AeroGrow AeroGarden Pro 100 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

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Product Description

AeroGrow AeroGarden - Pro 100 Stainless Unit - w/Gourmet Herb Kit - 2500-00S

AeroGrow's Pro 100 garden uses microprocessor controlled Adaptive Growth Intelligence™ to monitor the plants’ natural growth cycles from germination through advanced growth and automatically adjust the nutrient delivery and light cycles to give plants exactly what is needed at each stage of the plants' growth, maximizing yields. Also includes grow light replacement reminder system and the Super Grow 24-hour light cycle.

The AeroGarden Includes:
1. Built-in plant lighting system - Full daylight spectrum, energy efficient grow lights (Grow light bulbs included.) allow you to grow anywhere. No natural sunlight needed.

2. Aeroponic optimizing chamber - Creates a near-perfect rainforest growing environment.

3. Computerized “smart” garden technology -
• Built-in micro-processor automatically adjusts nutrient delivery, light cycles, and water for specific plant types.
• Built-in light timer turns lights on and off.
• Built-in reminder system automatically alerts you to add water and nutrients.

Free Seed Kit also included with each AeroGarden:
A. Pre-seeded bio-dome seed pods
- Enclosed in their own mini-greenhouse for ultra-fast germination.

B. Time release nutrient tablets - Perfect plant nutrition with 65 macro and micro-nutrients for optimal plant health.

C. Tending & Harvesting Guide with recipes - Walks you thro
  • Revolutionary kitchen appliance lets you grow your own food indoors all year round right in your own kitchen
  • Adaptive Growth Intelligence delivers the perfect amount of light and nutrients from germination to maturity for fast, full growth
  • Includes Gourmet Herb Seed Kit and grow bulbs
  • Organically based and 100% natural
  • Measures 15.5 x 18 x 10.5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Well designed unit. Lots of fun. Lots of herbs.
    This is a nice unit. I'm sure some people have had a part break on them, but that has never been the case here. This whole system is well planned and all the details worked out better than most any product I've ever seen. We followed the directions, and everything come out perfect. Seems like you would have to be really sort of 'slow' to mess up using this product. Sure, there is always a chance of a poor batch of seeds I expect. But after 4 'plantings' we've never had a single issue.
    The seed pods are all nicely labeled. Every plant sprouted on exactly the day the instructions said it would. They tell you which plants to put in which holes so that they all get the right amount of light. They tell you when to add water and how much. It tells you when to feed it (drop in 2 pills.. how hard is that ?) If you trim the plants when and how it tells you, you can keep them even and they all will bush out into large nice beautiful plants that supply you with great herbs as often as you would ever want for a few months. Reading the other reviews we purchased a 2 pack of the light bulbs (for $19 total).. to have on hand, since several people complained they didn't last long.. well 18 months later.. we've had to replace one. Yes they are bright.. plan accordingly. Once I noticed the pump was having trouble... I stuck my hand in the water... moved the roots away from the intake.. fixed.. maybe a 4 second repair. We have been thinking about a second unit, since one crop last a pretty long time.. 4 to 5 months of harvesting (herbs).. and we wanted to have other stuff going at the same time. Also might use one to start a few things then transplant them outside. The unit does what is suppose to do perfectly. Seeds are too expensive... but they are just so easy... I'm working out making my own pods.. not only to save a little, but pick and choose my own plant types.

    I always read these reviews with a grain of salt, so to speak. I've seen idiots out there that can make a mess of about anything. You could sell them a rubber ball and they would complain the ball didn't bounce well after they ran over it with a truck...and they called customer service, and customer service was unresponsive.. really. And with a little work, you could mess this unit up. At some point, you need to know how to screw in a light bulb, actually snap it in. I don't know how good the customer service is.. I've never had to call them. Seeing that you have a pump that pumps water through a mass of growing roots.. it will need attention there once in awhile.

    If you want to grow 7 herbs indoors, or a few other things, this is a great way to do it. It's a little costly.. so is growing you own garden outside if you add it all up, tools and consider time spent. This takes very little time. Is easy. Is fun to watch, it can be right there in the kitchen with you. Makes a great night light if you want to cycle it at But if you do spend just a little time trimming the plants , how it says.. they tell you when and where to cut each plant depending on what it is... it's a great little system ! Useful and fun.

