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Watch for flying pigs: here's a weight-loss plan that's sensible and simple. And for those of you who can only think of bacon when the word "pig" is mentioned, prepare to go hog wild: the Volumetrics plan is designed to let you indulge in your favorite goodies every now and then, so you're much more likely to stick to the program. Developed by a nutritionist who has worked with the National Institutes of Health, the Volumetrics plan focuses on foods that are low in "energy density." In other words, fruits, vegetables, and soups?all high in water content?are low in energy density, and therefore allowed in greater quantities. These foods tend to be more filling, so you eat less?and that's how easy weight loss can result. Author Barbara Rolls includes forms for charting one's daily food intake and weight-loss progress, as well as dozens of tempting recipes for the likes of Risotto Primavera and Chicken Fajita Pizza. After years of watching friends remove the buns from their hamburgers and banish croutons from their salads, it's nice to see common sense making a comeback. --Erica Jorgensen

Quit "dieting" for good. Feel full on fewer calories. Lose weight and keep it off while eating satisfying portions of delicious, nutritious foods.

The Volumetrics Eating Plan doesn't eliminate food groups or overload you with rules. It's a commonsense, scientifically sound approach to eating based on Dr. Rolls' hugely popular Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan that shows you how to choose foods that control hunger while losing weight. Along with menu planners, charts, and sidebars on healthy food choices, the 125 recipes put her revolutionary research into simple instructions for every meal. With this important new guide to healthy eating, you can enjoy tasty and satisfying meals that will help you maintain your weight or lose those extra pounds while learning the pleasures of cooking the Volumetrics way.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Well Tested Nearly Painless Plan
    The key to the Volumetrics Eating Plan can be expressed in one word -- water. There are foods, foods that we even tend to like that are mostly water. The book says eat more water based foods to fill your stomach, and put enough other stuff in your stomach to round our your daily diet to a well balanced nutritionally sound balance.

    The devil, as they say, is in the details. How do you plan such a daily menu. It's got to have lots of low cal stuff. It's also got to have things you like or you won't stick with it. In this book there are a lot of things that you'll like. And it gives two versions of a lot of things, one made using traditional methods, the other using methods that will taste much the same but uses ingredients that have a lot few calories.

