Hoover U5780-900 Windtunnel Cyclonic Bagless Upright

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Hoover's WindTunnel + Cyclonic bagless HEPA upright vacuum combines patented Hoover WindTunnel technology for best carpet cleaning performance, with the benefits of cyclonic technology, such as lasting suction power and less filter maintenance. HEPA filtration traps 100% of dust mites, ragweed and common grass pollens. An automatic cord rewind retracts quickly and easily with the touch of a button. Multi-Surface Brush Roll Control allows you to safely and effectively vacuum carpeted and hard floor surfaces in your home.
14' Cleaning Reach with Hose and Wands Onboard Tools - Pet Hair Cleaning Tool, Combination Dusting Brush and Upholstery Tool, 2 Extension Wands, Crevice Tool Fingertip On/Off Controls Lifetime Belt Large Soft Wheels 15 WidePath Nozzle Carpet Height Adjustment Agitator shut-off feature Powered pet hair tool Chrome plated touch points.

  • Windtunnel Design and Cyclonic Design for the best carpet cleaning performance combination.
  • EZ Empty Bottom dump Dirt cup. Your hands never have to touch the dirt.
  • Hepa filtration that help traps 100% of the dust mites, ragweed, and common grasses. Never have to replace filters.
  • Cord Rewind. Automatically rewinds 28' of cord.
  • Agitator shut off for bare floor cleaning and for use in the tool mode.
Customer Reviews:
  • As Advertised
    Vacum arrived on schedule and was put into service immediately. Suction is super and the cleaning of the carpets: Fantastic. With little ones in the house, the cord rewind helps a lot. At this time, no real negatives to report. Compared to Mother-in-law's Dyson, better performance for the dollar. ...more info
  • dont shower first
    i bought this to replace a canister shop vac i had been using for two small rooms i rent. i thought this would be smaller and easier. NOT----
    oh it works fine rugs look great picks up every bit as good as the shop vac but i still have the shop vac and why you ask??? because i need the big shop vac to suck the stuff out of the canister on the hoover others have described the process as "messy" well it would qualify for descoverys dirty jobs. the powdered dust and hair and dirt collects up top and all around the tunnel housing, you open the little door and give it a shake thinking it will come out but no it wont you have to get a long thing, bar b q fork, chopstick to stick up there and try to puggle it out. no luck so you have to use another vacuum to pull the mess out. meanwhile you the floor the trash bin the air and if you are smart and go outside on the step for this, are all covered. once you have finished you can change clothes and dont forget you will need to clean your shoes after you have showered all that fine dust is now in the laces. i have tried to give this away but no one in my family would take it ---i dont blame them...more info
  • Hoover Loozer
    good for about a half dozen uses. after that, start shopping again. looses power after cleaning one 12x12 room. does nothing for pet hair. just clumps it up and leaves it on carpet. for $200 you're better off getting a case of lint removers and rolling over the carpet. it's pure junk. lasted about a month and a half (dozen uses) before issues occured. keep you receipt, upc, store clerk name, address, and color of hair and eyes if you want to warranty this item. pain in the arse. EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED!...more info
  • disappointed
    I do not recommend this cleaner. I should have checked with Consumer Reports first, as this cleaner did not rate very well there either. I truly feel that the negetives outweigh the positives on this item. Although it is less expensive than some of the other leading uprights and has that cool "cord rewind" feature, there are just too many major flaws. It tips over almost every time I use the hose and attachments, and it's awkward to try to hold the machine up while using them. Speaking of attachments, the one with the rotating brush stopped working after one use, the crevice tool doesn't really have a place for storage on the machine, and the brush keeps falling off the small upholstry tool. Because the cannister is small, it loses suction before I finish cleaning my home...and it has to be emptied outdoors because it's such a mess to clean. Now, after owning it for just a few months, it overheats and turns off after about 5 minutes of use. I'm not sure if it's the hepa filter's clogged or what... I'm really disappointed in this purchase. ...more info
  • why should vacuuming be so stressful...
    So I've had this vacuum for a month now. I read review after review, polled my family, and finally decided on this Hoover Windtunnel. My previous vacuum was a Bissell which a vacuum repair shop told me wouldn't be worth my while to have it fixed. I loved my Bissell until the motor became unbearably loud. So here I am with a new vacuum. Oh yeah I have 2 cats so I vacuum every few days..
    Pros-it's got great suction and actually is pretty quiet for a vacuum. It smells clean now after I vacuum. I really like the automatic plug winder!
    Cons- the vacuum is heavy to push around. Emptying the canister is a pain. On mine, the bottom does not release easily and I have to pry it open sometimes. I've come to empty the whole thing outside because of the mess. I'm not happy with this part.
    That's as honest as I can be. Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • It takes all the dirt away from my home!
    This is a super Vacuum cleaner, It does everything the "best" vacuums do- and better! ...more info
  • Hoover WindTunnel Cyclonic 900 - Many Pros but Review Your Options