    ...more info
  • Great Item
    I purchased this early December of 2008. I mixed herbs and salad greens. I'm now eating fresh lettuce in my sandwiches and it tastes good. I don't have to worry about rotting lettuce in my refrigerator. I also have fresh parsley, mint and basil. I really like having fresh greens right at my finger tips. I'm thinking about getting another one of these. It is a little bit on the expensive side and I haven't received the electric bill yet, but for someone who buys bagged or packaged greens, I think this is better as the flavors are stronger and it isn't several days old already....more info
  • Easy setup, but wrong mix of herbs
    From box to complete setup was a breeze. Instructions were easy to follow - the most complex part was setting the light timer.

    I don't like the mix of herbs that came with the Garden. I wish I could have selected my own preferences. It makes the initial cost go up if you intend to change to new plants.

    ...more info
  • Grow herbs and more, even with the "thumb of death"
    This is a remarkable device, one that is a boon to apartment dwellers with no patch of garden, or to anyone who wants an indoor garden that's nearly foolproof.

    The Pro 100 has a black shell, stainless steel plate and trim, and a newer feature called "adaptive growth intelligence" which is supposed to automatically monitor water, light, and nutrient delivery for maximum growth. I think it may be a complex timer that is keyed to what type of plant you choose from the front panel (ie, herb, lettuce, tomato) because it seems to demand water the same time every week, though I fill it up whenever I see the level dip below an indicator post inside. The Pro does tell you when to add new nutrient tablets and tells you what phase you are growing--sprouts, new growth or mature plant.

    I have to say, I have probably a "black thumb." I can grow aloe plants really well, pothos (ubiquitous viney house plant) and I once had a good crop of morning glories but normally, my gardening efforts are pretty sad. I don't trust myself to keep an outdoor herb garden growing.

    But I like to cook with fresh herbs, and I got really tired of trying to find chervil, let alone keeping basil and mint from going all black and soft in the fridge. After reading a lot of discussion about the Aerogrow and seeing a tempting sale, I decided to spring for one and try it out.

    The device is a rounded vessel that holds a pump and water, and a light attached at the top. The surface of the lower vessel has a stainless steel plate with seven wells. You put plastic seed pods in these wells, cover with plastic "bio-domes" and add tablets of nutrient and let 'er rip. The pump feeds the foam in the plug where seeds are embedded. The light encourages the seedlings. Within weeks, you have a crop of various herbs or lettuce or flowers.

    The "razor blade" of this device is the seed pod. It is a specially designed unit, like a small plastic frame rather like a thimble. It holds foam plastic, split in two. Inside the split, the manufacturer places some seeds and puts a paper collar with the name of the herb on top. The collar serves also to support the plant as it grows taller. The other "razor blade" is the grow bulb, which needs replacing after some months because lights grow dimmer as they are used. Eventually, the grow light is too weak to do its job and you need a replacement. I say "razor blade" because these disposables are unique to the unit and you must purchase them from retailers who sell Aerogarden products. There are master gardener kits with special pods you can use to insert your own seeds--probably a great idea for gardeners who need to get a real jump on the growing season, such as folks in New England where the season can be as short as 60 days.

    I tried three kits so far: first, I used the gourmet herb kit. This had two types of basil (purple and green), mint, parsley, cilantro, dill and chives. I got a great crop of basil. Enough to share some baggies of this essential herb with my assistant at work. I got a bumper crop of dill, plenty of chives for breakfasts of omelets, and eventually, some viney mint that seems to be of the apple mint variety. Not enough to do tabbouleh salad, but enough to use in drinks and garnish fruits. Only the cilantro failed to grow. No seed even showed a sprout. I called the support number, and very polite folks immediately sent me a replacement and noted they felt it would take more than four weeks to sprout cilantro. Now, some of the herbs are slow to grow (parsley is notoriously slow) but neither pod ever showed a ghost of cilantro. I assume that the seeds supplied to the company might have been mistakenly irradiated food-grade spice seeds and not fresh crop growing seeds. In any case, I got absolutely nowhere with cilantro, a shame, as that is a very tender herb that doesn't keep well. The parsley grew too slowly to be of any real use, as well. But it did grow.

