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Delivering a groundbreaking strategic 3rd person co-op shooter unparalleled in the action genre, EA Montreal's ARMY OF TWO focuses on gameplay centered on TWO-man missions, TWO-man strategies, TWO-man tactics, and a TWO-man advantage. Fight along side your teammate to become the deadliest two-man military outfit a government can buy. The breakthrough gameplay in ARMY OF TWO, with a live or adaptive AI partner, enables you to take advantage of two-man strategies like customizable weapons, vehicles, and tactical shooting. From TWO-man sniping to parachuting, players will experience action-packed scenarios where they will have to use their wit, strength and a deadly arsenal of shared customizable weapons to successfully defeat their enemies and complete the mission at hand. Gamers will fight their way through war, turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world. When one man is not enough, it's going to take an army of two to save us. Online Gameplay - Redefines TWO MAN online gameplay with players seamlessly moving from PAI to live players as they make their way through the game

When One Man Is Not Enough…

It will take an Army of Two to stop the corruption of rogue private military corporations. Fight along side your team-mate to become the deadliest two-man military outfit a government can buy. The breakthrough gameplay in Army of Two, with a live or adaptive AI partner, enables you to take advantage of two-man strategies like customizable weapons, vehicles, and tactical shooting. If you're going to survive, you'll have to bring down a vast conspiracy in which the line between `good guys' and `bad guys' has been obliterated.


  • Two-Man Gameplay—Co-op is no longer a mode, it's the game. Team up with a live or AI partner on two-man missions using two-man tactics to ultimately create an advantage that no enemy can withstand.
  • Partner AI—Army of Two delivers intelligent partner AI (PAI) that interacts with, adapts to, collaborates with, and learns from its human partner. The PAI also reacts and adjusts to your ability and how you play the game by taking the lead or following, driving strategy or taking orders. It is the dream of the human machine.
  • Customizable Weapons—Personalize and upgrade dozens of deadly weapons and share them with your partner off- or online.
  • Dynamic Environments—EA's Montreal studio pulled out all the stops to deliver realistic character and environmental effects including fluid dynamics that showcase open-ocean water-wave simulation as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting.
  • Contemporary Storyline Ripped from the Headlines—Army of Two draws you in with a captivating, politically charged storyline, centering on the impact and ethical issues of private military corporations.
  • Online Gameplay—Army of Two redefines two-man online gameplay as you progress through the game seamlessly moving between PAI and live players.
  • Two Man Gameplay - Team up with a live or AI partner on two-man missions using two-man tactics to ultimately create an advantage that no enemy can withstand
  • Partner AI - ARMY OF TWO delivers intelligent partner AI (PAI) that interacts, adapts, collaborates and learns from their human partner
  • Customizable Weapons - Customize and upgrade dozens of deadly weapons and share them with your partner off or online
  • Dynamic Environments - Delivers realistic character and environmental effects including fluid dynamics that showcase open-ocean water-wave simulation as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting
  • Contemporary Storyline Ripped from the Headlines - Politically charged storyline, centering on the impact and ethical issues of Private Military Corporations

Customer Reviews:

  • SPC Irby
    Army of Two is a well thought out co-op game you don't have to have two systems, two games, and two tv's to play with your budy. It's got plenty of shootout action, bonus tasks,(which earn you extra cash)budy aid recovery, and lots of nice weapons, with even nicer weapon upgrades. The game has a pretty good story line, with nice little extra's if you grab some of the hidden intel briefcases worth cash. It more or less takes two rangers in todays regular Active Duty Army and starts them on a mission with a contractor (mercenary). While the first mission takes place there's plenty of talkin between the two Rangers about the crazy merc they were ordered to work with, along with the two contemplating going to the contracted side of fighting wars themselves. From a soldiers point of view I can relate to why they might be THINKING about it. If your gonna fight a war you might as well get PAID real money to do it, as well as have a better variety of weapons and body armor to do it with right..? These are just some of the THOUGHTS and conversations that actual soldiers have. All in all the game was definatly worth buying....more info
  • Excellent split-screen co-op game!
    As a split-screen co-op campaign TPS, there really is no other game like it! (Okay, Resistance is close, but that's an excellent game as well). Having a choice of primary and secondary weapons (and any game that lets you choose a fully automatic P90 as a "secondary" weapon is definitely giving you a great choice of arsenal!), as well as grenades and special weapons (sniper rifle or RPG as examples), as well as the ability to customize weapons (adding scopes, switching barrels, stocks, ammo clips, adding a grenade launcher as examples), you really do have an excellent range of weapon customizations.

