Crunch: Belly Butt and Thighs Bootcamp

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Welcome to CRUNCH Fitness! If you re on a mission to flatten your belly firm your thighs lift your butt and get your body fighting fit then it s time for Belly Butt & Thighs Bootcamp. Instructor Teri Ann will help you target trouble spots with a two-tiered attack: fat burning cardio to slim you down and solid muscle conditioning to firm you up. Get ready for big results when you use this kick-butt workout to combine no-nonsense strength training and cardio power drills to wage an all out assault on fat! No equipment necessary.The CRUNCH PhilosophyThe CRUNCH fitness program welcomes people from all walks of life regardless of shape size or ability. We created a workout environment that is not competitive or judgmental. Enjoy these favorite classes with imaginative instructors in an atmosphere that makes working out fun.Meet the instructor: Teri Ann Krefting is a NASM and Keiser certified instructor at CRUNCH Los Angeles and has been teaching group fitness for over eight years. Fitness philosophy: because exercise is a must make it enjoyable so you return consistently. Favorite splurge food: gummy candy.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS UPC: 013131534498 Manufacturer No: DV15344

Customer Reviews:

  • Great workout
    I really like this DVD, not too short not too long. It isn't too repetitive or difficult either. It's nice to have one like this once in awhile that doesn't require equipment or weights....more info
  • Boot Camp Buster
    I'm a HUGE Crunch fan & this video was no different. I love how they break each move down add a new one & review all moves together. It's the most effective way to learn. I consider myself an intermediate/advance person as I workout 6 days a week. This was challenging enough to feel the burn yet easy enough to take the intesity down on days where I don't feel like working out. If you have any kind of knee problems you probably shouldn't do some of the moves!...more info
  • Yes, you can have fun at boot camp!
    I totally fell in love with this routine! I have done a lot of other lower body and core workouts, but this one by far beats them all! I love the way this video incorporates different variations of working your lower body, and allows you to work at different fitness levels if needed. My core muscles definitely felt like they were being challenged. And for you skiers out there, the butt and thigh moves are great for training before the snow comes! I highly recommend this video to anyone looking for something new and for a challenge they never experienced before! :0)...more info
  • So far, so good!
    Perfect for a beginner AND an advanced exerciser since the workout is broken out into Levels (1-4). Broke a sweat but was able to modify the exercises based on my energy level/abilities. Looking forward to using this video for a while!...more info
  • Probably could have been more to it.
    I like the dvd, it's working out very well I can already tell my core has tightened and my [...] is looking fabulous. The lunges can be a bit tedious, but once you do the dvd once or twice you've got the moves down perfect. I feel like there should have been more exercises that went along with crunches, but it's all very effective. Also, I think the stretching you do at the end of the dvd is the best part. It makes you feel everything all over....more info
  • You'll feel it!
    At least I did. I saw some other reviews that said this video wasn't very intense, but I sure thought it was. I didn't feel like I was going to keel over or anything, but I thought it was great. Not only did it TOTALLY work my buns and thighs (I haven't been this sore in ages!), but it incorporated some great cardio. I worked up a sweat and actually enjoyed the work out a lot.
    As somone else mentioned, there was a lot of hootin' and hollerin', but I didn't feel like that detracted from the work out. The parts where she tried to act like a boot camp trainer were a little silly, but overall I thought the instructor was good. She was motivating without being annoying.
    I personally didn't feel like the ab sections were all that great; I didn't find them very challenging. But I thought the cardio aspects outweighed the less than great ab portions, so overall I really enjoyed this video. My butt's going to look amazing!...more info
  • Good Workout.
    I can feel the burn after this workout. I consider myself pretty athletic, and it challenges me. It's pretty fun too. I recommend it....more info
  • Great Item!
    This movie is challenging at first, but still fun. I love that you don't need any equipment. ...more info
  • Great Workout! Cute Instructor!
    This is the 1st DVD workout I have done since my mom used to do Richard Simmons in the 80's! I liked it so much, I now have a collection of about 8 workout DVD's. The instructor is otally cute to look at and full of good energy. I really sweat when I do it. I was surprised at how fabulous I felt after doing theis DVD. I have been a yoga practitioner for over 13 years, and i thought there was no way 41 minutes was going to give me a good workout. Most yoga class are 90+ minutes. However, I must say, for the time saved, I actually feel MORE worked out and fresh!
    ...more info
  • Good Workout for Beginner & Intermediate Exercisers
    This is a fast-paced, relatively fun cardio and toning workout for beginner & intermediate exercisers. It is 41 minutes long so it is pretty easy to squeeze into your schedule. The instructor gives good cues and it is easy to follow her instructions. The moves are not challenging in that they are easy to follow, but they really get your heart rate pumping. It was also nice to see several different body types doing the workout and they have one exerciser doing the beginner options for moves that are more advanced. I liked this DVD because I felt that slight soreness in my muscles the next day that let me know that I worked out, which I really like. I found that I mainly felt this workout in my butt, then my thighs and lastly my abs. I also liked the instructor. She gave good cues and was upbeat and encouraging without being obnoxious. The music is the fairly typical techno, forgettable soundtrack and did not really add to the workout or detract from it in any way.

