The Inflammation Syndrome: The Complete Nutritional Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergies, and Asthma

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Early Acclaim for The Inflammation Syndrome

"Challem's new book hits a home run-with the latest research on what to eat and take to defeat our real number-one cause of health problems-inflammation. It's a message of the utmost importance."
-Jean Carper, New York Times bestselling author of Stop Aging Now! and Your Miracle Brain, and columnist, USA Weekend magazine

"Treating and preventing inflammation has become a major priority and a breakthrough in today's medicine. Many of our most debilitating diseases can be traced to an inflammatory cause. The program Jack Challem outlines in The Inflammation Syndrome is a great first step in ridding your body of this deadly problem."
-Fred Pescatore, M.D., author of Thin For Good, The Allergy and Asthma Cure, and Feed Your Kids Well

"The Inflammation Syndrome compellingly shows how the typical Western diet promotes inflammation and disease. In a scientifically accurate and easy-to-understand manner, Jack Challem lays out the basic nutrition plan for good health and weight loss-a plan that mimics many features of the ancestral and native human diet."
-Loren Cordain, Ph.D., author of The Paleo Diet

"Jack Challem has hit the bull's-eye when it comes to identifying the root cause of chronic inflammation-our pro-inflammatory Western diet. Following Challem's recommendations will not only relieve inflammation, it will lay the groundwork for optimal health."
-Jo Robinson, coauthor of The Omega Diet and principal investigator of

"In this book, Jack Challem focuses on inflammation, the most important underlying factor in health and disease. Anti-inflammatory strategies can slow the chronic and degenerative diseases of aging-even aging itself. Jack Challem shows us how the antioxidant vitamins E and C, modifying lifestyle factors, food and nutritional supplements, and nutraceuticals can be useful in reducing the risks of inflammatory disorders."
-Lester Packer, Ph.D., the world's foremost antioxidant research scientist and lead author of The Antioxidant Miracle

Customer Reviews:

  • For Anyone Serious about Eating Right and Feeling Great!
    I have read several books on health and diet and this is one of the best practical books I have found.

    Jack Challem is an exceptional nutritionist who provides common sense advice for reducing inflammation, eating right and feeling great. It explains in wonderful detail where aches and pains come from and how to minimize them. It also addresses diseases such as cancer and how to minimize your risk of getting them by eating right and taking the right suppliments.

    The Inflammation Syndrome reinforced much of the knowledge about healthy eating right that I already knew. It also provided me with new insights that lead a more pain free life.

    Challem makes excellent food recommendation such as eating more salmon and halibut. He also encourages increasing intake of Vitamins C & E, Omega 3 fatty acids, green tea and flax seed. He discusses the benefits of Green Tea, Olive oil, and more.

    Overall a great book for anyone serious about eating right and feeling great!

    The Re-Discovery of Common Sense: A Guide to: The Lost Art of Critical Thinking

    Stop Prediabetes Now: The Ultimate Plan to Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes
    ...more info
  • This book saved and changed my life.
    I have had rheumatoid arthritis in my hips and knees since I was three (3) years of age and never outgrew it. Over the years, I have tried countless remedies ranging from aspirin, Naprosyn and Celebrex. Nothing reduced the pain and swelling in my joints and the medication wreaked havoc on my digestive tract.

    Approximately, a year and a half ago, my personal trainer recommeded his acupuncturist after I could no longer run and could barely walk. The heat, stiffness and swelling in my knees and hips had become unbearable.

    After a thorough initial consultation, which revealed my diet consisted largely of "nightshade vegetables" and dairy, my acupuncturist recommended Challem's book. Since reading it and following suggested changes in my diet and adding natural supplements, I have been without arthritic pain and pharmaceutical drugs for a year and a half. It's amazing what detrimental effects processed food and pharmaceutical drugs have on a person's health. I have recommended and given copies of this book as gifts for those whom I care about and are also suffering from some degree of inflammation. Thank you Jack Challem - and to hell with my doctors and Rheumatologists who are brainwashed and dependant on this country's pharmaceutical industry....more info
  • Great explanation of the underlying cause of most disease
    Jack Challem writes articles on health for both the general public and scientific publications. He is also co-author of the book Syndrome X.