    One great aspect of the PS3 version is the use of the Sixaxis controller for the tandem paragliding segments. There are parts of some missions where you're doing tandem paragliding, with one person controlling the parachute using the Sixaxis controller (and here's a problem, the manual never tells you that you're supposed to use the Sixaxis controller's tilt function to control movement, so we smacked the mountain a few times till we figured it out!) and the other person shooting, that's pretty unique to this game (and they recommend using a sniper rifle for that segment, but it's so much more fun using a SAW or AUG on full auto to mow down baddies while you're gliding...)

    I'm giving this game 4 stars, because the single player buddie AI can use an improvement (patch?) but as a co-op on the splitscreen, this is a great game for me.

    Several other reviewers say that enemy AI is stupid, that they just run up to you. I don't know if they're playing it at easy difficulty, but enemies run up to me as well, but they run shooting and swinging!

    There is one departure from realism that I'd like to point out, and I'm actually glad they did it this way: You have a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, a grenade, and a special weapon, and you can pick up ammo, as a primary weapon and as a secondary weapon, as opposed to finding M16 ammo, or AK47 ammo, or P90 ammo, or a S&W ammo, or a M134 minigun ammo, etc. This is a needed abstraction, since there are about a dozen each primary, secondary, and special weapons, and if you were to stick to realism, you'd never find the right ammo on the ground for your equipped weapons (needler ammo, anyone?)

    Another thing that may be important to you is that the primary protagonists in the game, Rios and Salem, are mercenaries, and will act like mercenaries. There's a bit of swearing, and there's some other guy out there who's more of a wild-dog than Rios and Salem, with a scene where he gouges someone's eyes and beats their head into the ground. Yes, this game is rated M, just like Halo is, but there's definitely more violence and profanity in Ao2 than Halo, for example. So if you want to play this game as a father/son combo, make sure you debrief them afterwards (it's just a game, you can't shoot your classmates in the back, etc)...

    Highly recommended....more info
  • what a joke
    haha what made ea think this game was going to be good.what a joke i rented this game with excitment but played it for 15 minutes shut it off my console and took the game back to the store what a disgrace
    ...more info
  • Awesome Game
    Game is great. Good gameplay, story flawlessly executed, graphics were tight....Game was just to short. I recieved a good 6-7hrs of gameplay single player then went through and beat it co-op. I havn't played it online yet. But its a great game....more info
  • Was the 4 Month delay worth the wait?

    Note: This game was originally planned for a November 2007 release, but pushed back for more "improvements".

    Loosely inspired by current events (IE the privatizations of military force like Blackwater) Army of two is a 3rd person shooter that emphasizes teamwork via coop or by using the AI in which case puts the tactical aspect within the game. You play as either Tyson Rios or Elliot Salem two former Army Rangers, now globetrotting mercenaries who during missions unravel a conspiracy that plays an important plot within the game.

    I like the fact that the programmers have implemented current events based on hotspots like Somalia and Iraq as it adds more realism to the game there's even a hint of the September 11 tragedy during a cut scene.
    First off AOT has interesting features like the Aggro that has you or your partner utilizing the most damage toward enemies while providing distraction. Overkill is a 10 second kill clock boost that provides a bit of invincibility and stealth.Back to Back speaks for itself.

    what's also cool is the GPS system it comes in handy when you are often lost as well as provide objectives and items such as a makeshift riot shield.
    After completing a mission you are often rewarded with cash which can be used for purchasing and upgrading weapons. It adds more fun to the game as the player is tasked to experiment with various weapons to see which ones are more suitable during certain missions and objectives and not to mention the optional pimping of guns and gear.