    The Hoover U5780-900 Windtunnel Cyclonic Bagless Upright has a lot going for it. I wanted something with suction as close to Dyson as I could get. At the same time I didn't want to spend Dyson prices on a vacuum or settle for a used one to save money. It won't satisfy everybody but review your options. Depending on your needs this may be a strong contender for you.

    I have used many vacuums, including the usual suspects (Hoover, Bissel, Eureka, Oreck, Kenmore, etc) and newer models like the Dyson. I will openly admit I tend to clean a lot and I am perhaps more demanding on a vacuum than the casual user. Overall, I am willing to accept the shortcomings of this vacuum because it performs good enough for the money.

    + The vacuum does capture plenty of dirt and will perform well with regular emptying, cleaning and maintenance
    + Even though it is made of plastic, it feels more solid than the Dyson DC07; perhaps it is stronger plastic or includes more heavy internals to hold it together
    + The cord has a nice rewind button to tuck it away when not in use
    + The cord also has a cool hook near the handle to keep it out of the way when pulling it in reverse during use
    + The price is relatively less than similar performing vacuums, including every Dyson model except for some low-end refurbished units, making this Hoover a better value
    + The colors of the unit are more conservative than many bright models being sold today
    + The motor is less noisy than many other vacuums I have tried, despite the strong suction
    + The power button is located conveniently on the handle, unlike some older Hoovers
    + The included accessories allow you to detail around edges and furniture, although you must handle with care for the vacuum's stability

    - Has a small bin and the aggressive brush, so you will have to empty the bin frequently
    - Emptying the dust bin is messy and will require you to get your hands dirty to clean the bottom of the bin
    - Cleaning the inside of the bin is also messy and requires partial disassembly; people with OCD will DEFINITELY be a little frustrated by those hard to reach areas :)
    - The wheels and base are designed like an old-fashioned vacuum, so it won't turn as easily as newer units like the Dyson ball models
    - The vacuum may feel heavy to some people and can be a slight workout when moving in tight spaces; Self propelled versions are easier to move around
    - The vacuum will capture tons of carpet fibers, especially on the lowest setting; this is a minor con that will diminish over time with use
    - Even the internal HEPA filters and gaskets will require maintenance and cleaning to keep this at top performance (not so much a negative as it is a consideration)

    No it is not perfect. Like all bag-less vacuums, it is messier to empty and will require some cleaning and maintenance. Yes, the internal filters need to be periodically rinsed and dried, and the HEPA filter needs to be surface cleaned at least 3 times a year.

    It also may be too heavy and hard to maneuver for some people. This vacuum does perform pretty well for those who don't mind the old-fashioned style maneuvering of a traditional wheel base and the heavy lifting that comes along with a unit that isn't *self-propelled*. While the price isn't a steal, all decent units are expensive these days and this is relatively better value than many other competing models.

    Those who want to turn on a dime may want to look at the newer Dyson ball models, and those who want effortless maneuvering may want to test the self-propelled models. However, if you are price-sensitive you may still opt to put up with the small shortcomings of this unit to save a few bucks.

    Enjoy. ...more info
  • Awesome vac - get one!!!
    Suction is tops and the accessories work excellent (air powered hand brush works excellent for furnature, pet hair, etc). Contrary to what I've read here, emptying the cylinder is no big deal. Very easy. Sure there's some dust but it is what it is - a bagless design. Dyson is no less messy and costs twice as much.

    I can't believe no one mentioned this glowing feature here so I'll say it in caps: THE AUTO-RETRACTABLE POWER CORD IS ONE OF THE BEST INVENTIONS EVER MADE FOR A VAC!!!! Trust me, you'll love it.