    The Inflammation Syndrome is divided into four parts: an explanation of the connection between inflammation and disease, including causes of inflammation; a 15-step diet plan to prevent and heal inflammation; supplements recommended to combat inflammation; and inflammation and specific diseases. There are multiple quizzes throughout the book on different causes of inflammation to allow you to see all the various ways your lifestyle may be currently promoting, or preventing, inflammation in your body. The book is written in a lively, easy-to-understand style, and the author helpfully provides a detailed table of contents, an index, extensive references, and appendices listing medical tests for inflammation and sources for anti-inflammatory products.

    I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about inflammation. Its straightforward, practical suggestions are not horrendously difficult to implement, and the author includes menu plans and recipes to get you started on his eating plan. I find his quizzes especially useful as a kind of lifestyle self-diagnosis.

    If you'd like to do additional reading on this subject, another excellent book is The Inflammation Cure: How to Combat the Hidden Factor Behind Heart Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, & Other Diseases, by William Joel Meggs. An outstanding related work is The Body Restoration Plan: Eliminate Chemical Calories and Restore Your Body's Natural Slimming System, by Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton. Dr. Baillie-Hamilton doesn't specifically write about inflammation, but provides very valuable insights on the damage done by environmental toxins to the body, which both Meggs and Challem indicate are strongly implicated in causing inflammation....more info

