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Babies love this sound! Moms and Dads love what it does! One Full Hour of Soothing Vacuum Cleaner Hum and Our Pure White Noise? to Soothe and Relax Your Baby to a Peaceful Natural Sleep. There's something about the sound of a vacuum cleaner that babies absolutely love! It is thought by some experts that the vacuum cleaner sound is reminiscent of womb sounds, thereby comforting newborns and infants. Very therapeutic for colic and sleep. The sound of a vacuum cleaner works amazingly well to ease colic. Babies love to fall asleep while listening to it. Get a more soothing sound without burning out your vacuum cleaner motor. The digitally recorded vacuum cleaner sound is mixed with a precise amount of pure white noise?, creating a smoother, more ear-pleasing hum than an actual vacuum cleaner. And because its on a CD, you can control the volume to a level thats comfortable for both you and babys ears. Brought to you by Pure White Noise?, the leader in white noise audio products for adults and children for over 25 years. 60 minutes. Note - Our CDs are now packaged in earth friendly recyclable cardboard jackets. It is environmentally irresponsible for us to use the outdated petroleum intensive big bulky plastic CD jewel cases in a web based retail environment. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to become more earth friendly. * Note: To provide you better customer service and faster shipping, all CDs purchased from Pure White Noise are now packed and shipped to you by Amazon.

 Customer Reviews:

  • Good.
    This is another vacuum cleaner sound for soothing babies, like The Whammy for Babies: Vacuum Cleaner Sounds to Soothe Colic and Fussiness. This one is about 60 min and the other is about 72. I liked this one and found it works like the other. ...more info
  • excellent- continuous
    This works. I have given it to many people for shower gifts. It is one full hour of sound in one track on the CD. It is great!!!

    I have tried other similar CDs that have 72 min of a vacuum sound and they (it) works as well, but the 72 min. are broken into 3 tracks each ~24 min. When one ends and the next starts there is a break in the sound and then a really loud start when the next track begins. This sometimes wakes baby back up once you get her to sleep. Woke me up the first time it happened!

    So I like this one better since it is full hour in one track. Unfortunately it is often harder to find....more info