    The graphics are defiantly up to next gen/current gen standards and sometimes it's hard to determine if the cut scenes are based on in game graphics or not. However, sound wise it can be a bit annoying like the often mentioned "Help me Elliot" "I didn't know you cared Elliot" and then there's the redundant music that made me wish I purchased the 360 version so that I can substitute my own soundtrack instead of the game's music.

    What's also a bit frustrating is trying to shoot the enemy who can take more hits than a tank. At times you are better off with melee as opposed to shooting, due to the lackluster targeting system and reticule.
    Overall Army of Two is a very satisfying game albeit too short for $60 but with possible future DLC, it's worth it. The dialogue reminds me of those buddy action flicks back in the 80's-90s and that's not a bad thing. Hopefully the problems will be addressed in a future sequel that's sure to happen.
    ...more info
  • EA no good
    The only thing I enjoyed about this game was being able to customize your weapons and the humor between the 2 characters. Other than that it was just the same like every other FPS/ 3rd person shooter. The cut scenes of opening door after door got real old too....more info
  • Not too bad
    this is not too bad of a game. It is really fun at first, and then when you realize there are only so many things you can do to all of the weapons then it gets monotonous. Didnt get a chance to play online so no comment on that. However, if you can get this game cheap then I would reccommend that. It is decent in length, probably 12-13 hours, the only thing I didnt like which most new games incorporate is the fact that you cannot shoot through obstacles. It is a run and gun game, if thats what you waqnt here is a mediocre game for you too burn a few hours on....more info
  • Aaron's review
    What can I say 4 out of 5 you be the judge, I thought it was excellent!...more info
  • Great third person co-op.
    This is a great game. I've played and finished the game with a buddy on the ps3 version. We're now on "Contractor Mode" and about halfway through again. There is no other game really like this as far as the dual teamwork goes in a shooter. Back to back mode is a blast and upgrading to the 50 cal. as my special weapon has been a bunch of fun to shoot. The only drawback is the voip isn't really workable because of the choppiness as the game loads, so we've been talking over the phone. Otherwise, I'm loving this game!...more info
  • Pretty decent
    This game is a typical first person shooter, but the controlls are i little confusing/hard at first. It took a bit to get used to but once you get the hang of it, you will be off destroying people in now time!!! The way you can customize your weapons is a very unique feature. I definately recommend this game!...more info
  • My First Co-op Game
    To start out, I played this game on the second level of difficulty, it may differ from the easier and harder levels. This game is completely based on using your partner to accomplish different tasks, mainly to use him as a decoy while you sneak up and kill at will.

    To begin, the story is pretty well laid out, even though the game seemed short to me, maybe they'll make it longer when the second part comes out. The array of weapons is extensive and it divides itself into four categories, primary weapon (assault rifles), secondary weapon (pistols), special weapons (RPG's or sniper rifles) and your thrustworthy grenades. you can customize to add or decrease the attributes of your weapon such as power, accuracy, ammo and aggro effect. I would suggest buying an already decent weapon and upgrading it to gain the most out of it, I found that if you can add a grenade launcher to your weapon, is a big plus, it's like having another "special weapon." That being said, the game takes a big step back when it comes to ammo, whereas it's true that pretty much if you kill 3 guys and they all drop ammo bags you'll be able to fill your primary and secondary right away, genades and special weapons take a miracle to be refilled, which is sad because it would make having to deal with the tough armored enemies easier, not to mention dropping a grenade in the middle of a group of bad guys and having them fly around would also be satisfying. I found the best way around is, like someone said, just move from cover to cover, pop up and face them, unload your magazine on them and hide, then move onto the next enemy and so on.

    The enemies are pretty basic, you'll start out killing guys with AK 47's going up the ladder to fully apecial ops, and the oh so tough armored soldiers. Every now and then you will have to deal with some special boss, but they're now special, once you get behind them, they'll drop in no time, that or just use your RPG. Which brings me to your partner, I have mixed feelings about this part of the game because on the one hand, yes, you can set him up to give you cover fire and he'll distract the enemies making you "stealthy" and being able to sneak up and kill at will, but sometimes, especially when he's trying to heal you, he'll take the most difficult covers, or God forbid you're out in the open, he'll try to heal you, get shot at it and game over. Also, sometimes he'll wander around and not stay in a good spot where you can set him up to cover you, so you have to walk to the spot you want him on, order him to stop and go back to your cover, which is pretty annoying if you have a good wave of enemies shooting at you.

