The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child

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With the recent spate of publicity surrounding the possible health risks posed by childhood immunization, parents are no longer simply following doctor's orders and automatically having their children vaccinated. Instead, they are asking questions. The problem is the search for answers only leads parents to conflicting, one-sided information: doctors claim that parents are endangering their child's life if they refuse shots, while radical vaccine opponents claim parents are endangering their child's life if they accept shots. With THE VACCINE BOOK, parents finally have one, fair, impartial, fact-based resource they can turn to for answers. Each chapter will be devoted to a disease/vaccine pair and offer a comprehensive discussion of what the disease is, how common or rare it is, how serious or harmless it is, the ingredients of the vaccine, and any possible side effects from the vaccine. Ultimately, parents will have to make their own informed decisions as Dr. Bob Sears is neither pro-vaccine nor anti-vaccine. But THE VACCINE BOOK will provide exactly the information parents want and need as they make their way through the vaccination maze.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent resource for anyone concerned about vaccines
    I read this over about 3 weeks just before my 3 month old's 2nd round of vaccines. Its proven to be an excellent resource, providing a great unbiased view regarding vaccines and plenty of extra reading material with all of the cited references. I highly recommend reading this one if you have an interest in vaccines....more info
  • Informative book
    Very informative, and easy to read. I now feel more empowered to make the right decisions about vaccines. Thanks! ...more info
  • The Vaccine book
    This is an extremely informative book about each disease and the vaccine for it. If you are unsure about vaccinating your baby I would definitely recommend this book. Each disease is broken down so you can fully understand what the disease is, how serious it is, how it is transmitted and how common it is now. The vaccines are also broken down so you can read all the "stuff" they actually put in them. Dr. Sears also gives his own "alternative" vaccination schedule, although I think that should just be a suggestion and you as the parents or guardians should make that final decision on what vaccines you want your child to have, if any at all. ...more info
    I got this book after my cousins child had a bad reaction to a vaccine. This book is easy to understand. It's set up so you don't have to read it cover to cover, but can read the sections that partain to you. Perfect for parents who are middle-of-the-road, want to vaccinate their children, but also want to be selective....more info
  • The Vaccine Book
    This is the most amazing book on vaccines. It gives you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your child's vaccines. It includes ingredients for each shot, as well as, the possible side effects....more info
  • Dr Sears' Book on Vaccines
    I am a pediatrician and I am faced with the questions posed by parents 'to vaccinate or not', more frequently than I ever thought I would. Dr Sears' book helps in presenting an alternative schedule of administering vaccines. This increases compliance amongst this set of parents. The very thorough discussion in the book also explodes the myth that 'all vaccines are bad'. The subject has been dealt very well with in the limits of the scientific knowledge that we have to this date.
    It is a definite read for everybody who is on the fence about doing vaccines for their child or not, or is looking for an alternative schedule.
    Rajeev Agarwal MD...more info
  • Well thought out, informative, unbiased...The BEST BOOK on vaccines!
    I've read 2 books, both written by MDs and this is the best!

    The Vaccine Book is well-organized, unbiased and gives solid information about how vaccines are made. He even addresses physicians, at the beginning and highlights that all physicians do not have time to be vaccine experts and know the basics...that vaccines are generally safe and are meant to help prevent bad diseases, which is mostly the case. My baby's pediatrician was not aware of which vaccines contain high amounts of aluminum, for example. Reading this book, I've learned that when giving multiple vaccines, at times that far exceeds the recommended maximum levels of aluminum for babies and that this is one thing that may be overlooked by someone who is unaware.

    Medicine is an ever-growing field where, what may have, at one time, been considered appropriate(such as a lobotomy to treat a behavior disorder or depression) is no longer practiced and would be considered barbaric. Similarly, there have been problems with vaccines that have been taken off of the market only AFTER serious problems have been found.

    This book gives a break-down of how each vaccine is made and what a parent's concerns about the vaccine might be, as well as why each vaccine is used.

    His approach is logical and very informative, without pushing in either direction.