    I eventually depotted the herbs into a kitchen flower pot (cutting off the plastic frame and leaving on the foam, into which the roots had really made a home.) Then I tried the lettuce. It sprouted in three days and in a month, I had enough to make some light salads and yes, share a bag with the assistant. But it seemed a waste to let the Aerogarden grow something as mundane as lettuce, and I prefer mache (cornsalad, feldsalat) or arugula to leaf lettuce, so I harvested the rest of the crop and started the French Herb kit. This is chervil, sorrel, parsley, chives, Marseilles basil, sage and savory. Everything sprouted immediately except the parsley and chervil, notable slow-pokes of the herb world.

    I sure like having fresh herbs to hand on the kitchen counter. I can even see the attraction of having three or these mounted on an optional wall rack, but that is quite a luxury. However, a determined gourmet or gardener in a harsh climate or restrictive living setting could satisfy their green thumb with such an arrangement.

    The customer support is fast and friendly. I have heard stories of failed pumps but mine is quite reliable, and I did have a light give up the ghost way early, and this was cheerfully replaced by customer service. The unit is attractive, easy to use (hey, my black thumb has yet to deter the Aerogarden) and it is a lot of fun to watch the plants grow taller and taller. I'd say this is a great idea for kids as well as cooks who like fresh herbs. As to the other kits, there are a number of them and more are being made available. I can purchase them at my local farmstand-garden shop and that's quite handy. Of course they are also available online.

    The kits so far that I know of are the French Herb, Gourmet Herb and Lettuce I mentioned and:
    Japanese Herb--two colors of shiso, mitsuba, chives, shungiku and cress
    South of the Border: Epazote, cilantro, oregano, thyme, parsley, basil
    Year Round Gourmet Herb (extra herbs like savory, sage, lemon basil, and the ones in the regular gourmet kit)
    Holiday Herb (parsley, sage, oregano, thyme)
    International Basil
    Italian Herb
    Cascading Petunia
    Cherry Tomato
    Salsa Garden
    Snow Peas
    Chili Peppers
    More greens (arugula, mesclun, baby greens, chef pack, romaine)

    And I assume more packs are in the works. All come with nutrient tablets and complete instructions.

    I give this two (greenish) thumbs up....more info
    One grow bulb burned out after a week. Switched bulb positions to make sure it was the bulb. Email to the company -- no response. Voicemail -- no response. Finally ordered new package of bulbs from Amazon to keep the plants going. Then, after one week a polite person called and said she would send a new bulb....more info
  • Great product, expensive price
    I have had the aerogarden 100 for about 2 weeks. all the seeds sprung on schedule. In my kit the thyme is the new addition, they took out the cilantro which i guess didn't work for some reason. all the seeds are proceeding nicely, basil is not overlywhelmingly fast as some have claimed. in fact, my green onions are fastest if anything. the product is very bright, provides for a nice night light in the kitchen. its not really loud, the pump hums a little louder than the fridge, but only some of the time. this leads me to believe the pump's got some kinks to still work out, but nothing that would bother most people. Is it expensive? Yes. Its expensive. Is this a product for a family on a budget? no. it won't save you money, but it will provide you with a high quality product to help feed your family. if you are the kind of person who pays premium for high quality product (buys oranic on regular basis, pays for more expensive all natural ingredients, cooks from scratch for quality and not for cost) than this product is for you. otherwise its not. its that simple. I'm enjoying having a nice little garden in my kitchen, i'm enjoying having my son watch the plants grow, i'm enjoying knowing that there is a plant out there which i won't kill. its a fun little toy and i love it! ...more info
  • Great product poor documentation
    We really love our AeroGarden, but the documentaiton with the product is terrible, besides wrong. If you go to their website you find out that the newest AeroGarden is shipping with the older manuals. From a product that is not exaclty "cheap" I would have expected far better service...more info
  • Waste of Money
    I bought my Aerogarden about 3 mos. ago and at the time gave it glowing reviews that were apparently premature. Everything started out great with this product but it didn't take long to have it lose it's appeal. First, with the exception of Basil that grew like a weed, everything else was underdeveloped, scrawny and useless. I followed the instructions to the letter and still, Chives, Dill, Cilantro, Mint and Parsley all grew either far, far too slowly to be useful (unless you want enough chives for one baked potato every two weeks), or they were utterly unusable. For $150 I got probably $4.00 worth of useful product in 90 days. And, then things started breaking. Seemed like I was contacting AeroGrow every week to get something fixed. They're responsive yes, but who wants to spend their lives on hold with a CSR every few days?

