50 Harbor Street (Cedar Cove, Book 5)
50 Harbor Street (Cedar Cove, Book 5)

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Welcome to Cedar Cove!

Although all the Cedar Cove "regulars" appear, there is particular focus on private detective Roy McAfee, a former Seattle cop, and his wife, Corrie. Roy and Corrie have been receiving anonymous messages for some time, and become more determined than ever to find out who's sending them. Their daughter, Linette, gets a job at the new medical clinic; she's happy to be in Cedar Cove but less than thrilled that Corrie's bought her a date at the previous summer's Dog and Bachelor Auction. Linette's infatuated with a doctor at the clinic and not interested in horse trainer Cal Washburn.

Gloria is also the daughter Corrie had while she and Roy were estranged in college; Roy was the father, but Corrie gave the child up for adoption without telling him at the time. Gloria recently learned that they're her birth parents and moved to Cedar Cove because of them.

There are further complications when the doctor Linette thinks she's fallen in love with doesn't return her interest and actually prefers Gloria. In the meanwhile, Linette goes out with Cal. Grace Sherman and rancher Cliff Harding (Cal's boss) continue their on-again, off-again relationship and Cecilia Randall is back at work for Zachary Cox, accountant, and enjoying her pregnancy although her husband, Ian, is out at sea on a Navy assignment.

Cecilia is close to Zach's daughter, Allison, and concerned about Allison's relationship with her Goth boyfriend, Anson. Anson, who lives in a nearby trailer park with his shiftless mother, burns down a shed in the town park and comes to Allison to confess what he's done. Zach intercedes on his behalf--with the proviso that Anson and Allison not see each other anymore. They struggle to keep their word.

Maryellen (Grace's daughter) and Jon Bowman have recovered from their problems, including the miscarriage--and then Maryellen is pregnant again. Only this is a difficult pregnancy and her doctor prescribes complete bed rest. Her husband can't manage everything--his own work, the household, their toddler--and after several arguments, gives in to Maryellen and allows his parents to come and help. (He'd been estranged from them because of their betrayal of him years ago.)

Olivia Griffin, family court judge and mother of Justine, has remarried to Jack Griffin, is the local newspaper editor. Life is good, except that Olivia is concerned about Jack's health--a concern that proves to be all-too-accurate, as Jack has a massive heart attack. He survives only because of the proximity of the new clinic--a clinic Olivia had at one time considered unnecessary.

Charlotte Rhodes (Olivia's mother) and her new husband, Ben, are settling into married life. Charlotte knows Ben is disappointed in his adult sons, especially David, but encourages him to maintain the relationship. David has frequently "borrowed" money from Ben, none of which he's ever repaid, and Ben refuses to lend him any more. David plays on Charlotte's good nature and asks to meet her privately for lunch at The Lighthouse, the best restaurant in town. There he persuades her to "lend" him a considerable sum of money--but Justine catches wind of this and interferes. David drives off in a fury.

One spring night, The Lighthouse burns down. It's clearly arson--and Anson is the most likely suspect. He was recently fired from the restaurant, he'd committed arson before...and he has run away. Allison insists he's innocent despite all the circumstantial evidence. She tries to hire Roy to prove his innocence and to find him.

As usual, there's always something unresolved that's addressed in the next book. In the upcoming 6 Rainier Drive we'll learn who was responsible for the fire, where Anson is and why--and what Justine and Seth will do next.