    Aside from the very few cons, I would definitely play this game, especially if you have another person to play with because that will definitely greatly increase the whole co-op resource....more info
  • 8.7 out of 10
    I seriously loved this game. You can customize your weapons that include supressors, stock of the guns, and clip size for example. I believe there are two or three more customized items on the weapons. The armor and mask the characters wear are also buyable. The graphics I rate at about a 7.5 on PS3. The only issue I have on this game is the story of this game is short. Gameplay, I'd rate a 5.5 on a good day. But, the good thing is that your customized materials get added to your new games. In conclusion, I'd rate this at about a 8.7 out of 10....more info
  • Might as well be Co-op only.
    As the name suggest Army of Two is a game that requires you to have a friend that is just into gaming as you. This game only shines when you and a friend are playing single player is not fun at all. I would recommend this only if you know someone to play with....more info
  • army of two
    army of two is a great game whether you play alone or with someone. the game isnt that long, but it is a great game. i would recommend for anyone who likes tactical shooter games to try out army of two ...more info
  • Built for Co-op play
    I bought this game based on the coop feature but my friend and I were very disappointed with it. We fond the controls to lag quite a bit and the graphics to be inferior. Also the character vocalizations are annoying.

    We went back to playing Call of Duty in coop. Resistance 2 also has a fun coop feature....more info
  • AOT
    I normally play shooter, but this one just didn't gave me what I was looking for....more info
    I had been anticipating this game for close to a year, it was supposed to come out in November and was pushed back to "polish up graphics and refine mechanics" if thats the case I would have HATED to see how bad it was back then. this Game is a GIANT let down. The controls are clumsy and slow, and usually inaccurate.

    The A.I. is frankly woefully lacking in the areas they claimed it would be superior, the "computer partner" doesn't cover you, doesn't heal you, and very rarely stays with you at all. The vehicles are pathetic and require two men to use properly but your partner of course is constantly running off to do their own thing. With all the articles I've read about this game, all the videos all the excitement and build up of waiting for it. I'm horribly disappointed. I was ready to give this game every chance I could and i just can't recommend it.

    It's as if the game simply isn't finished. They boast on and on about the total customization of your character and it's all B.S. you can KIND of customize your weapons, and can choose different armor, but only in campaign mode, you can't customize jack squat in online play, you can't even select which character you want to look like it randomly chooses a character from the campaign to give you. which sucks big time.

    this Game over all just isn't worth the inflated price for a "NEXT GEN" game.

    ...more info
  • kinda sucks
    its ok control mechanics and graphics are all at a 3 out of 10 for me
    split screen is over and under so thats terrible.
    didnt play all the way through cause it wasn't compelling.
    ...more info
  • light em up
    while this game has a few areas it could use improvement - overall this is still THE BEST co op game i've played on console in ages. The ability to sit next to someone and go thru some decent AI and have to use each other smartly to stay alive is great. im a big pc gamer so one of main reasons i bought a ps3 is to play games with someone right next to me.

    pros - CO OP!!!! one person flies a chute the other snipes? briliiant. customizable weapons, fun levels, decent guns, nice cutscenes
    normal - graphics are decent, def not over the top tho, could use better audio too
    cons - cant skip movies after u beat the game, sound on guns could be a little cooler too. few other annoying things im sure u'll find as well

    lot more details about the game, but overall if u want to sit on your couch with someone and have fun in a shoot em up game, get this. ...more info
  • Co-op is absolutely a blast!!
    My best friend lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Tennessee. We're always looking for a game that we can play together online. When I first saw the trailer for Army of Two, I knew we'd have to be all over this game. We didn't buy it for the single player (duh), but we've definitely had a great time playing online co-op.

