Essential Yoga For Inflexible People

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One of the great gifts of yoga is improved flexibility. Research has shown that improving flexibility and doing yoga helps you feel younger, healthier and lead a more active life style.

The yoga postures developed thousands of years ago were not created for people who are already flexible, but rather to help inflexible people become more flexible. Yoga videos, even those designed for beginners, may be too difficult for some people that lack flexibility. Essential Yoga for Inflexible People helps anyone, no matter how inflexible, experience all of the amazing physical and mental benefits of yoga.

These proven & effective routines will help anyone increase flexibility and strength while developing a calm, serene mind. Proper form is emphasized through these slower paced, flowing routines. This stunning and beautiful DVD was shot at one of the most majestic, tranquil beaches in the world, Half-Moon Bay, Antigua!

Over 10, easy-to-follow customized routines allow you to progress at your own pace. This special, easy to use system allows you to find the routine that is just right for your needs.
* Modified poses for less flexible people
* Improve strength & range of motion
* Increase energy levels
* Reduce stress
* For beginner and intermediate students The Essential Yoga for Inflexible People Series embraces the absolute best in mind-body learning with 10 easy-to-follow, customized routines from the worlds most renowned teachers.

Veteran instructor Maggie Rhoades gently guides you through these effective practices. We selected the very best routines from Maggie s Inflexible People program to help you on this amazing journey of yoga. Some of these routines use a folding chair, block or book, and belt or strap to modify poses for less flexible people. People that have flexibility issues due to serious medical conditions should work in conjunction with a medical professional and yoga teacher.

Customer Reviews:

  • Really disappointed
    You have a beautiful setting, but for some reason they put her under a canopy. I have never seen this in the Gaiam tapes, and I think they do a much better job. I thought this was a Gaiam video from the cover, but it's not.

    You start out BAM---with the sun salutation. Come on, yoga does not start out BAM with anything, especially something for beginners. You move into yoga with a quieting time, to move you from the go-go-go pace to yoga. If they wanted to do an exercise tape, fine, but yoga does not come from this approach.

    The sun salutation is a classic in yoga of slow moving poses, but I just hate it and I always have. It is not easy, and not good for you if you are substantially overweight or have any problem with your knees. They modify it for the inflexible by leaving out part of the salutation and using it with a chair. If you cannot get down on one knee, you will not be able to do this modified sun salutation---so you can chuck this part and the next because the next section is the regular sun salutation. I guess it's a good idea if you want to continue to use this video once you are not inflexible. But I thought it really did not belong on a video for the inflexible---AT ALL. It's hard and boring. You go from being on one knee to flattening out your body and being on your hands and toes only.

    The third segment starts with mountain pose which is as easy as it gets. It is a standing pose---you stand with your arms to your side and slowly, subtly align your body by raising your knee caps and so forth. You stand there and slowly go over every inch of your body with your mind to make sure it's all aligned. Yes, it is easy, it's also as boring as drying paint. I just did not get this video at all.

    [...]...more info
  • Great Flexible Addition
    Essential Yoga for Inflexible People has been a great addition to my fitness program. I mostly like to do very active cardio type exercise and wanted something in yoga to use to go with that so I can gain some more flexibility. The shorter routines have been perfect to do after cardio just like the instructor says they are....more info
  • Such Potential!
    There are many problems with this DVD, but I will try to keep this to just the biggest, which is its inconsistencies. This disc is riddled with inconsistencies making it difficult to do even know which routine you should be doing! The menu titles of the routines read either "with Chair" or "without Chair" but they are not always correct so you think you're choosing a section with the chair, but when the routine is over with, you find that a chair was never even mentioned.

    Next, we have the routines themselves. Our "Yogi" will say one thing but will be doing something else, which just leads to distraction. As you try to figure out which thing you should be doing, your attention shifts from your body's alignment to over thinking what's going on on the DVD so that you can be comfortable with the idea that you're doing what you're supposed to. Next thing you know, you've hurt yourself.

    One more thing and I'll stop: this video moves very slowly, so if you have problems with your knees, for instance, you will spend a significant amount of time putting a lot of pressure on them in certain standing poses. She holds these positions for a long time (15-30 seconds, give or take) and you will feel them.

    Overall, this DVD had a lot of potential, but in the end, it failed... miserably. It seemed rushed, with lower-quality camera work, editing and voice-overs. The "Yogi" also spends the video smiling like she's in a beauty pageant, which is just silly - it's supposed to be yoga - not cheesy aerobics! (Ok, those were more than one thing, but they were warranted.)...more info
  • Simple and soothing
    This is my first yoga dvd and I was pleasantly surprised. The setting is very very soothing and her voice is very calming. I like how they take the time to get you in the right position and the modifications are great, like using a chair for sun salutations and using a blanket for seated poses. I enjoy doing this in the mornings or when I'm just needing a break. Maggie is a great instructor and they did an A+ job on this dvd....more info
  • Perfect
    I feel like this program was custom designed for me. I've tried a couple yoga videos and a couple classes, but their idea of inflexible was something that I am still not sure I can even work my way up to. With this program I feel like I can actually do it and after only a few weeks I'm already seeing the improvements. If you're good with the modifications on regular beginner videos, this may be too easy. If you've tried those kind and couldn't manage it, get this DVD. It'll be exactly what you're looking for....more info
  • Helped Alot
    I am in okay shape but not very flexible and my friends suggessted I try youga.