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed
    I have always loved books by Debbie Macomber, but this one is the exception. It seemed forced and disjointed--would not recommend at all...maybe this series should come to an end....more info
  • Love Audio Books
    I have just started listening to audio books.I love them,sure makes house cleaning go a lot faster....more info
  • 50 Harbor Street
    Loved the book about the continuing life in the small town of which I am very familiar....more info
  • Cedar Cove Series
    This is another great series collection. You get to know the people and they come back and visit in each new book and add a couple new ones to spice it up. Having been from WA and been to Port Orchard makes them even more enjoyable....more info
  • 50 Harbor Street (Cedar Cove)
    As always Debbie does a wonderful job. I some how have a hard time putting down these books in this series. Want to find out what happens next. Can't wait until her next book in this series goes to print....more info
  • 50 Harbor Street
    Told in a rambling, multi faceted style, this story will catch readers up on what's been happening in Cedar Cove since last they visited. Corrie McAffee's joy at having her daughter home is a bit marred by the fact that she and her husband, the town's sole PI, are being harrassed by an anonymous stalker. That does not keep her from trying to match Linette up at a dog and bachleor auction. However, Linette is not all that delighted with the bachleor she receives. She'd rather have gotten a puppy than Cal, but Cal has a few surprises. Meanwhile, Cal's boss, Cliff's off and on romance with Grace Sherman is back to being on as Grace exorcises the demons in her memory.

    *** Dedicated fans will not want to miss this chance to reunite with old friends. Ms. Macomber's trademark warmth and affection for her characters shines through to touch every reader's heart. ***

    Reviewed by Amanda Killgore, Freelance Reviewer....more info
  • 50 Harbor Street
    I was disappointed in this book, after reading A Good Yarn, this one fell flat on it's face. The ending was no ending at all, leaving a character POSSIBLY going to jail.
    It was as if another writer wrote this book....more info
  • another winner!
    There's something about this series that warms my heart. The sense of true community and friendship, and especially forgiveness and understanding, in this tight-knit small town makes me wish I lived in such a place. Debbie Macomber's style of writing makes the book move along nice and smoothly. Having read the previous books in the series so long ago, and with so many characters to keep track of, I wondered if I'd be able to keep up and follow along with this new story, yet the author does an excellent job of refreshing old storylines without being repetitive. I loved this book and cannot wait to read 6 Ranier.
    ...more info
  • This should be a series on Liftetime or the Hallmark Channel
    With each book I become more and more caputured by the people of Cedar Cove. I could so see this series become a TV series on the Lifetime Channel or Hallmark Channel. Macomber's character's are so well written, you know them like real life people. ...more info
  • A Fun, Friendly Read!!!
    Ms. Macomber is a talented, prolific writer who has created a wonderful "small town" named Cedar Cove. This town has so many fun, interesting, brooding people that the reader can't help but feel as if they belong as well.

    In her latest effort we follow as Roy and Corrie come to terms with who is leaving notes behind, while trying to figure out just why this is happening. Corrie is still trying to make a match for her daughter Linnette, and Linnette is still trying to avoid that match. Linnette also has a new friend that she has connected with but has no idea that they are connected in the grand scheme of things.

    More questions are asked, more happy ending are found. This is truly a series that you will want to start with at the beginning but even if you are new to this series this is still a fun and entertaining read.

    Official Reviewer for Romance Designs...more info
  • love it
    i just love this book. the book reminds me of a soap oprea and i love soaps. the story unfolds right in front of you like you are there watching it happen. i love it....more info
  • Good Series
    Someone is sending anonymous postcards to Corrie and Roy McAfee who live at "50 Harbor Street" in Cedar Cove, Washington. Roy is a private investigator who initially thinks the postcards refer to a past case of his, but he soon suspects otherwise. Their daughter Linette recently moved to Cedar Cove to work at the new health center. She is attracted to Dr. Chad Timmons, but much to her dismay, while he doesn't seem interested in her, ranch worker Cal Washburn is. Other residents in Cedar Cove have their own problems and worries. Judge Olivia Lockhart Griffin worries about her husband's weight and eating habits and pushes him to exercise with disastrous consequences. Olivia's mother Charlotte recently married Ben Rhodes and is pleased when Ben's son David reaches out to her, but Ben warns her that David may not be what he seems to be. Navy wife Cecilia Randall is pregnant, but having lost a baby daughter shortly after giving birth, she is very nervous about losing this baby and it doesn't help that her husband Ian is at sea. Cecilia isn't the only one worried about her pregnancy, Maryellen Bowman is pregnant and having complications that may force her husband Jon to make a painful decision.