    It's quiet for a vac but slightly heavy, but a small sacrifice for such an awesome vac. Very few complaints so far!...more info
  • The muscle builder
    Hoover was recommended to me by my cleaning ladies who use one all the time, but unknown to me the one I purchased you would have to be a body builder to use very often. Even my cleaning ladies said there was no way they could use it for a whole day. My husband now has to use the vacuum as I have health problems and to use this vacuum completely wears me out. If I could have I would have returned the vacuum, but the box was nearly shredded off of the styrofoam packing so there was no way of putting it back in the box to return it. This vacuum does a good job of cleaning, but it really should have been a self propelled machine because of its weight....more info
  • Worth the $$$
    This is a fabulous machine. I compared it to the Dyson models in the store and it is not heavier ... the weight is comparable although the price is not. This Hoover rocks. My carpet looks brand new after running the Hoover on it. I stood in amazement to see what came out of our carpets even through these are cleaned weekly (we had a Bissell that thankfully broke) ... If you want a Dyson by all means ... but I am a Hoover fan ... you will not be disappointed getting this model!!!...more info
  • Total Junk
    This model broke after one use. One. Not even on thick carpeting. I am returning for a Eureka Boss. Don't waste your time or money on this piece of junk. You won't be happy....more info
  • Best one yet.
    I've had this vacuum for a little over two weeks and I have to say that this is the best vacuum I've owned yet. I have always been a Hoover fan and this model does not disappoint. What prompted the need for yet another vacuum cleaner was my growing intolerance of lugging the machine up and down the stairs. Our current Hoover Bagless Windtunnel model has been a great vacuum, of which we only had one complaint- the messy cylinder filter inside the dirt cup that seemed to hold on to odors, particularly dog hair from our two hairly house mates! Regardless of how well we cleaned the filter, it still seemed to spew that noxious odor through the house every time we vacuumed.

    We decided to retire that unit to the upper floor where the dogs are not allowed, and look for something that would handle the downstairs "kennel". Enter the Hoover U5780900. This model does not use a filter within the dirt cup, but rather a series of chambers to remove and trap the dirt in the canister. I'm not a vacuum designer, but it appears to be a similar method used by another EXPENSIVE brand name vacuum. So far so good. The canister empties fairly easily from the bottom (still a two handed excersize) and if allowed to get too full, a little assistance is required to extricate the large lint and hair balls that will no doubt collect. Not a big deal to me and I appreciate not having the dirty filter to clean. The dust cup disassembles further and can be easily washed out in the sink on occasion, but not required after every use.

    This vacuum also features an on/off control for the beater bar for using on hard surfaces and auto brush-off when in the upright position for using attachments. I also love the cord rewind feature. Step on the button and the cord winds back into the unit. The cord has ample length to vacuum 2-3 rooms from one outlet.

    Suction seems to be very powerful and does not seem to diminish until the dirt canister gets VERY full. I am easily able to vacuum several rooms without emptying the cup (1300 sq feet). I will also note that this vacuum is remarkably quiet in comparison to other vacuums we've owned.

    The provided attachments are nothing out of the ordinary, although the turbo brush (air powered) seemed to work better than on our previous model. The hose could be longer, but I understand an add-on section is available through Hoover if needed.

    I'm neither impressed nor disappointed with the quality of the unit. I'm sure that with reasonable care, the unit will provide years of use.

    The only reservation I might have on is the overall weight of the unit. This this is HEAVY. I suppose this is somewhat beneficial in maintaining good contact with the carpet (We have a light weight Bissel that hops all over the floor)but could be a serious drawback for many people.

    All said, there isn't much I would change about this unit, although I could do with out the Motor City inspired chrome details.

    Good job Hoover!

    ...more info
  • From bad to worse
    I got this vacuum as an exchange for another bagged Hoover vacuum when that model failed (for the 5th time) The store that allowed the return said they stopped selling the other Hoover model due to all the returns. I wasn't thrilled about a bagless, but didn't have much choice unless I wanted to spend $500 so I took it home.

    The good:
    It's very quiet
    It appears to pick up a lot of stuff in the clear receptacle.

    The bad:
    It leaves a lot of debris in it's wake

    It's F I L T H Y to empty the container. Dust everywhere...gross

    Pet hair gets stuck way up inside the container so you have to either reach up inside and pull it out or take it apart and still reach in to get it loose.

