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alli is more than just a pill. It's an innovative weight loss program that works with you, not for you. alli can help you lose 50% more weight than dieting alone, but you have to do your part by changing the way you eat and live to see results. Is the hard work worth it? Yes. With alli you can achieve gradual and healthy weight loss. If you do your part, alli can teach you smart eating and activity habits you can follow for a lifetime.

Safety Information: Alli works in the digestive system and does not have a direct effect on the brain or speed up the metabolism; Alli does not raise blood-pressure; Treatment effects (side effects) occur when a patient taking alli consumes a meal with too much fat; Treatment effects include loose or more frequent stools that may be hard to control, an urgent need to go to the bathroom, and gas with oily discharge; Patients should not use alli if they are pregnant or breast-feeding, have had an organ transplant or taking medicines to prevent rejections, have problems absorbing food, or are not overweight.

Indications: Approved for use by overweight adults in conjunction with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet, alli helps people lose 50 per cent more weight than with diet alone. alli is the only FDA-approved weight-loss product available to consumers without a prescription, and it is the first clinically-proven over-the-counter product to be combined with a comprehensive support program.

Ingredients: Each pill contains 60mg of the active ingredient Orlistat. They also contain the following inactive ingredients. Microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycollate, sodium lauryl sulphate, povidone and talc. Each shell contains gelatine and titanium dioxide.

Directions: Recommended dose is one 60mg capsule with each main meal containing fat.

  • Alli is the only FDA approved over-the- counter weight-loss aid for overweight adults
  • Alli is more than a pill; it's an innovative weight-loss program
  • Alli binds to gastric and pancreatic lipases blocking absorption of 25% of consumed fat
  • Undigested fat is excreted from the body instead of being turned into fat
  • In combination with a reduced calorie low fat diet, can help an individual lose 50% more weight!

Customer Reviews:

  • Best I've tried
    I have taken several weight loss aids over the years, and this has worked beautifully. The plan really helped me to focus on what to eat - it is a simple plan to follow. 8 lbs. & counting!...more info
  • Alli is amazing!!!
    I have been taking Alli for 4 weeks now and absolutely love it! I've lost 16 lbs and have had NO treatment effects. I truly believe that if you follow this program you won't have any problems. I was very nervous about the treatment effects and purposely waited to start it when I was out of work for awhile. Alli makes you eat correctly and if you do you will definitely see results. I still have a long way to go to my goal weight, but now I know that I will get there with Alli. Good luck to everyone. This product is truly amazing!!!...more info
  • Terrible Side Effects Even on a Healty, Low Fat Diet

    Alli Weight-Loss Aid, Orlistat 60mg Capsules, 90-Count Starter Pack
    I tried alli weight loss capsules while exclusively on the eDiets Deliciously Yours Prepared Meals diet plan. This is a regimented diet where prepared meals are sent to your home to eat (like Nutrisystem, Jenni Craig, etc.). Even on this well-controlled diet, which is high in complex carbohydrates (i.e. 2 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit/day), lean protein (smaller portions of chicken, pork, etc.) and low on fat, I still had the leaky, oily discharge 2 days after taking the alli pills. I felt like I had to run to the bathroom every hour and discontinued taking alli after one week. I really thought that taking these pills as directed (with a diet low in fat, fried foods, etc.) would lower the chances of having the oily, smelly, stool discharge side effects, but I was wrong. I am also only just modestly overweight (5'5", 140 lbs.) and in overall good health. My goal is to lose about 10-15 lbs. I have lost about 6 lbs. so far on the eDiets alone, and I just plan to stick with that. Maybe if someone is really overweight the side effects might be worth tolerating, but being someone who works in an office, I can not be running to the bathroom 10 times a day. If I can send these unused pills back for a refund, I will. I would not recommend these pills unless you want to feel like you constantly need to go to the bathroom....more info
  • shooting the chocolate
    I have been using this for 3 weeks now. I was 280 pounds. I am 6'2" and have a flat stomach at 240 pounds. I have not checked my weight but the beginnings of a double chin that I had is now gone. My stomach is not as fat and my waits is down to 40 from 42-44. I am on the road and eat slot of fast food. No runny stool unless I get something really greasy. Have problems with constapation from overuse of laxitives about 10 years ago allong with not much walking due to work. Now regular like clockwork. Have had gas but not much more than normal. One odd effect with spicy greasy foods. Chili spices and currey spices are oil soluable. They are mixed with the excess fat you pass. It will give you a burning rear from the chili.