    "50 Harbor Street" is a good soap opera like book. Debbie Macomber is a good storyteller who creates characters that are real and that readers care about. Although the book focuses mainly on the McAfee's, there are numerous subplots going on. Macomber will focus on one set of characters in one chapter, another set in the next chapter, yet another set in the next and so on throughout the book which can be confusing. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for which character is featured and I often had to flip back to see what had happened several chapters back. There is a character guide in the front of the book, which is helpful, but in the future it would be better if Macomber cut back on the number of plots and characters in the books. With so many characters, Macomber does an amazing job of continuity through all the books (this is the fifth in an ongoing series), even referencing things in past books, although there is no mention of Nate's girlfriend which was a conflict in his relationship with Rachel in past books. While some of the plots in the book are unique, like the threatening postcards, other plots are a bit repetitive - isn't there one woman in Cedar Cove that can have a complication free pregnancy?

    Fans of Debbie Macomber and especially fans of her Cedar Cove series will enjoy this book.
    ...more info
  • Another masterpiece by Debbie!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down! I wish we didn't have to wait another year for the next one! She is my favorite author, even though I read others in between. I have to say that I have enjoyed each and every book of hers that I have read; I have a large collection. I highly recommend her books. You will love all the characters and one named Gloria will surprise you. I don't want to give away the story, so I suggest you purchase the book and enjoy; you won't regret it!...more info
  • One more time
    Debbie Macomber has a town full of interesting people and keeps
    the mystery going from family to family in Cedar Cove. Where this
    book ends the next will pick up and I can't wait to see who set
    the fire and which family is featured!...more info
  • Great Story
    I enjoyed all the storylines but Roy and Corrie's was the best the revelation of who's been sending them all those notes was wonderfully done and very creative. On other fronts Cecelia's pregnant and worried this pregnancy will turn out like the last. Maryellen's also pregnant and having complications which put a strain on her and Jon's life. Linette's got a crush on a doctor but Corrie thinks she'd be better off with horse trainer Cal. Charlotte begins her new life with Ben. ...more info
  • 50 Harbor St.
    I thought I was buying a book on CD. I have donated this book to the local library. Not clear on site that it was a paperback book....more info
  • Great Book
    I just recently started ready Debbie Macomber books and I've loved every one!!! The Cedar Cove series is great! I highly recommend these books!...more info
  • fun contemporary
    In Cedar Grove, Washington, private detective Roy McAfee and his wife Corrie are undergoing mixed emotions. They are elated that their daughter Linette is in town, but shook up by the harassing anonymous letters that imply their past will soon catch up to them. Roy applies his investigative skills to uncover what the stalker knows, why the person is sending the letters and who he or she is. Still both feel the pressure, behaving testy and unsure with one another, but that does not stop mom from matchmaking Linette with Cal at a dog and bachelor auction.

    Meanwhile other townsfolk go on with their lives. Cal's boss Grace Sherman has given up on Cliff Harding while her married daughter Mary faces a difficult pregnancy so soon after a miscarriage. Charlotte and Ben Rhodes are happy newlyweds until his son David from a previous relationship invites them to his home. Cecelia Randall is euphoric but frightened as she is five months pregnant, her spouse is at sea, and they lost one child already. Though many tribulations face these locals and others, life goes on in Cedar Grove.

    As with the previous four Cedar Grove tales, there is a prime story line focused on one couple enhanced by mini subplots on other town residents. This time the center is held by the McAfee couple happy that their child is home but fearing the shame of a secret being revealed. Folks from the previous tales also have their lives looked at, but on a smaller scale and not just those quickly patched together in paragraph two above. Meandering and frequently switching focus, fans will enjoy visiting 50 HARBOR STREET.

