Cat Zoom Groom

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Product Description

The best grooming and shampooing brush guaranteed! Removes loose hair, reduces hairballs and stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coat. Effective for all dogs and cats and all coat types.

  • Removes loose hair like a magnet
  • Reduces hair balls
  • Flexible

Customer Reviews:

  • At last, a groomer they all enjoy
    This is the first grooming product that our cats seem to love. The kitty that is the most finicky about being brushed just purrs away when I use this. She loves it. And the amount of fur I get off her is just amazing. For once her coat is soft, shiny and smooth and you don't get a huge handful of hair when you pet her. ...more info
  • removes enough shedding fur to make a spare cat
    The "Zoom Groom" is the first grooming tool which cats really like. The soft rubber cones must feel very good because my cats will sit there purring while they're being brushed with the "Zoom Groom." And, the device collects enough loose fur to make a spare cat.

    My two cats are a black short-hair and a white fluffy long-hair, and the "Zoom Groom" works equally well on both of them. The fur is easily removed from the "Zoom Groom." You just pull it out from between the rubber cones and it comes out easily for disposal.

    (I find it's handy to use a plastic sandwich bag to collect the fur removed from the "Zoom Groom" because it allows you to wipe the fur off your fingers and overcome static electric cling. Besides, it's impressive to see how much fur is in the plastic bag -- and not on your clothes, carpets or furniture.)

    In my opinion, this pet grooming device is ingenious and effective. And it's very inexpensive. And, it may be one of the few products still manufactured in the USA.
    ...more info
  • Absolutely the best!
    I've tried dozens of groomers, and this is THE BEST for cat hair- the hair that's grown and shedding.
    It's easy to hold, lasts forever, -and if you turn it over, it's a perfect lint brush that will gather all the loose hair from your clothes and couch cushions.
    Just rinse it to restore the surface.

    The Zoom Groom, used regularly with a FURminator for the undercoat, should keep your cats' tummy -and your floors- free of hairballs....more info
    This brush -I don't know how it works takes out all the dead hair off the cat. Cat loves it too.. You need another brush to catch all the dead hair afterwards to smooth their coat.. Well worth it..
    Also shipping was so fast. .I don't think it was 3 days.....more info
  • Cats were not keen!
    After reading rave reviews for "The Furminator" grooming tool which my cats absolutely hated, I thought I'd try the "Zoom Groom", as it appeared to be more gentle. At first both cats who usually love to be brushed weren't keen at all on this product. After reverting to the normal brush for a few weeks hoping they'd forget all about this product (as they were very reluctant to even be stroked after using this at first), I introduced the Zoom Groom again but very carefully and now they seem to be much better with it. I still wouldn't say its an amazing product as some people have, as my cats are still a bit hesitant, but it does seem to do an okay job of removing hair when they'll let me use it....more info
  • Really gets the hair out!
    Our cats love this brush! They think they are getting a massage, and it really pulls out the dead hair!...more info
  • Making my cat happy and groomed at the same time
    My cat looks forward to her grooming session every day. In fact, if I don't do it at the usual time of the morning, she reminds me. It not only feels wonderful to her, the Zoom Groom does an excellent job of removing loose hair (she has a medium coat). She used to have "hair-ball" throw-ups several times a month. Now, it only occurs several times a year....more info
  • Effective and Fast
    It doesn't take long at all to groom your cat with the Zoom Groom. It works particularly well on the three short-hairs I've tried it on, the long hair cat hasn't taken to it (though he in general doesn't like being groomed!). This definitely works better than brushes with bristles....more info
  • Great for short-haired cats!
    I've tried several brushes on my short-haired tabby and the Zoom Groom is hands down the best. It picks up more hair than any other brush and my cat actually enjoys being brushed with it!...more info


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