    On those occasions I eat something like a ruben with fries or burger, the transit time is about 8 hours. I find myself more thirsty now drinking about a gallon of water a day. Probably due to the greater volume at the toilet.

    One other thing is that my skin is not as oily. No anxiety problems. No wierd effects so far.

    Overall I like it. No real problems. Hoping to shed a good amount of weight for Xmas....more info
  • Alli Miracle!!!
    I've been wanting to try Alli for awhile now but the cost was too much for me to handle at the time, being a mom of 5 kids!
    I heard positive raves & reviews from friends & family members, so I checked it out on Amazon and found it for way cheaper! So far, the 4 weeks I've been on the Alli's I've lost just about 20 lbs. My husband notices, my friends notice and most important... I notice! I look good and I feel much better about myself!...more info
  • it didn't work for me
  • Great product!
    I have experienced only slight side effects from Alli. I have lost 45 lbs in approximately 10 to 12 months. I not only took the Alli but, excerised and ate the proper foods. I am so happy with this product I would recommend it to everyone. It is great!...more info
  • Alli
    I lost 25 pounds in 25 weeks with less food and more excercise.
    Took 1 at each meal containing 5g+ of fat.
    Very inexpensive from Canada. (30 cents versus 90 cents USA).
    Watch the poops.

    ...more info
  • Almost zero treatment effects!
    I've been using Alli pretty faithfully for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say, I've barely experienced any of the "treatment effects" that everyone is ranting about. I HAVE noticed looser stools and some fat floating in the toilet, but I haven't experienced uncontrollable gas or diarrhea. I attribute this to simply sticking with the program and staying away from large meals of fatty foods. Fear of horrible treatment effects HAS kept me accountable with how I eat, and I've already lost a few pounds. I plan on continual use of this product. It's great, you just have to use it correctly!...more info
  • alli
    I was very optimistic about using this product. However, I lost nothing except money. ...more info
  • Crappy pill LOL
    While I did not experience any "treatment effects" (as crapping one's pants is nicely referred to), I don't eat enough fat for these to work for me. One has to eat fat in order to have it expelled. So if you have a hard time controlling your fatty food intake, then this will definitely help you stay away from fatty foods when you crap your pants in public. I never took that chance and like I said, I didn't eat enough fatty foods for this to work for me. I had too many "carb crashes" (TIRED all the time) with all the low fat, high in carb foods I ate. No thanks....more info
  • It's working for me but I'm also exercising
    I began to take this product about a month ago. I did not have some of the unpleasant side effects others have discussed here. I have dropped 5 pounds but I also have been riding my bike everyday for at least 40 min. a day and have cut down on some of the fatty foods. I will say that everyone's metabolism is different, so when you decide to take a product like this, you have to also put a bit of yourself into it by making some healthy changes, including: not just watching what you eat but also exercising regularly.
    ...more info
  • Bogus 2-Day Shipping
    I ordered Alli on 4/6 using the Free Super-Saver Shipping (supposed to be shipped 2 days). I received an email on 4/8 that it was now being shipped to arrive by 4/14. It's good that I was credited the shipping charge by using the Free Super-Saver but don't believe that it will be delivered in 2-days..... ...more info
  • Going On a Year
    I have been using Alli since shortly after it came out. Here's my experience, including my health history for reference.

    I am 6'2 and a year ago I was about 210 pounds. At that time I had lost about 15 pounds in 6 months by eating better and starting jogging again. At 225-230 I had developed plantar fasciitis, which just makes a weight problem worse. That condition was the best thing that ever happened to me as the heel cups I always wear now also alleviated worsening joint problems. So I was even able to start running again after years of knee problems forced me to give it up. By the time I started taking Alli, my health had improved quite a bit, but I had stagnated on weight loss and still had a lot of belly fat. I was not on a drastic weight loss plan - calorie reduction, but not major changes.

    Six months on Alli over the winter with very little jogging (I had also pulled my hamstring during this time), and traveling a lot for work and eating poorly, and I lost about another 5-7 pounds. At my age and weight, my doctor says I need to be under 200. Once spring rolled around and my activity level increased, the weight really started to come off. I am now at 192-195.

