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A real woman. A real story. A real triumph. In her Oscar?-winning role Julia Roberts stars as Erin Brockovich a feisty young mother who fought for justice any way she knew how. Desperate for a job to support herself and her three children she convinces attorney Ed Masry (Albert Finney) to hire her and promptly stumbles upon a monumental case against a giant corporation. Now Erin's determined to take on this powerful adversary even though no law firm has dared to do it before. And while Ed doesn't want anything to do with the case Erin won't take "no" for an answer. So the two begin an incredible and sometimes hilarious fight that will bring a small town to its feet and a huge company to its knees. System Requirements:Running Time: 132 Mins.Format: DVD HD Genre: DRAMA Rating: R UPC: 025193293824 Manufacturer No: 61032938

Much will be made of Julia Roberts's wardrobe in Erin Brockovich--a brash parade of daring hemlines and Wonderbra confidence. Roberts is unabashedly sexy in the title role of this fact-based comedy-drama, but she and director Steven Soderbergh are far too intelligent to rely solely on high heels and cleavage. Susannah Grant's brassy screenplay fuels this winning combination of star, director, and material, firing on all pistons with maximum efficiency. With Ed Lachman, his noted cinematographer from The Limey, Soderbergh tackles this A-list project with the fervor of an independent, combining a no-frills look with kinetic panache and the same brisk editorial style he used in the justly celebrated Out of Sight.

Broke and desperate, the twice-divorced single mom Erin bosses her way into a clerical job with attorney Ed Masry (Albert Finney), who's indebted to Erin after failing to win her traffic-injury case. Erin is soon focused on suspicious connections between a mighty power company, its abuse of toxic chromium, and the poisoned water supply of Hinkley, California, where locals have suffered a legacy of death and disease. Matching the dramatic potency of Norma Rae and Silkwood, Erin Brockovich filters cold facts through warm humanity, especially in Erin's rapport with dying victims and her relationship with George (superbly played by Aaron Eckhart), a Harley-riding neighbor who offers more devotion than Erin's ever known. Surely some of these details have been embellished for dramatic effect, but the factual basis of Erin Brockovich adds a boost of satisfaction, proving that greed, neglect, and corporate arrogance are no match against a passionate crusader. (Trivia note: The real Erin Brockovich appears briefly as a diner waitress.) --Jeff Shannon

Much will be made of Julia Roberts's wardrobe in Erin Brockovich--a brash parade of daring hemlines and Wonderbra confidence. Roberts is unabashedly sexy in the title role of this fact-based comedy-drama, but she and director Steven Soderbergh are far too intelligent to rely solely on high heels and cleavage. Susannah Grant's brassy screenplay fuels this winning combination of star, director, and material, firing on all pistons with maximum efficiency. With Ed Lachman, his noted cinematographer from The Limey, Soderbergh tackles this A-list project with the fervor of an independent, combining a no-frills look with kinetic panache and the same brisk editorial style he used in the justly celebrated Out of Sight.

Broke and desperate, the twice-divorced single mom Erin bosses her way into a clerical job with attorney Ed Masry (Albert Finney), who's indebted to Erin after failing to win her traffic-injury case. Erin is soon focused on suspicious connections between a mighty power company, its abuse of toxic chromium, and the poisoned water supply of Hinkley, California, where locals have suffered a legacy of death and disease. Matching the dramatic potency of Norma Rae and Silkwood, Erin Brockovich filters cold facts through warm humanity, especially in Erin's rapport with dying victims and her relationship with George (superbly played by Aaron Eckhart), a Harley-riding neighbor who offers more devotion than Erin's ever known. Surely some of these details have been embellished for dramatic effect, but the factual basis of Erin Brockovich adds a boost of satisfaction, proving that greed, neglect, and corporate arrogance are no match against a passionate crusader. (Trivia note: The real Erin Brockovich appears briefly as a diner waitress.) --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

    Loved it - features the best performance from an actress to date this decade. Julia Roberts was pitch perfect. Albert Finney deserved his accolades as well. I would have given it the best picture Oscar in 2000. Julia Roberts is always a joy to watch....more info
  • Julia Robert's All-time high.
    Julia Roberts has proven to be a very successful actress in many of her previous movies. Now in this one, Erin Brockovich, she proves she is one of Hollywood's best actresses. The movie is based on a true story also.

    The movie starts out with Erin (Roberts) applying for a job and doesn't get it. She has been divorced twice and has to three kids to feed. So she gets into a car accident and sues the man who hit her. She loses. No money there. So she ends up working at her lawyer's firm. She comes across some old documents one day about a deadly disease in Southern California that spread through a small town was caused by the PG&E water company.

    Now she investigates this even more and brings them to court. This won't be easy. The people that have gotten diseases want to be in court when the trial goes on and that will take forever if there is a jury. Now Erin must visit everyone (624) and get them to sign a document that agrees them to having a no jury. Now here comes the trial.