    The gameplay is very much like Gears of War, although I'd still give the graphics nod to Gears. But, the amount of detail on both Rios and Salem is awesome. The customization is also another bonus. Very detailed and you have a wide variety of things to choose from, primary weapons, secondary, special, gear and then from there you get more specific to each item you choose. We literally spend like 5-10 mins between rounds playing around with the customization section. Great stuff.

    The melee attacks are even better. I just don't think I can ever get bored of seeing them. We laugh all the time. The cover system is great as well. You don't get stuck to a wall like in Gears and you are free to move in and out and over. I prefer the 3rd person view on console games, so that is obviously a plus.

    The A.I is extremely smart and hard to kill, which is a bonus. They flank, retreat and flat out attack when you are pinned. The A.I movement is clean and the rag doll effects are as good as they are in most games. Fun to watch.

    If you have a buddy to play this game with, you won't regret it. My best friend and I are both close to 30, and we're still laughing at the commentary. It's a great stress reliever and a great way to have a good laugh with a friend. Good times. :) I'd definitely recommend it....more info
  • Controls are a disaster
    The controls on this game are terrible, and there are no options to reassign the buttons. game play is just annoying when you can accurately control your character or your aim. I bought this game to play co-op and it is ok for that but really annoying to work your way through the level the agro is just a dumb idea.......more info
  • Newsflash: Must Be Played Co-Op
    I'm baffled at how people can pick up a game entitled "Army of Two" and then complain that their computerized partner is incompetent. I don't mean to alarm anyone here, but this game requires the use of... a FRIEND! That's right! If you manage to locate another person who will play the game with you at the same time, it actually works really really well!

    My buddies and I freakin' LOVE this game. It is fantastic. Unlike, say, Resistance: Fall of Man (also great) this feels more like a tactical combat system - you cannot simply charge in blazing away and hope for the best. There is no auto-aiming, you are going to have to actually hit people directly, with weapons that rarely have an area of effect. That's where the *two player* element comes in; unless you cover each other and work together, you are going to die. But if you do, the delights and rewards are many. Through the use of the "aggro" system, you can get foes to focus on you as the primary threat by shooting at them with heavy weapons or killing several of them quickly, freeing your partner up to flank them. Using cover is a must - enemy foes are good shots and will in turn try to flank you. The multitude of weapons is a joy - and they can and must be upgraded with cash you earn through missions. By attaching new barrels, stocks, and front mount shields you can turn a relatively innocent sub-machinegun into a highly accurate instrument of death. Sniper rifles go from jerky, breathing-affected rifles to smooth, long range telescopic scoped murder devices. It's awesome.

    Again, this is a game that requires you to work together with a human partner. Often you will see enemies run by or dive into cover and not be able to get a shot off in time by yourself. That's life. Tell your friend where they went and work together to take them down. It's also why God invented hand grenades and the ability to dive into cover of your own. You can even shoot guns over your head while staying under cover, what's not to love? I've had sequences in this game in which I've used a sniper rifle to kill an enemy sniper, immediately switched to a combat shotgun to take out guys trying to overrun my position, grabbed a soldier dropping onto my position by helicopter by the throat and headbutted him to death, and then tossed a grenade into a nearby upper story structure to rescue my partner. In perhaps 10 seconds. That's a fun game. And even if one of you goes down, you can still fight! There's nothing like dragging your buddy out of the line of fire while shooting back over your shoulder wildly to keep enemies back - and the guy you're dragging can even keep shooting as well until he's patched up enough to walk!

    This game is probably my favorite PS3 game so far. It has to be played with a friend, and as a team. Once it is, it really blossoms into something special....more info
  • A fun shooter game
    First off, let me get deal with the bad parts of this game. Your A.I. partner, while he generally didn't perform that poorly when it came to performing first aid on me he didn't always make good decisions, standing in an area where he could easily get shot(and standing between me and the enemies shooting at him so I can't cover him I might add) instead of stopping to kill the enemies shooting him he will keep on with his fruitless endeavor until you're both dead. Secondly, the friggin' parachute is almost impossible to control. The second level has an area where you parachute through a canyon and I was only able to get through it on easy mode and that wasn't so much a matter of getting through as of surviving getting slammed against the rocks. Thirdly, the game is kind of short, but in a way this helps the story as every level helps move the plot along. Still, a few 'filler' levels would have been okay. A few levels where Rios and Salem weren't arguing about some conspiracy. The game play can be a little erratic when you get close. It's surprisingly easy to miss people at point blank range and then they toss you to the ground and shot you.