    I eat better now than I did 35 pounds ago, and I am much more active. However, like most people I eat a fairly high fat, high protein diet. I CHOOSE that diet because it is convenient, relatively inexpensive, and relatively healthy. I need the extra protein to drive my increased activity level. I don't have the money, time, or desire to eat fish and nuts every day.

    I continue to take Alli because the reduction of some fat from my diet has had obvious benefits to my health. I plan to continue taking Alli in order to maintain my gains, but also because Alli has helped me re-shape my body. I am 34 and my body fat content is lower than when I was ten pounds lighter ten years ago.

    Alli's side effects are well known. Actually, I mainly wrote this review in order to address some of the complaints in other reviews. First, if you are afraid of passing gas, don't. Go to the bathroom. Did you pass gas in public before you took Alli? I hope not. Your stools will not resemble what you are probably accustomed to. Maybe a lot of folks eat their feces, or put it on display for co-workers. I flush mine, so I could not care less what it looks like. The solution for fat sticking to your toilet bowl - a scrubbing brush. I had one before I took Alli, and I used it.

    I don't blame people at all for declining to take Alli because of the side effects. But in my experience, adjustments were relatively easy. For me, the health benefits of taking Alli far outweigh the very manageable side effects....more info
  • Could be better
    I had high hopes for these. I hoped the words "anal leakage" would be incentive to keep me eating well. The only problem is that you take the pill with your meal so if you are feeling like pizza, you can skip the pill and eat whatever you want with no side effects. Not to mention, I find it very hard to remember to take pills with me everywhere I might eat a meal. I would like them a lot more if they were a once daily pill....more info
  • alli weight loss
    I have lost 9 lbs. with this product and I love the online help. Their web-site has wonderful receipes and the calorie content is already calculated into the receipe so you don't have to figure everything out. As long as you stay with in the right calorie intake you won't have any digestive problems. They have a lot of support on the [...] web sight with both professional staff and other people who are on the program. I would recommend this product to assist in weight loss....more info
  • Alli
    It works, but you have to maintain it for 3 or more months to get
    the result you want, try it...more info
  • Alli Works
    I have been on Alli for 2 months now and I will say, IT WORKS. It's not the fast, dramatic loss that fad dieters are looking for. I've lost 13 pounds at this point and am thrilled with the results. The "treatment effects" are a not so gentle reminder to climb back on the wagon when you slip. And, FYI, you can't skip a day of pills and expect to go out and eat fried chicken (I tried it in week three and learned my lesson). Once it's in your blood stream, you really want to work hard at eating right. I'm hoping to take off another 15 pounds over the next 3 to 4 months with smart food choices, light exercise, and Alli....more info
  • Linked to Colon Cancer
    I tried Alli at the recommendation of my doctor! Yes, it does help you to shed the pounds, I lost 5 in one week. Yes, it can cause oil slicks in your underwear.

    BUT, after doing some further research on the pills I stopped taking them because it has been linked to colon cancer in lab rats. My family has a history of colon cancer, I'm not going to take the chance if it's something I can prevent by discontinuing the use of a pill. Just be warned!...more info
  • Alli Weight Loss pills review
    I must say that I was very disappointed with the Alli pills because they give you really bad side effects. When I was taking these pills, they made my skin break out very badly among other things that I was experiencing that are too embarrassing to talk about,but I would not recommend this product to anyone. When I made the decision to stop taking then it really messed up my body weight and my weight shot up to an extra 10 pounds even more than it was before taking these pills. I believe that it is just safer to eat healthy and exercise because all these diet pills can eventually kill you....more info
  • NOT the starter pack
    I ordered the the 90-Count Starter Pack. The item was promptly shipped, however, it did not contain most of the starter pack items. Missing were the Welcome Guide, Healthy Eating Guide, Calorie and Fat Counter, Daily Journal and Quick Fact Cards. The only item included were the capsules, blue carrying case (alli Shuttle) and a Refill Pack Companion Guide, When I called DAB Nutrition, I was told that they never send this items with the starter kit and that if I was not satisfied I could get a full refund. The title and description of this item is misrepresented.

