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Kidz Sigg: The Kidz Sigg is the Swiss engineered water bottle for your little kids! One step up from the Baby Sigg, the Kidz Sigg is the perfect size for taking to school in a lunch box or an afternoon trip to the park. Incredibly rugged, crack resistant, and complete with a leaching and build-up resitant liner, this water bottle will survive anything your youngster can throw at it!

A safe, stylish alternative to plastic sippy cups, Sigg Kids reusable bottles are a great choice for keeping your child hydrated in a healthy way. Designed to fit your on-the-go lifestyle, this durable, leak-proof, ultra-lightweight bottle is extruded from a single piece of aluminum and is suitable for all beverages--from water to juice to carbonated drinks. An ideal size for toddler, it holds 0.4 liters of fluid (13.5 ounces) and it comes with a double seal, leak-proof top with cap that keeps out dirt.

The leak-proof top comes with a removable cap to protect it from dirt and the elements.
Sigg bottles are virtually unbreakable and are constructed with no seams, ensuring a long-lasting, leak-proof performance. They also feature Sigg's proprietary baked-on inner liner, which is made from a non-toxic, water-based epoxy resin that exceeds FDA requirements for leaching (0.0 percent) and is independently tested to be taste- and scent-neutral. Every Sigg bottle is 100 percent recyclable at the end of its life, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

About Sigg
It all started with a simple hiker's bottle. Today, the SIGG bottle has acquired cult status. What happened is a success story that started in Biel, Switzerland in 1908. Kščng, Sigg & Cie. manufactured leisure goods, kitchenware, and electrical appliances. The company relocated to Frauenfeld in 1916, where it helped pioneer the legendary tradition of Swiss quality. Since 1998, SIGG has concentrated on its core business: drinking bottles that deliver ultimate customer benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Can Sigg bottles be used for boiling water?
A: No. Strong heat can damage the outer coating.

Q: Can dents in the bottle damage the Sigg bottle's inner coating?
A: No, the Sigg inner coating is highly elastic. Dents cannot crack or chip the internal lining and the Sigg bottle remains perfectly usable.

Q: Can I use my Sigg bottle for carbonated drinks?
A: Yes, all Sigg bottle tops provide a 100 percent seal and will not leak. It's recommended that you fill the bottle no further than 1/2-inch below the lip. And before taking a drink, relieve the pressure inside the bottle by gently rotating the entire top.

Q: Are Sigg bottles dishwasher safe?
A: Yes, but because of the narrow mouth of the bottle, hand washing is recommended.

Q: Can a Sigg bottle be placed in the freezer
A: No, as this may cause the bottle to crack. However, the bottle can be chilled in the refrigerator.

  • Stylish, Swiss-engineered aluminum water bottle--perfect size for toddler at 13.5 ounces (0.4 liters)
  • Non-toxic proprietary inner liner resistant to leaching; taste- and scent-neutral
  • Made from a single piece of aluminum--rugged, crack-resistant and completely reusable
  • Leak-proof top with removable cap to protect against dirt and the elements
  • Can be used to store fizzy drinks and fruit juices

Customer Reviews:

  • very nice, my girls love to drink from these bottles.
    Great non toxic drinking option. My two girls (3 and 17 months) love to drink from these bottles, so they actually stay hydrated. The only downside is that they will dent when dropped. This does not affect perfomance, just appearance....more info
  • Love it! Perfect size for kids and dogs!
    I got this Sigg bottle for my 4 dogs when we go to the dog park. It keeps the water cool, is very tough, clean, and doesn't leak! I bought a bigger size for myself and love it!! Best of all, the water tastes like water, and its very durable!...more info
  • Suburban super-moms just LOVE sigg.....BUT
    Most physicians would not recommend using aluminum bottles, especially for children. The aluminum can leach into the water. There has been research done pointing to a link between aluminum use and Alzheimer's Disease. Remember the supposed link between heavy metals and autism that had "concerned mothers" everywhere declining important vaccinations?? Aluminum is a heavy metal.
    Having a Sigg bottle hanging from your Bug-a-boo does not make you the coolest mommy in the suburb, it makes you a sheeple.
    Opt for safer stainless steel. ...more info
  • I love my Sigg
    Apparently I have a kids one?! Anyway, I love the design (whispering meadows) and that they are toxin free, can hold many different types of beverages, and sturdy. It's very easy to clean with a bottle brush. My baby won't drink water out of a sippy cup or her bottle, but she loves my water bottle! ...more info
  • Sigg's not the best for toddler
    We ordered some kid Sigg bottles when the BPA free recommendations first came out. I like that the water stays pretty cold and doesn't taste funny but they are either open or closed and when you hand a toddler it open it end up all over them. I have had to change my son's clothes twice because he had it with him in the car seat open and it leaked everywhere. I like the adult version with the sports top better i think. You have to push down a little with your lips to drink and my 20 month old almost has the hang of it. Then when thrown in the stroller or car seat it doesn't seem as likely to leak. BUT, now that camelbak has their full line of waterbottles with sippy spouts on them in BPA free we are back to those being our favorite for our son. ...more info
  • Highly recommend
    These are nice little bottles. I only wish you could freeze them to keep the contents colder longer. I also recommend purchasing the neoprene cover as these bottles do sweat and the covers easily attach the bottle to a bookbag, stroller, diaper bag, etc. ...more info
  • Reducing plastic
    I wanted to find a water bottle for my daughter to take to school instead of buying water in a bottle. She loves using this one! It fits neatly in her lunch box and she knows she is doing her part to save the planet. Easy to clean and light. We'd recommend it highly!...more info
  • Great water bottle
    I bought this water bottle for my 4-year-old son. His school requires each kid bring a bottle of water every day for outdoor use. This is actually his 4th water bottle in one year. I like this water bottle because it is safe for kids comparing to plastic bottles. It comes with a lid and is spill-proof which makes it more sanitary to use. For the first couple of weeks, my son needed a little help twist the top sipping part (it needs to be twisted to let the water come out). After a while, it became easier for him to twist and now he can use it all by himself. So far, it has been a great water bottle!...more info
  • BPA-Free Solution
    I purchased this for my 22-month old after learning that most of his sippy cups were made from materials containing harmful BPA. I like this product because it is lightweight and keeps drinks cold. I don't like, but overlook the following: the protective over-cap broke off after 2 days of typical handling by a toddler and liquid leaks out from the drinking spout if bottle is on its side (when drinking spout is in open position). Overall, I like this product and my toddler enjoys drinking out of it. I recommend getting the Sigg Bottle Grip(especially for smaller children). ...more info
  • love it
    I love this water bottle! I feel good that my kids drink out of a non plastic bottle. I like that there is a lining in it so that you can put juice in it. I wish it could go in the dishwasher, but I read that was not recommended. The lid that goes over the sippy part is kind of annoying for the baby but you can take that off....more info
  • Safest Water Bottle for Kids
    I love these Sigg bottles. They are made to safely contain drinking water and I trust them. (Lately, it's difficult to trust most eating and drinking containers.) The designs are okay; my 3- and 5-year-olds are pretty content with them. Their friends admire them, and their parents inquire about them a lot. I've given some as gifts.

    I didn't give it 5 stars because these can't go in the dishwasher. I don't know that they will ever be able to, but this is a major drawback for me because I practically scald my hands trying to soap and rinse them out. The top has a few different parts that should be dissasembled fairly frequently.

    One last drawback--the piece of plastic that connects the round part of the top to the black twisting part is pretty thin. My brother works at REI and he said a lot of people come in for replacements, which are very difficult to find.