    In the end I threw a fit with the company and asked to return it. NOW suddenly they weren't so responsive. They ignored me, then they started sending me replacement parts and seeds when I asked for a return shipping form. Finally after three phone calls and a nasty email I got my return form and sent this thing off into the ether yesterday. Now let's see how soon I get my money back.

    So, to sum's a cool toy, no doubt, but still have too many bugs to really be worth while and CERTAINLY NOT worth $150! I'd buy this thing again if it were $29.99 maybe. I say, go to the store and buy the fresh herbs. Buy this thing and you'll be doing that anyhow...unless you're content eating your body weight in Basil everyday....more info
  • Aerogarden Pro100
    Easy to follow set-up instructions. Looks great. You do have to have some space as the top has to be raised as the plants grow. We love it! Planted everything three weeks ago and are almost ready to start harvesting!...more info
  • As promised
    This is amazing!! It actually performs as promised which is a rare occurance these days. I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my gourmet cook boyfriend and we planted it the next day. 2 of the herbs came up in 3 day's time and the rest are sprouting up every day. So easy to set-up even I figured it out. Very stylish as well....more info
  • My dad loves his AeroGarden
    We bought this for my dad's birhtday in November. He loves to garden during the summer and grows enormous plants that yield tons of vegetables. My sister and I thought this would be an ideal gift for him to enjoy through the dreary winter months here in the Northeast. It lives up to every expectation. The plants are growing beautifully and we gave him other seed kits for Christmas. Should keep him happy all winter long!...more info
  • Great Product, but don't buy it yet
    Hi Everyone:

    This is a great product, but don't buy it until they fix the pump. These people have a super product, but they are shooting themselves in the foot. I have had my garden about three weeks and everything was going perfectly until the pump started making so much noise it sounds like a lawnmower. I took it apart and it has a pump in it that looks like it cost about a dollar. Why do these companies cheap out like this when they have such a wonderful product. Yes, you guessed it. I tried to go in and order one and they are out of stock. No, I don't want to even call them for a free one because I here their customer service is terrible and I don't want to wait an hour on the telephone for a $15 pump, so I ordered a spare and hope the one that's rattling lasts until I receive the spare to replace it. I was going to buy two more gardens, but not a chance until they fix these pumps. It should be redesigned so you don't have to take the whole thing apart to get to it. Yes, I took it apart and did everything they recommended for a noisy pump and that did no good at all. When they fix the pumps in these things I would recommend them to anyone. ...more info
  • High Promise, Less Delivery
    High Promise, Less Delivery
    I started growing tomatoes with my AeroGarden about two months ago. I got my first flower a few days ago, the first step towards tomatoes. Unfortunately, the pump on the device stopped working the next day.

    The FAQ on their web site advises me to open the device, take it apart, and clean the pump. They provide seven (7!) pages of instructions to follow and the process requires the use of a flat head screwdriver, small pliers, butter knife and soap. You also have to provide containers to put the liquid in and find a place for the plants that require their roots to be maintained under water. They claim the cleaning will take 20 to 25 minutes on the first attempt.

    It actually took about 15 minutes to complete, but then my pump was perfectly clean! The problem was not the pump, the problem was that the root system became so extensive after two months of growing, that the mass of roots blocked the pump intake located at the bottom of the tower.

    When your pump stops working, I suggest before you go to the bother of taking the pump apart, that you first try trimming the root system around the bottom of the pump tower. That is a MUCH EASER REPAIR compared to taking the whole thing apart. At any rate, I put everything back together, and the pump now works.

    I have several suggestions for AeroGarden management. Number one suggestion, do something about your NON RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Perhaps they answer the phone, but if you send them an email, don't expect a response. Its been one week since I sent them a question about the pump failure... no response to this date. Email communications is worthless with this company, so if you need help, call them. From what I have read about their phone customer service, you might want to have a few snacks at hand and use a speaker phone so you can do other things while you wait.

    Number two, I suggest that management learn a bit about a concept called "Maintainability". Its related to designing a product so its easy to maintain. Apparently the pump on these things need to be maintained. A little point that is not mentioned in the sales literature. Having to take the thing apart to get at the pump so you can clean the filter is silly and reflects a lack of design competence. It would be a cinch to design something better this. I hope potential competitors are listening.