    This is definitely NOT an anti-vaccine book, which is why I'm reading it. I want information that is accurate and balanced and that is what I've found here. Dr. Sears even offers an alternate vaccine schedule for parents who would like to be more cautious.

    A very informative book on vaccines!...more info
  • Pediatrician recommends this book for all his patients
    I'm a board certified Pediatrician with a large private practice: Integrative Pediatrics LLC in Portland Oregon. I have all my patients buy this book. There is no better resource anywhere that addresses the issue of vaccines; what's in them, and the diseases that are covered by the vaccines. This book really does the job of bringing to our attention the issue of aluminium in vaccines. The establishment is not responding to this concern, so as parents we must educate ourselves. Dr Sears also offers some different schedules for vaccinating. I like the schedule on Pg. 223, although the rotavirus vaccine at this point needs further discussion and special consideration. THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ FOR EVERY PARENT THINKING ABOUT VACCINATING THEIR YOUNG CHILDREN. Paul Thomas MD FAAP...more info
  • A physicians review of "The Vaccine Book"
    I am a family physician and find this book to be the most important source for information on all vaccines. I would recommend this book to all primary and pediatric physicians. The information is to the point and very informative. Dr. Sears has many great suggestions on how to deal with patients concerns. He is non-biased and non-judgemental. For the lay population, he explains all that is needed about vaccines and gives several alternatives geared to the parents concerns. I will recommend this book to all my pediatric parents and fellow physicians. I would rate this book a 5 star-super book ...more info
  • Great information guide to make smart decissions
    I like the book very much, great information, book is structured and good to read and understand....more info
  • Read this book!! Well-balanced with facts to make an educated decision about vaccinations
    I encourage every parent to read this book despite your stance on immunizations. Dr. Sears gives so much information about each vaccine and its components. He also gives facts about studies that have been conducted and talks about the lack of studies specifically about aluminum amounts in the immunizations. My daughter is 3 months old. I have decided to follow his Alternative Vaccination Schedule. After reading this book and other articles online, and talking with friends whose children had reactions to vaccinations, I feel that I should give my daughter vaccinations to protect her against diseases but that the combination shots are unnecessary and carry a higher risk of side-effects. I also believe that the standard Vaccination Schedule is too aggressive for such small little babies. I have Kaiser Permanente and most of the Pediatricians feel I should stick to the standard schedule, but it is my decision as a parent and I feel comfortable with my decision. Our doctors have always respected my wishes....more info
  • Good book, requires extra parent/pediatrician effort
    I recognize that the 'science' isn't proven, but it wasn't `proven' that smoking was bad for us until a decade or two ago. The premise is to delay what you can and improve the odds for your baby.

    Our pediatrician looked at the recommended schedule and concluded that everything is still administered, just on a different time frame. We're okay with the extra visits and so is she.