    Watch Erin come from being a sexy Miss Witchita to a successful attorney assistant. Will she and her attorney Ed win?...more info

  • yes, been, i know... i've lost the magic.
    When i first saw this movie, i thought it was fictitious, so i thought it was boring. but then when i found out it was real, i was really impressed. i'm not really sure how they were able to document it since at the time JULIA ROBERTS was a nobody. i also didn't know that she used to work at a lawfirm. I mean, i'm not really sure how documentaries work, but why did they decided to make a documentary about JULIA ROBERTS? they couldn't have known what she was going to discover. anyway, i'm really really glad that they did because it was really amazing and touching. And look at all the people who became actors because of this movie! wow. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow....more info
  • Not her best
    But certainly a good message, and excellent acting. Roberts has always been better at the romantic-comedy, but she does well in the role of Erin. Yet the acting is overtaken by the plot; one gets more involved with the story than with the actors (which can be good) and is good in this case. Not a family film, but certainly inspirational.

    DVD is good, movie is great. Well deserved A.A. and long overdue....more info

  • Zowie!
    It's my sister who's the REAL fan, and while staying at her house for 3 days last summer, I 'got' to watch this movie 5 times, so I think I can speak from some experience when saying I enjoyed it anew each time. Plus: I've seen it twice on cross-country plane trips, once in the local theater, and once on home video. Lordy!
    This fact-based movie earned Julia Roberts an Oscar, deservedly. It captured her ability for slapstick, pathos, drama, etc. Twice-divorced and flat broke Brokovich forces her way into a job in the office of a lawyer who failed to win her a big award in a traffic accident injury case, then goes on to make herself indispensible in the investigation of toxic chromium contamination of the groundwater of little no-place, no-count Hinkley, California, where locals have suffered a plague of pain, death and disease. With her common-folk ways, she succeeds in winning the confidence of 100% of the distrustful and jaded populance - and a huge award in a personal injury case against big business.
    5 stars for the movie, 5 stars for Brokovich and J. Roberts, 5 stars for the little guys of the world who triumph against the big bucks of corporate arrogance....more info
  • Outstanding Movie-Must see!
    Everyone must see this movie! Julia Roberts does a fantastic job playin Erin and really makes the movie worth watching. One of my all time favorites....more info
  • Well worth seeing
    There still ARE people like Erin Brockovich who care about others in this world, and who are willing to put themselves on the line to try to make a difference, and if you aren't inspired & warmed (& entertained) by this tale, you must be comatose.

    I know what I'm talking about because I once went on a similar crusade with the legal system to try to help some teenagers I didn't initially know from Adam, and I got all the flack, mistrust, etc. that Erin got. When I saw this movie, everything rang true - that's how it really happens in life.

    Our whole family watched this DVD together (we have daughters in junior high & high school) and despite the language and "R" rating, I think it was excellent for them to get such a realistic look at the world's problems & such a positive message about the impact we as individuals can have when we take a stand on something....more info
  • Pretty Woman Meets Toxic Tort
    Even though I would agree that "Erin Brockovich" is an entertaining movie, Julia Roberts performance in it is no more Oscar-worthy than was her performance of a prostitute in "Pretty Woman." I am second to no one in enjoying a good "David and Goliath" story, but this movie has such shaky roots in reality, it is more of a tall tale, than the "true" story of a historic class action suit that, I would imagine, left more unhappy plaintiffs, than it did satisfied ones. However, as the movie title implies, this is indeed Erin Brockovich's story, in the same way that the "Xena" character is the main attraction in "Xena: Warrior Princess" (though it should be noted that Xena's wardrobe is considerably more modest than that of the Erin Brockovich character).

    Erin Brockovich is a vain, brassy, boorish, single mother of three young children, with no marketable work skills, a transparently opportunistic manner, who dresses very much the same way as the prostitute character Roberts played in "Pretty Woman" (prior to Richard Gere's character taking her on the infamous Rodeo Drive shopping spree). The movie's beginning finds Erin unemployed and pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in connection with an automobile accident; her lawsuit is lost, primarily thanks to her own disastrous testimony (swearing, cursing and shrieking from the witness stand) while being questioned by opposing counsel. Unbelievably, Erin parlays the failed lawsuit into a job at her attorney's (played by Albert Finney) firm, mainly by pushing her way into the office and ensconcing herself at a desk. Later, while handling the paperwork for a run-of-the-mill, pro bono, real estate sale, Erin discovers the file contains the seller's medical records, that, for reasons she (correctly) does not understand, seem to be of particular interest to the buyer, the mega utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric. Erin independently embarks on her own personal investigation of the case and discovers that PG&E had (for decades) negligently contaminated the ground water (surrounding one of their power plants in/near Hinkley, CA on the edge of the Mojave Desert) with toxic, hexavalent chromium. This discovery leads to the queen mother of all class-action lawsuits (at least in terms of the award), in which hundreds of Hinkley residents sue PG&E (by and through the representation of Erin's boss) in a toxic tort action that eventually nets a 330 million dollar settlement for the plaintiffs.

    Roberts gives a photogenic, if not especially gifted, performance in her role as Erin. The movie contains a plethora of flattering shots of Roberts (literally gushing out skin-tight, low-cut, bustier-inspired "work clothes" that would never be permissible attire for any employee of a law firm on this planet) as she engages in warm and fuzzy discourses with the unsuspecting and unsophisticated Hinkley residents. While there is much to be said for Erin's apparent drive and tenacity as she pursues the plaintiffs in the suit, she is not an especially likeable character; rather, she is rude, verbally abusive and only conciliatory and kind when and if it serves her interests.

