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The first season of Friday Night Lights accomplishes something that few television dramas are able to do: It betters the 2004 film (starring Billy Bob Thornton) on which the series is based. Set in Dillon, Texas, where football--even on the high school level--is everything, Friday Night Lights is a compelling drama with a football subplot. Poignantly and effectively touching on racism, rape, steroids, jealousy, infidelity, and life-changing injuries, the series presents the inhabitants of Dillon as real people who are flawed, but remarkable in their ordinariness. Though the series struggled to find an audience during its inaugural year, it was a critical favorite thanks to some fine acting by leads Kyle Chandler (as Coach Eric Taylor) and Connie Britton (who portrays his wife, Tami). Coach Taylor's career depends on his ability to get the Dillon Panthers to the state championship. If the team suffers a losing streak, he knows his family, which includes daughter Julie (Aimee Teegarden), will no longer be welcome in Dillon. Britton, who also played the coach's wife in the film version, is a phenomenal actress who shares simmering chemistry with Chandler. Not content at just being the coach's wife, she lands a job as a counselor at the local high school. That position plays a pivotal role in the season finale, which leaves viewers wondering whether Eric will leave Dillon to accept a coveted coaching job with a university. Though the majority of the twentysomething actors appear too mature to portray high school students, they have the mannerisms of teens down pat. Gaius Charles is perfect as cocky running back Brian "Smash" Williams, who'll risk his health to make sure he gets a football scholarship to college. Local sweethearts Jason Street (Scott Porter) and Lyla Garrity (Minka Kelly) are the high school's golden couple. When a football injury leaves him paralyzed, he finds strength in what the future holds for him, but Lyla finds herself in a short-lived affair with Jason's best friend Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch). Once the relationship comes out in the open, their classmates' reactions to the "traitors" show that sexual inequality is rampant even in the teen set. Tim's teammates briefly ostracize him, but just as quickly forgive him, especially since he's so valuable on the football field. But Lyla becomes persona non grata to the girls at school who take too much glee in calling the head cheerleader a slut. The hits she takes verbally are no less lethal than the ones the boys take on the gridiron. And the tentative relationship between Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) is the best depiction of teenage love since Angela Chase fell for Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life. The actors do a wonderful job conveying the sweetness, pain, and hurt of falling in love without really understanding all of its implications. Peter Berg, who co-wrote and co-directed the film, has a strong presence as a writer on the series and evenly distributes the storylines between the kids and the adults. Friday Night Lights is a drama with teenage characters at its core. But the stories are universal. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • This show makes me want to stay home on Friday nights!!
    I had heard this show referred to as "one of the best shows no one is watching," so I decided to give it a try. It exceeded my expectations by miles.

    The pilot had a bit too much going on for my taste, and it left me thinking that I'd never figure out who was who and what was going on... But the second episode completely hooked me and I feel like I "know" all these characters personally at this point!

    If the writing is phenomenal, the acting is out of this world amazing. It doesn't feel like your usual recurring TV drama; it feels much more like a documentary. I found that I became very attached to the characters and was often on the edge of my seat wondering how things would work out for them. Even the characters that you "shouldn't like" grow on you!

    Since it has "football" in the title, I can imagine that it has turned non-football fans off to trying the show. I happen to love football, so those scenes are great, but I have friends who don't like football who I "made" watch this and they absolutely love this show! The football games actually get very little time in the episodes; the story of the characters struggles and accomplishments is the true focus.