    Buyer Beware!!! while this is a good price, it is NOT a starter kit. ...more info
  • Can cause a bowel problem
    This product not only did not work. It caused a bowel problem(constipation) that lasted for three days. It did not matter how much fat I ate I did not get any reaction . It was if I had not taken anything that would affect the amount of fat in my diet.I tried to eat a high fat meal to see if it would cause any kind reaction and nothing happned. It may work for some but I had to discontinue using it. It turned put to be a real waste of money I have almost an entire bottle left...more info
  • Alli really works
    I have been on Alli for several months and I can it really works. I have lost 21 pounds and counting. If you do your part, excercise, eat less fat, and the effects from it will not occur. But, if you continue to eat high fat foods, and take alli to block the fat you eat, then you are asking for it. ...more info
  • Whoa!
    So far so good. I am pleased with the gradual, but obvious weight loss. I am pleased. ...more info
  • ew
    Honestly, this did nothing but make me poop. Once I stopped taking it, my body felt better and could regulate itself better. As much as I wish this would work, it doesnt. I only have 10-15 lbs I want to lose, so maybe it works better on someone who has more weight to lose. If you already eat healthy and exercise this is not for you. Just keep up the hard work. It will stay off longer in the long run even though its a pain in the butt now....more info
  • Amazing product
    This product is amazing! The instructions very clear and the online support system very helpful. They don't try to sell you a bill of goods, you get straight facts about the product and what YOU are required to do in order to make it work for you. I appreciate the honesty here. ...more info
  • Product does what it says
    First off, don't listen to all the bad reviews on here. I've taken this for about 2+ weeks with no problems. I haven't had any "treatment effects". I haven't ruined a pair of pants or anything like that. When I first started taking it I felt a few rumbles but I have no problems now. Sometimes I might notice a little bit of greasiness when I use the toilet. I still pass gas whenever I want to without fear of crapping my pants. I try to keep it under 15 grams of fat a meal but sometimes that doesn't happen. The only side effect I get is loose stool, maybe some liquid. Just don't be scared, give it a try....more info
  • Alli helped me change my life!
    When alli first came out I tried it because I was desperate. At the age of 44 and 5 foot 1, I was 80 pounds over my ideal weight, my knees were hurting, my back was hurting, I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and I could not get up a small flight of stairs without feeling like I was climbing the Himalayas. I had tried everything you could think of, taken pills, made soups, watched calories, starved and deprived myself for weeks and months at a time. I would loose some weight and then gain it right back when I got off the diet. The one thing I did not do was look at my eating habits and realize that to get to where I wanted to be, I needed to change what I was eating. Alli helped me with this. I bought the first package with a lot of trepidation. They were not cheap and I had been through so many broken promises before, that I really did not think it would work. And if it did work I was certain it would work only for a while. After reading the literature I realized that alli, the pill, is not there for a lifetime, it is there to help me learn! And learn I did. I followed the instructions to the letter, utilized their website, watched what I ate, and learned what was in my food. The side effects only taught me to follow instructions to the letter, watch and learn. In the process of getting my weight down to 105 lbs, I also changed the diet for my whole family. My daughter who was getting heavy also has slimed down without even trying or taking alli. My husband has lost 10 lbs without working at it. We eat so much healthier now; I watch what I put on the table, my daughter has learned to look at food and make the decision if it is healthy. I took the pills for 8 to 10 months and then went off of them. That was in Feb. of 08. I have not gained a pound of my weight back. I am so much more active, hunt, hike, swim and love to go clothes shopping for the first time in 15 years. And the sleep apnea maschine is gone! Alli gave me this; it taught me how to recognize good food and how to eat well. I hate to say this, but the side effect everyone talks about was one of those teaching tools. Because I did not want those embarrassments, I made sure to avoid them and that meant to follow the instructions. Thank you alli!!!!!...more info
  • Life is better with Alli
    I really like alli for a couple of reasons. First of all, there is a noticeable difference in my weight loss then with out. They really do mean it when they say stick to low-fat, low cal. However the claimed treatment effects weren't too bad. That being said, knowing there is an unpleasant and undesirable treatment effect, gives you the mental push to stay away from the cookies and candy as well as physically helping fat from forming on the body. The product arrived in a timely matter, which is always a plus. As far as the program goes, it is challenging to go off the set menus without taking a lot of time to figure out your daily fat/calorie intake.....way to much time. And online support could be a little less generic and a little but more flexible in user-customizing. Over I would give alli 3.5-4 stars out of 5....more info
  • Take before you go to bed
    I have been taking Alli since Jan 2009. I went to a diet doctor and he prescribed one of the horrible diet pills that give you the jitters, but he also prescribed Alli. I told him I did not like Alli because of the gas and loose stools. He recommeded that I take it each night before I go to bed. I stopped using the jitter pill for obvious reasons, but started taking Alli before I go to bed has worked out great for me. I do not eat over 15 grams fat well sometimes on the weekends. The side effects are minmized tremedously because they happen when you are sleep. My husband complained about my gas a few times, but I reminded him that I had been living with gas problems for over 20 years now. ...more info
    So I have been on alli for about 2 months. It has worked well. I go to the gym and watch what I eat. Even though you may watch what you eat food has fat in it. I don't eat fast foods or anything processed. I cook at home and watch my fat intake. Still I get orange smelly side effects. Yesterday I was on the computer at home. My chair is white and my boyfriend was watching tv near me. I let out a fart and felt something oily and smelly. I rushed to the bathroom and I had gotten the oil all over my pants and when I ran back to the chair. The white chair had orange oil splattered on it. I cleaned it and we both laughed so hard. I don't care about the effects but if it makes me look good it is all worth it. BEAUTY IS PAIN OR IN THIS CASE EMBARRASSMENT!...more info
  • Great Product, even though side effects are bad
    I have been using Alli for the past two weeks and it has worked great!! I have lost ten pounds so far. I have had the side effects, but I just wear an adult diaper to eliminate the embarrassment and the extra laundry. Wearing an adult diaper is more discreet than messing your pants in public, as long as you change as soon as the accident occurs, which is why the diaper is better than the disposable underwear.