    The DVD starts with a warm up section that is short - mainly marching, step touching and a few stretches. Next phase is a cardio burst, which is 4 different moves that are linked together. They are referred to as "stages" in that you can pick the stage that is best for you. You can do all 4 of them or you can still with stage 1 or stage 2 for a lower impact, easier workout. The higher stages typically involve jumping and/or knee lifts or something like that so they can really amp up your heart rate in no time. Then you switch to a toning section. The toning sections are mainly lunges, squats and other fairly normal exercises. The nice part is that you work your abs in every section, but most of the abs sections are standing with upright crunches or other variations. There are a total of 3 cardio bursts & 3 toning sections, ending on the floor with mat work for your abs. Then there is a cool down and stretch section at the end.

    My main complaint with the workout is the very short transition between the cardio bursts & toning sections. I am not in very good shape right now, but I could keep up with all 4 stages of the cardio burst. However, if I did all 4, then my heart rate was up in the higher section of my target heart rate range and I felt like I needed more time to bring it down before I stopped to do the toning sections. I just paused the DVD and did some marching in place and then was able to resume. The only part that I really disliked in the workout was the cooldown stretching section. I am very inflexible and it was not enough stretching for me and I could not do many of the stretches the way that they were shown on the DVD. I did my own stretches at the end while the credits were running and that seemed to do the trick.

    ...more info
  • Great lower body workout!
    This is a fantastic lower-body toning/cardio combo workout! From the start, the workout uses lots of lunges and squats and keeps the heartrate up. I am very fit and workout every day, and I still felt the burn the day after doing this video for the first time. The instructor is pretty high-energy, and her crew gets into the workout too.

    The video alternates segments of cardio with lower-body toning, and toward the end you get a couple good total body moves incorporated. A short-but-effective abs segment at the end incorporates a couple really tough moves. You also get about 5 minutes of nice stretching at the very end.

    I would highly recommend this video for anyone who wants to tone up the buns, hamstrings, inner/outer thighs and abs. If you're looking for upper body work, you won't get a lot of it here, but your heartrate will stay up throughout the video. Another bonus: no equipment needed (save a sticky mat if you want one for the abs section).I would recommend this if you like Crunch Boot Camp Training or other boot-camp style workouts. ...more info
  • Great Workout!
    This is a great workout! It just took one or two workouts to get the hang of the moves and routine. The instructor is great-not annoying at all! Love the moves and LOVE how I feel afterward! Wonderful video!...more info
  • Love It! Would like more arm work though
    A friend recommended this video so I purchased. I would describe myself as a couch potato looking to make a change. I've never been one to work out in the house but figured it was time to start. Definitely lower body work!!! The squats, lunges, etc. are great!! I rated it 4 stars because I wish there was more arm work. When I finish I definitely feel my lower body and I think it's a great video. The hooting and hollering some complain about, it really doesn't distract from the workout. I would recommend this video. ...more info
  • Not so much!
    Im not a big fan of this workout! Im surprised because I have about 11 Crunch workouts & I love them all except this one. shes not very motivating & its not that fun. There are so many crunch workouts to choose from that target the same areas and are so fun. If you want to target these areas go for "Bikini Body" or "Fat Burning Blast" those do the same thing and are soooo fun....more info
  • Pretty good
    The DVD was shipped quickly with not issues. Was a good DVD for a moderate workout....more info
  • Great Workout
    This video is the perfect length for a great workout in a relatively short amount of time. The instructor is great and gives good instructions with perfect timing. The hooting and hollering in the background is a little corny, but easy to tune out. I read tons of customer reviews for workout videos before purchasing this one. I agree with the majority. A good moderate workout in less than an hour. I usually do some extra abs after this, but I am an ab fiend!...more info
  • Amazing Workout Video
    I love this dvd workout not only does it boost up your heart so your sweating within the first l0 minutes but it's fun! I loved it the instructor made it fun & the next day I woke up with sore thighs & buns, it was amazing, I love working out but I didn't find a workout that suited my style & this one just makes it perfect! I have lost 10 pounds & not only that but i have lost thigh size which is what I wanted & I love the way it feels when you are toning! I recommend this dvd to anyone looking to lose some weight but at the same time have some fun ...more info
  • Can do, but not too hard.
    This DVD is one of many I have tried at home. It is a good 40 minute workout with places to stop along the way. Four levels of challenge are offered in each section, so it is good for practically every level of user. It is not boring. I have used it for several weeks (once a week) and do notice a change in my legs. I can now do the entire DVD at the highest level. I would recommend this exercise video....more info
  • Great Lower Body Workout
    1. The workout is challenging without being overwhelming
    2. I found the steps are easy to follow
    3. I definitely feel the fruits of my labor EVERY TIME I do this workout