    This is an eating plan that makes a lot more sense than taking the time to carefully count carbs or calories. It's a plan that many people are much more likely to stick with. This is a program that's much more painless than most, and it works....more info
  • Eating right!
    Haven't used the book a lot, but when I have, I enjoyed it. Will continue to refer to it. I'm on vacation and actually brought it with me to use.
    ...more info
  • EASY AS PIE...no...wait...u can't have pie...but....
    After a lifelong battle with my weight, I think I have found the solution in this book...I have lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks and it was almost effortless...better than South Beach...better than Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers...believe me, I've tried 'em ALL!!!...more info
  • Volumetrics Book
    Good reading - how the hard part - to follow it......more info
  • Healthy, easy and effective
    I really like this book and have recommended it to many people who have used it successfully. Yes, some may say it's too easy and just common sense, but if it's that easy why are so many people overweight? I like the fact that the plan has scientific backup and is laid out in an easy-to- understand fashion. I love to eat and cook and the recipes are top-notch, plus I find them easy to modify to my tastes or needs....more info
  • Feel good factor
    The thing about this book is that it gives you the information that you need to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Although I have not considered myself to be overweight Barbara Rolls' well thought out and presented book has significantly improved my diet. I haven't felt so good for years. I would recommend you look at this book as it will help give you a longer, healthier life. ...more info
  • volumterics
    I went through the book and it does ask for things not usually in the home. I would like it better if it would list things-common-to make meals....more info
  • Wish it had more recipes
    I like the book and the recipes in it are good, but I wish there were more recipes, particularly lunch and dinner recipes....more info
  • An Eating Plan That Really Works!!!
    I have tried several diets and eating plans over the years and have lost some weight with most of them, but I felt hungry most of the time with those diets or plans. However, this Volumetrics plan is helping me lose weight and I actually am NOT hungry. In fact, I think I am actually eating more food now than I was when I was gaining weight. I know it sounds improbable, but I am now convinced that this plan is effective. Not only am I losing weight, but I have energy and I really do not feel hungry. The only thing I have to guard against is a few urges to eat some items which are high energy density. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who needs to lose a large amount of weight, or even a few pounds. This is a plan that I can actually stay on for 6 months at a time and not suffer....more info
    This book came in faster than my ebay order! The book was definitly in great condition too. I love the book....more info
  • Excellent Eating Plan
    This is a very easy to follow diet book that has a lot of flexibility and has great ideas for low calorie, low fat, filling meals. The reciepes are also very good....more info
  • Good supplement to Volumetrics Diet Plan
    I originally purchased the Volumetrics Diet Plan. It gave good background information, but little in the way of examples of recipes. This is a great supplement to that book. THis book provides many more recipes with examples of meal plans. This book also gives good explanations of daily requirements, how to calculate them for you, and just how to make creative, health meals based on volumetric eating. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Go figure!! Highly recommend the combination of books if you're looking for a change in you eating style....more info
  • Sure Makes Sense
    I found out about this book from a review in Family Circle. It makes a lot of sense! It shows that the key to controlling hunger is focusing on foods rich in water and fiber. Think of fruits, vegetables, low fat milk, cooked whole grains. The important thing for weight control is to feel full without eating high calorie meals. This book tells you how to do this....more info
  • Eat more Weigh Less? Yes, It's True!
    Hats off to Dr Rolls for appetizingly communicating the idea of eating more whole foods. I'm a nutritionally-based wellness counselor and my weight loss clients have had great success with this type of eating plan.
    This book stands out for its simplicity of use, practicality (a must for me) and mouth watering comparison pictures - in a word - speaks volumes! I was tempted to lick the pictures.
    My only regret is that I didn't coin the idea and word "Volumetrics" ;)
    I highly recommend this version of the book.

    Denise Williams
    www.muchkneadedmassage.com...more info
  • Volumetrics Eating Plan
    I am so glad I got this book. The recipes are excellent. What a great, healthy way to eat. I would recommend this book to everyone....more info
  • A good resource
    The Volumetrics Eating Plan is a good resource for healthier recipe ideas. The recipes appear in a very easy to read layout with photos; very pleasant.
    The recipes are a good compromise between our more familiar and fattier foods and the really low fat diets that are so hard to stay on. I am glad I purchased the book...more info
  • Good book
    This book is very helpful. I mean it just makes sense. I'd much rather be able to eat more food to feel that fulness than to fill up on junk that will just keep the added weight there. I've lost about 10 lbs so far in the 3 weeks that I've had this book and the recipes are great....more info
  • A Common-Sense Approach
    Dr. Rolls puts forth an interesting premise in her latest book on weight management: eat for satiety! Yes, that's right, eat until you are satisfied! Dr. Rolls suggests filling up on "low energy dense" foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables and soups, and enjoying your favorite "high energy dense" foods in moderation.

    It is all about choices, and Dr. Rolls explains that foods with a high water content offer more "fullness" value than foods that have a lower water content. For instance, a large plate piled high with fresh celery, carrots, cucumbers and green peppers would contain far fewer calories than a large plate piled high with potato chips, but, as far as volume is concerned, both choices offer the same amount. The major difference in these two food choices lies with nutritional content and calorie count. The recipes in the book take advantage of these huge caloric differences by combining foods the "Volumetric" way - keeping the food delicious and the calories to a minimum.

    Combine the Volumetrics approach to eating more healthfully with the slew of recipes inside, add the color photographs, menu plans, charts and food lists and you have an easy-to-follow roadmap to success in your weight-loss endeavors.

    Reviewed by Janean Nusz of http://www.authorsart.com
    ...more info
  • Eat All You Want and Still Lose Weight!
    I don't know about anyone else but I am sick and tired of restrictive diets. In my 40 years I have heard all about the dangers of sugar and white flour, the dangers of fats, and the dangers of carbohydrates. I have read books that limited my food intake to grapefruit, to cabbage soup, and even worse to the infamous lemonade with cayenne pepper. I have been educated about the dangers of eating foods bad for my blood type (does Rh value come into play?) and the dangers of mixing foods (the evil sandwich!). And in the end I ate whatever I wanted.