    YES i wear a diaper, do you have problem with that? Thats what diapers are made for, accidents. I am not ashamed of wearing protection to help me from embarrassing myself. If I didn't wear a diaper, it would cause more embarrassment. Most people don't know when I have a diaper on, it takes a lot for someone to realize that a person is wearing a diaper. Don't bash something that you do not understand!!

    ...more info
  • alli weight loss aid
    the product is phenominal and FDA approved. the goal was to lose 10 LBS the ultimate goal is 25. In 4 weeks on the product I loss 14 pounds, changed my eating habits. I was hurt during Operation Enduring Freedom (2006), and my ability to run was thwarted by the excessive pain and damage to my leg. I was 22.5% body fat at 267lbs and mobility was minimized and I did not like my look. I needed to burn some trouble fat and carefully lose some unwanted weight: the alli booklet,the good eating tips, increase on aerobic and anarobic.I loss and still am losing weight. Because of the cleansing agents involved I feel great and see improvement in my physique. I am going to stay on it for ninety days and with good progress and physical report from my doctor. I will achieve my goal. Thanks Amazon for the quick delivery of this product.[...] I reccommend it for anybody not just the obese...more info
  • disapointed
    I used this product for 2 weeks and nothing...0 lb weight loss. I was hoping I didn't have any side effects but I did. They weren't anything major while using it, but a few days after stopping it, I got massive pains in my stomach and had to go to the bathroom 4 times. I do not reccomend this product. Waste of time and money in my opinion....more info
  • Alli experience
    I have discontinued use of this product because of the extreme change in bowel movement. If I wanted continual loose stools I could take a cheap laxitive. Big hipe poor product!!!...more info
  • It works
    I have lost 20 pounds in the last 3 months since I started using Alli....more info
  • happy user
    i started alli 3wks ago today and have lost 8lbs. i go to the gym 5 days a week on my lunch break and do about 25-30mins cardio and 15mins stretching/abs/weights. i eat well and watch the 15 gram fat factor. eat too many nuts/dairy in one sitting and you'll pay! i have suffered some side effects, nothing that would stop me from using this product! i have been very successful, get off your butt and eat more veggies/protein and you'll see results! i only take 2 pills daily since my breakfast is usually very low fat. before alli i couldn't lose ANY weight, going to the gym didn't help, neither did a nutritionist or weight watchers. If you have self control and belong to a gym, GO FOR IT! ...more info
  • You can do it for yourself!
    You must adhere to the instructions strictly. If you deviate at all you will have the side effects mentioned and they are not pleasant. If you can adhere to the insturctions and follow a non fat diet then you really don't need this product in the first place. ...more info
  • using alli
    I have been using alli for 2 weeks, and I have lost 10 lbs, I will continue until I lose at least 60 more lbs, the written material helps alot and the treatment effects are easy to manage. I love this product...more info
  • unsure
    only been taking about three weeks, not sure if it is gonna do any good...more info
  • ALLI works great ( when you follow the plan)
    First of all i will start by saying that I tried every diet pill there is and could not get results like I have with Alli. This product makes you diet and exercise the right way. It is NOT a miracle DRUG you cannot eat everything your mouth wants and still maintain your weight. I does require some sacrifice on your behalf but trust me when you get the results ... youll be glad you stuck with Alli.