    But on to the good, this game has quite an impressive arsenal of weapons which is cool. Being able to upgrade your weapons is also a neat feature. Going back through the game a second time with a full arsenal of gold plated diamond studded is quite fun. I enjoyed ordering my partner around once I figured out what the heck I was doing. Having my partner hold his ground while I swoop behind the enemy and take them out is awesome (when it works) On the flipside when you try holding the aggro and then order your partner to advance it tends to not go so well, as he doesn't always kill as efficiently as a human would. When he would advance is when he got into trouble, he would sometimes wander out too far and get shot and then I would have to dive into a hail of bullets to retrieve him. In general though if you make smart decisions and keep your partner out of the red mode he shouldn't die too much. The overkill mode and back to back are fun for some over the top action. Being able to plow through people like ther are standing still is quite the rush. I thought this was quite a fun game.

    P.S. What is the deal with the deal with the language? I don't mind a little swearing but this game is a bit much. As Troy McClure said at Krusty's funeral(random Simpson's reference) 'it get's a little blue'.
    "'F--k O?' Who says that?" My thoughts exactly Salem. My thoughts exactly....more info
  • Wow. Just Wow. And not a good wow.
    I don't understand how this game is getting such high marks. The controls are terrible, either you have super slow accelerating into way to fast causing you to over lead all the time or you just have super slow. To the point where you can't even keep up with a guy while he's running across the screen. Then there's the total uselessness of the guns. Seriously, the bullets don't really effect the enemy. You can shoot guys point blank and they'll get up and run away. You can shoot them while they're running and they don't even trip or slow down! You have a better bet running up to the enemy and trying to melee. That is if the camera is pointed at him, otherwise you just start shooting off into nothing. And if you get lucky. No lie. I shot a guy 20 times, he ran past me, I went to melee and he was able to beat me to it and kick me to the ground.
    And the camera, no auto anything. You have to continuously turn. No auto lock or tracking or anything. Enemies can run right past you and kill you by shooting you in the back while you're stuck fighting the slow camera to try and turn.
    The graphics are OK but you can't shoot through things! COD4 has raised the bar and other games need to respond. Enemies can hide behind a particle board sign and not be shot. Infuriating to say the least. This really feels like a PS2 game ported over.
    Online VS play is interesting. They have some good ideas there, but the controls just ruin it.
    On a side note, not sure if it's the game or the PSN, but I could not get voice chat working at all when it was fine in the Lost Planet demo.
    I would NOT damage the name and reputation of Gears by making any comparison between the two....more info
  • Quite a big letdown
    I went to gamestop the first day it came out and it was sold out. So, knowing how cool the trailer for this game is and it being sold out on the first day, I just had to get it. I got it and went home and turned it on expecting the most out of it to see the Main Menu screen which reminded me of some nasty Gears of War crap.

    Then I experienced the lagging cross-hair targeting which is the main flaw.

    Oh yeah the enemies have no reaction to bullets and have that lame rag doll death.

    I don't like the costume design especially. The flame print on the armor is gross.

    Colors are too bright.

    Online play is not really online. It's pretty lonely online and the co op gaming is mediocre.


    It's a cute idea having made this game especially for coop gaming but it's not the best.

    Good storyline.

    Cool gun mods.

    That chick in the game is hot.