    If you're still one of the "no ones" in the description above, do yourself a favor and give Friday Night Lights a shot. I highly doubt you will ever regret it....more info
    I am kicking myself for missing out on this show when it first started airing on NBC. What was I thinking?! THIS SHOW IS WONDERFUL. Ever actor is amazing, and the show is very well written. ...more info
  • Brilliant
    This show is not about football, it's about a town and the people within it. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who would be interested in the show that do not watch it because they feel it's only about a high school football team. They are missing a well-written, well-developed television series that takes a stab at many real world issues that a community goes through. Great show....more info
  • Friday Night Lights RULES!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely love this show...They have an excellent cast that all work well together...Their chemistry is excellent and has definitely made a name for themselves....more info
  • Best Written; Best Acted Show
    The cast of this show blows my mind every week - how they are not sought after actors/ actresses is a complete mystery though I am grateful for now that they are in Dillon TX! This show is beautiful - so many moments in this show bring me to tears every week. If I could rate this show a 10 I would. Absolutely brilliant! When this show reaches its conclusion (which I hope is many years from now) I hope I will be seeing more of these actors; they are the very best....more info
  • Can't Lose
    I teach at an art school here in San Francisco and last semester one of my students (hi Kate) kept plugging this show, saying it was the best show on TV, she even wrote a paper analyzing it and in general propounding Friday Night Lights as one of the great art spectacles of our day and eventually, at Christmastime, I gave in and started watching the first season on DVD. Well, I had read the original nonfiction book back when it first came out and I admired it, but I was thinking, a whole show based on that book would be depressing with a capital D. Suffice it to say that after the pilot I was hooked, and so was my wife (who hates sports and hates sports shows even more). It was like a Christmas miracle on Minna Street. Now that we have watched the whole of season one, I can happily say that, we are wondering how to contain our impatience until the second season gets boxed up. Especially with the writers strike which seems to mean that season two will end at 13 episodes.

    Oh well, I forgot to mention that pundits claim that, like HEROES, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS took a dramatic and misjudged turn early on in season two which led to fans' outrage. I wonder what it could be! People said that melodrama had come to Dillon High School. Well, season one was entirely about melodrama so how bad could it be?

    The hardest thing to believe in FNL is that Jason Street is in high school. The actor who plays him is talented, sort of, but he's got to be thirty if he's a day! I know that the Texas sun could age a person and that Lady Bird Johnson looked thirty when she was a mere girl, but come on, this guy is supposed to be 17 and he could be playing a teacher at the school. Most of the other kids seem roughly of high school age, so Jason Street stands out for sure. In fact the girl who plays Julie seems sometimes as though she were 11 or 12, when she decides she wants to explore her sexuality I felt like the show was moving into Lolita country here.

    Everyone is fantastically beautiful. But that's probably exactly right. I have only been to Texas a few times but everyone *was* beautiful, though in a slightly different vein than the actors on FNL. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, come on! There isn't a better looking couple on TV and Kyle in particular is like Tom Brady in looks, you just want to shut your eyes and capture that steeljawed magnetism forever, especially when he's mad at a player. The one who's on the plain side is Grandma Saracen, but then the poor actress is hampered by having to play the part like she's just about to slide into Alzheimer's Disease, and she's only 42. She's close to the real life age of Jason Street, and you can tell she has no idea of how a real life elderly woman would respond in the stupid situations they dream up for her.

    That scene where Matt has to pretend he's his own grandfather and sing "Mr Sandman" to his grandma to calm her down was just about the dumbest thing I've seen on TV in generations. But then why do I give it five stars? Because it has a fresh, hand held vigor that distinguishes itself immediately from most TV shows. The storylines aren't too byzantine, and if cliches pop up from time to time (whenever two cheaters kiss they are always immediately observed by the person who would get most upset), the honest dramatic acting sort of obscures these flaws. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose....more info
  • Amazingly Realistic Show
    This show is one of the most wonderfully true-to-life shows I've ever seen. It's a microcosm of small-town life in Middle America, full of characters you feel like you've known your whole life.

    It appeals to everyone, regardless of whether or not they know what the spread option offense is. FNL uses the football team to tell its story, as a way to connect all the storylines.

    The Taylors have one of the best television marriages I've ever seen. They're two people who love each other as much now as they did when they got married, and their affection for each other shines through in every scene. ...more info
  • Good stuff
    Great charactors and great football action. About 17 times beter than that dumb movie with Billy Bob....more info
    Friday Nights Lights was definately not what I was expecting I was lead to believe it was going to be One Tree Hill with Football (which I must say I was looking forward to, being that I love that show). When I started watching though it was very clear I was mistaken. It took me a while to get into but after a couple of episodes I was hooked. The way it is filmed gives it a doco/reality feel which at times feels like your actually in their world, like your there. I will say though the Coach's family stories can become a bit much they start to get on your nerves a little but the rest of it LOVE IT. ...more info
  • I'm addicted
    The first season of Friday Night Lights has got it all: drama, romance, comedy and action. Even for someone who has no knowledge about Football what so ever, this show proved to be quite addictive.
    The acting is amazing, the stories are gripping and I don't even know how to begin to describe the camera work. I always get the feeling of being right there, in the scene with the actors. It's great. People who haven't seen it, should go and see it. You really don't want to miss out on this show....more info
  • Friday Night Lights First Season
    Do yourself a favor and watch each and every episode from this fantastic TV series! The writing, acting, music, camera work, etc. are all worthy of the "most awesome" titles from every category of those award ceremonies. Seriously, the stories don't center on just football. Watch just one hour and you'll be so hooked. The pilot's amazing. There's something for every member of the family in this show. ...more info
  • Teen Drama with Watchable Qualities
    3.5 stars