    Two biggest factors from what I can tell are - Nursing and daycare. These circumstances are different for everyone, so it's your choice.
    ...more info
  • great book!
    This book is great! It's very informative- discussing each disease, the incidence, what's in the vaccines and side effects. It's also very funny! That's an accomplishment given the subject matter! Dr. Bob gives the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine schedule, and alternate schedules- one with all the vaccines spaced out and one with "core" vaccines. I found it very helpful- definitely recommend it, and already have to everyone I know with a baby or a baby on the way....more info
  • very helpful
    Dr Sears presents a fair and balanced assessment of each vaccine and the various manufacturers. I feel much more informed about my sons care....more info
  • search for truth
    Just what I was looking for! It is easy to find vast amounts of anti-vaccine material, but there is very little from the pro-vaccine side besides "don't worry; vaccines are safe". This book nicely fills the gap. Dr. Sears discusses vaccine ingredients, how common and how serious each disease is, and compares the risk of a serious case of each disease with the risk of a serious reaction to the vaccine. He documents which potential side effects are proven and which are theoretical. He offers a Selective Vaccination Schedule and an Alternative Vaccination Schedule for parents who want to protect their children from certain diseases, but wish to minimize the risks and side effects. He does not tell you what to do, but presents the information (along with documentation and references) and then allows the parent to make an informed decision. My pediatrician was very open and agreeable to the schedules and was glad to have a resource for his patients who are concerned about possible risks associated with vaccines.
    ...more info
  • Great Overview
    Great book!! Full of helpful information for parents. A good, balanced review of the subject, with lots of references for further study. Great detailed breakdown of all the vaccines, their side effects and ingredients. Also, it includes a vaccine schedule that is considered safer than the traditional one. Great reference book too....more info
  • removes the scare tatics
    I bought this book to learn more about vaccination, and Dr. Sears does a great job of breaking down the information that is out there without all the scare tatics. ...more info
  • vaccine book
    very helpful book . read more than once. Deciding to vaccinate your kids isnt neccessarily a yes or no decision. I feel much more educated about my decisions after reading this book. ...more info
  • Great Book / Great Information
    I thought this book was excellent. Sears does a good job of giving a wide range of opinions (even though he makes it clear what his opinion is and what he thinks the best choice is). Sears definitely made me feel better about vaccinating my son as per MA state's guidelines which don't leave a lot of room for flexibility.
    ...more info
  • Must-Have Parenting Resource
    Parents, this book is a must-read. If you don't purchase any other parenting book (justifiable, since there are enough reliable online resources to gorge on), this is the one to buy. Dr. Sears gives a balanced, holistic look at the vaccine question.

    Dr. Sears is biased in favor of the medical community (why shouldn't he be? He's a doctor!), but what is so completely respectable about him is that 1) he admits his bias up front; 2) he tells you when his bias is affecting his recommendation for what vaccine to get when; and 3) he analyzes the research, knowing he has a bias, and works to mitigate his bias to be as objective as possible. That's one of the most respectable accomplishments I can think of.

    I have a bias too! I am suspicious of the AMA, and believe that while most doctors are really great people, the government-pharmaceutical machine is out of control. I consider medicine akin to Enronesque Corporate America. And that makes it really difficult to *not* throw the baby out with the bathwater (excuse the idiom) when it comes to immunizations. I know some vaccines are beneficial. They have to be. Research aside, common sense tells us that. However, it's hard to separate out which vaccines are beneficial for your situation at what time. The fact that I felt like I was invited to dialogue with a member of the mainstream medical community is a huge testament to Dr. Sears' tone and intelligent approach to this book.

    Thanks to Dr. Sears, I was able to go to my family practice doctor with an idea in mind tailored to my family's situation. Fortunately, my doctor and I were on the same page, and we executed a selective, delayed vaccination program that I am very happy with. I could not have accomplished this without Dr. Sears' straightforward analysis that assumes the reader is reasonable (not a tin-foil hat nut-job, as the AMA would like non-complying families to be viewed) and motivated. I love being treated with respect. The Sears family will forever have my gratitude and respect for daring to buck the AMA and the pharmaceutical-government machine that mandates money-motivated policies that really don't make sense.

    This book includes a vaccine-by-vaccine analysis, with recommendations and individual scenarios. I also appreciate Dr. Sears' efforts using online resources to keep us up to date as information changes.

    I hope that our government officials will wake up one day and quit working on behalf of big pharma. Until then, we have guardian angels like Dr. Sears to help us navigate waters that really shouldn't be this dangerous....more info
  • awesome book!
    this is a MUST have book. details all the information about what vaccines are made of and what brands to ask your doctor for....more info
  • Very Informative
    This is a very informative book and I would suggest reading this book if you have questions about vaccines. ...more info
  • Love this book
    I love this book because it has all the information I was looking for about vaccines. The pros and cons about each vaccines. He does not give his opinion but gives enough information to make your own judgement. It has really helped me decide which vaccines were best for my son....more info
  • Very Insightful and Helpful
    This is a very well written book offering parents alternative options to vaccinating their children. The alternative schedules are a great way to determine what is the best course of action for your child; protecting your child, and at the same time being socially responsible. I would highly recommend this book to all parents!...more info
  • excellent, well-balanced resource
    In my quest to answer parents' concerns and my own questions about immunizations, I have read numerous books and articles on the subject, both for and against. Dr. Sears' The Vaccine Book is a well-referenced and easily understood evaluation of the risks and benefits of the numerous vaccinations available.

