Miele TYPE F J M Intensive Clean PLUS Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Product Description

Original Miele Canister Vacuum Bags Package includes 5 Intensive clean bags, one motor filter, and one super air clean filter. Orders usually leave our warehouse within 24 hours after order placement. Purchase more then one package and save on shipping.

  • Original Miele Canister FJM Vacuum Bags
  • Package includes 5 Intensive clean bags, one motor filter, and one super air clean filter.
  • Orders usually leave our warehouse within 24 hours after order placment.
  • Fits Miele Canisters 300 - 600 Series and The All New Miele S5 Galaxy Series
  • These are genuine Miele bags, made by Miele for Miele.
Customer Reviews:
  • Best little vac
    After owning Sears, hoover, Kirby, I bbought this. This is by far the best vac I ever owned. I stands up to the abuse and keeps on going (like the energizer bunny). If you have carpets you need the power head. ...more info
  • Does the job
    If you have the vacuum, then you need a supply of these bags. Get some and keep some spares....more info
  • Simply the best!
    Been using this product for years. Wouldn't use any other. Easy to install and easily removed and discarded. No fuss and no dusty mess. ...more info
  • Vacuum bags
    What can you say about vacuum cleaner bags! They work exactly as they're supposed to. No more, no less....more info
  • You can't beat the Price!
    This is the only way to shop........from my home computer. In addition, you can't beat the price!...more info
  • so quick
    These bags were shipped so quickly my floor did not have time to get dirty again! Great customer service....more info
  • Dustbag
    There isn't really much to say -- this product is the standard dustbag for my Miele vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is great, quiet and powerful. The bag does what it is supposed to do....more info
  • The Perfect Bag for your Miele
    It does the job, comes with replacement filters and is just what you need for this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Fast, excellent service.
    What more can I say? I was very pleased and surprised with how quickly they arrived....more info
  • Let a Miele Be Your Umbrella!
    I've already reviewed the Miele vacuum cleaner itself, along with the Turbo brush, so I'm a fan of the pricy-but-worth-it-if-you-can-afford-it sucker. If you're reading this, you're probably one too, so I'm not gonna talk about the vacuum cleaner on a net page selling the bags. I'm just going to relate information on the box about what Miele vacuums this goes with, on the theory that's the main question you have. It's not entertaining, but perhaps it's useful:

    S241 - S256 i
    S290 - S291
    S300 i - S399
    S500 - S578
    S700 - S758
    S4000 - S4999

    The box comes with 5 bags (they;re strong, I've discovered), 1 dust compartment filter, and one "super air clean filter." Miele uses a HEPA filter, known for its allegy protection. Long-lasting, worth it....more info
  • Fabulous Vacuum Cleaner Bags
    Great transaction. Fast shipping, geniune Miele bags. Will purchase from this seller again....more info
  • Miele's the bomb!
    Okay, so it's hard to get excited about things like HEPA filters - or the vacuum cleaners and other devices they are used in. When my wife concluded her extensive search for a replacement to our old canister vacuum and anointed Miele the winner, I was slightly less enthusiastic than she. It's a vacuum cleaner. It's just a tool for keeping things trim.

    After a very short while I began to understand her admiration for the design and build quality of this particular tool. The HEPA filters and bags used are no less a part of this than is the vacuum itself. If you tire of vacuums that are constantly gritty with the dust they stir-up but don't quite capture, get a Miele. If you distain the smell emanating from your vacuum's exhaust, get a Miele. If you long for a simple, easy to use and maintain system that even your husband will use, get a Miele.

    Use genuine Miele bags, and change your HEPA filter as recommended. The difference in cost is minor, but you will be amazed at the difference in results....more info