a lot of great facts!! get it if you have heared or been intrested in getting the book its worth it......more info
  • Very poor. Save your money...
    If you absolutely must take a look at this, as I felt compelled, check it out at the public library first. Very, very poor content. He offers simpleton solutions of his own that are absurd and he's simply not an authority on the topics he mentions, like how to handle spam.

    This may be a rude awakening for the author, but sounds like he's into that so here goes:

    if you're going to compile a book based upon interviewing others, step up to bat and offer their credentials and quotes and reference their works, not your website in every other paragraph, and your "thoughts." You are not the authority, and no one wants to read your `thoughts.' Package those in an essay book or other format, if you like, but you're putting too many eggs in one basket, and yours are rotten.

    If you're going to knock everything and everyone under the sun for advertising their products, stop advertising yours in every paragraph, too. Otherwise shut up.

    And if you hate the USA so much, we'll all be more than happy to see you go. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, or `gasp' I'm sure there'd be a book about it from you to let everyone know....sigh......along with all your self promotions in every paragraph. ...

    Readers: note this is worth all negative stars, but Amazon does not have that option. Do not buy, is my advice. If you must check it out, do that with a library card and on the spot, because after even just two minutes of glancing through any topic and you'll place it back on the shelf. Pure garbage. There are no cures listed here, just pure junk and links to his cure website.

    ...more info
  • A real life saver
    Read and use Trudeau's books. I haven't found one that isn't informative, truthful, and works everytime.
    His cures work! I was personally already use a handful of them already, but 'thanks' for the additional new ones!!!

    Once you do, follow this man's career. See what else he's able to find and provide...
    "Hey, Kevin, find anything on natural fuels yet???"

    Thank you Kevin Trudeau, really!
    Have bought and will definitely buy again!!!!...more info
  • Risibly bad
    A few weeks ago I briefly browsed this book while killing time in a bookstore. At one point the author describes an experiment carried out by some "researchers" where they determined the structure of a sample of DNA changed with the mood of said researchers. Of course, no references are given. As a doctoral candidate in chemistry I found this claim not only absurd, but offensive. The fact that this book has received any good reviews at all reflects the poor state of scientific literacy in this country. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this drivel. ...more info
  • MIRACLE BOOK!!!!!!!!
  • A Brave Book

    * Thorough research
    * Truly ground-breaking revelations about the health and food industries
    * Every day ailments looked at honestly
    * A no fluff analysis of what we eat and how we harm our bodies.
    * A lesson to us all, to truly think about what is really being sold to us on a daily basis
    * A real eye-opener


    * None! A must read for every adult on the planet!

    ...more info
    While reading this book, many of the lessons that I had learned back in my college chemistry classes were coming back to me. I could not believe that I had forgotten so much or had been brainwashed to forget. This book is a real eye opener as to how Washington really works....more info
  • Avoid this book unless....
    Avoid this book... unless you are taking a philosophy or ethics class! This guy Trudeau is a piece of work. He writes well enough to draw one in, then says.... "for more info - go to my website". Ok, I hear that he needs to make money... but this is a guy who has already spent time in prison for being dishonest. A lot of his "cures" are intriguing and some are downright correct. But a little bit of research will bring you to much more credible alternatives. Seriously... this guy is a self-centered nut!! I read the book cover to cover... Let this short review stand as my testimony that you do not need to!!!

    One last thing.... If Mr. Trudeau were as smart as he says he is, he would know that any vitamin, mineral, naturally occurring substance, etc... is technically "A DRUG". End of story...

    And don't get me started on all of his conspiracy theories.

    Please... avoid this book - unless you want to give your Philosophy professor some fallacious arguments to rip to shreds!!!

    All the best,

    Jay...more info
  • Another good book from 'Mr. Infomercial'. Nice job, Kevin...
    I recommend you tape all the Info-
    mericals this guy does. The anti-
    establishment "bias" is refreshing
    to those with suspicious minds like
    myself [Rememeber the old hackneyed
    axiom; "We're from the Gov't, we're
    here to help you?" Yea, right...]