    Albert Finney is considerably more appealing and believable as Ed Masry, the aged and weary attorney who is Erin's boss. The bantering that occurs between the two is generally amusing; unfortunately thanks to the inept direction and camera work, the focus for these scenes seems to be more on Roberts (strutting about in short leather skirts and noisy, five-inched-heeled mules) than on the sometimes-interesting personality dynamics that seemingly exists between the two characters. Aaron Eckhart plays the affable, gentle biker and next-door-neighbor, George, who becomes Erin's boyfriend-by-convenience. The "convenience" factor is totally one-sided and for Erin's benefit exclusively; she unabashedly uses George for free, live-in childcare, thereby giving her the necessary freedom to assist Masry as they put together the historic case. Erin eventually winds up receiving a staggering two million dollar "bonus" check (from Masry) when the tort action case settles; contrastingly, George gets a "thanks" for his nanny services from Erin and his walking papers.

    The plaintiffs in the case are an assortment of simple individuals with unpretentious outlooks on life, who have been dealt a dirty hand by the utility giant. Though the Hinkley residents are sympathetically portrayed, make no mistake-this movie is about Erin Brockovich (indeed, I do not think there is a single scene in which the chacracter is not present) and less about the brave struggles with life-threatening, generation-spanning illnesses that the real-life plaintiffs were forced to face, due to the toxicity in their water source. Erin Brockovich is presented to the viewing audience (in typical Hollywood fashion) as a sort of heroine; but in fairness it would seem more accurate to say that she was a woman who indiscriminately used people, walked on others when necessary and seized opportunity after opportunity until she eventually struck it lucky and got rich. Is the movie entertaining-absolutely. Inspiring- not even slightly.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding.
    Ordinary folks triumph in this quite pleasing look at big corporate greed and how the quest for the almighty dollar puts human life in the back seat. Stellar performances from Roberts and the rest of the cast make this an affecting piece.

    Very highly recommended!...more info

  • Julia's Best Work
    Julia Roberts plays Erin Brockovich, a struggling mother from
    Los Angeles trying to find a better life for her and her children
    It just so happens that when a dumb guy hit her car with his Jag,
    She gets a job in a lawyer's firm. In Hinkley, CA, a family,
    the Jansens are really sick. It was a poison in their water.
    Chromium 6. that, well...kills you. So, since all of the symptoms
    that these people have is because of the chromium. So, Erin takes
    matters into her own hands. An intristing story and sharp
    dialouge and acted brilliantly. A Must-see for anyone....more info
  • A Woman On A mission
    Thiis was a good movie with solid performances.I'm not a big Julia Roberts fan butshe did a great job. The story and pacing were great. Some of the facts were embellished (but that's Hollywood!...more info
  • Engaging + Disturbing + Touching = The best movie starting Julia Robert so far (2008).
    This is the best movie starting Julia Robert I've ever seen so far (2008).
    It's engaging, disturbing and touching. It deeply moved me seeing Julia struggling to raise her kids by herself and doing a good job at work. It vividly potrayed the cruelty of the corporate which knew their waste was killing people. But they arrograntly denied it.

    Julia's acting is superb. The fact that this film is based on a true story does increase its entertaining value....more info
  • a very serious movie with a comic touch
    I loved this movie. I have watched it several times and enjoy it every time. It is a movie about a very serious and true event that adds enough humor and comic touches throughout it to keep it interesting and entertaining.

    A down and out, twice divorced, single mother desperately looking for a job finally bullies her way into a job in a law office using the excuse that since her lawyer lost her injury case that he said she would win that he owed her.

    She ends up looking into some real estate files that have medical records attached to them and is confused. As she delves deeper, she is shocked and horrified at finding that a major energy company has been dumping toxic chromium waste knowing that it is getting into the water system and making people sick, etc. She convinces her boss to help the people by taking the matter to court. Absolutely fascinating!

    Her choice of clothes is not the demure business type but more on the floozy side. The cast of characters are absolutely outstanding and work perfectly together. I highly recommend the movie! Enjoy!...more info

  • Erin BRA-kovich is more like it!
    ERIN BROCKOVICH is a superbly acted film, but as a screenplay it works too much more like a combination of SILKWOOD, A CIVIL ACTION, and Julia Roberts in a plunging neckline.

    Director Steven Soderbergh must have actually met with the real Erin Brockovich as she is casted in the film briefly in the dining cafe. She is a surprisingly attractive lady, and has a very pleasant demeanor. As Erin, Julia Roberts makes her more an antagonizing, rebellious vamp. I wonder if Soderbergh even bothered to investigate her real life. We have seen her on Oprah, for crying out loud!

    She's a single mother, three kids, flat broke, and has an unexpected shocker when Doctor in a Jaguar whiplashes her. Enter Albert Finney as Detective Ed Masry, a sensational actor who I thought looked as uncomfortable in the business suit as he did playing Oliver Warbucks in ANNIE. At least we don't have to see him singing and dancing this time around. The big day in court goes amiss, and Erin later finds herself under Masry's employment for a prospective law firm where she gets little or no help from co-workers.

    In an amusing way Erin gives them little comfort by wearing a very revealing skirt on her first day, where Masry remarks "You may want to consider changing your work outfit!", and she subtly responds "I look very well in this, thank you, and so long as I have one [behind] and not two, I will wear whatever I like!" Fine, considering she already lost her personal injury suit by flashing cleavage and mouthing four-letter words on the witness stand. This all made me wonder if the real Erin was ever mistreated or even worse patronized for somebody mistaking her for a hooker.