    I initially avoided this show. It looked like another tired teen drama set around an improbable string of close football finishes. I also heard that the pilot included a horrifying injury to a main character and I just did not feel like taking on a long term commitment to a fictional character that would make me sad. But when my favorite sports columnist (Bill Simmons) took it as his personal quest to keep FNL from getting canceled and pleaded with his readers to check it out I put Season 1 on my Netflix queue. It turns out I was about half right. The show is full of gorgeous 25 year olds pretending to be teenagers except for the adult nature of their romantic and sexual relationships. Ethnic stereotypes are in full swing. The football games were close (only one was decided with the Panthers on defense during the final possession). And the injury arc is vesting and difficult.

    However, three unexpected qualities of this show make it not only watchable but engaging.

    1. At the center of the cast is one of the healthiest, most inspiring marriages I've encountered in visual media in some time. Coach Taylor and his wife challenge each other, respect each other, admit fault, banter playfully and work hard to keep it interesting. As a partnership of two very strong personalities they believably fight often but they also fight well, rarely overstepping the boundaries of respect and always coming to a place of self evaluation. They serve as a moral center for the kids of the school and many in the community. Both actors embody their characters in believable and compelling ways and I was completely vested in them before I was vested in the team or the series.

    2. Much has been made of the ubiquitous unsteady cam. I have no opinion on this. I find it neither artistically overwhelming nor particularly distracting. But it is not the artistic center of this show. I appreciate art that can convey a sense of place, capturing details that unveil the beauty of particularity that makes a community home to some (e.g. Steinbeck or Garden State). It is obvious that this series has been filmed with the artistic eye of a very good film maker. Particularly when Texas montages are used to transition between scenes, you get the sense that `Dillon, Texas' is at once sad and beautiful and, though foreign in its dissimilarity, it is fundamentally the same as the place I grew up or the place I now live.

    3. Finally, the character of Matt Serecen is so endearing that he almost makes the series worth following by himself. The suddenly promoted backup quarterback is a quirky, artistic `sophomore' with very adult responsibilities. FNL is most interesting when he and/or the Taylors are on screen. He and his friend Landry (a Matt Damon look-alike in the `school geek' role, but I digress) have 80% of the laugh out loud lines in the season.

    So, while, like most teen dramas, I feel a bit creepy watching FNL, there was enough actual substance and art here to keep me watching and to allow me to recommend it.
    ...more info
  • A Taste of Texas
    I loved this largely overlooked TV drama.

    There are so many aspects to the show which really remind me of Texas life.

    Good value for money and excellent light entertainment.

    If you missed it on TV, buy the DVD now!...more info
  • This show is amazing. Absolutely amazing.
    I'm not even kidding.

    With the writer's strike going on, I took a chance and watched the pilot episode of Friday Night Lights on NBC's website. That was enough - just the pilot - to make me want the rest of the season. (That was when I promptly ordered this DVD set from Amazon. When it arrived, my boyfriend and I sat down and devoured the whole season in a weekend, which seems to be pretty standard for others who watch the first season.)

    If you're thinking, "I'm not into football - why would I want to watch a show about it," then stop! That's what I thought at first. But it's not about football. Yes, football is in it (high school football), but it's about people. It is raw, and real, and it cuts through to the soul every episode.