    Dr. Barbara Rolls teaches and does nutrition research at Penn State University, where she holds the endowed Guthrie Chair of Nutritional Sciences. Her first book, The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan, was published in 2000 in the middle of the great no carb boom and just didn't compete with Atkins and South Beach. We should all be grateful that she stuck it out and gave us The Volumetrics Eating Plan.

    You may wonder what kind of groundbreaking new food Rolls is bringing to the forefront, or what kinds of restrictions she presents. Guess what? The answer is NONE! Rolls' research shows that people generally eat the same volume of food each day. We seem to have an innate sense of what quantity we need to feel full and we automatically eat that much. If we eat significantly less than that amount we feel extremely deprived and hungry, significantly more and we feel like piggies.

    Since weight loss only happens when you take in fewer calories than you expend, the book tells us that to lose weight we must exercise daily and reduce caloric intake. This should not be news to anyone. No magic bullets, no special foods, no restrictions--cut calories going in and increase calories going out. What is different is Rolls' approach. Since we need to eat the same volume of food to feel satisfied, we must choose our foods so that we can eat the most amount for the least calories. We need to get the most bang for our caloric buck in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

    Volumetrics categorizes foods by Energy Density (calories divided by grams). The foods with the highest ED are full of fats, alcohol, and carbs; the lowest ED foods are full of water, fiber, and protein. For example, 1/4 cup raisins has the same ED as 2 full cups of grapes. Our diet should be based on mostly low ED foods such soups, fruits and vegetables, oatmeals, and lowfat dairy, with enough of the high ED food to meet our basic nutritional needs.

    To assist the dieter Rolls provides all the formulas to calculate daily caloric needs and the menus and recipes necessary to decide what to eat to lose weight. I tried several of the recipes, each of which was also tried by my husband the Chef (really, he is a Cordon Bleu trained Executive Chef with 25 years experience and tends to hate food that does not involve butter). We both were impressed. The House Dressing is a lovely creamy rich lightly spiced buttermilk yogurt dressing that is as good as a dip as it is on a salad, and the Veggie Stuffed Macaroni and Cheese was a warm, rich, and creamy blend of whole wheat pasta, low fat cheddar, Parmesan, and veggies AND I was able to eat almost 2 cups of it for same caloric bang as only 3/4 cup of standard recipe macaroni and cheese. Add a salad and light dessert and I was stuffed and satisfied.

