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This is the original Super-Fast Thermapen in the color red. Originally designed for professional users, the Super-Fast Thermapen is chosen by restaurant chains, health inspectors, quality managers and chefs all over the world. The clever pocket design replaces more costly and bulky handheld thermometers while using the same professional thermocouple technology. The Super-Fast Thermapen displays actual internal food or liquid temperatures in only 3 or 4 seconds. Other thermometers make you wait another 20 seconds or more to catch up to the Thermapen. That's a huge difference in a fast paced commercial kitchen or when you're over a hot grill. If you're cooking an expensive cut of meat you want a perfect outcome. You don't want a slow temperature reading that might be misinterpreted and your meat overcooked. A must-have for the serious cook, restaurants or professional chef. So easy to use! The instrument is switched on by unfolding the probe whereby the display illuminates. Folding the probe back will turn off the unit. The Thermapen will shut itself off automatically after a few minutes if left on. When using, the very tip should be immersed or penetrated to at least 1/8 inch. The plastic housing it not waterproof, so care should be taken when cleaning. It comes with a battery so you can use immediately. Ask about the protective vinyl wallet case or the leather case, sold separately.

  • Read temperature in less than 4 seconds!
  • Fold away probe protects from breakage.
  • Wide range covers -58F to 572F.
  • Big easy-to-read digits are far easier to read than other pocket thermometers.
  • Accuracy meets USDA guidelines in the food range.

Customer Reviews:

  • A joy to use & makes an excellent gift
    Cooking thermometers have come a long way in the 15 years.

    I remember the old mechanical spiral-dial thermometer that my parents used - it was terrible. It's temperature response time was measured in minutes, and if it got you within +/- 20F of your target temperature, you were lucky. Candy thermometers offere a slight improvement in speed and accuracy, but were calibrated too high a range to be useful for grilling and baking.

    Then the first of the digital thermometers came out for home cooks. As a budding humebrewer and someone who loved to cook, I immediately bought the best ones I could fine. Unfortunately, although faster and more accurate, they were still a bit slow ... taking up to 30 sec to stabilize. They also tended to be moisture sensitive, needed periodic re-calibration to retain accuracy, had to be turned on and off manually, and frequently needed new batteries. However, they were still a giant step forward.

    About 5 years ago (guess?), I saw the first Thermapen in a Baker's catalog, which ballyhooed it's speed, accuracy, and convenience. I promptly bought one and tried it. I was delightfully surprised to encounter a product that actually did everything as well as it claimed.


    * SPEED & ACCURACY: Courtesy of the probe's tapered tip, and modern thermocouple, the thermapen can get an accurate reading within 1F in roughly 3-4 seconds ... and the tip is tapered enough so that it only makes a small hole, without overly damaging that you're measuring. That makes all sorts of things possible - you can accurately check individual chops, burgers, sausages and fish for proper doneness while grilling, and you can check oven roasts and baked bread for doneness in a blink without losing all the heat in your oven (although if you're serious about baking, you should be using a wireless instant read instead). The unit also seems to retain excellent accuracy, and doesnt need regular re-calibration.

    * ERGONOMIC: I like how the probe is protected by having it fold and clip into the side of the unit, so it can fit securely into your pocket ... no protective tube to lose, or awkward clamshell case. It's fairly rugged, and doesnt mind being bumped around in the ol kitchen tools drawer. The unit also turns itself off after a few minutes, to protect the battery (12v type 23A ... it looks like a half-length AAA).


    * F/C: There's no switch to change between farenheit and celsius ... you have to buy one set to one scale or the other. It can't do both. There's also no calibration adjustment ... although I dont really miss it, because this unit seems to stay accurate, despite years of use.

    * BETTER SWIVEL NEEDED: I really like the folding probe, but because it only folds along 1 plane, it can sometimes cause awkward hand and viewing angles. It would have been better if the swivel were redesigned to allow full XYZ (3D) rotation, instead of only XY (2D).

    * PRICEY: At $85-90 USD, it's priced rather steep. However, I've gotten years of very satisfied use out of mine, the battery is changeable, and it's been worth the price. Still, I'd like to see the price come down.

    * SIZE: Although fairly compact and fits neatly into a pocket, there's still plenty of room for further size reduction.