    As a pediatrician who believes parents should be able to make the ultimate decision regarding what is right for their individual child without unremitting pressure or disdain, I appreciated Dr. Sears' research and his well-balanced view. I highly recommend this book to any parent looking for guidance on their child's immunizations....more info
  • Good objective information
    This book provided both sides of the story and was helpful objective information. We plan on using the alternate vaccination schedule that Dr. Sears illustrates with a few modifications of our own....more info
  • My Experience An Exception?
    Is my experience with non-vaccination unique? Not according to many of my friends; not according to my research. I am a retired nurse, who has raised 5 unvaccinated children - who, in turn, are not vaccinating THEIR children. My children attended public school, have traveled Internationally as missionaries - to Africa, Russia, China, Israel, South America (Venezuela, Panama, etc), as well as France, England, Ireland, etc. I never had a "Religious" or "Medical" exemption, living in Wisconsin, Illinois, New Mexico. A personal exemption was always accepted. Sometimes there was pressure - usually because the third party knew NOTHING about vaccines, or vaccine exemption - and sometimes I had to "take matters into my own hands", once calling the African embassy in New York for an exemption form (freely given).

    Parents, you CAN do it - please don't let anyone intimidate you into thinking you are on the "Lunatic Fringe" (a cheap cop-out expression from ignorant "professionals"); and please get all the knowledge you can on the subject. Dr. Sears book can be an important part of that research.

    By the way, my children were (and are!) so healthy, the only time one of them saw a doctor, was when a clavical was broken, and for a serious case of poison ivy (...don't think there's a vaccine for that yet...). My four grandchildren are also enjoying a vaccine-free life.

    We'll see? Yes, we'll see - and my biggest desire is that someday SOON the medical world will do a NEUTRAL study on unvaccinated children - it will be a shocker, and the health of our Nation will be on the mend....more info
  • Helpful
    I had originally loaned this book from my local library, but after reading it I wanted to have my own copy to make notes in, so I ordered it from Amazon. I found this book helpful and balanced in sorting out which vaccines and when to give them to our child. It was great to have read ahead of time, then meet with the pediatrician to come up with a reasonable plan of action. I like how Sears presented the info. He goes thru each vaccine its effectiveness and ingredients, then describes the disease its for and its seriousness. At the end of each chapter he summarizes the pros and cons. There is a list of the American Academy of Pediatrics Vaccine Schedule, and Sears has two other schedules, one for parents who would decline or delay vaccines and another for parents who would like to have all the vaccines but give them on an alternative schedule. There are enough questions being asked about vaccines that there should be more conclusive research done. Sears dignifies parents that are questioning the most healthy choices to make for their children with the research that is available right now....more info
  • Wonderful book
    I loved this book, easy to read, well written, jam packed with information and the author didn't tell you what or what not to do. He simply gave all the information he has access to and leaves it up to you to make a final decision. I feel much more confident about vaccines now and could easily make decision regarding each one after reading this book. I recommend it to all my friends, worth the money and I only wish it was written before I had my babies! ...more info
  • great book
    I was really happy with the book I recieved. I had been told about the book from a friend who was using it as a reference for vaccinating her daughter. I decided to start vaccinating my son after a year of age and after only his second shot he broke out in horrible hives for 10 days. This book breaks down what ingredients are in the shots, different brands and how prevelant the disease is today. I will be using this book to help me decide what step I take next in vaccinating my son....more info
  • The best book on the subject so far
    The main reason I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the pros and cons of vaccinations for their child is not only because the information is excellent, but just as importantly it is written objectively.

