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  • Miracle!
    I just bought this and it's working great!! I have suffered with frequent UTI's for 10+ years; been on Bactrim, Cipro, Levaquin, you name it. Most of these would get rid of most of the bacteria, but not all of it, so I would have another full blown infection a short time later. I tried the cranberry juice and cranberry supplements, and they work to some degree, but nothing compared to this product! I even considered going on a low dose daily antibiotic, but was reluctant to do that; that was my last resort. I was researching frequent UTI's when I stumbled upon D-Mannose. I figured I'd give it a try, I was desperate to end the misery!! No side effects this far, and NO pain at all anymore! I feel like a new person! I'm so happy and thankful for this product and encourage anyone who gets frequent UTI's to try it. ...more info
  • D-mannose great stuff!
    I decided to try D-mannose and I am so far very happy with it. I get UTI's often and since I have been using this product I really can see a difference. I haven't had a UTI for 2 months and I have been a frequent UTI person sometimes one a month at times. So I will not ever be without my D-mannose....more info
  • saved my dog
    My pug was almost put to sleep several times from severe urinary tract infections. Constant antibiotic courses, along with invasive urine checks was adding up costwise. The vet gave us D-Mannose 9 months and NO infections since then. This produce is wonderful. We give 2 tablets daily with food. ...more info
  • It's a miracle
    I suffered with UTI's constantly and was taking antibiotics for a preventative. Once those quit working the Dr. wanted to put me on another antibiotic. I didn't want to be taking antibiotics forever so I got online and found this little miracle in a bottle! That was almost a year ago and I am sooooo happy to say I have not had one since! Everyone should try this!!!!...more info
  • This has worked for me
    The last time I had a bladder infection I felt it coming on and it became really painful. Being that it was a Friday evening I really didn't want to go to an urgent care or emergency room so I went to the health food store and bought the Now brand of D-Mannosein hopes it would at least take the edge off. By the end of the night after two doses 90% of the pain was gone. After a couple days all of the pain was gone. I went off it and I would get a hint of pain and I would take some more and it would go away. I recommend trying D-Mannose especially if you have reoccurring infections. If it works for you it is a lot less of a hassle and so much healthier. ...more info
  • D-mannose changed my life
    For the past 2 years I suffered a uti every time I had sex, regardless of obsessive hygiene. The constant use of antibiotics (macrobid, cipro, bactrim) damaged my joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves, especially those in my arms hands and shoulders.

    The physical and emotional toll of the uti's and antibiotics was severe and I was at the point where I thought I could never have sex again.

    By chance I read an obscure testimonial online about the healing power of this magical sugar and I am relieved to say that since using d-mannose I no longer get a uti after sex. This fact has changed my life and my body is slowly healing from the effects of the antibiotics.

    I want everyone who has or is suffering from chronic uti's, and the horrible side effects of antibiotics, to know about d-mannose. It works. ...more info
  • Finally, something that works!
    A bladder infection is nothing to take lightly. If you ignore it or try home remedies, you could end up in the hospital with a kidney infection; so, if you *know* you have a full-blown infection, please see a doctor! On the other hand, if you think you *might* be getting one, or you get them frequently, maybe D-Mannose is worth a try.

    Whenever I get that telltale stinging sensation or tenderness in the lower abdomen, I immediately start taking 1 tsp of D-Mannose in water, twice a day. I usually feel better within an hour after the first dose, but I find it takes about three days to make sure the discomfort stays gone. I think I might get even better results if I took it once a week as a preventative measure. Prior to finding this product, I'd tried cranberry juice concentrate capsules, pure cranberry juice, gallons of water, and a couple of home remedies I found on the Internet, but I always ended up in the doctor's office anyway. Now I have a first line of defense that actually works!