    Consumer Reports rated Volumetrics as the number one diet in terms of sustainable weight loss and now I understand why. There's nothing crazy or intensely scientific or new. Just exercise more and eat lots of filling low Energy Density foods so that you can cut calories while still eating a lot and you will lose weight. Now what am I going to do with all those Atkins bars?...more info
  • volumetrics eating plan
    I listened to the CD while driving out to dinner every night and somehow I started losing weight.
    ...more info
  • Common Sense
    Its a good book for someone who seriously does not realize which foods are lower calorie, and thus, you can eat more of... if you need a visual aide, its a good book. ...more info
  • Not for Vegetarians
    The majority of the book contains recipes with meat, fish, poultry. After viewing, I decided against the recipes and will modify my menus to the plan without using their recipes. I don't remember one recipe with tofu, an interesting omission. I love the Moosewood cookbooks much better....more info
  • At last - an eating plan that makes sense
    I've been watching my weight for years - watching it go up, and up, and up. Until I found this book and it's companion, The Volumetrics Weight Control Plan, I was bogged down by a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. Now - not so much. It didn't turn me into a food saint overnight, but it made me look at what I was eating and choose better ways to pack everything I really liked in 1800 calories a day. I started doing that, and I started losing weight immediately. This eating plan (hate saying the word "die-it") really works, and kids, if it works for me - the self-pitying fat lady - it'll work for you. It's got great recipes and sound medical research to back up the premise. It's not flashy or glitzy. She's not trying to sell supplements or miracle cures. She just tells you how to feel full on fewer calories. There's nothing revolutionary about the science, just the presentation. If you want to lose weight permanently - this is the books, kids. You'll feel full, eat all those things you love, and lose weight. Honest!...more info
  • I love this book and I will let you know this is a great way to live
    I ordered this book from Amazon, and since I start read it I just loved it. I have tried some other diet plan, mainly are South Beach and Artkins. They worked on me, I lost 15 pounds, but I do not think I can continue to do that. I can not eat fruit and my body felt very very tired, and I was in bad mood. I use this volumetrics Eating Plan, I lost weight, the most important is I feel very good and very comfortable. I can eat a lot fruit and every day I feel very satisfied, and I still lose weight. I am doing very good and I feel I can follow this plan for life. The book says this is not a quick fix but a life style change. I really agree. I feel so good so I invite you to try....more info
  • Retired, but not enough time to implement this plan!!
    This plan is obviously learned and elegant. I wish it were more practical. Perhaps Dr. Rolls could come up with a distilled menu plan in the future with an eye toward saving time. I was trying to construct a shopping list based on her 3 weekly menu's (which her book could have provided from her database) and for instance the amount of ingredients for the Monday lunch menu with the portobello sandwich was staggering. The lunch menu had a secondary menu for the sandwich...16 items, and in that secondary menu was a tertiary menu for guacomole...8 items; 24 items for a sandwich!! Thats not all!! the tabbouleh menu has 11 items plus a pear for a total of 36 items spread over 4 distant and separate pages in order to make lunch! There are many other such examples. I GAVE UP! WHO HAS THE TIME? Everyone recognizes the problem families have in eating meals together with today's hectic and divisive shedules, this plan is certainly not the answer it only exacerbates the situation.
    This is what happens when experts are consumed by a particular discipline acquired over decades, they go into overkill mode and think we can spend as much of our life on it as they. Diets are part of our life, not all of it. It is sad because this diet concept could be so beneficial to so many if only it was less time consuming. I'm sure that Dr. Rolls with her expertise, can devise a simple menu plan without skipping all over the book, with less exotic food items, and yet accomplish her's and our goal....more info
  • The volumetrics Eating Plan Techniques and Recipes
    This book was the best weightloss/recipe book I have ever purchased. It is a sensible concept. You don't walk away from the table hungy. The recipes are wholesome ingredients that taste good and are good for you. The soups are delicious, as are all the other recipes. My whole family is benefiting from this book....more info
  • The Volumetrics Eating Plan
    This is an excellent book. Everyone should have this book!
    Since I was never taught how to eat healthy and properly as a child, this has given me the tools so I can now eat healthy, feel full and not deprive myself of foods that I like that aren't the greatest for me.

    I made my kids read the book too, since I never taught them how to eat properly either.

    I like the pictures that compare the volume of foods and ask you.............which one would you rather eat..........the full plate with the proper seasonings or the small plate prepared the way that we are all used to!...more info
  • Volumetrics Eating Plan
    Very good, down to earth plan. My wife has been following it for a few weeks and feels that the guidelines are helpful. It is too early to judge results....more info
  • Difficult read
    I am finding this book difficult to read. I am sure the information is useful, but I find myself struggling to get through it. Having read several healh-fitness-diet related books, this one was disappointing....more info
  • joyful cook
    I loved the recipes and menu ideas. I've lost 50 pounds over two years and have been able to keep it off (going on four years now) using the principles of Volumetrics. I've sent copies to my friends and family....more info
  • Good Book
    I am very pleased with this book so far. I have not had a chance to prepare any of the meals, however, what I have read looks good.

    Thanks....more info
  • A life-changing approach: I lost 220 pounds!
    I began following Volumetrics in April, 2001. Four years later, I have lost 220 pounds! The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan gave me everything I needed to overcome obesity: a comprehensive guide to good nutrition; a clear explanation of the science of satiety; and a host of delicious recipes to try. I have been able to stick with Volumetrics all this time because I don't feel hungry or deprived. In fact, I would say that by managing my hunger and helping me achieve a normal weight, Volumetrics has given me my life back.

