Playskool Dusty the Talking Vacuum Cleaner with Bunus Mini-Vac

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Our Price: $17.99

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  • Dusty, the rolling, rough-and-tough vacuum cleaner comes alive with animation, realistic sounds and fun activities!
  • Dusty's very attached to his good friend Brushy--the two of them even talk to each other as the free-rolling wheels activate electronic speech and vacuum sounds!
  • Dusty's eyes move as he rolls around? there's even lint that swirls around inside the vacuum!
  • Sturdy, durable construction means it can withstand a preschooler's enthusiastic play!
  • Bonus MINI THE VACUUM is also full of silly sounds and friendly voices, so kids can clean around the house, just like Mom and Dad!
Customer Reviews:
  • Sound quit first day
    Since it arrived in the "On" position, we assumed it was the batteries, but that wasn't the problem. Is this problem common? We had already tossed the original box and it is such a hassle to find and box up an item this size in order to return it. Other than that, it was such a hit!...more info
  • Good Choice
    Bought this for an 18 month old and she loves it. Comes to visit and starts searching for it first thing. Shame she will run from a vacuum in a few years when it would be helpful....more info
  • Score one for mom for battling toddler fear of vaccuums!
    Our son loves this toy! He puts it next to our vaccuum every night and says goodnight to it. I'm so glad he no longer screams bloody murder when I turn ours on. Now he vaccuums right along with me and he feels like he's done a wonderful job cleaning up all the tufts of dog hair from the carpet!...more info
  • Aside from the talking, this vac is alright.
    This is a fun toy for toddlers. My 2 year old and all his friends love it. It makes realistic vacuum sounds and operates like a real vacuum. There are sipnning parts inside the canister that make it look like it's really working. Unfortunately it doesn't realy suck up the dirt. I just HATE how it always talks! He makes comments, in a stupid clown's voice, such as, "This place is a pig-stye!" or "Who spilled the beans?" This toy would be so much better if you could switch the voice off and just have the vacuum sound. Other than that, it's very durable and well-made. ...more info
  • My triplets loved this!
    My triplets loved this! The only thing I didn't like about it was that the "hose" didn't stay attached to the machine. This can easily be fixed by attached a small piece of Velcro to it. The hose doesn't flop on the floor or anything, just doesn't stay hooked. They love it anyway, and it does have an on/off button....more info
  • Fantastic
    After reading reviews on SEVERAL other toy vacuums I decided on this one. My 15 month old LOVES it. He loves the eyes moving back and forth and the "dust" swirling. Fun, fun, fun. ...more info
  • Love it
    My 1 year old son LOVES this vacuum! He has hundreds of toys and this is his "go-to toy". It's so cute to watch him vacuum. He uses it so often that I wish it really worked. There is only one thing about it that I would say is negative - the "hose" doesn't stay attached to the hook. My son doesn't care but I find it to be a little annoying. It does not affect the performance of the toy....more info
  • awesome toy
    My 25 month old little man was really scared of vacuum cleaners for a while. Then one day I got him to touch one and laugh (to show him they aren't scary) and every time thereafter he had to touch every vacuum he saw. Thus began his I figured I'd get him a toy one to play with. I looked at all types, then after reading the reviews for this one, purchased it. It looks a lot cooler than the Laugh n' Learn and the sounds are goofy but quiet enough to not be annoying. He flipped the first night he got it and it has been his FAVORITE toy ever since (about a month now). He is allowed to bring one toy downstairs to breakfast, and it's always that one. Then, we were coloring one night and I colored him a picture of his vacuum cleaner, and now that's his second favorite thing! It also came with a (dorky) little dustbuster he forces me to "clean floor!" with, but I am grateful he is no longer scared. Now when I use the big one, he follows me around and "helps" me! This is a great toy!...more info
  • Our Two Year Old's "Baccum Keener"
    Our 2 year old does not want to do anything else but play with his "baccum keener". From the time he gets home from daycare until the time he goes to bed at night, he is playing with the vacuum cleaner. I bought it because he has a little fear and fascination with vacuum cleaners. The Playskook Dusty has the bonus mini-vac with it -- and that is the one that I thought he would play with, but he LOVES the floor vacuum cleaner. When he goes to daycare, they have a toy vacuum cleaner there and he runs in the door asking where their "baccum keener" is! :-)...more info
  • cute vac
    I bought this for my 14 month granddaughter. She loves to play with my vacuum cleaner so now she can vacuum when I do. She loves playig with this and I like that the toy talks to her to help her to improve with her communication skills....more info
  • Our son's new favorite.