    This was the firs of many good-to
    great books Kevin put out. Get them
    and Lou Dobbs books....more info
  • intersting but, not very useful
    It was interesting but, not what I expected. I thought it would be full of cures that people used over the ages. It's not. It's also boring to read....more info
  • Garbage
    Trudeau's books would work for someone who lives in a world where days are 56 hours long, doesn't need to spend time working, has unlimited time and funds to dedicate to growing their own products or shopping endlessly for ingredients not found in many areas. Now that a few million have purchased these books, (me included), he's a wealthy man, and will publish more useless books on,yet, another subject that will entice more of us poor more for me....more info
  • Natural Cures
    I did not like this book at all. Too wordy, small print, and filled with no help to me....more info
  • Follow the Money, Naturally
    Yes, Mr. Trudeau is a promoter and a bit over the top. But he's also an agent of change and audacious enough to speak out when the Emperor has not clothes. We can all identify with his recurring outburst in the face of endless obtuseness of his adversaries: Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore. Remember, if we all were completely reasonable and content people, nothing would ever change.

    The author presents a scattergun assault on the establishment truths about health, diet, and medicine, attempting to convey his versions of the truth that he believes are often suppressed - by government agencies, drug companies, and the medical establishment, and even the US Congress. His observations are most interesting for those into conspiracy theories! Even for those who are not, however, the book raises questions about why natural cures for common diseases meet with not just distain but hostility from the "experts". The author suggests that we, like good investigators, follow the money.

    The place where the book is disappointing is the way it does not live up to its promise of telling the reader how to prevent and cure diseases through natural means. To often the information turns out not to be in the book but in another publication or on a website. For a book this size, he could have found space for the answers, perhaps in place of recurring repetitive ranting.

    Mr. Trudeau's ideas and idiosyncrasies have become part of our household lexicon. We find him fun, challenging, and surprisingly insightful. The book is a good catalyst for thought the diet/health/medicine/drugs/ topics, particularly for those willing to take a radical new look at conventional wisdom and cures. Before we can no longer afford health care at all, why not step back and question what "they" tell you, or don't tell you.
    ...more info
    This book is a waste of time. I expected that I could find a specific problem and find a specific answer to said problem. That wasn't the case in this book. The internet provide better solutions to medical questions. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Good Info, worth reading!
    Many people are quick to criticize this man, frankly I don't really care if he has been to jail or not. This book is great, full of great tips and common sense. I found it very educational and inspiring. Lots of info on natural remedies and weight loss. I recommend it to anyone with an open mind looking for a natural way of living....more info
  • This book has saved my life!
    This book has positively changed mine and my family's lives. We are so much more knowledgeable and healthier than every before, thanks to Kevin. A thousand Kudos and a MUST READ....more info
  • Opinion from a Registered Dietitian/ Scientist
    As a Registered Dietitian and a research scientist I highly DISCOURAGE anyone from purchasing any of the books he has published. Some of the material this book has some small glimmer of the truth it may have once been based on, but is twisted out of context to make the results. From my credentials (something he lacks), one should note I am not a "drug company trying to discourage natural cures." Proper nutrition does make a HUGE impact on disease states, but should not be used with all disease states since sometimes this can result in adverse affects and even DEATH due to interactions or unchecked progression.

    Another key problem with his book. Most of the diseases can not be "cured" with the use of one single herbal supplement. The diseases he states, such as scurvy, are known to be easily treated, but others can actually be worsened by use of high doses of vitamins or herbal supplements. The use of a supplement WILL NOT CURE Diabetes Mellitus (DM)!!! Type one DM is caused by the death of a specific cell type in the pancreas that prevents the body from PRODUCING insulin. If the body is not producing it, nothing you ingest can be converted in large enough quantities sustain the body's needs. Type two DM is due to tissue resistance to insulin and CAN BE CONTROLLED by diet, but only with a proper diet and exercise... NOT SUPPLEMENTS ONLY!

    Second point he makes is that the FDA doesn't want herbals to be sold because they "cure" aliments. This too is a fallacy. The herbal products themselves are not regulated by the FDA, only the label which states claims since they are often NOT BACKED BY REPUTABLE RESEARCH! Some things do work and I myself to take some supplements from time to time for infections (such as cranberry juice for a urinary track infection), but you must be very careful when purchasing these products. Since they are not regulated, they do not actually have to contain the product they advertise in the quantities they advertise (or at all in some cases. Being a natural product, the concentration will naturally vary by plant and therefore by batch.