    Highly recommended ... if your budget permits....more info
  • Wow!
    I have owned this thermometer for 2 days and it works as advertised. I decided to get this after serving $55 dollars worth of steak that was way undercooked. I tested this instrument on vigorously boiling water: 212 degrees in under 5 seconds. I grill out a lot and I need both speed and accuracy and this unit delivers. My other 'instant read' meters take 30+ seconds before giving a reading and you are not quite sure when you have the final temp.

    I put the probe under my tongue and it reads 98 degrees. I wave it around the room for about 20 seconds and I get a pretty accurate reading of the ambient temperature in the room - this takes longer because the probe is not being inserted into anything.

    Pros: Accuracy, Speed, small diameter probe, large display, minimum probe depth: 1/8", huge temperature range (-50 to 575).
    Cons: Design favors right handed use.

    I have heard that this unit is a favorite among restaurant health inspectors. It is easy to see why. ...more info
  • Excellent; worth the money
    I've had a few digital thermometers. This one is by far the best and certainly well worth the higher price. I still need another for candy/deep frying, but this one is incredibly fast, and perfect for quickly checking meats and getting the oven door shut or grill cover back on without too much loss of heat. Also terrific for checking bread and baked goods without making a big ol' hole!...more info
  • Excellent; worth the money
    I've had a few digital thermometers. This one is by far the best and certainly well worth the higher price. I still need another for candy/deep frying, but this one is incredibly fast, and perfect for quickly checking meats and getting the oven door shut or grill cover back on without too much loss of heat. Also terrific for checking bread and baked goods without making a big ol' hole!...more info
  • Quick & easy to use - definitely worth the $$$
    I've have had the Thermapen for a couple of months & have used it to check chicken, roast beef, meat loaf, & even bread. I have a tendency to over cook these foods (to be sure that they are done) & using the Thermapen has given me the confidence to stop over cooking everything - the meats turn out tender & juicy, & the breads are crispy outside & moist inside. It's become an invaluable tool in my kitchen!

    I recommend purchasing a case for it. The probe folds up to the side of the Thermapen which provides a degree of protection from damage, but when spending this much money for a high quality product I want to protect it as much as possible!...more info
  • Almost perfect
    I've used this is great thermometer for over a year and it's been nearly flawless. The only drawback is that the LCD display does not like to get wet. If it gets damp and you don't dry it off immediately, you will get unreliable readings or none at all. As other reviewers mentioned, don't wash the Thermapen body or use it in the rain.

    Other than that, it is fast and accurate as others have stated.

    BTW, Thermaworks has great customer service (guess how I know that)....more info
  • Expensive - but well worth the price
    This thermometer is well more than twice the price of others so I resisted buying one for years. But after finally succumbing, I can say it is well worth the price. The near-instant reading is very satisfying and gives you the opportunity to probe several sites in, say, a whole chicken. My only suggestion is that they offer a left-handed model - invariably I deploy it initially with my left hand only to discover (yet again) that the display is on the bottom....more info
  • Well worth it
    Hard to add anything to the other reviews. Fast, convenient, accurate and easy to clean. Expensive but worth it!...more info
  • Must have
    If you're serious about cooking you must have one of these in your kitchen. I'm very serious about BBQ and grilling and after reading many recommendations for these on the BBQ Forum I bought one of these a year ago. No more guesswork, no more waiting 30 seconds or more for the thermometer to stabilize, just near instant completely accurate temps. I can't recommend it highly enough. Don't get it wet or handle it roughly and it will last for years....more info
  • Super Fast and Super Sensitive
    Let me begin by saying that I have never used a cooking this review will be from the experience of using a cooking thermometer for the first time. Below are the pros and cons of this device:

    - Super fast are calculating the temperature. I have tried it on roast chicken and hot milk (for Latte) and the device returned the temperature is a couple of seconds.
    - Also, since it is digital it is super sensitive and can record the smallest fluctuations. For example: the interior of the chicken was about 10F lower than the exterior.

    All the these features come for a steep price. I am hoping to use this cooking thermometer for the next three to four years so that I can 'recover' the cost of the device.

    Overall very pleased with the product and highly recommend to anyone thinking of buying a cooking thermometer for the long term....more info
  • Best Cooking Aid Made
    The Thermapen is the most valuable cooking tool I own. Nothing works better to time whatever I am cooking. Cooking by temperature is the best way to make sure everything comes out just right, and nothing measures temperature faster, more accurately and easier than a Thermapen. I give them to my friends for gifts, and it's the best gift they get.