    To quickly summon up the rest, she's soon fired, re-hired, and finds a good companion with the next door neighbor George (Aaron Eckhart), and what's her first pick-up line? Delivering a myriad of numbers, one of which is her phone number, which she bets he will never bother to call. Tracey Walter sure was a pleasant surprise to see as a slimy character Erin encounters in a tavern, revealing a long awaited secret. What becomes even more tiresome than an overlong story that never really entails an accurate depiction of the events is the piano music score echoing through the film whenever Erin is on the move.

    What am I doing? I keep saying Erin - Julia I mean. Given her sassy wardrobes it also comes as a surprise none of the coworkers even try to hit on her or ask her out. The least she could do is mouth them off as she does so elegantly to everybody else in the office. Aside from that the dialogue between the stars is great. Thus enabling Julia fans to come up with great pickup lines when harassed on the normal day to day mishaps. You apply for jobs, and never get responses - you come in person. A District Attorney tries to discredit you - you say "And your point is....?". Finally my personal favorite, your boss assumes you were off having fun, you say "And I assume you've never been laid!" With the downsize of the economy now, it goes to show you how far you can go when being quick with the quips, and dressing in style. We'll be in for a real treat if Julia wears one of her skirts at the Award Ceremonies.

    Julia's performance and kinky wardrobes, and Sheryl Crow's "Everyday is a Winding Road" makes it all memorable, but overlength and character indifference hurts it right from the fade in....more info

  • Drama in a Civil Suit
    The film opens with an interview of a young woman. "Look." She leaves disappointed, and her car is hit when someone drives through a red light. The testimony in court doesn't go well; inappropriate language for this young mother may prejudice the jury. [Unfair, but that is life.] She applies for jobs over the phone. No experience? Erin gets a job at that law firm. She meets the new neighbors. Does she have problems at work? Erin learns why there are medical records in a real estate file. The Jensen family has medical problems. Chromium is involved, it can be deadly. There is a factory a few hundred yards away. Erin searches the records at the water board and finds evidence of pollution. Was she a beauty queen? [Looks aren't everything, manners count.]

    Lawyer Ed Masry drops by for information. Erin gets even more information. Did PG&E pay for that doctor? The illnesses of the Jensen family can be explained by exposure to chromium hexavalent-6. "Wow!". Former neighbors of the Jensen's visit the office for advice. Lawyer Ed explains the laws, Erin explains the costs of litigation. Erin wears sandals in a barn yard! She talks to other neighbors. There are four more families involved. Can Erin find the evidence for law suits? Will she be threatened? Will the case become too large for a small firm? The judge upholds the suits, they will go to trial. Erin's job made her respected by people. [Feared rather than loved?] Masry has a new partner with the most experience in toxic tort law.

    PG&E wants the case settled by arbitration. Erin still has a problem in dealing with people. Lawyer Theresa does not have the common touch. There is a problem in their suits, all of the plaintiffs must agree. If they don't use binding arbitration the case can go on for 15 or 20 years. Erin gets the signatures of the plaintiffs. Would a chance meeting bring new evidence? "How did you do this?" The judge decides for the plaintiffs, the amount is on the high end. Erin, ever abrasive, gets a surprise from Lawyer Ed. "Do beauty queens know how to apologize?" The settlement in Hinkley vs. PG&E was the largest award in a direct-action lawsuit in US history. Other suits against PG&E were pending.

    This film dramatizes the events behind the law suit. The real Erin plays the part of the waitress early in this film. Note how the story of this law suit was boosted by personal drama. Compare it to "A Civil Action".
    ...more info
  • How do you think Julia Roberts really feels?
    Watching Julia Roberts play a jobless, skillness single mother whose greatest glory in life was winning a local beauty pageant, might make you wonder what she really thinks. Though Erin Brockovich achieved success far beyond what most in her position would, Roberts is consistently playing down to a station far beneath her own. While not unique in this film or for this actress, its particular noticeable in the contrasts here. Roberts is the only true "welfare queen" that ever lived, the Queen of Hollywood playing a destitute single mother, giving a chance for the "common American" (or at least the lower middle class single mothers out there) to live vicariously through her. Does she actually empathize with her subject or feel only a professional patronizing cynicism, as if we, the peons of life, must watch a film like this to lift us up from our "hum-drum little lives" (to borrow a quote from Jean Hagen)?

    Cynical or empathetic, Erin Brockovich at least manages to deliver. When it takes flight from reality it is entertaining and when it hits home on everyday realities it is deeply troubling. A sharp reverse in gender roles is deeply evident, with the pedagogically talented boyfriend watching the kids 24/7 while Brockovich goes off to pursue the substance of the film. Once this logistical arrangement is established, the boyfriend's screen time drops off dramatically, and it might seem at times that we are only to be reminded later that, oh yeah, they still exist (how dull), but that is an unfair interpretation. Brockovich's family gets more screen time and substance than the families of the protagonists of any other typical Hollywood thriller would get (Ordinarily we dont see the wife and kids unless they are in physical danger, or unless a sex scene is about to happen). The movie is conscious of its own gender reversal and thrusts the challenge of balancing work and family into the light, tackling the awkward compromises head-on. Indeed, there are very deep though somewhat implicit family values dominating the film, and its to the credit of the scriptwriters that they were able to mix legal thriller and family drama as if they themselves were working parents trying to balance work and home. Certainly a unique film....more info
  • What an Amazing Woman
    Wow! This is not another Pretty Woman by any means. Julia's character is a struggling mother who has no question in her mind as to the right and wrong of a whole town's situation, and she isn't afraid to hunt down the evidence and the answers she needs. Erin Brockovich is based on the true story of a woman at the end of her means who is scratching and clawing to keep from drowning while supporting her children, and saving a town. Roberts does an exceptional job portraying Brockovich.