    Before, I used to take pills that will lessen my hunger therefoe Id eat less loose some weight and be happy. I'd leave the pills ( or they would cause serious side efects) and gain the weight back. Anxiety plays a big roll in this Yoyo Diets Behaviour but with Alli this is not a factor since anxiety goes away in a couple of weeks whe you see the first drop of weight.

    As another reviwer said the side efects should be seen as a PLUS!! you will DEFINATELEY think twice before having that PIZZA SLICE, What this fear of side effects does is educate you on what you REALLY NEED to eat not what you crave for.

    I exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes and take alli with every meal. The first month or so I broke the diet a couple of times but , as the plan tells you, you have to stick with it. By te second month I was eating way healthier, choosing my meals and losing weight while doing it. From then on ( fifht month or so)the weight just drops by itself and i am now in the point where I FEEL i am not dieting and still can lose and maintain my weight. I have met my weight goal twice now and am really happy with this product. I will start decreasing the aomunt of Alli i take since i am eating les fat in my meals now and will eventually stop 2 months form now.

    Sure! I get some urges to have all of those greasy foods out there! ( I work in a hotel so believe me im tempted) but every day its easier to say NO to them. I am NOT anxious as I was with other methods which, for me ,is the best Part.

    I lost a total of 33 pounds in about 7 months and went form a size 35 pair of jeans to a 32!!! Excersising has also made a big diference in my life Now I can wear ALL my clothes and they fit Great!! It is a great felling zipping a pair of jeans you wore 10 years ago!

    If you have tried every diet and pill and program and they have not worked and if you are ready to commit to a plan that works give this product a try. ...more info
  • Crazy Side Effects
    Along with the "treatment effects" that everyone else has described, I had some other side effects that aren't mentioned in the literature that I think people need to be aware of. After doing some research, I found some people who had the same effects, so I know it wasn't just me.

    1)My period was late. 5 days late, to be exact. I am always 28 days, and after a big scare and a negative PG test, my period finally showed up.

    2)Acne. Horrible, junior high stuff. I have never in my life had acne this bad. These zits didn't respond to anything either.

    3)Mood swings from hell and depression. I thought that maybe it was just PMS, but the irritability and depression did not go away after my (late) period came and went. I did not feel "right". I felt depressed, and couldn't find a reason. It was very scary for me, and I did not like how I felt emotionally.

    These things, combined with the fact that I did not lose any weight over 4 weeks made me stop taking Alli. I'd rather be fat and sane than skinny, pimple-faced and crazy. Since stopping the pills, my skin has cleared, my cycles are normal and I feel in control again. So I know that it was the Alli. The Alli plan did condition me to avoid fatty foods, and I've started losing weight on my own. Alli may work for some people, and that's great, but it just doesn't agree with some people....more info
  • Not helpful if you only need to lose those last 10 lbs...
    I have been on Alli for about 3 weeks now. I am not overweight, but I am trying really hard to lose just 10 lbs. (5'2 120 lbs). I eat fairly healthy and I do exercise an average of 4 days a week, burning about 300 calories each time. Have I lost weight any weight in the last 3 weeks? No. However, I can see why if I had say 30 lbs to lose, Alli would help.
    It truly is a drug-induced low fat diet. In addition to making you eliminate the extra fat out (treatment effects), I truly believe it also has that laxative effect where you pass alot more than the extra fat. The beauty of it is that it does force you to eat better and put you in that habit. The best way to avoid ruining your clothes is to wear a very thin pad with the F-16 wings. Men, this means you too. Which means no boxers. It is also helpful to refill a water bottle with a squirt nozzle when it comes time to cleaning up after the treatment effect (Sitz bath?) Less wiping, cleaner butt.
    I am going to finish the bottle and just continue with what I am doing. I doubt I'll take off those 10 lbs...heck, I'll be happy with 5 lbs. Being barely 5'2, 5 lbs really really does make a difference.
    ...more info
  • good deal
    i have been using this product for months now and it works well for me, i dont have a lot of weight to lose but it keep me on the right track to stay in control and keep from gaining. the amount for the money is a better deal then i found anywere else, free ship no tax and a discount. only problem was somehow i had it on a monthy auto order and not sure how.. it was easy to cancel. ...more info
  • For me - - IT WORKS
    Many reviewers bluntly conclude a product is bad or otherwise ineffective when it doesn't work for THEM. Keep in mind it's individual experience being related, which may not be the same as for others.