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • Like catching up with old friends
    The best part of the Cedar Cove series is finding out what is happening to characters who now seem like old friends. The featured couple in this book are Roy and Corrie McAfee who are receiving mysterious post cards from someone who forces them to look at their past. At the same time their daughter Linnette is moving back to town and Corrie tries to introduce her daughter to a young man she wants her to date. Olivia and Jack Griffin face a crisis in their marriage just as her mother Charlotte begins her new life with Ben Rhodes. There are romances, pregnancies, and births among the younger set, and an unfortunate fire which destroys a Cedar Cove landmark. Author Macomber does a good job of creating new situations for her characters and keeping up reader interest. The next book in the series will be 6 Ranier Drive, which will feature Seth and Justine Gunderson....more info
  • I enjoyed the story but.....................
    I really liked the story of Corrie and Roy but the whole book skipping from nieghbor to neighbor by chapters, I found to be irritating. As one reviewer wrote, "the book was disjointed". Hopefully authors will realize that the reader wants to story to flow. This is why I quit reading the James Patterson series of books. I just don't like chopped up stories.
    That is my humble opinion....more info
  • Gossipy Good Book Welcomes Readers Back To Heart-Warming Town of Cedar Cove
    Debbie Macomber is a great story teller. She has created a fictional town and peopled it with characters the reader in me has come to regard as old and dear friends. Simply put, I love this soap-opera-like town and its residents. In this fifth installment, the residents of Cedar Cove learn more about love and redemption, overcoming tragedy, dealing with rejection, and moving forward with grit and determination. There are unexpected bonding sessions, life-threatening situations for favorite characters, and the angst of young love.

    50 HARBOR STREET is a gossipy good book that gives us another peek into the lives of people we have grown to love in previous installments. The residents of 50 HARBOR STREET are Roy and Corrie McAfee. As a private investigator, Roy solves a case that could impact his life more than any other he has tackled. The mystery of who is sending him anonymous notes is solved and it reveals a stunning back story to this quiet and unassuming couple.

    Roy and Corrie's daughter Linette has moved back to Cedar Cove but spurns her mother's matchmaking skills to go after a young doctor who shows no interest in her but lots in her best friend.

    Ben Rhodes' son David comes to town oozing charm and good looks. Why is he making enemies so quickly?

    Allison Cox has fallen for a "bad boy" who seems intent on self-destruction. Even the support of parents Zach and Rosie may not make lemonade out of this crate of lemons.

    Ian and Cecilia as well as Maryellen and Jon each handle second pregnancies filled with difficult decisions while love is in the air for Rachel Pendergast, Cal Wilson, and that on-again off-again couple Grace and Cliff. You'll want to know what's new with Olivia and Jack, Bob and Peggy, Justine and Seth, and all the friends and neighbors who have become part of your fictional family.

    As usual, an unsolved mystery at the end and some dangling threads set the stage for the next installment, 6 RAINIER DRIVE, at the home of Justine and Seth Gunderson.

    ...more info
  • Love Cedar Cove
    I have been reading the Cedar Cove series since its beginning and after I finish each book, I want to move there. I love the people, their lives and how they overcome the difficulties and setbacks they encounter. I enjoy these books immensely and look forward to the yearly event when the next one comes out. These characters feel like family, it's an easy read, and I just love them. Start at the beginning and you too will fall in love with the people of Cedar Cove, WA. ...more info
  • Great Book
    Must have if you like this series. Debbie has done it again. I can't wait for the next one to come out....more info
  • Great Continuing Story
    The Cedar Cove books are the greatest. I love reading and getting to know the families that live in Cedar Cove. Entertaining, romantic, a little mystery and just plain enjoyable to read. I hate to see them end and wish they were written & published quicker....more info
  • 50 Harbor Street
    Absolutely LOVED this book and the series, it is #5. Can't wait until I can pick up the next one to continue the saga. Bought all 8 at once so will probably have to wait until #9 in 9/09, UGH!!...more info
  • 50 Harbor Street
    I have enjoyed her books in the past. This wasn't one of the best. Too many characters to follow and it got confusing....more info
  • 50 Harbor Street (Cedar Cove)
    This book is excellent, as is all of Debbie's, my only sorrow is that I have to wait until next Sept. for the addition to this collection. OH my but I do have all of her others to choose from. Thanks for asking!!! Mary Melissa Kelley...more info
  • Great Characters
    I like the way Debbie Macomber develops her characters. It makes you feel as if you "know" them. Great series but it's hard to wait a year for the next one!...more info


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