    But still, I really, really like this water bottle (we have 4 for the kids and a few for the grown-ups) and I will buy more to have on hand (because of the washing issue). And FWIW, none of mine has broken. A couple small dents, but nothing else....more info
  • siggs bottle
    My kid absolutely loved this bottle, and I do too. The parts are easy to clean--the sipping part comes apart for better cleaning, so no gunk can get build up on it (have you seen your water bottle sipper?)
    The only complaint was there was a slight dent when the bottle arrived, but you have to really check to see it. (that's why it got 4 stars instead of 5) Nevertheless, its lightweight and a definite, better choice than the polycarbonate bottles....more info
  • Better than plastic, but still has it's flaws
    We bought a Sigg bottle and a similar one made by Thermos for our child. I like the spout of the sigg bottle better than the built in straw in the Thermos bottle. However, the Sigg bottle conducts the temperatures through to the outside of the bottle (the Thermos one does not). Thus, if we fill it with ice water, the bottle is freezing cold to hold and 'sweats'. If filled with a hot drink the bottle gets hot to the touch. The Thermos bottle seems to have a level of insulation between the inner wall and the outside of the bottle- thus making it much more comfortable for a child to work with. Also, our child had a little trouble with the twisting open/shut of the spout on this bottle and tended to just leave it open, which does lead to leaking........more info
  • Cute and does the job, a little big
    SIGG quality stuff, but seems a bit large to stuff in my daughter's lunch box....more info
  • child approved
    i like the product, the colorful design you cannot compare to the plastic sippy cups. the only thing i didn't like is that it isn't spill proof all the time, you have to close (twist motion) for it to be spill proof. very easy to take apart and wash spout and my 2yo loves's his favoorite cup doesn't even ask for superhero cup now....more info
  • Not so great
    I guess I'll be the "Debby Downer" on this product. In theory, this water bottle is great. But in practicality - not so much. Maybe mine was not put together properly. I got my son a kid water bottle (not cheap by the way) and on the first outing to the park he dropped it on the foamy cushy floor and the lid broke off. I wish you good luck with this product if you get it but know not to let it fall to the ground....more info
  • No more plastic water bottles
    We've been using these water bottles for 2 years now and have been thrilled. The down side first: You can't freeze them and if you kick them around enough the paint will come off. I also wouldn't recommend putting them in the dishwasher. That said, they are so cute: many of the parents on my daughter's teams have asked about them and gotten them for their own children. I worry about the chemicals in plastic water bottles: especially those that have been left in the sun or stored for a long time. I also worry about the effect on the environment. With these I worry about neither. I haven't bought a plastic water bottle in more than 2 years and we used to go through a dozen a week. Each child has his or her own design and I keep them in the door of the fridge to be grabbed for soocer, ballet, trips to the pool, etc. We love them....more info
  • Sigg - Like it, don't love it...
    We generally are happy with our Sigg bottles, however, the bottles are not insulated, so if you put something cold in them, the bottle becomes very cold to the touch. My kids often complain about this. We have other stainless steel bottles that are insulated on the outside that the kids definately prefer. Also, the opening of the Sigg bottles is very small which makes it difficult to clean thoroughly. ...more info
  • Love it
    I love the Sigg water bottles, and this one is no exception. It is a perfect size to take to school in my bookbag. I have 3 Sigg bottles now and I love every single one of them. If you don't own one, get one! They are totally worth the extra cost....more info
  • Improvements Could Be Made
    Chose this because of all the plastic scares. Like it for me. Bought several for my kids. Very expensive. I act like a maniac making sure that they come home from school or camp with their bottles. Easily ding, dent, chip and scratch when they are dropped. Both my 2 & 4yos have trouble opening the twist top. The bottle cap breaks off easily. This seems like a product not designed for kids but retrofitted to meet a new market. We all do like the fun graphics and sophisticated look. ...more info
  • Beautiful bottle!
    My 7-year-old daughter absolutely adores her new water bottle! The picture does not do this justice. The graphics are very pretty. It is well made and everything both this mom and a "girly" girl could want. ...more info
  • Cute and practical
    We were searching for BHP free sippy cups, and bought this as an on-line review commended the product, while also listing some negatives. Overall I find ups are more than making up for what I find as some very minor downs....more info
  • Toddler Loves It
    My toddler really like this bottle. She can drink from it with ease. I feel better knowing it's a safer material. I wish it was spill proof but the little twist lock on the spout seems to do the trick when she takes off with the bottle....more info
  • Terrific Water Bottle, Well Worth the Price!
    After trying without any success to find a decent water/milk bottle for my kindergartener to take in his school lunches, someone suggested Sigg to me. What a great purchase! The size fits into his lunchbox, it's very easy to clean, never leaks, and it's pretty well insulated. The only reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars is that it does warm up noticeably by the end of the school day, and ideally I'd like something that will stay cooler longer. But there were a few things I was really looking for: no straws (too hard to get sanitary), won't leak, easy for a kindergartener to open and close, and at least a little insulated. I was initially daunted by the price, which was higher than the several bottles I had purchased previously. But then I realized I had already spent at least this much, on bottles that hadn't worked out. And now I have a water bottle he can use for years to come!...more info
  • great product
    No more buying water bottles. This works great and looks like it'll last forever....more info
  • Perfect for Toddlers
    This Sigg bottle is constructed great and perfect for toddlers. My daughter loves the colorful, fun design and feels like a "big Girl" drinking water from the same kind of cup as her mom! I love that the bottle is not plastic. It's great to take along since the water stays cool and doesn't get a plastic taste when left in the sun or stroller....more info
  • Accomplishes its purpose, but . . . .
    Bought this for my 3 1/2 year old son, so that he isn't using a plastic sippy cup. Works great, but the very first time we used it he dropped it and guess what? It dents soooo easy. Easily damaged and not likely to stay so pretty after a little boy uses it. I wish it was a little more durable....more info
  • Good product, but not if you want to worry about leaks
    This is a great product - clearly for the health-safety reasons. The only thing to get used to is that this is not a regular "leak-proof" sippy cup. It will leak, profusely, if left on it's side. For older kids, they can likely learn to remember to close it, but for young preschoolers, that's not so easy....more info
  • I wish I would have known about these sooner!!!! GREAT
    I have 4 kids ranging in age from 15 to 3. From the oldest to the youngest these cups are a BIG hit. Not only do they love these cups, but I have not seen a sippy cup spill or regular cup spill since we brought these cups into our home. I even plan on letting the school aged kids pack them in their lunch boxes.

    They are much safer to use, because of what they are made of. The plastic cups I used to use contained a chemical called Bisphenol-a (this chemical is also contained in the plastic used to make a lot of baby bottles). I was sickened and wanted an alternative. I researched for a long time online, and came to the conclusion that these cups were the best option for us.

    Kleen Kanteen was an alternate choice, but #1-they are made in China, and #2-they do not have the water soluble lining that the SIGG does(you do not taste aluminum this way).

    Also, cleaning these is a breeze, you just use hot water. We have used apple juice, water, milk, chocolate milk, grape juice etc. and no leaks!

  • Nice Bottle for Kids
    Nice bpa-free bottle. Not too heavy or hard to clean. The kids love the bright colors and patterns available....more info


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