    That said: WOW. Alli works for me. I've used it a full month and intend to continue. I've been 50 pounds overweight for the last 10 years, and for the first time since that weight gain, my clothes are fitting better all over.

    Some of this was accomplished, as some have noted, from sheer "Fear Factor" of the dreaded side effects. That said - - even when I eat a little too much fat - - effects are not anything like those described in wonderfully gory detail by others. Individual experiences vary. I simply follow eating suggestions as proscribed, which are simple: eat sensibly and control fat intake at a given sitting.

    I've achieved results without any additional exercise. This is nothing to brag about: I share it only to illustrate I've changed nothing about my eating or exercise habits except for taking Alli, so may therefore reasonably deduce Alli is the catalyst for the changes noted.

    Modest yet consistent exercise along with simple dietary adjustments promotes healthier results, tones you up, and makes muscle and bones stronger. This will increase the odds of my keeping the pounds off after I reach a reasonable weight and cease taking Alli. So, I've just started a more proactive exercise regimen of mini-trampoline sessions plus light weight lifting to reap the clear benefits of aerobic and weight bearing exercise.

    Look online and you may find concerns expressed about Orlistat use, yet consider the awful toll being overfat wreaks: Syndrome X and pre-diabetes, elevated blood pressure, poor lipid balance, stroke, heart attack...the list is long and unpretty...

    I am happy with my choice because I've been unsuccessful many times before with weight loss, and now I'm seeing REAL results.

    For some of us, Alli does help.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    I have used the Alli for about a moth now and am down 15 pounds. It works great if you follow the instructions and exercise with it. I will definitely continue to use this product. ...more info
  • Definitely like it. I lost 15 pounds in 2 months.
    It works great. But it's still a myth how to get it work for me because my first experice with Alli was not successfull. I took it for over 1 month but hardly see any change. Then I stoped for a couple of month until I decided to give it another try this summer. This time, I work together with the online Myalli program and look into the chatting board to learn from others' experience. Somehow it works and I am so exciting to see my weight off 15 pounds in 2 months without doing extra execrises. I feel healthy and never have any trouble with my heart or stomach. There is no longer pains to stand on a balance and I like it so much.

    I don't know why it didn't work the first time. Maybe what I ate didn't match the way how the pills work. One thing I learned from the chatting board is that you need to reach the daily target of calories and fat. If you eat too little, Alli doesn't work either.

    The side effect is annoying but it's worthy. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to establish a way to eat. I believe after I stop taking the pills, I can keep my weight or even continue to lose some with the current diet that Alli teaches me. The online program is also a great help that you can easily check your daily intake of calories, fat, all kinds of nutritions, etc. It also gives you low fat reciepts and the chatting board is a good place to look for more practical advice and help.

    ...more info
  • Best price around!
    I was skeptical about using Alli for my weight loss, but decided it was the perfect way to keep myself on a low fat diet. I have had no "treatment effects" and I don't want them, and it's been the perfect incentive to keep me from consuming too much fat in my meals and snacks. The scales are going down and I'm happy. I will re-order the refill pack soon....more info
  • The big Rip Off
    If you had checked my account you would have seen that this Seller used Amazon marketplace to steal from me. Thanks for adding insult to injury since Amazon told me their was nothing they could do to refund my loss.
    So My review is.........more info
  • Alli Weight-Loss Aid
    Haven't really tried it yet. I am still doing some of my own reasearch on this....more info
  • No doest work as advertised
    Taking alli does make you loose the fat you just ate, but to loose a lot of weight you must be taking it all the time and for at least a month. That would be ok, but you have diarrhea for that whole time and with that a lot of accidents, if you know what I mean. Your stomach will make weird noises and you also have to excercise a lot, not just sit at home and eat and loose weight. Doesnt work just like that. Unless you can take a month off from work, not worth the money....more info


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