    This new Volumetrics book is a wonderful complement to the first one. It includes more detail on how to implement Volumetrics successfully, along with menu planners and beautiful color photographs of 125 new recipes. I've actually given The Volumetrics Eating Plan to several friends who don't need to lose weight but do like to cook. I only wish it had been available when I started my own Volumetrics eating plan four years ago (and I'm not just saying that because my testimonial appears on page 5!)

    The reviewers who gave the book one and two stars, respectively, don't seem to understand the program. One reviewer complains that the book is "bad science based on a fear of dietary fat calories." In fact, Volumetrics recommends that 20-30% of daily calories come from fat. That's well within accepted guidelines, and ensures both good nutrition and good taste. I eat butter, eggs and cheese (in moderation), and I've lost weight steadily while feeling satisfied on Volumetrics.

    A second reviewer complains that Volumetrics is the same as 99.99% of the diet books out there. I strongly disagree. I tried numerous diets over several decades and never understood the connection between energy density and satiety until Volumetrics explained it to me. Finding out that I could lose weight without being chronically hungry was a revelation!

    I recommend Volumetrics to anyone struggling with obesity. (...)

    ...more info
  • Love this book!
    I have been using Volumetrics for more than 2 years and was thrilled to see that it was the top diet plan supported by scientific evidence in this month's Consumer Reports. I've had great success with the plan and have lost (and more importantly - kept off!!!) 30 pounds. This plan isn't a quick-fix gimmick; it's based on sound, nutritional research and teaches you how to make life-style changes that can easily be maintained for life. ...more info
  • Excellent recipes
    I have tried several of the recipes in this book, and they are delicious. I didn't try to follow the eating plan outlined in the book; for me it was all about the easy, healthy, family-friendly recipes....more info
  • The recipes are actually fairly good!
    The theory is more practical than most. Best of all, the recipes and cooking advice are usable and pretty good....more info
  • volumetrics eating plan
    this item was delivered in a timely fashion. however, there was writing in the book. i was disappointed, but not overly. i would do business w/them again....more info
  • My $0.02
    This is a very helpful book for people trying to lose weight. The recipes do take some getting used to, but I was able to drop 5-6 pounds in a month and a half, about a pound per week, using these recipes and principles. ...more info
  • Volumetrics Really Works!
    This is the second time I've picked up Rolls' book. I read it when it was first released in early 2007, and I am on my second go-round getting back on track with my fitness goal. I've lost about 3 pounds in the last couple of weeks just following the simple rules of volumetrics. If you're not a believer, you need to read this book. I haven't tried all of the recipes yet, but some of them are good. Some might be a little fussy (i.e. too many ingredients, or stuff you might not always have on hand, like fennel), but overall, it's a must to have in the kitchen....more info
  • Smart Recipes
    As a life-long dieter I'm always looking for recipes that are flavorful, easy and look as good as they taste. Volumetrics recipes score on all three criteria. I'm tired of being hungry or eating bland, tasteless food. Yuck! With these recipes those days are over. I consider this book a good investment that I will use for a long, long time....more info
  • Kindle-specific review
    After downloading and reading the Kindle book sample, I was eager to buy the book and read more. Before the positives, let me say that I was very disappointed to find that the graphics of the Eating Plan and Modular Lists are unreadable and therefore worthless. The ample recipes are quite readable, but I'm not a "recipe" kind of gal. I need to get a sense of the gestalt and trust the reference material in order to dive in and actually do it. That said, the Table of Contents, at least, is great, with all the recipes listed with links to the text so I don't have to go through highlighting everything. If the book had included links to those critical Eating Plan and Modular Lists online so at least I could read them on my computer, this would have been a five-star review.

    I'm tempted to return the book, but this is really a Kindle publishing problem. I hope all Kindle publishers will start providing links to online versions of charts and tables that do not lend themselves well to Kindle presentation; that, or figure out another way to present the information that does.