    Number Three, add to your pump failure instructions the fact that the root system could be blocking the water intake at the bottom of the pump tower. If your pump stops working, the first thing you should do is to move the roots away from the bottom of the pump tower. You can trim the bottom of the roots with a scissor if you are careful. If that works, you have just saved yourself a lot of trouble that you did not need to go through.

    Number Four, the growth feeding tablets are hydroscopic. That means they attract water. Keeping them in the little plastic bag provided will, in time, result in their merging together into a large amorphous mass. Management should provide a more water vapor resistant plastic vile to keep the growth feeding tablets in. Of course, that might cost five cents, so its not likely going to happen. So at the minimum, I suggest that users of the thing supply the necessary vile.

    In Summary, we have an integrating product, where little attention has been devoted to maintenance design. We have incomplete instructions with respect to trouble shooting in the event the pump stops working. We have non responsive customer service, so if you do have a problem, and you expect to save your current plants, you are pretty much on your own.

    By the way, why is this thing called an "Aero" garden? Its a hydroponics garden so it would seem that "Aqua" or "Hydro" or "H2O" garden would be a more appropriate name.

    Would I recommend it? I bought the device because I wanted to learn more about hydroponics gardening. I expected little, so my expectations were met. Its a thought provoking gadget, but given all of the faults in conjunction with non responsive customer support, I have to rate it more in the un-met promise category... that's two stars. I can't justify higher ratings when you have a company that provides customer service at this level of ineptitude.
    ...more info
  • Why all the complaints?
    I bought this despite all the complaining here on the Amazon reviews about any number of things.... pretty much all of which I would disagree mostly with.

    the new 100 model is very nice looking and very well-built. I have stainless steel appliances and it fits in with my decor better than the original models. Everything is packaged very well.

    I've read complaints about the documentation and am stunned for this little machine comes with some of the best documentation I've ever seen. Perhaps these people got older versions? Not sure -- but what I received is top notch with full color illustrations and photos. Not a thing is left out and each seed kit comes with a wonderful book as well that reinforces basic use as well as herb specific instructions.

    The pump is NOT noisy. In fact standing next to it you can barely hear it. I'm not sure what the problem people have with this. There is a soft trickle that is rather soothing actually.

    The light is bright -- get over it. It has to grow plants, duh. But what I didn't know is that you can set it to go off at a specific time just by pressing a button and it will go off at that time every night. Then it comes on around dawn the next day. So -- how is this a problem?

    I've had mine for about a week now and the plants have come up right on time. I had one pod that the top was not glued on and had to glue it down but other than that no problems so far.

    We'll see how the herbs turn out but so far I'm thrilled with this well-made product.

    (I called customer service once and they were quite helpful -- I just had a question but so far my experience is good with them.)

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • AeroGarden Pro 100
    This is perfect for an apartment or condo. It's easy to set up and care for. We have harvested peppers and are growing some more....more info
  • Where Do You Get The Strawberry Seeds
    I have read a few reviews saying, "i love to grow the strawberries" or "..i have grown strawberries...'..ok my question is, WHERE DO YOU ORDER THE AEROGARDEN Strawberries.. it's not on their website, and it CLAIMS you CAN grow Strawberries... Is it only sold in certain PARTS of the country...or what does one do to order STRAWBERRIES... i'm stumped......more info
  • The Light is Bright - The Herbs are Great
    No doubt about it: the lights on this unit may come as a shock to you if you live in an apartment. I live in a large two bedroom apartment and while the Aerogarden doesn't light the entire thing, it's not exactly a small nightlight either. But that is really the only bad thing I have to say about this product.

    I received this as a Christmas present this year, fired it up (so to speak) New Year's Day and I've been "harvesting" herbs since Feb 1. Not bad at all. One of the pods didn't flower but it was cilantro, which I never use, so I didn't bother to ask for a replacement. Otherwise, even the most disaster-prone gardener can handle this. Put in the pods, add water and tablets, plug it in. That's it.