    The light died in less than a week

    The beater bar is making noises like it has a bad bearing. They don't use bearings so what is actualy making noise is plastic on plastic surfaces with dirt in them That spells death the to the beater bar.

    The cord retraction mechanism is already weak after one month of use. Soon, it will no longer fully retract the cord.

    When using the attchments and hose, any pull on the hose makes the unit tip over and crash to the floor.

    You'll need a shop vac to clean the cyclonic thingy. It gets dust all in the tiny holes and they clog thus redering the unit with reduced suction. Eventually, you'll need to disassemble the cyclone to clean it. Poor design.

    Overall this vacuum sucks and not in a good way. Flimsy plastic, poor design and cheap parts make it a unit to avoid at all costs. Hoover's quality is abysmal. This is my 6th Hoover in 2 years. The last one kept breaking and I kept returning it until the store no longer sold that model. Bad bad bad...
    ...more info
  • Too many issues
    We had a Dyson for a couple of years and loved it, except the hose ripped twice. We decided to go back to Hoover as it was always dependable before. While this Hoover model is very powerful and has some great features, there were too many problems:
    1. Emptying the dust bin is ridiculously messy.
    2. The vacuum constantly tips over when using the hose with the tools--it narrowly missed my 2 and 4 yr-olds on several occasions.
    3. The power tool rotating brush frequently stopped turning--nothing caught, no clogs.
    4. The dusting brush is in 2 pieces and always slides off when using the vacuum.
    5. Finally, the belt came off twice in 2 months. To put it back on, you have to take the whole base apart....more info
  • Broke after 1 month
    Purchased this unit one month ago and now the brush refuses to turn. I have taken it apart and cleaned it but, if it decides to work at all, it takes about 5 minutes before it will "warm up" and start working. As someone else mentioned, you better have a good grip on the handle if you decide to use the hose. It will surely fall over with any tension on the unit at all!...more info
  • Wonder vacuum! Highly recommended.
    This is a wonderful vacuum, which I highly recommend. I had another model of this same vacuum that eventually broke because it kept tipping over when I was using the attachments. This one is is much more heavy and sturdier, however, and doesn't tip over when I pull on the hose using the attachments. The pet tool works much better on this one as well....more info
  • Good but not the great Hoover quality
    This is my first Hoover, and probably my last Hoover. While it is a good unit, and seems to do better than my old Dyson did, now I realize I should have shelled out the extra money to have gotten another Dyson.

    -Better at getting cat hair up than my Dyson (but my Dyson did the same thing when I first got it, but it is 4 yrs old and was beginning to lose its suction)
    -Somewhat sturdy unit, although it squeaks because of the plastic (could be considered a con due to shoddy materials due to overseas mfg)

    -The cord is situated in the wrong location, in my opinion. It is constantly getting under the wheels when I go back and forth with the unit through the normal cleaning motions (even happens when I do my best to hold the cord up and out of the way) - I also have to make sure my feet are out of the way when I goto retract the cord, otherwise I'll end up with nice welt on my foot/ankle from the plug.
    -As already said on another review, the dirt receptable fills up quickly, especially if you use it on the lowest setting for the brush bar. Too much of a hassle to try and empty the unit also as I have already had to pull out stuff that has gotten stuck up in the jar (mainly carpet fuzz)
    -The center of gravity on this unit is way outta whack. I can't get but maybe 2ft at most away without the hose pulling enough to pull the whole unit down on to the floor (my Dyson 'rolled' with me). As I have already found out, if you don't situate yourself just right, you'll have this come down on to your leg, foot or back. To me this is the largest drawback of this unit.

    Hoover could learn alot if they would just get ahold of a few Dysons and study them, and see what they are doing wrong. Certainly won't consider another Hoover because of the already short time I've used this unit...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    Nice vacuum, but don't buy one. Why? Because even though I bought mine 2 months ago, Hoover doesn't have any parts for this unit. So, after my cleaning lady caught a rug fringe in mine and it developed a terrible knocking sound, I'm left without a vacuum I can't use. The repair center says it needs a new agitator brush roll, problem is no one, including Hoover has one. What kind of company sells a product and doesn't have any parts for it? My advice, put your money into another brand and don't risk getting stuck with a vacuum you can't use and worse, the manufacturer, is too unprepared to fix....more info
  • Hoover Cyclonic Vacuums
    Pros: Quiet motor, cord rewind, powerful suction, brush-bar shut-off.
    Cons: Small dirt cup, messier to empty than a bagged vacuum, heavy.