    Some reviewers have criticized the fact that the author repeats herself too much and that the whole thing could be summed up in a few sentences, but I disagree. First of all, I am in my fifties, in poor health, and (like so many of us) obese--largely from following all those lose-weight-quick diets that kept telling me I didn't have to exercise to stay healthy. I'm also more forgetful now than I used to be, so I like the way the author reasons with me. Sure, it could have been edited down a little more tightly, but at least the repetitive info is of substance. This is not a book filled up with a lot of boosterism and chatty non-information, for which I am grateful. And I learned something I did not know: research has shown that people habitually dish out, and are satisfied with, portions of a certain size no matter what the nutrient or caloric density of those portions. I can see that, by following Volumetrics principles along with those of the Reality Diet, I'm going to be able to get my health back....more info
  • South Beach meets Cooking Light
    Barbara Rollins puts forth the sensible, if not original, concept of eating more volume for less calories. The trick is to add more veggies to your meals and use low-fat diary when possible. How about that for a novel idea? On balance, there are some good recipes and I especially like that she compares the recipes with pictures and nutritional information side by side.
    ...more info
  • Volumetrics
    Any recipe that I've tried from this book tastes great and gives that "I have had enough to eat" feeling. This feeling lasts longer than it does with other recipes that I have used. I make the blueberry muffins at least twice a week. Instead of the "too fussy for me" muffins, I make a flat cake. Raisins replace the blueberries. This stuff is as heavy as lead but it tastes great and a small piece fills me up, and that's a miracle indeed....more info
  • The Volumetrics Eating Plan: Techniques and Recipes for Felling FUll on Fewer Calories
    This is a practical method of a good, sound eating plan for good health and weight loss. I like the recipes and the photos are common sense ways of keeping our weight in line. ...more info
  • Best Diet You Never Heard Of
    I read about this diet in a Newsweek article and I'm glad I investigated further. This Volumetrics plan is the most sensible and useful one I've found. This newer book contains recipes that don't require a lot of exotic ingredients and are easily used if you are on Weight Watchers or South Beach too, but the Volumetrics plan is easier to shop for and more satisfying. The book also contains useful guides for how many calories you should cut in order to lose weight, how to measure portions etc. and other similar info found in many other diet books, but the title really says it all - you really do feel full on fewer calories, but you do it by eating a wide variety of good, easily available foods. I've lost an average of 2 pounds a week on this plan and it has been the easiest to stay with I've tried (and I've tried them all). ...more info
  • book review
    Item was shipped immediately and came in great condition. I have not read it all yet, but seems to be a very informative book. Cost was not bad either...more info
  • Completing the Science of Energy Density
    I first became acquainted with the concept of Energy Density several years prior to reading this book. I read Rick Gallops book "The GI Diet" which introduced me to another book "Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight" several years ago. The marvelous Mayo food pyramid is based on energy or calorie density. This idea was the main ingredient on my path to losing 80 pounds and restoring my blood sugar level to normal following my diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. An additional good idea found in Rick Gallop's book is to apply the energy density principle to your plate by filling it with 50% non-starchy vegetables, 25% dense carbs and 25% protein. Another thing that I do is to use 50% Kellogg's All Bran or General Mill's Fiber One for my breakfast cereal. Energy density is particularly important to your selection of dessert. A half cup of pudding made with nonfat milk and sugar free mix is less than 100 calories. It is equally filling to a large chocolate chip muffin which comes in at 600 calories. Other useful books on energy density are the "Fit or Fat Target Diet" books by Covert Bailey and Ronda Gates. What the Volumetics book does is introduce us to the formal definition of energy density which is a measurement of the calories in a gram of food so that the energy density of any food can be easily calculated....more info
    The Volumetrics Eating Plan is not a short-term diet book, but provides recipes and ideas on how to eat for the long term. It shows you how to eat fewer calories by making what you eat less calorie dense. It does this by focusing on foods with high water and fiber content. The Volumetrics approach emphasizes foods with a low "energy density," (calories) that are high in water content such as fruits, vegetables, and soups. The idea is that low-calorie, high-water, high-fiber foods generally make you feel full faster so you consume fewer calories overall. The author's research shows that by emphasizing these high-water content, low-calorie-dense foods, a person feels satisfied on many fewer calories per day.

