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In just a matter of minutes. Using emWave Personal Stress Reliever, you can begin to experience less stress, better health, more energy and improved mental and emotional clarity. This new mobile stress relief system is both innovative and practical. It enhances your life through it's scientifically validated technology, helping you to gain a new sense of inner control anytime, anywhere. An entertaining stress relief technology to help you balance your emotions, mind and body. This scientifically validated, handheld stress reliever was carefully developed by Doc Childre, founder of the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) and CEO of Quantum Intech, and a team of top scientists and engineers, using the Institute's 15 years of innovative research on the relationship between the heart, stress and emotions. Stress creates incoherence in our heart rhythms. However, when we are in a state of high heart rhythm coherence the nervous system, heart, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and we feel good emotionally. emWave Personal Stress Reliever helps you reduce your emotional stress by displaying your level of heart rhythm coherence in real time. But emWave does more than just display coherence levels. It guides you toward stress relief by training you to shift into a coherent, high performance state. Simply stated, more coherence equals less stress. Using colorful LED displays, audio feedback, the emWave breathing pacer and an instructional stress relief technique on how to generate positive emotions will improve your coherence level sharpening your ability to reduce stress and increase vitality, mental clarity and emotional balance. The emWave Personal Stress Reliever also comes with the Coherence Coach? CD, an entertaining stress relief software application that teaches HeartMath's Quick Coherence? technique for stress relief and increasing performance.

  • Portable and convenient. Stress relief anytime, anywhere. Built in rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  • Created from the institute of HeartMath's 15 years of research.
  • Advanced user mode, brightness control, four challenge levels, adjustable audio feedback.
  • One year manufacturer limited warranty.
  • Includes emWave, ear sensor, carry case, battery charger, Coherence Coach, Owners Manual

Customer Reviews:

  • EM Wave versus Stress Eraser
    I bought a stress eraser last year and liked it a lot, so I gave it to my son who was stressed out in law school. Instead of replacing it I decided to give EM Wave a try. I think many people have trouble choosing between these two similar items. Maybe I can help. First, I can tell you that both are useful. You probably won't go wrong with either. However, they are quite different and you may prefer one.

    Stress Eraser- strengths
    Stress Eraser provides true biofeedback in the form of a continuous graph that you can influence by changing your breathing or even thinking. If you follow their instructions you can learn to control the graph and doing so you learn to relax. The unit is solid. It is scientifically valid and it seems like it due to the accurate feedback.

    Stress Eraser- weaknesses
    To use the stress eraser you must look at the graph that forms on the unit. I can't see it without my glasses. You must also have your finger in the correct position on the unit. That makes it hard to position the unit so that you can see the graph while lying down. Thus, if you want to use it to help go to sleep it is difficult. Another thing which may be a weakness or a strenght is that it is more or less a one trick pony. No bells and whistles. But it does what it does very well.

    EM Wave- strengths
    EM wave is more complicated, but not hard to use once you read the instructions. The unit is light weight and has colored lights, which you may like or feel is too much like a toy. I prefer the graph of Stress Eraser if I am using the unit during the day (it is more rapidly responsive and just seems more scientific), but at night trying to go to sleep the EM Wave is better because you don't need to see it very accurately...just follow the blinking lights. Another advantage of EM Wave is that you either put your finger on the unit (like Stress Eraser) or you can attach an ear monitor. The ear unit is great because you don't need to keep your hand on the unit. To use EM Wave thre are three different modes. In the basic mode the unit has a panel of lights that indicates a breathing pattern for you to follow. This pattern is not actual feedback, just a suggested breathing rate (you don't need to spend this much money for that). In the Heart Rate mode (HR)it follows your heart activity similarly to Stress Eraser- so this is actual feedback. In either mode there is another light that changes color depending on whether or not you are in "coherence". Essentially I take it to mean that you are relaxed, though they talk about it in New Age speak, so it is unclear to me what exactly it signifies. In the third mode you only see the "coherence" light, which saves batteries and removes all of the distractions. Actually the unit is even more complicated than this, but those are the essentials.