    Kudos to both Julia for a job well done, and Erin for making her life what she wanted it to be, while helping those who couldn't have done it on their own....more info

  • A champion of justice... Erin Brockovich
    Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts is a film about a woman who stands her ground against all odds, as the divorced single mother who works as a clerk for Ed Masry, an attorney played by Albert Finney and they join forces to champion clients that are wronged by a powerful corporation.

    Erin takes on the case against this corporation that is spoiling the environment with toxic substances, not only poisoning the water supply of a town in California, but also responsible for the illness and death of many residents.

    Erin is a woman who has lived through hardship, so she is able to relate to those suffering. She earns the trust of these clients, as they tell her all about their condition. Soon, we see Erin gaining ground against corporate greed and secrecy as she uncovers the details necessary to win a court case against the company that, while not returning individual claimants to health, at least they gain the financial strength necessary to withstand the consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals.

    ...more info
  • Good, but not great
    Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts), a hard-working single mother, manages to get hired as a lawyer's assistant and ends up spearheading a multi-million-dollar civil suit against PG&E. Though not in the same league as a great film like the similarly-themed "Silkwood," I found this to be an entertaining and satisfying tale of the little guy triumphing against the system. Roberts is very good as a tough, tired, disappointed woman who flaunts what she sees as her only asset--her physical beauty. Albert Finney fleshes out the underwritten role of Brockovich's boss, Ed Masry. The character of George, however, is a misstep. He is some kind of working woman's fantasy man--a tough, good-looking biker who is also sensitive, domestic, and good with kids. He comes across as a blatant plot device--a convenient way to show that Brockovich's kids are being cared for while she works overtime as well as provide a love interest whose only real purpose is to be neglected so we can see the impact of her job on her personal life. Aaron Eckhardt never really figures out what to do with the part. Nevertheless, it's an entertaining film....more info
  • Erin Brockovich is an Inspiration!
    Great movie! Nicely told with great acting! I love the fact that Ms. Brockovich made this case happen! She was the underdog here when no one wanted to employ her because she didn't have the right look or the job experience. But Brockovich made things work to her advantage. The same can be said of the case in this movie which Brockovich helped her employers research and win!...more info
  • Tour de force acting!

    There have been emblematic films that plainly, justifies its success based on serious denounces that attempt against the environment. But few times, we had had the opportunity to watch with such boldness the ferociousness, constancy and dedication like this one.

    We should be back to the times if Silkwood or The China syndrome to feel with such powerful intensity the importance about the magnitude of the ethical limits of the industrialization and the preservation of the environmental health; that degenerated in an unpredictable scandal of majuscule proportions

    On the other hand of the coin, (and I must confess I have never been a special fan of Mrs. Roberts) she displayed by far, the best of her repertoire and gave us a very real portrait that deserved her the Academy Award that year.

    One more thing: in order to the fairness, I would personally would have stated decreed an equal number of votes with another superb and perhaps never equaled performance: Ellen Burstyn and "Requiem for a dream". And that I keep this statement taking into account that famous double prize between Barbara Streisand and Vanessa Redgrave in 1967, where the difference in what acting concerns was even major.

    Excellent edition and magisterial direction of Steven Soderbergh.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    Julia Roberts delivers my second favorite performance my first being Pretty Woman well worth the Oscar I love that scene where the guy asks her for her number? Saucy. Julia is at her best here in a story that touches you in a fundamental way and shows that the determination of one person can make a difference. Inspiring!!!...more info
  • Great movie!
    Inspirational nd motivating. Good acting. I could (and have) watch it over and over. If you like this, you will also like:

    John Q (w/ Denzel Washington)
    The Life of David Gale (W/ Kevin Spacey)
    A Time To Kill (W/ Samuel L Jackson and Matthew McConnaughey)
    The Rainmaker (W/ Matt Damon)
    Enough (W/ J.Lo)
    and Crash!!!...more info
  • We, the jury, find for --
    This 2000 release stars Julia Roberts and Albert Finney. As much as I enjoyed Pretty Woman, that performance doesn't compare to the excellent work Julia did portraying Erin Brockovich. Years ago, Albert Finney gave an excellent Tom Jones (classic movie, not the singer) portrayal.

    I'm a paralegal and relate strongly to this movie - all the research and paper processing, the concern for clients, the knuckle-biting waits hoping verdicts are delivered favorably. It's a true story making it even more interesting.

    Erin is a down-on-her-luck divorced mother of 3, just trying to make ends meet. She has a personal injury case after a vehicular accident, and is represented by the attorney who, after her case is lost at trial, becomes her boss (she kinda forces herself into his payroll). While working at the attorney's office, Erin happens upon the beginnings of a major class action suit against a water company that has been knowingly poisoning the residents of a town with chromium, a rust inhibitor. Nasty stuff, that chromium, when ingested. Will Erin and her boss persevere for their clients?