    ...more info
  • Not to bad
    Army of Two is a good FPS. It isn't great.. it's just good. The story line is interesting anough to keep you entertained. The graphics are pretty good. You can buy and upgrade your weapons which is a cool feature. And you can "ice" your weapons too which is kinda cool. Really the only complaint I have about this game is the transitioning from target to target is very slow. It can get kind of frustrating when you are taking on multiple targets at once. Once you shoot one it takes what seems like forever to transition to the next target. But all in all, it's a good game....more info
  • Great Game
    This Game is pretty sweet either you play it alone or with a friend the only down side is that the game is too short, you can finish the game in a weekend but still really good game. ...more info
  • short but real fun!
    2 player story coop is just a blast. but that where it stops the online play is not that great and there is no incentive to replay the game... its was fun but not worth the $60 bucks i payed... it was fun though so if its low enough go ahead and get it ...more info
    Without a question the guys of EA Games have crafted a great game, but somehow when you are all excited about it then it ends to soon.


    -Great graphics
    -Fun factor is awesome
    -A totally different kind of shooter
    -Co-op is gorgeous, specially with a buddy
    -Its a neat 3rd person shooter
    -Use and upgrade of weapons are great


    -Longer amount of missions and locations. You can beat the game in a weekend
    -The ability to jump and lay down on the floor and roll over on engaging fire
    -Different kinds and color of suit gear
    -The ability to switch sides when shooting
    -Use of knife and stealth kills specially with weapon silencers
    -Enemy AI should be more engaging and defying
    -The ability to use and fight choppers and vehicules rather than only the use of a hooverboat

    Still I love the game and hope the guys of EA come up with a second title of the franchise.
    ARMY OF TWO 2: TWO NASTY (Just my personal suggestion for the title) After more than 70 played titles between PS2 and PS3 shooters and action games I hope this review might serve you guys well.

    Tigui 36 yrs....more info
  • An Awesome Game
    First,I am Glad that I bought Army of Two. In Army of Two, you will be,fighting back to back,ripping off car doors to use as bullet shields,watching as the ocean quickly swallows an aircraft carrier...while you're on it,fighting your way through a hurricane flooded airport and oh so much more.Army of Two is a co-op based game, meaning that you will always be playing with an A.I. partner if you are not playing with a friend.Controlling your A.I. partner is done by using the D-Pad,instructing your partner to drag you out of enemy fire and heal you,or which way to steer the parachute while you snipe enemies below.The gameplay relies heavily on Two Man tactics as the title implies,this is best demonstrated by the use of the AGGRO METER,which turns red as you lay down fire on your enemies making you the center of attention and making your partner invisible and able to flank the enemy. The game locks in at about 6 to 7 hours for the average player.As you progress through the game you will earn loads of cash, which can be used to buy and upgrade weapons in the 4 different weapons categories such as: Primary weapons,Secondary weapons,Gear and ect.Weapons can be upgraded with bullet shields,silencers,larger magazines,stocks and an interesting appearance option called "PIMPED" which turns the weapons Solid Gold or Silver and is available for all weapons.The Sound and Graphics are absolutely top notch,rivaling the best games on the New Gen systems.Mulitplayer modes will have you and a friend fighting against hordes of enemies for the highest score,along with the standard deathmatch and ect.The game also has a very Gears of War esque feel to it,with the shooting,movement, and cover mechanincs almost identical to Gears of War,enabling Ps3 owners to enjoy a similar Third Person experience as thier xbox bretheren.All in all, Army of Two is an excellent game to play with/without friends and I hope that you enjoy the game....more info
  • Lots of fun
    This is a really great game. So far the online play is good, but it's really hard to hear the people you're playing with. I'm sure a patch will fix that eventually though. Overall it's a great game....more info
  • CO-OP is the best
    I loved this game. I played it with my buddy. (offline) and it was one of the more fun games to play on PS3 for co-op play. ...more info
  • Great split-screen fun most shooters don't have
    I guess with the PS3, there is a huge emphasis on online gaming. Very few shooters for the PS3 have cool offline features from previous generation games like Perfect Dark, Timesplitters, etc. which allow you to to fill up a multiplayer map with bots and blast away in split-screen mode with a friend or by yourself. Many PS3 shooters don't even have a split-screen mode (forget bots). Instead, you need a second PS3 and another TV to play with your friends. So Army of Two is a welcome co-op shooter experience you won't find elsewhere.