  • Connecting the "-itis" dots
    I am the author of The Inflammation Syndrome. My intent in writing the book was to connect many of the usually unconnected dots in inflammatory diseases. For example, obesity has a strong inflammatory undercurrent (because fat cells produce inflammation-promoting chemicals), and obesity increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Both obesity and type 2 diabetes increase the risk of coronary heart disease, which over the past couple of years has been redefined in medicine as an inflammatory disorder of the blood vessels. Chronic low-grade inflammation is one of the common denominators in these three diseases. Similarly, both rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease increase the likelihood of developing heart disease. But the real question in all this is why inflammation now appears to be so common. The reason, I believe, is that most Americans (and Westerners) are eating far too many processed foods that, because of their composition, are pro-inflammatory. Essentially, the typical American diet (which is now being shipped around the world) primes us for inflammation. To restore a more normal balance -- and to boost production of the body's own anti-inflammatory substances -- I recommend in The Inflammation Syndrome a more wholesome diet that emphasizes fish and vegetables (and include recipes as well). In addition, I recommend a number of anti-inflammatory dietary supplements that can also help restore a more normal balance. I have found that this dietary approach and the supplements have helped me, my friends, and patients of the many physicians I know. The book provides specific recommendations for about 20 of the most common inflammatory disorders, including arthritis, asthma, allergies, asthma, heart disease, skin disorders, and many others. Health be with you!...more info
  • Timely book explains pathway for all disease
    Jack Challem couldn't have written a more timely book.
    Millions of Americans are taking anti-inflammatory drugs and drug companies are rapidly pursuing the development of more potent anti-inflammatory drugs? Why? Because inflammation is the pathway for all disease. Pouring more drugs on a burning fire may not be the answer. A diet, plus supplements, is probably the best way to forstall disease. Jack Challem describes the way to do this. --- Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc....more info
  • Effective, drug-free approach to inflammatory disease!
    Jack Challem is once again at the forefront of medical and nutritional science, explaining how our standard American diet is contributing to the rapidly increasing incidence of chronic inflammatory disease. He then provides user-friendly, research-based dietary advice, along with a specific supplement recommendations, to both prevent and reverse inflammation. Rather than recommending the common drugs which serve only to cover up symptoms, he gets to the root of the problem, with resulting even better overall health....more info
  • View of another nutrition writer
    Inflammation is an important topic, and until recently, badly neglected by the medical community. Now there are too many books adding to the prattle by those who know too little. This one stands out as comprehensive and easily understandable. Jack Challem does better than I do in HONEST NUTRITION. ...more info
  • Oh, so that's why that was happening...!
    This book was a tremendous help to me as I researched ways I might feel better and be healthier. It addressed a number of bothersome health issues, told me why my body was exhibiting certain symptoms, and recommended the course of action (and supplements!) to correct the problems. I experienced relief for most of what ailed me, and got a great education in the process! In addition, I was able to help some family members and friends with what I learned. I've given this book to four other people so far and will continue to recommend it. It's a quick read, a great reference, and it demystifies all the hoopla around which supplements to take for which aches, allergies, skin conditions, etc. It's a keeper. ...more info
  • Challem Does It Again!
    Another winner for author aka The Nutrition Reporter Jack Challem. He just has a way of taking a topic that seems too broad to comprehend and focusing on key elements and explaining how things work and what we need to know to take control of our lives. The Inflammation Syndrome is very real and Challem's book offers a vast array of nutrition tips that can make a difference in everyone's life. It's a must-read book for anyone interested in their own health and the health of their friends and family members....more info
  • Full Coverage
    The author does a first-class job of covering not only the
    causes of most of our physical ailments, but also of how to
    give yourself relief from them.
    His theory is that so many of our physical problems come from
    what we eat and drink, that we should be able to avoid those
    problems by eating right. Not a new theory, but he outlines
    all the problems affected by our poor diet, and he documents
    scientific and medical studies showing the cause-and-effect,
    and then, to cap it all off, he explains how we can specifically
    change our diets to start improving our physical health.
    He gives details for anyone truly interested in those questions,
    and he has a direct and rather plain-speaking way of showing
    us what items we need to eliminate from our diets, and then
    he happily presents the better, more healthful substitutes.
    The author covers everything in the field, and he not only outlines the problems, he shows us the way to a more healthful
    life, and he does that in a way we can understand and follow.
    For anyone suffering from any health problem, or who is worried
    about their future health, this is a must.
    Don't miss it....more info
  • Do yourself a favor and buy The china study instead
    If you really want to read a book by a scientist that revolutionized the field of nutrition, don't read this; read "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell. It will make your head spin. The 30-year study conducted by international researchers more than makes the case against animal protein and milk. Nowhere does Challem's book even mention studies about the increased incidence of Type 1 diabetes among children who drink milk.
    I wouldn't waste time reading Challem's book. It's outdated and based on shady science. ...more info