    This book is highly dangerous and SHOULD NOT BE PURCHASED. There are several much better books out there and if you are interested in more information ask your Doctor to refer you to a REGISTERED DIETITIAN (not a nutritionist, this is not a legally defined term, so they do not have to have any training). The author is correct that most MD's do not have an in-depth nutritional background, but ALL Registered Dietitians do (as a requirement for the credential we must have at least a Bachelors, have completed and passed an internship and a registration examination similar to a bar exam). ...more info
  • Natural Cures "They" Do Not Want You to Know About
    I think there is something to his theories. Health wise I'm sure you could do well by following all his advise but there are so many people who cannot afford some of the cures. I think he should stress juicing of raw vegetables a little more for those that can only afford food. It would be a great place to start to cure yourself and then if you have funds left over go for his other treatment recommendations....more info
  • Impracticle
    I was disappointed by the author as I had brought the book with quite a lot of expectation. The author recommends us to live our life in such a protected manner that it is actually hilarious. Well it is opposite of my philosophy which says that one should be strong internally to be able to take care of anything that is dealt to us....more info
  • My inspiration
    The information provided in this book has been very valuable to me and my family. It has shed light on many dark and unclear issues. Yes he is repetitive, but I believe he purposely does that because he is stressing very important info which is vital in todays' time and world.

    I was one of those people buying this book thinking there was a specific cure for the illness I was researching. In actuality choosing natural and making wiser choices will guide your body into healing itself. Doing things such as going to a chiropracter, drinking water with no flouride and also doing cleanses such as a colon cleanse etc... these are all methods of getting rid of toxins and helping your body to heal itself.

    In the end it all made sense. It's a keeper and I refer back to it often.
    As far as his website, there is an online community for free where you discuss living a healthy lifestyle with others. I actually have learned a lot from the website. I believe everyone should educate themselves more on healthy alternatives. Check it out for yourself and make a change!...more info
  • Not what I expected
    This book was not what I expected. The suggestions for the "natural cures" seemed a bit far fetched. It seemed to me that that author was paranoid. ...more info
  • More False Advertising
    Two issues I have with this book.

    1. Mr. Trudeau claims the media is in the pocket of both the medical and pharmecutical industry, resulting in supression of natural cures evidence. Then he spends at least 60 pages quoting major media outlets reporting on the dangers of prescription drugs and surgery.

    2. Mr. Trudeau cites Decca records passing on the Beatles as proof that doctors don't know what they're doing. Seriously, it's in the book....more info
  • Don't get this!
    If you plan on buying this save your money!! Go to the library and get it! It was the BIGGEST waste of money I ever spent on anything!!...more info
  • Less Rant and More Information, Please
    Kevin spends most of the book ranting about the influence of food and drug manufacturers over the government. Well, tell us something that we do not know already. I appreciate Kevin Trudeau's trials and tribulations to get this information and deal with the bureacracies. But, let's move ahead. I felt ripped off when I mostly just read about "they" and a some references on getting a kidney, liver, etc. cleanse and practice tai chi. Well, thanks, but it would help to toss in some formulas and actual demonstrations instead of a bunch of websites. I am keeping the book for now, just for some websites. Otherwise, it is mostly one man's rant against the system. I received far more health information and entertainment from Dr. Duke's Essential Herbs.