    The author never comes across as trying to convince the reader of a particular viewpoint, he presents facts and research, (but will still give his opinion on it), while encouraging you to make your own. He lists several different options for vaccination schedules, which was very helpful to us as we then had one to give to our doctor and go by.

    Of course your pediatrician may not agree with any modifications to their vaccination schedule, which was our case, but this book helped greatly there as well. I was able to have a well educated discussion with our doctor about why I felt the way I did, and presented facts that Dr. Sears includes in the book (such as the aluminum concerns), that our pediatrician didn't even know about. As a result, our doctor saw that we had done our homework, that we were not simply reacting to paranoia in the media, and we've had a relationship of mutual respect ever since. We are putting our son through the more gradual vaccination schedule that this book includes. There are also options for parents who want to fully vaccinate and those who are considering not vaccinating at all.

    Best of luck, it's a difficult subject, but this book makes it much more approachable....more info
    If you are the parent of a baby or young child, you owe it to your child to read this book. This is not an anti-vaccination book. It is a book that explains in easily understood language, the pros and cons of each vaccination, and more importantly provides you with CHOICES on how to go about vaccinating your child in a safer and more sensible way. Does it make sense to pump a tiny baby's body full of 5 or more pontentially harmful vaccinations at a time? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to vaccinate, and also want to educate yourself instead of being told when and what to put into YOUR OWN BABY'S BODY by your pediatrician, buy this book. I use his Alternative Schedule, which will give my baby all the shots she needs by kindergarten, but instead of 5-9 shots at once, I only do 2 shots (one containing aluminum and one that does not) at a time and go once a month. The dirty looks you might get from your pediatrician, or the extra trips to their office, are WELL WORTH possibly saving your child from the heartbreak of autism. BUY IT and you'll be happy you did. I bring my copy with me to every appointment. (As a side note... Some Docs say that they won't separate the MMR shots, and give them as single doses, like this book suggests that you should have them; however, in CA you can order them from the county you're in, or keep looking until you find a Doc who will give them to you separately!) ...more info
  • A must read for all parents
    A must read!! If you just want the facts on the vaccines that are being used today, this is the book for you. It will give you the answers you need to make the right decision on what vaccines to use and when. Love this book....more info
  • Great middle of the road book for newcomers to vaccine research
    I own probably a dozen books on vaccines, and have read countless medical journal articles on the topic. This is a great "middle of the road" book.

    It is neither totally pro-vaccine--and will tell you just what the vaccine manufacturers want you to believe, that all vaccines are perfectly safe and you have nothing to worry about. Nor is it written from the point of view that all vaccines will destroy your child's health and thus you cannot vaccinate your child at all.

    It tells you "just the facts" about the diseases, how often cases occur, symptoms, treatment, and how dangerous they are or are not. It also tells you about the vaccines, what they are made of, and the side affects that can happen from given them.

    For parents that choose to vaccinate, it tells you about how to avoid reaction risks as much as possible. If you choose to vaccinate on an alternative schedule, a good schedule is given. If you choose not to vaccinate at all, Dr. Sears informs you of your rights, and how to boost your child's immune system to help keep them from catching the diseases in the first place.

    All in all, this is a great book for those parents who want to do some reading and make an informed decision regarding their child's vaccines status--but feel overwhelmed with the amount of information out there. Easy to read and understand, no frills, just the basics information. ...more info
  • overwhelming
    Vaccines are such an issue these days. I loved that this book really talked about the pros and cons of each vaccine but it was a bit overwhelming. In the end I felt like I really didn't know what to do. I like the educational value of this book, but be prepared! ...more info
  • Even-handed and easy to read
    As a writer specializing in autism and developmental delays, I am frequently asked for advice about safe vaccination. I am so impressed I am with the job that Dr. Sears has done with this book. It is thoroughly researched and well-organized. Most importantly, it is easy to read.

    I especially appreciate the fact that Dr. Sears kept his tone neutral throughout the book, making it possible for parents and professionals to make informed decisions without feeling alienated because of their beliefs. This is a book I will be recommending to those inside and outside of the autism community. I cannot think of a better gift for expecting parents....more info
  • Great Resource, but do NOT Read This Book By Itself!
    Vaccination is perhaps the most important decision you will have to make regarding the health of your children. If you don't give a shot your child could get very sick, if you do give a shot your child could get very sick.

