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Break the aging code and feel 15 years younger;from the inside out.In the constant battle to stay young and feel fit, we will try any of the quick fixes that come on the market, including so called miracle products, fad diets, trendy exercise programs, and untested supplements. Many even risk elective surgical procedures just to look young again. But you don't need surgery, pricey cosmetics, or starvation to look and feel 15 years younger. The secret to living a longer, more vibrant life has at last been discovered, and the proverbial fountain of youth is right in your hands.Discover how you can:Get a restful, restorative night's sleep and have- energy that lasts all day long Lift your mood by increasing your natural hormone levels Improve your heart health with natural supplements, herbs, and spices Increase your muscle mass, boost your memory, build your bones, save your skin, and much more!Younger You has doctors talking Younger You is an interesting and logical approach to preventing, diagnosing, and modifying the aging process Baby boomers will find much in these pages to protect and reassure them.Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D.Rossi Distinguished Professor of Clinical Medicine, New York Hospital Weil Cornell Medical Center, and author of Live Now, Age Later,Power to the Patient, and Doctor, What Should I Eat?Focusing on the critical role of hormones produced by the brain, Dr. Braverman outlines a totally integrative program to restore hormonal balance and thereby restore readers to a younger, healthier, and more vital self, regardless of chronological age.Nicholas Perricone, M.D., FACNBestselling author of 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and LongevityThe Perricone Weight-Loss Diet The Perricone PromiseThe Perricone Prescription, and The Wrinkle Cure"Just as Dr. Braverman says, we are only as young as our oldest part. This book is not just for us, but for our children, who can make changes to their diet and lifestyle now and reap the rewards later."David Perlmutter, M.D.Director, Perlmutter Health Center and author of The Better Brain Book.

Customer Reviews:

  • A personal trainer
    I love this book for the way it goes at the idea of "quick fitness" that everyone is overpowered with on television. The same meatheads that used all kinds of pills, powders and other ways to do what they wouldn't just work to get are the ones leading the charge.

    Dr Braverman is taking it right where it needs to be. If you want to be good and get better then start to work and keep it going. Some use the term motivation but what we all call motivation is really nothing but the most hated word in the english language - discipline.

    Thanks for the great book Dr Braverman....more info
  • Greatly Disappointed
    I found this book to be not much more than an informercial, filled with dubious "science" and endless recounting of patient testimonials. The basic concept of eating a rainbow diet is good, but you don't need to buy this book to know that....more info
  • Good info
    Good info in this is a little hard to follow and apply....more info
  • Fabulous!
    Without a doubt the most comprehensive book I've found on the holistic practice of medicine. And this book IS about medicine, AND a wholesome "Rainbow Diet", as he calls it (but varied according to your particular malady), AND the use of the far superior bioidentical hormones, AND most important of all, the connection and absolute interdependency of brain and body! There's probably very little in this book that your own various physicians don't already know, but the organization and application of the knowledge certainly appear to me to be a completely different and a far more effective concept. However, it sort of excludes all the specialists. Or so they would probably think. Only GPs need apply. And Oh, if we only had more GPs like this Dr. Eric Braverman! When was the last time your GP ordered blood work to determine ALL of your hormone levels? And what physician does NOT know the importance of adequate and balanced hormones in each patient? The nephrologists will think, "That's not my problem". The orthopedists will think, "That's not my problem". Even the cardiologists will probably think, "That's not my problem." WRONG! And if you ask about vitamin therapy they usually say, "There are plenty of good multivitamins over the counter, by all means it can't hurt for you to try one". And if you ask about herbs? Go on; just ask your doctor what herbs would help your condition. He'll probably act like herbs are either some kind of voodoo, or are totally insignificant. WRONG AGAIN! Dr. Braverman said so. READ IT. You'll like it. It addresses ANY condition you could possibly have, and plenty that you didn't even know that you have. I'm serious. This is preventive medicine at it's best. And it just MIGHT lead you to a much healthier, happier, more productive AND longer life. It can't get much better than that!...more info
  • Do your homework
    I didn't like the book.If you are willing to get a lot of medical tests including a complete head-to-toe ultrasound and if needed take biochemical hormones, antidepressants, anxiety and pain medications, do not worry about the side effects of medications,getting re-tested by your doctor then you're following the author's recommendations. I do hope you have a good insurance plan or the means to pay. I'll be fair. He does write about taking supplements, eating a healthy diet, having good sleep habits, and reducing stress but most of us know that without reading the book. Do your own homework....more info
  • Enjoyed Younger You!
    I enjoyed the book, but wish it gave exact presciption amts for quitting smoking. I shared it with my sister and she is enjoying it too. Great book to pinpoint which area of health you need to focus on NOW. I will reread it again soon to keep making progress. Great book to get you started....more info
  • younger you
    I had checked this book out from the library and wanted to have it as a reference. The book was is good condition and I am happy to have it delilvered so fast. THank you very much....more info


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