Amcor NanoMaxA12000E 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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Product Description

12000 BTU compact portable unit. Patented Auto-Drain NanoMist Technology never needs draining - moisture is atomized and dispersed into air.

  • 12,000-BTU portable air conditioner for up to 400 square feet
  • No emptying of water drain bucket required; 2 fan speeds
  • Electronic controls; remote control; digital temperature display
  • Auto shut-off; 12-hour timer; window-mounted exhaust kit included
  • Measures 15 by 12 by 30 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • STAY AWAY from AMCOR and Their Products.
    The Unit is JUNK. The customer service is THE PITS.

    When the AC works, the unit is LOUD but cools as advertised.

    But my unit (as did apparently several other customers' units) failed (the compressor) before it reached 40 hours of usage. When I called AMCOR for a warranty replacement I got a customer service voice recording saying someone would call me back within three business days. And that's exactly how long they took to call me back to see what was wrong. What?!

    Then, they charged me a hundred bucks for shipping. Junk product with poor customer service and ridiculous warranty terms = AVOID AMCOR.
    ...more info
  • Horrible Customer Service
    [ASIN:B000RFXZUK Amcor NanoMaxA12000E 12,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls]]
    I set up the unit and found that when it enters a cooling cycle the compressor made a horrible noise. Called Amcor customer service, explained the problem and they told me that it takes 3 to 5 days to get a return call from Tech Support. Called the company that sent the unit, they contacted Amcor and were told that I needed to call Amcor for a replacement and that it would be handled right away. I promptly called Amcor again and was informed that customer service cannot approve a replacement and that I need to still wait 3 to 5 days from Tech Support to call back and maybe authorize a replacement.
    I do not recommend this product or any other Amcor product due to the poor customer service....more info
  • Amcor Nano-Max A12000E
    This unit works great so long as you can have blower directed towards you.Cool air-stream but compressor never shuts off.Very economical as it draws just 8 Amps which means the EER(cooling efficiency) of rotary compressor is very high.Best advice is to draw all shades in room to prevent ambient sun-light,cool down room using whole house A/C-down to 85 F(30 minutes approx.) say,and then switch to this unit.It will now keep room temp to below this all day.Handy self-evaporative feature is a breeze but need to keep hose un-kinked and well insulated(around window attachment) so exhaust doesn't re-circulate.Over-all a very light and quiet unit that simply gets the job done.Can't understand negative 1 * of another reviewer here-must be a faulty unit or didn't understand operating instructions.Most people don't understand that portable room A/c's best function by reducing humidity=Added comfort and cooling is just an added plus....more info
  • Better than a fan
    Goldengate's review is pretty much on the mark. I'm also from the Bay Area and purchased this during one of our rare heatwaves. Our master bedroom has 12' ceilings, and this did a fine job of keeping us cool throughout the night. Standing directly in front of the unit, it'll feel just like AC; walk away and you will just notice the room is cooler. The nano mist technology works terrific--we haven't had to drain it yet, though it is recommended to do so at the end of the season, before storage. Very portable--slim, streamlined design.

    All in all, it will work far better than a fan, but don't expect the polar ice caps. I am satisfied as it only gets up to the upper 90's here--but if you live in, say, Arizona, I would recommend buying something else. For reference, we paid $299 at Home Depot....more info
  • Great little air conditioner
    We like it so much we just ordered another one. We'll keep one in the bedroom; and as needed, swap the 2nd unit between two other rooms at opposite ends of the house. This unit only weighs about 50 pounds, it's easy roll it around the house. If you have one large living area, one might do you, but our house is chopped up into many small rooms, so we think we'll be better served with two....more info
  • poor function
    I can't really tell this is a AC or a Fan. Plus it is a noisy fan !!! Since I bought this AC, every time I turn it on, it just have the air blowing out but it wasn't cold. No matter how long i have it on, my room temperature was never decreased. This is the worst AC that I ever bought, I need my money back! Anyone if thinking about buying this merchandise, please be reconsider about it. ...more info
  • Untested therefore Unable to Rate Accurately
    I received this product and then the weather turned cool. I regret that I have not had ocassion to test it to see if it even works! I know I must, but finding the time (without the incentive of heat relief) is another matter. It will be interesting to see how it works in 95 degrees and just how noisy it will be. I don't know....more info
  • Nice Item
    This air conditioner is in our mobile home. It is large enough to cool off the kitchen/living room area well. Runs quietly compared to some. Have run is for 4-5 days constantly and have not had to empty the water container. Easy set up...would recommend....more info
  • Fine - not great, but seems to do a decent job
    I installed this in our 300 sq ft master bedroom. We have slider windows, so couldn't install a standard "casement" type a/c, and besides, it's not hot enough here long enough to install one of those ugly casement units. I was looking for something that would "take the edge off" the heat at night so we can sleep on those warm evenings when the fog doesn't roll in. It does a decent job of that -- It keeps the room comfortable -- down to 72 degrees -- but never turns off, and since it's a one hose design, meaning it's pulling air from the room, passing it through the unit, then exhausting warm air out, it draws warm air from other rooms. Also, the exhaust hose heats up and must add some heat back into the room. For my purposes, I'm happy with it, but if I lived in NYC or some hot, humid place and really relied on this, I wouldn't be. It's going to reach a limit and not be able to cool any further.


    * Easy to roll around, only 50 lbs, casters work well
    * Nice electronic controls, with remote
    * Easy to install in slider window, kit is well-designed
    * Seems sturdy and well-designed
    * Does keep our bedroom cool enough to sleep under a comforter
    * So far we haven't had to empty it once - the "Nanomist" technology does seem to work, though this is NOT a high humidity climate


    * Only cools to a point -- then temperature levels out and the unit keeps running
    * Never shuts off (and this isn't the desert, this is SF bay area!)
    * Hose heats up and adds warmth back to the room
    * Not quiet - I like to sleep with "white noise" but if you want a quiet room, don't buy this unit

    Overall, this does the job that I've asked of it -- cools the room, and I can roll it into the closet when company is coming over. I'd buy it again. Just don't expect this to provide the same cooling power as a window unit....more info
  • Works OK
    I may have sized this unit incorrectly, but it does a barely adequate job of cooling our master bedroom. OK unit, though....more info