    Doug Setter, author of Stomach Flattening...more info
  • Dross: And don't let a gullible person read this!
    My wife wants to have her filling pulled because this idiot says so.
    Why do I call him an idiot. Here are two examples.
    Coral Calcium: he says a goverment agency won't let him publish anything about it--so he refers you to his website where you can find out more if you subscribe! Hey, Kevy, there are no apriori restraints on the press in the USA.
    Pigs: He says you should not eat pork because pigs eat thier own excretement. He thinks that is disgusting, thus not healthy. Well pigs and rabbits can eat their own. There may be many reasons not to eat pork, especially in third world countries. but Kevy sure didn't bother to research them.
    Why do research when you can make up a stupid reason.
    Given his pork logic I'm surprised he doesn't say not to eat anything organic as the compost used to grow things contains animal excrement....more info
  • BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!
    If people claim that they hate this book they are narrow minded and old in their thinking.....We have to change how we live too many people are dying of cancer and other diseases. The health care in this country is too expensive and is based on to subscribe drugs.......more info
  • Kevin's Book Is Only Good To Burn In Your Fireplace
    Kevin Tredeau is one of the biggest rips offs and con artists in the book/publishing industry. He talks a good talk on television and then when you buy his high priced books they are almost useless with very little information. He is a huge rip off, don't waste your money on his books, they have almost no useful information in them....more info
  • I pitty the ignorant!
    I LOVED THIS BOOK. He blows the whistle on corruption while at the same time exposing needed information. He is very slick with his wording (being there are so many laws to what exactly he can and cannot say).

    After reading over the previous reviews, i have come to note that there are obviously many naive ppl out there, so brainwashed by the media to believe that the beloved doctors and government would never withhold such cures and 'secrets'. Promoting ignorance is the best thing government could have done on their behalf, it's obviously working.

    I would like to thank Mr. Trudeau for exposing many of these lies. I have personally used the information in this book to better my life. I am healthier than ever! As for Ms. Kanas native's comment, My old doctor had full blown brain cancer...never underwent chemo and is healthy as ever now! Explain this one?!

    Mr Trudeau my hat goes off to you. You are a very brave man trying to simply help others dispite the fact that they are just bashing you to the ground without even trying any of your advice. My only complaint is that the information in this book repeats itself over and over again, though he warns you of this in his intro. saying that it is his way of drilling in the knowledge. All-in-all it is an excellent book, which earned it's postision on my bookshelf.

    ...more info
  • Do not buy into this paranoid garbage
    There is a reason Kevin Trudeau is writing books. It's because he's a felon who's no longer able to sell products because of numerous lawsuits brought about due to his illegal activities. Books, however, are protected by the first amendment. Save yourself a lot of trouble and stay away from anything written by this charlatan. ...more info
  • The truth is out there somewhere.
    I've found the truth. This book has put me on the path to being well. The book isn't just about particular natural cures - but also the fact that the media and pharmaceutical companies hide this knowledge and try to debunk them. I've been following the advice in it and people tell me I Iook fantastic. I feel great and full of energy. I haven't been sick for 18 months, not even a single headache. The only deterrant is that readers may not be aware of is, becasue of the FDA trying to shut down Mr Trudeau, that he is limmited in the way he can express himself. This means it may take a bit of detective work (especially if you live outside the US). Pretty simple though, google keywords from the book (like life force plan, or gallbladder flush) and you'll find the right info. However for those in the US you have a comprehensive website available to you with all the info you need.
    I've spent over $10000 dollars trying to cure my cystic acne. Nobody had the answers. His book said, do a candida cleanse, liver & gallbadder cleanse, Dr caldwells stress techniques. Hey presto acne gone! I've also been implementing the other suggestions too. As it turns out my test results came back positive for heavy metal poisoning, and parasites too. I've gotton rid of them all via natural means without a single side affect. I would strongly recommmend getting the book "MORE natural cures they don't want you to know about." as well. In it he has actually put the appropriate website addresses to go to and the names of some products. I refer back to this book often and hate to be without it. If you really want the truth and not the lie you've been told by the greedy pharmaceutical comapnies and the media then you will find it here....more info
  • NO NO NO!!!!
    Please do your homework on Mr trudeau before you buy. All it is going to do is cost you more money...more info
  • Natural Cures
    Every home should have this book on the shelf or in the Kindle. I highly recommend this book. Some of these cures your mother and grandmother practiced and passed along and then there are others that have been tried by me and are true. This book is a must have!!!!!!!...more info
  • An excellent book, and a real eye opener
    An excellent book, I highly recommend it. I was so impressed with it, I bought 15 (!!) more copies and gave them away to friends and family. I think the information he gives is accurate, timely, and extremely important in this day and age of eroding health freedom. I believe this book can be a life saver. Much of the alternative treatments and nutritional advice were already familiar to me, partially because I grew up in a very health conscious family in Germany and also because my significant other is a health practitioner. What I hadn't quite realized before is the extent of government corruption. He devotes quite some space to really bring this realization home. I am not a conspiracy theorist but it doesn't take much to observe that there are forces at work that attempt to make the American people as sick, fat, broke and stupid as possible. Why - because a people that are sick, fat, broke and too stupid to think for themselves are MUCH easier to govern (read: control). This book will give you plenty of information and resources to take charge of your health yourself, and it will give you plenty of food for thought regarding the FDA, the food and pharmaceutical industries, and the main stream media. Again, this is an excellent book, and a fun read on top of that. Thank you Kevin!!...more info
  • Don't bother
    I was very disappointed in this book. I was looking for specific answers and it was mostly rethoric....more info
  • Great information
    Besides the fact that he pushes his website and news letter this book is filled with great info. I enjoyed reading it. I did read from cover to cover, but skimmed through alot of the info. He repeats himself often. It was worth reading. I refer back to it often....more info
  • This book deserves zero or negative stars
    I have been a cancer patient since August 2003. I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare bone disease that rarely strikes people under 50.
    I was 44 at the time. At that time, I looked into every alternative method of treatment available and called every alternative treatment I could find. I asked every clinic the same question.."Have you ever successfully treated a myeloma patient?" I am still waiting for a yes