    With so much at stake, it is imperative that parents research the issue themselves before vaccinating.

    Yet I, like most parents, did not. Why? Because as a healthcare provider myself, I blindly trusted my child's pediatrician. I didn't realize that they had been misinformed. And this is why parents must educate themselves about the vaccinations themselves and the diseases they are designed to prevent.

    I would absolutely read Dr Sears' "Vaccine Book" first. This book will allow you to decide which diseases still pose a threat to your child and which do not.

    Once you are sure which diseases you would like to immunize your child from, you will need to continue researching just a bit more about the vaccines themselves.

    Dr. Sears does an EXCELLENT job of identifying which horrific chemicals are contained in which vaccination. (THANK YOU DR SEARS!!!) However, in my humble maternal opinion, he downplays the threat these chemicals may pose. For example,the threat of injecting things like aluminum directly into the bloodstream where they bypass usual detoxification pathways and have direct access to the brain.

    The bottom line is that parents need to understand BOTH the threat of the diseases AND the risks of the vaccines. Only then can they make an educated guess. (It is a guess after all, I mean, really, who can say for sure whether your child will have a problem with the disease or the vaccine! Aside from God, of course!)

    A great book for understanding the risks of vaccines is Evidence of Harm by David Kirby. If you don' t want a whole book about vaccine dangers and would rather spend your money learning about vaccine dangers as well as where other hazards lurk in your home then check out "Holler for Your Health". (Note conflict of interest: I wrote this one!) (Hey, but Rachael Ray requested a copy and it has great reviews so there is some non- biased info other than me saying it is a good choice!) Good luck with your decision. Remember, no one has a right to make it but you, and you have an obligation to your children to learn, so get reading! Remember God helps those who help themselves. Keep your kids healthy! Teresa info
  • Very good info
    Great info and alternative schedule...but getting the doctors to agree with you is another story. ...more info
  • Wonderful Resource for Parents... and Pediatricians
    As a fellow pediatrician, I frequently recommend Dr. Bob Sears' "The Vaccine Book" to families in my practice. It is one of the most balanced, clearly written guides to one of the hottest topics of our times. All new parents are looking for information about vaccines so they can make informed decisions about their babies' health, and Dr. Bob's book is top of the list. - Lawrence D. Rosen, MD FAAP ( info
  • Thank you Dr. Sears
    As a practicing pediatrician in Fort Worth, Texas, I refer to Dr. Sears' book daily. He humbly approaches the subject and reassures parents that vaccinating their child is a good decision. This is the most exhaustive independent review of vaccine manufacturing that I have seen. I have only minor quibbles. I have seen a case of tetanus. It was terrible. A home born newborn was infected from tying off of the umbilical cord in an unsterile condition. Second, I think he overstates the risk of aluminum; Australian data indicates up to 2mg a day is safe. However, if I had written a book with so much information, I am sure many of my colleagues would have an issue or two. Thank you, Dr. Sears, for your informative and helpful book. And God Bless all you parents working so hard for your children and their future. Frank McGehee, MD ...more info
  • Very informative, well written and organized book
    This book is very well laid out and informative. It is not biased either pro or con vaccines; it is just an information source. If you want to learn about what vaccines are out there, what is in them, what the diseases are, etc. then this is the book for you....more info
  • borrow don't buy
    I love a lot of Dr Sears books and recommend them to people, especially The Baby Book. I mostly wanted this one to see his suggested alternative schedules for vaccinations, so I borrowed it from the library first to see if there was enough else in there to justify buying it. There wasn't - it was a quick interesting read, but not something to keep on my shelf for reference. I recommend borrowing a copy from the library or a friend rather than buying it.