    The real-life Erin Brockovich plays a bit part in the movie - she's a waitress at a diner....more info
  • Not what I thought.
    This DVD would not play in my machine. I did not know it was HD, my fault because I did not read it.
    Shipped fast great service....more info
  • Hey, I reviewed a Julia Roberts film!
    "True story" or not, if I never see another movie demonizing big business it will be too soon. Please, for the love of God, can I have ONE film where the businessman is not the devil? Please?

    Anyway, on to "Erin Brockovich". This is without question the best performance I've ever seen from Julia Roberts, but I'm grading on the curve. Her portrayal of Erin Brockovich includes constant potty mouth and an overload of sassy attitude, combined with an extensive wardrobe of slutty attire. Unfortunately, the movie allows for this character to triumph even though she insists on behaving like an uncouth, hypocritical, self-absorbed bigmouth who can't finish a sentence without cursing.

    The basic story involves a small rural town in California in which a large number of citizens have contracted life-threatening illnesses from contaminated water, and the class action suit they file against the evil Pacific Gas and Electric. Erin comes across questionable documents in a file she is processing for a law firm (she is not a lawyer, just an office worker), and decides to get to the bottom of it. The story snowballs from there, however the more interesting relationships between Erin and her family, employer, and her boyfriend Harley (oops, I mean George) make up the more watchable parts of the movie.

    There was another reviewer here who mentioned that this story has more in common with you average "movie of the week" than anything else, and I agree. Many times the plot is telegraphed to the viewer in that formulaic Hollywood way, in fact I never doubted for a second how this story would turn out.

    Albert Finney's character was well done, and to be honest Julia Robert's character was believable as well; I simply did not LIKE Erin BUT I had no problem with her believability as a character. The biker boyfriend... the less said the better. I didn't find him convincing. The relationship between Erin and George WAS believable, however I have a feeling that the "recap" scenes (where the two of them visit one of the plaintiffs following the lawsuit) featuring Erin and George were tacked on in the pursuit of the "feel good" ending. Hey, Marg Helgenberger makes an appearance as one of the townsfolk, and her character is VERY different from the one she plays in CSI. She does a great job; check it out.

    The story unravels in a typical manner, and of course every single person involved with PG&E is depicted as arrogant, uncaring, and just plain bad. Big Business = BAD = standard Hollywood scriptwriting. True, a business (or an individual) who contributes to contaminated groundwater is to be held responsible for their actions, and I can make no excuses for the company as they are portrayed here. I always find it difficult to believe that every businessman / corporation in the movies is Evil Incarnate. What the film glosses over is the fact that while PG&E was cited by the California Water Board multiple times to clean up their facilities, it was the GOVERNMENT who did not enforce existing laws properly, allowing PG&E to continue their hazardous practices. The real problem lies in the fact that most utility companies are government-sponsored monopolies, and are essentially exempt from free market factors which would drive your average irresponsible company out of business anyway.

    I didn't find this movie very funny as some reviewers have, mostly because the humor was based upon the "shock" value of having Erin rip someone's head off with creative profanity. I'd recommend the first hour of "Full Metal Jacket" for those who think Erin's outbursts are high comedy.

    "Erin Brockovich" is watchable, but certainly not award winning material. Julia Roberts makes a fine attempt at a serious dramatic role, yet I suspect that the powers-that-be had more than a hand in weakening a film that had a lot of potential. Julia is made to look just as pretty as she ever does, which detracts from the idea that she wanted to step outside her more typecast roles; "dolling her up" was not a good idea for those wishing to sell Roberts in a serious role....more info

  • Disappointing
    I just can't find the Oscar material here. Keep in mind Steven Soderbergh is one of my favorite directors ("The Limey" is destined to be a classic, I believe) and yes, the film is well shot and edited, but I find the subject matter... well, boring and predictable. I'm told by female friends that Erin is a "hero" to them. Hm? Single mom dresses and talks like a prostitute, has an uncontrollable temper, and takes everything personally, and wonders why people won't give her a break. Ok.... Single mom can't pay the phone bills but seems to have an endless supply of cash for spiked-heeled shoes. Am I leaving anything out? Oh, right: Once the class action suit is in place, the participants are more comfortable with her than the trained lawyers. Very nice, people skills are important in the legal profession. So is knowledge of the law! This is a blueprint for a heroine?...more info
  • How do you rate entaining lies?
    First off, "Erin Brokovich" is an entertaining movie. How then does one rate a movie that, while entertaining, is promoted as a true story, but is in fact entirely half-truths, distortions and outright lies?

    I thought it deserved 3 stars as entertainment but since it is promoted as "based on a true story" then it's entire premise is undermined.

    The first giveaway in any Hollywood production is simply the phrase "based on a true story". This usually signals major departures from reality. "EB" conveniently leaves out crucial facts.

    For example no mention is made of the fact that the lawyer Albert Finney portrays was in real life a convicted felon. No mention is made of the fact that two high powered law firms were called in to actually handle the litigation. No mention is made of the fact that the settlement was paid out to plaintiffs in an arbitrary fashion with friends of Brockovich gettting larger shares, some got none. (In fact people with identical maladies got differing settlements. Some have yet to get anything. Attempts to contact Brockovich and her firm by these plaintiffs are ignored.)

