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Airpura P600 Air Purifier with TitanClean Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer - . Protect yourself with Airpura's Safe Efficient Filtration. The Airpura P600 offers the mo st effective airborne chemical, odor and VOC abatement available today together with supression of microorganisms and particle filtration. The Airpura P600 uses the latest discoveries in nano-technology, developed by space research laboratories, to deliver a new and speedy airborne chemical abatement process. The TitanClean Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer dramatically increases the range of dangerous airborne chemicals that can be neutralized safely and effectively. TitanClean's titanium dioxide (TiO2) coating in conjunction with the UV light, creates an oxidizing process that instantly breaks molecular bonds and reduces airborne chemicals to smaller safer compounds, until only carbon dioxide and water vapor are left. The new TitanClean Photocatalytic Oxidizer is combined with Airpura's 18lb Activated Carbon bed, true Hepa Filter and 20 watt UV Germicidal Lamp to deliver the most complete air cleaning system available today. Airpura P600 Air Purifier with TitanClean features : Air Flow 560 cfm - More than any other home unit available Particle removal - 40 sq ft true HEPA (Measured 1 side only), 10 pleats per inch, Pleats warm rolled with separators UV Germicidal Lamp - 20 watts. 30,000 um per sec 2 18 lbs Carbon 40 sq ft HEPA filtration surface Colors: White, Black, Cream Size: 23" x 15" The Airpura Limited Warranty: 5 years parts and 10 years labor Effective for: Formaldeyde Radon Ammonia Mercury vapor Benzene Aldehydes, pesticides Butanol Carbon monoxide

  • Exhaust fumes Molds, mycotoxins PCBs Trichlorophenol Sulfur oxides Toluene Nitrous oxide Chloroform Dioxane Chlorotoluene If you or someone in your family has allergies or asthma or other symptoms of respiratory distress an Airpura high efficiency air purifier can make a difference.