    FYI - in the end I decided to follow the standard schedule for vaccinating my babies and not one of the alternatives....more info
  • Costs vs Benefit
    Excellent book about what goes into vaccinations and thinking twice before you blindly vaccinate your child or yourself. I decided to get one shot at a time for my baby, also following the selective schedule. Thanks to this book I was on the lookout for reactions and after one of each shot, we decided it was enough. After Dtap at 3 months, our baby quit babbling and withdrew for about 10 days, luckily recovered. We then did Prevnar and Hib at 4 months, to which he had inconsolable crying for 90 mins, a fever for 3 days, and projectile vomiting for 3 days. I wasn't confortable to risk the next reactions. We also did Polio to which he had no reaction. I have since continued to read other authors and have come to the conclusion if private insurance companies who do the best liability studies say they will NOT cover damage to life due to: Acts of God, Nuclear war, and vaccinations. Think about that along with the fact that you can't sue for damage thanks to our government protecting the makers, makes you wonder why would so many people want to, that it took an act of congress to protect the manufactures. ...more info
  • A great tool for parents in making their OWN decision about vaccines
    This is perhaps the best gift you can give to a set of an expectant parents. Why? It will define vaccines, their implications so that parents can make their OWN CHOICE regarding vaccines.

    What is not acceptable is to assume one size fits all children. Dr Bob Sears does an excellent job defining choice and information for families. Will the child be breastfed? go to preschool? will the family travel? what is the family health history? All important factors in making the decision about vaccine schedule for your child.

    While I don't agree with all aspects of the book and its findings (which would be rare for me indeed) I do agree it is an excellent resource for families that are looking at 36 vaccines by age three for their baby. After reading this book, parents will know the right choice for their family.

    Thanks Dr Bob!...more info
  • Excellent book
    This was a great book. I started the research on vaccines late, my daughter have gotten 2 full rounds of shots already. As a new parent I had some concerns on this topic and although I did some research online, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information on pros and cons available online. I needed something that summarized everything, the pros and cons and let me make the decision. I thought that this is what this book did. It gave me enough info about each vaccine, what it was for, about the decease itself, how the vaccine is made, the pros and the cons, what is controversial about it etc. I feel that I have learned enough about it to make an informed decision. I think that all parents that have concerns about shots should read this book. It really has a lot of good information and it is not biased for or against vaccines. ...more info
  • A Must Read
    This was a very informative and and objective look at modern vaccines and whether or not they are necessary. A must read for those who are looking to be informed about their children's health....more info
  • Educate yourself and have a happy healthy baby
    We could not be happier with this book! It is very detailed, takes a few reads to absorb if not familiar with many vaccines and why they even exist.

    This book along with "Childhood Vaccinations" by Lauren Feder are all you will need. Dr. Feder's book is half the size, provides a quicker reference for you to look items up. I recommend you read "The Vaccine Book" then read the "Childhood Vaccinations" and it will all make sense then. They are not identical but close in how the feel about vaccines today. Combine the 2 books, research on the internet, talk to you pediatrician, then make an informed educated decision that is best for your child.

    ...more info
  • Really helps mom and dad make wise decisions
    I purchased this book for my niece and she not only said it was extremely helpful for their family in making decisions about immunizations but that their doctor had heard great things about it and definitely intended to read it. My niece was thrilled to receive this book. ...more info
  • Very helpful and neutral
    This book really helped us decide what to do for vaccines. It lists ingredients, and it gives arguments for both sides without telling you which way you should lean. Also suggests an alternative schedule which was really nice....more info
  • Terrific resource, trustworthy source.
    I've been interested in the vaccine debate since it got big, and wanted more information, but not from the CDC (who will always be pro-vaccine) or from anti-vaccine websites. I really like that this book was written by a pediatrician. He is very open about the side-effects, ingredients, statistics and why or why-not vaccinate. I'm a little "middle of the road" and want my kids to be protected (I have a 2 month old) but I don't want them unnecessarily exposed to harmful chemicals in some vaccines. This book was a great way to bring up important questions with my own pediatrician, and then make the smartest, safest decision myself....more info


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