The Abs Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs
The Abs Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs

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Tens of thousands of Americans have changed their bodiesand their lives with the help of The Abs Diet, the New York Times bestseller from David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Mens Health magazine. A key factor in the diets success is the meal plan, with its healthy, great-tasting, easy recipes featuring the Abs Diet 12 Powerfoods. Now, to meet the demands of today's time-strapped society, Zinczenko and coauthor Ted Spiker present The Abs Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs to help readers make the right food choices in less time than it takes to pick up a meal at a drive-thru.

Customer Reviews:

    If you are on the ABS PROGRAM you will love these recipes. They are so easy inexpensive and take usually less than a half hour from start to finish. I find shopping easier and ABsolutely love this book! I love the DVD too! The SMOOTHIES are yummy so if you need more ideas the tasty recipes in this book will help curb some of the cravings you will have!...more info
  • Duplicate of Info in Abs Diet Book
    The first part of this book is a repeat of the info contained in the Abs Diet book. The recipes are okay. There are a lot of smoothies, egg dishes, and various recipes for various meat dishes. I'd check the book out from your local library before I spent money on it....more info
  • Variety is key to longevity
    Variety is the key to longevity. The original Abs Diet book was great as a starter but something else was desperately needed, at least for me, to keep from having to spend too much time that wasnt available in the kitchen preparing the foods beforehand. The smoothies were great for a while, but eventually even they became so repetitive that I was beginning to lose my taste for them. I even ran out of inventive recipes for the smoothies.

    Just when the diet itself was getting to me, this book came out. The simplicity of the recipes reminded me of how much of a cook i am not. This book addresses both of my previous problems. First, it revamped the variety I once found in the foods recommened; Second, it provided me with many recipes that I could string together in a pinch.

    This book was just the thing I needed to keep to this great diet plan for life. The Abs Diet Resturant Guide is great as well, but you really arent eating that healthy whenever you eat out and stapling this diet around that book means that you have to spend more TIME lifting or doing cardio to balance it all out.

    To reiterate, this book along with the Abs Diet (and even the Abs Diet Resturant Guide when you get caught having to go out) is everything you need to stick to the regiment required to keep you lean from life and hopefully free of biological deficiencies (diabetes and the like). Do yourself a favor and work now to save your life later....more info
  • Really the only book you'll need...
    I found this the most useful of all the Abs Diet books. Great information, easy meals and they are actually pretty tasty. I'm giving as gifts to friends who are trying to eat better....more info
  • Good Reference
    I have all the Abs diet books. This is helpful, but has much of the same info as the other books. I would have liked to see all recipes and not so much info....more info
  • Good quick recipes
    This book has a lot of good recipes, but most of them are variations on a few basic recipes. This is not made for someone with a little imagination. It also is full of lots of information already found in the original Abs Diet book, which is good, but repetitive if you already have that book.

    Still, the recipes are quick and healthy, a great way to get organized and change your diet....more info
  • Abs Diet - 6 minute Meals
    A really great book to incorporate into your life. Diets are not a way to live, but changing your lifestyle as well as integrating a fitness regime will lead to a happier and healthier life. A wonderful meal planning device to start on a new path of eating. ...more info
  • With easy, everyday recipes, dieting is delicious!
    Unlike other dieting guides, the recipes in this books are actually DELICIOUS and ones that I look forward to making every day! (I've tried low-fat or low-carb recipe books in the past and have had disastrous results--truly tasteless or inedible concoctions.) These recipes are easy to follow, quick to make, and don't involve hard-to-find/obscure ingredients from the health food store. In fact, I don't feel as though I'm on a "diet" in the least!...more info
  • Very helpful and informative book
    This author really has a handle on what to avoid eating, and tells about the foods you can eat all you want. A positive approach to better health by eating good and healthful food, not "going on a diet". Just get rid of all the bad stuff in your kitchen, add the good, and better health will happen....more info
  • Not for people with jobs
    I read the other reviews that said it had duplicate information as a previous book, but since I didn't have the other book I didn't care and bought it anyway. I was still disappointed after scanning through the meal plans.

    The diet plans have a very heavy reliance on smoothies or other types of meals that are not practical for preparing or eating away from home.
    This is the plan for you if you eat most of your meals at home or use a blender and major kitchen appliances in the office or at school.

    I know you can make a few smoothies at home and pack them in a sack lunch for work, but in a just a few hours they will get stale, melted, separated and not look or taste any good. ...more info
  • Easy to Follow!
    I have bought many diet books, and this is my favorite, because is easy to follow, the foods are easy to prepare. I lose four pounds in two weeks.
    I have been working out for years, but the food intake is the most important factor in losing weight. It does not matter if you workout 2 hours a day if eat too much. This book is great at teaching what types of foods are good for you and what to avoid....more info
    This book has everything from advice on healthy eating to tons of actual recipes that are quick, easy, healthy and DELICIOUS! I base meals on it all the time....more info
  • better than many
    I relished parts of this book. They were most entertaining. However, the total book was a letdown. I didn;t get it in its entirely.