  • Informative
    I enjoyed this book and would recomend this highly to anyone who is interested in improving the quality of their health....more info
  • Finally, inflammation is getting attention.
    Inflammation today is the hot topic in medical research--and for good reason. Chronic inflammation underlies many of our most serious health ailments. Jack Challem lays out the evidence for this in the lucid and accessible manner for which he is known. He then goes a step further and shows how individuals unwittingly contribute to the problem through everyday diet and other habits. Lastly, he gives concrete advice as to what is known about reducing inflammation. His suggested options are much more significant and a lot safer than the notion that you routinely should take a baby aspirin. Highly recommended....more info
  • A very timely book for all
    I know that Jack Challem has thoroughly researched the material of this book. The role of inflammation in chronic disease appears to be creating another paradigm in medical care which practicing physicians are tumbling to. Well over a year ago, Mr. Challem could have had a "scoop" by having his book published a bit prematurely, in knowing that if physicians buy into the inflammation factor of disease and the public understands the theory, that this knowledge will then be put to practical use. But he chose to continue his research and refine his book. As with his past writings, it is very understandable as well as enjoyable reading. If taken to heart, it should truly affect people's health. Good stuff for physicians and patients alike....more info
  • Rethinking Lifestyle Choices
    Jack Challem's Inflammation Syndrome explains how a dizzying array of diseases and conditions that we take for granted as part of getting on in years is related to poor nutrition and lack of regular exercise. Instead of relying on pharmaceuticals, simple lifestyle changes can enhance and extend your life. If you eat the typical American diet, you are at risk. This book is full of advice about simple lifestyle changes you can make before you get sick. And if you are already suffering from one or more conditions impacted by inflammation, you can learn how to reverse the path you're on....more info
  • Too Much Emphasis on Your Diet
    The Inflammation Cure by Meggs and Svec, and The Inflammation Syndrome by Challem, both appeared in 2003 and both discuss the role of inflammation in the major diseases of our time, and the things that one can do to limit the risk of diseases related to inflammation. Both books are easy to read. Which to choose? According to the prestigious Library Journal, "While Jack Challem's The Inflammation Syndrome covers similar ground [to the Inflammation Cure], his approach leans toward the faddish and sensationalist, while Meggs takes a more levelheaded approach, weaving the latest research on various diseases into a broad picture." The thing I most prefer about Meggs' book is that it takes a comprehensive approach (including diet) to the things that affect inflammation, rather than spending the whole book just discussing the role of diet as is done in Challem's book. Challem is a health reporter who writes and publishes The Nutrition Reporter newsletter; it is natural that he would stress diet and its consequences. But diseases are caused and controlled by much more than our diet. Meggs is a practicing physician who has a great deal of clinical experience with all aspects of inflammation, and who has woven many real-life cases into the book as illustrations. So, which book should you buy? I have little doubt that you will find The Inflammation Cure by Meggs and Svec more informative and much more useful as a reference on your shelf....more info
  • Relief from chronic pain / EBV a bonus
    I bought this book in desperation as my chronic inflammatatory pain and the crippling exhaustion from chronic Epstein Barr have had me so dependent upon Tylenol and aspirin I feared for my liver and stomach. The first thing I did ( with my docs ok ) was drop my statin drug and start taking 6 gms of flax seed oil and 1 gm of evening primrose oil daily, along with changing my diet. I have to tell you it was the best thing I've done. My muscle and joint pain - previously so bad I worked part time for a bit - is 85% gone!! My knees, my biggest problems, are so good I can walk in the evenings with my husband, where before I was in physical therapy to get through the grocery store. I couldnt even take care of my grandson for a whole evening alone, and now Gramma can get on the floor and play !
    In the past 2 months I've added vit c, balanced b, coenzyme Q10 ( this one gave me the sweats at only 30 mg, not so crazy about it ), and vit E. I eat as few omega-6 foods as possible without going nuts and when I just have to have something "bad" I take more flax to balance it. My blood sugar has leveled out ( I combined this book and his "Syndrome X" to find the diet that works for me..even though I'm not much for fish ).
    I bought this for my niece as well, as she also has the family curse of an inflammatory disease litany....more info
  • The Inflammation Syndrone
    So far so good, haven't finished reading book but experience with Amazon was great. Would definitely order from vendor again. ...more info
  • The Inflammation Syndrome
    Jack Challem has done it again! Through accurate investigation and putting all the pieces togegher, Challem has identified one of the biggest problems underlying degenerative disease. In his straightforward and organized style, Jack gives you the research, along with the solutions- diet choices and supplements-for immediate impact on your quality of life, health, and ultimately, longevity. One of the smartest, most insightful health books I've ever read....more info
  • Health Enthusiast
    I really liked this book. I thought it was very informative and included great information on how to change your diet to obtain better health. It opened my eyes to some of the ways we are harming our bodies by the foods we eat. I had read some of the information before in a couple health newsletters I subscribe to, so I felt the book was right on. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Where does the inflammation come from?
    This book is helpful but only goes so far: in terms of finding the root cause of these problems it only goes as far back as "Inflammation". But something has to cause the inflammation in the first place.