    The bottle looks small, but you actually get quite a few doses out of it. I've used it for several courses of treatment already, and still have some left, though it's finally time to reorder. It's not medicine-y or gritty at all; in fact, if you put a bit on the tip of your tongue, it tastes a little like powdered sugar. I can't promise you this will work for you, but it's definitely something I don't want to run out of. ...more info
  • Great product
    I use this when I feel like I am getting a urinary tract infection and I take a scoop daily to prevent getting one. It's great....more info
  • Wonderful product
    A lot of research led me to D Mannose. Actually, I don't use it, but give it to my dog. Until I found the D Mannose, she had drug resistant bladder infections over and over. We were using 500.00 prescriptions to try to take care of the problem. Bella has Addison's Disease and is prone to all sorts of problems anyway. Once I began to use D Mannose about 8 months ago she has had NO infections of any sort. My dog has to have a bladder ultrasound and culture every 6 weeks, and so far, knock on wood, the recurrent bladder infections are GONE. I give one teaspoon twice a day in liquid. She loves it. I'm sure that it would work for humans too. I know that if I get an infection we'll have to share the D Mannose!...more info
  • Miracle stuff !
    This stuff works wonders for UTI's ! I have had cronic UTI's that I was treating with either anti-biotics or popping cranberry sups like candy. This stuff worked well after a couple days of taking about 1/2 tsp 3 times a day and now just 1/3 to 1/2 once a day as maintenance.

    Thank-you ...more info
  • Unsure of benefits
    This product was purchased for my mother who has a complicated medical history, marked by repeat urinary tract infections. Though this product makes no claims on its label, in general if you research it on the Internet, the action by which this product is to help is that bacteria is supposed to cling readily to the D-Mannose and be flushed from the urinary system, rather than clinging to the person's insides.

    The reason it is hard to measure the effectiveness of this product as it worked on my mother is that she may have a lot of colonized bacteria in her urinary system. This means that whether she has symptoms or not, the presence of bacteria that should not be great in number (like klebsiella pneumoniae or e. coli) is always detectable.

    One symptom my mom almost always seems to have is some pain with initiating urination.

    We may never know how my mom's health might have fared had she NOT been on the D-Mannose- perhaps she would have had another infection sooner. But having said that-

    When she was on the D-Mannose, her pain was greater. Once she discontinued use, it went back to its prior more manageable level. I wanted to test the product myself and mixed it in my morning iced coffee daily for about 10 days, even though I am not prone to urinary tract infections. I developed some urinary discomfort myself. Having not had a UTI for years, I was surprised, and went to my doctor who detected a fair amount of blood in my urine- though when it was cultured, no bacteria grew.

    So while this product might indeed accomplish its mission of helping get rid of bacteria in the urine, the question in my mind is if this powder might also end up being a urinary irritant, at least for some people.

    Unfortunately, neither my primary doctor nor my mom's, nor her urologist knew anything about D-Mannose and its actions or potential side effects. We elected to take Mom off D-Mannose.

    If you use this product in hopes of eliminating bacteria from the urine, maybe it will do that, but do pay attention to see if your symptoms change. Use your own good judgment, and discuss issues with your doctor....more info
  • D-Mannose
    I have used this product before and it does work for urinary infections, however it has to be used several times a day (3-4) not just once or twice. It's certainly safe and won't interact with medications. It will not work with all types of bacteria the same way, but you don't know until you try it. It's also easier on the stomach than cranberry juice and that's nice if you have stomach issues....more info
  • product is very good
    This is a product that you have a hard time finding in our area. Health food stores don't carry it... So it is imperative that you go on line to purchase this product.

    This is a product that works... Try it.. and see for yourself....more info
  • Really works
    I have suffered from UTIs on and off for my entire life. Recently, I began getting them again and began being prescribed antibiotics to treat them. However, they kept coming back within a month from beginning the drugs. D-Mannose has cured two bladder infections since then and I use it twice a day as a preventive and have not gotten another UTI since. It really does work and it is so much safer than antibiotics....more info
  • Happy Customer
    My Friend has had UTI often most of her adult life she has seen many doctors and always came home with more antibiotics, never a solution or cure, but sense taking D-Mannose she has not had a UTI and NO more antibiotics. She has been like a new woman as UTI's are vary painful.
    ...more info