    I honestly can't think of any

    Hands down, a solid lower body workout!...more info
  • Great workout!
    This dvd is great. The instructor is very motivating. I actually look forward to working out to this dvd after working 12 hours. It really gets the heart rate up and you feel the burn but you are not completing dead the next day.
    I would recommend this dvd to a beginner or an expert. You will all feel it the next day. Those lunges really get ya!
    ...more info
  • super cute and butt blastin
    The instructor is adorable and so perky. She Explains everything. Gives step by step instruction. I love this video. I have a hard time following many dance/aerobic workouts because they change steps too fast and too often. This workout is perfect for me. You need no additional equipment. She also has a girl to watch for an easier version of some of the steps.
    A+ in my book.
    She does a warm up and cool down. She keeps your heart rate up. There is some mat work at the end. And push-ups but come on it BOOT CAMP! :)
    ...more info
  • Great lower body workout!
    I highly recommend this video. The exercises are easy to follow and the repetition makes you feel it in your legs the next day. The instructor is up-beat and makes the workout fun. Crunch puts out quality exercise videos. ...more info
  • Fun Work Out
    This is a good work out that combines toning and cardio. I much prefer work outs that focus more on cardio, but the toning sections weren't too difficult or painful after my body got used to it. It was actually kind of fun. The only thing I hated was all the hootin' and hollerin' as one other reviewer called it. It was so distracting at times I found it annoying. Without all that nonsense, the DVD would have been that much better....more info
  • Really Works!
    This is a great workout. It was hard at first, but if you stick with it, it gets easier and you will see results in no time! Really helped tone my midsection....more info
  • Very Good Burn
    This DVD works well to target the main areas in the title - Belly, Butt & Thighs, in a cardio workout that you will feel but that is not too diffcult (meaning beginners can do this.)

    Lunges and sqauts really target your butt & thighs while providing a good cardio workout (check your heartrate to see the effect) while additioanl work on the abs and some stretching completes the workout.

    As the title says, it is designed for certain parts of your body and does that well....more info
  • Great surprise
    I purchased this video on a whim since overall, I have been very pleased with the "Crunch" workout series. I was not sure if I would like it; but I LOVE it. The moves are challenging and fun, yet easy to follow. There are several different routines combinations, with eliminates boredom and also limits any annoyance one may have with any particular move that may not be a faviorite. It incorporates cardio and sculpting into one workout, without weights. It is the perfect length, approx. 40 minutes...and I feel great after I complete the routine, energized but not sore....more info
  • A routine you'll want to do!!
    I love this dvd workout! This is probably the 5th to 10th dvd I have in my collection of fitness videos, and this is the only one I can actually stick with. My problem with most dvd workouts is that usually, they tend to be boring, or I wasn't able to follow them well enough to want to do them again. I hate working out in the gym because I live in a college town and it's a true "meat market". But with this dvd, i don't hold anything back and count outloud (which i know my neighbors must love :). This video definatly counts as a workout, with an easy warm up, different levels during the "cardio blasts" and a nice cool down with yoga inspired stretches. I will definately look for more dvds from the same instuctor, Teri, she's great! :)...more info


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