    Many of the conditions listed are autoimmune disorders (such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and others). This is when the immune system attacks organs or other body tissue which affects how it functions. There is a theory of how this happens called "molecular mimicry" described in Dangerous Grains by Dr James Braly. Basically, if you eat food that you are intolerant to, immune system antibodies will be created to attack that food. But those same antibodies will also attack anything that looks similar to that food, such as other body tissues.

    Whenever antibodies are are at work, there will be inflammation.

    It would make sense for readers to cut out all their intolerances if they want to reduce inflammation. In the UK companies like York Laboratories ([...]) can test for 113 common foods, and I imagine there must be companies in the US who can offer a similar service.

    I think the advice on anti-inflammatory herbs is useful though....more info
  • A Must Read For Anyone Who Wants Lifelong Health
    As physicians, we have always known that inflammation has played a role in multiple disease processes; however, what is especially surprising is that the message that is emerging from the literature is that inflammation plays an even larger role than anyone expected. From heart disease to asthma to arthritis, deranged inflammation and immune response appears to play pivotal roles in the disease process. Even more important, and Jack Challem so eloquently describes, by reducing this abnormal inflammatory cascade we can help fight and prevent many of these devastating illnesses. As a physician and writer, I strongly recommend this book as essential reading to anyone who wants take control of their health and lead a long, healthy, and active life free of disease.

    Jonathan M. Berkowitz, M.D....more info

  • Inflammation book
    I love the premise of this book: the guy has got the right idea about the inflammation thing and I would like to read the book, but all these vapid positive reviews seem like they are written by the same person and basically say nothing...very annoying....more info
  • Great source of life saving information
    This is a very well written, fascinating, easy to understand book that comprehensively covers one of the most threatening health issues we face. Jack Challem opens your eyes to how chronic inflammation underlies several debilitating health problems and he provides a nutritional lifestyle plan that makes it simple to safeguard your health and well being....more info
  • Inflammation Syndrome by Jack Chellam
    Jack Chellam's "Inflammation Syndrome" is one of the best books on diet I've read. The author focuses on the discovery that most diseases start with an inflammatory process and emphasizes how certain foods cause inflammation in your body. Mr. Chellam discusses many diseases such as cancer, allergies, diabetes, obesity, sports injuries and depression to name a few. "The Inflammation Syndrome" helps the reader rediscover the way humans ate prior to the agricultural boom and mass production of so called "food items" that have led to many diseases we have today. Each chapter is filled with helpful information that can help direct oneself to a better life diet.

    The anti-inflammatory diet outlined in the "Inflammation Syndrome" has reversed a chronic digestive problem I've suffered with all my life. I was first attracted to Jack Chellam's book because he discusses that most vegetable oils (corn, soybean, safflower etc) can cause inflammation and the frying of them is a double-wammy. The author discusses proper diet, anti-inflammatory supplements, and the side effects of some anti-inflammatory medications. For example, aspirin is known to cause permanent cartilage deterioration in the joints.

    The "Inflammation Syndrome" is filled with useful information and is a must read.
    ...more info
  • Great book!!
    a very good book, easy to read life changing reading. Tough plan to follow but can make remarkable changes if followed.A leader in the field....more info
  • this book has missed the point
    Another book offering limited help to those with asthma. As a sufferer for long enough until I learned about the Buteyko method. If you wish to take control of your condition, this is the only therapy that works and does it very well.

    Asthmatics before you buy this book- research the Buteyko method for asthma. You will feel considerably better as I did in a couple of weeks. There are also self help books available to allow you make progress at minimum cost.

    The results it has given me have wanted me to wake the world up about what you can do by correcting and changing your overbreathing.

    Good luck
    Mike ...more info
  • Live Healthy
    This is quite simply a great book. I've read several books about relieving inflammation naturally since I can no longer take medication for that purpose and this is unquestionably the best. Eating naturally anti-inflammatory foods reduces many costly illnesses. In my case, I'm trying to beat arthritis (and making good progress) but I didn't realize how many other conditions benefit from eating the right foods--or how many are caused or aggravated by the poor American diet. We don't value our health much until we lose it, at which point we become a cog in the medical industry wheel, dependent on doctors and pills for our continued existence. Ugh! We have a choice to take back control of our lives by changing our eating habits. This book offers well researched information and sound advice in a very readable format. I feel a hundred times better after making the recommended changes--and I've lost weight painlessly. This is not a gimmicky diet book; it gives us reasons to eat well so we can live healthy lives....more info
  • Inflammation Syndrome
    This book is very good.....Just I ordered Syndrome X and found that they are very close....more info


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