    The diet is balanced in terms of carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and does not eliminate food groups. The author divides foods into 4 categories based on whether a food has less, equal, or more calories per serving than its weight in grams. Category 1 foods should be emphasized and Category 4 foods should be eaten in small quantities. Category 1 foods include such foods as non-starchy fruits and veggies, nonfat milk, and broth-based soups; Category 2 foods include starchy fruits and veggies, grains, cereals, beans, legumes, and low-fat meats; Category 3 foods include meats, cheeses, pizzas, French fries, breads, cakes, and ice cream; and Category 4 foods include crackers, chips, candies, cookies, butter, nuts, and oils. The Volumetrics eating plan allows you to eat your favorite foods occasionally so that you don't feel too deprived and go off the program.

    Included in the book are menu planners and 125 recipes with color photographs. The book also provides worksheets for tracking your food intake and weight. Examples of recipes include: Baked Berry French Toast, Vegetable Party Platter, Sesame Mushroom Kebobs, Corn and Tomato Chowder, Minestrone Soup, Almond Chicken Salad Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Wraps, Charlie's Greek Salad, Tangy Cole Slaw, Tabbouleh, Balsamic Dressing, Minted Broccoli, Ratatouille, Tofu Pad Thai, Nouveau Lamb Stew, Shrimp Creole, Chicken Parmesan, Risotto Primavera, The Aristotle Pizza, and Maple Cr¨¨me Caramel.

    The content of the book includes:
    1. Welcome to Volumetrics
    2. Your Personal Weight Management Plan
    3. Breakfast
    4. Appetizers, Starters, and Snacks
    5. Soups
    6. Sandwiches and Wraps
    7. Salads and Salad Dressings
    8. Vegetables and Vegetarian Dishes
    9. Meats
    10. Fish and Shellfish
    11. Poultry
    12. Beans, Rice, and Grains
    13. Pasta and Pizza
    14. Desserts and Fruit
    15. Your Personal Eating Plan

    Barbara Rolls is a professor and nutritionist who worked with the National Institutes of Health, and is well qualified to write this book. The menu is structured and could be time-consuming, yet this should be a good plan for slow and steady weight reduction if you are motivated to put the time into it. It is based on emphasizing low-calorie, high-fiber, high-water-content foods in order to slowly reduce your caloric intake and allow you to lose weight and keep it off. I also recommend a companion book, THE 3:00 PM SECRET: Live Slim and Strong Live Your Dreams, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective, and Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You--And Your Waistline--And Drop the Weight for Good

    ...more info
  • Tedious and Confusing
    Was excited to try Volumetrics because it was so highly rated in Consumer Reports. I found the diet to be tedious, confusing, and a bit inane.

    Volumetrics is essentially based on extensive calorie counting which is tedious. It offers an overly complicated formula just to figure out how many calories you should eat to maintain your current weight. On top of calorie counting you need to consider the "energy-density" of your food...the lower energy-density the better. From the limited food lists, you learn that fruits and veggies are low energy-density food and you can eat as much of them as you want. Seemed to be a lot of math to determine that eating carrot sticks as a snack will make you lose weight faster than tortilla chips!

    I found the energy-density concept confusing because it's based on the metric system i.e., the energy-density of a food is calculated by dividing calories by grams listed on the food label. Call me old fashion but I have no interest in learning the metric system in order to diet, especially since the energy-density number doesn't tell you much more than the calorie count. In fact, I thought the energy-density rating of some foods seemed outright wacky e.g., the energy-density of non instant oatmeal is equivalent to the energy-density of a jelly filled doughnut. Therefore, they are both to be eaten in limited quantities.

    Finally, I thought the diet tips were really lame e.g., drink diet soda vs. regular, eat an apple instead of chocolate cream-filled sandwich cookies for a snack, if you make a telephone call, walk while you talk etc.