    EM Wave Weaknesses
    The unit seems flimsy compared to the Stress Eraser. It is unclear exactly what the "coherence" indictor actually indicates. The coherence coach CD is hardly worth watching. The website and other information is a bit non-scientific with all the talk about "heart breathing". All of that new age stuff will work, but depending on your personality you might find it a bit much.

    Final comments
    OK so it sounds like I like the Stress Eraser more...but actually I find the EM Wave more useful due to my intended use of falling asleep with it. If you use the HR mode on the EM Wave it is more similar to Stress Eraser..real feedback. If you don't wear glasses or don't expect to use the unit while lying down, Stress Eraser is probably better. EM Wave is more interesting, with colored and blinking lights and multiple modes, but it doesn't have the same degree of biofeedback. Nevertheless, EM Wave does give enough biofeedback and if you use it you will learn to relax. Again, both are good...just different. ...more info
  • Great results, poor ergonomics
    I have been trying the emwave for one month. It is amazing how efficient this little device is. It just works. 5-10 minutes are sufficient to calm down completely, following the instructions. I have used it almost everyday, mostly in the evenings.

    The only cons is the poor ergonomics. Navigation between the different menus and options is impractical....more info
  • EMWAVE enhances meditation and emotional strength
    I am a "Naturopathic Doctor" and have been using the EmWave for about 1 month to help clients tune it to emotionally upsetting experiences and to help them to clear them so their own personally healing can continue. It has been a great impowering tool to individuals health and control of their lifestyle changes needed to be healthy....more info
  • Excellent tool!
    I use it daily. I have tried meditation in the past to help relax but always struggled to stay focused on my breathing. This device allows me to stay focused and helps me to develope a smooth breathing pattern. I definitely am more relaxed and focused because of this. ...more info
  • Disappointing, plus there's a learning curve
    If anyone thinks that buying something like a personal biofeedback device will allow them to short-circuit all the training in mind-control and meditation, they are in for a let-down. This device is nice enough, though the lack of an LCD read out and the necessity of deciphering all the weird colored markings is something only a Klingon could understand! For $180, I think this is a very disappointing device. Plus, the 5 difficulty levels are a joke. I "mastered" levels 1 and 2 in the first sitting, if the green color is to be trusted. The higher levels didn't take very long to "master" either so where's the challenge? Maybe if I spent a lot of time with it, I might get something out of it. But so far I am very underwhelmed....more info
  • Cheap Plastic Toy
    It says right on the box that it is for "FUN" only that it is NOT a medical device. No science behind this. Tried it, no results. Then I tried the Stresseraser with great results. The Stresseraser is FDA approved. The emWave is not FDA approved and it has no clinical testing that shows it does any good. The Resperate is even better than this toy. Do not waste your money on something that doesn't work. Get the Stresseraser of Resperate instead....more info
  • Algorithmic mind clearing apparatus
    There's a lot of hype about these products. This one works. Here's a simple definition of what this and the (much) more expensive 'stresseraser' do:
    They detect your heartbeat.
    Specifically, they measure the beat-to-beat timing, and show you how this (ideally) increases and decreases as you breathe in and out.
    If you're angry or stressed or winded, your heart's just going to pump madly away and ignore the available oxygen in your lungs. If you can clear your mind, let go, and just breathe, you can get your heart working in synch with your lungs. It'll pump a little faster when there's more air available, a bit slower when there isn't. You can try this on your own. The product helps you learn to feel that and detect it. Within a month or two you'll just have this trained as a reflex and you'll be able to do it on your own, and know when you're doing it right.
    Once you've got it 'tuned' you can do fun things like imagine irritating coworkers and watch your bpm go up, and see what sorts of relaxy things make it go back down.
    Little details: the ear clip is _very_ comfortable, surprisingly so.
    The thing's _very_ light, easy to hold.
    The way the LED red/blue/green feedback readout fades slowly between colors is FANTASTIC - it avoids making you heart rate spike when you're doing it wrong. ...more info
  • A wonderful invention
    For those who struggle with stress and its impact on their health, the emWave Personal Stress Reliever will change their lives. The bio-feedback nature of this wonderful little piece of technology is enlightening and instructive. I've already learned to lower stress even without it. A valuable bargain.
    ...more info
  • very multi-functional
    I'm a Reiki practitoner who meditates, and also deals with anxiety and depression.