    I enjoyed the "trees" but whenit camer to the "forest" the big picture was lacking. ...more info
  • I've lost thirty-two pounds on this diet
    These are simple recipes for simple meals. If you're following the diet, it is generally low on sugar and simple carbs, and higher on the protein than what most people probably eat, if left to their own devices. If you buy organic products as much as possible, it's a pretty healthy diet- vitamins and anti-oxidants from lots of vegetables, and protein from various sources. I've been on this diet for nine months and I've lost thirty-two pounds. My wife and daughter like the stry-fry entrees. It's the first time in my life I've ever been on a diet and it wasn't easy, but my blood pressure and cholesterol profile are excellent now. What's not to like? ...more info
  • Innovative and easy
    This book, which ties in with the Abs Diet, contains quick, easy and tasty recipes, some of which are quite innovative....more info
  • Wow!
    I was sort of skeptical when I started this plan - 4 days ago. But after only a few days of following the diet and using the (delicious!) recipes in this book I feel like a new person. My energy is up, and I am enjoying eating 6 times a day! The best part is that the food is all so tasty - and quick to make! You don't feel like you are dieting at all. The only drawback is that your intial shopping trip may seem a bit pricey - but when I thought about the $10 salads loaded with fat and calories that I was eating everyday I realized I'm actually saving money. Oh, and I've already lost 3 lbs!...more info
  • Eating healthier has never been easier!
    The Abs Diet 6-Minute Meals for 6-Pack Abs: More Than 150 Great-Tasting Recipes to Melt Away Fat! This book is great with the healthy eating, fat reducing meals for every day and with so many varieties....more info
  • The ABS diet
    Now that I have the book will have to spend some time developing the necessary will power!...more info
  • As good as I had hoped for!
    I have other Abs Diet books and this one provided exactly what I was looking for to supplement those. I was looking for more great recipes and that is what it provided. The only disappointment is that all of the Abs Diet books repeat all of the same information about how the diet works...this takes up alot of the book. Overall, though, I would recommend the book and am pleased with the purchase....more info
    The food is quick, easy and full of flavor. The thing I don't like is he relies heavily on the microwave. I prefer to cook on the stove or grill. Great for the person short on time who wants to eat healthy.
    Judy B.
    Yuma Colorado
    ...more info
  • Valuable for Abs dieters, but not enough substance
    If you're following Zinczenko's diet, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend adding this recipe book to your arsernal. That being said, many of the recipes...well...they suck. There are some good ones, but not nearly as many as in the original Abs book. While following the Abs Diet, I did far more cooking out of the original book than this supplemental piece.

    That being said, there are plenty of recipes for sandwiches (though a cold-cut isn't rocket science), smoothies, at least one decent soup recipe, but the main area it's lacking in is really good creations for the main course. If you're overweight, you likely crave the main course....more info
  • Not very many new recipes
    If you buy only one of the Abs Diet books, this isn't a bad one. It does goes into the diet for about a third of the book, so you don't really need the other books as far as that goes. It also has some ideas for menus as well as some exercises you can do at home. I do like the conversion chart he has in the back of the book for overseas readers, as it has not only oven temps and weight conversions, but also pan size conversions. Very useful if you like to collect recipes from other countries.

    Most of the recipes are easy to prepare, but a good number of them really should have been written in "basic recipe with variations" format because that's what they are (the smoothies being but one example). Would have made for a much smaller book though, and this is only 6.5 by 6.5" with a lot of margin space to start with.

    His overall writing style is somewhat annoying, especially the recipe titles, since often they give the reader no clue as to the ingredients required. Also, why he prefers instant oatmeal to say, rolled oats, is baffling (my guess is that "instant" fit in with his Abs Diet acronym). You can pulverize rolled oats in a blender or spice grinder just as easily.

    If you already have any of the other Abs Diet books, check this out of the library first to see if there's enough new info before you buy it.

    3.5 stars...more info
  • too simplistic
    I found the recipes and guidance to be too simplistic in this little book. The recipes are supposed to be simple, but I almost hesitate to call them recipes. Many of them are the type of concoctions that we create when we "creatively" throw together stuff that is already in the fridge. If you are a real beginner in the kitchen or you need a little creative guidance for basic healthy meals, then this is for you. Those with cooking experience or a passion for food and flavor will probably be better served elsewhere....more info
  • Great Recipes! Helped with weight loss!
    The recipes in this book are fantastic. Why? Because you can make them fast and they taste DELICIOUS. They don't taste like other "diet" meals. They fill you up and satisfy you at the same time. This book helped me lose 10 lbs just by changing eating habits (and exercising)....more info
  • YUM!
    O.K., the recipe's are not what you would find in your typical recipe book, but they're nutritious, filling, & pretty yummy- Not at all like a traditional diet book. This diet has elements of Atkins, but adds food that is forbidden in Atkins. High protein, high fiber, low carbs, low sugar. It's only been 2 days, but I already feel healthier. Don't look at the scale right away. Mine showed an immediate gain of 2 lbs., but this is real food, not diet food. It takes a while to be processed. I've done Atkins with the same initial experience. You should notice the initial difference in the looser feel of your clothes. 5 STARS!!!...more info
  • Yum!
    This book has a wonderful variety of meals. My husband and I double and triple some recipes in order not to cook everyday. So far we have tried over 6 recipes and they have all been delicious. I honestly feel that we are sticking to our healthy eating because of having abs diet dinners to look forward to everyday. ...more info
  • 6 minute meals for 6 pack abs
    I liked this book, but only wish it had more recipes to try. Good ideas and a good base to follow for meals. I don't eat Salmon, but like many books, there are plenty of meals with Salmon or some type of fish. However, the author does include an assortment of meals. Would recommend for a guideline on how to start the diet. ...more info
  • Great Book, Yummy Receipes!!
    My boyfriend and I love this book. it's got some great ideas for dinnertime. We love the 'not so sloppy joe'!!! yummy, filling, and healthy....more info
  • Additional Recipes & Tips
    Great supplement to the Abs Mens or Womens book. It gives more food options and tips....more info
  • Informative
    Whether your looking for a reference book or a guide to a healthier book, this is highly recommended....more info


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