    A final note about the lights. In the "initial growth" stage (about 2 weeks) the lights are on for 20 hours a day. After that, they're on for 18. If you are bothered by lights when you sleep and you can't put this unit in an area where the light won't be visible from your bedroom, this may not be for you. On the other hand, if you're having a dreary winter like we are here, the lights are a nice bonus. It's like your own little Seasonal Affect Disorder fighter and garden all in one....more info
  • Fun buy
    After setting up in about 2 minutes, the Aero Garden was off and running. A few days later (about a day before most seeds said they would germinate), the seeds were out and showing themselves. It's been about 3 weeks now, and I have more Dill, parsley, and chives then I can find to do stuff with. Still waiting for the Basil to get really big before I start using it. It's been pretty quiet, and the light has made a hallway it's in very bright now. We've probably saved energy over the large spotlights usually used in that space. The best thing about it though, is that it really is fun to check out every day (and see how amazingly fast the plants have grown....more info
  • Aero Garden works!
    The aerogarden kit came very quickly, was easy to set up and all the herbs are growing beautifully. I have had no trouble with it at all and recommend the product to others....more info
  • Decent Product so far - Horrible Customer Service
    I ordered this, unpacked it, put it together, filled it with water, inserted the seed pods, put the lights, plugged it in and...nothing for a second, then a loud pop accomponied by smoke coming from one of the two bulbs - not a good start.

    I called Customer Service since the other bulb worked in both slots. After being on hold for 15 minutes I was told two new bulbs and a new seed set would be sent out, but it would take 2-3 weeks to get to me.

    There was nothing they could do about the delay, so I am now trying to grow herbs with only 1 bulb....more info
  • AeroGarden
    The AeroGarden arrived in mid October and was started a few days later. Within a week the pump started to make noise. The company immediately shipped a replacement with no questions asked. It has been quiet ever since. The booklet that comes with the herb seed kit has a theoretical schedule of the stages of the plants life. Perhaps it is because we live in Arizona but the plants grew like weeds. In three weeks we were harvesting large amounts of the herbs. Two months later we are still harvesting and have given bags of fresh herbs to friends. The unit was placed in the kitchen and makes a very bright night light but you can change the schedule of the light to accommodate your needs. We plan to try other seed kits if the herbs ever stop growing and die out....more info
  • Aero Garden
    This is my second purchase of the Aero Garden. I have one for myself and this one was for my daughter because she enjoys mine so much. Love the product and the features. The timer makes the lights and water come on depending on what you select that you are growing. When the water is low or you need to at nutrients it also has a reminder light. Easy to care for plants that you can use when cooking. I have grown lettuce, tomato, chive, thyme, cilantro, several varieties of basil, etc. The customer service for aero grow is number 1- I had a pump issue and an issue with the float that regulated the warning light that comes on to tell you the water level is low- I emailed-got a response the same day-they sent out a new float, a new pump and also another seed kit in case mine did not due well because of the water level problems. I have had my garden for 2 years now and only had this one time problem-but knowing the company will take care of you is great....more info
  • Now everyone can have an (almost) instant garden
    This is my first aero-garden that I have purchased and I have been nothing but impressed with it. The set-up was extremely easy and straight forward. The only thing of note on set-up was one of the bulbs was burned out. After calling aero-garden they quickly sent out a replacement bulb. The aero-garden is quite bright as other reviewers have mentioned so take that into account with your placement choice, it adds a nice night light to the house though! After two weeks my plants continue to thrive and I only wish that my traditional plants would do so well....more info
  • Re Light glare
    we throw one of those aluminized survival blankets (only a couple of dollars) over unit which reflects light back onto plants and also keeps them warmer which increases growth in addition to eliminating the light glare - Love this unit - fun, productive, educational, organic, easy and probably money saving in long run - worth every cent -...more info
    Easy assembly and directions, nice looking unit. The light is INSANELY BRIGHT - we put it on the bartop and it was like having the Arc of the freaking Covenant in the kitchen. It's good for eliminating Nazis from your cooking area as a bonus, I guess. I mean, it almost completely illuminated a 1 bedroom apartment. The pictures make it look like it's a nice, warm, soft and comforting glow; in reality, it's the glow of importing a firey stellar object made of nuclear gasses into your home. So... You may want to have a bigger space where you can put it someplace a little out of the way. Someplace like deep space, where you can bask comfortably in its rays and perhaps provide life-giving solar energy to another as yet barren, cold planet.

    It's very quiet, though. Has a nice little water trickly noise if you're nearby, not enough to be distracting whatsoever.