    The Bottom Line: This is the best value in cyclone vacuums, with all the typical benefits and drawbacks of that design type, plus a few special features--like the cord rewind and brush-bar shut-off.

    Full Review
    The Hoover Windtunnel Cyclonic is the same machine as the Hoover Mach 5, which is sold exclusively at Walmart for about $20 less. The only differences are that Mach 5 is bright orange and chrome, whereas the Windtunnel Cyclonic is a much more "normal" looking vacuum.

    The Hoover Mach 5 (and Mach 3) are replacements for the Fusion. The Fusion did poorly in Consumer Reports testing because of dust in its emissions. The new models attempt to rectify that problem with better filters. The Mach 3 has electrostatic filters for the pre-motor and final stage filter. The Mach 5 caught my attention because it has an electrostatic pre-motor filter and a HEPA final stage filter, both of which are cleanable and thus never need replacing. I had intended to wait until CR could test these new models, but went ahead and bought a Mach 5 when I saw one brand new and unopened on Craigslist for $100 ($75 below retail after taxes).

    As my friends and I used the machine several times in the course of moving out of our apartment, several strengths and weaknesses became apparent: First, the strengths are all those advertised--cord rewind, quiet motor, powerful suction, no loss of suction, easy to use tools, brush-bar shut-off. All those operate as advertised and the construction of the machine is by and large high quality, with only a few cheap-feeling things here and there. Fit and finish is good as well. And there is no problem with emissions. The motor is quiet (as far as vacuums go) and makes a lower-pitch noise than most. The brush-bar automatically shuts off when the machine is put in the upright position, and it may be shut-off manually using the foot-lever. It is a bit top-heavy, but not so much as to make it hard to maneuver, and the handle adjusts for height. It's really very easy to use and effective at cleaning.

    However, there are a few draw-backs. (1) The brush-bar is very aggressive. On our old and poor quality carpet, setting it to anything lower than the middle setting resulted in large quantities of carpet fuzz being generated and sucked into the vacuum. The carpet height adjustment for our medium-low height carpet ended up being set to a medium-high height setting to alleviate the problem. (2) The first issue aggravates the second, which is that the dust bin is small and fills up quickly. Despite the large clear bin, there is actually a "full" line marked near the bottom quarter of the bin and it must be emptied once the bin reaches this mark or you will begin to lose suction as the high-speed cyclone is unable to work properly. (3) Emptying the dust bin is a relatively easy task, however, some dust clings to the cyclone assembly and must be brushed off with the brush tool. While it does detach nicely from the bin to allow for easy cleaning, it is still a messy process compared to removing and replacing a bag. And there is a tip at the end of the cyclone that requires cleaning to make sure it remains clear of debris, since this is the exit for the high-speed cyclone and if it clogs the cyclone will not work properly.

    Owners of cyclone vacuums often think that their machines do not need to have filters serviced. This is not true. Even Dysons have to have their pre-motor and HEPA filters cleaned from time to time (this is the leading cause of loss of suction for Dysons, and often is not made clear to Dyson owners). So too with the Mach 5. The pre-motor filter is located above the dust bin and is a washable electro-static filter (let it dry 24 hours before reinstalling). The HEPA filter is in a tray marked "HEPA" below the dust bin. That may be cleaned but not washed. These filters should be cleaned about once every couple months or so, depending on how often you vacuum.

    So in summary, this is a good vacuum cleaner for the money. As with all vacuums, it is not perfect. It suffers some of the common drawbacks of bagless vacuums (namely the messier dust-emptying) while solving the problem of loss of suction. I would like to have a larger dust bin, but once the carpet height is set correctly, even the small one that it has is sufficient for a day's worth of cleaning. I recommend it, especially if you can find a good coupon for Walmart (the only place it is available retail) or other good deal (such as I did on Craigslist)....more info
  • Good product so far
    We just bought this Hoover today, It works great a lot of suction. We owned a Dirt Devil and a Kenmore previously, both were uprights. I love the retractible cord, the hose and attachments seem longer than my previous vaccuums. The dirt cup filled up quickly, easy to empty, some dirt, and hair stay stuck inside. I'm hoping this will last longer than my other machines. I wanted a Dyson but, the price was a little more than I was willing to pay. I went with the Sales persons opinion. ...more info