Proraso Classic Shaving Cream With Eucalyptus Oil & Menthol

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Product Description

Proraso Classic Eucalyptus Shaving Cream transforms your daily shave from a boring routine to a special event. Invigorating and luxuriating, this creamy lather provides a superior glide surface for a close shave without irritation. Use with or without a shaving brush. Eucalyptus, Coconut Oils, Lanolin and Glycerin are combined in this famous and traditional formula. The enriched Glycerin base soothes the skin and promotes a healthy complexion. The classic and distinctive green tube reminds you of a time when shaving was a time honored ritual. Tube can conveniently stand on its top. Made in Florence, Italy for generations by the same family. For over 50 years, Proraso has been the leading shaving brand for men in Italy.

  • 5.2 oz./150 ml
  • Luxurious Lather Made With the Purest Ingredients
  • Close, Fresh Shave
  • Traditionally Crafted in Italy by a Family Owned Business

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice feel when finished
    This is my first experience with a cream other than out of the can. It gives you a good fresh feel when done and notice my shaving is closer than usual now....more info
  • Incredible
    Without question the best shaving product in my experience. Used with plenty of hot water, a double edged razor, and a brush (up and down strokes are best) and you can expect the closest, most comfortable shave ever. The scent is manly but not macho, and is very light in any case after you wash it off, and you don't need to use aftershave either. Wonderful.

    If you use a brush, make sure to get a good badger hair brush (expect to spend anywhere from twenty to forty dollars for a decent but inexpensive brush that will last a decade or more.) Make sure to also get a brush stand like the Nickel Shaving Brush Holder to keep water from seeping into the handle, which shortens the life of the brush....more info
  • Great stuff
    Lathers well, with a pleasant (subtle) scent. Shipping costs spoil some of the fun. You might consider BarclayCrocker, given its shipping and product costs. And for the straight razor user, mention Truefitt and Hill to anyone requesting a (n expensive) gift suggestion from you. Its cream is extraordinary: with a light, almost whipped consistency, extremely concentrated, a small amount makes for a superior shaving experience....more info
  • No wonder Italian men have used it for so long...
    Tried it for the very first time this morning. A pea-sized amount makes enough lather to shave.

    Great sensation when rinsing it off thanks to the Eucalyptus. Makes me want to try their after-shave as well....more info


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