    If you aren't watching Friday Night Lights, you don't know how much you're missing - and I suggest you find out right now!...more info
  • O...M...G
    Friday Night Lights has got to be the BEST thing to ever happen to television. The stories are real and so are the characters and unlike many other shows, you feel as though you can actually relate. And if you didn't love football BEFORE, you're DEFINITELY gonna love it after!!...more info
    "Friday Night Lights" is rare excellent tv: fully dimensional and frequently surprising characters; well developed plots; much wit and humor;setious issues thoughtfully treated--engaging from start to finish....more info
  • Friday Night Lights
    Great acting and story lines in a world where reality tv has become the norm, it is very refreshing to watch....more info
  • FNL good stuff
    This is a very well written tv show and captures your attention from the very beginning.
    The theme of the show is High school football but there is a lot more to the show then just what happens on the field.
    Great chatacters, great plot, Good looking actors, what more could you ask for
    I really enjoyed this series it was very different to what I usualy watch but was a nice surprise...more info
  • AMAZING....Really!!
    This show is unbelievably good. I'm not gonna review the whole thing again...others have done that. I'm just telling you to do yourself a favor and go watch this thing. It's not a teeny drama (I'm waaaay older than that) it's not a sports show (I only understand the basics of football) and it's not a soap opera (these people can actually ACT!)
    If you have someone to Christmas shop for and you really don't know what to get them...get this! No matter how unlikely a choice it would be...they'll love it!...more info
    I love this show, I hope it doesn't get canceled! I'd be really pissed at NBC if it did. This show has some the best acting, seriously. Watch one episode and you'll be hooked!!!...more info
  • Great show and worth the investment!
    I recently purchased this show and have fallen in love with it! Being from Australia I heard about this online, read the book which inspired the show and thought I would check it out as I hate most of what is currently on tv.

    This show is set in Texas and follows the lives of several people / families in a tight-nit community who are crazy over football. Football is the backdrop of this show, however it is really about everyday people, their relationships and struggles. The characters and their stories draw you in, and I think most people would be able to relate and enjoy them. The film style is different from what we currently see on tv and is an art form in itself.

    This quality show has made me laugh, cry .. a whole range of emotions. It is worth every cent!

    I can't wait to watch season two and was happy to hear it was renewed for a third season!...more info
  • Great Series
    I read several reviews in different publications that said Friday Night Lights was the best show on TV. After seeing the series I understand why they made that statement. While the show is set in Texas around football it really is a metaphor for life and growing up. I highly recommend the series to all...more info
  • Currently the best series on television...
    This show is something special.
    The characters, the stories, the emotions, they all feel real.
    The actors do a wonderful job and you really do end up feeling for the characters.
    There are some shows that are worth fighting for to keep on the air (prime example - ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT) and this is one of them. It is kinda sad that America hasn't bought into this show.

    This is one of the good ones. ...more info
  • Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV
    I absolutely love this series. The directing, acting, storyline. I highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • making true-believers
    I've stopped trying to convince ppl of this show. I either buy them the DVD or carry it to parties. ...more info
  • Olvidaron los subs en espa?ol
    Everything its ok. But some people forget to include the spanish subs. Thanks!! I can make the effort but in the process whats the problem? Even the can download it frome some web of subs..some check and voila!

    And for sure, this is a wonderful show!...more info
  • Simple Human Drama
    I love this show. I ignored it during it's first season and a half. In a fit of boredom during the writer's strike I began watching it online since so many critics were raving about it. I have zero interest in football, Texas or high school and yet I found myself completely drawn into the first episode, cheering, crying and gasping. I particularly enjoy the family dynamics and the relationship between the coach and his players. If you are like me and think you will have no common ground with this show but are curious about the critical hype, watch an episode on [...]. It is so well written and the characters are so fleshed out and real they will worm their way into your psyche and you will be concerned for their welfare and wonder what happens next. I bet you will do as I did and come back to buy the whole season. ...more info
  • Best show that Network TeeVee has EVER produced
    I cannot stress to y'all enough. If you are a fan of heart trending story lines, thorough character development, relationships that make sense (and some that don't)....this is the best show you will ever watch. I never thought I would say that about another show besides Six Feet Under...but FNL has touched my heart like none other.

    ...more info
  • Thankfuly It Is Coming Back
    I was very excited to see that NBC will be running this show again. For those who are not familiar with the show, it is based on the movie (which was very good in its own right) and was on NBC's schedule for a couple of years before it was put into limbo. I am not sure if it was officiall cancelled but then it was picked up by satellite, though I have not seen those episodes.

    Firday Night Lights generally follows a smalll town and a high school football team, but to think of it as football would be wrong. It is a common element for the charactors but there is so much more. It really is about the players, the coaches and town and their lives and struggles, along with success along the way.

    Kyle Chandler is superb in his role as the coach of the team. A proper blend of toughness and caring. His wife is just as brilliant in her acting, and in fact you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the cast who does not do an incredible job. From the peoplein the athletic depretment to the local businessmen who sponsor the team.