    The seed kits are a ripoff hands-down. I ordered an extra one, the "salsa" cherry tomato and jalapeno kit - twenty dollars nets you three pods with seeds and four plastic spacer plugs to stop up the other slots. For twenty dollars I can buy enough tomatos and jalapenos to live on a really boring but spicy salsa for like a week solid, even with organic produce. As an aside, they forgot to include any of the actual nutrient tablets with my extra kit, so I'll be calling customer service. Finally, they greatly over-packaged the seed kit in an attempt to make it look like it's really more than it is for the money.

    After all that, for being a holy object, the source of all life on Earth, a made-for-TV scam, and the potential bringer of small quantities of edible greenery, it's kind of a neat toy, which is really why I bought it in the first place. Make of that what you will. I give it a noncommittal three stars, possibly to change dependent on herbal outcome....more info
  • AeroGrow has Horrible Customer Service
    I asked for and received the pro 100 and south of the border seed kit for Christmas. The pro 100 was easy to put together and I quickly got to starting my herbs. Long story short the epazote and one of the cilantro pods never sprouted. After 3 weeks of wating to see if something would happen I called AeroGrow.

    I was greeted with a recording that said the wait time on Mondays and Tuesday was the busiest and then I was given an estimated wait time of 2 hours!!!! WHAT? 2 hours? Obviously I hung up. I have nothing better to do than stay on hold for 2 hours??

    I took pictures of the plants that grew and the ones that didn't and sent an email off to AeroGrow customer service. I got an auto reply that said they would respond within 2 weeks. That was over 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard back from them.

    I am disgusted with the lack of customer service and will be selling my Aerogrow at a yard sale in the spring. I refuse to purchase another seed kit or anything else from this company.

    I am wondering just how many complaints/issues they must have that it would take them 2 hours to get in touch with by phone and almost a month with no email reply??
    ...more info
  • so far so good - only been a month or so
    The light this thing produces illuminates half the house. The noise of the water percolating is not, um, silent. However it does seem to work as advertised, all of the herbs are growing nicely. I'm not sure it was worth the price tag, but I have no serious complaints with it so far.
    ...more info
  • Just Wonderful!
    I own three AeroGardens which include the classic black 7-pod, the Pro 100 and the Elite 6. Of the three, the classic and the Pro are the better models in my opinion. The classic 7-pod is whisper quiet. I planted the salad chef greens which included romaine, mesclun, baby greens, arugula and salad greens. All sprouted, but the arugula and baby greens did not do well at all. It might be that I was using regular tap water; however, the rest of the greens are growing very well. The leaves are HUGE.

    For the Pro 100 I planted the cascading petunias. Of all three gardens, these took the longest to sprout, but now they are going like gangbusters! The Pro 100 is just like the classic black model except it has stainless steel accents. It is also very quiet except for the sound of trickling water occasionally. This sound will only occur when the water gets low in the bowl. Once you refill to the fill line, the noise dissipates.

    If you are in the market for an AeroGarden, I would recommend either the classic or the Pro 100. Both have 7 pods for planting....more info
  • Poor light socket design - poor manufacturing
    I've had the AeroGarden for about 8 months and the bulbs often flicker. I tried tightening but they never seem secure. Eventually, one of the bulbs fell out and smashed onto the floor, leaving glass everywhere. Even the replacement Bulbs I purchased from Amazon seemed to slowly work their way out.

    I contacted AeroGarden directly and they suggested to push the pins together to get the bulbs to stay socket and make better electrical contact.