    I have so far been able to use this to effectively and successfully control anxiety, stress, and anger at home or when I'm out. Before I work with Reiki, I can make sure I'm in the proper "zone" to get the most out of it. When I meditate, I can make sure I'm in the proper zone there too. It helps me get to sleep faster, and stay there. I know there's more uses; I'm experimenting as much as possible.

    I purchased this to help me work through quitting some nasty anti-depressants. I give it two thumbs up for how much it's helped with that, and 2 big toes up for everything else it's helping me with.

    It seemed pricey, but not after I calculated the annual cost of meds and doctor visits, and then thought about the lack of side effects associated with this biofeedback method.

    Oh, and it's insanely easy to use, especially if you take the time to read the user's manual and work through the 30-minute (free!) online tutorial. If you're still confused, you can join a free teleclass.

    So if I need to use it to, say, control an impending panic attack, I can fire it up and use it immediately - no flipping through the manual looking for that set of instructions I thought was "right there, dammit!"

    I'm so glad I can finally move on with my life, drug-free....more info
  • It works
    To be totally honest, I bought the EmWave because it was so much cheaper than the hand-held biofeedback products that I was actually wanting. I was disappointed when I received it because all it does is measure your pulse and breathing rate. What would this prove? The machine has three zones that it tracks. From what I can tell, despite what the instruction booklet says, if your breathing is shallow, the emwave will put you in the lowest zone. If you breathe deeply, the emwave will rate you in one of the two higher zones. The deeper and steadier your breath, the higher your zone. I was really irritated when I found out that's all it was doing. The problem is, I can't keep my irritation - because it works. If you do the deep breathing for at least 5 minutes, you will find that your stress level decreases dramatically. I have actually come to work and found voice mails or e-mails waiting for me that have put me at the highest stress levels. If I use the Emwave, I calm back down. Now, the trick is to learn to use it immediately upon receiving the stressful news rather than reacting and then using the machine. ;) Bottom line, I recommend it. It works....more info
  • emWave device is helpful
    I've had this device for a couple of weeks, and it seems helpful. It apparently analyzes your pulse to determine if it's "in convergence," and therefore responding better to stress. It gives you feedback, both as audio beeps and a light that turns color from red to blue to green, depending on how close you are to convergence. I find that I can reach green if I follow their advice (breathing and thought process techniques), and then go back to red if I deliberately don't. So it's definitely measuring something and it does help me learn to achieve green consistently. There's no quantitative way for me to measure if this process really helps me to deal with stress better, but my sense is that it does. I suspect that you can teach yourself to practice these breathing/thought process technques without using this rather expensive device, but I find it rewarding to get immediate feedback on how I'm doing....more info
  • This thing calms me down right quick
    It works. I don't know how it works, but it works. Great if you want the benefits of a meditation practice without having to sit on a damn cushion in a zen center for years on end wondering if you're ever going to find enlightenment. All you need to do is breathe when this thing tells you to and watch the colored lights. When it turns green, you know you're in the zone. Having an external measure of relaxation is great for those of us who have a tendency to second-guess ourselves. "Best $180 I ever spent," I sighed after a recent session....more info
  • EmWave Beats Stress Eraser -- No Contest
    I have purchsed (and returned) Stress Eraser. I found it annoying. It prompts you to exhale at a beep. As best I could tell, that's all it does. If this is what you want -- to moduate breathing for enhanced calm -- count to 4 as you breathe in, count to 8 as you breathe out, and -- at the end of the exhalation - hold for two. Count consistently as fast or as slow as you need to. This will produce better results for you than the Stress Eraser (and it's free).

    The EmWave is a different technology altogether. It is a biofeedback device, but that is not what makes the technology different. It has an infrared sensor which measures the smoothness of your heart beat (systolic and diastolic). When there is a smooth rhythm, this is called "coherence." When you are in a state of coherence, a huge array of biological benefits kick in. To use the hand-held (a little bigger than a credit card and not as thick as a pack of cards), you use a thumb sensor pad or an earclip.