    I do have respect for naturopaths, but I have started to lose respect for many in alernative medicine, including acupuncturists, people who claim they are licensed naturopaths but are nothing of the sort, and people profiting from cancer patients by using all sorts of methods that the government cannot possibly fight all at once. I once met a woman at a beach in San Diego who went on to tell me who she is a professional in some time of bioelectric energy medicine and could cure me. This was BS, and someone in San Diego was recently for claiming to cure people with
    something similar he said was based on a "Rife machine". It worked for nobody.

    What I particularly dislike about Kevin Trudeau is what he says about medical science hiding a cure. While it is true that there would be tremendous loss financially for oncologists and pharmaceutical companies, eventually they could focus on other diseases and drugs.

    If what he said is true, then certainly MD Anderson, a renowned cancer center in Houston, would not be investigating the Kanzius machine with its radiofrequencies and gold nanoparticles. If this will be a cure for cancer, I cannot say, but I can say if it is, certainly at some point there would be no more cancer patients at all, including for MD Anderson,

    I see two oncologists, both a general oncologist and Dr. James Berenson, who is somewhat of an iconoclast in the world of myeloma. I consider him the best mm expert in the whole world, but I do not agree with everything he has to say. He has written books that are very expensive right here on Amazon about myeloma.

    He has hoped to cure me with my last 4 or 5 treatments and has always been disappointed when the mm starts going back up. Fortunately, it looks like I have found something that may be working.

    Finally if you want to find a really good book, which now is unfortunately outdated, I suggest you start with the book named
    How to Treat and Prevent Cancer with Natural Medicine.

    Although some of the book is now outdated and actually irrelevant to myeloma patients, as we have a cancer of the immune system and have to be careful NOT to stimulate the immune system, it is still the best book available, as far as I know, and Michael Murray, one of the authors does have a website.

    Since that time, there is a lot of new information, some of which is conflicting. However, I would suggest anyone interested look into curcumin, artemsinin, vitamin D, resvervatrol, vitamin E with tocotrienols, selenium, zinc, and vitamin C as ascorbyl palmitate (the normal kind of vitamin C will only make you gassy and be excreted from your body after 1000 mg..yet so many natural health practitioners think you are going to gain something from taking massive amounts of the regular kind of water-soluble vitamin C. Believe me, you are not, and 1000s of tests have shown this).

    I could write many more paragraphs about this, but then people get mad when the information is too long. I will start some kind of blog about this. I suggest looking for an mm blog by a Margaret from Italy, who is a linguist and not trying to sell you anything. My cancer blog would be more commercial, selling a very, very limited number of products I believe can help most cancer patients that have been test by ConsumerLabs, which actually tests these kinds of things, that the FDA does not.