    Natually no mention is made of the fact that the toxin in question is proven to not be the cause of the ailments described. The plaintiffs themselves called the movies "lies".

    No mention is made of the fact that the winning law firms hired a cruise ship for a celebration party at a cost of $350,000. Three of the judges on the arbitration panel that gave the $333 million judgement were at that party.

    No mention is made of the fact that the lawyers took 40% of the settlement. Pretty good pay for "fighting evil corporations" isn't it? In fact there are few corporations more vicious and capitalist than movie companies. Julia Roberts herself get over 20 million per flick. Maybe these hollywood hyporcites should pay the plaintiff's legal bills. The settlement in actuality is passed on to the ratepayers of the State. If you live in California YOU are paying this money, not the "evil corporation". So if you think this is a victory for the little guy you are fooling yourself.

    There are true stories of local heroes who take on the criminal acts of corporations and governments and win. Why the shakedown artists in "EB" were picked to be lionized is a true mystery.

    So while this flick is entertaining it is in reality a promotional piece for a gang of shakedown artists, the leading one being Erin Brockovich. Are the Director and screenwriters idiots or are they willing accomplices of this shakedown?

    This movie is the worst sort of pandering....more info

    What makes Julia Roberts' Oscar winning performance as Erin Brockovich so meaningful is that unlike fellow winners Charlize Theron (Monster); Nicole Kidman (The Hours); and Halle Berry (Monster's Ball), Roberts didn't hide behind makeup or non-glamor to win her trophy. She utilizes her physical attributes and then some in playing the scrappy, but somewhat tawdry, young woman who brings down a corporate giant. Roberts is brilliant in the role and shows a wider range than ever before. She is backed by a wonderful supporting cast including the marvelous Albert Finney as her lawyer boss and friend; Aaron Eckhart as the biker boyfriend who feels cheated in the relationship; Marg Helgenberger as the cancer-stricken client that starts the ball rolling; and Conchata Ferrell as the "krispy kreme" office worker who she spars with. Director Stephen Soderbergh (an Oscar winner for TRAFFIC) wisely keeps the focus on Brockovich's determination and her single motherhood dilemma. It's a very entertaining, and thought-provoking, movie, a showcase for one of Hollywood's modern icons....more info
  • An all around crowd pleaser!
    Julia Roberts gave a brilliant performance here as Erin Brockovich, a single mother who's temper is about as short as her skirts. When she loses her case against the doctor who caused the car accident she was involved in she somewhat forces her way into a clerical job at the law offices of Ed Masry (Albert Finney), the lawyer that lost her case. After reading a few files and growing genuinely concerned about a few clients Erin decides to investigate a case involving poisoned water supply that is slowing killing off the residents in Hinkley, California. Julia gives such an effortless performance here that she doesn't even appear to be acting. Everything is so natural, and that can be said for her cast mates as well. Albert Finney is brilliant as the lawyer who's as offset as he is intrigued by his new employee's personality. He perfectly compliments her in every scene they share, and the same can be said for Aaron Eckhart who plays George, Erin's neighbor who falls in love with her and offers her the stability she's always needed and never received. This film, if nothing else, is a beautiful canvas for these talented actors, but acting aside, the script helps move the film along effortlessly and smoothly offering a top notch movie experience that never grows weary or tired....more info
  • "I hate lawyers. I only work for them."
    The 2000 film "Erin Brockovich" is named for the woman whom this true-life story is about. Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) was an unemployed, poorly educated, single, twice-divorced mother of 3 young children trying to find work to make ends meet. Following a car accident, her attorney, Ed Masry (Albert Finney), was unable to win her lawsuit against the other driver in part due to Erin's irascible and antagonistic demeanor. Frustrated, Erin storms into Ed's office following the trial and demands a job from him. He reluctantly hires her and sets her to work on a seemingly simple real-estate deal, but the deal is anything but simple as medical records of the involved homeowners are included in the file. As Erin investigates, she meets the homeowners, Pete and Donna Jensen (Michael Harney and Marg Helgenberger respectively), who have been repeatedly sick for a long time, as well as their children. The potential buyer is not an individual, but a major corporation that has an industrial plant very close to the couple's home. Erin's investigation leads her to some potentially damaging information about the corporation's doings near the Jensen's home that has also affected many more people within the immediate area.

    Though the story about sick homeowners and corporate doings is powerful and thought provoking, the time in the film devoted to Erin's homelife is far less compelling in part because of Julia Roberts' acting. Julia Roberts earned the Oscar for Best Actress for her role as Erin Brockovich, but that was probably due more to the politics surrounding the film rather than the quality of actual acting. The film was also nominated for four other Oscars including Best Supporting Actor (Albert Finney), Best Director (Steven Soderbergh), Best Picture and Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. Other notable actors in the film include Aaron Eckhart as Erin's unemployed biker boyfriend George and the real Erin Brockovich doing a cameo as a waitress.

    Overall, for its engaging story about sickened residents in a small community but less than stellar acting, I rate "Erin Brockovich" with 4 out of 5 stars. If you have never seen the film, I highly recommend seeing it at least once....more info

  • Gritty, Gutsy, Heartfelt...Julia Roberts Best Work
    What a great movie Erin Brockovich is. I usually don't write reviews on DVD's/Movies unless they are typical guy movies, war movies, etc. However, I had to make an exception for this wonderful, outstanding acted movie.