    Try one and you'll never go back to the way you cooked before....more info
  • I've watched Cook's Illustrated and the Thermapen a long time
    Cook's Illustrated has recommended the Thermapen for good reason. Its quick, accurate, and ease of use. Others are easy to use also but I trust Thermapen. I Started smoking meat a couple of years ago and wanted this as part of my tools to make sure the smoked meat was to the correct temp. ...more info
  • Worth every penny: a fast thermometer you can TRUST
    When you buy this, you are paying for two things: Speed and Trustworthiness.

    I've spent nearly as much as I did on my thermapen on other thermometers priced between $5 and $50. None of them have read as fast or as reliably as the thermapen.

    If you have a cheap thermometer that isn't NSF certified, you will find yourself often second-guessing it. "Hmm... that reading seems a bit off... I'll probably keep this in a little longer" - but with the Thermapen you can trust it every time.

    For a serious griller, I strongly suggest the Thermapen - which is pretty much the gold standard for grilling thermometers. It takes a reading in less than 3 seconds - and has a needle-thin probe... It's fast enough for me to use it to take thin cuts of pork tenderloin off one at a time and verifying that they are all cooked properly (invariably, there will be one or two cuts that take twice as long to get to the proper temperature than the other ones... With a slow probe, you can't afford to check each one because they will all burn - so what if you are just spot checking one of them and you happen to get the slow one? the rest all burn? or if you get one that cooks really fast... the rest are undercooked?)

    When you are serving large quantities of chicken - knowing for certain that EVERY piece of meat has been checked and is properly cooked gives a lot more piece of mind than spot checking one and HOPING the rest of them are ok.
    ...more info
  • A little pricey for what you get
    I like the thermometer. It is everything it was advertised to be. But two things. One it is a bit bigger than I thought it would be. And two I bought another, some what simmilar, thermometer and it does evrything this one does and was 1/3 the cost.

    Here is the other thermometer that I have;

    1 of: Taylor Professional Waterproof Digital Thermometer
    Sold by:, LLC
    ...more info
  • The only thermometer I've ever loved.
    The Right Stuff in instant read thermometers.

    I know this Thermapen is relatively expensive, but save yourself some grief and stay away from those cheap instant read forks and the like. Think of the money you are going to save by not buying that junk as a discount on this puppy, because if you're at all serious this is what you will end up with eventually. (I put off buying one of these for a year because of the price, a mistake I now very much regret.)

    Larger than it looks in the picture, this is easy to hold and easy to use. The temperature displays in 4 to 5 seconds and is very accurate. (This is a real thermocouple device, not a cheap thermistor. You get what you pay for.) And it makes only a small hole when you insert it into meat, not a juice drain like some other thermometers.

    Two things to be aware of:
    First, the battery, while not nonstandard, is not as convenient to find as a AA or AAA would be. You can find it in a drug store with the camera and hearing aid batteries. A minor issue, especially given how long it lasts.
    Second, the plastic case is not watertight, so don't submerge it while washing it.
    ...more info
  • Well worth the price
    i've purchased many cheaper instant read thermometers, but a) they never last, b) they're just not that accurate and c) they take forever to come up to temperature to the point of confusion. This is exactly what I'd been looking for for many years. Not only for BBQ (which I Love) but for all uses. I bought the holster and I'm the envy of my cooking buddies!...more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    Every kitchen should have a digital thermometer and every cook should use one. It a must for determining if poultry and meat is done, it is handy for telling if those leftovers in the microwave are hot, and if the frying oil is up to so much more!

    Cooks Illustrated got it right! This is the one to get if you (or Santa) can afford it. I've tried several other digital models over the years. My biggest gripes about most of those were slow response time and narrow temp range. The CDN DTQ 450 is a close 2nd, but this one is the best.

    I've had this model (in grey) for about a year and a half and it functions flawlessly. It reads fast, has a big read-out and is comfortable to hold. The only gripe I have is that is has no "temp hold" feature. It registers so fast that by the time you pull it out of the roast and out of the oven to read it, it has changed.

    The old adages are correct: "You get what you pay for." and "The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."
    ...more info


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