    ...more info
    I purchased this book when it first came out. Disappointed extremely from the contents of this book. The information provided was not helpful. The book often referred you to other books, journals and reviews. If you have at least 730 days to read and research the reference material provided by the author, I guess it ok. There is no way I would recommend this book or any other book by Kevin Trudeau.

    I started to purchase Debt Cures they dont want you to know about. It was then I discovered the author was the same person who wrote: Natural Cures they dont want you to know about. I stopped and realized the person has nothing to say and it is not worth loosing your money.

    Any book by Kevin Trudeau you purchased at your own risk, I certainly would not purchase another book by this author....more info
  • Save Your Money
    The author goes on and on about the FDA & the drug administration throughtout the book. He doesn't give you his so-called remidies - he tells you to go to a web site for that information. There, in order to find out anything, you have to pay $9.95 just to gain access.
    Sorry folks. This is just another money making pitch with no real help. Keep your doctor....more info
  • Excellent
    Kevin's response to the pharmaceutical industry is astounding.
    In todays society, everyone is looking for a cure FAST!
    It's not going to work like that.

    I hear all there stories of "my sister with severe cancer", "my cousin with diabetes" people who get this book and want a cure the next day. Well guess what, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Kevin states in this book that some people's diseases are too far gone. You must follow all his steps to lead a healthy life.

    There is a severe crisis in America's pharmaceutical industry. It must be fixed.

    Read this whole book through, don't just flip through the pages. It will change your life like it has mine.

  • He writes books to make money
    I just saw him on an infomercial selling his new book, How to Make Money. Well, we sure know how he does that, and we don't even have to buy THAT book to know that he has figured out how to make lots of money by writing books with no credentials whatsoever. It's so sad, and he makes a mockery out of people who actually do health research and who actually care about people's health.
    I am writing this review to prevent people from buying a book from a man who wrote a health book to make money. Don't buy....more info
  • Can't believe the negative reviews
    I am halfway through the book as I write this. There is not really a single point of Kevin's that I disagree with thus far. Of course, I have always been into health so everything he says rings true with what I have learned over many years - and practice for myself .

    The strength of this book is not so much new ideas, rather it's his astute assembling of healthful ideas from many sources into one. I don't condemn him for that - it still has his personal touch.

    Yes, everyone is taking pot shots at him, and for those who don't understand real health this book may seem to promote easy solutions to complex problems. However, if one has a basic understanding of health, then implementing his ideas will not seem silly or difficult.

    Yes, he raves and rants, but so would you when you have a message to deliver and most everyone doesn't believe you. And while he is raking in lots of money, isn't that what capitalism is all about? Build a better mousetrap?

    Before you condemn this book, realize that everyone throughout history who went against the tide was ridiculed.... until the time they were proven correct. I would trust Kevin's ideas long before I would trust the FDA, which is not really working in the public's best interest.

    As just one example - John Stossel, in a TV spot jumped all over Kevin for saying jumping on a rebounder could help alleviate depression and exercise the body in a unique way. Well, Stossel's the fool here - anyone who know about rebounding understands it's a unique way to exercise and it can do everything Kevin says it can, and much more! So multiply this one error on the part of those seeking to undermine him, and you get the picture.

    As for Trudeau's troubled past, I don't know much personally and therefore won't join in until I know more.

    Overall, he's compiled a lot of genuinely excellent information and presented it fairly and clearly, if perhaps just with a bit too much enthusiasm.

    It must have taken a long time to write this book - with no guarantee of any rewards at the end of his work. The fact that it has succeeded beyond anyone's dreams does not make him guilty of anything.