    Julia Roberts portrays true life Erin Brockovich. A lady who came from a not so glamerous background who with the help of the law firm she worked for took on big and powerful Pacific Gas And Electric (PG&E) and won a huge settlement for the townspeople of Hinckly, California. This is a true life case where PG&E used Hazardous Chemicals in their electric turbines and took the waste from the turbines (Chronium) and instead of safely containing them in lined waste ponds, decided not to make the ponds safe and thus the Chronium seaped into the ground soil and contaminating the town's water supply.

    Erin Brockovich (Roberts Character), needed a job desperately and was able to work for a law firm who had the case "pro bono". THANK Goodness for the law firm and Hinckly that Brockovich worked for the lawyers (even though she isn't a lawyer).

    Overcoming a tremendous burden (single mom, low paying salary), Brockovich researched the cases, got to know the townspeople, gathered evidence, and to make a long story short, won for the "little people", over 300 Million Dollars!!

    This is a movie that everyone would enjoy. Roberts rightfully won the Oscar for Best Actress from this movie. All actors/actresses in this movie did an excellent job. The plot is true life captivating, intelligent, and will keep the viewers interest from the very first scene.

    Highly Recommended!!...more info

  • Well-done, but a bit slow.
    Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) is an ex-beauty queen with three children, two ex-husbands, no job, and no job skills. The movie begins with Erin flubbing a job interview and getting in an accident. She hires Ed Masry (Albert Finney) to sue the other driver. When Ed loses the case Erin demands he give her a job. He does and when she takes a personal interest in a pro bono case that turns out to be a major civil suite, Ed and Erin push it through to victory landing a multi-million dollar settlement against Pacific Gas and Electric. Though Erin isn't a legal expert, she is a people person and it's through her efforts that the case is really won.

    My Comments:
    The movie isn't particularly quick, suspenseful, or exciting, but it is remarkably well-produced. The cinematography is great; some of the scenes are even shot in Hinkley, CA, giving the movie a very authentic feel. Ed, Erin, and George (Aaron Eckhart) - the three main actors - are great and well-portrayed.

    I felt like I was left not knowing what turns out with George, Erin's boyfriend, and there is only one scene of Erin informing people of the court's decision. Too much time was spent on Erin collecting plaintiffs in Hinkley and not enough on her relationship with George and her kids, unless, of course, she really was incredibly neglectful of her family and friends.

    I'm doing my best to not comment on the story itself, because it is a true story, but I couldn't help but see Erin as an annoying pain. Perhaps that means Julia Roberts did a good job, nevertheless, I wouldn't mind avoiding someone as caustic as Erin was portrayed in my personal life.

    Overall, the movie is entertaining and well done with just a few flaws. If you like Julia Roberts or legal films, you'll probably enjoy this film. Otherwise, you might find it a bit boring....more info

  • Great story and Julia is at her best!
    This is a great story which has been wrapped in an entertaining sub-story and well acted by all. This is Julia's best work in my opinion. Albert Finney is always a favorite and his role here is absolutely charming. I would highly recommend this film....more info
  • How To Use Your Body Language To Win Friends And Influence People!!!!!
    Julia plays a struggling mother trying to make ends meet and then she gets a job and takes on a Giant Corporation in a Court Of Law.Julia manages to extract a lot of information fom people mainly through her mammary glands and the benefits of a Wonderbra but that is just about all that this movie has going for it. I give this film 5 stars because Julia does look pretty attractive in it at most times....more info
  • A Strong Character Study
    Although highly overrated, this movie is far from being great, as it is distant to Z-grade filmmaking. Overall, "Erin Brockovich" is an above average Hollywood flick that suceeds due to two relevant elements: the director Steven Soderbergh and the lead actress Julia Ruberts. Frankly, I have never been a big fan of any of them, but I`ll admit that they make this movie work.

    Roberts gives a solid and convincing performance, probably her best ever, and proves that she can do better than formulaic romantic comedies. Soderbergh creates a film that is somewhat like many predictable TV-movies, yet he manages to present a couple of details which turn this effort into a peculiar and distinct one (professional and appealing direction, competent character development, a familar story told in an absorbing and gripping perspective).

    Despite the typical Hollywood ending that certainly won`t surprise anyone, "Erin Brockovich" is an interesting cinematic experience that doesn`t need to rely on high action, multiple twists or shock-value scenes to offer enough dramatic tension. This is a subtle and well-crafted effort, not the great film ever but not a disappointment either (however, the huge hype that it received may work against it).

    A compelling mainstream product....more info

  • Tedious
    If you watch this film more than once, you find yourself sitting back, and letting it wash over you. This isn't one of my favourite Julia Roberts movies, but it's an OK one. OK, sure, some people talk about her big mouth, and she works it out quite a bit. But we have to give a big hand to Wonderbra - they worked wonders on Julia!

    This film gets bogged down by a lot of jargon about the world that Julia's character works in. Not enough attention is paid to her attention of her kids, or their father(s). Some will say the highligh of the movie is Julia prancing around in a low cut top, belts, and sky scraping heels. True. But put that aside and you've got a potentially good movie on your hands. It could have been cut, and been much more interesting. I wouldn't have given Julia an Oscar for it though....more info


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