    Would recommend anyone considering buying this book to save their $10 and just go on a well-balanced 1200-1400 calorie diet. ...more info
  • It's just me.
    This is a good book but obviously you need to be serious about a diet plan or no book will help....more info
  • The most useful book you will ever read
    Barbara Rolls' new book is the easiest to follow and most easy to stick to weight control book I have ever read. I read her first book on Volumetrics when it came out a few years ago and loved that too. It really changed my views on food and made me loose pounds and keep it off. This new book is really colorful and easy to follow with lots of great recipies. I would definately recommend it. ...more info
  • Amazing Plan
    I have always had a big appetite and as a result, extra weight. I love that I can have big portions and lose weight! I have tried Weight Watchers, and other diets and have been left feeling hungry. With the Volumetrics Eating Plan that is no longer a problem. Bravo!...more info
  • Typical Bad Science based on Fear of Dietary Fat Calories
    The best advice in this book is to eat whole foods and avoid processed food and junk. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity were nearly unheard of one hundred years ago until factory foods began appearing. For that I give it a solid star.

    But I was hoping this book would be different from the other diet books. Like most other diet books, this book goes 180 degrees in the wrong direction on fat. (Perhaps the so called experts have had it wrong all these years considering obesity is still on the rise.)

    The opposite is the best way to avoid hunger -- exchange some volume for some genuine fat! This will get you through the day without hunger pains.

    The Volumetrics plan is like most dieting plans, bad science based on a fear of dietary fat calories. Don't be afraid of some real butter, unprocessed cheese, farm fresh eggs or naturally vitamin rich cod liver oil.

    America is the most over fed and undernourished country in the world. Increasing volume is over feeding. Try nourishing your body instead. Fat carries important vitamins, minerals and live enzymes and is essential for body functions. Our bodies were designed to eat fat. Great grandma was right.
    ...more info
  • It works!!
    To be honest the recipes take getting used to, but it WORKS!! I lost 7 pounds. this is not a fad but a guide to improve your eating habits. Also try Finger Licking Different....more info
  • Most Satisfying
    I first read about the Volumetrics eating plan when Comsumer Reports did a survey on different diet plans and which worked best. Must admit that after purchasing Volumetrics, I skimmed the text and went right to the recipes which so far have proved to be fabulous and just liked promised ... very tasty and filling. Two thumbs up on this book. It delivers....more info
  • More than a diet book
    I have read alot of diet books and been on alot of diets. I found this to be an eating plan that works for me. I am eating fruit. Something I never ate before. This plan works in my life with less effort than I ever imagined. I have lost weight without really trying. I would recommend this book and eating plan (not a diet) for anyone who wants to lose weight, feel better and change their eating habits to keep it off. ...more info
  • Real Food Comes Directly From God, Not Agribusiness
    Fresh from the garden and orchard, crunchy and juicy, brilliantly-colored, full of vitamins, and fiber - this most appealing, sane, and sensible diet avoids the highly-processed, high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt pseudo-foods created by the girth merchants who care nothing about your bulk, your blood pressure, your diverticulitis, or your cholesterol levels. Hundreds of easy recipes to help you maintain optimal weight and health....more info
  • Volumetrics Works for Me
    I bought this book a few weeks ago after first using one from the library for a couple of weeks to see if I liked it. I've been following the ideas, though not always specific menus (mainly because I'm cooking only for myself and I end up with way too many leftovers), and losing about a pound a week. I do pick out a menu plan a couple of times a week and follow it, then mix and match on other days.

    I find I'm less hungry on this plan than on others I've tried like Weight Watchers.

    This plan makes sense. It doesn't seem new - after all, many plans count calories, etc., and the idea of eating more filling foods is mentioned in most plans - but this program gives it the importance it deserves and provides meal plans and recipes to back it up.

    Many of the recipes are really good, I'd even serve them to guests, and I will continue to use them even after I've lost all the weight I want. Yes, some of them do have a lot of ingredients - I don't care since I want to lose weight, not make excuses.

    I also like that there aren't any gimmicks. Calories are calories whether you call them that, or call them exchanges, or points, or buy some programs' food. And more than any other program, Volumetrics allows me to sometimes indulge and still stick to it.

    ...more info


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