    When that didn't work, they even sent me a new hood, explaining that they have had reports of this issue with older hoods that were not manufactured well (likely China, I suppose). Anyway, it was great they made that offer, but the replacement hood was just as bad, and the lights started flickering right away. I think the hood / bulb socket is a *very* poor design....more info
  • We love it!
    My husband and I now own 3 of these. We love them. We are growing fresh herbs in one, Cherry Tomatoes and Peppers in another, and green beans in the 3rd. We really love them. Very easy to use....more info
  • My AeroGarden looks just like the picture!
    I love the AeroGarden I got for my boyfriend. It is so simple and all of the herbs sprouted within days. All of the plants are healthy and they taste delicious. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is because I didn't realize that the AeroGarden would emit a glaring light. It is UVA/UVB light, which is good for keeping you happy during the winter months, but it is extremely bright and it took awhile to get used to it. If you're planning on keeping this in a spare room or your garage, it wouldn't be an issue. All in all, this is a great product and perfect for people who live in an apartment or like to grow things during the winter....more info
  • A Truly Neat Botanical Adventure!
    I bought this as a present for my wife. She's a really green thumb anyway, but in the winter, it's hard to get things growing too well.
    So, after the first four weeks, it's been a smash hit with her!
    It really does work, light goes off and on, add the water and tablets on occasion and the herbs grow lusciously like a beanstalk!
    We both are really enjoying it. Recommend, it's fun!...more info
  • So handy
    This is such a handy product. It was super easy to set up and is growing like wild. The light is bright, but we've set it up in a part of the house where it doesn't bother us. ...more info
  • I expected better performance....
    I have to say I'm not thrilled with my Aerogardens. I purchased two of the Pro units. One I set up with the Salsa mix...two tomato plants and one pepper plant...not much for $20. The second unit I started with the salad greens. I was thrilled when they germinated in two days and grew rapidly. They did great for about a week and then one by one they all died. I called customer support. The representative wasn't very enlightening...she said they had never had that happen before (I find that hard to believe!). The pump, lights, etc were all in working order and I'm anal retentive about following directions so I don't know what happened and they had no clue either. They did send out another kit no problem. Since it wasn't going to arrive for several weeks, I cleaned the unit out and planted the snow peas kit. Well, no problem with them growing. They have outgrown the unit. The directions say nothing about trimming them. The plant supports provided proved woefully inadequate as some of the plants are now close to two feet long. No flowers yet, but I'm keeping an open mind. My first unit's pump stopped working. Thanks to another reviewer's advice, I cleaned off the pump port and yea, it started working again. I wish they would mention that somewhere in the instructions. So far, I'm very underwhelmed with these units. It appears a lot of folks really love them and it was based on their reviews that I purchased my Aerogardens. I hope time will change my opinion....more info
  • Watch your herbs grow before your eyes
    The Aero Garden has been a lot of fun for our family. Remember how exciting it is to watch an amaryllis grow day by day. That's how it has been with our herb kit. After two days the first sprouts appeared, and now, just over three weeks into the growth cycle, it's already time to start trimming the thyme and basil. Surprisingly, the mint plant is the "runt", but it's catching up slowly.

    We keep our Aerogarden on a kitchen counter, and that hs worked out fine. Certainly there are cheaper ways to get fresh herbs, but this has been a wonderful experience, with the added bonus of adding some aromatic touches to our food. I'd buy it again....more info
  • Aerogarden Pro100
    I have had my garden for 10 days now. It is working great so far without any problems. I have the gourmet herb set and all but one so far have started growing in different stages. It is fun to watch it, it seems to almost grow before your eyes. I would recommend putting this in a room where the light isn't going to disturb your sleeping, if at all possible, it is very bright! Customer service at aerogrow is very helpful and curtious if you have any type of questions. I would recommend this to anyone really, especially if you don't have the "green thumb" or live in apt and can't have an outside garden.

    Well It is now September 22 and I still have the two basils, thyme, and parsely coming on strong! I have had some problems with dill and parsley but aerogrow has been very helpful and even sent a replacement. The only thing I would recommend is that If you live where it gets real HOT during the summer and you don't run your a/c during the day all the time, consider getting something different. The herbs tend to look wilted at times due to the heat but other wise they are fine. Plan on using a little bit at a time or trying to dry it for later use in a larger amount. I am going to try the lettuce next then the strawberries to see how they do.AeroGarden Pro 100 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit...more info
  • Noisy
    I wish I had known when I dished out well over $100 that the pump was so noisy I need earplugs to concentrate if I'm in the same room with my new AeroGarden Pro 100. I'll try moving it to the garage....more info
  • Fun to Watch some Very Expensive Plants Grow!
    The AeroGarden Pro 100 is a well-designed unit that produces healthy plants quickly. It is fun to watch the items as they grow. But be advised, the gro-bulbs must be replaced every six months ($20.00 each x 2) so you are looking at $80.00 a year plus shipping to keep this unit working. Do a quick calculation on how many chives, bunches of basil, parsley, etc. you could buy with that much and you will see how expensive the plants you're growing actually are. If you are into high tech farming, this is a fun unit; well designed, fairly easy to set up and use....more info