    The first season sets the background right away as a player is injured and expands to bring the other people into the storyline quickly. No one is perfect and no one is toatlly evil and these nuances come out.

    I look forward to seeing the new episodes and if you have not seen the show, make sure to view the prior seasons....more info
  • One of the best dramas out there right now.
    As a fan of neither football nor the interactions or relationships of high school kids, I was hugely skeptical when a friend recommended this series to me. After watching the first episode, though, I was hooked. And after buying this DVD boxset and watching the entire first series through, I am absolutely in love with Friday Night Lights. Anyone who's seen it will tell you that it isn't just about high school or about football or about Texas. It's about everything--life, family, friends, dreams. It's brilliantly written and brilliantly cast, and it's worth every penny you spend on it and every second watching it. Here's hoping that NBC won't make the horrible mistake of not at least finishing this second season through. ...more info
  • I trusted the reviews
    I bought this box set cos the reviews hold the show in high regard. And Kyle Chandler is great in other things ive seen him in. This is a great show. The characters are intreguing and interesting.

    Also. i know nothing about gridiron. Thats what we Aussies call it. Not knowing about the sport doesn't affect how you perceive the show. A great surprise, i couldn't stop watching.
    ...more info
    Friday Night Lights (FNL) is a must see ! Three season have already been released and two more on the way . This series depicts the human struggle in ways that makes it seems so relevant and on point . It struggles to be what people might imagine it to be . Simply because FNL strives to be more then what is normally aspected of a TV show on network television based on a movie that was based on a game (football) . The show is not about a game , it' s about the PEOPLE whos' lives just happens to evolve around a game ....more info
  • One of the best shows you're probably missing out on.
    I got into this show for 2 reasons. The first one is I love football. The second one is that I loved the movie.

    Now I didn't think this show was going to be nearly as good as the movie, since it's not based on a true story and it's on a TV budget... not a movie budget. But I still wanted to give it a try. And man am I glad I did. Friday Night Lights is MUCH more than just some dumb football show. Yes it does have football and yes it's centered on football, but in all honesty, it feels like football is just a secondary to the great story that we have going on right before our eyes.

    Coach Eric Taylor has taken the reigns as the new head coach of The Dillon Panthers football team. QB#1 Jason Street is the golden boy on the team. He's supposedly one of the best quarterbacks that's ever been seen (according to Notre Dame at least). A close second to Jason would be Brian `Smash' Williams. The star running back that can actually back up the big mouth he has. Smash is also a star player that WILL be going somewhere someday. The Panthers are littered with talent in other spots as well, but a curveball is thrown to them in their first game of the season and Jason Street has to leave the game only to be replaced by the somewhat shy Matthew Saracen. Can Saracen help lead the team and win them and Coach Taylor the first game of the season? Well, watch the show and find out...hehe.

    Coach Taylor is played by Kyle Chandler. His wife Tami is played by Connie Britton. I seriously do not think they are even acting when you see these two together. I completely forget I'm watching actors. They meld together so seamlessly you would think they are actually married. You can see the love in their eyes when they talk to each other on just little things like grocery shopping. You can see the hurt in their eyes when one of them slips up with the wrong thing said. You can see the irritation in their actions of having to explain themselves to one another because they've been together for so long. And even though they have their faults... they have the type of relationship most of us look forward to having one day (hopefully). Julie Taylor, their daughter, is played by the ever so cute Aimee Teegarden. She is perfectly matched with her parents. Even though she acts a little to smart for britches (like my grandpa used to say), she is still a really good daughter... who Matthew Saracen has a secret crush on. It's great to watch this high school romance happen between the two. It seems almost real to me. Saracen always starts to talk, only to come out with half sentences before she walks off, because he can barely keep his head straight when she's around... lol... I love it. These two relationships on camera work so well that you really do just fall back into high school again as a teenager. Plus, and boy have I been there, the relationship between Coach Taylor and Matthew Saracen has to be some of the funniest stuff to watch. Poor Matt gets in from Coach on AND off the field.