    I think it's cool that the game forces you to work together. My brother-in-law is a pro at playing shooters and charges into the middle of things blasting away, while I am cautious and prefer to snipe from cover. But he always gets shot down when he gets too far from me, and if I can't get to him soon enough to patch him up (restore his health), it's game over. Likewise, I've had to learn more aggressive tactics to keep up. We both have to stay together and work as a team, or we die. I think that's cool!

    One key strategy the game seems built on: Player 1 takes cover and blind fires over the obstacle with "pimped", shiny weapons in full-auto. This draws a lot of attention and fire from enemies (the game calls it "aggro"). Then Player 2 can flank unnoticed and shoot enemies from along side their cover. I like a shotgun for this job, because one, well-placed shot will knock down an enemy at closer ranges.

    Another thing I like about Army of Two is the weapons selection and customization. Primary, Secondary, and Special weapons catagories each have 12 or so weapons to choose from (you can carry 1 of each). Each weapon can be modified with higher capacity magazines, stocks, barrels, accessories... You get money from missions (and by completing bonus objectives) to purchase new weapons and upgrade them. That in itself is a cool concept most shooters don't offer.

    The game has 3 difficulty levels and I think it could be a challege for just about anybody. I'm not a hardcore gamer and not an expert by any means, but the game is challenging and loads of fun at the same time. There are about 7 missions (if I remember right). Of course, I'd like more, but the missions are long and varied. They have you going to several countries and fighting in buildings, streets, tunnels, an aircraft carrier, an airport, woodlands, rivers... I have actually enjoyed re-playing missions several times, and I'm still not bored with the game. Half the fun is exploring different cooperative strategies and tactics.

    Army of Two is definitely a keeper and I won't be trading it anytime soon. ...more info
  • Online Co-op Makes This Game a Must Have!
    This game is way under rated by the other reviews. I bought this game to play online co-op with a buddy over 3,000 miles away. It's blown all my expectations out of the water. Graphics are decent (definitely PS3 appropriate, I don't know where the PS2 comments came from on the other reviews), sound is sweet, and the control is selectable in the options menu (ranging from slow to twitchy). The big thing is this game plays seamlessly as if my buddy and I were in the next room. What other game can boast online co-op in campaign mode and pull it off like Army of Two?

    The "bad guy" AI is pretty good, and they advance and make decisions that make this game a good challenge. Previous reviews said the aiming sucks and the enemy doesn't seem to be phased by direct hits...I don't see it. When you start, your main weapon isn't very accurate, and alot of times you're firing from cover, holding your gun over your head. So, of course it's not going to be easy to aim, and with an inaccurate automatic weapon you're not going to hit the guy who's running 30 yards away.

    The co-op mode is a blast, and I thought the single player mode wasn't too bad either. The key is that you have to use the communication tools with the AI partner. The in-play training tips help you learn how to get the AI guy to do what you need him to. I found that once I got the hang of it, he was predictable and even saved my [...] on occasion. Without using the communication tools, the AI partner would be worthless, so I'm thinking the previous reviewers didn't use the tools.

    My only negative comment is that the game did crash on me once. That should have been caught by the testers. Even with that, for what this game does with online technology, I definitely give it Five Stars!!...more info
  • it needs a fix
    One player is very short very easy to beat. Online lags microphones skips needs more maps. I think that it needs to be fixed before anymore people buy it....more info
  • Disappointing
    I read all the reviews before buying this game and I got very excited, but when I played it, I was very disappointed. I really regret buying it.
    There's no multiplayer version, so the replayability is very low.
    The playability is a lot strange, it's not comparable to an average FPS. I personally didn't like it.
    The co-op idea is interesting, but it's not worth. I'd prefer CoD4 or Vegas2....more info
  • Army of Morons
    This game is awful. I don't get how EA manage to get good ratings on mediocre games. IGN rated this POS as 8 - should be 5 or lower. The controls are aweful. They should learn something from COD4 and Activision. Plus using your AI partner in single player CO-OP is like asking a moron to help you out on your physics homework. AI partner will walk into an area where he can easily be shot and then will get to the point where you have to go and rescue him. The aiming of the guns, painful experience. Buy COD4 and play it will be more fun this lame game....more info


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