    Overall, I like this book a lot. If someone is interested in improving their health, there are many books that can lead the way. If you are prepared to read 400 plus pages, you could do a lot worse than this one....more info
    I bought his book in hopes of finding ways to ward off bad genetics. When I got the book I was hoping to turn to the index, look for one the problems, turn to the page and BAM! read what I needed to do. NOPE!!!! There is no index. This book suffers from poor appeal to a reader. You open it and there are just paragraph upon paragraph of words. It is NOT appealing to read and for the average person who had no time to search for information, NOT EASY to find what you're looking for. WASTE OF TREES....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I actually received this book much quicker than I anticipated because I have ordered from Amazon (and/or affiliates) before and the service was nowhere this quick and this book also arrived in excellent condition! It is also a great book from which I learned a great deal and I have actually put a lot of this into practice. Thanks!...more info
  • terrible
    When I got this book I read the first 2 chapters and I was so upset about how this guy say the you have to get inyected with some hormones in order the get results. He is not a doctor to prescribe!!!! it can be dangerous for you health; don't do it....more info
  • Snake Oil Salesman
    This guy spews out more mis-information and flat out lies than any other snake oil salesman. Dont'waste your money. There are other bona fide alternative medicine approaches available that are actully based in research and fact, as opposed to the nonsense this guy sells poor unsespecting people hurting from disease....more info
  • Love the book but....
    I was dissapointed after visiting his website to see you must pay a membership fee in order to access information.He keeps talking about how people are motivated by money and if we can help him by joining his website.Why couldnt he say sign a freakin petition?Anyways, other then being dissapointed the bOOK is exposes shocking true secrest about our government....more info
  • Excellent book, Great information
    Natural cures contains alot of excellent information, to help you gain perfect health and wellbeing. Although he does reccomend you to his website,he specifically says in his book that you can get a week of free membership, which is more than enough time to get all the information you could possibly need. All these bad reviews obviousely have come from ignorant people who havent even tried any of the great suggestions in this book.

    Doing the things he reccomends, truly does work, since reading his book, i have been amazed by the change in me, i have so much energy, i feel great, i sleep perfectly, i feel as though i am in perfect condition, i cant express how amazing i feel. I cant express enough how thankfull i am for this book....more info
  • Take the time and read the whole book, and with an open mind.
    The book isn't titled "Miracle Cures that Work Immediately and 100% of the Time." People who buy this book thinking that way are going to be disappointed. This book is a real eye opener. Kevin tells you things you should already know: Fast Food is bad, most food is loaded with artificial ingredients and preservatives, and chemicals sprayed on food and put into lotions can poison our bodies . We need to be accountable for what we do to our bodies and Kevin presents us with suggestions on what to do to improve your health and possibly cure us. We need to make choices about what we eat and what we put into our bodies. You don't treat the symptom you treat why you have the symptom. Thanks to this book I eat more organic foods and have done several cleanses and I feel better than ever. Even if you don't do everything he tells you to do you at least walk away with a holistic understanding of how what you do affects your body....more info
  • just eat less and exercise more
    an overpriced and over-analyzed way to say eat less and exercise more. the print is very small. a waste of money....more info
  • Hype and Garbage
    Don't waste your time or money. This is no more than an extremely hollow, uninformative, mindless infomercial. Trudeau's 15 minutes of fame - shame on him and his publishers for the undeserved hype. Everyone who ever wasted their money on it should band together and demand a full refund....more info
  • Pure Crapola!
    This criminal author just likes to hear himself talk. There is nothing in this book of any value or use. Save your dough gang!...more info
  • Value not in Understanding Cures, but in the System!
    This book is my first venture into reading about natural cures or the relationship in America between the FDA, pharmaceutical companies and other aspects of the government. Once I got over the repetitive nature of his writing (which, based on my personal experience trying to educate people on a system they are unfamiliar with, I think is actually a good approach) I was impressed with the organized and thorough way in which Trudeau was able to help the reader understand this great scam going on in America.
    So what if the guy wants you to spend money at his website? This is a free market country and I don't begrudge anyone making money. Worst case scenario you "waste" some money going to his site the first time and then decide not to go back - I did this with Ford motor company on a $20,000 car and am not whining or vindictive about it, I just don't buy Fords anymore.
    What I will tell you is that reading this book helped me see that this country is selling its soul and HEALTH for profit. Since reading it I have sold all my stocks in medical manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies.... and just so we're clear, I'm a doctor who went through a 6-year med school program and did my internship at USC Medical Center.
    Buy the book. Used, whatever. Read the first few chapters. Take action. Quit eating crap and write your senators and congressmen daily if you have to....more info
  • Some good ideas, and some good research
    This book has some good ideas, i enjoyed it. The author knows more about the government than some want to believe. You have to check on some of the "cures" yourself - do more research if you want to be sure.

