Steam Floor Mop - Steamboy - 3 replacement pads only (white) (10" x 14") - 3 replacement pads only

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Product Description

Chemical-free cleaning is the safest way to clean your home, keep your family safe and protect our fragile environment. The Steamboy floor steam mop is such a delight to use. Simply fill the removable tank with water, plug it in, and you are ready to clean with the power of steam. Whether you have sealed hard wood floors, or ceramic floors, Steamboy is tough enough for the job. You won't believe the difference that steam makes! Each Steamboy units comes with 2 cloth pads (that can be hand or machine washed) and a replaceable water filter to protect against scale. Easy assembly. One year warranty. Please see specs page for more information. Best used for: Sanitizing and cleaning floorsCeramic Tile Hardwood (sealed only) Marble Slate Features: Steam starts immediately - No waiting Powerful 1500W heating element 180 degree swivel head to get into tight spaces and under furniture 11" cleaning path with swivel head 3.3 cup water capacity 30 minutes continuous steam Ergonomically designed handle to reduce hand and wrist stress 16' electrical cord with wrap around feature 2 cloth pads 1 water filter Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

  • Color: white
  • Size: 10" x 14"
  • 3 replacement pads only
  • Chemical-free cleaning is the safest way to clean your home, keep your family safe.
  • **Please see full description below.
Customer Reviews:
  • Steamboy Pads
    I'm excited because these pads fit the Steamboy as well as other similar models - makes it very convenient to have access to a variety of suppliers for the same or similar product. ...more info
  • Steambiy replacement pads
    I bought these as a replacement for my H2O mop, and they worked better than what came with the mop!! And they're less expensive!!...more info
  • Steamboy replacement pads
    I purchased this for my H20 machine and they fit perfectly. Are very absorbent....more info
  • Floor Steam Cleaner
    I was a bit disappointed with this product. There is some water puddling while you are using it. However, I would recommend it....more info
  • steamer mop pads
    Nice that these pads are washable. They do slip off here and there but they pick up a lot of dirt! Overall very happy with the pads and the steamer. ...more info
  • poor absorbency
    The machine I ordered heated up within 20 seconds as advertised. There were a few occasions where there was a slight delay waiting for the steam to regenerate, but overall performed was as advertised.

    My biggest complaint is the pads. I found I could not even do 10 ft.² before the pad became saturated with water, at which point it essentially became a dirty dish rag. The drawl string also required repeated tightening as the fabric tends to stretch as it becomes wet. I know there are some super absorbent materials out there, but this isn't one of them! Basically just an inexpensive terry cloth, not some super absorbent microfiber material as suggested.

    I believe I will send my machine back unless I can find a alternative pad.

    ...more info
  • great product
    this is great product and the steamboy mop is a good investment.... everyone should have one................DW...more info
  • "They shipped the horseshoes, but forgot the horse."
    For a Christmas present, I ordered a steam mop, and extra pads. The pads shipped immediately, but no steam mop. I was told it would ship after Christmas. Then I was told it was past its due date and the order was cancelled. I was told by the vendor to reorder it. I did. Now the second order is past its ship due date, and I expect that to be cancelled also. So I have replacement pads for the past month, but no steam mop, nor any hope of getting one it seems. Why would they ship and charge me for the replacement pads, when they know they can't fill the main product order. VERY POOR PRODUCT INVENTORY CONTROL....more info
  • Steamboy needs a little fixing
    This is a really good steamer, but I agree with another reviewer...the pads need to be improved. When I tried to wash one, the device used to keep the pad on the machine broke. I also had the pad tightening string break rather easily when I was trying to put it on the steamer. I hope Reliable will take note and improve the pads! I could have given a 5 star review if not for the poor construction of the cleaning pads....more info
  • high price/short life
    Pads have a short life because the grout tears holes in pads as machine is pulled back. The life of the pad is about good for two or three uses. They do a good job, but something has to be done either to the design of the steamer or the pad needs reinforcement in the rear section....more info
  • Floor Steamer
    very good at deep cleaning hard-wood floors...takes time to heat up to temp...but works well when at proper temp....more info
  • steam boy mop
    This is my 3rd steam cleaner and by far this is the best. The Steamboy is the easiest to use. Just fill up the removable container with water and go, no waiting as the last 2 mops did. The point on the mop helps it get into the corners. I use the steam because I have 4 animals and the steamboy cleaner leaves my floor sanitized without using chemicals. ...more info