    Our 16-month-old just received this toy from Amazon. The look on his face when we removed it from the box said it all - this was going to be the best toy ever! Both the vacuum and the minivac are well-designed: sturdy, brightly colored, and engaging to look at. I love the detail of the "lint" spinning around in the vacuum, and the "dust balls" rattling around in the minivac. The cleaning phrases are also a great addition! One of the big pluses of these toys is that even though they mimic real vacuum sounds, they are not obnoxiously loud. It's the perfect balance of authentic sounds and easy to hear, without driving mom and dad crazy. If your little one loves to help you clean up, he or she will adore this toy!...more info
  • #1 toy under the tree!
    This toy was by far the biggest hit and favorite present under the Christmas tree! Our son is 18 months, and when he opened this gift, he forgot about all the other presents under the tree! He immediately started "cleaning up" and barely put it down all day! Now, everytime I say I'm going to vacuum, he grabs his and vacuums alongside me (he is such a big helper!). This toy is not only popular, but the sounds are funny and cute - "Dusty" talks as you push and says things like "Let's clean up this mess!", and "This place is a pig sty!". It's the perfect height for 18 months+, and it is not loud or obnoxious like some talking toys....more info
  • We love This Vaccum
    We love this toy - especially with the bonus mini vac. My son has always loved to "help" us vacuum when we take the real one out. Now he can help in a much more safe and fun way. This toy is adorable and just the right size. The vac sound is believable! The only small probably we have is that the hose is not very flexible or long enough. It doesn't stay attached to the vac itself very well. Other than that, no problems. Very durable toy!...more info
    My Grandson has always loved his mother's vacuum cleaner. When he unwrapped this toy Christmas he was very excited. He pushes it all over the house. When he is in the bedroom, he bends over and cleans under the beds. He really knows what it's all about. Dusty the talking vacuum clearner is a fun toy!...more info
    My daughter loves this toy. She starts to vacuum when I do. It is very durable, she throws it when she get excited. I recommed this product to anyone who has a toddler....more info
  • Dusty Vacuum
    My 18 month old grandson loves this vacuum and the bonus hand vac. He pushes is around the house and sings "clean up" and trys to pick up his crumbs with the hand vac. It is a great toy for his age group....more info
  • Bodhi's Mom
    My son is 15 months old & has a fascination with the vacuum cleaner. We got him this for Christmas & he LOVES it! Now he feels just like his Daddy with his very own vacuum. Dusty talks, spins yarn & makes the vacuum sound. It is definitely durable, it can withstand multiple slams into walls as I have seen it endure.
    We got Dusty with the optional Mini-Vac which is also a hit. It talks & beads pop around. If your little ones are obsessed with cleaning appliances like my Bodhi, they will love these. ...more info
  • My 2 year old loves this!
    My 2 year old wanted a vacuum for Christmas, so we bought this sight unseen. She loves it! It talks and makes vacuum noises, but it isn't too noisy. It has an attached hose for spots and furniture as well. The Amazon vacuum also included a free dustbuster that talks as well as vacuums. This is a well made toy and I am sure she will be busy cleaning up for months to come. I would recommend this to any parent looking for a vacuum cleaner for their little helpers....more info
  • My daughter loved this....
    This two piece set is really cute for little ones. I purchased it for my daughter and she really enjoys pushing both the small hand held vacuum around as well as the miniture vacuum. The vacuum talks and can be turned off when not in use (or when parents need a break from experiencing sensory overload). Nice product....beware of the price however. I purchased the "combo" set only to find that the vacuum alone was selling for as low as $7.99. Purchasing each item seperatly therefore might actually be a better value. ...more info