    Those who only review "the author" really should not buy his books. If you think he makes more money than the government OR the drug companies, youre wrong. I've worked for both for many, many years....more info
  • Watch out for ... THEM!!!!
    There was a sci fi flick a few years back called "Them" about creatures from outer space invading Earth.

    Well, Kevin is playing the same game. Some people's lives are so dull, that they will believe anything. Who cares if people 100 years ago died of diseases that today have been nearly eradicated by vaccines? That infant mortality was high and many children died before the age of 12? That life expectancy was 50-60 years on average? DULLL!!!! Much more exciting to believe that the evil FDA, pharms, and doctors are hiding the real cures for diseases in some vast conspiracy!!! That herbal "natural" cures are far superior to anything your doctor prescribes despite the fact that there is not one scintilla of evidence to back up that claim!

    These people don't want to believe that a lone loser shot JFK. Too ordinary. There was a CIA/FBI/Castro cabal to have him assassinated. The USA government is hiding from us the fact that we are every day being visited by aliens from outer space. The FDA is in bed with the pharms to keep us sick so they can sell us more medicine. Doctors don't tell us how to prevent getting sick. The FDA and pharms want to keep us fat (also, I guess, McDonald's and the rest). The list goes on and on .... Pathetic.

    ...more info
  • Should be called "Natural Cures Kevin Trudeau Doesn't Want You ,,,"
    I am hard pressed to say that there is anything of value in this book. It seels to be a lot of rhetoric and conspiracy theory. Fortunately I bought this book used. ...more info
    Did I say it was redundant?
    Yes, there's some very useful information here and yes the major medical big money machine does suppress & discredit a lot of alternative methods for better health.
    BUT, Trudeau is not the best messenger to deliver this insight.
    He has got to be the most self centered repetitive wind-bag to ever write a book. This agonizingly long read could have been cut by 2/3 and would have more tolerable.
    But no, Kevin refused to allow anyone to edit his stuff. He's PROUD (& that's part of the problem) that NO ONE touched his original manuscript.

    >Plus there are some wacky claims here that are way over the top.
    (the sun doesn't cause skin cancer, it's the sun blocker that does!)

    Bottom line-

    Kevin Trudeau would have a LOT more credibility if he'd:

    1. Back off a little on all the conspiracy stuff

    2. Better research some of his more outrageous claims

    3. Hire a trustworthy editor to make his material more professionally presentable

    4. Stop being so full of himself.
    ...more info
  • Misleading book
    I honestly don't feel this book is worth the paper it's written on for the following reasons:

    1. Every other page refers you to his website and reads like an infamerical on TV. I would expect more detail from a book with 500 plus pages.

    2. He keeps refering you to his website which you have to pay more money for. This information should have been in the book you paid good money for.

    3. In the places where he does give truthful information it's common sense. Or at best you can get the information for free on the internet through a quality website like WEB MD.

    The truth is there are better resources out there than this book. There are professionals within their fields that have written tremendous resources that are available to you. YOU The Owner's Manual by Dr. Roizen and Dr. OZ just to name one. I applaud anyone who takes an active role in their own health, and research on your part is vital.

    In the end I feel this book is misleading and a waste of your time and money.

    Please see the discussion board. ...more info
    The Natural Cures/Kevin Trudeau company stole money from me!!! Even if you are not buying this book from the infomercial, do not give this man any more money as he is a thief and scam artist who is being pursued by the government on Fraud charges. Once his company gets your credit card information (for their "free" newsletter that was offered with the book) they conveniently keep charging your card long after cancelling your order. I tried to cancel numerous time because I did not want it in the first place but they never did. This company charged me multiple times and refused to give me credit. Finally my credit card company had to get involved because Natural Cures found no record of my multiple requests to cancel what I did not order. The company still refused to refund all my money!

    Now, after 6 months, they have started charging my credit card again and are giving me the run around about refunding it. I contacted them over a month ago and they are still telling me it will take another 30 days for a refund for something I did not order. Be wary of this man and this company!...more info
  • This Guy is a Quack
    Hmmm... A 600 page book of medical advice with no index, no bibliography, and no references....more info