    That's only two things I love about this show with much more going on that I won't really go into great detail. But you have Tim Riggins who is the `misunderstood bad boy'. Sounds pretty clich¨¦ but it he pulls it off pretty darn well. Then you have Lyla Garrity, the beautiful (and oh is she ever) cheerleader/church girl that is going to marry Jason Street one day. She's slowly being pushed away by Jason because of what he's going through. Her life and future is changing drastically, and sadly, around her. Tyra Collete is, what I'm thinking at least, the school bad girl (drinking and sex of course). Her home living is a mess due to her mom and her school life is bad because she's always with Tim Riggins and she's just doesn't care about school. Or so we think. Another funny character is Landry Clarke, the best friend of Saracen. Just about every part he's in has me laughing.

    Friday Night Lights deal with a lot of high school issues such as love, sex, family, drugs, and friendships. The one thing that I just did NOT care for AT ALL was the few episodes on racism. A friend of mine said the same exact thing to me the other day when he got done watching the show. That's the only thing I just did not like at all about this show. It seemed like it had no actual ground to be brought up. Like it was forced on us. And it was basically one coach vs. all the black kids (kids... not parents) on the team. It was completely idiotic and just seemed out of place. Ah well.

    I thought the show was going to be cancelled after the second season, but thankfully it's still alive and made it into the third season. I just don't see how TV execs can cancel such a good show when they don't even have any idea of where to put it on TV. The first time was up against American Idol (I believe)... and the second time is on Friday Night. Um. Don't you think your main targeted audience would be OUT on Friday Night watching high school football games or going out and hanging out with friends? Hmmm... smart thinking TV execs.

    As for this DVD set, it's got some good extras on it, according to my friend. Sorry I haven't gotten around to them yet. But for 20 bucks... this is a STEAL of a deal.

    Support Friday Night Lights. Don't let another good TV show get cancelled again (I miss you Arrested Development!)
    ...more info
  • Don't miss Friday Night Lights (the TV Series)
    Football is the backdrop, emotional interaction is the main piece of the drama. You are quickly drawn into teenage angst even if you are far away from that age group! I couldn't stop watching; after each episode I told myself I would stop. I got addicted and spent a winter weekend watching the first winning season....more info
  • Season 1 Friday Night Lights
    This is a great purchase. The TV show covers much more than sports-girls love it as much if not more than boys. The hours spent watching it are well worth it. The best value for the money as far as TV shows go....more info
  • Best Show on TV. Download an episode or buy the DVD and help save the show!
    I don't think there is a show of higher quality on TV than Friday Night Lights. It's real and refreshing and the entire family will fall in love. NBC is very close to shutting it down. Please give it a shot, so that NBC will do the same. You won't be sorry!...more info
  • Friday Night lights, Season 1 DVD
    The product is exactly as described. The service lacked--I didn't get the item in the delivery time frame and no one would answer my emails. Finally after getting Amazon customer service to intervene, I got the DVD....more info
  • Buy It. There's a "money back guarantee" you'll like it!
    The best scripted drama on television - bar none. Outstanding performances from all involved; actors, writers, production crews, editors, even those who select and perform the music for the program. It's the one drama the whole family (ages 13+) can enjoy. The program has won a Peabody Award. It deserves to be a hit, but thanks to NBC's scheduling and marketing of FNL that has yet to happen. Luckily, they understand the value of having SOME quality programming they are (according to series star Kyle Chandler) set to announce a third season shortly. You can't go wrong with Friday Night Lights!...more info
  • What a great series!
    Wow ... the TV series is better than the movie. How many times can a person truthfully say that? I enjoyed the movie, and I've just about watched the complete first season. A great storyline and the people seem like people who might live next door to you.

    Personally, I don't care for the extreme close-ups, because sometimes they don't include the person's eyes. But I suppose the camera work is one of the things that differentiate this series from the competition.

    Texas high school football is the underlying thread that ties all the episodes together, but I wouldn't call this a program about football. It's really about relationships....more info
  • Friday Night Lights - Christmas Gift
    This is a Christmas gift for my husband. We live in NZ and have just started watching the first season, he loves it and this is his favourite programme. He is going to love owning this series and has already hinted how great it would be to own it....more info
    this is by far the best television show i have ever seen. the acting is superb and the story lines are true to life. don't let the football motif scare you away... it is merely a backdrop for the characters and situations. i can not recommend this dvd set highly enough! i have already watched all 22 episodes twice. it it very addictive. you will not be disappointed with this show!...more info
  • Friday Nights Lights
    This is a great TV series. It is original and well acted. It is also not soley about football....more info


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