    In an EmWave session, you regulate your breathing and then learn to "breathe through you heart." Once you have done this, you hook onto a positive emotion, and this creates coherence. As you move through differnet levels of coherence, different colored lights are displayed, and different soothing beeps are played.

    EmWave is useful for depression, stress, anxiety, pain management, and -- most subtly -- for learning how to choose what you want to feel in the face of any life circumstance. It gets easier and easier to do with time, and more and more gratifying. This is a world-class device, and the training offered by HeartMath is superb. Their books are the best I've read on depression, anxiety, etc. and I have read dozens on both subjects. This is a powerful and deceptively simple aid. Do take the free training; it'll guide you through the bells and whistles. [...]...more info
  • An excellent product
    This little gadget is quite sophisticated while being practical at the same time. Use it daily three or four times a day and you will be inspired by the different it can make in vitality, mood, performance, etc. Well worth the investment....more info
  • Not a Medical Device
    From the Box "This is not a medical device." I found no difference after using it. The only thing it relieved was my money....more info
  • Stress reducer works great
    Works as advertised. I use it to help meditation and reduce stress. Easy to use and compact. Strongly recommend it for stress reduction and studies are good for blood pressure control....more info
  • emWave Personal stress Reliever
    I purchased this for my boyfriend. He has a high stress job and seems to help him focus more. He uses it at and after work and finds he has a hard time keeping it out of the red which makes him focus more on calming his mind. I think it helps because it becomes a challange he is going to conquer which most of us strive for....more info
  • H. Thomas
    I LOVE the Emwave! I am amazed at how it has helped me learn how to shift out of old stress patterns and into 'The Zone of High Performance'. I have more energy, I feel like I recover from stress quickly and I am even beginning to feel like I have trained myself to handle higher levels of stress with No Problem! I have heard many psychologists say that this biofeedback technology is more sophisticated than any other 'complex' and expensive equipment. They are even ditching their $5,000 neuro biofeedback for the Emwave because their success rate is so high....more info
  • A green light on this one in more ways than one- FANASTIC!
    I can hardly believe it, but thanks to the emWave my struggles with eating and high anxiety ended OVERNIGHT! Once I got the lights to turn green, I found that "zone" inside of true peace of mind for the first time ever. But even better than that, I can get back to it again and again. I cannot believe how different I feel. I use it before I eat meals (which has kept me from overeating!) and at night before I go to sleep (I don't remember sleeping so deeply!) and whenever I start to feel anxiety coming on. It helps me calm down almost right away. I am a health care provider and I have started reccomending it to my patients- who are getting similarly great results. Who invented this thing? Whoever you are- THANK YOU! And if you do not have one, this product is a must!...more info
  • Great product!
    Works as advertised. I also ordered the book . . . very interesting and certainly has the potential to bring the reader and emWave user to a higher level of awareness....more info
  • Biofeedback stress reliever review
    This device didn't work the first time it was sent and I had to get it replaced (which was done VERY efficiently, I might add). The new device works, but it is complicated to do anything but the basic breathing exercise. Also, I have difficulty getting the ear piece working. However, even the basic breathing exercise has been very helpful. In fact, I am now able to simulate usage of the device while on the golf course (and other times of stress) by breathing and imagining the read-out on the device. It calms me down and is definitely a stress reducer. I just need to take the time now to figure out all the other things I can do with the device. NOTE: It could use better instructions. That could help quite a bit. ...more info
  • Not bad but waaay overpriced for such a simple concept
    This gadget is not magic or "algorithmic". It's actually quite simple.. it checks your pulse and gives you red..green score based on this. It helps you to slow down your pulse using the breathing indicator light. It does NOT actually test your breathing.

    Controlling breathing to reduce stress is a very simple but good concept that is used in meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc... They did a nice job of making the gadget intuitive but they also apparently made it seem like there's more to the technique than there is (which I guess gives them the idea that they should charge $200 for it). Really I'd say it's worth about $50.

    Also, this is very focused on reducing stress/anxiety which will cause your pulse to rise. Don't get the idea that it will always make you feel good, it's easy to maintain a low pulse when you are feeling low/depressed....more info


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