    THis DVD worked well for me in teaching me how to do the poses at a good pace...more info
  • Excellent DVD
    This DVD is a fantastic DVD, especially for people that are inflexible. I have some back issues and was told that doing yoga would help. I got DVD similar to this one and I loved it. This one, I think, is even better. It has superb instruction, is beautiful to look at and a joy to do. I feel the instruction is relaxing and accessible. After I do a workout I feel energized. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to increase their flexibility and relax. ...more info
  • Essential Yoga for inflexible people
    This video is a wonderful addition for anybody's exercise library ! Great, especially for beginners. There are many different routines both long and short. The part I like the best is that there are many different time intervals - there is an 8 min routine and a 15 min and an 11 min + many more. There are also full routines - 40, 45, and 90 min just to name a few. So if you can only squeeze in a short workout it is waiting for you! The pace is good - not too fast like some. ...more info
  • Super for beginners
    This is an excellent video for "beginning" beginners who have a lower level of physical strength and endurance -- a person, who is able to perform activities of daily living, without assistance and little modification -- who is wanting to start a fitness/relaxation routine.

    The routines are easy to follow and start with modified routines that are challenging, yet doable. For those who are older or need further modification -- the Yoga for the Rest of Us DVDs by Peggy Cappy would be more appropriate....more info
  • Useful video for intendend audience of beginning yoga practitioners
    Essential Yoga for Inflexible People is a DVD which offers a variety of beginning-level yoga practices. These practices are designed for inflexible people in particular by providing various modifications of traditional yoga poses, including use of props such as a chair and a blanket. The Main Menu of the DVD offers the following options:

    Short Routines--Learn the Basics
    Short Routines--Continued
    Extended Routines--As You Progress

    Each of the above options is broken up into practice sub-menus as described below. The times are as listed on the DVD, but I have added my own comments.

    *Sun Salutations with Chair (6m)--2 rounds of sun salutations performed at a slow, modified pace using a chair
    *Sun Salutations without Chair (7m)--2 rounds of slow sun salutations, still modified but without the chair
    *Standing Poses with Chair (25m)--despite the title, these postures DO NOT use a chair; rather, they are modified standing postures including mountain, triangle, warrior 2, and side stretch
    *Standing Poses with Chair II (14m)--this segment actually does use a chair, but only for a few postures; consists mainly of variations on intense side stretch pose

    *Seated Poses (9m)--held seated postures including staff pose, cross-leg, cobbler's pose, and hero; a blanket is used
    *Forward Bends with Chair (15m)--chair is used to support hands/arms for both standing and seated forward bends; ends with reclined leg stretch using a strap
    *Beginning Back Bends (8m)--gentle variations of cobra pose
    *Yoga Twists with Chair (11m)--starts with twists seated on chair, then moves to floor for additional seated twists and reclined twists

    All of the practices in the final segment, Extended Routines, are made up of the the shorter segments from above; most of the practices add a 5-minute relaxation segment as well.

    *Extended Standing Postures (30m)--both standing segments from above
    *Legs (40m)--seated segment, forward bends, seated twists, and relaxation
    *AM Wake Up (45m)--seated segment, sun salutations w/chair, 1st standing segment, and relaxation
    *Spinal Work in 3 Dimensions (40m)--sun salutations w/o chair, forward bends, back bends, and twists
    *Stubborn Hamstrings (65m)--sun salutations w/chair, both standing segments, forward bends, relaxation
    *Full Routine (90m)--combines all of the above

    Overall, these practices are definitely appropriate for those with little pre-existing flexibility who are new to yoga. Instructor Maggie Rhoades generally provides good voiceover cues. However, she moves VERY slowly, often taking several minutes to set up a single pose. Therefore, anyone with prior yoga experience may become easily bored by these practices, even those with limited flexibility. Furthermore, although the practices are filmed against the beautiful backdrop of Half-Moon Bay in Antigua, the camera sometimes focuses too much on the scenery and not enough on Maggie, which may make this video challenging for those just starting out with yoga. For a true beginner who is very flexible and looking for short, modified yoga practices, this DVD might work very well; I would recommended, but it would not be my first choice for either someone new to yoga or someone who is inflexible....more info
  • Perfect
    This DVD was exactly what I needed when I started my yoga practice and has helped me alot.

    The first two sections consists of some poses that are modified for those of us who are inflexible to help us get into position properly and also has variations whcih do not have quite as much assistance. Maggie guides your carefully and preciusely throughtout the routines with reminders that you should not push too hard. If you cannot do the pose all the wayThe first two sections consists of some poses that are modified for those of us who are inflexible to help us get into position properly and also has variations whcih do not have quite as much assistance. Maggie guides your carefully and preciusely throughtout the routines and as she says at the beginning, o no push too hard. Her explainations of what each pose does, and how they can be used, such as warm-ups or cool downs if you do other exercise, are very helpful.

    All in all a DVD that pretty much anyone can do and helps teach yoga well for those of us who need a bit of help....more info
  • Anyone Can Do This
    I have a collection of DVDs and got discouraged because I can't do them. This one is different because it's made specifically for really inflexible people who want to start yoga. The teacher has years of experience with yoga for people who have no flexibility and it shows. The modifications are more then just telling you to use a block of you can't touch the floor. It's extremely modified so those of us with no flexibility can start with yoga and work our way up. This is yoga that anyone can do and start getting the benefits of increasing your flexibility....more info


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